Ok, so what colour converse do I buy and do they come up big or small?

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bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:29:19

I haven't had a pair of these since they were in last time round when I was a student (God I am showing my age here). What colour do you all have ... was looking at the navy but wondering whether it is a little unadventurous ... or maybe the pink? I would be wearing them with jeans so I guess it doesnt really matter. My ds LOVES pink and is always over the moon if I wear anything pink - bless him! Also, do they come up big or small? My feet are 4-5 depending on the fit. And finally ladies .. where is the best place online to buy them .. have just had a quick look on amazon - is there anywhere cheaper? Thank you in advance!

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:32:59

please show me a link. Have been trying to figure out what they are!

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:35:46

you go riven

I always like red with jeans... I tend to flit between red, blue and white... boring but classic and goes with everything.

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:36:17

sorry, that meant to read there you go riven... oops

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:36:19

here they are just trainers but a bit like old fashioned plimsolls really!

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:36:26

that dint work.....

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:38:11

found some. They are plimsolls! We had them back in the olden days grin
Funny how things keep coming back.

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:38:42

yes they are plimsolls but in purdy colours!

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:39:11

I'll get it right in the end!

I like the black and hot pink ones, third row, far right.

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:39:12

glad to see I am not the only one who remembers them from days of olde wink

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:40:07

Riven, they're more than plimsolls, they're a piece of Americana. Think 50s big skirts, soda fountains and Jimmy Dean.

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:41:19

aaah the hot pink as opposed to the paler pink - I hadn't spotted those! Now I am even more confused. Have just bought a blue handbag for spring/summer ... mind you they are trainers so I guess it doesn't really matter too much!

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:41:38

I'm not that old!
So will we see skirts with loads of petticoats again?
I had one when I was 13 but shoes were loafers with tassles grin

daisybaby Wed 11-Mar-09 08:42:53

Have you tried ebay - there is a seller in Hong Kong who delivers really quickly and for a good price.
If you are between a 4 and a 5, you will def need a 5.

BirdyArms Wed 11-Mar-09 08:43:33

I'm not so keen on the pink but like almost any other colour. Have red and silver leather myself. I need my usual size but find them slightly on the narrow side, can't wear very thick socks with them.

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:43:41

Im the same age as you Riven ... and looking at your profile like most of the same sad 80s music and films! and have a dp who supports Newcastle ... you have my sympathy!

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:44:30

that is good to know daisybaby ... I always used to be a 4 but my feet seemed to grow when I was pregnant (very strange) so am usually a 4.5 now!

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:45:15

Riven, neither am I...

I think with things like converse's you have to stick to fairly classic colours, navy, black, red, white. The shocking pink is not nice, neither is the flourescent green. Having said that I quite like the khaki ones or the grey and yellow ones.

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:46:43

I haven't put my atrocious music and film tastes up on my profile grin
Luckily dh doesn't watch football.
I think I'd wear those plimsolls with jeans but they'd look weird with a skirt but am amazed some of them were 40 quid!

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:48:28

I wouldn't wear them with a skirt either, but then I have lumpy calves and they'd make my legs look stumpy. However if I was leggy and slimmer I'd wear them in the summer with a denim mini and a carefree smile

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:49:20

I'm thinking dd1 (nearly 17) might like them but only if they came in black/goth or shocking pink.

southeastastra Wed 11-Mar-09 08:49:43

they make your feet squelch grin or mine anyway

dp had the pink ones when i first met him grin

bitofadramaqueen Wed 11-Mar-09 08:50:07

The navy ones go with just about everything I think. Although I have the khaki ones and they're a fairly good all purpose colour. I have got some black leather ones that I got in NYC and they're fab.

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:50:15

no top HeadFairy shock

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:50:32

sorry Riven I didnt mean you I meant Head Fairy! I think I am losing my mind at the moment.

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:51:16

are they comfy to wear for long walks? And do they make your feet smell?

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:53:20

everything makes my feet smell come summer! There is no point me spending much money on shoes that I wear without socks as they always end up in the bin before too long. That said these can at least be worn with socks/trainer socks.

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:56:28

That's what the carefree smile was about Riven... No, I would of course wear a top!

There are some black sequinned ones on there for your dd1, or the black ones with the shocking pink trim. I think the high tops are more goth though...

Bodiddly, I do have very cheesy musical tastes! Dh is a Juventus fan, not Newcastle, hence ds in his Juve strip, but it does look remarkably like a Newcastle one.

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:57:37

I love crocs for the summer. Sometimes I think I should have something I could wear with a skirt but I don't own any skirts.
I would need something that supports my feet though.

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:57:44

I absolutely live in mine, and my feet never smell. I have massive feet and find buying shoes quite hard, so these are my standard fall backs. That and ballet pumps (oh for someone to start making more nice shoes in size 9 and above)

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:58:32

Oops ... you can tell I am a total football ignoramus. I try to avoid it at all costs. I dread ds ever becoming interested!

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:58:41

They aren't the most supportive shoes, that's true. I've got an orthotic insole in mine as I've got dodgy knees and it's supposed to help.

southeastastra Wed 11-Mar-09 08:59:01

i prefer adicolors much more supportive and don't give you hard skin grin, skechers are nice too

fishie Wed 11-Mar-09 08:59:12

they are very narrow, i can't wear them sad

i like red.

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 09:00:04

bodiddly... ds is already obssessed. Dh has taught him to shout "gooooooaaaaaalllllll!" when Juve score (not that there was much of that last night ) and ds is obssessed with his football, it's the only way I can get him to walk in the park, by kicking the ball ahead for him to run and kick.

stubbyfingers Wed 11-Mar-09 09:00:06

I love my red cons and am coveting some purple ones. They are on the snug side tho so go for a 5.

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 09:00:53

I struggle with spring/summer shoes to wear with skirts - cannot wear trainers as I have quite muscley calves which look ridiculous. Ballet bumps are just so uncomfortable - I guess I will have to hit the shops and see what I can find (sporting my new converse for comfort perhaps!)

loujay Wed 11-Mar-09 09:00:54

I have a black pair and a white pair and live between the two, they go with everything!!

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 09:02:14

I'd need an insole then. If I walk more than half a mile without foot support I get hideous foot pain and knee pain.
But am now considering some as my trainers have fallen apart and having size 7 feet trainers make your feet look like boats!

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 09:02:57

I am not too worried about support as they would only be for weekends. I couldn't get away with them for work. Will take a look at the adicolours though southeastastra.

Ds was mad about kicking footballs etc when he was about 18 months - 2 years old but thankfully it lessened a little. He is now 4 and is enjoying his basketball hoop instead!

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 09:04:24

Do the adicolours have the raised instep thingie that the Americans tend to put in most of their trainers? It always comes in the wrong place for me so have to avoid like the plague!

RubyrubyrubyHareb Wed 11-Mar-09 09:05:24

I have some but rub my feet and make my feet smell - I bought them in Las Vegas 3 years ago for about £8!

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 09:05:26

what colour are you considering riven .. am still torn between the navy, pink and red .. although I like the white on white I think I would trash them too quickly!

cherryblossoms Wed 11-Mar-09 09:21:38

For the poster who was worrying about smelliness - you can stick converse in the washing machine.

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 09:44:00

for me it would be black. Neraly everything I own is black! (yup, I was a goth/punk)

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 09:59:56

most of my clothes are black too but I am going to try a colour this time I think ... its going to be spring soon after all!

OnlyWantsOne Wed 11-Mar-09 10:03:35

I haver the girlie pink converse, they come up to my ankle, very comfy but cold too!!

Get pink ones smile

slug Wed 11-Mar-09 10:04:48

Meh. Converse are narrow uncomfortable plimsols with a nasty price tag IMHO

<<slug takes her freakishly large feet off somewhere else to sulk because she can't buy pretty shoes>>

MrsMattie Wed 11-Mar-09 10:07:26

I find them really uncomfortable, which is disappointing, seeing as they look so comfy. They are hard and the sole has no bounce.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 11-Mar-09 10:08:46

My dd has loads of pairs, she has a silver leather pair, a cream pair with weird multicoloured patterns all over, some which look dip died - purple at one end which fades to pink, also pink, red and white pairs (she is a converse nut and DP spoils her by buying her new ones when he sees them in a sale). Some of them are far too small now but we are keeping them anyway!

She is now the same size as me, so I borrowed a pair one day. I couldn't believe how bloody uncomfortable they were - I have quite high arches and insteps and they are very flat inside so offer no support. My arches were killing me by the time I took them off.

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 10:11:23

oh no loads of you seem to find them uncomfortable. I am sure that when I had them in the 80s they were comfy - or maybe I am fooling myself?

I have wide feet and don't find them narrow. I don't find them too flat either, no different to a ballet pump/dolly shoe afterall. I'm a 6/6.5 and a 6 fits just fine.

One of my cream pair do squelch though hmm

I have cream hi tops, and lo red and blue. I need white and baby pink lo for the summer grin

I heart cons!

tattycoram Wed 11-Mar-09 10:35:38

Grey with a pink trim are the nicest. I've got white and pink at the mo. Have had navy, but they look tired and crappy very quickly. Plus they are a bit boring. Red could be good though.

LauriefairycakeeatsCupid Wed 11-Mar-09 10:37:54

I've got the Boden plimsoll version - they also have no support or bounce so I only wear them for half a day.

noddyholder Wed 11-Mar-09 10:40:35

I have an olive green pair which are lovely.Also white and navy are good in summer with white jeans etc

EldonAve Wed 11-Mar-09 10:45:32

Everyone round here is wearing them at the moment

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 10:52:10

shame you have to pay for returns on amazon or I could order a few pairs and see which fitted and looked best!

MrsMattie Wed 11-Mar-09 10:56:54

I had a pair two summers ago. They looked lovely (I had light grey ones, went beautifully with 'boyfriend' style jeans). Unfortunately, they cut my feet to shreds sad.

noddyholder Wed 11-Mar-09 12:02:24

wear with those hideous little sockette things the first few times and they will be fine.

AnyFucker Wed 11-Mar-09 13:37:55

TK Maxx have some in at the moment for 20 quid-the denim with fur lining and the grey/coral double lace combo. Ebay is also good for lightly-used pairs.

I love Converse. I absolutely live in 'em. I am a standard size 6 and they fit fine. They are comfy for me but I always wear flat shoes anyway.

At the moment I have a khaki pair with flames up the side, a washed-out green pair, a white pair with colourful graffiti and a reliable classic pair of navy that looks fab with jeans.

These are all hi-top, the ankle support is comforting. I find the low style less supportive (but still cool).

Grammaticus Wed 11-Mar-09 13:42:20

They are narrow (but so are my feet). They do squelch. I have cream and silver and covet light grey.

Grammaticus Wed 11-Mar-09 13:42:22

They are narrow (but so are my feet). They do squelch. I have cream and silver and covet light grey.

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 14:36:39

yes I quite like the light grey with the pink trim too!

Get silver ones if they have them - leather not fabric though.

I have the silver boden pumps and they go with everything and even look quite smart with jeans and a blazer - makes me sound terribly old!

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 14:43:25

Ive never been sure about silver or gold shoes .. they always seem a bit pat butcher .. (well gold at least) do they really look nice?

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 14:59:25

that said I have just looked at the silver leather converse and the silver boden equivalent and I quite like them (maybe I really am getting old) - but they are nearly £50!


Sorry DS been on the PC and can't be arsed to retype that as have to run to get DD from school!

BikeRunSki Wed 11-Mar-09 17:35:06

I have been wearing them for years and years (more than 20....), shoes and boots, they are classic, comfy and understatedly cool - but not great in winter.

I currently have red ones, white ones and brown leather PF FLyers (which are very similar). They were the only shoes I was comfortable in when I was heavily pg last summer (luckily we have a very casual dress code at work). Might get navy or hot pink this summer. I luuurrrvveee them. I loved the "stars and stripes" ltd edition ones they did last year, but they kept selling out of my size!

I would say that they come up marginally small.

Angelsus Wed 11-Mar-09 19:26:34

I've got a pair of silver converse boots which i bought on ebay from Hong Kong.

They are lovely and go really well with my jeans and the best bit for me is that I've never seen anyone else with a silver pair!

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 19:38:47

I was talking about colours with a male friend of mine and said about the silver after MadameCastafiore's suggestion and he told me I would like mutton dressed up as lamb blushshock

weepootle Wed 11-Mar-09 19:50:03

I live in mine too. I wear cream lo tops and have some burgundy ones which are nice too. I'd like some light grey, some khaki and some white. I think cream will always be my fave though.

kickassangel Wed 11-Mar-09 20:18:04

i have pale yellow hi top with little ladybirds flying on them, and white daisies.
sadly, the lining is black, so if they get wet they look awful
i also have palin red lo tops, which need replacing

Grammaticus Thu 12-Mar-09 09:32:53

I really think the silver are ok with boyfriend jeans <approaching 40>

Technoprisoners Thu 12-Mar-09 18:16:18

This has made me very nostalgic - I used to wear them at university in the 80s - we called the hi tops basketball boots.

soyabean Thu 12-Mar-09 22:24:38

I love them too - feet quite wide but they fit me perfectly. have been wearing tehm for, er, 20+ years and whenever i have tried cheaper alternatives amn always disappointed. IThey are too cold for me in winter but will be coming out soon. Blue is my favourite colour but have some flowery ones too.

bodiddly Fri 13-Mar-09 18:10:51

me too Technoprisoners .. I had a black pair whilst at uni

sagacious Fri 13-Mar-09 18:15:44

I have navy lo tops (go very well with jeans)
I have cream lo tops (not too sure about these but I have a major aversion to white trainers)
And I have beige camoflage ones (with no laces) which are ok

But must admit I wore them to death last summer and I'm sure my bad back was caused by them .. they are very flat.

I now live in fit flop billows (very untrendy looking)

MegBusset Fri 13-Mar-09 18:22:35

I have got these and practically live in them -- I find them very comfortable.

sagacious Fri 13-Mar-09 18:38:33

Ooooo Meg they are cute

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