I have just discovered the secret to gorgeous, glowing, smooth, plumped up skin on my face.......

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FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 24-Feb-08 19:46:15

...and it is Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter!

I can't even remember what made me put it on my face one day but OMG - it is fab. I have been using it constantly for 2 weeks now and my skin now has the smoothest texture, which I don't think it's had since pre-pubescence. And it makes my foundation look super dewy and youthful too. It is SO much better than all the expensive face creams I have tried - including Creme de la Mer.


Would post more, but I am off to camp outside Waitrose.

woodenchair Sun 24-Feb-08 19:49:21

I love recommendations like this. how old are you if you dont' mind me asking and what type of skin do you have?

Califrau Sun 24-Feb-08 19:50:53


Washersaurus Sun 24-Feb-08 19:51:06

I shall be nipping into DS1's room to steal his tub in the morning grin. At this point anything is worth a try...

BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Sun 24-Feb-08 19:51:15

It hasn't given you spots or anything?

PanicPants Sun 24-Feb-08 19:53:59

I tried the aldi cream which was supposed to be wonderful, equivalent to £50 pots.

It was rubbish, and after 2 weeks I have spots under my skin, and the texture feels horrible.

So no spots with baby bottom butter?

FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 24-Feb-08 19:56:31

WC - I am 32. My skin is combination - mixture of oily in some places but very dry in others. Well it was until I started using the Bottom Butter. Now it is all plump and glowing and totally hydrated.

And no Bumper, it hasn't given me spots. In fact, as I no longer need to use foundation (cos skin is so great) then less likelihood of clogged pores causing spots!

Furball Sun 24-Feb-08 19:57:19

looks like a case of my (babies) arse your face (cream) grin - seriously though is it greasy?

When I got married about 10 years ago I had a clinique facial and loads of samples. One face cream was fab, it sort of heated up when you put it on then turned my skin really smooth. i went back and asked what it was and could I have a larger size, where I was met with a smirk of 'that madame is cellulite cream for your legs' blush grin

expatinscotland Sun 24-Feb-08 19:57:49

yeah, what's his office's number? does he offer a payment plan for the surgical procedures? wink

FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 24-Feb-08 19:58:35

You only need a small amount - about a thumb nail size blob - so a tub would last AGES.

Furball Sun 24-Feb-08 19:59:20

expat - the right thread??

TheHonEnid Sun 24-Feb-08 19:59:50

I refuse to believe it doesnt give one spots

BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Sun 24-Feb-08 20:00:25

Apparently slebs use hemorrhoid cream to prevent wrinkles...

FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 24-Feb-08 20:00:38

Furball - I think if you used too much it could feel a bit greasy. But start with a small amount then see if it is enough for you.

LOL at the cellulite cream on your face grin

Furball Sun 24-Feb-08 20:01:00

well fortunately it's not going to break the bank tp find out

expatinscotland Sun 24-Feb-08 20:01:48

yes, because the only 'secret' to good skin after a certain age is a good cosmetic surgeon wink.

Heated Sun 24-Feb-08 20:02:26

Tempted to nip upstairs and find out!

WiiMii Sun 24-Feb-08 20:02:54

Bumper - piles cream is used for bags under the eyes. It shrinks them, doesn't plump out wrinkles.

Furball Sun 24-Feb-08 20:04:37

sorry expat - I get you now!

FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 24-Feb-08 20:04:59

I tried the piles cream (Anusol) on my bags after a night out drinking. Just made my eyes itch like buggery and ooze stuff out of them the next day shock !!

BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Sun 24-Feb-08 20:07:23

Ah, I knew there was something about it...

expatinscotland Sun 24-Feb-08 20:17:17

FGT, next time, soak some green tea bags, then pop them in the fridge till cool and ptu those over your eyes for a few minutes.

Then drop some Optrex refreshing drops in your eyes.

No one will be the wiser!

FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 24-Feb-08 20:26:22

Expat - that certainly sounds better. Anusol was all I had to hand at the time as I was in a hotel on a training course for work. I thought it would disguise the puffy eyes from too much boozing and not enough sleep. But alas, it just made me look even more booze addled than before!

expatinscotland Sun 24-Feb-08 20:27:27

don't worry, i've made the same mistake, FGT blush.

with an american pile creme called Preparation H.

luckily it was not a workday and it was back when i was still childless.

expatinscotland Sun 24-Feb-08 20:28:42

i'm never without eye drops for such occassions!

if you don't have any green tea bags, i can't remember how makes them, i think it might be guerlin, i need to check, but someone makes these disc-shaped pads in a jar made to deal with puffy eyes like that and according to friends they really work.

wolveschick Sun 24-Feb-08 20:29:33

How much is the bum cream?

woodenchair Sun 24-Feb-08 21:20:02

Going to get more personal now, do you have any blackheads and if so what did it do to them. Only ask because some creams make mine mine huge!

susiecutiemincepies Sun 24-Feb-08 21:25:23

I also swear by it for many things grin how funny you have tried it too!!

It started for me, on incredibly painful chapped lips. It worked within ooo, 20 hours maybe? Then, i rubbed some into my hands one day when they were chapped and sore and dry. it also cleared that up within a day or so.

I dont tell anyone as they thing i'm rubbing dirt butt cream onto my face and mouth. Of course, its clean! So cheap too ( compared to proper 'wonder balms' )

I'm with you on this one... totally. And NO its not greasy at all

best not tell everyone, or there will be none left on the shelves by the morning. wink

susiecutiemincepies Sun 24-Feb-08 21:25:25

I also swear by it for many things grin how funny you have tried it too!!

It started for me, on incredibly painful chapped lips. It worked within ooo, 20 hours maybe? Then, i rubbed some into my hands one day when they were chapped and sore and dry. it also cleared that up within a day or so.

I dont tell anyone as they thing i'm rubbing dirt butt cream onto my face and mouth. Of course, its clean! So cheap too ( compared to proper 'wonder balms' )

I'm with you on this one... totally. And NO its not greasy at all

best not tell everyone, or there will be none left on the shelves by the morning. wink

flowerybeanbag Sun 24-Feb-08 21:27:14

Ooh, I've got some upstairs. I will be purloining it from the luscious-skinned DS tootsweet!

SoupDragon Sun 24-Feb-08 21:31:04

It may be "butt cream" but the only ingredients are olive oil, vanilla and chamomile oil.

Unlike pile cream.

susiecutiemincepies Sun 24-Feb-08 21:54:28

Thats why it's so great soupdragon lovely ingredients!

have you tried it too ? if not, you must wink I also have to point out here, that my dd has never had nappy rash. well, once actually, and it was technically thrush from Anti b's .

My mum has a pot of it at her house for when Izzy spends time there. I can't remember how much it is, but am getting low on it actually.... must pop into waitrose in the morning. grin

( we do have a pot each now btw... just incase cross contamination occurs by less skillful nappy changers wink )

janeite Sun 24-Feb-08 22:11:20

Have you tried the solid coconut baby massage cream? That looks nice too. I was wondering if it's worth buying in the hope of persuading dp to give me a back massage cos I love the smell of coconut.

BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Sun 24-Feb-08 22:12:36

Is this the stuff?

ProfessorGrammaticus Sun 24-Feb-08 22:19:07

Oooh I think I'll order some!

BoysOnToast Sun 24-Feb-08 22:20:10

i will try that...

made STUPID STUPID mistake of choosing the gelcream version when i thrillingly decided to treat myself to a pot of creme de la mer recently... had to give it to my mum as did F all for me [scowl]

oh - the coconut solid massage oil is nice. but rubbish for removing cradle cap (dont ask. i make some pretty dumb decisions sometimes)

MrsThierryHenry Sun 24-Feb-08 22:20:28

Woo-hoo! I'm 33, with combi skin and am just running out of my lovely Lush moisturiser. Waitrose is closer to me than Lush, so guess where I'm headed tomorrow?! Thanks for the tip, FGT!

janeite Sun 24-Feb-08 22:24:05

Lol - thanks BoysOnToast!

susiecutiemincepies Sun 24-Feb-08 23:46:09

Bumerlicious: yes, thats the stuff. I also have the coconut massage oil. dd loves her massage with that. She lies back with her knees bent and crosses one leg over the top of her other knee, cracks me up, every time! grin

FriedGreenTomatoes Mon 25-Feb-08 06:45:18

Woodenchair - I have a few blackheads and it hasn't made them worse.

SusieCutie - am pleased to have found someone else who was mad enough to put butt cream on their face!! It is definitely worth it though, isn't it?!!

slim22 Mon 25-Feb-08 07:11:47

No wonder, it's just olive oil - oldest recorded beauty product - I'm sure it's even mentioned in the old testament!

I love it too. I've been using it for years, mainly on my body though. Yummy smell.

On the face, works well as a moisturizing mask once in a while. Think it would clog pores on a daily basis?

Also recommend using olive oil as mask for hair and mixed with salt for a body scrub.

susiecutiemincepies Mon 25-Feb-08 16:23:17

oooo, good ides slim22 Got to be the main ingredient in most shop bought body scrubs I'm sure.

yes FGT, totally worth it. Idont use it every day, as I have a gorgeous clarins one that I was bought and love the smell of, and it is fab too. How often do you use the botty butter? grin

Any one know a marketing manager in Waitrose?? grin

Maybe MN will have a "Delia" effect .....we should warn them!!

FriedGreenTomatoes Mon 25-Feb-08 21:17:49

I use it every morning and every night Susie

BB - maybe I should seek commission from Waitrose! LOL

Well maybe you should!!!

* off to waitrose in the morning!!*

hatwoman Mon 25-Feb-08 22:55:33

well I'm off to add to the Delia effect

policywonk Mon 25-Feb-08 22:58:16

I've just put some on (face not bum). I can report that I feel extremely greasy, as though I have just shoved my face into a portion of fish and chips.

Will post results (if any) in the morning...

<<holds Policywonk to promise to report back on Pain of Death>>

JeremyVile Mon 25-Feb-08 23:49:51

50 of my good pence say that PW will awake with puffy eys.

*shakes PW awake & peers at face *

brimfull Tue 26-Feb-08 08:22:00

well I used it this morning and I have to say I am impressed so far.

I'll wait and see if I break out in spots though, but so far I am looking gorgeous and youthful!

*heads off to buy shedloads of botty cream*

susiecutiemincepies Tue 26-Feb-08 15:11:21

grin policywonk, maybe you used a little too much? A small amount does go a veeeeeeeerrry long way wink I've never felt particularly greasy tbh.

ggirl, well done for joining the youthful side... wink

Anyone heard from policywonk???

Her public are eager to know the results???!!

policywonk Tue 26-Feb-08 16:43:54


OK, maybe I did use too much. Only read FGS's advice about thumbnail-sized blob after the application.

My skin (and hands) did feel very soft afterwards. I don't feel very youthful but then am a bit under the weather today so it might not be the cream's fault.

Will try to use it in more sensible amounts tonight.

Eyes no more puffy and bloodshot than usual (am I painting a nice picture?)


Let's just say.....don't give up the day job in favour of advertising PW?????

policywonk Tue 26-Feb-08 21:28:49

I'm feeling bad for FGT now.

Have just applied the prescribed thumbnail-sized blob and deffo feel less like a bag of chips than I did last night. Will try to get a good night's sleep and hopefully will emerge as plumptious and dewy as a princess tomorrow morning.


TracyK Tue 26-Feb-08 21:39:45

oh no - I don't get Waitrose in Scotland!!

midnightexpress Tue 26-Feb-08 21:42:00

TracyK, you can buy it in John Lewis.

And they're opening a Wiatrose in Glasgow soon, so younever know...

midnightexpress Tue 26-Feb-08 21:43:22


VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 26-Feb-08 21:46:28

LOL! So why did you decide to put arse cream on your face?

paddingtonbear1 Tue 26-Feb-08 22:06:49

ok so is this worth a go then?
have a waitrose round the corner from work...

We'll do an export order TraceyK/Midnight if these experiments work!!!

susiecutiemincepies Tue 26-Feb-08 22:40:07

Well, for me, it was after putting it on my lips. Then rubbing the excess off onto my hands and elbows which were really dry.
Had a really cold patch here, a few months ago, really windy and my face ended up really dry and sore. So... thought i'd put a bit on to see. Thats why I used the botty butter on a different set of cheeks wink grin

midnightexpress Wed 27-Feb-08 09:54:45

thanks bossybritches - am already patricipating in the experiment grin using my bottom butter purchased at our local John Lewis.

Am still waiting to emerge from my chrysallis as gorgeous butterfly, but that may have more to do with several years of broken nights and advanced age than inneffectiveness of product. Perhaps it will just take a little longer to penetrate my hide. Will keep you posted.

hatwoman Wed 27-Feb-08 19:46:08

bought mine today. I won't use it during the day coz I like an spf. but I'll try it at night and report back.

Cataline Wed 27-Feb-08 20:01:38

I also am a secret bottom butter lover!!
I've used it since before DS was born as I have incredibly dry skin. I also swear by the coconut oil as a body lotion. And they're so cheap!! I also love the fact that you can just get them delivered along with your groceries - one less thing to have to buy separately! grin

NAB3wishesfor2008 Wed 27-Feb-08 20:02:29

I have it for my babba but he is way past nappy cream. Might just use it for my moisturiser.

smallwhitecat Thu 28-Feb-08 12:58:33

hello FGT, can i say you are a star, have been using this for only 2 days and my fine lines are disappearing ^before my very eyes^.

BibiThree Thu 28-Feb-08 13:04:17

okay, so where the flippin' heck is my nearest Waitrose?! I'm in S Wales... hmmmmm

WaynettaSlob Thu 28-Feb-08 13:05:30

BLimey - I have an Ocado shop coming tomorrow night so shall be adding this to the list! grin

Kindersurpise Thu 28-Feb-08 13:07:25


Bet I cannot get it in Germany. And Mum is in Scotland. Did someone say JL stock it? Do they deliver?

Off to look at JL website.

I have very dry lips so definately worth trying.

Kindersurpise Thu 28-Feb-08 13:17:10

Hmm, not on Waitrose site or JL

Have found a shop in Corfu that stocks it.

mummypig Thu 28-Feb-08 13:22:23

Just wondering... if all this botty cream has in it is olive oil, chamomile and vanilla, couldn't you just mix some olive oil in a tub with a little bit of chamomile essential oil and some vanilla essence and keep it in the fridge to solidify? Sounds like it would have much the same effect and cost a lot less than £2 per 100 ml (although I do appreciate it is already significantly cheaper than most fancy moisturisers).

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 28-Feb-08 13:24:47

My skin has never been better since I stopped putting anything on it. I just have a hot shower every day and vigorously scrub with a natural sponge.

I no longer use foundation or blusher etc, just eye make up and lipstick.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 28-Feb-08 13:25:39

Although I may feel differently when I start getting wrinkles grin

Oliveoil Thu 28-Feb-08 13:26:07

I recommend the new (I think it is new, new to me anyhoo) Tesco B-Natural range

I have a cleanser that is lovely, am going to investigate the other stuff tomorrow

MrsBadger Thu 28-Feb-08 13:47:55

mummypig, oliveoil doesn't solidify if you put it in the fridge

the reason the bottom butter is solid is because it's been hydrogenated

susiecutiemincepies Thu 28-Feb-08 14:07:38

mummypig: trust me, you only need such a teeny amount per application of this that a tub of £2 cream will last almost forever. Honestly.

I opened my new tub last night, as we'd run out, and you cannot even see that i've used it yet, thats how little I use. I must just say, when I bought it in waitrose, I took the last one on the shelf, and had to chuckle and wonder if there are more MNetters living in Kingston than I thought hmm grin

Oliveoil Thu 28-Feb-08 14:09:29

I don't have a Waitrose but Ocado deliver

but how much is delivery charge?

nailpolish Thu 28-Feb-08 14:18:11

TraceyK - edinburgh has 2 waitrose

i bought some this morning (bottom butter) so i cant wait to use it!

is it fine for night cream and morning

nailpolish Thu 28-Feb-08 14:18:39

i refuse to set foot inside a tesco

MrsBadger Thu 28-Feb-08 14:23:16

I think it might be too rich for night and day unless your skin is super dry. And no spf as hat says.

nailpolish Thu 28-Feb-08 14:25:15

hmm yes no spf

i am going to try it for night - my skin is super-dry

flowerybeanbag Thu 28-Feb-08 14:25:16

Do we think maybe just for night then?

<<regrets £30-odd just spent on Clarins night cream>>

I keep forgetting to pinch it from DS's bath box. I must buy another one I think.

OrmIrian Thu 28-Feb-08 14:26:48

Don't have a waitrose. Will sudacreme do?


flowerybeanbag Thu 28-Feb-08 14:27:13

Rofl OrmIrian!

woodenchair Thu 28-Feb-08 14:29:04

I bought some on Monday and have been using it on my feet. They seem alot better, haven't been brave enough to put it on my face yet though.

MrsBadger Thu 28-Feb-08 14:55:53

work upwards - try it on knees and elbows next

Going to try & get to Waitrose tomorrow or Sat......if there are any left I shall grab a few & do an overseas delivery for ex-pat MN-ers!!

(errr... not in person regrettably!!!) grin

CorrieDale Thu 28-Feb-08 18:23:37

Oooh, I have some of this hanging around. I'm not that keen on the smell but for glowing smooth skin, I could live with smelling like a cheap ice cream.

policywonk Thu 28-Feb-08 19:09:34

Actually you smell more like a Kinder Egg (well I say 'you', I mean 'me wearing bottom butter').

Have been using it for three days and my skin has improved a bit I think, BUT I have developed two spots. However, spent the weekend over-indulging so it might be down to that.

Mumsnut Thu 28-Feb-08 19:36:26

Waitrose in Esher was sold out today! The Kingston MN overspill, obv.

susiecutiemincepies Thu 28-Feb-08 20:43:51

grin grin For sure wink

I've used it morning night the last few days and have to say, even though I was using it before, my skin is deffo looking better. My mum even said I looked really well today. which is saying something, as I had about 2 hours sleep last night!

I used to alternate it with clarins day cream, ( another cream i'd highly recommend btw ) mainly because that smells so lovely, and cost a bomb! grin I do really like the smell of botty butter though.

I have to stress here, you really only need such a small amount. I literally swipe my finger over the top with a tiny bit of pressure and use on cheeks, repeat motion again, and apply to forehead, and again for chin and so on... wink

Don't know if any of you tried the boots renewal balm or what ever it was called, that sold out in minutes and was on tv. Well, I think my skin feels like a slightly more moisturised version from when I used that.

You do feel it there for a good hour or so, though not a lot. I was able to put powder blusher on this morning, with out that over blushed sticking powder on effect you get if you apply too soon after cream, before it's dried IYSWIM?

policywonk Thu 28-Feb-08 20:49:21

Try Waitrose in H!rsh*m, mumsnut wink

allgonebellyup Thu 28-Feb-08 20:50:15

oooh i use Body Shop body butter on my face at night, but i wouldnt use it in the day!
When i wake up my face is v smooth and soft, and it doesnt give me spots.

Kindersurpise Thu 28-Feb-08 20:59:32

Well, if it makes me smell like a Kinder egg then I definately have to buy it.

Now, how do I persuade my Mum to go all the way to Edinburgh on the off chance that they still have a tub in stock, then post it to me?

susiecutiemincepies Thu 28-Feb-08 21:01:22

LIke the code policywonk wink grin

Kindersurprise, could your mum not order it online for you with her shopping?

Kindersurpise Thu 28-Feb-08 21:17:47

I looked up the website but they do not deliver to my parent's town.

susiecutiemincepies Thu 28-Feb-08 22:38:15

Ah... thats a shame. maybe if they are passing one some time. wink

Moomin Fri 29-Feb-08 14:28:46

It's sold out in my local waitrose - I went there speshly today. and are there really 100s of mumsnetters living near here?

And I'm starting to wonder if this is a very clever marketing ploy - susie or fried - neither of you work for John Lewis, waitrose or ocado do you wink??!

susiecutiemincepies Fri 29-Feb-08 16:32:16

Shit.... cover blown! wink grin

Those of you who are worried about feeling all greasy, apply a tiny bit to slightly damp skin. If you are still feeling a little like fish and chips, put some more water over the top - ideally use a bottle with a fine spray, but I guess splashing a bit on will do the job.

It's much the same principle as using an oil (Jojoba, Rosehip, avocado etc) as a moisturiser. They do absorb in but just take that little longer than a traditional cream.

PatsyCline Fri 29-Feb-08 18:10:50

I will take my Waitrose-loving arse to buy curry and bum cream as soon as DH gets in tonight. If they can treat me like a princess, make fab food AND take years off my skin I will never leave the place again.


Mumsnut Fri 29-Feb-08 19:45:32

PW, I'm closer to Surbiton (jsut call me Margo)

susiecutiemincepies Fri 29-Feb-08 20:46:47

Margo, I can see Surbiton from my side of the bridge wink

FriedGreenTomatoes Sat 01-Mar-08 10:32:07

Ooh - have I caused a run on Waitrose Bottom Butter now? I'd better make sure I get stocked up myself (though I don't think there are a proliferation on MNers near me - but best be safe!).
I am pleased that others are benefitting from my odd discovery though.
But should I feel guilty all those poor babies in Kingston who might be subjected to chemical bottom creams cos we are using their normal natural botty cream on our faces? grin

magnolia74 Sat 01-Mar-08 10:42:45

Bugger, I had better go to Epsom if Surbiton and Kingston have sold out grin

policywonk Sat 01-Mar-08 10:45:04

I wanted to live in Surbiton but couldn't afford it envy

hatwoman Sat 01-Mar-08 12:11:24

hat waves at all these surbiton-kingston mners through her bedroom window...I had no idea...(also wonders if she knows any of you in rl shock)

magnolia74 Sat 01-Mar-08 16:21:32

I'm an Epsom mner so close enough <<waves back>>

SugarSkyHigh Sat 01-Mar-08 19:39:05

i got some at my waitrose today - there was quite a lot there so obv. not many Mners around!

I love the smell btw! - have put it on my hands. Thinking about trying it on face overnight, but judging by how it is on my hand, i'm thinking it might be kind of greasy??

I will report back tomorrow A.M.! grin

littlelapin Sat 01-Mar-08 19:40:04

DH is baffled at why this appeared on his list today grin

brimfull Sat 01-Mar-08 19:50:48

I've been wearing this for 3-4 days now and think it's the dogs bolleaux!

really really impressed with how plumped and smooth it makes my skin look,especially around the eyes.

I haven't used it on my nose where I am prone to blackheads though.

Maidamess Sat 01-Mar-08 19:51:09

I live in Kingston! I wonder if we've ever walked past each other before!?

SugarSkyHigh Sat 01-Mar-08 19:53:33

ggirl - would you suggest not using it around more greasy skin areas?

perhaps I should put it just round eyes and on cheeks etc. tonight

ooh the excitement!!

SugarSkyHigh Sat 01-Mar-08 19:54:32

littlelapin -
tell him it's for a surprise massage wink - he'll buy you 10 pots grin

brimfull Sat 01-Mar-08 19:56:59

yes I only put on cheeks ,under eyes and avoid the t-zone where I am prone to blackheads.

jaz2 Sat 01-Mar-08 19:57:17

I'm trying it on my hands (horribly chapped as they are, and L'Occitane wasn't working) - but it hasn't had any effect (wimper).

brimfull Sat 01-Mar-08 19:58:08

well I have more of an I-zone as my cheeks are dryish.

SugarSkyHigh Sat 01-Mar-08 19:59:29

sounds like it will be great for neck

susiecutiemincepies Sun 02-Mar-08 12:18:33

madeamess, we probably pass each other every day wink Its really funny, how often I see mums this children, and wonder if they are a MNetter... Then they catch me looking at them in an odd way, half smiling, and probably think i'm a loon! grin

scanner Sun 02-Mar-08 13:26:34

Bought mine yesterday, quite a lot of stock btw. Am a little worried about using on my fact, so have started off by using on my arms. Have a wedding to go to soon with sleeveless dress.

I'll try using it at night.

susiecutiemincepies Sun 02-Mar-08 13:35:06

Honsetly scanner, It really is great to use on the face. I was thinking this morning as i applied it to my face... how after, it looks really glowing. This is definitely down to the really good massage I inadvertently do on my face, to rub it in.

You have to do it really thoroughly, to make sure its all covered, and rubbed in. If it is a really quick job, to rub it all in, you are probably using too much, and therefore it would be a bit greasy. Hope that makes sense? grin

BumperliciousNeedsaGlassofWine Sun 02-Mar-08 13:52:48

Ok, I'm about to go and get some of this now. Are you guys really really sure it works?

FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 02-Mar-08 14:15:00

Definitely Bumper - you will wonder how you lived without it. And all your friends will be jealous of your youthfulness. (Someone assumed I was 19 the other day! grin)

BumperliciousNeedsaGlassofWine Sun 02-Mar-08 16:52:27

Oh toss, I walked to waitrose via town and by the time i got there it had shut! Oh well, eternal youthfulness will have to wait another day!

Mumsnut Sun 02-Mar-08 19:44:32

<grits teeth> well, will try Cobham waitrose tomorrow, since you have EMPTIED all the othe rones ...

Well i have got some and its GREAT really impressed with the plumpness of my skin definetley gives me a glow grin
How often do you all use it ?

saadia Sun 02-Mar-08 20:28:19

Based on this thread I bought some today, dh suggested that I remove the label hmm.

FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 02-Mar-08 21:11:33

I use it morning and night mum2b2g

katwith3kittens Sun 02-Mar-08 21:43:44

Just raided DS's cupboard to try this out tonight on my face and see what all the fuss is about.

Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow a different woman !

Its a firm family favourite in our house (previously only on bottoms tho..) but who knows that could all change.

Its sold in John Lewis too if that helps anyone not close to a waitrose (sorry not read all the thread if this has been mentioned).

susiecutiemincepies Sun 02-Mar-08 23:21:12

Hiya Katwith3 << waves >>

It has been a real fav' in our house too, on botties first. I can honestly say, Isobel has only had a nappy rash once maybe twice, and it was due to thrush post anti biotics. She has bottom butter applied every nappy change, and has never been sore. Its the best stuff ever!

It will become a fav for your other cheeks soon too, trust me wink

Ooo, I love that i've found such a brilliantly cheap fantastic results cream, without spending a small fortune on it! ( shame I did spend a small fortune on all the clarins stuff before I found this worked... hmm grin )

Good luck all who try the bottie butter.

jezzemx Mon 03-Mar-08 14:58:04

Bought mine today. It really does smell like kinder surprise eggs!!! I've had instant results on my hands and will use it on my face tonight. Thanks for sharing it with us x

AlistairSim Mon 03-Mar-08 15:26:32

Just seen this!

Been using this for a while on all dry areas and on face, really does work as long as you only use the tiniest amount.

If you like the idea of using olive oil but balk at butt cream, there is a Japanese company called DHC that does an olive oil moisturiser that is just oil.
If you go to their website I think you can get free samples.

scanner Mon 03-Mar-08 18:15:20

Can someone give me the idiots guide to how to apply please? Slightly damp skin or totally dry etc etc.

cheeryface Mon 03-Mar-08 18:45:54

damn i really want to try this now but there isn't anywhere close enough to me sad
i doubt they would let me order just a tub of bum cream online would they?

BumperliciousNeedsaGlassofWine Mon 03-Mar-08 19:42:55

Cheeryface I could get you some when I go to get mine (sometime this week).

cheeryface Mon 03-Mar-08 21:50:32

oh thankyou bumperlicious how really good of you !!!

so, i'll need your address won't i so i can send you some money

thats brilliant. yay dead chuffed, won't be left out now lol !!

BumperliciousNeedsaGlassofWine Mon 03-Mar-08 22:08:12

Ok, I will try and go tomorrow or weds. Anyone else want any while I am there?

Email me at bumperlicious . mn a t h o t m a i l . c o . u k (hope that makes sense!)

susiecutiemincepies Mon 03-Mar-08 22:53:41

scanner I applie to just washed skin.
I dry it well first tbh...

Then I swipe my finger over the top of the butter, slightly applying a bit of pressure but not much.

Enough to get some on your finger, but again, only a small amount to start with.

You can judge it as you apply it to your face. I rub it into my forehead first then cheeks, then chin.

I'd say that the amount I get on my finger is probably about 2mm thick and about the size of a thumbnail ? hard to describe... basically the least the better.

you can always apply more if its not enough! Just apply it until you feel you have covered all your face evenly, and that it is rubbing in easily.

I put extra on, at night, around the outer edges of my eyes and forehead, for the fine lines wink I have really truly noticed a difference in them .

Hope that helps you a leeeetle bit wink grin

SisterSputnik Tue 04-Mar-08 12:28:48

Well, I tried this last night and definitely had nice soft skin this morning. My skin is combination but there was no greasyness on the bits I would've expected to feel greasy IYSWIM. Might be a bit too heavy for daytime, but maybe I'll give it a go.

Funny, we've always had this stuff around and I have used it before on my body. DD, who is 3, always used to insist on having it on her face, I should've followed her lead

BumperliciousNeedsaGlassofWine Tue 04-Mar-08 20:24:51

Sputnik, you live abroad, how the fuck do you have a pot when people in the bloody UK can't get it? grin

Cheeryface, I got a pot today will try and send tomorrow or thurs.

I also got a spare that I can send if anyone is having difficulty getting it.

Moomin Tue 04-Mar-08 20:29:17

Yes please, Bumper! Are you sure? Haven't got a Waitrose for 6-8 miles and when i actually went to one, it was sold out.

BumperliciousNeedsaGlassofWine Tue 04-Mar-08 20:34:15

Sold to moomin! <bangs gavel>

Email me your address to the email below.

Moomin Tue 04-Mar-08 20:40:38

Have done so. Am excited and feel younger and more glowtastic already

MrsSeanSlater Tue 04-Mar-08 20:54:35

I tried to buy this cream today and it was sold out. Word has obviously got out!

SisterSputnik Tue 04-Mar-08 21:01:04

Ha Bumper, there is a Waitrose where my Mum lives and I stock up!

susiecutiemincepies Tue 04-Mar-08 21:02:06

Probably not Mrsseanslaer, I have been using it on my DD's bottie cheeks since she was born, and when I went to replace it last year they didn't have stock for weeks and weeks... I don't think they usually sell a huge amount! wink they'll be restocking more often now, if word gets to them! grin

Right I am in the Highlands so no Waitrose and nearest JL is 200 miles away and I want some (puts on puty face and stamps foot)

Does anyone fancy shipping some up for me I will pay. Please I am fluttering my eyelashes nicely.

Ineed I STILL haven't go to my local Waitrose whimper but I have a neighbour who works near there & I have her on a daily mission to track some down! I think I shall ask her to buy a shedload when she does find some in stock!!!

If you still want some when I get it I'll let you know &send it to you!

ooh yes please thank you.

cheeryface Wed 05-Mar-08 14:55:04

i hope this is gonna work grin
so funny this grin

i had had high hopes for that protect and perfect stuff but alas it didn't do me much good.

thanks for letting us in on your discovery

CorrieDale Thu 06-Mar-08 08:57:12

Well, I've been using it for a few days and I swear there is a difference. And this despite being ferociously sleep-deprived.

I use it as a day cream (too idle/knackered to faff about with cream at night), and use it over Origin's Out Smart SPF 25 sunscreen, which is also lovely though more expensive.

You can also get the Bottom Butter from John Lewis, by the way.

BumperliciousNeedsaGlassofWine Thu 06-Mar-08 11:37:24

Moomin and cheery packages are ready to go I will post them this arvo

mum2samandalex Thu 06-Mar-08 18:22:30

www.ecobaby.co.uk/bNatalia_6.htm is this it? dont have a waitrose near me sad

pootleflump Thu 06-Mar-08 19:25:55

My local waitrose didn't have any but it's a crappy city centre one so didn't hold out much hope anyway.

Dh has just gone into a large one in Salisbury and they told him it's been suspended shock but it will be back.

Mumsnut Thu 06-Mar-08 19:42:49

At ten times the price.

bran Thu 06-Mar-08 20:01:38

This is doing great things for my decolletage which looks quite old because I always remember to put sunblock on my face, but often forget to put it on my chest when wearing a low neckline. smile

I've been putting a small amount in the palm of my hand for a few minutes to let it soften before applying because it was dragging my skin too much otherwise.

ooooh Bran that's a good tip!!

I have "creases" on my upper chest which I HATE! Mainly as I sleep with my hands/arms crossed & on my side so everything squishes up! I shall try it on that area too.

Please god let Waitrose in NeEwark have some in on Saturday!!!!

Seasider Fri 07-Mar-08 10:22:44

I got some from Parkstone Dorset yesterday and told another Mum about it, she looked at me as if I was nuts, but the MN connection made me think I was not just some random nutter! Am using it on my poor sad dry little hands too and it is very nourishing!
Well done friedgreentomatoes! Even if it is buzz marketing!!

Moomin Fri 07-Mar-08 10:32:54

oooo my tub from the lovely (dewy and young-looking) Bumper arrived this morning. I have layered some on my crepey bosom. Do I look like Kelly Brook yet?

SmartArse Fri 07-Mar-08 10:35:12

I am ridiculously excited about my imminent Ocado delivery. I do hope it's not out of stock - it's the only reason I shopped at Waitrose this week!

FriedGreenTomatoes Fri 07-Mar-08 12:47:29

Trust me - I have nothing to do with waitrose other than being a frequent shopper there. I only let people know because the results have been PHENOMENAL!

cheeryface Fri 07-Mar-08 17:38:28

i recieved my baby butter this morning from bumperlicious. i haven't put any on my face yet as i've still got my makeup on but i have tried it on my hands.

my hands are dry and often crack in fact they look like old lady hands lol. after using this a few times today i have to say they are feeling a lot softer and i am impressed!

i'm hoping my face will be more radiant by morning too!

BumperliciousNeedsaGlassofWine Fri 07-Mar-08 18:24:08

oooh, glad you both got it! it was about £4 in all. you can paypal me or send me a cheque

hazeyjane Fri 07-Mar-08 20:05:32

I'm afraid it has bought me out in a rash sad. So if anyone wants a slightly used pot, I can send it to them, if they cover postage.

sob went to our Waitrose today & got all excited at what looked like a shelf full of pots of the stuff..........but it was only coconut massage cream in the same range!!!

I shall have to keep vigil & see if they EVER get any in!!!

pootleflump Sat 08-Mar-08 19:31:08

hazyjane, I'd love your pot - I can't get the stuff anywhere. Will CAT you now. smile

andyrobo237 Sat 08-Mar-08 21:56:07

I looked in my local waitrose today and it too had none but lots of the coconut massage stuff...... Is the world full of MN people!!

Moomin Sun 09-Mar-08 21:28:50

BUmper - have paypalled you. Thank you HUGELY!

spicemonster Sun 09-Mar-08 22:06:36

There were loads of pots a few weeks ago in my Waitrose and now there are none! They are probably wondering what on earth has happened

Lilymaid Sun 09-Mar-08 22:09:53

I bought some yesterday in my local Waitrose - first time I'd seen it despite looking for it for a while.

abidabidoo Mon 10-Mar-08 13:44:15


Thank you so so so so so much!

I was ploughing on with my Revitalift despite the fact it made me look hideous because I have to have something on at my age grin, and it cost money (for me) and this is fab! Evened out my skin tone, slightly plumped it, even the scent doesn't make me sneeze, got rid of the angry patches.

I was surprised at how dp bought it without a murmur, and then realised he hadn't quite picked up it was for ME, not dd. He laughed like a drain when he understood and said he'd tell everyone at work blush!

donnie Mon 10-Mar-08 13:48:35

OMG I am off to get some NOW!!!!

TracyK Mon 10-Mar-08 14:56:38

Anyone doing a Waitrose shop and can pick me up a pot? We've none in Scotland and I haven't hoofed into town to JL yet and I'm not sure they'll have it.

I'll pay for it and P&P obv.

TracyK when I do track some down I'm going to empty the shelf!!

I'll let you know- wink

andyrobo237 Mon 10-Mar-08 19:58:09

If anyone gets some can I pay for a pot as well??!! Waitrose will surely be reading this and re-brand it at £20!!!! I wil try an Ocado shop this week and see if it is on the list....

Jazzicatz Mon 10-Mar-08 20:04:13

Sorry to be a real bore, BUT I got some after reading this from local Waitrose, and have religiously for two weeks been putting it on morning and night and have not seen a difference at all!

hazeyjane Mon 10-Mar-08 22:22:49

Hello Pootleflump (like your name), will glady send you pot, I'll work out postage tomorrow, don't know what being catted means, sorry. I can give you my e-mail if that helps.

cheeryface Tue 11-Mar-08 09:29:10

this stuff has worked absolute wonders on my hands, i can't understand why it disagreed with my face.

i woke up after applying the night before and washed my face, it felt really stingy around my nose (sort of where u get the nose to mouth lines) and on my cheeks.

i had a glow, but not in a good way lol. didn't need any blusher!!

i will continue to use on hands and other dry bits though.

anyone else got any reviews?

mum2samandalex Tue 11-Mar-08 14:23:33

well im gutted i went over the bridge today to my nearest wairose- had to pay toll fair and everything but no baby bum butter on the shelves they had everything but. It doesnt even look like they sell it as i couldnt see an empty space on the shelf angry. Feeling deprived now ended up paying a fiver for their face cream hoping it will have the same effects but doubting it <<<< decides to go and sulk>>>>>

TracyK Tue 11-Mar-08 16:16:59

Thanks Bossy - I may be going into town on Thurs to JL - so will see if they have any and will let u know if I'm successful.

JackieNo Tue 11-Mar-08 16:18:40

I've decided it's too much for my rather spot-prone face, but my neck's loving it, plus hands, elbows etc.

blousy Tue 11-Mar-08 16:22:08

I've just bought some - they had lots in my local Waitrose. It smells gorgeous. Shall be applying it to my sun damaged decolette, with high hopes!

rosealbie Tue 11-Mar-08 16:24:22

I'd love to try a pot of this but my nearest Waitrose is Bath I think. If anyone is willing to post me a pot plus postage I would be very pleased.

Meeely2 Tue 11-Mar-08 16:45:59

can anyone tell me where the nearest Waitrose is to Mansfield (Nottinghamshire)? We have millions of tescos and asda's but think the nearest waitrose is in Notts itself.....

meeeely- There is one in Newark but it's the one I'm stalkingsetting up camp in grin

Also one in the top end of Lincoln if you ever get over this way!!

Ok so what's the news from our early guinea pigs then?

Still think it's The New Best Thing ? FGT? Policywonk?

policywonk Tue 11-Mar-08 17:08:55

I'm quite pleased with it. It's definitely good on the dry areas of my face, and on my hands. In general I suspect that my face is too naturally greasy to get the full benefit - I tend to suffer from spots rather than wrinkles, so this might not be the best product for me. However, it's so cheap that it's got to be worth a go, eh?

On the cheap tip, the Grauniad on Saturday was recommending 'Reverse Ultimate Lift Day Cream' by Bharti Vyas for Tesco (£8.47). They reckons that it's as good as Creme de la Mer. Anyone have any experience of this??

PatsyCline Tue 11-Mar-08 17:09:58

Oh no, the miracle bum butter has given me spots and I am not a spotty girl normally! I am ,however, going to keep using it on my hands and cleavage!

I'm too scraed to try it because I am prone to spottiness, even though my skin is dry as a bone hmm

Anyway, I might buy some as a body moisturiser, but I donlt hold much hope of our local 'Trose stocking it because they are shite

I finally got some today!
The Waitrose in the next town, which I go to once a week, had loads so I bought two pots. I'll apply it before bed tonight and expect a completely new skin by the morning wink

mum2samandalex Tue 11-Mar-08 20:36:16

Well i decided to email them as not impressed and this is the reply.

Thank you for your e-mail.
> I have researched our product assortment database and I am pleased to advise that Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter is stocked in our Saltash branch.
> This is currently unorderable by the branch due to supplier issues.
> Regards,
> Sarah Callum
> Waitrose Customer Service.

Hvae asked pd to get me some

Knowing him., hye'll probanly come back with Lurpak


Bath Waitroise hasn;t got it.


DP was snurking at me wanting to put arse cream on my face.

Canb anyone gwt some and send it to me?

So whaddya think then Lyra??

TheHonEnid Fri 14-Mar-08 10:28:36

It is miles too greasy for my face - I looked like an oil slick by 10 - and I am normal slighltly combo not overly greasy.

Is lovely on sun wrinkled chest though

snowleopard Fri 14-Mar-08 10:28:51

Like a haggard sheep following the herd, I had a look in Morningside Waitrose yesterday (just passing by the baby aisle as I stocked up on toddler snacks, obviously...)

It was all gone! I pictured a throng of Scottish MNers throwing themselves through the doors at 8am three weeks ago - I was so too late.


hazeyjane Fri 14-Mar-08 14:18:49

Okay pootleflump if your still out there and want my slightly used pot, cat me again, I've just worked out what it is, and have made myself cattable - sorry, I'm really sleep deprived!

MrsBadger Fri 14-Mar-08 14:20:03

sheikyerbouti I can oblige

cat me

Mrs Badge do you have any spare jars??

Pretty please?

<bossy getting pathetically anxious about her crepey cleavage & eye-bags.>

I shall keep looking at my branchas well!

MrsBadger Fri 14-Mar-08 17:10:11

I have one, sheikyerbouti has first dibs

my branch has lots though - obv no MNers round here...

Thanks for thinking of me anyway Mrs Badger!!!grin

<where are you in the UK? Could I do a raid!!!> hmm

MrsBadger Fri 14-Mar-08 19:40:22


brimfull Fri 14-Mar-08 21:58:32

anyone have the problem of the cream making their hair greasy overnight?I wake up with a greasy fringe becaus eof the cream.

Moorhen Sat 15-Mar-08 16:42:10

Having read all these posts, I must have it! But my local Waitrose is out and they can't say when they'll have it again.

Has anyone got a jar they would send me for postage etc? Please?

I want to try!! but there is no waitrose around me, so is there a wonderful MNer who could get me some, pretty please wink I can paypal and add in a tip for your troubles smile

God we should do a bulk order!!! grin

barnstaple Sat 15-Mar-08 20:50:36

A friend's ex-boyfriend used to massage sudocrem into his face - his skin was beautiful. You don't need Waitrose for that. Mind you, she said it takes ages.

just a quick question....for anyone who has been using this and is spot prone, has this caused any spots?

I also tried that aldi £2 cream thats suppose to be the dogs bollocks and it was terrible! I hated the way it felt and it gave me spots like a hormornal teenager. I should have know better

carol3 Mon 17-Mar-08 22:58:33

just to add started using it a couple of weeks ago and my skin is so soft, have converted my mum, mil, bf, bf mum and several other friends who love it!
Getting some strange looks though when I go in waitrose and only buy a basket full of bottom cream. grin

Sputnik Tue 18-Mar-08 21:32:54

I have combination skin and haven't had any spots yet. I've only been using it at night though, as it's way too greasy for me during the day.

newtoallofthis Wed 19-Mar-08 14:40:40

barnstaple - I have very sensitive skin, with red 'angry' patches on my chin and cheeks. My dermatologist (a few years ago now!) recommended using Sudocrem. I put a tiny bit on the inflamed areas, at night only. I put on a very thin layer and rinse it off when I wash my face the next morning. It really does seem to work, the redness certainly goes down!

Mumsfruitandnut Wed 19-Mar-08 18:54:43

STILL out of stock in Esher ...

FriedGreenTomatoes Wed 19-Mar-08 21:07:59

oooh - look how many people I have converted! I have just converted my DH too. He always had very dry skin on his forehead but now it is super smooth smile

I just hope there are some tubs left in my local Waitrose when I need to re-stock!

Finbar Sat 22-Mar-08 08:34:58

Unfortunately I have only just seenthis thread - and DH knows the people at Wiatrose who deal with this - specifically the guy who has to deal with any 'Delia effect' products ( his life is one rollercaster at the moment I guesss) I woudl love to pass this on - but now everyone's off until Tuesday in teh Buying Offices!

Am off meself to get some now!

I bought some last week, 'tis brillig. I picked my parents up from the airport on Thursday and despite the fact that I had done 41 hours in my part-time job last week (long story) my Mum told me I looked well. Then she stepped back and said younger grin so it must be working.

JackieNo Sat 22-Mar-08 09:38:03

I've got 2 extra tubs that I picked up in Waitrose the other day - last 2 there. If anbody'd like them, email me at jackieno at hotmail dot co dot uk.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:41:23

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:41:57

Message withdrawn

Moomin Sat 22-Mar-08 09:59:59

I spose there must still be some other selfish b'stards wasting it on their babies hmm

TaLcYonHerTodd Sat 22-Mar-08 10:01:46

Have been using for 10 days..no spots yet.

PeatBog Sat 22-Mar-08 10:33:36

or hundreds of lurkers grin

This cream has made me really spotty!
BUT I have been using it in the morning and at night, which is probably too much. I'll cut down to nights only and find something lighter for the morning.

Went into Waitrose today and it was destocked in September. sad

I have put a very helpful young mayan on the case and I will report back. grin

In the meantime JackieNo I have emailed you.

LarryVeest Tue 25-Mar-08 10:56:42

Perhaps they've whipped it all off the shelves to repackage it as superduperplumptiousglowycheek cream to sell at £45 a pot?

* wail * still not got hold of any!!!

jackieno have you offloaded all your stashtreasured spare pots? grin

<Smiles in pathetically pleading manner to show wrinkled & dry skin in NEEEEED of some BBB!!>

BTW if you were the nice lady in Newark Waitrose last week stocking up on organic baby food who overheard my convo with the bewildered young man stacking shelves & gave me a knowing smile,t'was me! * waves*


Clears throat .....

<<ahem>> I think you will find I beat you to it. grin

Thought you had.... you ....you....you

* throws teddy out of play-pen & does full length body tantrum *


Have you NO compassion for my wrinkles????


Let me think about this.................


LMAO!!!!! grin

Every girl for herself eh??

However, I know something that the rest of you don't......<<taps side of nose knowingly ...>>grin

Scampmum Tue 25-Mar-08 14:54:13

Ooh, I was going to resurrect this one - it's brilliant! Did have random crop of zits on Sat but they were gone by Sun (no BBB on Sat night, witch hazel instead) but am 36 weeks pg so could be anything. Have had prob 6+ comments on how good my skin is looking! Am also using protect & perfect but was using that before with (much more expensive) Definity so it's not that.


Sidge Tue 25-Mar-08 14:56:29

I bought some and it brought me out in HUUUUGE spots!

So now I just use it on my very dry hands and feet. I have to save it for bedtime though as it's pretty greasy.

<Rugby tackles BreeVDC & squashes her with her not inconsiderable weight till she coughs her secret>

TELL US - or I bounce??? envy

Looks accusingly around at Mn-ers to see who has a secret delivery...........

JackieNo Tue 25-Mar-08 21:18:22

LGJ - have emailed- happy to send it to you.

Bossybritches - I do still have one pot - email me jackieno at hotmail dot co dot uk smile.

ooooht thanks Jackie! I have mailed you.

At least SOMEONE cares about my wrinkles!!


<glares at no-one in particular>

JackieNo Wed 26-Mar-08 13:47:39

Bossybritches - will check email later - can't do it at work.

LGJ - have put a pot in the post to you today, so you might even get it tomorrow, if the postal system does what it's supposed to.

nappyaddict Wed 26-Mar-08 14:28:00

For those of you who it bought out in spots did you use the recommended thumbnail size amount? were you using it just at night time or in the day time aswell?

ComeOVeneer Wed 26-Mar-08 14:31:34

They have loads oof it in our Waitrose, I just stocked up. Am also using the pure coconut one for my hands and feet, and they feel/look years younger (stuff all these expensive lotions and potions).

COV- you could start a postal delivery service!!

JackieNo Wed 26-Mar-08 16:53:01

bossybritches - have just checked my email, and no sign of one from you.


Sorry I don't talk to wrinkly people. grin

* whimper *

<scans sent messages & ignores BVD>

Jackie I have re-sent it to the hotmail address you gave me-funny this mornings one hasn't bounced back as undelivered? hmm

JackieNo Wed 26-Mar-08 20:44:56

Ah - bossybritches, your email has now arrived. Took ages though - looks like you sent it at 9-something am this morning, and it definitely wasn't there this afternoon. Anyway - have emailed backsmile.

JackieNo Thu 27-Mar-08 19:13:12

bossybritches - have emailed you - it's in the post, but unfortunately I missed this evening's collection, so it won't go till tomorrow morning.

Jackie No

Mine has arrived thank you, will stick cheque in the post tomorrow.


JackieBollyKnickers Thu 27-Mar-08 19:25:26

Fab - glad it arrived safelysmile.

Love your new name.

Gene Hunt......

I so would, husband or no husband. grin

JackieBollyKnickers Thu 27-Mar-08 20:18:17

Oh me too, LGJ, me too grin. Last episode tonight thoughsad.

Well you unlined & smooth faced chicks would stand a chance with old Gene wouldn't you?? wink

Watch out for when I return off holiday is all I'm saying!!!! grin

Thanks Jackie got your email -no worries.

I have taken to putting it on twice a day, I am eighteen again...grin

Scratch that, I would rather be about 35 again.

yeah 35 was a great age!!

This cream hasn't worked for me at all. I have mostly dry skin but I found it too heavy for facial use. I'm going back to Astral.
I have, however, been using it on my feet and I now have the feet of a 16-year-old grin
its been great on my rough heels.

nappyaddict Mon 31-Mar-08 14:01:23

lyra did it still bring you out in spots when you just used it at night? were you using the thumbnail amount someone recommended?

See girls we have started a stampede!!!

lots of Mn quotes again!! grin

FGT you are quoted!!!

isadoraduncan Sun 20-Apr-08 18:43:56

Betty Botter bought a bit of Botty Butter,
"but" she says "this Botty Butter's bitter. So If I buy a bit of better Botty Butter it will make my bit of bitter Botty Butter better". So she bought a bit of better Botty Butter and it made her bit of bitter Botty Butter better.

Sorry about that! blush

snigger very clever isadora - now say it 3 times quickly!!!!grin

Monkeytrousers Sun 27-Apr-08 21:34:51

Wot is in it?

* reads from label *

olive oil, vanillin & Chamomile oil no artificial stuff!

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