49 and no skincare routine!

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Dannysmam1 Sun 09-Oct-16 17:50:25

Can you lovely mumsnetters give me some advice, please?

I am 49 and have never really had a skincare routine. Luckily though, I have no forehead wrinkles and only a slight wrinkle below my right eye - I also have a few laughter lines. I rarely wear make-up - just occasional lippy and mascara when shopping.

I have noticed that I have a few broken veins on my upper cheeks and these, to me, are a little red and unsightly. I tried a mineral face powder from Jerome Alexander, which looks okay on application but doesn't last. I am also beginning to get the 'crepey' lines on my decolletage. My skin is generally normal - no real oil / dry patches.

I think I need a simple / inexpensive range to use to keep the skin supple and also any info on decent 'cover-up' products that don't make me look too heavily made up. Trouble is there are so many products out there now I do not know where to start. confused

Please help! Thank you

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