Espadrille type sandals

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Brillenbar Mon 16-May-16 16:51:04

So those with a rope heel, a couple of inches, wedge form, with canvas upper and a strap....

Some seem hugely expensive ( lk bennett well over 100 quid, but kg is close to 100 as is mint velvet and brora)

Some are a bit more mid range ( phase eight has them for. 55 and 79)

And then Tesco has them for 12 and 18 quid

Now generally I think you get what you pay for, but surely these get ruined after one summer especially if you accidentally get caught in the rain?

Amy views oh wise ones?

Pippin8 Mon 16-May-16 17:58:42

I've had my eye on the LK Bennet ones. But, I've seen a pair in peacocks I'm going to get for £14. They probably won't last or be as comfy, but I don't care I'll bin them, the only summer shoes I've had last are my Madrid Birkies.

fiorentina Mon 16-May-16 20:21:50

I have had a more expensive pair of these from Jigsaw for 5 years or more. Although I obviously don't use them all the time but they've worn really well and were well made. I can't compare with cheaper ones though.

hellswelshy Mon 16-May-16 20:35:56

Saw some very lovely ones on Asos. Ones I liked were flat mind you but worth a look?

AstrantiaMallow Mon 16-May-16 20:38:15

Lots of choice, a few (very few) below £100. 20% off at the moment according to website.
Something like this is really nice.

90 euros. They dispatch to the UK and do really nice shoes.

I wear espadrilles all the time in summer, but prefer the ones you lace around the ankles, much more comfy imo than the strappy ones. I have several pairs, different colours wedge and flat, which I rotate, all bought abroad where I find them really cheap but good quality. If you don't wear them all the time and they're good quality they should last more than one season, obviously if they're not light coloured. The Sezane ones are leather lined over the toes.

Brillenbar Mon 16-May-16 21:17:14

Thank you for the castaner suggestion they have all the he'll heights in at the colours! Will have a good browse

I have had cheaper ones before, probably from marks and sparks, and found the canvas very hard and uncomfortable, so am thinking that a leather upper is probably sensible

AstrantiaMallow Mon 16-May-16 21:57:30

Another make worth looking at is Toni Pons. Just remembered I have a pair of rather fancy open-toe wedge espadrilles from them.
I think they can be found in UK shoe shops (not sure which though) as well as online.
The pair I have is less comfy than the ones sold by Sezane. Harder sole. But it might just be that model.

HalsallRedux Mon 16-May-16 22:16:31

Yes, Toni Pons - I live in those in the summer and am pathetically grateful to have found something comfortable I can wear (summer footwear is an ongoing nightmare imho).

Shoon sell them, in branch and online.

HalsallRedux Mon 16-May-16 22:18:48

Lots of different styles here

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