Has anyone else had oil cleansing / hot cloth cleansing "turn on" them?

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GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Tue 18-Aug-15 13:28:14

I was using the Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil that is so popular, with a hot flannel. Loved it at first, my skin looked great and it took my make up off beautifully.

Got a few spots but thought it might be "purging" since I'd been neglecting my skin for a while (over-reliance on wipes!) and they were in classic clog / blackhead places.

But then my chin exploded into a sort of rash of pinprick spots / clogged pores! In direct light my chin looks like the surface of the bloody moon, and one by one they're going red and coming to the surface (or turning into those very satisfying calcified sebum plugs) so I know it'll be ages before my skin will look smooth again sad

On the one hand my chin pores have had a spontaneous "mass exodus" before a couple of times; but on the other hand, on this occasion it was obviously down to the oil.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen? Wonder if my skin just didn't like being oiled every day, or the wrong oil, or what.

CandaceMariePratt Tue 18-Aug-15 13:44:37

I had similar when I tried OCM. I had huge spots under the skin which never surfaced. I was just stuck with huge painful lumps. All the advice seemed to be to carry on and my skin would sort itself out, but I couldn't continue with it as it was agony and I looked like I had some sort of communicable disease. I also found that I couldnt remove the oil easily. I was using dozens and dozens of flannels at a time and there was still oil all over my face. I had the same problem with the lush one, which I've forgotten the name of. A small black tub of lard that I couldn't remove and which gave me marble-sized spots under the skin.

I am using Liz Earle at the moment which I like but when I have finished that I was going to try the Body Shop Chamomile Balm one as it seems to be highly rated on here. I don't think I will try the oil!

Nabootique Tue 18-Aug-15 13:53:06

I oil/balm cleanse, but I also do a second cleanse with gel/cream/milk/clay. I think this helps make sure all of the oil from the first cleanse is gone, because that can clog pores and cause spots. Or maybe the product just isn't for you? I haven't used that one, but the Vitamin C Una Brennan oil from Boots is really nice. Quite a light oil, IYSWIM.

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Tue 18-Aug-15 13:53:37

I was thinking of trying again with the butter rather than the oil, but am a bit scared - not even sure what the difference is!

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Tue 18-Aug-15 14:17:47

Nabootique sounds like your second cleanse is pretty diverse, any recommendations?

Panzee Tue 18-Aug-15 14:18:53

Me. I stopped and went oil free. Much better now.

Nabootique Tue 18-Aug-15 14:30:42

What's your skin type usually? I have an addiction, I know! grin

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Tue 18-Aug-15 14:39:52

Nabootique weirdly, I'm not sure confused It isn't especially oily or dry, I used to be pretty acne prone but am much more stable generally since starting the Depo injection. Pretty blackheady on and around my nose.

Nabootique Tue 18-Aug-15 14:47:35

Something with clay could be good. The REN one you can get in M&S is really good, as is the Bravura one (if they ever bloody restocking it). Alternatively, nSpa in Asda do a nice melting gel cleanser that you can emulsify and rinse off, which would really make sure all oil residue was removed.

LadyErrant Tue 18-Aug-15 15:57:11

Mermaid how long were you using the body shop oil for? I've been using it for a week and my skin has been fine but I'm worried that this might happen to me confused I use micellar water afterwards to double cleanse.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Tue 18-Aug-15 16:05:21

I balm cleanse rather than oil. I find the Clinique Take the Day Off Balm is the one for me. No fragrance, no colour, light texture, no filmy aftermath and does a good job without leaving my skin feeling stripped. All of the other ones I've tried (cheaper and more expensive) left me with issues, either due to the texture leaving a filmy residue or the essential oils in the fragrance components giving me skin reactions (redness, spots, rashes, tightness, itching - sometimes all of those, sometimes different combinations of them).

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Tue 18-Aug-15 16:06:46

I don't double cleanse unless wearing loads of makeup or whatever. A good, thorough balm / hot cloth is enough for me.

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Tue 18-Aug-15 21:30:28

Lady not entirely sure but maybe 6 weeks before I ditched it?

LadyErrant Tue 18-Aug-15 22:38:22

Think I'll stop using it, I'm getting married at the end of October and don't want to take the risk! I've Googled and it seems other people experience what you've described mermaid, fine at first and then a huge breakout

Perpendiculous Tue 18-Aug-15 23:20:33

I read the thread title as 'turn them on' and thought you were all really weird sporners!

Fireandicicles Fri 21-Aug-15 14:09:48

When I started using superdrugs vit e hot cloth cleanser I thought it was great till it started to give me red bumps on my cheeks. I stopped using it for a couple of months and having just used it this morning my face is immediately covered in red bumps.

Fireandicicles Fri 21-Aug-15 14:15:20

I think it's the Shea butter in the ingredients

Fireandicicles Fri 21-Aug-15 14:34:06

Actually it's not Shea butter but a different butter

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