Fashion drinks party last minute help please!

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MissDD1971 Fri 11-Oct-13 09:14:38

Been invited to Giles Deacon drinks (he's previewing new dress) at art gallery later on tonight - wasn't going to go but sort of have to...

am wearing black top shop jersey pencil skirt but ecru black cats jumper which won't cut it.

am also wearing black knee high flat boots from Top Shop but old

anyone got any last minute top/shoe combo ideas?

am in small town with H&M, River Island, Miss Selfridge etc but don't want to spend loads. could easily get shoes in H&M. sadly NO primark or new look or zara and no time to get to them either. none of those on my way to venue

I also have Monsoon GC (unspent) and could go there or via Joy too.

THANKS. grin PS - anyone wants to come with me as a reward PM me and you shall come as extra thanks! London area but do is in E17. eek!

spaghettina Fri 11-Oct-13 09:42:30

Simple black top, maybe some killer heels if you feel your boots won't work, and a good accessory/red lipstick ...?
What's your jacket/coat like as maybe it'll be cold enough in an East London art gallery for you to keep it on? (sorry am abroad so not much idea of the temperature there at the mo, and in a very small town with none of the shops mentioned!) Good luck!

MissDD1971 Fri 11-Oct-13 09:58:49


Got purple suede jacket but is outerwear but should be able to do black top.... no statement jewellery but can do a H&M dash.

I don't think I've got time to go to the posh part of town with naicer and trendier stuff! I think I could just about do the boots... I was going to buy some kitten heels so maybe get today.

am also wearing Falke wine/berry tights (lush, bargain at £5!) wish I'd put on plain black opaques but sod it...

spaghettina Fri 11-Oct-13 12:08:12

The tights sound good... hey don't forget a a haughty pout and indoor sunglasses ;)

herbaceous Fri 11-Oct-13 13:16:22

Giles Deacon's doing a show in E17?!? That's where I live! We've arrived!

MissDD1971 Fri 11-Oct-13 15:01:30

at William Morris Gallery well not a show but sort of... smile

herbaceous Fri 11-Oct-13 17:29:17

Pop to Stratford Westfield on the way! Or, indeed, the mall in Walthamstow. It has a New Look, River Island, etc, which sometimes come up trumps.

spaghettina Fri 18-Oct-13 13:16:17

So how did it go MissDD?

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