Is it just me?

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loopyloou Thu 01-Aug-13 16:32:37

... Or does everyone else also wear just black skirts/trousers for work?

There must be some lovely skirts suitable for work, so why do I only have black ones in my wardrobe?

I know I'm not very adventurous, but I honestly never see smart skirts in other colours that I deem suitable for work. Apart from a link to a nice rust one here on S&B.

Loopy if you suffer from psoriasis, you may be interested in the lovely Helen's blog here - she gives great advice on dressing with the condition.

I agree about the black trousers/skirt thing. It is rife in my work place. I try very hard to have a colourful work wardrobe, and I have quite a lot of printed/patterned pencil skirts. I do find dresses a little easier than separates though - no need to coordinate!

loopyloou Fri 02-Aug-13 08:08:48

Thanks Amber, that's very interesting.

I struggle to find dresses that look smart enough that I like and can afford tbh. My budget won't stretch to £80 a dress when I need a couple at least. I might take a look at ASOS though.

Just seen this on the Zara site. Looks lovely.

loopyloou Fri 02-Aug-13 15:22:49

Thanks Remus, I love the red one!

loopyloou Fri 02-Aug-13 20:11:10

I have not worn black for 3 years. smile

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