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What on earth is smart business dress?! I'm totally lost.

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CajaDeLaMemoria Tue 23-Jul-13 17:21:24

I have an interview on Thurs.

At the moment, I work at home, so no smart dress required. I don't have much money at the moment.

The only smart dress I have is this in orange which DP assured me is nice, and matches what people at work wear. But someone just pointed out that it's a bit low cut on another thread, and now I'm lost again.

I'm a 32E/F, so hiding my boobs isn't an option. I don't wear anything high necked, because it looks really top heavy and horrid. I tend to live in jeans and vests, but ripped my jeans last week and don't have any more. I don't own black trousers. At the moment, I'm wearing colorful playsuits that really aren't workwear.

I am utterly lost for what to wear. I had hoped to borrow something but DP's mum is a 14, and I'm an 8/10, and she only has a very posh wedding skirt. It keeps falling down, I can hardly walk. It looks stupid.

What on earth do I wear?

SofaCanary Sat 27-Jul-13 13:56:36

Good luck, hope it goes well flowers

A bra intervention sounds like it'd be a good thing - I'm a 12-14 and 30G so as an 8-10 I can't see how you'd take a bigger back.

I mention it because I saw you said you are a 32 E/F, and I doubt that. I am a size 12 and 30E. Expect you are more like a 28H.

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