A well fitting, smart/sexy and preferably push-up bra size 38A... impossible???

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justkeeponsmiling Thu 27-Jun-13 22:42:46

I am sooo fed up with trying to find a well fitting bra, preferably nice looking and adding a bit of "volume" in my size...
I'm starting to feel like a freak!
Am i really the only person in the world with really small breasts and a slightly larger ribcage?
Every bra I find is either too tight around my chest or has gaping cups. I need a wired one as any others leave me looking completely flat-chested.
Any suggestions of shops or online retailers would be greatly appreciated!

PeachandBlack Wed 09-Jul-14 17:53:07

I've been lurking in these threads forever and just thought I'd let you know that I went to Bravissimo today. I went from an M&S 40DD to a 36 FF. I actually threw away the bra I went in wearing and came out wearing the new one!

Keep up the good work.

Ts not a great picture, the more I look at it, it actually looks quite good under my clothes - my breasts are very close together and I like that bit of separation but its not as severe as the picture looks. Yes I think keep it as a starting point whilst searching for the holy grail sounds a good idea. Thanks so much for your advice x

I think you're probably better in the 38 by the sounds of it korma and the 38k isn't a bad black to start by the looks of it. I'm on my phone though so picture small! I think we can do better style wise though as that's giving you a very east west appearance. I'd maybe look at trying some different styles now that you have a better picture on size.

That said it looks wearable and given what you have said about your old bras I'd be tempted to keep itfor now and wear it day to day whilst you try out others.

goodasitgets Wed 09-Jul-14 02:34:22

Lean over at 90 degrees and measure around the fullest part smile
Underbust should be done standing upright, measure tightly

catinbootz Wed 09-Jul-14 02:05:30

Going to be a complete nuisance and not RTFT. but can somebody describe to me exactley how to do the dangley-down measurement pleeeeeeeeese??

No probs x
I'd try a 36 c which essentially should feel like a 38 b does if you see what I mean

I think the band is supposed to be quite tight. I didn't think I'd fasten the 38 after trying on a tight 40 but actually, although snug, the 38 feels strangely comfortable woith a better fitting cup

lisa3895 Wed 09-Jul-14 01:16:05

thanks for replying Kormachameleon , I have tried a 36b before but it was too tight. 36" is a snug measurement

Hi Lisa. I'd try a 36 c to start with. Is the 36 a snug measurement ?

lisa3895 Wed 09-Jul-14 00:53:11

hi, could anyone work my bra size out for me pleaseeee. I've been to M&S and end up with a 38A but it is still too tight! My measurements are 36.6" and 39". But they are very saggy and far apart.

Right, 38k on. Is much better. Central gore I
Sitting flatter, band tight but not cutting off circulation. Top of cups still loose but not as loose. Apologies in advance for the flab and stretch marks but I've got a photo, does it look ok to you ?

You're here ! Thank you so much for answering

I scooped like my life depended on it. The band felt tight but I do have the 38, might as well try it.

Ill report back x

OK, first up have you scooped? Lean forward, put your left hand inside your right cup, round under the arm, and pull all the tissue forward. Repeat other side. That'll give a better idea of fit in the cups.

Now, how does the band feel? How far from your body can you pull it?

I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that a) you need a tighter band to pull the cups up and the gore in and B) you need cups which aren't as tall as the tango so more balconette style

I'm looking for some advice is possible please

i ordered panache tango in 40jj and 40k. I think the jj is the best fit but both are baggy on the top of the cup and neither sit flat in the middle

any ideas where ive gone wrong ?

An f really isn't big when measured correctly. To give you an idea, bravissimo stock up to an L cup which is 10 cups bigger

Zepherial Tue 08-Jul-14 13:54:41

Okay that's good to know, it is my birthday soon so I know what I will be buying. Thanks ladies.

Zepherial Tue 08-Jul-14 13:53:28

Don't worry I needed telling twice! I am truly gob smacked that I have been measured 34b 3 times and am nowhere near the right size.

ouryve Tue 08-Jul-14 13:53:22

I don't have good access to shops selling decent bras (a small M&S and that's it) so tend to order a bunch from brastop or figleaves and send back the ones that are no good. Figleaves do free returns, so long as you have something full price in your order.

ouryve Tue 08-Jul-14 13:50:59

Slow at posting blush

Zepherial Tue 08-Jul-14 13:50:37

Wow, just wow. Really 28f, that is huge, do bras actually come in those sizes? I live in a place with no shops, where would I find a bra in any of those sizes?

ouryve Tue 08-Jul-14 13:50:21

You should be around about a 28FF or a 30F, I think.

Try 28f, 28ff, 30f and 30e to start with.

Zepherial Tue 08-Jul-14 13:45:06

Oops could of done with some punctuation there.

Zepherial Tue 08-Jul-14 13:40:14

Mmmm so I have been wearing after being measured a 34 b for a life time. I do have a 32 d which feels a little tight but better then the previous. My measurements are 29 36, go on tell me some good news!

Should say -they sell a good range of brands so you can work out what suits as it's not just about the size but the shape and style.

Get yourself to bravissimo if you are in London, they're fab.

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