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issimma Sat 18-May-13 07:54:35

With apologies to queencadbury for nicking her idea!

I had my colours done last year, but haven't really got into it (pregnancy plus postnatal plus maternity leave lack of funds). I'm a summer and am still struggling with feeling like a cruise ship escapee.

So, thought I'd start a thread where other vases of sweet peas/watercolour paintings/bluebells in a rainy wood could share their buys and wishlists.

First off, I need some Ts and want to try the zara linen ones when they bring out summery colours. I don't get on with kettlewell as they're too short on my body sad

Cheeriostuckonsock Tue 22-Apr-14 09:47:39

Travel, that just wouldn't have occurred to me, will get on the case thanks
Spangly purpley shoes were no good, so game on again for me!

They are lovely looking, so pleased they are comfy!

Cheerio I would look for a neat, fitted jacket with interesting buttons.
Something like this

QueenCadbury Mon 21-Apr-14 15:00:25

travel I love you smile. As a winter, I'd been looking for navy sandals and I hadn't come across the clarks peeptoes as they're on the website as courts rather than sandals. Went in today to try them on and my feet fell in love! So so comfortable (as a ingenue natural, comfort matters!).

Cheeriostuckonsock Sun 20-Apr-14 19:53:53

Yes Dramatic Gamine - I adore putting a name at last to what felt like an immature dress sense for a 30-something mummy and was previously dressing in a far too classic way for my personality.

The shift dress is, however, very flattering! The first one of what felt like hundreds I've tried. Probably why I can't find any shoes though - am contending with a classic dress that needs classic shoes but am itching to get something.......more... Sure you understand, being a gamine yourself!

and don't get me started on the what the hell to wear with it if it's cold on the day

Cheeriostuckonsock Sun 20-Apr-14 19:36:18

The shoes I linked above not arrived yet so can't comment on colour/appropriateness but the dress is now £30 cheaper from House of Fraser so ordered another and mine is going back to Phase Eight tomorrow!

Oh, are you a Dramatic Gamine? Lots of those are probably a bit too classic then. Those Ravel ones look great, and not too much toe exposure.

Cheeriostuckonsock Sun 20-Apr-14 19:30:33

Ohhh, you star! Liked the clarks, the Russell and Bromley bad boys would play up to the dramatic part of my CP but I'd be hanging onto DH all day for fear of falling!! Bit over budget too, to be honest.
I've chanced these
which is totally against the original brief as I really wanted closed toes but getting desperate! But then, I was looking for a more gamine, fit and flare dress and have ended up with the phase eight shift tbuconfused

Warning, overload of Clarks links coming up:
mushroom suede
navy peep toe (may get those myself!)
nude patent
blush wedges

these are things of beauty I could not wear in a million years
go sparkly

Am I on the right lines?

That is beautiful. Raspberry shoes would be lovely, or nude would go if you have them? Do you do heels? Wedges?

Cheeriostuckonsock Sun 20-Apr-14 15:29:04

Love the colour, travelin
Just bought this dress for my best friend's wedding in May but cannot find any shoes - hate my toes so strappies and peep toes are out and that's all I can find in the summer palette... Anyone save me?! Otherwise it may have to go back and lord knows it took long enough to find this one!!tbusad

Wow, what a bargain!
I seem to be mostly buying winter clothes at the moment tbuhmm
Including these ebay bargains.

Cheeriostuckonsock Sun 20-Apr-14 14:51:21

Although won't be wearing them with bare legs and black socks, to be fair tbuhmm

Cheeriostuckonsock Sun 20-Apr-14 14:47:31

I bought these Pewter boots in the sale, a bargain for leather boots and a pretty versatile colour - they are not as silvery as they appear in this pic, only when the light shines on them iyswim, otherwise they look a lovely gunmetal colour. Looking forward to wearing these, since most of my boots are brown!

imustbepatient Sun 20-Apr-14 10:41:22

Love your logic of drinking a bottle of wine to prove non-pregnancy! That is exactly what I would do too, in fact I would have drunk the wine anyway, but nice to have the justification!

IlonaRN Sun 20-Apr-14 08:31:22

Haha @ TheDoctorsWife - that is totally brilliant!
Obviously wearing the right colours does wonders for you!

Chewbecca Sat 19-Apr-14 23:26:14

Ha, that's great, I wanna look pregnant too <stamps foot>
And drink a bottle of wine to prove I am not

grin at having to drink wine to prove non-pregnant-ness.

I have to share this....

So i've been wearing my colours, perfected my makeup and generally just really trying!(thankyou all for the makeup tips)

I mentioned upthread that my MIL complemented my makeup. Well yesterday I went to the in laws and they were all smiley and weird with me.

They then asked if I had any news?! And they thought I was PREGNANT!! PREGNANT!!

They said I looked all glowing and "radiant" and so had driven home saying how I was clearly pregnant. I am not pregnant. I drank a bottle of wine with Mil to prove it.

jan2014 Sat 19-Apr-14 19:21:53

it makes a huge difference wearing the right colours.

ive had navy mascara too and i did really like it but i got the wrong brand, as it made my eyelashes look spidery and chunky, i will have a look at the no 7 range.

i actually am not a brown summer at all, i don't tend to wear brown at all, and navy and grey suit me well, but i just recently tried brown eye make up since dying my hair dark brown. i looked up on you tube flattering eye make up for blue eyes, and it came up with a lot of brown, so i tried it and realised it looked nice. i hope it does anyway! wish i could afford to get my colours done properly!

yes the dye is more ash brown no yellow tones in it, which is my saving grace, but before i was a platinum blonde and then i went to dark brown so i just think i just have gone for a medium ash brown which is my natural colour. i do like it but i need cheek tint and lots of concealer to make it work.

imustbepatient Sat 19-Apr-14 19:08:45

Travelincolour, yes! I am amazed at the difference it makes to the way my face looks just using navy mascara instead on black. And the No. 7 one is a really good one too in terms of volume and not smudging. I am such a mascara junkie it actually makes me want to do a little dance. Sad, moi?!

I am having a lot of fun sorting out my wardrobe and love the feeling of everything starting to coordinate. How did I get to mid (alright late) 30s before discovering the joy this would bring!

Chewbecca Sat 19-Apr-14 18:53:15

Size 12 is available still jan

Brown wasn't recommended for me for make up, it was all navy/grey? Perhaps you're a 'brown' summer, whereas I am 'deep'.

Re: hair dye, our consultant said the important thing was to avoid the yellow end of each colour, I can't recall the details (I don't dye my hair) but she said all colours have a yellow shade and we were to go for the other end of the shade chart. That applied to blondes & browns.

Chew If the red tones with your wallet I'm sure it's fine. However, tomato red is usually an orangey red. Summer reds are more like cherry red.

imust It's strange isn't it, how navy mascara looks just like black, but less harsh.

jan2014 Sat 19-Apr-14 13:08:10

that jumper is gorgeous chew... shame its sold out. totally the type of thing id go for.

ive recently dyed my hair darker. perhaps a little too dark... i have blue eyes, and have just started using brown eyeliner and mascara. i think its working for me so far.

Chewbecca Sat 19-Apr-14 10:42:21

Thought I would share my latest purchases which I think are good for my 'Summer' wardrobe.
blue lightweight jumper, I love this, the shape is so good. It's a nice muted blue.
And secondly a red cotton sleeveless top from Monsoon that I can't find on their website but it's light a lovely. It's a tomato-y red which I think is ok.

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