Calling all HOC Summers...

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issimma Sat 18-May-13 07:54:35

With apologies to queencadbury for nicking her idea!

I had my colours done last year, but haven't really got into it (pregnancy plus postnatal plus maternity leave lack of funds). I'm a summer and am still struggling with feeling like a cruise ship escapee.

So, thought I'd start a thread where other vases of sweet peas/watercolour paintings/bluebells in a rainy wood could share their buys and wishlists.

First off, I need some Ts and want to try the zara linen ones when they bring out summery colours. I don't get on with kettlewell as they're too short on my body sad

Looks great to me Four.

RudyMentary Sat 22-Nov-14 12:06:27

It looks like a summer red to me but it's hard to tell on screen.

I'm booby too but would wear the shirt relaxed style, probably undone a bit with a vest/cami under.
My style is very 'hush' so I would wear it tucked in skinnies like on the model or loose layered over a longline vest with leggings, ankle boots and probably a biker jacket.

Four125 Sat 22-Nov-14 09:59:28

Hello all smile
Is this a summer red please?

SoMuchForSubtlety Fri 21-Nov-14 23:03:35

That's a lovely shirt. Sadly pockets like that don't work on my boobs. Uniqlo do a similar one that's not dry clean only, although different colours (the blue is summer I think).

Stillstarving Fri 21-Nov-14 09:02:50

That shirt is really lovely. Wouldn't look like that on me sadly.... I know you've probably rejected it because of the dry cleaning Rudy but how would you wear it? I would really like the beetroot to be a summer colour....

RudyMentary Wed 19-Nov-14 22:50:27

Thanks Midnight smile
I love the aubergine and would wear it loads but I've spotted that it's dry clean only <<urgh>>

MidnightHag Wed 19-Nov-14 21:07:41

I think the aubergine looks very much like Smoked Grape...gorgeous Summer colour. The beetroot is probably Winter.

RudyMentary Wed 19-Nov-14 14:30:31

Just bumping this into threads I'm on.

I quite fancy this shirt

Do we think the Aubergine or Beetroot are ok

Stillstarving Fri 14-Nov-14 14:53:19

Bought the teal version of the dress I posted about. IRL it matched the sea green swatch so think it's a good colour- I tried on pewter as well which I knew wasn't going to be right but I wanted to see the difference and def the teal looked better. This is going to cost a fortune....

I think whether you do blocks of colour or tonal colour depends hugely on style. I wear clashing colours and block colours frequently (cherry with navy, purple with red, bright blue with red, red with grey) but that's a Gamine thing.

Teal is usually Autumn, btw, but can be OK if it's actually jade / sea green.

RudyMentary Thu 13-Nov-14 14:32:37

I agree about the lots of shades of the same colour robot
When I said 3 colours I didn't mean green trousers, blue top and pink cardi.

My extra colours are subtle eg: scarf, camisole, bag etc. so if I'm wearing all grey and taupe boots I would perhaps wear a jade scarf and carry a pink bag whereas before I would probably have worn a grey scarf and brown bag.

Stillstarving Thu 13-Nov-14 13:53:49

Thanks both of you. I'm a dark summer apparently or maybe that should be deep summer and that's interesting about the winter colours Robot because I think that applies to me too. I'm amazed by that (blonde hair milk bottle skin) but it does seem to make sense. I'd like that dress to be right, it would save me doing any more looking!
Plastic I think the cobalt is sold out so teal it shall be. I can try it on tomorrow.
Read an earlier part of the thread where Travel suggested holding the other side of the wallet against the colour you're looking at to see if it went - similarly to your raspberry jacket Robot - I wish my consultant had told me about something like that! I thought I had to match the colour swatch and was despairing! All making much more sense now and becoming a lot more fun! Only on MN can you get knowledgable advice on absolutely anything!

RobotLover68 Thu 13-Nov-14 12:39:16

both of those dresses would be perfect for me - I'm a deep summer so I'm going towards a winter anyway

For anyone struggling, when I first started I used to take a jacket with me which I knew was a perfect raspberry red - so if the colour I was looking at went well with it, I knew it was right

my consultant also gave me key words to help - so for red = cherries or raspberries NOT tomatoes (orangey) for brown - cappuccino (so a cool brown)

she also said Summers tend to look better if they have a "green day" or a "pink day" for example, so lots of shades of the same colour rather than going for clashes

plasticbanana Thu 13-Nov-14 12:32:04

Starving I think that teal colour would look great on a summer. The top half may be a little dark and the skirt half a little bright. Could you try it on before comitting? The cobalt colour is probably too strong - more of a winter colour.

Stillstarving Thu 13-Nov-14 12:25:01
Stillstarving Thu 13-Nov-14 12:14:49

That's funny Rudy when I think of it I'm a 2 colour max sort of girl! It's definitely going to take a while to get to grips with it but having gone through my makeup and using the stuff that's the right colours I look so much better! Eye makeup particularly, colours were too strong before like black eyeliner. Summers wouldn't make good goths!
Chewbacca the thought of everything going together would be great, I really need that as I haven't bought anything for such a long time. I'm basically starting from scratch.
Jeans wise I assume you just match to one of the blues?
I'm sorry for all these questions but as you can see I'm completely clueless!!

RudyMentary Wed 12-Nov-14 15:51:31

It took my ages to begin to get to grips with it still and now I'm doing the same after my style day.
The best thin I got from it was to wear 3 colours (minimum). I was always scared to put more than a
couple of colours together but it gave me the confidence to do this.

Try it! Two colours together you think don't work but you add a third and somehow it does. Especially if they blend (same intensity)

Stillstarving Wed 12-Nov-14 11:48:25

I sorted out my wardrobe last night and I do have quite a bit in the right colour but quite a bit of the wrong type of green for example. Interesting thing to do - def helped see it a bit better. I do have a few things in the middle of the rail that I can't decide about - yellow that I think suits me but I'll have to think about it. I've also got quite a bit of black which I knew wasn't great but I think I'll look more at brightening up a bit with better accessories. Feeling a bit less lost in it all! I need to read the thread to get a bit more guidance!

Chewbecca Wed 12-Nov-14 08:59:10

still I'm still getting to used it too! I'm not sure it'll save you time, but it has saved me money as I'm buying less! My theory (that seems to be working so far) is that if I stick to it, then my wardrobe all goes together, I don't have to have different shoes for different trousers (brown, black etc) as I know my grey, burgundy and navy shoes go with all of my new trousers.

Stillstarving Tue 11-Nov-14 13:31:52

Very helpful! I got stuck on a colour getting very good for 100% the nothing for the other proportions or else very good at 100% then nothing until 1* at 25% I think I'll just concentrate on the colours for now and get used to that first. I'm interpreting dark summer as soft jewel colours so I'm hoping that's on the right track! Thanks for your help

The ratings are:
one tick = good
two ticks = very good
one star = excellent
two stars = WOW!

So, a colour can be good at 100%, i.e. you can wear it top to toe if you want, but then it gets better the less you wear, up to being WOW as an accessory.

If a colour is two stars WOW at 100%, then it stays that amazing even if you wear less.

Helpful? If not, then just ignore the ratings - it can be too restrictive for some people.

Stillstarving Tue 11-Nov-14 13:09:42

Thankyou for answering! It has helped!
I really want to get something out of it because it was expensive! I could have spent the money on new clothes which I really need and I hoped I would get something from it that would stop me making mistakes. I also wanted to save time when I'm shopping. I'm probably expecting too much!! We looked at the card insomuch as putting the different drapes together was concerned (the ones identified in my wallet)but not at other colours that would go. I could do with another look at the colour wheel.
I definitely could see that some of the drapes really were my best colours - french navy was very noticeably good - even to me! I didn't understand why a colour would be very good for 100% or top to toe but only get 2* at 25% Am I overthinking this?? It just seems a bit restrictive Maybe I need to find time to go to the shops but I'm not sure when I'll get that

Hi stillstarving!

For starters, it's not compulsory to take anything from the day if you don't want to. It's supposed to be helpful, not stress you out. And it does often take a bit of time to get used to it.

I get cross with other consultants who leave clients not understanding the wallet. Bad form. Did she show you how to use it to check that colours tone in? You don't have to match clothes to the 36 wallet colours exactly. Look for colours that 'go', like the drapes on the colour wheel at the start of the class.

Regarding the ratings, it's to get an idea of your absolute best colours. Have you read through the key in the book? So for example 50% means that that colour can be worn as a top or bottom, rather than top to toe.

For foundation, you are matching your skin; it's only when it comes to blusher etc that it matters whether it's warm or cool.


Stillstarving Tue 11-Nov-14 07:51:28

Hi everybody. I had my colours done last week and I kind of wish I hadn't bothered! I'm hoping you can change my mind! I did see that the 2* colours were good on me - mostly, 1 or 2 of them I thought were a bit meh- and I don't really understand the percentage thing. I'm sure I'm not understanding this. I'm sure I'm not supposed to be limited to these precise shades but how do I use this wallet? The makeup colours I thought were pretty dire. I do tend to have trouble with foundation though - shoul I be looking for something pink based? I think my current (new!!!!) foundation is a bit yellow. I suppose I just feel unconvinced and very confused by the whole thing. Is this just me not getting it?

RudyMentary Sun 09-Nov-14 10:40:12

Thanks Travel - she didn't tell me that!

I soon have a week off work so I'm going to do a wardrobe cull and re-vamp. I'm partly excited and partly nervous. Only problem is DH is away and I only really trust his opinion.

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