Zatchels flash sale

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AllTalkNo Fri 19-Apr-13 17:27:23

Zatchels are having a 24 hour 50% off sale tomorrow. It's advertised on their Facebook page. I'm tempted but don't know whether to go for a classic colour (probably the navy) or one of the metallics. Has anyone ordered from them and could you recommend a colour? Thanks!

greyvix Wed 26-Jun-13 22:55:20

They do sometimes answer the phone, and they don't respond to email very often. I'd try phoning again if I were you.

Apollinare Fri 28-Jun-13 18:27:34

My large saddlebagl arrived today and is fab... people in the black leather queue take heart!

Theonlyoneiknow Sat 29-Jun-13 11:34:25

How are people finding the straps? They are very long! The excess strap seems to curl up and get in the way, not sure what to do with it?

I tied a knot in mine, theonlyone

I'm v pleased with my bag (large daffodil yellow saddlebag - arrive two weeks ago) but not sure if I'd buy from them again. It is lovely though. I almost returned it on principle but I think I'd have regretted that.

JennySense Sat 29-Jun-13 17:24:30

Love all of mine despite the wait. I even exchanged one because I ordered cream/navy instead of navy/cream from the harmony range.
They still seem to be struggling with the orders. I do wonder whether it was viable for them in the long run.

Theonlyoneiknow Sat 29-Jun-13 19:22:03

I have a harmony one too on Cream / navy or is it the other way around !!

Will try the knot, thanks !

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