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I love them, own one, and am considering buying another one, but apart from with a skirt I am not sure how to style them. I see how other people (and the models on websites, esp Matches, etc) style them, but I don't seem to be able to translate it so well. I am slim but shy about my backside (don't know why) so would presume a longish tee beneath?

Wondering how other people style theirs? Would love tips and ideas..x

I wear them a lot for work (except mine are generally H&M!) either with trousers and a fitted top/cami which just skims to sort of mid-bum length itms, or with a top tucked into a pencil skirt, or with slim leg trousers and a looser/longer silk top.

foxysocks Sun 07-Apr-13 20:37:32

i wear mine with skinny or boyfriend jeans with a tee/top underneath. i find the tee can be long but not too wide, or it looks a bit odd.

Thanks Remus.
I worry about weather too, like it's always either cold or hot and rarely in between any more! I recall buying one last spring and never got to wear it much because of the rain - was bundled in rainmac all summersad

Sounds good foxy, I agree about avoiding wider tees. Longish cami's sound ideal. I think they really smarten up a casual outfit.

Gosh I love grey t-shirts! Not sure if those are jeans or leggings in the pic. Obviously jeans would be good and leggings would be v v bad.

These are great, Remus, thank you!!
I also love grey tees and have been looking for a 'perfect' yet affordable one for a while - slightly scoop but not too low cut, and devoid of saggy hem!

It's all about the proportions, isn't it? Getting the balance right. Think I need a few tees or another cami. I like how a lot of new tops have the lower hem at back, great for those if us who are shy of arse.

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