Help, I've accidentally shrunk a cashmere jumper

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quietbatperson Sat 08-Dec-12 22:18:23

I put it through a cotton cycle with a full spin by accident sad It's still damp, is there anything I can do to stretch it out again?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zanz1bar Mon 10-Dec-12 19:04:32

last christmas DH gets red cashmere socks , by feb they are mine, by oct they are DD and now they are DS 7 yrs. thick felted cashmere boot liners his has no idea just how lucky he is!

quietbatperson Mon 10-Dec-12 18:54:55

And can I also thank you all for your support at this difficult time. I'd have been mocked and thoroughly told off, and told that there are bigger problems in the world elsewhere grin

quietbatperson Mon 10-Dec-12 18:49:12

grin they were nearby. Up the sleeves is a genius idea. If I ever do the same thing again I shall do that I sincerely hope not

Update - the jumper fits, but is no where near the size it started, but I'm considerably smaller than I was when I bought it too. I just won't be able to get away with wearing another layer underneath it anymore. It is shedding a little, but I am hoping that will improve when it next gets washed. She shape is spot on shock

HouseOfTinsel Sun 09-Dec-12 21:17:57

Loving the wine bottles as jumper weights grin

Maybe you should stick a couple up the sleeves just to make sure?

quietbatperson Sun 09-Dec-12 16:21:24

Goes to show not everything in cashmere is worth buying. Nice.

Caerlaverock Sun 09-Dec-12 15:58:10

treat yourself to this beauty as consolation

LeftyLucy Sun 09-Dec-12 15:46:10

I did laugh. grin

Gingersnap88 Sun 09-Dec-12 15:06:52

Only popped on to read this thread a ended up buying a cashmere dress! angry

trikken Sun 09-Dec-12 13:24:19

I accidentally shrunk my sisters woolen jumper. It was never the same sad it was her favourite too.

KatieSantaPawskitty Sun 09-Dec-12 12:52:55

Great picture!

Poor you though. Have done similar.

Neena28 Sun 09-Dec-12 12:07:57

Some of the nicest cushions I have I've made from washing disasters!!! Buy the pads from dunelm if you can't salvage it and make a cover. Dead easy and loads of tutorials on line if you aren't a sew-re normally.

Bluestocking Sun 09-Dec-12 11:39:23

Good luck with the resizing project, quietbat! One of my favourite jumpers is an M&S Autograph cashmere which I bought at a charity shop - the label says 16 but I'm size 12 and it is a perfect fit. For some reason, the knit survived the shrinking and it just feels rather thicker than cheapo cashmere usually is.

DillyTante Sun 09-Dec-12 11:28:12

Make some lovely wrist warmers out of it.

quietbatperson Sun 09-Dec-12 10:18:47

There's a picture on my profile of my sweater pinned underneath a load of tins and bottles of wine go on have a laugh

Well done! Thank goodness for mumsnet.
I should have stayed away from this thread though, I bought a cashmere dress just now with Ewan's crumpet discount code!

quietbatperson Sun 09-Dec-12 10:03:22

Thank you tak1chances but it is now nearer a 12-14 after the work I have put in to stretching it. I am going to iron it later to try and stretch it a teeny bit more. I was feeling pessimistic but it's actually looking promising.

It's a Fenn Wright Manson sweater and I am impressed with the way it has stretched again. The weave won't ever be quite right again though.

Chandon Sun 09-Dec-12 09:30:20

That is it, I am afraid.

The ony cashmere that reovers from this treatment is Brora, imo.

Most brands go too woolly and weirdshaped and shrunken to ever be worn again...

I am an 8-10. I'll buy it from you?

quietbatperson Sun 09-Dec-12 09:00:19

Thank you Ewan. I think DH is quietly celebrating because he now knows what to get me for Christmas hmm

I.normally have a system for keeping delicates etc out of the main wash by using a separate laundry basket, but it broke and I haven't got around to getting another one <curses>

EwanHoHoHozami Sun 09-Dec-12 08:01:46

would it make you feel better if I told you that I really like your name?

and that there's 30% off at the crumpet outlet store this w/e with COUNT30]] ?

FamiliesShareGerms Sun 09-Dec-12 07:58:19

I have managed to save one of DH's merino jumpers by stretching and stretching while wet, but I suspect cashmere would be too fine to take that treatment, I'm afraid.

gazzalw Sun 09-Dec-12 07:41:30

DW did this with a very lovely Ralph Lauren jumper she'd bought me - never again expensive wool items in this household. I do feel your pain sad....

quietbatperson Sun 09-Dec-12 07:37:17

No DD, but two DSs who would quite like it (it's grey), but they are too small for it even in its shrunken state. It's now over an airer finishing drying. I might put it on DH for a further stretching out later grin

queenofthepirates Sat 08-Dec-12 23:38:11

Shrunken cashmere jumpers make fabulous cushion covers if you can sew.

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