summer clothes and varicose veins

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trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 14:22:02

Hi there

Reading the thread on leggings and summer dresses inspired me to start this thread.

I have really bad varicose veins on my one leg which means I am really limited to what I can wear on a hot day. The veins are below the knee so that only trousers or totally full lenght dresses would cover.

I think the comment from a poster who said that leggings with a dress hints that someone is ashamed of their legs, well yes I am!

I have a good figure and am slim but there is no way I could ever ever reveal my legs in public. Holiday abroad is fine as I have no choice and no one knows me, but walking around the shops streets at home no way!

I have had surgery twice which has improved them slightly as in they don't stick out but are stilll very visible.

I wear dresses and tights and that's is fine(thick ones) and occasionally leggings and shorter dresses but never bare legged.

To make matters worse my one foot has millions of broken veins so even shorter trousers are not an option!

Is there anyone else afflicted like me? If not, what do you think seeing a woman in trousers during a heatwave? I feel like a granny.

dexter73 Tue 26-Apr-11 14:25:26

Maxi dress?

trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 14:28:53

Yes love maxi dresses and might get some but not sure they look/feel any more summery than my usual linen trouser vest top combo?

Rassy Tue 26-Apr-11 14:29:32

I don't think that if you wear dresses and leggings you are saying that you are ashamed of your legs! I think you can get away with wearing dresses that are shorter than you would normally wear grin

trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 14:31:26

Yes rassy, I would wear a mini dress with leggings which I would never do even with great legs!

trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 14:57:52

Think I would just like to be able to wear a knee length summer dress.
Surely I can't be the only woman affected!

I never see anyone apart from pensioners with legs like mine

percyfrench Tue 26-Apr-11 16:17:33

I have had my varicose veins removed (stripped) three times under local anaesthetic and once under local anaesthetic. Varicose veins run in my family and I had my first op was when I was 26. It was that successful my mum and sister followed suit. The results have been really good - I have small discreet scars which don't bother me at all. I have had further work done with a vascular surgeon - sclereotherapy (injections) for broken (spider) veins and small blueish/green veins once maybe twice a year - its so worth it!! I never wanted to have slug like veins which look so painful (and some can be). I can slip into shorts, skirts, bikinis without a care - think the trick is to catch the veins early if you can, monitor them and get them touched up when necessary. I have a very positve attitude towards my legs as I know I've been proactive about a minor problem area. Hope this gives you some comfort / encouragement.

trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 16:24:41

Thanks percy. Have had mine done twice. Yes they have improved but just reappeared somewhere else on same leg. My vascular surgeon has said that basically I have a very unusual formation and its impossible to make it look good. There is hardly any bulging veins(gone with last removal) but just a mass of 'flat' but still noticable ones. I don't think any more surgery is an option unless any more pop out. So I'm stuffed basically.

PonceyMcPonce Tue 26-Apr-11 16:27:17

Mine are horrors. I even have one big knee and one regular knee where they distort.

Trews, maxi dresses and nice sandals for me.

It is a real pita.

trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 16:31:46

Poncey, do you ever expose them? Do you feel embarrassed always covered up?

trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 16:37:24

All the threads I've seen today about how its a no no to wear leggings and dresses to go out or in the day and how fake tanned bare legs look much better even on fat legs depresses me!

I wear fake tan all the time and do my legs too. Improves them slightly when I go on holiday, but could never go bare for work etc.

I wouldn't care if my legs were fat wobbly or not a very nice shape, but what's the the point in having slim toned legs like I do when they are a mess. I have NO CHOICE but to cover up!

Rassy Tue 26-Apr-11 16:48:07

trouserqueen I fully feel your anguish! While I do not (yet!) have variose veins my veins are very noticeable (to me!) - they get more noticeable when my legs get hot as well. It is all a shame as my legs are in great shape but I am not comfortable to display them - sad. I do feel better when I have had a spray tan done for special occasions but alas I can't afford a weekly one during the summer!

PonceyMcPonce Tue 26-Apr-11 16:50:57

I even covr them on beach. As a red head it sort of convenient anyway.

I never had ops as parents both did and they looked worse.

I flash my boobs instead!

fuschiapink Tue 26-Apr-11 16:57:30

ok i'll out myself as a fellow veiny lady!

leggings are really my lifesaver as i'm not really a trouser person, i wear skinny jeans in the winter and leggings in the summer with summer dresses or tunic style tops. i've actually got my maxi dress on today which is nice and cool but i do feel it makes me look pregnant ! hey ho!

i also like wearing maxi skirts with camisole tops.

like poncey i cover up on beach as well with long chiffony wraps etc, i am sure i am being totally vain (no pun intended!) and no-one is looking at my legs but i just feel better with them covered really.

to be honest though in the summer when you see everyones legs out most people have got blemishs, thread veins etc so i try not to let it bother me too much smile

fuschiapink Tue 26-Apr-11 17:05:44

mine are only on one leg like yours trouserqueen, i am a size 12

trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 17:23:26

Ok girls glad a couple of you have 'outed' yourselves!
I don't really care on the beach when abroad as its usually baking hot and I do like to get a tan. Think I'd look odd and draw attention to myself anyway.

This country the weather isn't that hot so most of the time I'm not worried. Its just the rare heatwave or going to friends bbq's etc when I feel embarrassed when everyone has their legs out and they comment on my trousers. I feel mortified.

What do u fellow veinys say when people ask "where are your shorts?", ot aren't you hot?

fuschiapink Tue 26-Apr-11 17:27:15

tell em to mind their own business! you can wear what you like

trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 17:30:53

Yeas I agree! Sometimes though I think it must look strange that I never ever have bare legs no matter how sweltering it is!

Even those with fat/not great shaped/celulite etc get em out occasionally.

It wouldn't be so bad if I could wear 3/4 trousers or something, but I practically need a burka!

upahill Tue 26-Apr-11 17:33:12

What about wide leg linen trousers. They look nice and cool with floaty tops in summer. Same with long floaty deninm skirts and nice t shirts and trendy sandals may look good on you in summer.

fuschiapink Tue 26-Apr-11 17:34:47

i bet other people don't notice as much as you think you know, its just that you are self conscious about it.

but thats where i think leggings come into their own because you can wear them with a lovely dress and flip flops and really look quite summery, my feet are quite veiny as well so i always wear full length leggings.

i am sure you look nice try not to worry what other people think wear what you feel comfortable in

PonceyMcPonce Tue 26-Apr-11 17:36:07

I say, I don't think shorts are very cool or elegant on women.

Of course if iHad nice legs I'd be sporting hot pants like daisy duke.

I do admit this too

Fimbo Tue 26-Apr-11 17:38:16

I have popped out veins on the back of one leg and it makes me look like an old woman so never ever wear short skirts. Did you have your surgery on the NHS or privately. I would love to at least get rid of the bulges.

trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 17:45:44

Lol at poncey and the hotpants.

My surgery was NHS. Discussed private with my surgeon but he basically said I'm a hopeless case and paying for it wouldn't help! He was lovely btw.

I do wear linen trousers a lot and I love em. I do look nice always(sorry bit boastful) and its not about image. Its just I get pissed off covering up after a hot day in the garden in beachwear when I verge out into street.

Think the final straw seems to be the sudden spread to foot. I honestly wouldn't care if it was behind the knee as I'd have options for skirts but mine are below knee on shin area. No hiding.

trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 17:51:35

Also, do any of you veiny folk feel self conscious in front of dh/dp?

Mine is always very complimentary but he MUST think my legs are hideous. He would be blind otherwise.

I am not even forty but my veins are seriously like a pensioners.

ElectricSoftParade Tue 26-Apr-11 17:57:28

Trouserqueen I have a slightly different problem in that I was in an accident and lost a very large amount of one of my calves and also have lots of scarring on both legs.

My accident happened 8 years ago and, up until this hot weather we've had recently, I kept my legs completely covered as, well, they do not look that pretty. However, I was so hot and bothered last week I marched down the shops, bought shorts, put them on in the shop and wandered around IN PUBLIC showing off my mis-shapen leg and scars.

I tells you, I felt very self-aware for about 10 mins but then I actually forgot to feel self-aware as I felt so comfortable. Have worn them just about every day and bought another pair today. I think I must have thought WTF? and gone for it, although if I was dressing up I still wouldn't show my legs. I have felt peoples' eyes on my leg but I think it is just because it is not "normal" but I think now I have found the confidence to show them, I will be doing it much more.

Not sure if this helps or is completely irrelevant but hope you find something you feel happy in, ESP

PonceyMcPonce Tue 26-Apr-11 17:59:28

I am either dressed or in the dark, so I am filthy to distract him.

trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 18:03:11

ESp I feel very shallow after your post.

Well done to you for being so brave!

I agree nights out and dressing up are different as its when you want to look your best, attractive etc.

Think with me, because I have an option of covering up I do. It makes me feel better. If I had something more visible- say arms or face, then I would have no choice but to be out and proud so to speak!

YusMilady Tue 26-Apr-11 18:10:06

Hi OP - I'm veiny too - have had three lots of surgery and one lot of foam sclerotherapy but the varries just come back. But I get my legs out all the time (and have even been complimented on them) because they're very toned (lots of cycling) and I keep them a) smooth (thank you Silk Epil) and b) tanned and c) well moisturised so the skin is in good nick - I like Nuxe huile prodigieuse for a nice sheen. Good clothes, good pedicure, good shoes - honestly, no one will notice your veins, and once you've got them out you'll never ever want to cover up again. Go for it.

ElectricSoftParade Tue 26-Apr-11 18:15:46

Blimey, no need to feel shallow at all! We just a different type of problem but I really do understand your desire for a lovely knee-length summer dress. I have avoided them since the accident but may have to have a couple as a reward smile)

Mind you, I love winter and long boots!

trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 18:23:37

Milady, I do all those things you do. My legs are slim smooth(in places!) Tanned, toe nails always painted. I agree it improves the situation! Can't see me getting em out til I am at least 50 and I can pretend they have just appeared due to age. People would stare and stare and I'd be uncomfortable.
On holiday I grin and bear it because I have to wear a bikini to sunbathe go in pool etc, but here I can aviod.

Esp, I love the summer biut in a way its a relief to get my long boots out too!

trouserqueen Tue 26-Apr-11 18:33:25

Its hard to explain but if I just had a bulgy knotted vein I wouldn't care. I see lots of people with one or two veins and the rest of the leg is normal. Its hard to describe but mine aren't so much knotty but more a mass of veins under the surface, along with discolouration and thread veins. It lools so odd next to my 'normal' leg.

I defintely need to keep slim as that is my only saving grace ! If they get flabby and celulilte as well, I'm doomed!

pink4ever Tue 26-Apr-11 19:21:15

Phew I am glad I am not the only one!! My legs are awful. Terrible varicose veins on both legs-one very bulgy,huge one just at my knee.I hate them(used to have great legs-slim,toned etc).They really are old granny legs. I just usually stick to jeans and tops in summer or maxi skirts. Bought 2 maxi dresses last week-tbh dont think they are that flattering but at least it gets me out of trousers!.
Also tried on some 3/4 trousers but sadly have a horrible vein right at ankle(looks like gangrene!) and loads of broken veins too so they were a no no!!. Does anyone know if the special make-up you get for scars would work to cover them up?.

zalana Tue 26-Apr-11 19:47:17

Glad to hear I am not alone, I also have bumpy veins on both calves and 1 foot is now affected too. I find shoes a pain too as feel I cant wear dainty sandals as they dont cover up the part of my foot I want hidden so tend to stick to birkenstocks, thank god for maxis being fashionable for the last few years though, dont know what I would do without them in the summer!

YorkshireCrockpot Tue 26-Apr-11 20:16:47

Not just me then! Thought I was the only veiny one around. I'm 30 but they started aged 18. My legs are foul- large knots behind and in front if my knees and all the way down one leg. Got thread veins on my ankle too. Sometimes they get inflammed which really hurts. My dh is supportive and he doesn't really mind- he says that once we've done having children I'll get my magic legs like Captain Dan (Forest Gump) grin

I live in maxi dresses/ maxi skirts/ linen trousers in the summer and love leggings- they are a life saver. Would never get them out as I'm self conscious about them thinking everyone is staring etc but when I'm at the pool or beach then I honestly don't care.

Jonnyfan Tue 26-Apr-11 20:47:28

Me too! Having recently lost the best part of three stone, thanks to WW, I have been excited about buying dresses for the first time in about ten years! I was wearing knee length dresses with opaque tights and feeling ok about my skender pins until the sun shone and I was faced with the vein issue. Mine are on my thighs, which is ok, and to about half way down my lower legs, which is not. I can wear cropped trousers with nice sandals but I really want to wear dresses to work. Splashed out £20 today on some wolford tights but I HATE the look of them and they are horrible with strappy sandals. Also, they are quite dense but still don't cover the blue veins. mine are not bulgy but very blue.
Is ther a make up to try? Have heard of Sally Hansen leg stuff-anyone tried it? Also, can a mature lady in her fifties work the leggings/dress combo? I do not want to look ridiculous!

ameliameerkat Tue 26-Apr-11 21:10:14

I'm in the process of getting surgery for mine! They started at age 16, am 31 now. I have sticky out, blue veins behind both knees to about half way down my calves. Had asked to be referred to get them fixed before, but they weren't enough of a 'problem' yet (even though they ached, had to wear uber-sexy granny coloured support stockings, had shooting pains, tired legs etc). But as of a few weeks ago I now have an inflamed vein behind one knee with a blood clot in it! Nice hmm So I've been referred to the hospital, have had one appointment with a consultant, been for an ultrasound scan (which was quite interesting really) and am waiting for another appointment with the consultant to decide what kind of operation I get.

Do the rest of you who get achy legs wear support stockings daily? I asked my GP years ago if by not wearing them I was making my veins worse and she said no, it was just a comfort thing. Then the other week the consultant asked why I didn't wear them all the time as by wearing them they would have got worse more slowly!

My veins stick out so much you can see them through leggings, let along opaque tights. So I have to wear my support stockings (which I do really anyway, for comfort). Even if I wear trousers I can't wear sandals unless I want sore legs, or know that I'll hardly be standing during the day! It sucks, it really does. I'm looking forward to (hopefully) having better functioning, less painful and prettier legs post-op grin Fingers crossed!

Littlepumpkinpie Wed 27-Apr-11 00:12:38

I wear longer skirts in the summer or dresses and have done for the last few years I too have awful Veins that are so painful at times. Your in not alone how you feel about them.

trouserqueen Wed 27-Apr-11 06:57:30

Thanks everyone!just wish you were all my real life friends so we could all bare together on a summers daysmile sick of being surrounded by people with normal legs even if they aren't perfect to them.

I feel pissed off that I am now, also, having to avoid nice flip flops, shoes with my granny foot. Its ok with extra long trousers but if I wear tight jeans I got to be careful what shoes I wear.

I feel irritated that my wardrobe is dictated by my legs and not theweather or the occasion. I am a size 8 but I may as well be A size 28.

Have a wedding in the summer to attend and while my friends will be wearing pretty pastel dresses I will have to get either a maxi- but have to be sure it coversmy feet or some trouser combo(again).

My don't hurt so don't wear support tights though I have occasionally to try and prevent further damage. My dr said I was literally born with my problem so it hasn't been lifestyle etc or pregnancy, though they did(temporarily) look worse during pregnacy. The tights/stockings need to be well fitting or they could make them worse.

Anyway its freezing here today so I'm fine!

YusMilady Wed 27-Apr-11 07:17:24

I'm finding this thread quite upsetting actually. Varicose veins are really common and they are nothing to be ashamed of - it's a bit like grey hair: a few people dodge it but most of us get it. You can spend a fortune on covering it up, or you can accept it and make the best of it, and I know which is more dignified. I'd rather get my veiny old legs out and wear comfortable, cool, stylish clothes that give me pleasure than suffer in the heat beneath daggy old leggings and closed in shoes. I think I might start a revolution and start applying blue eye-shadow to my varries to accentuate them even more. Let's face it - half the world (seemingly) is covered with tattoos and people would burn you at the stake these days if you dared to utter the opinion that they are unseemly and disfiguring. I'm gonna fight for vein-acceptance!

pink4ever Wed 27-Apr-11 07:58:40

Ladies-would anyone be brave enough to post a pic of their legs so I could compare and maybe decide if mine are really as bad as I think they are?. Would do it myself but am a techno-numpty and cant even do links!!. Also those of you who have had them fixed-was it on the nhs?. Mine are really really painful now but mil said I would have to pay to get it doneangry.


Another VV sufferer here, and can totally understand what you are all saying. I have has mine since I started nursing, had them stripped and high ties done in both legs a few years ago. They are back with vengeance since having DS. Lots of throbbing and aching here too.

I do wear support tights at work, I am lucky in that I have to wear black tights with my uniform all the time. However, I do have a cover up product for days when I am bared legged that is great. I won't be home until tonight, but will post the details of it later.

Chandon Wed 27-Apr-11 08:13:04

I have started to have veins and spider veins, the big ones are beginning to pop up and go zigzaggy, a few years ago they were still "flat".

It's a lot worse on my left leg.

I do wear skirts (knee length) as I like to feel the air on my skin, and also think: So what, I am not perfect, I am not a model. I am grateful for my (mostly) healthy body. Most days.

I do have "down days" where I feel veiny, fat and frumpy. But most days I just go for it.

Anyway, I have a theory that people like you more if you flaunt some cellulite, veins or grey hairs. It makes you human.

HSMM Wed 27-Apr-11 08:32:03

I wear trousers if I'm likely to be 'seen'. I have seen LOADS of people wearing ankle length dresses over the past 2 weeks, so I might try being fashionable this year grin.

fishie Wed 27-Apr-11 08:37:12

i've got one coming on the inside of my lower thigh and some spider veins on my shin. gp says they don't do anything on nhs any more.

I do agree that it is normal and common but I think this could be my major vanity point. Anyone gone private?

Pootles2010 Wed 27-Apr-11 09:22:21

I was veiny in just the one leg, on my calf unfortunately, had it lasered on private health insurance, it hurt quite a bit though, (am a wuss) so although worked really well, and my veins are coming back now (a few years later as consultant said they would, you have to have it done every few years) i won't have it done again I don't think, unless it gets really bad!

Its not bad enough for me to have to cover it up yet, but when it was before like you went for linen trousers/maxi dress.

Pootles2010 Wed 27-Apr-11 09:24:50

Sorry fishie only just seen your question! It was on private health insurance, can't remember how much it cost! But it just took couple of hours, you're not meant to drive for couple of days, and you have to wear support stockings for a week i think, but thats about it. Its very non-invasive, like key-hole type thing.

No staying in overnight, its a very new procedure and much better than stripping the veins by sounds of it. You can't see my scar at all now, and it was only ever tiny.

ameliameerkat Wed 27-Apr-11 10:15:33

Pink4ever - You can get them fixed on the NHS, but I think different NHS trusts might have different criteria? I'm in Edinburgh and when they were just achy/sore and ugly I couldn't be referred, but as soon as you have ulceration and bleeding (I'm so glad I haven't had that!) or thrombo phlebitis (an inflamed vein, with or without blood clot) then you get referred. It might be worth going and having a chat with your GP. I went to my GP in March and already have seen a consultant and had a scan.

YusMilady - I can't completely see your point, but mine are really so ugly..... I think it's partly an age thing too. I can see why slightly older ladies can be out and proud with grey hair, as it's part of the ageing process. Likewise I can understand why someone who's gone grey in their 20s would cover it up. Maybe when I'm older and veiny I will be out and proud with them, but at 31 they really shouldn't be this bad sad. Bizarrely I will happily have bare legs with small scars on them once I've had them stripped, that doesn't bother me nearly so much.

Anyone have a view on lasers vs stripping? I'm inclined to go for the stripping myself. The idea of small scars doesn't bother me, and it seems to have a better long term result than lasering? I'm not keen to have the procedure repeated if I can help it (and on the NHS that would mean waiting for them to become problematical again and the thrombo phlebitis was really quite painful sad).

fishie Wed 27-Apr-11 10:41:07

Thanks Pootles. From my tiny amount of research I'd go for lasering over stripping. I run a lot and really what is the point if can't get ones legs out. Mine not bad enough to cover yet, but is it a good idea to get preventative work done, or will it just hasten the day when they come back again?

Pootles2010 Wed 27-Apr-11 11:39:48

My consultant said lasering is much better, and that you can only do lasering on them before they get too bad, if you leave them they will get worse, then you will have to get them stripped and you will have to stay overnight in hospital.

Having said that he is obviously biased!

Mine weren't hurting at all, just a bit itchy, so there's no way NHS would have done anything about them at all.

YusMilady Wed 27-Apr-11 11:46:40

amelia I was younger than you when I had both my legs stripped for the first time, and I've had three lots of surgery since - and it's a mug's game, as my doctor eventually conceded. They just come back and you eventually think, you know what? I'm damned if I'm going to dress like I'm ashamed of my body. Age isn't a factor - I'm (only!) 45 and if I went into linen trousers and M&S comfy-shoes and started hiding my body I'd look loads older, just like if I dyed my hair. Knee length silk-mix skirts and dresses all summer long, that's the way to go, veins be damned.

Chandon Wed 27-Apr-11 13:01:10

Yus, I LOVE silk mix knee length skirts, where do you buy them?

YusMilady Wed 27-Apr-11 15:27:41

Chandon all over the place - previous seasons from such predictable fall backs for the femme d'un certain age as Toast, Reiss, Jaeger and Hobbs, but Jigsaw have got some great stuff this summer. I've got my eye on this although the model makes it look like a paper bag: []

YusMilady Wed 27-Apr-11 15:29:08
trouserqueen Wed 27-Apr-11 16:09:54

Good support here!

Those considering surgery may not actually have option of what type, it may depend on the veins. mine were stripped twice, dr said only option. Big veins involved or summat.

I too, would prefer surgery scars to veins. Also, age is a factor. To have old ladies legs in your 20,s and 30's when everyone os wearing mini skirts and clubbing. And imagine a young woman clubbing surrounded by blokes showing off her varicose veins?! Unthinkable to me. It wouldn't happen. Its ok to be out and proud in theory, but age plays a huge part. If I were 50 odd and developed them after years of good legs I could accept it as an age thing. To spend the best yrs of your life like it isn't the same.

Also I I said, if it were a couple of lumpy ones high up my leg itd be ok, but ALL over lower leg looks odd.

I agree, I would love to see a pic and even show mine, but wouldn't know how to! Plus you would all flee the site!

YusMilady Wed 27-Apr-11 17:01:51

I do sympathise trouserqueen, but I'd equally say that to spend the 'best years of your life' feeling ashamed and covering yourself up is pretty sad too!

Hope you find a solution that works for you, and gets you out of bloody leggings!

Chandon Wed 27-Apr-11 18:38:55

thanks YUS!

wildfig Wed 27-Apr-11 23:09:13

I have a couple of pretty horrible ones on the back of my right calf, and I've had them since I was quite small, so that, and the fact that I can't actually see them and they don't hurt, mean I don't think about them that much. I have legs like a Wigan front row anyway, so really it's probably just as well that i've never done miniskirts.

Every doctor who's passed an opinion on them has told me to wait until I've finished my childbearing before any surgery. As i haven't as yet managed to have any children, I suppose I'll have to spend the uni tuition fees on ludicrously expensive laser vein surgery, and stick to nude fishnets in the meantime. grin

bladders Thu 28-Apr-11 22:27:24

Been watching this thread with interest. I have a lovely varicosity on my calf courtesy of my pregnancy. Huge amounts of thread veins too. And to add into the mix, a hefty amount of lipomas dotted around my legs and backside. Also on my arms. They are lumps under the skin that just look delightful. Every year I have the same dilemma about summer dressing. Roll on winter when I can hide the skin away again.
Bloody horrid isnt it. Mine is all inherited. I am in my 30's. Its just depressing to think what kind of state my poor body might be in in a few years time. It makes me so sad. I used to have beautiful legs in my teens and I never showed them off, too self conscious. I say fake tan and get them out a bit. Its just too depressing otherwise. I might well join you. Lets be brave.....

violet12 Wed 23-Jan-13 18:59:25

Hi I have found a site called pebble support tights they have opaque tights in flesh tones not black for a change they arcompression tights which hold you in might your veins a lot less bulgy and you can't see anything through them it took me nearly 6 months of getting in touch with companies they even sent me a few samples my veins area bad I never thought I'd see the day when I wore a

Thirstysomething Wed 13-Feb-13 12:56:45

Hi Violet, it looks like your message got cut off - are the tights good? I have a really important wedding to go to this summer and have super bad thread veins all over one leg, right down to the foot, it would help so much if I could find some tights (or even better make up?) which would disguise the problem. The rest of the summer I just grin and bare it ;)

Missbopeep Wed 13-Feb-13 13:32:57

If they are flat veins and not bulging, can you try using fake tan religiously in summer? I have one small varicose vein that I am conscious of, but it's just below my knee on the back of my leg. I also have some small spider veins on my calf- so in summer I don't show my legs ( which are quite shapely) without a layer of false tan.

JeffFaFa Wed 13-Feb-13 14:19:43

missbopeep - i have bad varicose veins at the back of my legs from knee toward thigh but not bulging, and one at side of knee about 1cm that is bulging, do you think fake tan could improve the look of these? im only 27 but 2 children have caused them sad ive never wore a skirt or dress since my early teens and summer is a killer, i also have boney, veiny feet that swell in the heat sad

Ive never used false tan though could you recommend something easy to apply im very fair skined, think blue white!

Snowkey Wed 13-Feb-13 14:28:18

I asked this question on here last year too and a lovely Mumsnetter recommended Sally Hansen fake tan - leg make up - the pale one and it works, they are disguised - not completely hidden but no one stares at them but me.

Missbopeep Wed 13-Feb-13 16:12:59

Oh that is such a shame not to wear skirts or dresses- honestly- why worry what people think?

But- I like St Tropez fake tan- it's the one for fair skin in a tube and I usually mix 50/50 with body lotion for first application.

Another nice one is Clarins gel- again mix 50-50 to start.

champas Mon 18-Feb-13 22:31:11

Hi there, I'm 46 and just decided to try the laser treatment, can anyone recommend this?

I'm fed up with the summer leg camouflage game. I've been unlucky inheriting veins which bulge in the heat on my left calf,and each year it's getting worse,especially when we go abroad somewhere hot.

Last year i got off the plane wearing skinny cotton jeans which looked cool,but i had my surgical tights on which I cut off at the ankle so my feet showed.(my left leg really ached when we reached our hotel probably tights didn't work!).

Then round the pool, poolside I had fake tan on my legs and had long sarongs and always tried to sit with my legs up so the veins didn't show so much.

In the evening, I either wore cropped white skinny jeans or leggings. Also I had a couple of sheer dresses, I think the fashion last year was great!, I had the excuse had to wear white cotton leggings,because they were see through. One dress was short at the front and long at the back.

navneetsingh Tue 19-Feb-13 07:51:40

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MoodyDidIt Tue 19-Feb-13 11:10:30

aww i feel your pain op

i am lucky as i have long slim legs but one of them is pretty much ruined by varicose veins since my dcs sad

at least i look ok in leggings / skinny jeans!

prettyanddainty Tue 19-Feb-13 14:27:55

wideawakenurse I was wondering if you would be so kind to post that product you are talking about? I suffer with unslightly stretch marks on my legs, so also in the situation where i have to cover my legs in the summer.

juejue1 Fri 03-May-13 01:14:37

Wolford Neon tights have changed my life!! Honestly!! Ok I'm 51, probably a lot older than you yummy mummys but I've hated my legs forever. In my teens, 20's and 30's skinny legs (wasn't fashionable to be thin then) after three children a couple of small varicose veins and now humongous amounts of blue broken veins on my calves. I have not worn dresses for 20 years until last year, now I wear them all the time. Pricey but well worth it, they just cover everything, seeing is believing, just try them.

Hopefully Fri 03-May-13 06:59:19

I'm 30 and I have quite bad VV on one leg and spider veins ALL OVER and I made a real decision a few years ago to just think bugger it and not care. And once my legs have a bit of colour it is so much less noticeable - Sally Hansen spray on legs stuff is my friend until I get a tan every year!

Most people are far too busy stressing about their own grey hairs/ veiny legs etc to care about anyone else, and if they do notice, who cares? Would you judge someone with bad scar tissue down one leg? VV is just a bit of damage on the inside instead of the outside.

Thirstysomething Wed 08-May-13 17:18:25

Anyone tried Dermablend or Cover FX or any of the tattoo cover up body make up?
I have a wedding in two weeks - all the tights I have tried either don't cover the veins, or make me look like Nora Batty they are so thick and skin coloured.
I really don't want to wear black opaques if it is hot (some hope).
Fake tan helps, but to be honest, doesn't really do that much if your veins are bad. Mine aren't sticky-outy, just look like really terrible bruising all over one calf and ankle.

Huffpot Wed 08-May-13 21:56:15

Wow! Am very glad I'm not the only one with lumpy bumpy legs and spider veined ankles that look like I've been beaten around the legs

nessamac Thu 16-May-13 13:46:37

Try MAC face and body foundation and then dab their pro longwear concealer in the same shade onto the worst areas. It really does work and covers everything. I have really bad spider veins and some of them are lumpy and they completely disappear. As a bonus, if you get the right shade you can look as if you have a terrific tan! It doesn't rub off or transfer onto clothes once it's set. You need to use a flannel and soap to remove it at the end of the day. I'm going on holiday next weeks and plan to use it by the pool. I'm pretty sure it will stay put in the water.

Marylou2 Thu 16-May-13 15:15:10

Ladies, you are inspirational! I also have varicose veins on one leg which are much improved after surgery. Hadn't worn a skirt for twenty years and still really self concious. I think I just got into the habit of covering up. I've never spoken about my veins to anyone apart from my surgeon not even DH. I feel so much better after reading all your experiences and I hope everyone has a lovely summer-in leggings or not.

trice Thu 16-May-13 16:43:55

I have lumpy purple veins on my legs. I hide them until I get hot. After that I just have to let everyone else get over them. I have never noticed them on other women.

Thirstysomething Mon 17-Jun-13 14:24:58

Hello, update if you are interested - I used Dermablend for the wedding, but I don't think I would have used it without tights. If you didn't have such bad veins though, it would be brilliant.
I got the mini palette of lots of colours from Escentuals which was great for just a few uses, eg occasion, or if you were going on a weeks holiday.
Then when we were up for the wedding I found a pharmacy with the cover stick testers and bought one (totally different colour to the one I would have thought, so well worth testing...).

QueenMaeve Mon 17-Jun-13 18:37:31

Mine don't bulge (yet) but they get darker in this warm weather and when I'm on my feet at work. After I put tan on, I put Rimmel hide the blemish over the veins, then brush bronzer over that and blend it in a little bit with my fingers. It covers them up well enough

msshapelybottom Mon 17-Jun-13 19:54:05

This thread is making me teary! I am also covered in thread veins (very bad on my right leg) that I look like a roadmap. I've struggled to just accept the way I look and I have to tell you that reading this thread is the first time I've realised other people have legs like mine. I'm not a freak!!

I've spent a fortune on Vitamin K creams (don't work), diosmin supplements (work a little bit but expensive and you have to keep taking them or the veins go back to they way they were) and camouflage make up. I have wished for surgery, but it's actually good to know that it's not always completely successful as I'm broke and unlikely to be able to afford it before I retire!

I wear leggings with dresses, linen trousers and maxi skirts/dresses. I cannot imagine ever being able to bare my legs in a knee length skirt, but I am ok with showing my little blue foot in sandals. I just paint my toenails to divert attention.

It's such a little talked about thing, spider veins and vv, and it's such a relief to find this thread. I have spent so long feeling ashamed of my legs and I can't waste anymore energy on worrying about them any more.

I'm going to try the sally hansen spray again this week and see if it helps me feel a little more confident.

Thanks for starting this thread OP and good to know about the dermablend, Thirsty.

Anyone else get swollen legs too? I could really live without that and the aching.

Chottie Mon 17-Jun-13 20:30:57

OP thank you so much for starting this thread. I have had VV in one leg since DD was born when I was 21, she is now in her mid thirties, so it is a long time to have had VV. I had had 3 surgeries, but they all break down and the veins reappear. I am another one who doesn't wear skirts or knee length dresses all summer. VV are just the pits. It is so reassuring to know that I am not alone. I can only discuss it with DD and DH. DH swears he never notices them, but I think he is just being kind, as he knows how much it upsets me. I just feel very self conscious and aware of them all the time. I never, ever wear shorts at exercise class.

Shoesan0 Fri 11-Apr-14 16:40:07

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cheekymajeeka Sun 25-May-14 09:38:37

Bit late to this thread but was googling nude coloured tights to cover my one leg of veins and found you all!. I too dread the summer months and wear leggings with dresses!! I have recently come across dermablend, haven't bought any yet but think I will after reading your comments. Nice to know you're not alone x

AnnaWombourne Sun 25-May-14 21:50:58

I have leg issues too. I really don't think anyone else could care less how your legs look or what you wear. Its just how you feel that matters and I can understand you not wanting to show your legs.

In summer I wear long, wide floaty trousers or a maxi skirt/dress. Have recently bought some flat strappy gladiator type sandals that cover my veiny feet a treat.

I also paint my toenails in a gorgeous red to divert attention.

tinkywinkyshandbag Mon 26-May-14 10:50:44

I have the flat kind on one leg also as well as a few bugly ones, dates from being pg with DD1 who is now 12. I do have a couple of maxi dresses but want to wear some of the lovely knee length dresses around now. I saw a friend last year wearing these lovely brightly coloured opaque tights, maybe they were the Wolford ones? They looked lovely. But would't work for a hot day. I am just going to go the fake tan/moisturised route and to hell with it. I also have bad psoriasis on my elbows and one knee, there is not much I can do about that either but I am damned if I'm going to wear a burka.

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