Bourjois and Chanel cosmetics - same thing?

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Emo76 Tue 18-Jan-11 15:12:57

I know Bourjois cosmetics is owned by Chanel and I wondered if anyone on here could confirm that all or some of the products are the same but in different packaging? Just curious!!

CeliaFate Tue 18-Jan-11 17:11:08

I'll keep a watch on this - I had a sample of Chanel Vitalumiere foundation and it was lovely! Interesting if Bourjois do a similar one without the price tag!

Gillybobs Tue 18-Jan-11 17:16:26

Dont know this for certain but Bourjois eye shadows/blushers are outstanding quality for the price and imo are identical to the Chanel products Ive tried. Have read that they are made in same factory using same production methods so suppose its hardly a surprise.

miche8 Tue 18-Jan-11 18:26:51

i always thought this was true until i read on another forum thats it not. If i can find it i will link.

miche8 Tue 18-Jan-11 18:32:16 upDo-you-think-cheap-MAKE-UP-is-the-same?pg=2

mrsnich84 Tue 18-Jan-11 18:40:19

I use chanel and have previously bought bourjois when moneys been tight as i'd heard this and was very disappointed. The foundation I bought was of nowhere near the same quality as the chanel stuff. Maybe stuff like eye shadows and blushers might be roughly the same but i can definately say that I would rather spend the extra £10 and get the good stuff

moonmother Tue 18-Jan-11 19:00:14

My Cousin in law used to work on the Chanel counter at Harvey Nicks ( lucky bugger has a make up artist do her make up every day, and wore a uniform where the belt alone cost £500) envy.

For mas up until she left all the ladies in the family used to get Chanel perfume and Bourjois cosmetics for Xmas, which she had bought through the year using her staff allowance.

I asked her about Chanel and Bourjois, one year and they are made in the same factory and Bourjois is like the Chanel 'value' range.

Havingkittens Tue 18-Jan-11 19:02:33

Same company - not same products.

Same way L'Oreal products are not the same as Lancome.

There are about 4 major cosmetics houses that own several brands but this doesn't mean they are all the same product in different packaging. They vary wildly in quality and price.

Price and quality make a big difference, with a few exceptions, when it comes to eyeshadows and blushers too in terms of pigment, ease of application and staying power.

Changeisagoodthing Tue 18-Jan-11 19:06:32

Same company- they say made from totally different Ingredients.

Certainly not the same to use. Chanel eyeshadow and lipstick are much richer.

I think the cheaper closest to chanel is Mac.

CeliaFate Tue 18-Jan-11 19:17:41

How much is the Chanel vitalumiere foundation?

said Tue 18-Jan-11 19:23:19

It's a myth. Asked a make-up guru once and she confirmed. Bourjois stuff though is v good value though, I agree

mrsnich84 Tue 18-Jan-11 19:31:10

I pay £29 for the prolumiere but that was before the vat hike. the best bet is the boots website so you get your points on it as well.

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