How to make my legs look BIGGER?

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NeverReady Tue 31-Aug-10 19:00:03

I have a wedding coming up at the end of September. I've tried on this dress and really like it - it fits really nicely and it's versatile, I think.
this dress

The problem is I never wear dresses because I'm self-conscious about my tiny calves. I know it's probably ridiculous in a 'who is going to be staring at my legs anyway??' way but I can't seem to shake it! So does anyone have any advice/tricks on what tights (would rather be bare legged but it might be freezing by then)and shoes I could wear which will make my calves look bigger (thighs are fine, thankfully)? I'd gladly wear boots like the photo but the only ones that fit me are Duo boots and I'm not keen on the styles at the moment. I love these shoes but they are too high for me and madly expensive but the colour's nice, no?

lovely shoes

Without sounding like a loon, I can't tell you how much I would love to wear a dress/skirt with confidence, so any tips will be very welcome!

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 31-Aug-10 20:51:58

I have skinny legs (think there is a pic on my profile at the moment) and am also a bit paranoid about showing them off.

I find a heel gives them more shape but not too high or it looks like my ankles are going to snap. Also nothing clumpy obviously.

Those shoes are lovely but on me would give the ankle snapping look due to the height.

Sorry have just realised that none of that is in any way helpful to you hmm

Aitch Tue 31-Aug-10 20:53:53

what about just posting a pic of your legs and we will tell you the truth? my friend has small calves and i think they are gorgeous, they make her body look all faun-like and gangly, and men love that bambi thing...

Aitch Tue 31-Aug-10 20:55:32

alright freak i have checked yours and they are beeeeyoootiful and slim and long and so you are wrong to feel self-conscious (other than for the reason that women are looking them in envy).

NEXT! grin

cyb Tue 31-Aug-10 20:56:09

Its not your calves that are the problem, its your brain. You do realise that, don't you?grin

alarkaspree Tue 31-Aug-10 20:56:19

I'm pretty sure your legs would look gorgeous. If you see anyone staring at them, 99% chance they are thinking envy envy envy.

traceybath Tue 31-Aug-10 20:58:32

Shoe-boots may be your answer and some type of patterned tights - there are masses in the shops at the moment.

alarkaspree Tue 31-Aug-10 20:59:41

Freakoid I am genuinely shocked. Your legs are perfect. It just goes to show, we can never ever be happy with how we look and might as well just eat nothing but cake.

traceybath Tue 31-Aug-10 21:00:39

These were in grazia today and looked nice.

KristinaM Tue 31-Aug-10 21:35:42

i have skinny calves ( smallest size in duo) and think my legs are one of my best features [ immodest and misguided]

I'm careful about shoes though - i never wear flats, wedges only with trousres and only medium thickness heels - never stiletoes or thin heels for reasons mentioned below

i also wear lacy / ribbed / cable opaques in winter

NeverReady Tue 31-Aug-10 21:45:21

Freakoid - I think your legs are lovely...Slim but shapely. Mine are much skinnier <weeps>. But you're right, I would look like a stork in those shoes.

Aitch - just the thought of putting a picture of my legs on a public forum has made my throat close up! I guess that answers Cyb's question too grin.

alark - I haven't actually ever caught anyone staring at my legs. I just imagine they do... grin.

Thanks for those tracey. They look delicate enough. I've never dreamt of wearing shoe boots. Wouldn't they gape at the ankle?

I don't know why this bothers me so much...

NeverReady Tue 31-Aug-10 21:52:30

KristinaM - I'm a size 33 in Duo but I'm fairly tall, 5'8'' and my calves are quite long. They look out of proportion to me. But I think you're right about shoes - too clumpy is awful but too insubstantial isn't great either.

I've inherited this madness from my mother. Despite wearing knicker-grazing minis in the '60s, she has hated her legs since I can remember. Needless to say, this subject is forbidden when DD is around!

Aitch Tue 31-Aug-10 22:10:07

the long calf thing... you have SEEN supermodels, haven't you? that kind of out of proportion-ness should have gotten you a careers...

KristinaM Tue 31-Aug-10 22:24:15

I am similar i think - 32cm calves but only 5'5''. I confess I didnt like my legs when i was in my teens / twenties and could have got away with tiny skirts. As I'm now over 40 i dont do micro minis - only just above the knee or shorter with opaques.

but since legs are the last thing to go on a woman grin, i am trying to make the most of them now and not live in jeans

i think your problem is your head TBH and not your legs. get the right pair of shoes and go for it smile

fuschiagroan Tue 31-Aug-10 22:28:10

I can't see your profile because my computer is rubbish, but I (feel like I) have a similar problem to you. I find patterned tights (subtle patterns) make your legs look bigger. Also skirt length - just below the knee doesn't help the skinny leg look. Also flat shoes, like ballet pumps. A tan also helps legs look healthy

NeverReady Tue 31-Aug-10 22:36:27

I agree that above the knee is the most flattering. The dress I linked to earlier is about 2 inches above the knee and it's a good length on me, I think. I will buy some patterned tights and experiment.

Fushia - did you mean flat shoes were good or bad?
Aitch - damn, I could have afforded those shoes then! grin


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