WATERPROOF bum-covering COATS: I am doing the research so you don't have to...

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WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 20:57:11

Can we just have one thread in anticipation of autumn/winter? No, we don't all want a Boden coat because a. they're not properly waterproof and b. EVERY other bugger in the playground has one already. So, I'm after technically sophisticated properly waterproof coats that GO IN AT THE WAIST that are somewhere in between hiker and fashion victim. Inevitably, this means EXPENSIVE usually I'm afraid. Some suggestions below. If you would like to add yours, especially cheaper ones, feel free:

Northface Stella Grace Good good good

Marmot highlander Marmot do some excellent longer waterproof jackets but unfortunately I cannot find lots of stockists in UK

Barbour are doing some nice coats these days [hit view all to see full range]

And even some of their wax jackets are wearable!

Now look here High Fash-hags Creenstone, a dutch company, do some very INTERESTING coats, apparently waterproof and technical... but difficult to find UK stockists or prices: can anyone track 'em down?

That's enough for now. will post more later. Please add suggestions but only ACTUAL waterproof coats please.

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 20:58:16

PS I have a Land's End Stadium Squall, but frankly, it makes me look like a bus, and I'm bus-like enough already, thanks.

Fimbo Thu 19-Aug-10 21:03:47

Damn you WilShelf, now I want that North Face one............... grin

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 21:10:01

You can buy all manner of horrifically expensive, waterproof and presumably warm ski/board jackets here. Not to mention in a mad range of awfull colours.

Whatever floats your boat.

FGM Thu 19-Aug-10 21:10:10

Patagonia rain coat but £££.

moragbellingham Thu 19-Aug-10 21:13:48

Me too, that Stella is great.
I bought a bloody Land's End one and a Boden waterproof last year as I couldn't find the perfect combination of warm and waterproof.

I did buy a North Face Greenland (too small but lovely) and another North Face Triclimate but it was so shiny and black I looked like a WPC.

Keep up the good worksmile

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 21:15:59

Oh yes!

Merrell Wakefield looks a bloody good contender to me!

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 21:16:48
Clayhead Thu 19-Aug-10 21:20:30

I had an insulated North Face Grace two years ago. It has made me look forward to the cold weather grin

It's fantastic.

piratecat Thu 19-Aug-10 21:21:24

i love that Merrell Wakefield!! where can we see a pic of the olive colourway? plus its cheaper in olive

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 21:21:35

bugger,these poncey Norwegian Rain ones are only for men...
I think we should look to our Scandi, Low Countries and US/Canadian cousins who do cold weather with style so much better than us. But who ships internationally? Anyone know?

piratecat Thu 19-Aug-10 21:23:57

only my ex mil in germany!

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 21:28:24
MamaLaMoo Thu 19-Aug-10 21:29:33

Got a Merrell Wakefield and it is fab, can push pram and stay dry all at once.

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 21:30:42

On a Scandi theme I've no idea if available in/to the UK but I suppose if you're gonna wear a mad print raincoat that isn't Boden you might as well make it an iconic print...

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 21:31:29

God, I hope I get a free bloody coat out of this, or at least a commission, or a bloody byline when all those lazy fashion eds nick my research...

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 21:32:18
WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 21:33:17
Ewe Thu 19-Aug-10 21:36:11

I am going to go for a Barbour this year I think, every year I leave it too late and end up with something shitty I hate. I want to splash out on an investment coat.

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 21:39:37

I found Didrikson's in Sweden with some interesting coats but harder to find in the UK

This one is a BIT hiker but quite a fitted shape

This one's quite good...

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 21:45:41

Is this really a properlt waterproof trench coat from Aigle?

Their countrywear jackets are well-regarded I think but I haven't seen this one before.

curlyredhead Thu 19-Aug-10 21:47:22

Marmot Highland in UK in a sale

This is the thread I have been looking for all my life.... or at least since I had kids in Edinburgh....

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 21:48:07
WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 21:49:31


I know. I have always lived on the West of UK, therefore Very Wet most of life. No more.

Land's End have been good, but jeez, so frickin frumpy...

hatcam Thu 19-Aug-10 21:59:38


Good discount, and Peak Performance kit is lovely, very technical too. More winter stock in soon.

For cold weather as much as rain:


But I still live in my North Face Parka as soon as it's chilly, in olive green, you can take the fur off if it's not that cold, it covers your bum and is quite fitted into the waist to give a good shape. And it has billions of pockets for all the stones and fir cones my children neeeeeeeeed to take home.


hatcam Thu 19-Aug-10 22:03:12

sorry 2nd link was supposed to be this one


WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 22:04:39

Oh I love that cape! But fear it is a bit too swishy London for my school run...

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 22:06:14

Thanks everyone for the other contributions. Keep 'em coming and bump if you see new ones...

tvfriend Thu 19-Aug-10 22:09:01

Merrell Amelia
Good or bad?- can't decide

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 22:10:18

Now we just need MNHQ to talk to the Big Retailers and ask them why, for god's sake, they do not ever do these longer styles in actual properly waterproof fabric that millions of mothers would buy but a BIT BLOODY CHEAPER?

Eg. Mr Johnnie Boden? Huh? Showeproof is no good. And wot about M&S? Gap? Florence & Fred? This people can shift so much volume so cheaply, surely they could manage to add this item to their repertoire?

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 22:11:16

Sorry: I seem to have lost the ability to write grin

tvfriend Thu 19-Aug-10 22:20:02


WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 22:21:57

Ah yes, the Gap coat is nice, but it doesn't anywhere say 'waterproof' and therein lies the problem: I don't want damp seams while I'm on my double school run...

tvfriend Thu 19-Aug-10 22:24:29

Indeed it doesn't. I'm tempted to order it anyway just for the excitement of being able to get Gap on-line- despite having a store all of 5 minutes walk away...

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 22:38:04

Oooh has Gap finally gone online? <crashes their website>

Anyhow if you have LOADS and LOADS of wonga, you could buy a classic Belstaff <drool> or look at their website for more upmarket stuff. And some of these Woolrich parkas are great but HOW MUCH?! Fairly sure - given their reputation - they will all be pretty weather proof...

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 22:44:30
WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 22:45:43
Katisha Thu 19-Aug-10 22:47:52
WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 22:55:46

Ah yes, thank you: and this one which is OK except not my colour

WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 23:01:46
WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 23:09:49
Lilymaid Thu 19-Aug-10 23:14:15

Anyone mentioned Rohan? Expensive but waterproof either as a coat or a long jacket. Pity they don't show real people wearing them.

navyeyelasH Thu 19-Aug-10 23:28:18


WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 23:28:32
WilfShelf Thu 19-Aug-10 23:40:05

Here we go: the perfect MN coat - bum length, not too frilly, it's waterproof, has a hood, is fitted, is COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL and, OMG, is recycled...

Nau trench

Shame it's only available in the US.

AbricotsSecs Thu 19-Aug-10 23:46:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WilfShelf Fri 20-Aug-10 00:10:51

oooooh italian scooter wear if you can't afford a Belstaff... [though can't actually find prices or stockists...

KristinaM Fri 20-Aug-10 00:24:54

excellent thread wilf

though not sure about $250 for a ...cagoul shock

that belstaff is fab [drool]

WilfShelf Fri 20-Aug-10 00:27:05

Thank you. My good deed for the year day. But now all the Merrell nice coats have SOLD OUT! We shall have to get onto them to MAKE SOME MORE!

US stock the Wakefield coat still (and in plum! I want that one!) but not here. What is it about the US - not ALL of it is colder and wetter than here. I think we probably have more need of good coats than, say, California?

Come on: better service please.

Katisha Fri 20-Aug-10 00:39:33

Yes I have decided I want a Merrell Wakefield in olive but unfortunately cannot fit into the remaining XS one available!

Katisha Fri 20-Aug-10 00:41:38

Do you think it might be a bit tight round the hips though?

Katisha Fri 20-Aug-10 00:42:40

I mean in terms of the proper sizing for a size 14 person such as myself...)

WilfShelf Fri 20-Aug-10 11:09:21


inveteratenamechanger Fri 20-Aug-10 11:21:56

Great thread.

I have just bought the Didriksons Thelma - have not had a chance to try it out yet, but looks good so far. I did get it for £45 pounds though. If I was paying full price I might have gone for the Merrell Wakefield - v. nice.

If you are considering the Thelma, they come up big. Mine is a 40, but def more of a 14 than a 12.

WilfShelf Fri 20-Aug-10 11:25:29

Right, who's going to join my Better Coats for Women campaign? MNHQ? The manifesto:
Stylish like the Merrell ones, with a bit of detail
Long so we don't get wet arses on school run and covers our work jackets/cardis
Fitted or belted at the waist
Decent colour range, not just black
Very important is Must Be Properly Waterproof: technical fabrics, taped seams, layers, breathability
A massive bonus would be a thin but warm insert for seasonal flexibility
We need good pockets, some deep, some zipped, mobile, internal etc but well designed so they don't bag
And we want all this for under a hundred quid. Or even a range with a high performance coat plus a shaped fitted mac at a lower price.
Jury is out on hoods. If you do it must fold away neatly and collar must remain attractive. Or detachable. But really a range of stylish waterproof hats would clean up. Barbour and lands end make them, but they make us look like our great aunt Agnes who has labradors, or as if we're off to point to point. Please make them mote urban...
It isn't much to ask for is it?

WilfShelf Fri 20-Aug-10 11:29:27

And we want high volumes in the shops before September 8th grin

WilfShelf Fri 20-Aug-10 11:30:58

Or even grin
Been away so long have lost my MN mojo...

Pannacotta Fri 20-Aug-10 11:38:17

Good thread and I totally agree with your wish-list Wilf, it's dreadful that you cant buy decent, good looking waterproof coats in this country for affordable prices, given our climate.
I suspect it might be different if it were mostly men on the school run...

I esp like the first two coats you linked to, but prefer to try things on not order on-line, will have a look for stockists.

UnrequitedSkink Fri 20-Aug-10 11:46:36

Great thread, I love the Wakefield - any tiny people out there, you can get it here for a gaspably low figure. I am not a tiny person, sadly.

amidaiwish Fri 20-Aug-10 11:52:30

I bought this last week £140
I love it, nicely in at the waist, it looks great

amidaiwish Fri 20-Aug-10 11:55:30

sorry just read the whole thread, see some of you have already seen it. great wishlist Wilfself, just should add must limit the numbers available per design/colour so we don't all have the same jacket like some kind of uniform!!

amidaiwish Fri 20-Aug-10 11:57:42

i bought it just on saturday in covent garden btw... didn't realise they were so hard to come by.

I got a great one n Zara last year. Mushroom colour, puffa job, no hood but large puffy collar so keeps neck warm and makes a hat easy to wear. Zip and button closure for added heat. It came to the knee on short arse me. Also has belt to give semblance of waist. Got it August Bank Hol weekend last year so nowis the time to look kids. Was just under £100 and is ready for another winter in pretty immaculate condition.

Earthymama Fri 20-Aug-10 12:17:01

Lovely DP bought this for me last year and I adore it! Craghoppers
Makes winter bearable!!

I would love one of those colourful 'hippy' coats from Gudrun Sjoden so might smile nicely nearer Yuletide.

Earthymama Fri 20-Aug-10 12:17:46

PS many thanks for your time and effort Wilf!

gramercy Fri 20-Aug-10 12:24:19

Last year I bought from H&M a coat almost identical to the Northwest Stella Grace.

It was £50, buckles at waist, hood (on or off) and numerous pockets. Mid-thigh length and warm. Perfect. And it is black. And, what's more, it turned out to be waterproof as well!

It is my IDEAL school-run (and everything else) coat.

Perhaps they are doing it again this year.

flier Fri 20-Aug-10 12:24:48

great thread. nothing to add though, but will be watching with interest

WilfShelf Fri 20-Aug-10 12:29:57

Yay for H&M. Ok shopping spies, new A/W season stuff is coming out now so want to see reports from the high street. But please check if waterproof fabric. If the seams are taped inside it's a pretty good bet that it is. Or should say on label somewhere. Showerproof is not enough!

LooL00 Fri 20-Aug-10 13:14:55

Who cares if it's frumpy, my Lands End Squall parka is my preferred coat from Nov to March. It's pink (very pink) and DH hates it. I also have a Lands End sport squall jacket in black (no logo,plain black) which is a tad more elegant.Neither are technically waterproof though.

bunnymother Fri 20-Aug-10 13:15:42

I bought the North Face Greenland, but in XL in the girls' size - cheaper than buying S or XS in the ladies'. Its waterproof and v v warm (down filled), but not thin. Perhaps worth looking at the girls ranges if you are a small size (ie prob 10 or 12 is the largest you could be and fit into the girls' jacket I have) - put the savings towards all the hot chocolates you need to get you through winter...

RedandGreenPlaid Fri 20-Aug-10 13:23:40

Great thread wilf!
marking my place to read later...

Mummalish Fri 20-Aug-10 13:32:32

inveteratenamechanger, please do tell where you got your Didriksons Thelma from, have been searching, but they are very very expensive, at £40, it's a bargain.

greedygoose Fri 20-Aug-10 13:37:31
bumpypaws Fri 20-Aug-10 13:39:02

WilShelf I think a hood is a must - never really needed one until I needed to push a buggy! No more ideas to add but will be watching with interest!

inveteratenamechanger Fri 20-Aug-10 13:41:36

Mummalish, it was here but I'm afraid they are all gone. Sorry.

I think sales are the way to go, I am going to keep an eye out for a Merrell Wakefield or a North Face this time next year.

Habbibu Fri 20-Aug-10 13:43:16

Damn you, Wilf. Love that Merrell jacket. And can't bloody buy it.

DinahRod Fri 20-Aug-10 13:57:05

I need this thread.

Bought a quilted brown Landsend coat, I look like caterpillar pupa.

I have the merrell haven linked previously, I live in the far north of Scotland, it is incredibly warm, like an electric blanket and very waterproof. I have done some cold winters up here, and last winter was a really hard one and it made my 2hr-round-trip-walk/wait school run so cosy, my only complaint is I wish it was knee length.

I like Didriksons - I have them for my children and think the styles for women are very good, though I have only looked at them online.

missyfit Fri 20-Aug-10 14:04:02

Check out Rainfrog! They're based up in Newcastle (upon tyne)but don't have a shop. It's an online business and they're sometimes on a stall down at the quayside market.Got some gorgeous stuff - v unique. Friend of mine's just got a waterproof jacket from them and they also do ponchos, wellies, raincoats, plastic macs, cagoules etc. Just what you need up here!

missyfit Fri 20-Aug-10 14:09:05

sorry - forgot link for rainfrog...rainfrog.co.uk/index.aspx

Habbibu Fri 20-Aug-10 14:26:47

ooh - discussion of the day...

Habbibu Fri 20-Aug-10 14:35:16

Oh, look - Mummalish - Didrikson's Thelma here. There's a CCW shop in St Andrews I've never been into - may have to have a nose.

MrsKarpet Fri 20-Aug-10 14:44:41

Missyfit I like Rainfrog lots, can you ask your friend to let us know if their waterproof jacket is warm too and worth 80 quid?? great thread, just have to save up now.....d'oh

rowingboat Fri 20-Aug-10 14:51:43

I love those crazy print coats and the Tamarack coats.
The Northface and Marmot or whatever just look like something you could pick up in New Look and waterproof yourself.
Don't get the whole black coat in Winter thing, it's so drab.

Lotkinsgonecurly Fri 20-Aug-10 14:54:46

OOh, I've just bought the blue spotty rain coat from rainfrog. What a fantastic thread!!

Not read yet, but just wanted to say THANK YOU Wilf

I need this thread

4madboys Fri 20-Aug-10 16:08:35


I have a school trek, i mean walk involved going across a field and can get quite muddy at winter time, or whenever it rains hmm so i need good wellies as well, had some joules ones but they split! not impressed, have some cheaper ones at the moment but will need some more and a winter coat, but am preg (due nov) so that shall make it more interesting!

now off to have a look at the links...

WoodRose Fri 20-Aug-10 16:51:44

What a fantastic thread! I have just purcahsed a "Barbour Kate" to help me endure wet and wild North London.

stickylittlefingers Fri 20-Aug-10 16:52:11

If anyone likes Barbour stuff but finds their full prices kinda terrifying, if you can get there the Jarrow shop has absolutely huge discounts, so they're cheaper than the "other people's waxed jackets what look like Barbours". It is a very certain sort of look though! Kept me going through the Polish winter, so am a fan...

Armi Fri 20-Aug-10 17:08:46

Can I add to the list of requirements:

And must be available in a size which accommodates enormous tits and some back-fat? People above a size 14 need these things, too!

Goya Fri 20-Aug-10 17:10:13

Thanks for all this info. Really useful. I will be joining the school gate mafia this September and was hoping to wow them with my sophistication! My Jack-in-a-Pac was just not going to cut it out there. Keep the ideas coming! Sorry I have none to add yet, but I will be looking.

outnumberedbymyboys Fri 20-Aug-10 17:42:35

With a similar issue I bought a gorgeous 'shower-proof' coat from Hobbs last year-flattering and properly grown up - not like a water proof at all.
Completely water proofed with wonder-stuff in a bottle called Nik Wax from the local outdoor shop. It goes in the washing machine so no nasty spraying and patches. Water proof anything apparentely. Wonder if it works on dogs?!

Now dry and at last I don't feel mumsy whatever I look like!

hatcam Fri 20-Aug-10 17:50:39

oooh and for wellies, go to TK Maxx, as they currently have loads of Hunter wellies in all styles, mine were plain black knee high £15. I love a bargain.

DinahRod Fri 20-Aug-10 18:24:35

WoodRose, I like the Barbour Kate just as a jacket but it's not going to cover my bottom.

2nd TKMax for Barbour wellies if you can find your size

WoodRose Fri 20-Aug-10 18:44:55

Hatcam & DinahRod - Thanks for the TK Maxx tip. My ancient Hunters are ready for the bin. Wish I had known about the Jarrow shop. We were in Durham last weekend visiting the DH's parents. At least I know for next time..

HerHonesty Fri 20-Aug-10 19:04:04

after years of hankering i bought a barbour (belted, brown) last winter and really loved it mostly because it looks smart with smart stuff,rought with home clothes stuff etc. but it was pricey. that said my husband has been wearing the same barbour for 10 years so thats £20 a year if you rekcon on an initial £200 quid outlay.

i hasten to add they are not matching. and we never ever wear them together (much).

and also i am not your posh horsey type.

WilfShelf Fri 20-Aug-10 19:45:51

You see, all you lurking marketers for big retailers: big market here. What do we want? Bum-covering waterproof coats. When do we want them? Now!

Well. Probably early September actually....grin

jom Fri 20-Aug-10 19:59:47

amidaiwish Love that coat - where in covent garden did you get it?

Loving this thread Wilf...thank you.smile

Like the espresso coloured merrell wakefield and found this too

And it's in the sale!

Sadly, though, as a short-arse, the tie around the waist will make me look distictly heffer-like.

I am going to have my dinner and ponder on the wakefield.grin

WoodRose Fri 20-Aug-10 20:41:31

HerHonesty - I am also justifying my extravagence on the basis that it is "investment" clothing. I have been hankering after a Barbour for these past few years, but have always balked at the price and bought something cheap instead. My justification now is that I have a new Springer Spaniel who seems to be hell bent on dragging me through every sodding bramble and holly bush in North London. I need armour as well as wet weather protection!

UnrequitedSkink Fri 20-Aug-10 21:34:07

Has anyone got the Merrell Wakefield? Would it be warm enough to be classified as a 'winter coat'?

gerbo Fri 20-Aug-10 21:41:16

What a great thread!!! Am currently wearing a DRAB grey Craghoppers 'cagoule' which I was given, and would love a new, waterproof coat as I don't drive and spend so so long trailing around in the wind and rain.

LOVE the Wakefield - anyone know where they can be bought in a size small?

Anyone know how they size up???

OkieCokie Fri 20-Aug-10 21:46:14

I want a Merrill Wakefield

gerbo Fri 20-Aug-10 21:51:20

Me too! Not much money though in our pot...

They should really cotton on to the fact that if they cost £70 they would FLY out the shop. Every mum needs a coat like that.

UnrequitedSkink Fri 20-Aug-10 22:38:50

Gerbo, if you can squeeze in an XS you can get it here for half price.

Melfish Fri 20-Aug-10 22:58:18

Is the Didriksons Thelma warm? I'm in the market for a warm waterproof.

WilfShelf Fri 20-Aug-10 23:06:42

Right. Who knows somebody who knows somebody who works for Merrell? We want their PR people on here to answer our demands:
Is it out of stock because it is last year-end stock? Will there be an A/W 10 version soon instead? Can they sell all their coats in all their colours over here too please, and, um, can we have a discount, speshly me, wwhat with all this FREE marketing I am doing in the spirit of good deeds to my fellow bumfreezers?
And can you please just make some more?

Katisha Fri 20-Aug-10 23:09:14

I want a free Wakefield too. In olive or espresso not black. Size 14. Ta.

mummyisamonster the merrell haven has no obvious waist but is sort of fitted so doesn't look too bad on a short arse imho (I am 5 ft and 30g bust, I have the medium). I tried it on again to see what it felt like, still happy with it, though there is room for improvement, if I am going to be picky!

I do rate the warmth, weatherproofing and the pockets on the Haven.

I like the Rainfrogs.

Thank you FiveOrangePips, that is VERY useful to know! I am now lusting after my very own Merrell waterproof (like everyone else on this thread).
I do think MNHQ needs to get Merrell on board and arrange a discount, not to mention actually having some stock for us to buy. hmm

Gerbo, if you look at the reviews on The American Merrell site, they talk about how the coats size up. Varying opinions, but worth a look.

I am going to get a Wakefield today if it kills me. wink

FreddoBaggyMac Sat 21-Aug-10 08:05:19

There are some lovely coats on this thread - just wish I had lots more money!!

Has anyone mentioned Joules? I love their new Autumn range... added up every thing i wanted from it and it came to over 500 pounds smile

I like this coat, especially the 'vintage floral print lining' but it doesn't seem to have a hood which I always find strange with winter coats... a good excuse to buy a nice hat though!

QueuePosition3 Sat 21-Aug-10 08:08:17

Is it me or are the merrel coats GOppIng? You'd pay £200 for that granny coat

QueuePosition3 - I'd never pay £200 for a coat, no matter what it looked like or protected me from. No, I'm after a reduced gopping coat from Merrell wink

WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 08:25:07

Show us a waterproof coat YOU like QP3, then we'll be able to see some alternative tastes.

Ineedmorechocolatenow Sat 21-Aug-10 08:48:16

Thanks for this brilliant thread! I've just bought this Merrell in the sale...

Ooh Ineedmorechocolatenow lovely coat! I am tempted myself but don't really do tie waists (as I am short and have no waist). Let us know what it's like.

WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 08:57:19

PS bumpypaws, try a rain hat. really much better than hood because you can see, hear and turn head better. With a high collar you don't get neck drips and give you wider choice of coat styles. Currently only found them by Lands End and Barbour. Boden used to do them I think. Most, unfortunately are horribly narrative 80s style with big brims, flowers and ribbons. Think there is gap in market here also for an enterprising MNer with a bit if fashion nouse...

Ineedmorechocolatenow Sat 21-Aug-10 08:58:28

I'm very excited Mummyisamonster! I'll let you all know how it looks....

Feelingsensitive Sat 21-Aug-10 09:00:27

this any good for anyone?

amidaiwish Sat 21-Aug-10 09:07:08

ok to answer questions on my Merrell, which i feel honoured to buy as i didn't do any research. Was in a shop in covent garden last sunday, dh was buying a rucksack and i sauntered over to the coats... tried on a few northface ones but at £220 i balked. then saw the merrell, tried it and loved it.

anyway i digress

the shop - will post again when i get the credit card bill, but if you head towards covent garden from the strand just up from superdrug, it was the first shop on the right hand side on the side street heading towards covent garden. very near the north face shop and ellis bingham, but wasn't either of those.

it isn't fleece lined, but is much heavier than a waterproof iykwim.

size wise i bought a small, i am usually a size 10, never an 8, occasionally a 12. so i think the sizing is fairly spot on. i don't have much of a waist but small bum/hips if that helps. the North Face Small was a bit too snug. Though saying that i don't think this will fit over a thick jumper, more a t-shirt/thin fleece kind of base.

any more questions on my new lovely coat?? smile

thanks for TKMaxx tip on hunters too

amidaiwish Sat 21-Aug-10 09:08:01

seems to be all sizes here by the way

Feelingsensitive Sat 21-Aug-10 09:12:52

this as well?

WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 09:13:57

Amida, sadly when you click size it comes up out of stock I think... but I have emailed them to ask for more info on stock. wink

amidaiwish Sat 21-Aug-10 09:16:25

the entrepreneur in me is thinking of doing a bulk order from the US and flogging on here/ebay...........

Thanks amidaiwish! smile

WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 09:32:06

Right have emailed Taunton leisure and Merrell UK. Weekend so won't expect reply yet. Or even at all...

How warm is it?
Is it a lightweight rain coat only?
Or average coat?
Or heavyweight?

amidaiwish Sat 21-Aug-10 09:59:15

it is much more than a lightweight rain coat - strong outer fabric and well lined (but not fleece lined)
much warmer than a trench coat
but not as warm as say a ski jacket.

amidaiwish Sat 21-Aug-10 10:02:40

just tried it on to double check, haven't worn it yet.
it's not padded at all or fleece lined, only about as thick as a trench coat. It's not heavy but certainly not thin/flimsy. The fabric is pretty strong, much stronger than a typical raincoat and will be totally windproof which is what i think makes it suitable for school runs etc.
i didn't want too warm a coat as walking to school with kids on scooters i get pretty warm.

amidaiwish Sat 21-Aug-10 10:04:04

i am sure when it is -4 and dry i will revert to my north face down filled puffa jacket. it isn't what i would call a "cosy" coat, definitely more a trench-type raincoat.

Thank you, v useful

ZacharyQuack Sat 21-Aug-10 10:36:16

I've got a Marmot Destination jacket and I love it. It's knee length, the photo doesn't show it but it has a belt at the back to give it a bit of shape at the waist. It looks really smart and is very waterproof.

I'm in NZ, and don't really need a heavy winter coat, but do need a good hood as it is so windy here that a hat would just get blown into the harbour.

WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 11:00:05

See not it isn't always v cold here, though can be sometimes - last winter for eg. So what we need is high-performing wind proof and warm hikers or fleece insert to zip in and out. Easy!

WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 11:01:23

Bloody phone. Those words were supposed to be 'now' and 'gilet'

Got all excited when I thought I'd found a Marmot Destination coatfor £35. I think I am spending too much time on here and I'm starting to hallucinate.

QueuePosition3 Sat 21-Aug-10 12:30:48

i use an umbrella

prob solved

KristinaM Sat 21-Aug-10 12:37:34


i take staff with me to push the buggy and hold onto the dogs so i can battle with my brolly in the howling gales grin

WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 12:45:20

Merrell waterproof duffle coat in stock at Sheactive Posted link earlier but thought would be worth keeping eye on this store...?

WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 12:49:10

Oi QP3 am I right you no longer have a pushchair to push? So bugger off so I can continue my quest to be MN Coat Queen a little longer: brollies and pushchairs need 3 arms

WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 12:49:46
WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 13:02:29
WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 13:04:12
WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 13:05:19
WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 13:06:15
WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 13:07:14
WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 13:09:07
WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 13:14:26
WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 13:16:19
SharonGless Sat 21-Aug-10 13:16:40

Watching and waiting - in the rainy NW.
Brill thread just clicking my way through all the links (well the ones that my work will let me look at)

WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 13:17:56
WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 13:19:20
WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 13:22:04

I'm still cross about it: on yer German, US and Scandi sites, they all know what we want. On yer BRitish sites this is what you get

Come on retailers, get your act together...

WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 13:25:04

And no, some of us do NOT want anything with a bloody cape on the shoulder. WE don't ride horses and nor do we want to look like tossers.

KristinaM Sat 21-Aug-10 13:51:48

this pratical hat would suit you wilf

Merrell Wakefield in brown - apologies if you have linked to this site already, but I am too excited to reread the whole thread as I have just ordered one grin! For 90 quid!!

Come on, Scottish autumn/winter; schoolrun, thou holdsth no horror any longer wink

Katisha Sat 21-Aug-10 13:55:42

"Long Lady Jacket" Wilf?

Sounds like a euphemism...

Katisha Sat 21-Aug-10 13:56:56

PAcific there is only the XS available on that site - is that what you ordered?

missyfit Sat 21-Aug-10 14:03:53

MrsKarpet: Apparently the rainfrog jacket is waterproof and windproof. No fleecey or padded lining but keeps the chill out due to windproofness (is that a word?!)(and yes, already nippy up here, even in August!?). She's been out in 'chucking it down' rain and it did the job, she says. Maybe not 'deepest darkest winter' jacket? but okay for all other rainy seasons. Seemingly, she's one happy bunny...

Celery Sat 21-Aug-10 14:19:15

I bought the Merrell Wakefield last January, and it made the rest of the winter so much easier. So warm, and totally waterproof. I love it.

I have it in the brown, and got called obi wan kanobi a couple of times, but can't really justify spending out again just to get a different colour!

Fabulous coat.

Habbibu Sat 21-Aug-10 14:21:46

Oh, I am so close to getting the Merrell Ava. Hmm. Worth holding out for the North Face? But the price, the price...

Habbibu Sat 21-Aug-10 14:30:03

Gah. I like the Wakefield more. Bird in the hand?

Katisha Sat 21-Aug-10 14:34:09

Well it would bem if you could actually BUY the effing Wakefield anywhere. At a loss to understand how PacificDogwood has just ordered one - I can't make that site do it.

Habbibu Sat 21-Aug-10 14:39:01

Well, that's the thing, the Ava, being the bird in the hand, as it were. And quite a bargain. But the Merrell is nicer. If unavailable <whinge>

Katisha Sat 21-Aug-10 14:40:11

Ah yes I get you. I have gorn mad with googling wakefields.

Habbibu Sat 21-Aug-10 14:42:54

Me too. Where's amidaiwish and her new ebay business, eh?

employmentlawquery Sat 21-Aug-10 14:55:04

This is supposedly rainproof, hooded, quite funky, suitable to wear to work and substantially reduced. Not knee length, though.

XS? I wish... sad

Got too carried away with excitement and needing to share here to realise it had not loaded in my basket in L blush

Sorry, ladies

Now I really really want, no, need one, grrrr!


employmentlawquery Sat 21-Aug-10 15:14:02

{{http://www.jaeger.co.uk/index.cfm?page=1013&productid=720001V&productvarid=720001V-00100-ITM&refpa ge=1461 rain hat]]

Katisha Sat 21-Aug-10 15:30:26

Dammit Pacific I thought you had found a clever way to hack into he site and get it to release the coats...

greedygoose Sat 21-Aug-10 16:13:35

Ok - anyone know friends in Canada - I asked my friend to look and she says they are coming out of their ears over there (the Merrell wakefield I am talking about!) she is going to look for me at prices/colours/sizes etc and get back to me! HTH

HowsTheSerenity Sat 21-Aug-10 16:28:30

employment - oh I want that John Lewis one. But alas they are out of my size.

Why do they also make every coat in double breasted . I have two large ones of my own. I don't need another 2. I look like a large couch wrapped in a curtain when I put one on!

Nuttybear Sat 21-Aug-10 16:36:46

marking for another day. smile

Oh, greedygoose, if your friends in Canada come through, purleeze let us all know.

Considering I did not even know 24 hours ago that I was in the marked for such a coat, I am getting really very worringly desperate...hmm.

And I agree wholeheartedly with Serenity, double breasted jackets/coats are on a par in the unflattering stakes with calf-length A-line skirts, bah!

I have just e-mailed Merrell UK and US begging.

Sad, moi??


Katisha Sat 21-Aug-10 17:38:03

Heh heh I emailed Merrell yesterday!

They will be wondering what's going on all of a sudden...

I wonder if we are just too early, and that they will roll their coats out in the Autumn or something?

Or are they from last year and discontinued? That's what I am worried about

WilfShelf Sat 21-Aug-10 18:28:21

I think we are early. But this is Britain fgs: we don't have a summer...

cue September heatwave

Magicglassesfairy Sat 21-Aug-10 19:16:18

www.shoebuy.com have some (but no mediums) and they ship to the uK - well shoes anyway so I assume other stuff.

greedygoose Sat 21-Aug-10 19:58:14

Im serious my friend lives in whistler and says they have a Merrell shop there - I have asked her to go undercover to see sizes/colours/prices so will get back to you all (undercover agent halo polished!)

sfis Sat 21-Aug-10 20:32:33

I had this all of last year on a mission for a waterproof but nice coat, ended up with a nice parka from wrap but its only 'showerproof'!! try TK Maxx if you can be bothered to sort through they sometimes have a random good waterproof......

Shoebuy looks good, thanks, Magic. Shame that they do not do a medium though. Does anyone know how Merrell clothes sizes come up? I am a British 14 on a good day, so on the face of it an American 12-14 is presumably too large?? Anybody have any experience in Merrell clothing?

amidaiwish Sat 21-Aug-10 21:13:28

pacific - i have a Small and am usually a 10.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I stuggle with north face waterproof jackets that leave my legs and bum wet in the rain and need proper breathable as we do so much walking. Just walking dd to playgroup everyday and back whilst pushing ds in the pram.

I have just bought one of the merrell brown coats linked eariler as I can't find a wakefield any bloomin where!! I'm still keeping an eye out though and am going to ring the Taunton shop (only 30 miles away was shopping there last week) monday in case they have any in the actual shop. I have lost 3 and ahalf stone since having ds but I still need a s not a xs sale one grin

WilfShelf Sun 22-Aug-10 15:35:52

You're welcome. Please keep the thread alive if you see any other contenders... Or find stock anywhere. After buying yer own obv grin

FellatioNelson Sun 22-Aug-10 21:24:18

Dear Mr Self

I would just like to say thanks so much for this. All your hard work and discerning judgement - you are on my style wavelength and no mistake. Could you please keep it up for all my autumn/winter fashion needs?

Thank you in advance.

Yours gratefully,

F. Nelson.

FellatioNelson Sun 22-Aug-10 21:26:25

Sorry Mr Shelf* I meant shelf, not self.
(Are you aware that there is a man on the telly who is masquerading (slightly) as you?)

WilfShelf Sun 22-Aug-10 21:30:11

Heheh. Yes. I used to be WilfSell for some time. Namechange.

Anyhow, of course for a large small fee, I am happy to oblige your every need.

piprabbit Sun 22-Aug-10 21:45:00

I've found my ideal jacket (now don't all laugh) which is a Landsend Delaney - which they no longer seem to do.

Can I add another issue to the campaign please, Wilfshelf?

Hoods. Can nobody design a long length waterproof coat with a hood that allows me to cross the road safely? I need a hood because pushing a buggy makes umbrellas hard to handle. With the hood up, I am blinkered like a skittish horse. If I try to look left or right, my head moves, the hood stays still and I get a lovely view of the inside of the hood and not the oncoming traffic.

FellatioNelson Sun 22-Aug-10 22:00:47

You need a transparent old lady rain hood, or one of those transparent long-length brollies that comes down over your shoulders. They were all the rage in the 70's I seem to remember. Don't know why they still aren't really - jolly practical if you ask me.

piprabbit Mon 23-Aug-10 00:10:04

Thanks for the tips FellatioNelson. Perhaps I should resort to wearing a plastic bag on my head like the elderly gentleman on the 'things to hate in england' thread.

kickassangel Mon 23-Aug-10 05:38:03

does anyone fancy trying to find me a 'traditional' trench coat but NOT a burberry? i need something for rainy warm weather.

i have an uber thick lovely winter coat (it can get down to -25 here), and a ski/rain coat (Columbia) which is not stylish but loads of people wear them at the bus stop.

but i have nothing for when it rains, but is not cold, and i don't want to look like a scandinavian hiker, which sounds like an odd combination but happens surprisingly often.

i have a penchant for cream (utterly impractical) or red coats.

WilfShelf Mon 23-Aug-10 13:44:05

There was a grey waterproof trench further up the thread and a slightly trendier brown Bergans one also...

Habbibu Mon 23-Aug-10 15:25:54

Got a very non-committal email from Merrell, but apparently autumn/winter stuff arriving in a few weeks, and if you add the Wakefield to your wish list when you see it on the site, it'll email you (well, not the coat itself - that really would justify the price) when it's in stock.

Soemone should tell them Autumn starts next week. Or today, in fact.

Lastyearsmodel Mon 23-Aug-10 17:54:52

I haven't read every post, but can I add a recommendation for the Gudrun Sjoden coats?

I bought my first unlined raincoat from them (no pattern, muted green colour) 2 years ago and was unsure until I tried it on - very flattering and well cut (even over large boobs), properly waterproof, large hood (am a buggy pusher), loooong sleeves, big pockets and has worn really well, despite being mistreated, scrunched up and stuffed under the pushchair, washed at 40 degrees, etc.

The coats look a lot odder on the models. They often reduce them in the sales, so this year I found the winter lined version for £60. I confess I went for a patterned one this time, but quite a subtle teal colour.

janmoomoo Mon 23-Aug-10 18:57:54

Excellent, excellent thread wilf, thanks.

Well, Merrell.co.uk have e-mailed me back re Wakefield Jacket to say the 'item is out of stock and discontinued however the new season's stock will be in in a few weeks'.sad

NOT what I wanted to hear...

Adding my thanks to Wilf, on the money, this thread, as ever smile.

Habbibu Mon 23-Aug-10 21:32:37

Weird - they didn't tell me discontinued. Blee. Well, looks like we're all hoping that greedygoose's friend comes through!

Hang on a mo - there are MNers in Canada, no?

WilfShelf Mon 23-Aug-10 21:48:44

Well. I have just discovered that Copenhagen airport, where I shall be stopping over this week, has a Peak Performance. I shall have a recce and report back on Danish coats. The lengths I go to for you lot grin

<not showing off>
<well, maybe a leetle bit>

Habbibu Mon 23-Aug-10 21:51:11

Hmm - if we don't get hold of Wakefields, Wilf, it may all turn nasty. We ddidn't even know we wanted them before.

WilfShelf Mon 23-Aug-10 21:51:11

God, it's a bloody fashion shopping mall: they have a Burberry and a Belstaff also. Coat-tastic!

hatcam Mon 23-Aug-10 21:52:02

Peak Performance is lovely and super technical, lasts forever, but £££££££ and comes up very small! Have fun in Copenhagen, I once went there by mistake after a long weekend in Amsterdam (I was very young).

WilfShelf Mon 23-Aug-10 21:52:41

I have created a MONSTER


OMG I am so excited blush my merrell ava is due tomorrow and if I like it, I have an internet friend who lives in Canada who is happy to post a wakefield in perfect plum to me!!! I have just emailed merrell Canada to ask for internation shipping request or otherwise will order it and get it send to friend who will send it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee grin

DinahRod Mon 23-Aug-10 23:11:25


Katisha Mon 23-Aug-10 23:12:22

BUt why do you need two that are nearly the same?

I can send the ava back though for such a bargain price I may just keep (brown for pram walking, purple for work) as I had enough in pp fron ebay sales so that one is like for free grin but the purple just looks just what I want grin

MegBusset Mon 23-Aug-10 23:32:25

Who's got a Merrell Wakefield? Is it too warm for autumn? I've got a thick winter coat but need something for Sept-Nov...

Habbibu Mon 23-Aug-10 23:40:09

Nobody, Meg <weeps>. That's why we're all frantically trying to make friends in Canada.

WilfShelf Mon 23-Aug-10 23:43:19

calm calm calm ladies

We are just Brits and therefore ahead of game, wot with our No Fecking Summer and all... Fact is, that there are No Nice Coats means there must be a September heatwave after all. It is fate, innit?

MegBusset Mon 23-Aug-10 23:45:27

Oh, I've just seen Amidalwish has commented on hers below!

ki2 Tue 24-Aug-10 07:03:12

I've got one of these ponchos. Totally amazing as they cover you to your knees and you can wear it over a coat in the winter. Great for the school run. It's also genuinely waterproof, it's got seam taping plus the fabric is gorgeous. And they are stylish!!! www.rainwave.co.uk

MintyBadger Tue 24-Aug-10 07:47:31

<looks out of window>
ACE thread

A couple of years ago, I seriously contemplated trying to make my own waterproof warm winter knee-length coat. I realise this is mad, but I was desperate for something that genuinely repelled water (there's a lot of it after all) AND kept me warm but not sweaty, AND looked half-way decent.

This year I had planned to leave all research until a trip to France.

It's bloody dire in Britain, isn't it? I think because all the decision makers live in London and it's not as wet and there as west and north, plus they probably all think we're not interested in clothes on account of being yokels.

WilfShelf when you go to Copenhagen, can you see if Peak Performance are any good for women taller than about 5'4"? I find the waists on these coats end at the bottom of my ribs. (I'm fairly tall.) I'm hoping those Nordic types are all giants.

Celery Tue 24-Aug-10 08:25:03

I have the Wakefield ( bought last year. smug ). It probably is a bit warm for Autumn, cos it kept me snug and dry in January.

amidaiwish Tue 24-Aug-10 08:54:05

loving those rainwave ponchos!

Hm, ponchos look quite stylish, unfortunately as I am large of norkage, they make me look like the side of a bus, so it's a no from me.

<<daydreams about what Merrell may have on offer this year>>

I am now off to the shops in my 10+ year old North Face waterproof that is still sodden from yesterdays repeated drenchings. Oh, summer in Scotland, soooooo good for the complexion grin!

hmmSleep Tue 24-Aug-10 10:08:14

Thanks for rainwave poncho link, I have been searching for the perfect raincoat for years with no luck, throw the fact I am currently pregnant into the mix and I'd decided the drowned round rat luck was the way to go, but poncho! Will fit over bump very nicely (ponders whether it will also fit over baby sling once baby is out hmm.)

piratecat Tue 24-Aug-10 10:11:14

have bought a Belstaf esque type mac form Sainsbury, it's not waterproof, but it's cool as feck!!

hidden hood, in groovy collar. Sod it I will take a brolly.

Pacific - you need a Merrell in Scotland, I spent soooo long looking last year, because I was determined to be warm and dry on my car-less school run - it is well worth spending the money imho, I have a coat I wore all through winter and well into the cold spring that really kept me dry, just a pity it didn't cover my knees!

I think those ponchos look good but if you live anywhere that is slightly windy they wouldn't be very practical?

ki2 Tue 24-Aug-10 10:43:28

hmmmsleep not sure about wearing over baby!! but definitely a good one for the bump they've got a kimono? style which i might get aswell it's got sleeves and you can also wear it over a coat. I leave mine hanging on the buggy and sling it over whatever I'm wearing. has been worth every penny grin

hmmSleep, you need this grin!!

I am off to put damp shopping away, having stuffed my wet shoes with old newspaper and hung up dripping jacket.

Scroll down and admire the woman carrying two kids at once, btw!

Katisha Tue 24-Aug-10 11:19:38

Not sure about the Zaphod Beeblebrox look there...


You are not wrong there, Katisha!

KristinaM Tue 24-Aug-10 11:28:29

she must have a really strong back [admires]

My Merrell Ava is here and it is fab fab fab!!!! Just went to take a pic and add to my profile butcamera batteries are dea, will do one later.

I may not need to order the purple one from Canada now, it is very much a slim fit though, I have just lost 3 and a half stone and bought new size 12 jeans last week and this is 12-14 and thought maybe I should've got smaller ize (want to lose another stone or so) I would not have been able to zip it up if I were still a 14.

Even the brown colour and the wrap belt, I love it!!!!!!!!!

Katisha Tue 24-Aug-10 12:40:45

so what size is that carrie - a medium?

yes medium, was going to order small but that is 8-10 rather than a 10 so think maybe a bit snug - still BF so still have huge boobs to cram in grin. Actually may order it anyway then if I slim in it will sell this one. Hmmn, stil want a purple one though, am going to Taunton shopping on thurs so will look at the black wakefield (in xs grr) to compare the style.

brimfull Tue 24-Aug-10 13:51:39

well I went for the one wilfshelf linked to as cheap and not too ugly here

it comes up huuuuge and is great if you are going for the security guard look

Ooooohh, Ava looks nice too <<easily influenced>>

If you don't mind me asking, carrielou, what was your outlay for it? Deffo get the purple one. And envy at your weight loss smile.

I once had a thing for a security guard... <<remembers misspent yoof fondly>>

hmmSleep Tue 24-Aug-10 16:07:46

Ha, guess carrying 2 kids at once would balance you out a bit!

moragbellingham Tue 24-Aug-10 16:13:53

Bloody Norah, I've just remembered I have a friend in Toronto.....Candada - doh!

morag, is your friend prepared to post a Wakefield to random strangers?

Katisha Tue 24-Aug-10 18:12:41

Why don't we wait and see whether new stock for autumn actually does materialise first?

Thanks Pacific, I like to eat (a lot) whe pregnant and I have big babies!! Mine was thte ebay shop linked earlier so the Ava was 65 delivered. I would prefer purple even if it makes it more than twice the price <typical me> will try to do pics later but stressing a bit as first day back at work tomorrow <don't feel ready>

Ineedmorechocolatenow Sat 28-Aug-10 06:14:17

My Merrell Ava arrived and I'm sending it back... I look like Obi-Wan Kenobi..... sad

xAshx Sat 28-Aug-10 07:12:36

Great thread! Wilself, did you come across any Ilse Jacobsen at Copenhagen airport? I live in Copenhagen and they are awesome for wet weather gear (which we get A LOT of).

This would be my choice

Ilse Jacobsen

It's expensive here, so prices are not for the faint hearted but the quality is fab so a good investment buy. This site does deliver to the UK for about 15 quid.

I need a new down jacket for winter - don't suppose you fancy exploring those options??? Think the patagonia fiona is looking like my fave so far...

moragbellingham Sat 28-Aug-10 08:57:28

I will introduce my Canadian friend (if she's not already on it, being a Yorkshire lass originally)to mumsnet and show her the demand, she may want to start a cottage industry!

Pannacotta Sat 28-Aug-10 20:52:02

xAshx I love the Ilse Jacobsen coat you linked to.
I know someone travelling to Copenhagen airport soon, do you know if they stock that coat there?

Thecolour is good too, more flattering than black, esp in winter...

Katisha Sat 28-Aug-10 20:58:42

THat Danish coat IS nice. What is that in GBP?

flier Sat 28-Aug-10 21:55:00

I really like that Danish coat. It's around £154

UnePrune Sat 28-Aug-10 21:56:49

I have put the Danish one in my basket twice. I'm just iffy about the sizing. I measured myself and can't decide on the 40 or 42.
Also, it is pricey...but wow it would be great if it fitted as well as it looks like it might.

UnePrune Sat 28-Aug-10 21:57:41

Also: finally, that year of Norwegian at university was not entirely wasted grin I've waited twenty years to use it.

Katisha Sat 28-Aug-10 22:28:17

Does the hood zip away? Google translation isn't helping me here!

UnePrune Sat 28-Aug-10 22:34:16

It says the hood can be closed tight - don't know if that means Kenny-from-South-Park stylee, or if it's more idiomatic and means it can be closed away neatly or something.

Katisha Sat 28-Aug-10 22:35:51

Hmm. Suspect the former.

UnePrune Sat 28-Aug-10 22:37:21

Only a problem if you're buying it in orange.

xAshx Sun 29-Aug-10 07:54:04

I'm not sure if they have a shop at the airport. I'm there on Wed, so can check for you.

The hood pulls tight but doesn't fold away, if that helps.

It really is a fab coat and looks super on. Nice and fitted and the softshell is excellent. Last year they did a plum colour which was just heaven.

Go for it!

greedygoose Sun 29-Aug-10 20:28:46

UPDATE re Merrell wakefield in Canada!
My friend says they have quite a few in the colours Olive/Espresso/Black and are awaiting Plum (mmmm lush)very soon....She send me through sizing that looks pretty spot on. She reckons £160 translated into pounds (?posting) I think I am def going to go for it, should I ask her about posting a big order, or is this a crazy idea??! grin shock...

I also like the Ilse Jacobsen one, it looks quite long ? arse How warm is it?

I was wearing my Merrell Haven today, needed it, feeling baltic already in sunny Scotland.

I do apologise for the random use of arse in my previous post - I did write short arse referring to myself! blush

monkeysavingexpertdotcom Mon 30-Aug-10 23:57:00
WilfShelf Wed 01-Sep-10 09:33:04


CAn report that Peak Performance at Copenhagen airport has precisely ONE coat, a big fat green parka thingy. Very limited stock.

On the other hand, discovered a fab Malene Birger shop <no coats, but LOVELY grey-taupe long cardi...> who not only kindly hmm informed me they do do things in extra large, but also they are opening an online shop in October. Love her clothes; sadly cannot afford them.

Sorry. Slightly distracted from coat-quest. Must be nearly AW season now, surely?

sandytoes79 Wed 01-Sep-10 11:56:18


Just took delivery of black Merrell Wakefield which I bought from Shop on the Beach. Not sure if anyone is still looking for one?

They have black and plum versions here

Pretty limited stock though (one in each size when I just looked). Love the fit of the coat, almost wish it would rain!

moragbellingham Wed 01-Sep-10 12:02:02

Hi Sandytoes,

Is it remotely warm?

sandytoes79 Wed 01-Sep-10 12:24:23

It's hard to tell having not yet worn it outside (the postman has literally just come with it) but I wouldn't say warm as such- but there is a lining in it and the outer fabric feels pretty thick and like it will withstand a good bit of wind.

Time and weather will tell I guess...it's not warm like a padded coat would be, but I have room for a thick jumper. Size wise I'm a 10-12 normally and went for the medium which feels right- still flattering but with a bit of room.


moragbellingham Wed 01-Sep-10 12:27:43

That's the info I was after - thanks.
It didn't look padded in the pics, I'm after the holy grail I thinkwink

blossoming Wed 01-Sep-10 13:30:08

Thanks you lot, now I'm lusting after this one, and it says low stock. Anyone know what the sizing is like with Barbour?
And before this I was (almost) happy with my stadium squall!

Oh, Sandytoes, thanks for your post, I may just need to buy a Wakefield NOW - or should I wait to see what offerings they have in the A/W collection??


chunglimum Wed 01-Sep-10 21:06:13

I got the Merrell Wakefield last year (smug emoticon) and it is fab, really long sleeves, sooo waterproof.

Now, what I'm looking for is the same thing for DD who is about to start school and has a mile-long walk. Everything for kids seems to be waterproof but short or knee-length but not waterproof. Anyone got any ideas?

brimfull Wed 01-Sep-10 21:19:50
Pannacotta Wed 01-Sep-10 21:51:08

How long is the Merrell Wakefield, it doesn't say on the websites linked to?

Also do you think it would be ok, style/fit wise, for someone with no waist to speak of?


balijay Fri 03-Sep-10 11:43:01

Some decent coats for those looking on www.countryhouseoutdoor.co.uk, in particular http://www.countryhouseoutdoor.co.uk/product.php?i=575. Alas no Merrell Wakefields at the moment!

I have just picked up one of http://www.ccwclothing.com/shop/cuckoo-waterproof-jacket/ but in cream from my local shop (Scats - not sure if it is nationwide?)

balijay Fri 03-Sep-10 11:47:56

Ok so my links don't work blush but the coats I am talking about are the Aigle Every Warm jacket and the one I bought today is the Aigle Cuckoo jacket - seems really good though have yet to roadtest it.

chunglimum Fri 03-Sep-10 18:45:05

ggirl, thanks for that link - the girl's parka could be just what we're looking for.

Pannacotta - the Wakefield is 94 cm from the bottom of the hood to the hem in the XL size. Not sure about the fit really, I'm not much good at that sort of thing, sorry.

I have just bought this
www.surfmountain.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=36274 in green/olive and I love it. In the sale for £105.

Not sure it will be warm in the depths of an icy January but looks great, has lots of nifty pockets, a detachable hood and is totally waterproof.

I wouldn't have ever realised I needed a jacket like this if I hadn't found this thread wink

I've now just ordered a wakefield in plum!!! I do think it is going to be too big as they only had large left and my ava in M and perfect fit - warm coat and lighterweight waterproof coat sorted I think but if too big will sell it to anyone on here if they would like it!!!!

HouseOfBamboo Sun 05-Sep-10 11:52:40

Does anyone know if the Wakefield's arms can be rolled up at all? I've got pretty stumpy limbs, so sleeves are generally too long on coats etc, grr.

You can't on the merrell ava as the sleeves have a inner cuff to keep out water etc but being a thicker insulated coat, will let you know when the wakefield comes if it is the same.

I need the length, always buy elbow lenght gloves to cover the gap from long arms/short sleeves!!!

Millie1 Sun 05-Sep-10 15:01:23

Blossoming - that Barbour is gorgeous! smile

traceybath Sun 05-Sep-10 15:05:27

I have ordered this barbour

Its not properly water-proof more resistant but am going to spray it upon man in barbour shop's advice.

I also wear a rain hat as don't do hoods.

I find though I need a lighter coat like this one and then have a timberland duvet coat for when its really cold.

And when I'm grown-up and don't have mucky small children I will wear a proper wool coat.

I have vague memories of Barbour jackets being rather sweatty, non? I just cannot get into the spirit of them.
The Anya Hindmarch one is rather swish, but a bit short for my needs as a resident of sunny Scotland hmm.

And snort at 'when I'm grown up' grin - I so know what you mean <dreams of a time when all shoes do not need to be slip-ons to allow putting them on with small child on hip>>

traceybath Sun 05-Sep-10 15:22:28

Yes if I had a smart job - this would be my coat.

I stroked it a bit yesterday in shop - very lovely but I would need to get it cleaned once a week.

I am loving barbour though although like the wakefield that has been linked to lots.

Bought the boden mac about 2 years ago - navy with yellow lining. Utterly vile but I was post-natal/fat and had lost my way.

Habbibu Sun 05-Sep-10 16:11:55

Argh! How did I miss the wakefield at SOTB???? They've only got s and L in black - can someone tell me what fit is like? I'm size 12 jeans, 10 ish top- will the S not work on my hips, por w big jumpers?

Habbibu Sun 05-Sep-10 16:22:55

Or do I just get the brown? Come on, people, I have the lurgy and cannot think for myself.

Habbibu Sun 05-Sep-10 16:40:10

<drums fingers>

Katisha Sun 05-Sep-10 17:01:21

I reckon you want the medium. It's a winter coat - you will be wearing jumpers etc.

Katisha Sun 05-Sep-10 17:01:57

I am just going on their size guide, where a 12 is a medium...

Habbibu Sun 05-Sep-10 17:03:31

Thanks for replying. Think I will go for the brown - prob better with jeans & boots, etc anyway. Saw a veru cheap olive, but just can't get army surplus out of my head.

Katisha Sun 05-Sep-10 17:14:35

Yes I have just ordered the Large in brown.I fancied the olive but I'm glad you said army surplus - helps me feel I didn't really prefer it! My last coat was brown and I felt like a change but I thought I might as well go for it as it's not clear whether loads more of the wakefields will reappear come the autumn or not...

Habbibu Sun 05-Sep-10 17:23:45

Done it. You're right, it's not at all clear whether they'll be in again or not. The olive may be lovely, but on the sheactive page it just didn't look right. Shame, as it's cheap!

No, no, honestly, my olive coat if lovely and not at all 'army surplus'. Honest smile

Habbibu Mon 06-Sep-10 14:15:41

Gah. Well, the brown one is ordered. Hope it arrives now.

HouseOfBamboo Mon 06-Sep-10 15:09:49

Thanks Carrielou smile Hmm, may not be the coat for me then, the search goes on...

Zoidberg Tue 07-Sep-10 12:12:01

Please can someone tell me if there's anywhere I can get a Merrell Wakefield as everywhere I've looked at is out of stock? Just when I decided it is The coat for me argh. Need a large, black.

Available here, but only in brown now, I think.

odetothewestwind Tue 07-Sep-10 13:12:33

Was forced to don my brand new Merrell Wakefield (black) this morning due to monsoon weather! I am happy to report that it is fabulous - totally water repellent and definitely a very good buy.

Habbibu Tue 07-Sep-10 14:24:08

My brown wakefield arrived this morning and it's gorgeous - darker than I'd expected - proper dark chocolate brown. And it's pissing down BUT I have nasty lurgy and can't go out. Goddamit.

Wilf - you star. This is a great thread.

Zoid - just seen 2 large black in stock at shop on the beach! Be quick!

Katisha Tue 07-Sep-10 16:03:45

OOH when I get home maybe mine will have come as well!

Ha, ordered mine (in brown) today!

Will now not move from front door until it is delivered.

Could have used one this morning....

sandytoes79 Tue 07-Sep-10 16:19:07

Dammit- weather still sunny here so cannot yet don the wakefield smile

My wakefield in plum came today and it totally fabulous, the coat I have been looking for for pram pushing!!! It is way way way too big though so am going to ring thm tomorrow to see how I can change the size, even with a jumper/over suit for work. Lovely colour, easy to move in, I am super duper impressed with it!!!

Habbibu Tue 07-Sep-10 21:41:30

Shop on the Beach are good. Really speedy.

WilfShelf Tue 07-Sep-10 21:44:07

<genuflects @ Habs>

Habbibu Tue 07-Sep-10 21:46:05

<flings arms round Wilf> You need to develop a career in showing people what they actually really do need. And then finding it for them. Do you tthink SOTB are puzzled by the run on Wakefields?

Katisha Tue 07-Sep-10 22:29:03

Mine hasn't come harrumph.

Habbibu Tue 07-Sep-10 22:30:25

That's odd - you can't be much further from Cornwall than I am.

WilfShelf Tue 07-Sep-10 22:37:06

You saying I should work in <whispers> advertising rather than academe?

<runs screaming and clutching moral compass>

Habbibu Tue 07-Sep-10 22:41:20

No, no, you miss my point! Advertising tries to persuade people to buy things they don't need, e.g. Dettol no-touch soap. But this thread has crystallised a need v clearly.

Just marking my place on this thread for any developments - any cheap developments as I can't justify £100 odd on a coat!

Who would like to unpack my Wakefield with me grin??
It has just arrived!

<<skips off to get scissors>>

Habbibu Wed 08-Sep-10 12:21:42

Ooh, exciting. I'm slightly havering about size - need to try again.

Pannacotta Wed 08-Sep-10 12:24:32

carrielou what size is your Wakefield? I wanted the plum (im medium) but didnt order in time and not they only have XS left...

Well, peeps, it is LUSH! I am a very happy lady and feel I owe a great debt of gratitude to WilfSell, thank you for this thread! I did not even know that Merrell did clothes at all...

Anyhoo, I am a size 14 5'6'', ample of bosom and short of leg (thanks, Dad!). I ordered a Large from SOTB and it is about right, I think. Sleeves are long, but there is a tightening thingy and as there is nothing worse than short sleeves I am ok with that. The material looks really... well, not outdoorsy, matt and has a woven look to it. First waterproof jacket I have ever owned that does not look like it belongs up some mountain grin. The espresso brown is warm and dark and I like. 2 cosy moleskin pockets, useful inside pocket, all with zips.

WilfSell, would you like my firstborn or rather the ickle DS4? You name your price.

Habbibu Wed 08-Sep-10 12:43:17

That's what I thought about the material too. The colour is much nicer than in pictures. Really wish I could try on a small - can't decide if it would be just too tight on hips.

Zoidberg Wed 08-Sep-10 13:19:17

Oh thank you thank you I have ordered a Wakefield, and sprung for next day delivery as I can't wait will be at home.

Hurrah for this thread grin

Habbibu Wed 08-Sep-10 13:21:37

Oh, good stuff, zoid. was hoping you wouldn't miss out.

Habbibu Wed 08-Sep-10 13:22:35

Trying to picture the scene at SOTB. "You know those coats we've had for ages, so put on sale? Well..."

Zoidberg Wed 08-Sep-10 13:29:59

I was on the verge of emailing Merrell direct and wondering if others had and what they'd make of it there. I wonder if they are aware of this thread?

Habbibu Wed 08-Sep-10 13:32:00

Have emailed Merrell - they weren't terribly helpful - said wait to see if it's in Autumn/Winter collection. I live in Scotland. It's most assuredly autumn now.

Katisha Wed 08-Sep-10 14:05:51

I emailed Merrell and they never bothered to answer...

WilfShelf Wed 08-Sep-10 15:38:38

I emailed Merrell too <sniff> and no bloody reply which given I have given them SO MUCH FREE PUBLICITY <shouting> is a bit off. I expect a free coat, at least grin

Still haven't found one meself, but hoping to lose a bit of weight (when I shift this blardy cough) but if Merrell are feeling generous, size 14, plum, would inspire me to lose weight quicker!

And pacificdogwood, er, thanks and all but...

<runs from room screaming 'no more fecking children...'>

UnePrune Wed 08-Sep-10 15:44:47

I emailed North Face once about the Grace coat only available in the US (to say 'we are crying out for longish raincoats here') and I was told there wasn't much of a market in Britain shock

Granted, a few threads on MN doesn't constitute 'a market' but it does show that there is at least some need hmm

Katisha Wed 08-Sep-10 16:27:42

Habbibu did you do next day delivery on your wakefield?

Habbibu Wed 08-Sep-10 16:28:47

No - think it came next day though. Could check in thread but I Am Ill.

Katisha Wed 08-Sep-10 16:30:31


<wonders whether to start worrying>

<<disappointed as was hoping to get rid of find good home for some annoying surplus children>>

Well, thanks, Wilf, anyway smile

Merrell UK told me that Wakefields will not come back into stock, but surely they must offer some kind of replacement?

And yes, Habbibu, I agree Scottish autumn has most certainly arrived, but today of course blinding sunshine and 20+ degrees...

<<wails 'I want to try my jacket'>>

Habbibu Wed 08-Sep-10 16:34:01

So MN can influence the outcome of a general election, but not get a coat in stock in the UK?

Well, but MN did not influence the general election in the way I wanted though, harumph wink.

Maybe we can do better on the jacket front?
Shall we email this thread to Mr Merrell?

MelonCauli Wed 08-Sep-10 17:13:36

I have ordered a Wakefiled in black smile. Not that I am heavily influenced by what a bunch of anonymous people on the internet say, or anything like that.

Habbibu Wed 08-Sep-10 17:16:19

God no. We're all so ver' individual here.

blossoming Wed 08-Sep-10 17:52:18

Well I have found my holy grail too, ladies! It is the stylish, waterproof, bumcovering, hooded barbour cameron in black.

It arrived and is a bit on the big size, so I've ordered a size down to compare. Pricey, yes, but should last a good few Welsh winters.

Thanks again to wilf for the thread (poor old abandoned stadium squall..!)

Katisha Wed 08-Sep-10 20:55:10

Ooh hang on - neighbour has turned up with a parcel...

WilfShelf Wed 08-Sep-10 23:18:56

Heh heh, I expect a well-groomed American lady in a boxy Lands End twin set with elasticated tapered trousers will rock up at my door, pull out a silencer, screw it onto her gun and shoot me dead some time soon. Course, if Lands End wanted to corner a market...

Katisha Wed 08-Sep-10 23:30:23

I am sitting here in my new Merrell Wakefield (espresso brown.)

Am v pleased. It's warm, smart, slim and fits round my hips (which was a worry from the picture!)

The arms are immensely long though, and I am a tallish person. My only disappointment is that the hood has to come off completely rather than fold away under a zip, and that it's a bit of a faff getting the hood on and off - you'd have to decide in advance that it was going to rain really.

And I have had to get DH to explain the mystery of the toggle thing at the back of the hood.

Well Wilf this is your fault. A couple of weeks ago I didn't know I needed one of these, but I am glad to have got it. SURELY there is a market in Britain for these things?

Habbibu Thu 09-Sep-10 09:15:05

you're mning in your wakefield? hardcore.

Katisha, toggle thing at back of hood is to tighten the hood around your face so a gust of wind will not blow it down - they have thought of everything!
And surely hood will need to be permanently attached to protect against sudden showers, non? Well, mine will stay attached anyway <<eyes up grey grey sky>>

And ROFL at 'well-groomed American lady' with silencer grin

Orangesarenottheonlyfruit Thu 09-Sep-10 09:58:15

Just to say that you soooo much for this thread. I have been on the lookout for a waterproof but nice coat for ages and have just been wearing my husband's old ski jacket and feeling very unglam, but now with my new brown wakefield, I can whizz off on the school run in style. Thank you ladies!

Katisha Thu 09-Sep-10 11:17:36

I did take it off to go to bed though...

Habbibu Thu 09-Sep-10 12:19:00

HaHa! Just rang shop on the beach as I'd forgotten pw, etc, to order a small to compare sizing. Charming woman I was talking to told me they were flying out of the door, even though they weren't even on the shelves yet. "Aha!" said I "I can tell you why that is..."

I did also say that SOTB were getting a good press - think the online service is v good, and the woman I just spoke to was great. She was just putting windbreaks outside. Which made me rather want to be there...

Katisha Thu 09-Sep-10 13:39:57

DOes that mean they are getting more in then?

Habbibu Thu 09-Sep-10 14:05:33

Don't know - should have asked, shouldn't I?

I have failed the thread.


BubsMaw Thu 09-Sep-10 14:14:47

For the kids waterproofs I found this website...


The waterproofs I ordered 2 days ago are not here yet, so I can't comment on timeliness of delivery, but their range of products is great, I'm coveting one of their cute snowsuits for DS.

I never get round to buying clothes for myself, I'm still wearing my oversized Berghaus from 5 years ago, and a well worn cream fleece that I've been intending to replace for over 2 years. Last new shoes were bought perhaps 3 years ago! I love shopping for the kids though as the clothes are much cuter, and if they don't fit now I only have to wait a few months and all will be well. I've got odd dimensions and struggle to find clothes that fit me well.

BubsMaw Thu 09-Sep-10 14:17:45

Just googles the wakefield, was curious... that is a nice coat!!

I have coat envy!

NoSleepTillWeaning Thu 09-Sep-10 14:19:58

All you wakefield experts...

How big/small is the sizing? Generous or tight do you reckon? Am hovering between 10 and 12 after lurking on here. I usually am a 10 but am still bigger after DC3 and usually buy coats in a 12 anyway to make space for jumpers etc.

And do you think SOTB will get any more black ones in? Not convinced about the brown for me as will be wearing to cycle to work and most of my work clothes are black...

Many thanks and apoplogies if I've missed the answers somewhere in the thread previously.

Habbibu Thu 09-Sep-10 14:28:04

Nosleep, that's my quandary atm. My guess would be that the small would be better for you. I'm a 10 on top, 12ish on hips and the medium is feeling quite loose on top, and while not loose at the hips I'm wondering if I might get away with the small - have ordered one to see, and will send one back.

Feel bad about not asking SOTB. They're very nice if you phone, though!

Just checked - there is one small black in stock.

NoSleepTillWeaning Thu 09-Sep-10 14:40:11

Doh. Cross posted while I went sod it and ordered a M brown.....

Wait now until it comes or try to change. Arrrrrgh.

Habbibu Thu 09-Sep-10 14:42:31

Ring and ask what they think! (And then you can ask if they're getting more in). The woman who runs the internet side isn't in today, though, and so I'm not sure they could change your order. So if you want the small black I'd just order it anyway, and return whichever one doesn't work.

I don't think that the sizing is huge - it probably depends on your proportions more than anything else.

<<strokes her Wakefield, still on display in the kitchen blush>>

My name is PacificDogwood and I am a-kneelength-waterproof saddo grin

Habbibu Thu 09-Sep-10 14:45:46

My problem is I've lost weight, so am just not sure of my size atm. The M just feels a bit loose on top on me. But then the S may be too snug at the hips.

NoSleepTillWeaning Thu 09-Sep-10 14:49:03

They said only tina can help and to ring back tomorrow. Think I will do as you suggest and order S black, then decide. After all return postage can't be much more than parking/ bus to go shopping in town.

NoSleepTillWeaning Thu 09-Sep-10 14:51:59

Done! Will let you know how the sizes compare...

Zoidberg Thu 09-Sep-10 17:58:11

Size wise, I have a large (as of about 2pm today, was so ridiculously excited at the postwoman) and I'm about a 16 (well 14 bottom and 12 top in places like Kew and White Stuff) and it's snug, as I expected, certainly wouldn't do it up much below the waist. But for me is fine as I'm on a downward trend weight-wise and I certainly want this coat for a few years.

justaminute Fri 10-Sep-10 10:35:50

I've come to kiss at the feet of WilfShelf smile

I've been lurking, wondering whether to succumb to the powers of the Wakefield and i'm so pleased I did.

I have long arms so usually struggle to find suitable coats but not a problem with this one at all. I'm 12 top 14/16 bottom so went for the large in brown - the top is a bit loose but I think with a winter jumper it will be OK.

I ordered from SOTB on Tuesday night it was here Thursday morning - fab service.

Now off to find some brown boots.....

netbook Fri 10-Sep-10 11:12:01

God I'm such a sucker for threads like this (any one feel that the wakefield is this years fly boots?)

I'm a 14/16 with bust, would a large be ok. The US website says that L is for uk sizing 16/18 but I'm not sure based on what people have been posting.

Chamomile Fri 10-Sep-10 12:06:19

I would think a L would be fine for 14/16.
I have the Wakefield in XL and it is actually a bit tight across the bust but I am size 18 .I certainly couldn't get a jumper under it but I like the fact it is a more fitted shape.

Habbibu Fri 10-Sep-10 12:59:27

Well, I got the small today, and it's better for me than the M - couldn't do much in the way of bulky jumpers, but thin layers would be fine.

Zoidberg Fri 10-Sep-10 13:32:52

justaminute - you can have my brown boots as I'm going to have to get black now smile

ooh ladies!

I got a Merrell Haven last year (brown) and love it. not sure what to do about washing it/if it needs rewaterproofing so if anyone (eg fiveorangepips grin) has any idea i would love ot know.

am now lusting after this holy grail of coats - wakefield but am sure i cannot justify the cost

re sizing. last year i was a 16 and got L. I am down to a 14 (more to go though) and when i tried it on just now the L is still good to i would say 14-16 =L for sure.

how did i miss this thread>

Katisha Fri 10-Sep-10 14:52:20

I would say that the Large is a size 14 round the hips, but then I always have issues with my hips being large compared to waist and rest of body. So it may be fine for a normal shaped person...
I do slightly wonder who the designers had in mind when doing the incredibly long sleeves though!

HouseOfBamboo Fri 10-Sep-10 16:38:38

I succumbed, despite the sleeve issue. Now I have a dilemma. Great coat, and generally fits okay, but when I hang my arms down by my side you can't even see my FINGERTIPS let alone my hand sad

I'm also slightly concerned that it's cut a bit high under the arms for really chunky jumpers. But I can probably get over that (especially as it's September and chunky jumpers can be conveniently forgotten about for now).

I'm just going to have to grow longer arms so I can keep it, aren't I.

netbook Fri 10-Sep-10 16:58:52

Thanks, I emailed SOTB to ask them if they are getting any more in and they 'should be' and did I want to reserve one, so now what colour. I'm thinking purple.

Thinks there's a good chance there will be more in as the Wakefield is still on the US website.

Katisha Fri 10-Sep-10 17:07:33

Oh Lord - shoudl I hang on for an olive one now?

Pannacotta Fri 10-Sep-10 17:20:37

I bought a Wakefield in brown (medium) and it doesn't fit me so if anyone wants a brown coat in medium just let me know...

netbook Fri 10-Sep-10 17:23:09

FFS they said there 'should be'

I was very impressed, it only took them 40 minutes to reply to my email.

Katisha Fri 10-Sep-10 17:35:52

Well yes but it's like waving another bonio at a dog isn't it! He'll want that one instead/as well!

HouseOfBamboo Fri 10-Sep-10 18:19:45

Well I think that settles my dilemma - DH said it was 'slimming'. < googles arm stretching exercises >

Also - if any Merrell coat designers are reading this - please make the next incarnation just a little bit more nipped in at the waist and a bit more flarey. Oh, and do an arm length in laydee, not orangutan. Cheers.

Katisha Fri 10-Sep-10 18:23:35

I concur with everything you say Bamboo

Pannacotta Fri 10-Sep-10 18:42:29

I thought the arm length was fine but they were too loose/wide, they flapped about on me.

HouseOfBamboo Fri 10-Sep-10 19:08:12

To be fair I DO have stumpy arms, sleeves are usually too long on me. Prob not helped by the fact that it's in a large size.

Katisha Fri 10-Sep-10 19:14:31

Well I am 5'9 and my arms are not short! But these sleeves are really long even so. Not so bad that it looks ridiculous though.

HouseOfBamboo Fri 10-Sep-10 19:19:08

Ah I feel a bit less stumpy better now Katisha grin

WilfShelf Fri 10-Sep-10 19:34:06

Well I have the arms of a knuckle dragger so should be fine on me grin

Right. If you can reserve from SOTB I am going to email them right now. I think they should give me special dispensation.

Habbibu Fri 10-Sep-10 20:05:48

Wilf, you should own up to being the originator of this rush. And then ask if they'll consider discounts for MNers - after waxing lyrical about how we've waxed lyrical about their (genuinely splendid) customer service.

earlyriser Fri 10-Sep-10 21:08:30

I got a Merrell Ava jacket which is insulated as well as waterproof. It is very cosy but won't be wearing it til the temp drops a bit yet. Was a bargain at about £70 (amazon doing it for £80)

HouseOfBamboo Fri 10-Sep-10 21:15:41

Wilf - you deserve a free set of a Wakefields in every colour I reckon grin

BeehiveBaby Sat 11-Sep-10 07:59:00

I have very short arms and prefer something 'blouson-ier'....has this gap one unredeemably frumpy? Am I to assume that this M&S one won't be that waterproof?

saucetastic Sat 11-Sep-10 08:28:51

Does anyone have this one? I'm wondering how it comes up?

amidaiwish Sat 11-Sep-10 08:40:07

my wakefield is fine arm-length wise confused
i have had a lot of compliments this week from the "school run mums" but i haven't told them the name/brand - oh no!!!

i bought a S and i don't think i'll get much more than a thin fleece under it. maybe i should have gone for medium... though then maybe the top would be too big and sleeves giant. will just have to make sure i don't get any bigger!

bubble2bubble Sat 11-Sep-10 16:17:48

beehivebaby I got the Gap one as it works out at £50 ish with the 15% discount.

Not bad at all for the money - you can make it quite fitted at the waist as it has those button & elastic things like you get on kids trousers.
Quite long - I am 5 9" and it's only a couple of inches above my knee.
Not exactly glam and quite parka - ish - drawstring at the hem & and the hood is voluminous - probably not great in traffic, BUT amazingly waterproof. I have just been out for a couple of hours in SERIOUS downpour and am completely dry so very chuffed indeed grin

Beehive Baby - I bought that M&S one in the silvery-grey this week. Its shower-proof (I wore it in the rain this week) and wind-proof. I was pretty warm in it but it is a transitional coat - not a winter one. I am still debating getting a Merrell (if and when any stock turns up the UK) for the tough dark snowy days of mid-winter.

In the mean time, I have had compliments on the M&S one and I am very happy with it.

justaminute Sun 12-Sep-10 11:17:42

** News flash****

I was in London yesterday, went into the Cotswold Outdoor clothing store near Covent Garden and they had a whole rack of brown wakefields in store in S, M & L.

<envisages a stampede of mumsnetters into London>

Effing hell. I was in CG today....dammit..

Thankyou justaminute


MegBusset Sun 12-Sep-10 20:50:49

I've just ordered the Gap anorak, seems like good value, hopefully will keep me going through autumn and maybe I'll get a Wakefield in time for winter!

Same in the Cotswold branch along High Holborn (nr Chancery Lane). Went in on a whim to see if they had the holy grail and they did - a rack in brown - all sizes. Interestingly they had them on numerical hangers and 14=L.

nice coat though def not as warm and my merell Haven.

as warm as i mean. duh. typos.

NoSleepTillWeaning Tue 14-Sep-10 13:08:19

Got my wakefields today (they actually came the day after ordering but I wasn't in to sign.) luckily my lovely 86 yr old neighbour spotted the postie this morning and nabbed them for me. They are lovely.

Definitely the M for me, the S is a small 10 I would say, tight across the shoulders on me (which I assume haven't got fatter post baby) and the bottom ( which I can blame on the baby).

So I personally would suggest going bigger if you are not sure on size. Of course I may be deluding myself that I am a size 10 wink.

So the S black is going back to SOTB - unless anyone else desperately wants it!

cherylvole Tue 14-Sep-10 16:44:23

have ordered a lands end duve tcoat with FUR

Deux Tue 14-Sep-10 18:38:47

Love this thread. Those who have bought the Wakefield, do you think it will be warm enough for deep winter,snow and frost?

Really don't know what to do. Anyone got the Merrell Nakiska, a long belted down coat?

I'm 5'4" and really need something that goes in at the waist otherwise I look like a pudding. Had a traumatising experience with a Land's End Stadium Squall ....


HouseOfBamboo Tue 14-Sep-10 19:01:27

Hmm, I was wondering that. And hoping that it is made of some sort of magically warm fibre that not only repels all water but repels all cold too. Maybe it won't though hmm

BeehiveBaby Tue 14-Sep-10 19:19:43

Thanks Bubble and Duchess...will go and try both on tomorrow smile

Deux Tue 14-Sep-10 19:20:17

Me too. I suppose I am looking for the Wakefield but with a zip out super warm inner layer.

I'm thinking of something like the Gap anorak that was linked to for autumn and spring then some sort of slimline down coat for deep winter. Or I could risk my granny's fur coat (and no knickers) grin

Just posting again to keep in threads I'm on. I'm soooo tempted, but can't really afford it. Am going to be on maternity leave with a toddler and a newborn this winter though, so the question is, can I afford not to?

Is the Wakefield generally considered the best on offer? When is the new Merrell stuff coming out?

I have both the wakefield and the ava, wore my wakefield today for the first time and fab fab fab. Not a warm coat no, but I have the ava for cold and wet winter. Great pram pushing coats and also felt like a smart lady wearing it over a suit today for work. Size wise I would say they are small, mine are both a M I would say 10-12 rather than a 12. Not sure about the super long sleeves, only just long enough for me but I am a tall-ie smile

rosie07 Tue 14-Sep-10 20:31:08

Having just read this thread bought a plum Merrell Wakefield from SOTB and it arrived today - it is perfect and completely fulfills the need for playground coat. Thanks ladies great advice! Interestingly the sleeves werent too long and Im pretty short!

MegBusset Tue 14-Sep-10 21:28:18

My Gap anorak arrived today and it is absolutely ridiculously HUGE (I ordered a small, I'm 5ft 3in and a size 8-10). Could take the whole family camping in it. Called to try to exchange for XS but none in stock so sending it back for a refund and back to the drawing board

Honeydragon Tue 14-Sep-10 21:48:23

Would this justify being the acceptable poor cousin of the wakefield?

on account I am
c)like more room under the arms

<<waits to be shouted at>>

alittlebitshy I have failed to wash mine, I keep thinking of it and then get distracted, must have a wee look at the instructions! It is nice to meet a fellow haven fan.

I luff mine, wish it was knee length, but it makes up for that in warmth and sheer waterproof brilliance, I feel like rain and water and ducks backs all come to mind when I think of it, combined with the feeling of wearing an electric blanket. I would hesitate to buy a wakefield now, knowing the haven is so toasty, though if I lived in warmer climes maybe it would be fine. The wakefield does look more slimming and it is knee length...

I did get the Fly boots last year to go with my merrell haven, okay they were £40 and the haven was £124 I think, but the boots are useless fashion items, I cannot wear them in the rain, I can't even walk through wet grass without my toes getting wet - so if I was jumping on an mn bandwagon merrell would get my vote every time.

Katisha Tue 14-Sep-10 23:49:48

That regatta looks quite nice Honeydragon - just a bit on the short side I suppose compared to the Wakefield.

I think the Wakefield probably won't be warm enough for deepest Jan/Feb if it's anything like last year, but I have a standby and deeply unfashionable duvet-type coat for that eventuality which I got from <whispers> Cotton Traders and which was jolly good in the snow last year...

Honeydragon Wed 15-Sep-10 07:31:02

<<whispers>> I liked the Wakefield but as the dog often accompanies me to town I need something that can survive repeated cleaning on the right hand side, so I have to put practicality over <<checks no one else is looking>> style.

SharonGless Wed 15-Sep-10 08:10:35

If anyone is after a Merrell Haven they are advertising them in GoOutdoors here

Am hanging on to see what the new autumn/winter range will be like

suze2 Wed 15-Sep-10 10:19:23

Love this thread - thanks for all the advice! I'm off to try on a Merrell Haven at my local Cotswold Outdoor shop (Can't get there till next week though...). Just spoke to the lady in the shop - they are getting a delivery in today. I'd prefer to try on in a shop to make sure I get the right size - I could be a S or an M looking at the size chart. Looks like it ticks all the boxes for warmth, and that's my main criteria!

KristinaM Wed 15-Sep-10 10:34:32

landsend have new cloud cover coat here

£130, comes in black, poo brown, completely impratcical beige and dubious looking checks

have not seen it in RL

claims to be waterproof and landsend usually good quality although lacking style

not a very flattering photo even on slim model

carrieelou, is the Ava more padded/warmer than the Wakefield? I do have ridiculously warm Mountain Hardware down jacket for the harshest of winter temperatures which makes me look like the Michelin Man grin and is not waterproof. So maybe I could justify an Ava for inbetween?? <<cunning plan>>

Katisha Thu 16-Sep-10 15:05:02

Actually I don't want my Wakefield any more.

I want this instead

ooh katisha that is snuggly. but i am a shorty so would look silly in something that long.

pacificdogwood the ava is insulated, same stuff as the haven by the looks of it, so it will be warm and waterproof, it looks quite long as well, so it would possibly be slimming and keep a little bit more of the rain off!

BeehiveBaby Thu 16-Sep-10 20:12:25

I like that Regetta one, but I am so short it would probably be plenty long enough for me. I bought the last Gap one in the Manchester store and love it, so much nicer in real life but sizing truely huge. I am a petite 14 but 7 months pregnant and am very comfy in a small with a wool layer underneath! Checked out Marks and Spencers too and there were a million different raincoats including petites, plenty nice but not warm.

a pricey barbour for those still looking, it is quilted, so should be warm?

this looks warm it is waterproof filled with duck down and feather but not the usual quilted style, though it may still be quite unflattering?

and this is cheaper but again not very stylish, sorry.

MegBusset Fri 17-Sep-10 11:38:09

Saw this in Oasis just now, looked very nice (got detachable lining) but will it be waterproof??

Katisha Fri 17-Sep-10 11:42:24

Shop on the Beach have emailed to say that Wakefields in brown, plum and black will be in soon.

Deux Fri 17-Sep-10 12:40:07

I have just bought a 'storm wear' jacket from M & S. Water reppellant. This picture doesn't really do it justice and I wouldn't have bought it on the basis of this photo.

It is really lovely on mostly because you can pull the waist toggle in. The one I bought is not petite. It's here

Not sure yet whether to keep it as it does seem quite light. Going to try it on and wander around the garden or something to test for warmth. Comes just above the knee and I thought the fit was quite snug for M & S.

WilfShelf Fri 17-Sep-10 12:51:46
odetothewestwing Fri 17-Sep-10 12:57:58

LOL Wilf, that is brilliant!!! Very well deserved. I must admit, I am loving my Wakefield, it has changed my life grin

trixymalixy Fri 17-Sep-10 17:27:54

I had my heart set on the Barbour Cameron that someone linked to. I tried it on today but just didn't fit me well at all. Not good for big boobs.

Might have to give the Wakefield a try instead, from sotb of course!!

Habbibu Sat 18-Sep-10 16:32:56

Adding another coat to the mix: North Face Lauren. But I think I also need a winter coat. For snow, n' stuff. Do we need a new thread?

Habbibu Sat 18-Sep-10 19:42:54

Am quite smitten with this for v cold snowiness. But the price...

JumpJockey Sat 18-Sep-10 21:29:36

OK, I have just read this thread from start to finish as I need a coat like this, my Rab down jacket is toasty but utterly un-waterproof and I'm stuck wearing DH's old hiking jacket.

BUT as I'm up the duff and about to get massive until Feb, any advice from you sage ladies on what to do? The coat of the Gods-- Wakefield does look pretty fab, but where exactly is the waist - might it work in an empire-line kind of way? (yes, I'm that desperate...!)

Habbibu Sat 18-Sep-10 21:32:59

No, not really - it's a proper waist level waist. you could always make it a post-pg treat!

Fulltimeworkingmummy Sun 19-Sep-10 10:43:01

Hi everyone,

First post, but have been reading this thread with anticipation for some time!

I managed to get hold of a Merrell Wakefield a few weeks ago, but I am not as impressed as others. It is a great jacket, but it not the answer to all my problems. I walk about 1/2 mile Nursery, 1/2 mile to train station then about 1 mule to work, quite briskly.

Yes it is very smart (I wear it to work) and waterproof (I spilt a water bottle on it in my car and the water just pooled on the surface!)

BUT, I don't find it breathable and I get very sweaty, the sleeves are too long and have no cuffs (to stop rain drips going up your sleeve) and its not warm at all. I have been wearing it this week and I have been freezing. It has a thin lining but is not insulated. I have a medium and I am a standard 12. There is not much room underneath to wear more than a jumper and the bigger size will dwarf me - I am only 5ft 2"

Having said that, I will prob keep it for use in the spring and I will get a couple more weeks out of it now, before it gets too cold. Or I might get rid shock

I am going to have to find something warmer for winter. I have tried on the North Face Stella Grace and that is nice but not convinced, so still on the look out!

Hope this review helps and gives a different angle on the Merrell Wakefield Jacket

halster Sun 19-Sep-10 11:09:04

I love my Wakefield!! - bought it last year from www.sheactive.co.uk for only £75 so worth keeping an eye on that store. Incidently they are selling the Merrel Haven for only £100 here XS only though.

By the way the Wakefield is fantastic but is in no way warm enough for the dead of winter. Might have to splurge on the Haven .....

happymostofthetime Sun 19-Sep-10 13:23:59

Hi following this thread avidly found a stockist for havens going on Friday to try on does anyone have this one

happymostofthetime Sun 19-Sep-10 13:26:21

try link again
((http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk aberdeen-p164599)

happymostofthetime Sun 19-Sep-10 13:27:13

Give up!! why am I so hopeless?? its a Merrel Aberdeen

WilfShelf Sun 19-Sep-10 13:37:05

Great to get some different reviews IMHO... I did add to my wishlist of the perfect coat and insulated liner that could be zipped in and out to make it adaptable across seasons. Yes, and proper cuffs would be good!

WilfShelf Sun 19-Sep-10 13:37:34

An insulated liner, not and...

WilfShelf Sun 19-Sep-10 13:38:48

And I'm VERY impressed, FTWM, that you have a mule for the last leg of your journey. Must speed things up no end...


Fulltimeworkingmummy Sun 19-Sep-10 15:22:27

Lol just noticed that! You know what it's like trying to use a computer with a toddler hovering around .....

I like the look of north face lauren, but they never have any in stock anywhere and I haven't seen one in the flesh. I do like the added bonus of a removable fleece.

Finding a long jacket it a bit of a nightmare - there are tons of shorter ones that would meet my criteria. Maybe I should just keep a spare pair of trousers at work, for exceptionally wet days!

I tried on the furry hooded parka north face jacket that someone posted earlier. It's lovely and warm, but only water resistant. I don't think it would survive a down pour.

I am going to trawl back through this whole thread for suggestions, before it gets too cold!

amazonianwoman Wed 22-Sep-10 23:14:56

Got my black Wakefield from Field & Trek today (ordered a couple of days ago, thanks for the tip-off whoever it was lower down the thread grin)

Love it! Only tried it on indoors this evening but it looks v smart for a waterproof smile

At last I can look remotely decent combining school run with dog walk grin

Arms are a great length for me, but I'm 5ft9 and usually struggle to find arms that fit well. Especially like the fabric that lines the pockets smile

Now just need to lose weight so I can wear an insulating layer in winter...

amazonianwoman Wed 22-Sep-10 23:18:39

Forgot to say - ordered the North Face Arctic last year, but it made me look like a heifer - I think you'd need to be size 8 or 10 for this to look flattering. And it was uber warm. Also ordered the Lauren but didn't like the fabric. Or fit. Also ordered a couple of Patagonia padded waterproof coats - ditto heifer.

I'm just not destined to wear padded coats I think sad

gingerali Wed 22-Sep-10 23:29:00

Thanks for this thread - I adopted a dog this summer and really need a good coat to keep me warm - dry and respectable in the park!

Whitethorn Thu 23-Sep-10 08:54:57

I also got the GAP waterproof parks type.

Not quilted and I imagine it wont be warm in winter but for £50 it is great value. Have been caught in a couple of serious downpours and it stayed waterproof, great big hood as well.

No style awards but a good value raincoat.
I am going to sell my car and buy that Celtic Sheepskin coat - just divine

MegBusset Thu 23-Sep-10 20:09:55

Well having given up on Gap ever stocking the parka in XS, I had a bit of an impulse buy and ordered the Boden rainyday jacket in chocolate. It arrived this morning and is absolutely bey-yoo-ti-ful! Lovely fit and fleece lined so will be nice and toasty over a jumper.

The only potential fly in the ointment is that it is 'showerproof' rather than 'waterproof' so remains to be seen how it copes in a torrential downpour, then again I don't have a dog to walk so tend to drive when it pisses down grin

Mervynne Thu 23-Sep-10 20:17:58

I have a North Face Grace - not fleece lined. It is good BUT I am long-waisted and the belt ties around my lower ribs, which isn't great. The shoulders are narrow - mine aren't outrageously wide but I'm a tall 14, so no surprise that I don't have narrow shoulders. Also, though I have the large, the arms are cut very narrow, so there's no hope of getting a winter jumper underneath it. And it isn't breathable.
Basically, WHO is going to make a gore-tex (or breathable) coat for tall people? Everything is cut for slimmish women under 5'5". Or tinies who can wear those shorty anoraks. It has to be warm as well - this is a cold, wet, rainy country in winter and spring. THat's half the year, people!
I find it amazing that nobody has exploited people like me, who would happily spend £££ on THE ideal coat, and would probably buy more than one if we knew they weren't going to be kind of crap.

WilfShelf Fri 24-Sep-10 17:37:55

Well, EXACTLY mervynne. We are badly served by coat people in this country. We keep saying (especially those of us who live in North and West) that we need these coats, and we need them to fit normal women, and we need them to be proper waterproof and we need to assume not all women are petite or instead don't mind looking like heifers in a hiking jacket.

But do they listen? No. Except perhaps for some of the LOVELY people on this thread.

Mervynne Fri 24-Sep-10 18:08:04

Nope, they don't.
Obviously there is no money in it. I can't think of another reason.

I know a woman who is a clothing designer (very niche, though) and she and I have talked in a very unserious way of going into business and providing PROPER thermals that are attractive, have long enough waists and arms, are really fine and fit under normal clothes...and PROPER coats for women who aren't twenty-three and thin (or forty-nine and quite like looking like a lilac sausage).

Actually the more I think about it, the more I think we'd clean up. Nobody's going to be able to have their heating on all autumn, winter AND spring in a few years' time. Investment coats and layers will be a necessity.

WilfShelf Fri 24-Sep-10 18:15:22

Oh PLEASE please do it. We can all be shareholders in your business...

gibba8 Fri 24-Sep-10 20:55:36

I totally agree with Mervynne - as a tall size 14 I find it impossible to find a warm coat and waterproof coat that fits in all the right places. I would also spend £££ on the right coat if only I could find one. Love North face and Merrell coats but just not long enough in the arms for me!
Please let me know if anyone finds one!

Mervynne Fri 24-Sep-10 20:57:26


It's weird, isn't it, why this not-very-small market hasn't been tapped properly.

If I could get my hands on a good, totally waterproof, breathable not short, proportionally-sized coat with a warm lining - I would PAY for it. And then when I knew it was good, I would buy another one is a different colour and maybe a different style. I'd go on buying them until I died fgs because let's face it, the weather isn't going to miraculously improve in my lifetime.

(I was hopeful for the Grace but it failed because the sizing was crap. I'd have bought a couple for the autumn/spring changeover season if it had been properly sized. I imagine if you are 5'4" and very slim it is great.)

Same with proper, wool underlayers. I need them in my draughty house. I need them outdoors. I am quite tall and not slim, so a really fine jersey knit top that is properly long is a good thing. I'd buy loads. I did find one last year from Icebreaker but mostly their collection wasn't long enough, and the one I did find is ok but the trims are not well-made enough: they rub and itch. It wasn't cheap and I won't buy from them again because they haven't paid attention to what makes the seams comfortable - a really stupid plan when you consider it has to be worn next to the skin.

Maybe the problem is that they assume that everyone lives in warm houses with double glazing, and only goes outside to get to the car/to the next building. My life is nothing like that and I'm not that unusual!

Anyway I decided this year to go for a wool coat. I don't really want one, I want goretex that looks good and fits. I think if the Wakefield isn't breathable then I won't try it, though it looks good.

And then next year I shall launch my own line <dreams> and sit back on piles of money grin

3rdnparty Sat 25-Sep-10 09:49:24

are Barbors sweaty then? am sick of having waterproofs that rustle grin whilst you walk and are not reaally breathable hate being sweaty so was thinking this was the answer
www.barbour.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=products.view &ProductID=18865&PCategoryID=23&RangeID=2

not really my usual style bit worried people will ask where my dog/horse as in london suburb...

...I need an all year - so not too padded happy to wear layers/liner for warmth -
Wakefield looks bit long and slim (5'6 but busty 16-18 top 14 hip!)

Please help!

gibba8 Sat 25-Sep-10 17:42:39

I will buy one of your coats Mervyne!

Actually bought a Merrell Isodore coat today-toasty warm and long but only available in black which I would not of chosen if there has been another colour available but just so desperate for a warm coat that fits!

The search still continues.

DonaAna Sun 26-Sep-10 20:32:02

Brilliant thread. So enjoyed reading it! I'm Scandinavian, and I voted for this Danefae coat. I love it - it so brightens up the day, and I stood in the pouring rain at the playground for an hour wearing it and stayed dry and comfy. Also available in black and brown, and they ship pretty much everywhere.

pigindisguise Fri 01-Oct-10 15:19:52

Well I just came back from town, where I tried on a Wakefield and a Haven. Both lovely, arms fine on both and I do not have monkey arms. HOWEVER I said to the shop assistant 'they're both waterproof aren't they' and she said 'er no I don't think so, I think they'd be showerproof but that's about it, you'd need to get something like the north face x? (which was incidentally over £100 more expensive). So I said 'so you wouldn't go out in this weather in either of them then?' (it's a miserable wet windy day) and she said 'if I'm being honest, no'

(without re-reading the whole thread) Has anyone tried either of them out in the wet?

odetothewestwing Fri 01-Oct-10 16:30:12

How strange. Well, I have worn my Wakefield in monsoon conditions several times (today included) and it is FAB, the most waterproof coat I have ever owned - the water simply sits on top and rolls off. So I would say that it's completely waterproof.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Fri 01-Oct-10 16:44:23

Yes, Wakefield definitely very waterproof. Stayed dry during school run in monsoon conditions today. I have 4 inches of wet jean between boots and my raincoat. May have to consider thigh length bootsgrin

pigindisguise Fri 01-Oct-10 16:49:16

great news. how about the Haven anyone? I could do with both really but no way can I afford them, so think I need to go with Haven for warmth as long as it's waterproof

Defo waterproof, it sort of rolls off, not very breathable but still the best waterproof coat I have ever had.

I also have it's sister the ava bought both from this thread as it was much cheaper than the haven at 65 super super warm smile.

That sales assistant needs to read the label on the coat that says waterproof/seamed seals or whatever it is called!!

pigindisguise Fri 01-Oct-10 19:07:03

what, the haven carrielou?

The Haven and Wakefield and Ava are all waterproof, not showerproof, waterproof, I have the Wakefield and Ava, if I could have got the Haven for 65 I would have bought it but Ava is also an insulated/super duper warm coat.

glasjam Fri 01-Oct-10 20:59:48

OK I have visited this thread several times since its inception but it's been a while. Has anyone established whether the Wakefield is still being manufactured by Merrell? Because when I go on their website I can see hide nor hair of it (can see the Haven). I am in Glasgow and desperately in need of a decent waterproof coat and am a bit stumped as to where I can actually go and try one on. What shops are they being sold in? (and sorry if this has been asked before!)

pigindisguise Fri 01-Oct-10 21:22:22

Cotswold Outdoor have them

trixymalixy Fri 01-Oct-10 22:19:40

I'm another tall size 14 who finds it hard to buy coats that are long enough in the body and arms. I tried on several Barbour styles, but they all made me look like I'd squeezed into a too small size because the arms were too short and the waist was up round my ribs despite going up a couple of sizes.

bumpypaws Sat 02-Oct-10 08:45:18

Can't find them on the Cotswold Outdoor website pigindisguise - did you see them in one of their shops? Am still holding out for Shop on the Beach - they emailed me on September 16th to say the Wakefields would be at least 4 weeks, but they were expecting them in.
BTW, DH thinks I'm crazy to be holding out for a coat I haven't even tried on! It had better be good!

pigindisguise Sat 02-Oct-10 09:17:17

that's strange, yes, they were in the shop (haven and wakefield), and other people have seen them there too.
I keep expecting to see loads of other mumsnetters wearing them but haven't seen a single person in a wakefield or haven yet!

I can' remember which link now but if you start at page one, I think it was on 2 or 3 one of the links the wakefields were back in stock when I looked yesterday (thinking about gettin it in black too blush) think they were 139, not on the beach shop though and their service was fab.

ItsYourTurn Sat 02-Oct-10 20:06:53

Not sure if this is any help and please ignore if already mentioned! But Go Outdoors have the Haven for £126 here and Taunton Leisure have the Wakefield for £140 here.

glasjam Sat 02-Oct-10 21:22:36

Thanks all for tips - have a Cotswold Outdoor nearby - had a fruitless search in Glasgow city centre - tried all the main department stores and Mountain Hardware, North Face and Tiso - ironically I saw the Haven in 2 of those shops but no waterproof Wakefield which is ironic given that Glasgow is more inclined to wet than bitter cold. I don't want to order it off any website until I've tried it on. Fingers crossed it's on sale at Cotswolds.

Does anyone know why there is no sign of it on the Merrell website - have they stopped making it?

cazzafromleics Sat 02-Oct-10 21:48:57

WilfShelf you are a goddess (sp?) and this thread is genius. I know I've found it late but if anyone's reading, did we find out whether the Northface Stella Grace or the gorgeous Merrell Wakefield are actually WARM? I'm too thick/lazy to make sense of technical bits. It all seems to be to good to be true - have been looking for ages.

cazzafromleics Sat 02-Oct-10 21:55:56

Oops. Just realised I'd only read page 1 of this thread.blush

glasjam Sat 02-Oct-10 22:29:54

I tried the Northface Grace on in white and it was very nice but it's a lot more expensi ve at £229 - they didn't have it in black which is good cos I might have been tempted to max out the plastic. Looked a serious coat.

florenceuk Sat 02-Oct-10 22:38:37

I have an insulated NF Grace in a kind of Khaki check from last year - it is fairly slim fitting (wear a jersey but not a jacket underneath) and reasonably warm (you do need the jersey, it is not as warm as a down jacket). And it is very waterproof and seems reasonably breathable (has Goretex look-alike, Hyvent). It is much nicer looking than the Landsend Squall it replaced (and more waterproof). the Arctic Parka is I think one for those who feel the cold as it is waterproof and filled with down.

Habbibu Sat 02-Oct-10 22:43:43

Wakefield isn't warm per se - not insulated, but v windproof, and thicker than yer average raincoat. And oh lordy is it ever waterproof. I have been out in serious rain the last week or so, and dry as a bone in the coat ar