OU - Exploring Psychology DSE 212 let's chat and worry over assignments!

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muppetgirl Wed 24-Sep-08 18:20:59

I’ll start off with an introduction.

I’m Muppet and I’m 32 and have 2 children ( 4.6 and 10 months) I used to be a teacher, early years trained but taught in yr3/4/5. I loved teaching but when I worked in a difficult school I knew I’d found my vocation so would really love to become an Educational Psychologist.

I started this course in Feb. 07 and completed 2 assignments but became pregnant with ds 2 and developed a serious case of baby brain so stopped with a view to re enrolling when I could.

Very excited to start!

docket Thu 25-Sep-08 11:50:20

Great thread, so good to know we'll be able to offer each other some support and encouragement!

I'm docket, I'm 35 and have 2 dcs (3.11 and 2.3). I worked in media but have just quit to look after the kids and start this course. I'm very interested in Ed Psych too and also counselling.

muppet, what were the assignments like? I am very nervous about them!

muppetgirl Thu 25-Sep-08 13:59:48

Hi Docket

I was am a worrier as this is a totally new subject to me. I did child development within my education degree but this is on a different scale. I found them very approachable if you can write an essay. I did find the statistics side VERY hard and hated doing it but I am having Maths Tutoring to help. I don't like not understanding something and I really hate learning something just to pass a test. I got C at GCSE but didn't study statistics so that's why I found it hard. I'm hoping this time I'll be more confident.

docket Thu 25-Sep-08 16:50:47

i get confused about what statistics actually entails. is it about interpreting data?

muppetgirl Thu 25-Sep-08 18:18:09

Yes you have to follow the instructions as to entering data into spss, print out then interpret the data. I can do the following instructions bit and the printing bit but I get lost on the interpreting. Well I did, hopefully this time I'll have a better knowledge than I did.

Cocodrillo Fri 26-Sep-08 14:09:16

Hi, I'm 34 and have got two kids (4.2 and 1.9) and another due in late Feb. My plan is to try and get ahead before then and complete most of the assignments before my due date so I only have revision left for the exam. Please don't burst my bubble and tell me I'm mad!

I've been cracking on with the reading, I've found the identity stuff quite dense (or maybe that's me!).

I'm looking to do a the conversion diploma, then consider the MA/PhD route to Ed Psych.

muppetgirl Sat 27-Sep-08 08:59:25

Hi cocodrillo

I'm finding the identity stuff fab but also quite dense. It's hard to separate the three into similarities and differences as they have similar names and ovelap each other quite a lot.

I have found it fascinating already...

Anyone fancy 'meeting up' on a Sunday night to review the previous weeks study? Sort of like an unofficial tutorial (or am I being to 'teacher ish!') This would help us all as it's consolidation for those following the time-scale and revision for cocodrillo.

docket Sat 27-Sep-08 17:35:25

muppetgirl, sounds like a great idea, i'm up for that!

Cocodrillo Sat 27-Sep-08 18:20:54

Yes, that would suit me too. Good idea.

muppetgirl Sun 28-Sep-08 08:27:11

Anyone around this eve around 7pm ish to have a chat about what we've been up to this week?

I'd like to chat about the identity theories and try to find an easier way of remembering them!

Take care

Cocodrillo Mon 29-Sep-08 22:07:39

Sorry muppet! 7pm would be a bit early for me anyway, I'm putting the DCs to bed then, 8pm would be doable though. Anyone else?

I've started reading the evolution chapter, it's making my head explode. I've always had trouble with the concept of eg the existence of space; the concept of time; the size of dinosaurs, etc. DH thinks its hilarious. Fascinating stuff, mind.

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 30-Sep-08 10:30:24

Hello - found you all smile

I'm 36, 3 children aged 7,5,3. I used to work doing information/database type things (but I am not a techie and my maths/stats experience is minimal), but stopped last year after juggling 3 children and a job just became too hard to handle. I an now a SAHM, and help out at school.

I haven't studied anything properly since my degree which was eons ago! I am not sure what I want, but am looking do to the Diploma, but one course at a time. Ed psych interests me, but I have no teaching experience hmm

I haven't looked at my books so far - I am sort of pretending it isn't happening yet lol! I have had an email from my tutor though, and know where and where my first tutorial is going to be...

Lovely to have this as extra support!

muppetgirl Tue 30-Sep-08 10:39:56

Hi all

I think 7pm was a little daft!!! 8pm is a much better suggestion!Am finding my head can only take so much information before I start to fog but is all really fascinating.

As the course offiaclly starts this week shall we meet up this Sunday at 8pm? Shall we chat about week 1 in terms of what we thought, what we found interesting or difficult to grasp? We could focus on the learning outcomes from the workbook if you like...

docket Tue 30-Sep-08 10:44:41

8pm works for me. Although like Greeneggs (phew, not just me!) I haven't looked at the books yet!

docket Tue 30-Sep-08 14:23:08

I have started to flap! Am a bit confused about what I need to install on my PC. Have put the SPSS software on but don't understand what/if any of the other software disc I should install. It's not that clear (to me!)... Can anyone help?

Cocodrillo Tue 30-Sep-08 18:20:58

You only need to install that one CD. Then there are instructions at the start of the SPSS booklet on how to open the programme, and open files etc. - I went through the first couple of pages of the booklet just to make sure I'd installed it properly and it was doing what the book said it should be doing.

docket Tue 30-Sep-08 19:26:45

Thank you! Sorry, couldn't see wood for trees there for a minute...

docket Wed 15-Oct-08 10:14:03


How is everyone getting on? smile

ihearthuckabees Wed 15-Oct-08 17:53:39

Hi docket,

I tried to start a thread asking the same thing, but everyone must be too busy studying to reply wink.

I've read the first chapter and started to think about the TMA. The ethical stuff seems quite tricky, don't you think?

BTW, I introduced myself on the first thread about DSE 212, in case you're wondering who I am.

docket Thu 16-Oct-08 10:41:46

Hi ihh!

Yes, I think the ethical stuff is tricky. A lot of information to digest and not entirely clear cut (to me anyway!).

I'm just working on my chapter 1 notes, I'm finding it quite hard to process the information, or understand exactly which bits I should be working on retaining. I suppose I am just very out of practice...

I went to a tutorial on weds which was useful, have you been to any?

ihearthuckabees Thu 16-Oct-08 16:16:24

I haven't been to a tutorial yet - it's not til the 25th. I have spent today's study time trying to suss out the EPoCH resource and reading the study guide. Procrastinating really!

docket Thu 16-Oct-08 17:48:34

Me too. I have found the EPoCH online facility REALLY frustrating. It seems to take the long way round to everything. Very annoying, or it's me being thick! Do you have a set amount of hours a week you are able to do/aiming for?

I need to improve my self discipline. I spent far too much time wasting time today..

ihearthuckabees Fri 17-Oct-08 11:18:19

Oh, I practically have a PhD in time-wasting!
I am aiming for a couple of hours a day. I work freelance (only a few small jobs), so am fitting it around that and dog-walking/chores/school run etc.
My resolution was to work in the evenings (instead of telly watching) if I hadn't achieved anything during the day, but so far, it hasn't happened. (I have a serious TV addiction, which makes me a bit of a saddo, blush, and my DH works irregular hours, so evenings are not very structured].
Deadlines usually focus my mind!

docket Fri 17-Oct-08 13:15:21

We are both over-qualified in that department then smile

Agree, deadlines focus the mind. I can't face the thought of doing really badly either and that helps too!

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 21-Oct-08 14:29:55

So, anyone else with tutorial on Saturday? Where are you going?

ihearthuckabees Thu 23-Oct-08 19:17:36

I have my first tutorial on Sat in Edinburgh.

muppetgirl Mon 27-Oct-08 14:24:31

Hello ladies sorry not been around, I had wisdom tooth problems, was ill then both boys snotty so I'm back and thinking about TMA1

How's everyone getting on?

I am finding it VERY hard to keep to the wordcount and my essay is now starting to look more like a list rather than a well thought out essay. blush

How are you all managing with it?

docket Mon 27-Oct-08 16:02:46

OMG, I have not started my TMA!

muppetgirl Mon 27-Oct-08 16:33:48

I am finding the strengths and weaknesses bit difficult as I prefer compare and contrast essays...

Still loads of time though Docket!

ihearthuckabees Thu 30-Oct-08 15:53:08

OK, I've finally started writin gthe TMA, and God, it sounds boring. How do we make these darned things interesting and relevant. I feel as if I'm just regurgitating the basics (which, let's face it, is pretty dull).


I hate this bit of the process...

muppetgirl Mon 03-Nov-08 17:51:18

how's everyone doing?

docket Wed 05-Nov-08 16:00:17

I've done an essay plan and have started the essay. I've no idea whether what I'm doing is the right thing/any good, I'll actually be pleased to get marked as I could do with some feedback. I didn't realise we had to do both ethics questions so that bit is going to take me longer than I had planned.

I'm enjoying it though. I think.

How is everyone else?

ihearthuckabees Thu 06-Nov-08 14:09:06

Woo hoo, I've done the ethics section. It was quite tough (I found myself hedging my bets quite often but I think I've covered quite a lot of points).

Need to crack on now with the essay - I had started it but got a bit bogged down so moved onto the ethics bit.

colie Thu 06-Nov-08 14:35:53

My dh is doing this. He hasn't even started on the essay and only discovered yesterday he had the ethics part to do hmm. Guess who will be watching the kids all this weekend while he studieshmm.
Will try and get him to come on here and introduce himself.

He went to a tutorial a few weeks ago and was the only male there.

Good luck everyone.

docket Thu 06-Nov-08 16:52:30

How long did the ethics bit take you ihh?

colie, there has only been one man so far in my tutorials, I had no idea this was such a 'female' subject! Hope you get some time to yourself this weekend!

GreenEggsAndSpam Thu 06-Nov-08 19:29:02

Anyone about tonight? Am seeking a bit of a discussion about the ethics stuff.

I seem to be unsure about the first question - whether the fact it involves children (and all those ramifications) overrides the fact it is an observational study and therefore it is unlikely the children would have it explained to them/debriefing would take place.

Anyone care to chat with me about it? smile

GreenEggsAndSpam Thu 06-Nov-08 19:56:40

Please don't make me venture onto the OU forums shock

colie Thu 06-Nov-08 20:38:47

GreenEggsAndSpam Asked dh, who is still unwilling to type in person blush. He has said there is a link on the ou website for ethics, that he couldn't get into but they have now updated it.

Not sure if this makes sense. Hopefully by now you will have your answers.

GreenEggsAndSpam Thu 06-Nov-08 20:42:51

Colie - thanks for asking your DH! I have downloaded the document from the web I think your DH means (ethics...human participants), but am still unsure about how to treat the first scenario. Could you tell him I am asking really nicely if he would like to come and chat? smile

ihearthuckabees Thu 06-Nov-08 21:35:55

Docket, I pretty much wrote it up in one go, but that was after a lot of faffing around reading and thinking about it. So I'd say that once i got going, I got into the flow and it wasn't so bad - took maybe 4 hours.

GreenEggs, for question 1 I said that the playground scenario was technically ok, but that she would have to be aware that it is a sensitive issue, so be prepared to withdraw any data if asked to.
Also, I decided 'Mary' did need a CRB check even for the playground scenario, because she would be creating data relating to those
children, even if they weren't aware of it. Does that make sense? To be honest, I couldn't find anything to back this up, so I used my common sense. I got the impression from my tutor that if we can show that it is not clear cut, and that we are aware of why this is, then we are demonstrating a good understanding of the issues, which is what they want.

ihearthuckabees Thu 06-Nov-08 21:39:43

The guidelines clearly state that observing someone in a public setting where they would expect to be observed is ethically defensible. So I took this to mean that I could argue that it is ok.
Q2 gives you the chance to discuss the implications of this e.g. what would happen if while doing her research, Mary witnessed something dodgy (violent parent, unaccompanied child) and where would she stand ethically. At least that's how I understood the question.
Hope this helps.

GreenEggsAndSpam Thu 06-Nov-08 21:40:52

Iheart - thankyou!
I agree with you re the CRB, but not sure about the q's on explaining the purpose to the children etc. If you go by the guidance in the Methods book, then you have to do all that, yet the study is an observational one, so surely Mary wouldn't have contact with the children/parents?
Hwr she might have to explain things in the play group setting, which would then skew her study as one set would know about what she was doing and the other wouldn't. Does that make sense?

controlfreakyBANG Thu 06-Nov-08 21:47:51

stumbled across this laydeeez....

i did dse212 last year..... really enjoyed it. am now in middle of online research project dzx222..... which i'm finding hard going.... if you possibly can do the residential one instead!

good luck to you all.

GreenEggsAndSpam Thu 06-Nov-08 21:51:56

Hello cfb - I was wondering about that course. How many hours a week do you need to do it?
Why is it hard going?

Any advice re the ethics stuff btw? smile

controlfreakyBANG Thu 06-Nov-08 21:55:51

your ethics ?'s sound different to mine... (they're not stoopid those ou people), we definitely didnt have anything about a playground and crb checks....

if i can help with anything specific i will.... if i can!

when's it due in?

the online thing is sooooo much harder than it need be because of the lack of rl / real time interaction.... working "collaboratively" with a load of strangers online is crap.

GreenEggsAndSpam Thu 06-Nov-08 21:58:36

cfb - it would take to long to explain I think, but ta!

How did you find the DSE212 in general?

ihearthuckabees Thu 06-Nov-08 22:04:11

GreenEggs, I can see what you mean about the results maybe being skewed by playgroup knowing and playground not, but then that is a methods problem not an ethics problem. I read the question to be "Is there any ethical problem with watching kids in a playground", simply that. Given that it's only 120 words to discuss, I don't think they're expecting much more.

controlfreakyBANG Thu 06-Nov-08 22:04:22

i thought it was a really good course, challenging but well supported and the materials were good. found some assignments harder going than others..... but really glad i did it and am ploughing on with ou psychology.... finish the online thing at xmas and then child development ed209?? starts in feb...

GreenEggsAndSpam Thu 06-Nov-08 22:06:40

Thanks iheart. So do you think that the children need to be told and debriefed in the playgroup seting then? I assume the parental or in loco parentis consent issue is a given there.

GreenEggsAndSpam Thu 06-Nov-08 22:11:03

Also, I couldn't find anything to say it was ok to observe anyone and use the data but not tell them , which is what the park scenario would be surely?

colie Thu 06-Nov-08 22:12:44

Sounds really hard to me!

GreenEggsAndSpam - asked dh who said he has not done the ethics part yet or started on the essay shock. Sorry, otherwise he would have spoken to you. I am worrying about the lack of time he has spent on this. Don't know why as totally up to him.

ihearthuckabees Fri 07-Nov-08 12:32:12

GreenEggs, I thought I'd sent you a reply last night, but it must have mis-fired.

Anyway, in answer to you question, yes, I think the children do need to be told and debriefed, but obviously the parents/carers also have to be present, and give official consent.

ihearthuckabees Wed 12-Nov-08 20:14:58

Hi all,

Have you all managed to get the TMA done?
I thought it was quite diffcult - the next one looks a bit more straightforward, thank goodness.

docket Sat 15-Nov-08 10:38:47

Hi everyone

I agree, I thought it was difficult too. In fact, I found the whole 'Identity' topic quite difficult to grasp, social construction in particular.

I wonder how long they take to come back?

ihearthuckabees Sat 15-Nov-08 13:57:13

There are people on the OU forum who've had theirs back already. Usually it takes about 2 weeks, according to others on the forum

GreenEggsAndSpam Sat 15-Nov-08 20:47:05

My tutor also said 2 weeks to return the TMA's, but reckoned probably by next weekend.

How are you finding evolutionary psych? Not doing a lot for me at the moment, but then I had a sneaky look at bioogical psych, and that didn't look too gripping either! I am finding it hard to keep up with the reading though, and have stopped taking notes as I can't keep up. God help me when it is exam time hmm

What are everyone else's first impressions then?

ihearthuckabees Mon 17-Nov-08 09:40:43

Green Eggs, I would really recommend going on the OU forum. There are a couple of people on there who post questions that kick off discussions, and it gets a bit more interesting then (there's a professor who pitches in every now and then). Some of the questions I would never have even thought to ask, so it shows that they are thinking more critically than me (!).
I know what you mean about taking notes. I am all over the place - sometimes scribbling notes, sometimes underlining text, sometimes nothing. I can't seem to get a system going. I hate the workbook exercises too, so usually don't do them.
I quite like evolutionary psych though (haven't looked ahead at bio psych yet) - it seems a bit more straightforward than ID theory, and should lead into some nurture/nature stuff, which is what we all seem to talk about on Mumsnet all the time.

GreenEggsAndSpam Mon 17-Nov-08 20:32:55

iheart - I have tried the forums, but they seem very unwieldy. Is there any way of reading them without having to click on each post? - I find them hard to follow.

Glad I am not alone re the note taking - I am hoping I will get a sgoing once I am more into the swing of things!hmm I am definitely not reading very critically though!

Are you going to post your TMA results? I read the blurb in the assignment book, but it is hard to know what sort of score I should expect iykwim?

docket Mon 17-Nov-08 21:01:35

GreenEggs, I went onto the forum today and found them unwieldy too! There didn't seem to be a thread system a la mumsnet!

I am not reading critically either. And I am rubbish at note-taking, I either don't take any at all or practically rewrite the book.

I have no idea what kind of mark to expect either. My tutor said that if we got a 2:1 (B) or above then we'd be 'doing well'. He's a bit of a tit though to be honest grin

Cocodrillo Mon 17-Nov-08 22:17:50

I'm finding the workload heavier than I expected TBH. I thought it'd be a breeze. Even considered taking ED209 simultaneously. Ha!

ihearthuckabees Wed 19-Nov-08 12:27:43

What I've done with the forum is to only read posts that relate to what I've read about. Some people seem to have steamed ahead with the chapters and are posting about them, but I'm ignoring their posts. Also, if an interesting debate happens, I'm cutting and pasting it into a word doc, which is a bit messy, but I'll print it out later and maybe highlight the interesting bits (not sure how well this will work, but I'm gonna try it).
The posts do appear as threads, but you do have to dig them out (i.e. the moderators don't organise them into different topics).

I have read chapter 2 now (but not taken notes yet) and was wondering if I should just go ahead and tackle the essay part of the next TMA, as one of the choices is Evo Psych. I feel as if by waiting, I'll have forgotten it all, and have forgotten how to write an essay, whereas doing it now, it gets it out of the way. What do you think? Will the next few chapters be relevant to the TMA, even though the question is about Evolution?

Am feeling mildly flummoxed the whole time, and would really love to get myself a bit more 'sorted'.

docket Wed 19-Nov-08 13:55:33

ihearthuckabees, I know what you mean, I thought the same about tackling the TMA while the topic was fresh in the mind. However, I've decided against it because I thought stuff in the next chapters might be in some way relevant and just tried (badly!) to do some concise notes on the topic.

I found the Evolution stuff really interesting and much more comprehensible than Chapter 1, I am not liking the Learning stuff much at all.

Cocodrillo Wed 19-Nov-08 19:59:46

I've found the learning stuff totally tedious.

GreenEggsAndSpam Wed 19-Nov-08 20:27:06

I am tempted to start the TMA now, to get it done before Xmas. Looking at the topics, I will probably do it on evo psych, although I don't like it much.

Looking ahead, have you stolen a glance at the Specimin Exam on the OU site? I was surprised that there weren't more choices of questions to answer - my plan of targeting topics may not be workable, which is a worry!

I am hoping I will feel a lot more 'in the zone' by next June, as at the moment it looks daunting!

Cocodrillo - I agree, the work does feel more onerous than I anticipated. Usually I overestimate - this time I have underestimated - gulp! Haven't done any of the workbook tasks either - I prefer just to get my head down. I do feel under pressure though, what with Xmas to arrange etc.

How does everyone else thing it is going?

docket Thu 20-Nov-08 13:28:38

Yep Cocodrillo 'totally tedious' is spot on. Have stupidly glanced at the next chapter and it looks awful too (biology was never my strong point)!

GreenEggsAndSpam Thu 20-Nov-08 20:17:51

Anyone else feeling this course is not quite what they were expecting? I suspect I am going to enjoy the Applying book more than the Mapping one - now what does that tell me about my future career direction I wonder? smile

Cocodrillo Thu 20-Nov-08 20:53:25

I'm a couple of weeks ahead, as I've a baby due in three months, and need to stay on top of things/get ahead as much as possible - so I've just done week 10, and am now starting the TMA.

Unexpectedly I've enjoyed chapter 2 of the methods book - I thought that side of things would be the least interesting!

The brain stuff coming up was very interesting in places, but I found it quite hard work.

We seem to be covering so much material, and I've only just got my head around one thing and we're onto the next.

It's much harder work than an undergraduate 2nd year course at university!

Cocodrillo Tue 25-Nov-08 16:50:18

Anyone else still waiting for their TMA 01 results? I'm checking my e-mail several times a day!

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 25-Nov-08 20:42:13

My tutor says the TMA's will be ready for collection by Friday...

I am very impressed by your work ethic Cocodrillo, what a deadline to have smile

ihearthuckabees Tue 25-Nov-08 21:34:16

Coco, I am checking to see if my TMA is back several times a day too. It's torture isn't it.

GreenEggs, I'm quite enjoying the course to be honest (although less so now it's the biology stuff). Liked the evolutionary stuff, then found the learning chapter quite difficult re the definitions - unconditional stimulus, conditional response, positive reinforcement etc etc etc. I understand it, but then the next day it's all got muddled up again. i think i just need to repeat it over and over till it sticks.
But it's all interesting. Not sure if I'll enjoy the stats so much. I'm a bit of a 'big picture kind of person, and can't be bothered with lots of detail.

Hope you're getting more into it.

GreenEggsAndSpam Fri 28-Nov-08 10:06:40

I got my essay back last night. I got the kind of score I thought I would, and my tutor's criticisms on my essay were what I exepcted too. I thought I might have got a few more point on the ethics stuff - 24/33, but overall, I am quite satisfied. It would be really interesting to know what the range of scores are though, to know where we 'sit' iykwim?

Anyone else?

Cocodrillo Fri 28-Nov-08 14:31:32

Still no sign of my TMA, but I'm willing to spill the beans when it finally arrives grin

docket Fri 28-Nov-08 14:35:15

I'll spill when mine arrivegrin

Can I ask roughly how many hours you are finding you are studying each week? When I signed up for the course I seem to remember 16 hours being the advised amount and I am doing nowhere near that many!

Cocodrillo Fri 28-Nov-08 16:14:38

I'm probably doing between 8 and 10 hours per wk.

Cocodrillo Fri 28-Nov-08 16:15:58

I don't feel that I've absorbed everything I've read though : the learning, in particular, just went in one ear (or should that be eye? smile) and out the other

ihearthuckabees Fri 28-Nov-08 18:27:16

STILL not got my TMA back. Am getting annoyed now.
The amount of hours I do every week seems to vary widely. Good week: 16. Bad week: 5.
All feels bit hit and miss still.

GreenEggsAndSpam Fri 28-Nov-08 21:01:39

Hello again. My essay came back at 11.30pm last night btw, so keep checking smile. I believe OU tutors are meant to return them within 3 weeks of the deadline, so it can't be much longer (although, I agree, the wait seemed enormous).
I got 73% overall btw, which is a B- I believe.
As for study hours, I still procrastinate like mad, so I would say less than 10 a week, except for the TMA week, when I probably did about 18 or so.
I am skipping the learning chapter, and have read evo and bio pysch, but not done much in the way of notes. I am just relooking at it so I can start on the TMA02. I have done the stats side of the TMA02 though - that is really straighforward and shouldn't take much time once you have read the 2nd chapter of the Methods book.
Hope your essays come back soon smile

ihearthuckabees Sat 29-Nov-08 20:52:35

Well done GreenEggs, that's a great mark.
Still checking for mine - it's becoming a bit of nervous tick grin

Cocodrillo Sat 29-Nov-08 21:01:10

Me too. Am tempted to have a toddler-style meltdown.

ihearthuckabees Mon 01-Dec-08 21:11:08

At last! Got my TMA01 back - B here too. Am very happy.

No excuse now but to crack on with the rest of the work.

Cocodrillo Mon 01-Dec-08 21:15:55

Well done!


ihearthuckabees Mon 01-Dec-08 21:54:51

Coco, I really feel for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed you'll get it soon. It was ridiculously distracting not having it.

docket Tue 02-Dec-08 10:00:27

I got mine back too, I got A-. Am very pleasantly surprised. Coco, have you been in touch with your tutor?

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 02-Dec-08 20:19:02

docket and iheart - well done on your marks smile. We are obviously on the right track even if it doesn't always feel like it.
Cocodrillo - you must get yours soon - surely thre deadline for returning them is tomorrow? I feel for you - as a first essay, the tutor must be aware that you will be keen to know your mark asap. Good luck smile

How is everyone getting on in general? I must admit, I have flagged a bit and don't have much sense of direction at the mo!

ihearthuckabees Wed 03-Dec-08 19:15:25

I am enjoying reading the chapters, but that is all I'm doing, reading them. I haven't taken any notes. I will just have to go back over them later and make revision notes.

The forum is throwing up lots of questions I would never have thought to ask, so has made me realise that I have a tendency to think, yeah, i kinda understand that so I'll move on. A lot of people seem determined to REALLY understand things, which is probably what is being asked for at Level 2.

Not sure if i can make myself think that way...

Cocodrillo Wed 03-Dec-08 19:47:37

I got my essay back at 11.30pm on Monday, and I got a B+, so I'm really chuffed.

Iheart, I agree re the reading thing. I'm also finding the chapters interesting to read (on the whole), but I find the note-taking side of it tedious, and don't think I'm really mulling things over and making sure I fully understand before moving on.

If we're doing ok on the assignments, we can't be going far wrong though, presumably smile.

Now that I've got TMA 01 back I feel I can concentrate on TMA 02 properly. I'm planning to submit it before Christmas, and not wait for the mid-Jan deadline - I want it out of the way!

Leda Wed 03-Dec-08 20:01:02

Hi there,
I have still not received my essay back and I'm beginning to worry a bit. How long should I leave it before contacting my tutor?

Cocodrillo Wed 03-Dec-08 23:32:22

I'd be tempted to contact them tomorrow if I were you. We're definitely supposed to have them back by the 6th, as the workbook activities next week focus on essay writing skills and looking at the feedback you've been given by your tutor for TMA01.

I was v tempted to contact my tutor at the weekend, the only thing that put me off was the fact that I wouldn't have a leg to stand on if I was then late submitting one of MY pieces of work wink.

docket Thu 11-Dec-08 09:44:50

Hi everyone, it's quiet in here, how are you all getting on?

Leda, did you get your mark back?

ihearthuckabees Fri 12-Dec-08 15:40:25

Hi docket (and all)

Have you had a look at the TMA02 yet? I thought I'd get the Methods stuff out of the way, but am stuck on Q1 g and h. Anyone looked at it yet?

Have decided to do Evo psych question too. Think I'll get it done first then if there's any time over Christmas will attempt to make notes for all the other chapters, because I've not done that so far. (deep regret emoticon).

Didn't like the biological stuff - too much specific detail in it. Much prefer the bigger picture stuff.

Leda Fri 12-Dec-08 15:52:33

Hi there,

Yes, I finally got it on Saturday. I did really well, so I have forgiven the tutor smile.

I haven't started TMA2 yet, but had a tutorial last night and feel inspired to start on it while everything is still fresh in my mind. I really enjoy the tutorials, are any of you going to them?

I haven't made notes either and am behind with the reading. Hope to catch up over Christmas.

docket Mon 15-Dec-08 11:56:09

I have just started my essay plan, haven't dared to look at the methods stuff yet!

I'm doing the evolution question too (in fact, our tutor advised us to do this one rather than the biology one, which suits me fine!). That said I'm finding there is an awful lot of info, will be hard to condense to 1000 words me thinks.

I am desperate to get this out of the way this week but my son is ill and off school. I'm really hoping he makes a swift recovery!

Glad you got your results back Leda

docket Thu 18-Dec-08 10:18:32

Gulp, ihh, I'm working through the methods Qs now and I know what you mean about 1 g and h. I am a bit stuck!

ihearthuckabees Thu 18-Dec-08 15:51:47

Hi Docket

Ooh good, glad it's not just me. I had an idea for g then read h and thought, well, the answer is the same for that too. So I've had to think of an alternative problem for g, IYSWIM.

Is it unethical to discuss in detail? (I know they don't allow it on the OU forums)

I a trying really hard to crack the essay today. Have done about half of it, and (perhaps somewhat foolishly) have decided not to follow the plan in the booklet, but am trying to kind of combine the two elements of the question. I thought I'd find it easier to stick to the word count that way, and I think it's working. Am half-way through and have said a fair amount.
Better carry on (DS at after-school club today even though I'm not working - better not waste the opportunity!)

GreenEggsAndSpam Fri 19-Dec-08 13:20:26

I am sure that talking about the issues is fine - as you would in a tutorial. Obviously, rattling off the multiple choice answers is not good smile. I found it tricky to get 4 points between (g) and (h)- ended up with 3, so need to revisit hmm.

I am finding it hard to do the essay - I think there is too much to say, and I don't know whether to omit some stuff so I can go into a bit more detail on the other. Has anyone talked out HOW evo psych works rather than just the evidence and thoery of mind stuff?

Hope we get all this done before Christmas smile

Cocodrillo Sat 03-Jan-09 09:17:25

has anyone taken a look at tma03?

it looks terrifying, plus all that stats info to wade through this month.

feel like going back to bed!

GreenEggsAndSpam Sun 11-Jan-09 22:22:09

Happy New Year (bit belated, but then we have been working on essays smile.
Hope everyone is done with their TMA02? I don't have high hopes for mine, but glad it is finished.

I have been feeling quite anxious about being behind and amount of stuff there is to revise for the exam, so I am glad I had a look at the TMA guide and the Specimin Exam Paper that came through after Christmas - it was a relief to know that we won't have to do any essays in the exam on topics we have already written about.

MInd you, the list of terms that we need to define and comment on their importance to psychology is scary! They might be short answers but the specimins looked very impressive!

Anyway, are we up for reporting our scores agin once our essays are back? How is everyone finding the stats stuff?

ihearthuckabees Mon 12-Jan-09 14:54:52

Hi All
Just about to post, but GreenEggs beat me to it. Sent off my TMA today - wasn't as bad as the first one, but I think that's partly because I'm trying really hard not to beat myself up to make it perfect. Feel happy to get an average pass IYKWIM (which is quite an achievement for me).

Have been ploughing through the stats stuff - surprisingly, I'm finding it quite fun. Am I weird? But haven't got to the point of starting work on the TMA03 stuff, so do I have permission to change my mind???

GreenEggs,my tutor said that although we won't have to write a long essay on any of the stuff we've covered in the TMAs, those topics may come up in the short essays section, so worth being aware of that.

(I am also pretty panicked about the exam. I have literally skimmed the last few chapters: no notes, no summaries. I am going to have to do some serious cramming later I think.

GreenEggsAndSpam Sat 17-Jan-09 20:35:53

Iheart - you sound like me. I am hoping it all comes together later on lol! The exam is the 15th June, yes, so only 5 months to go. I have started to look at the terms we need to write short answers on in the exam, but from that I can tell I have a long way to go...

Shall we do a round up when we get our results of TMA02 - what grade and how long it took the tutor to mark smile. I looked at the OU forum and some have got theirs back already shock. I haven't joined the fray though - some posters seem far too clever and others I fear may well nt last the course - it doesn't feel like it will help me if I go on there lol!

Have you looked at TMA03 yet? It looks quite interesting, but quite exacting too hmm

Hope everyone else is far too busy studying to post on here?!

docket Tue 20-Jan-09 15:36:20

Hi everyone!

Have been absent for a while due to computer problems. Really annoying and brings home how much I rely on having internet access!

Am happy to share TMA02 details, once I've got them. Have had a look at TMA03 and didn't much like the look of it (although to be fair I skim-read and that's never good!).

Am enjoying the stats stuff more than I thought I would. Liked the perception stuff too. One thing with this broad 'intro to' type course is that it seems to constantly move on, I just get into something and then it's time to get to grips with something else. Aaaah.

Cocodrillo Wed 21-Jan-09 07:23:05

Not keen on the stats, it is taking me far longer than it should to get through them as they're just so booooorrrring. When I do the exercises I get the right answers, it's just that getting there feels like such a chore. Ho hum.

GreenEggsAndSpam Fri 23-Jan-09 21:47:43

Cocodrillo - I know what you mean. I have to say I am getting brain-fuzz now I am at chapter 6 of the methods books. Some of it seems well explained, and then suddenly I get confused. I have actually done most of the stats before with my previous degree, and I was scared of stats then. I an not scared now, and feel ok at not getting it straight away, and just hoping I will get it when I have TMA03 - something concrete - to hang it on to.

Anyone got their TMA02 marks back yet?

ihearthuckabees Sat 24-Jan-09 12:09:28

No TMA02 yet - but it took nearly three weeks last time.

I don't completely understand the stats either, but I understand how to do them, and, to be honest, I'm happy with that - as long as I know which calculations to do, and what the answers indicate, I'm happy with that.

I have to confess that I have lost my motivation a bit as this course progresses. It isn't as interesting as I had hoped. I liked the evolutionary psych bit, but not the biological. The personality bit totally passed me by, and in perception/attention, the TMA and all the stats stuff is just using up all my brain power with nothing left to just 'get into' the topic.

Ho hum. Having a bit of a negative day. Had to have a tooth out yesterday and it has made me feel surprisingly off colour. Sorry about moaning.

twinsetandpearls Sat 24-Jan-09 12:17:23

I did this course a few years ago and loved it.

docket Mon 26-Jan-09 10:24:30

Hope everyone's well.

Good grief. I retract my statement about liking stats. I am completely bogged down and confused by them. I just hope, too, that TMA03 will help me make sense of it all. A bit.

Anyone got their TMA back yet?!

GreenEggsAndSpam Mon 26-Jan-09 11:07:58

Hi Docket - I thought I was ok with the stats, but then I found the explanations started making less sense and the text book doesn't show how all the stats fit together at all well, does it?

From what I can glean though, we don't need to understand them too well to do TMA03, nor do we need to use them all... not that I have started TMA03 yet lol!

I got my mark back this weekend, I got an A-, which I was pleased with. My methods section let me down again though, which is a worry with TMA03 coming up, but overall, I was happy. I need to get all the marks I can in the assignments as I suspect my exam mark will be pants!

How are you doing with TMA03 and SPSS?

GreenEggsAndSpam Mon 26-Jan-09 11:30:07

Hi Docket - I thought I was ok with the stats, but then I found the explanations started making less sense and the text book doesn't show how all the stats fit together at all well, does it?

From what I can glean though, we don't need to understand them too well to do TMA03, nor do we need to use them all... not that I have started TMA03 yet lol!

I got my mark back this weekend, I got an A-, which I was pleased with. My methods section let me down again though, which is a worry with TMA03 coming up, but overall, I was happy. I need to get all the marks I can in the assignments as I suspect my exam mark will be pants!

How are you doing with TMA03 and SPSS?

docket Mon 26-Jan-09 11:51:30

Very well done GreenEggs! Was the mark fairly consistent with your last one then?

I find the lack of examples given in the text book annoying. I can get my head around the stats when things are explained in context but I found a lot of the stuff was just explained as a given and I couldn't understand why it was so (if you see what I mean!?). I've finally come to the conclusion that it's best not to worry about it and you're right, I don't think a lot of it is relevant for TMA03 (which I haven't started either!). Am reading chapter 7 now...

I'm finding SPSS okay I think.

Cocodrillo Mon 26-Jan-09 21:25:47

Just got my mark back. I got a B+, same as last time. Did well on the research methods qs (dropped one mark), then 77% on the essay.

Well done on your A-, GreenEggs.

I'm started to panic a bit, as DC3 is due in 3 weeks, and my plan to get ahead and stay ahead has sort of ... failed.

I'm not behind at the moment, but nor am I ahead.

I could be catching up a bit as I've just finished work for maternity leave, but I feel like lying in bed when the kids are at school/the CM - or else I'm running around frantically nesting.

Trying to force myself to get on and write TMA 03!! I've roped DH and my parents into being 'participants' so far. Not sure how ethical I've been - I told DH I'd divorce hime if he didn't take part grin.

ihearthuckabees Tue 27-Jan-09 11:38:46

Got my mark back: A- this time, better than last time, dropped 3 marks on the methods section. I'm very pleased. My tutor's comments are that she's looking forward to seeing how I do with an assignment that requires a more formal writing style. Mmm, I think my background in journalism is maybe showing up a little too much for her liking, as she hinted that my writing was a bit chatty last time too.

Kicking myself, as my dad visited me yesterday and I forgot to recruit him as a participant (thought it'd be good to have an older participant to make my data more representative). Have so far got my husband and his friend to do it, although i know his friend didn't listen to the instructions properly and this affected his result (not sure whether to still include him, what do you reckon?)

Coco, my DH couldn't resist taking the mickey (sp?) when I asked him to take part - said, "Is there any payment involved... cash... or in kind?" Don't think that would be too ethical either!

Cocodrillo Tue 27-Jan-09 14:09:05

I'm finding it difficult to get hold of adult participants who aren't either surrounded by small children, and so not able to concentrate, or who haven't had a few drinks, which will surely affect response times!

I'd say keep your DH's friend's results in, unless you have loads of other would-be participants around. If he signed the consent form and claimed to have understood the instructions read to him, then he's a valid participant I reckon.

ihearthuckabees Tue 27-Jan-09 14:18:33

Yes, I guess he is a valid participant. He (typically for him, as he's a bit contrary) managed the experimental condition quicker than the control condition, but I guess that's valid too. It's interesting to think how one or two 'odd' results can affect your overall data. Maybe I will need to discuss this in my write-up.

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 27-Jan-09 14:46:39

Cocodrillo and iheartbuckbees - it is a bit tricky getting participants, I am relieved we don't have to get 20! My dp pulled the same 'reward' question too hmm.

As for your tricky participant/DH - I guess that is grounds for discussing why you need a lareger sample group for it to be a valid piece of research...

Re my TMA02 -I got a B- for TMA01, so my A- was an improvement. However, while I got 88% for the essay, I dropped 7 points on the methods section. Obviously the TMA03 is a methods assignment, so I am worried! I am not too good at 'scientific' type writing iykwim?
I thought I had done better on the methods section that I actually did, which narked me too!

Seayork2002 Fri 30-Jan-09 16:36:35


I am doing DD100 and want to do DSE212 in October 2009. But is it ok if I join here please.

GreenEggsAndSpam Sat 31-Jan-09 22:31:11

Hi Seayork - welcome!
I suspect most DSE212-ers are a bit tied up in TMA03 at the moment to say hi though smile.

Speaking of which, how is everyone with the TMA? I have not written all of it up yet, but have done my results and would love to chat about them to see if I am on the right track...

Also, the rationale for the experiment - I sort of know what I am going to say, but worry I am missing something!

Anyone about?

ihearthuckabees Mon 02-Feb-09 10:54:12

Hi GreenEggs,
I am at the same point as you: I have my results, and did the paired-samples t-test. My p value was 0.02, which is statistically sig, but I haven't work out the effect size yet.

I need to refresh my memory about what else I should check. Do we check whether the samples are normal distributions? If so, how??????

Also, are you doing anything with the age and sex? I tried to do some graphs but they didn't seem to tell me anything.

I am having a bit of a wobbly about the rationale for the experiment. Not sure whether they've just subtly changed the Stroop test in order to avoid us repeating something that's now old hat, or whether we're actually testing a variation of the Stroop test i.e. words that desribe colours will interefere, words that have colour associations will also interfere, but not to the same degree. Also, not quite sure how to lead up to the Stroop stuff in the intro. Are you going to discuss the background stuff, like Broadbent and early filtering etc?

Hope these questions aren't too specific. Wouldn't it be great if we could just get round the table with a cup of coffee and chat about it like a tutorial?

GreenEggsAndSpam Wed 04-Feb-09 12:54:38

Hiihearthuckabees (what does that name relate to btw?smile)
I have only done the t-test and related results and error bar charts, as there isn't really any room in the word count for more. While we could make comments on results on gender and sex, I am not sure that they are needed, or that we would do them statistical justice iyswim?

I haven't thought about distribution - hmm, will do so.

As for the rationale - it is a bit hard to get hold of. My take is that we are testing a version of the Stroop test, but only to see if it works with colour-related words rather than colour-name words. Not really sure that it tells us anything new really? I haven't written my intro yet, but expect I will need to mention filtering, but not in much detail.

It is a bit tricky - I am not quite sure I have got what they want us to do? I had a look on the DSE212 forum, and it would seem I am not alone in that...

How is everyone else getting on?

ihearthuckabees Wed 04-Feb-09 14:25:42

Hi GreenEggs and everyone,

GreenEggs, ihearthuckabees was a movie a couple of years back. I haven't even seen it, so don't know what possessed me to choose it as a nickname!

I have been trying to figure out the rationale of the experiment for a couple of days now. This is the reasoning I can come with:

The Stroop exp shows that reading (automatic) interferes with naming colour (controlled). It also shows that reading a colour name that contradicts the ink colour interferes more than just reading a word. Our experiment could support the second point if a) our colour-related words condition had a slower response time than colour-neutral and b) we make the assumption that colour-related words are the same/similar to colour names.
From this test, I don't think we can say much more than that, but I was thinking that the level of interference for colour-related compared to simple colour names would be interesting i.e. does the suggestion of a colour interfere even more, because we have to first recognise that it's colour related and then also think of what that colour is, as opposed to just thinking of the colour straightaway. Alternatively, because it's not such a direct message e.g. red, blue, it causes less interference, because we can sort of filter it out more easily (quickly?), as it's merely a suggestion of a colour. The thing is, we haven't tested for this hypothesis anyway - maybe it could be discussed as part of the results, as further study needed.
That's the best I've been able to come up with. If anyone wants to discuss it more, I'm game.

GreenEggsAndSpam Wed 04-Feb-09 21:51:33

iheartbuckabees - I had exactly the same thoughts myself about the colour words vs colour-related words. I also wondered about non colour words that had 'automatic' associations like Fire, danger - whether the brain would take longer to respond to those as it has to disregard the association. Hwr, as you said, we aren't testing this. From what I can see, what we have been asked to test tells us very litle, so I am worried about what I am going to write in the discussion section! Not much I fear.
Maybe the idea is to get us to critique the experiment design, in which case I can talk about the two different particpant groups, selection of participants, small sample size, but not sure what else?
Anyone? smile

docket Thu 05-Feb-09 11:02:05

Hi everyone

GreenEggs and iheart - I am in a bit of a pickle about the TMA (mainly because I haven't really got going with it yet, eeek so can't get my head around it all).

Re the sex, age thing I am not going to do anything with SPSS, although I may make comment if it looks like something really stands out.

Will be back later when (hopefully) I've got a grip....

docket Mon 09-Feb-09 10:21:33

That's it, I've submitted the bloody thing. I found that really hard! I could have spent more time on it but my eyes were going square last night and I just had to get shot of it. I'm so relieved to be moving on to something else now.

How's everyone else doing?

GreenEggsAndSpam Mon 09-Feb-09 11:14:00

Hi Docket - bet you feel relieved!

I am nearly there but struggling finishing it as it is cr*p! I hate reading through it because it just doesn't read well, but I am also at that point where I can't do anymore because I am so fed up with it... Grr!
From what I can see on the OU forum, this one has caused people a lot of headaches, and it sounds like a few have dropped out...

I have accepted I am going to get a much lower grade for this than my other assignments, and just hope I can pull my marks up again on the essays to come.

As for thinking about the exam - aargh!

<<<<<<Feel a bit better now smile>>>>>>>>>

docket Mon 09-Feb-09 13:38:59


I suppose it's good to know that lots of people have found it hard too! I'm aiming my sights lower too in terms of the mark I know I'm going to get. Ho hum and onwards and upwards smile

ihearthuckabees Tue 10-Feb-09 09:57:24


I'm the same as you - still trying to make the darned thing make sense. Finding the intro hard, although the other bits have been ok (haven't tackled the discussion yet).

Gotta get it done today.

I am also dreading the exam - feel like I've skimmed so much of the text book.

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 10-Feb-09 21:22:05

Well, my TMA03 is in. Glad to see the back of it!
Best of luck to those still working on it - not long now smile

Cocodrillo - how are you doing? Is the fact you've not been on here down to a new babe making it's arrival? smile

ihearthuckabees Wed 11-Feb-09 14:13:15

Just finished, with 10 hours to go. Hope you all have got through it.

I resolve not to think about psychology for the whole of the half-term holiday, starting tomorrow.

Cocodrillo Wed 11-Feb-09 21:34:37

Hi all, no baby announcement to make as yet smile.
Submitted TMA03 on Sunday night, just had to get shot of the damn thing, I'd spent far too long thinking about it, and I'm not convinced I EVER got my head round it. Not keen on the cognitive/perception stuff.
The stuff coming up in the next few weeks is much more my kind of thing. The assignments suddenly seem really close together - we've another one due on the 18th March. EEK.
Will check in with my results and any other news smile

docket Mon 16-Feb-09 11:12:19

I'm full of admiration for you Cocodrillo for being able to keep on top of things at this time! I'm keen to have another but am not sure how I would manage... Look forward to hearing your news.

I realised that I never revealed my TMA02 mark so here goes - I got a B+, slight drop from last time, with a better methods mark and worse essay mark. Am not holding out hope for TMA03 but at least it's done with. Hope to hear back soon, I hate the waiting.

GreenEggsAndSpam Thu 19-Feb-09 12:55:30

Cocodrillo - any news smile? I cannot imagine being so pregnant and studying, and then doing it with a newborn. I bet you are one of those 'busy people' that are always asked to help because you are seen as so capable!

I have less interesting news of my TMA03 score. Despite feeling it was a crock of sh*te, I got an A-. I am obviously pleased, as before the mark, I was expecting to feel like it had all been wasted effort. I hope that others are pleasantly surprised too smile

Still behind with the reading though hmm, and what I have done hasn't stuck at ALL.

ihearthuckabees Thu 19-Feb-09 14:18:29

Green Eggs

Very well done!

You don't sound very happy though. sad

I was beginning to lose my motivation, but feel like I'm getting my mojo back a bit now. Have you read any of Chapter 7. It's quite interesting/

Anyone else got their TMA back? No sign of mine, but that's not unusual.

docket Thu 19-Feb-09 18:05:13

Hi everyone.

I got mine back last night, I got an A- as well. Similarly shocked as I also felt it was total crock and found the whole thing really trying. Have read chapter 7 and skimmed chapter 8, both of which are significantly more interesting than that horrible stats stuff. Haven't yet looked at TMA04 although it seems to be looming on the calendar!

GreenEggsAndSpam Sat 21-Feb-09 20:01:02

Well done Docket! Hope you get yours back soon iheart...
I am enjoying the current stuff more than the first few chapters, but I do worry, and so the pressure of being able to retain stuff for the exam is weighing on me. Don't mean to sound too glum smile

ihearthuckabees Sun 22-Feb-09 16:41:47

Got my TMA back - a little lower than my other two, but still a B, so I feel ok about it.

I am constantly worrying about the exam too - sometimes so much I feel like jacking it in, even though my marks have been pretty good so far. Silly isn't it? I keep telling myself to keep going with the TMAs, try to keep getting B grades, then I can afford to srape by in the exam. Not sure I'm being totally convincing though.

Wonder if there are any topics on stress!

ANyone decided which option they're going to do for TMA04?

docket Sun 22-Feb-09 17:12:11

Well done ihh.

A friend who did DSE212 a couple of years back told me that she totally freaked about the exam but that when it came down to it it wasn't half as bad as expected. For a start, certain topics that turn up in TMAs won't be in exam questions so she reckons that it involves swotting up on a select few topics rather than the whole course. (I will speak to her for further details!). Anyhow, this made me feel a bit better about it all.

There are pre-exam stress workshops too I believe. Try not to worry! That's what I'm telling myself anyway...

GreenEggsAndSpam Sun 22-Feb-09 20:15:25

Hi ladies
The assignment book and specimen exam paper list which topics are going to have essay questions, and also list the 45 terms that might come up in the short answers section, which is very helpful. I still feel worried about it though. I used to be good at xams, but I don't feel like I have had enough re-inforcement for the info to stay in my head, so while I can write a good essay, I have nothing to write it about lol!
Have looked on the OU forum this eve - someone has set up a poll to report TMA grades, so you can see how you've done compared to others. Obviously likely to be skewed towards those happier to report their good grades though smile
Glad you feel ok with your resuly ihb - TMA03 was a pita!
Lastly, where (and how)is Cocodrillo???? And Muppetgirl, who staretd this thread?

ihearthuckabees Mon 23-Feb-09 13:54:13

And leda too, where are you?

Maybe Cocodrillo has had her baby (about which I am both insanely jealous, and totally relieved it's not me grin).

Listened to the audio about how to write a good essay last night. So am trying hard to plan plan plan. Have read Chapter 7, so am going to just answer option A for TMA04, then if I get time read chapter 8. Talk about lowering your standards!

docket Mon 23-Feb-09 14:25:56

I'm not sure which question I'm going to do. Just read them both and am know feeling panicked!!

greeneggs, I am being a complete idiot obviously but I can't seem to access the OU forums at all. I know I did once but have no recollection how I did it. Can I be a total pest and ask you how?


docket Mon 23-Feb-09 14:33:35

fool, i've found it, ignore me!

Cocodrillo Fri 27-Feb-09 19:32:04

Hello ladies I'm back, and with a new DS to show for it. Really really delighted with him grin. Had a CS last Friday, so feeling a bit battered and sore, but otherwise fine.

Believe me I'm no superwoman-type, I'm not at all sure how I'm going to manage with the 3 DCs and the rest of the course!

I was thinking about asking to "substitute" TMA 04, but the way I've interpreted the Substitution Rule in the assignment book implies that you're better off submitting something, however crappy, rather than nothing at all?

I'd done this week's reading last week, and I really enjoyed the chapter - it felt like a bit of light relief after all the stats and cognitive psychology stuff.

I've not had a mark for TMA 03 yet - assumed I would have by now - but will report back when I do.

It sounds like everyone's doing pretty well on the course so far smile.

ihearthuckabees Sat 28-Feb-09 13:25:29


Congratulations! Hope you are getting some rest and relaxation, and time to enjoy your new little one. You might not be superwoman, but I (and I'm sure the others) are still in awe of you smile.

I think you're right to try to submit something for TMA04, however basic, because the substitution rule uses an average of all your TMAs, so if one of them is a zero, your average will be worse than if one is a low mark.

Good luck, and hope you get TMA03 back soon.

docket Mon 02-Mar-09 10:46:14

Many congratulations Cocodrillo!! Me thinks you are being too modest and are indeed a superwoman!

I've started making some notes for TMA04, it's proving much harder than I had anticipated. I hate it when that happens...

How's everyone else getting on?

ihearthuckabees Mon 02-Mar-09 11:26:58


The TMAs are ALWAYS harder than i think they're going to be. Argh.

I had every intention of doing this TMA quickly and early, so that I can do some big-time catching up on notes and reading, but already things have gone pear-shaped - i.e. I'm stuck!

sad that I'm not really enjoying this course.

Cocodrillo Mon 02-Mar-09 11:50:56

Looks like my CS wound has a slight infection, so off to the GP this afternoon sad.

Which TMA option are you going for? I think I'm tackling memory, as the other option, which looked the most appealing at first, seems more difficult to me.

docket Mon 02-Mar-09 11:54:53

ihh, you're right. i just thought that this would be 'better' because it isn't infernal statistics but actually it's just difficult in a different way. so much information to process and i have no idea how i am going to structure things let alone make an argument.

i am doing the memory question.

hope you get things sorted at the doc cocodrillo

ihearthuckabees Mon 02-Mar-09 13:52:11

I am doing option A, but only because I haven't read the memory chapter yet, and wanted to get started.

Planning the structure of the essay is the hardest part I think. I usually end up writing numerous hideous drafts until things eventually fall into place. Complete opposite of what they advise us to do!

docket Thu 05-Mar-09 10:53:54

Cocodrillo, how are you feeling?

I am finding this TMA absolutely horrific! I am all over the shop. Aaaah.

ihearthuckabees Thu 05-Mar-09 11:32:44

Docket. I know, I am the same. I am trying so hard to just write something, anything, and just get it over with, but am falling into all my old traps of trying too hard and getting paralysed with fear about it being rubbish. I've even started a thread about it, in desperation.

I am so tempted to give the whole thing up!

docket Fri 06-Mar-09 10:53:07

ihh, don't give up! You are doing really well on the course, don't beat yourself up too much.

I have managed to commit something to paper (albeit utter b*llocks) and feel slightly better. I'll just have to revise and revise (and hope and hope).

One teeny tiny blessing is that at least there isn't a part 2 to this assignment. Otherwise I really would be on the roof shouting 'I'm dooooomed'!

GreenEggsAndSpam Fri 06-Mar-09 11:26:03

I am with you on this ladies - this assignment is hard! I am finding it tricky to separate the issues as they are so intertwined. I am also fretting in advance about TMA05 as I know it is going to be a big one like TMA03, but the work will need to be done when it is school hols, and I am also busy every weekend until the deadline. Not sure how I can fit it in, so want to get cracking on it soon. Can't though, because I am still tying myself up in knots about Attibution bloody theories - aargghh!

GreenEggsAndSpam Fri 13-Mar-09 12:28:30

So, how is everyone doing? I am nearly there with TMA04, but again, I think it is rubbish! I keep going round in circles. Some paragraphs are too descriptive with no evaluation and some are evaluative with little reference to the text - arghh! However, I am at the word count now, so am at that point where I just want to tidy it up and have done!

TMA05 looks like it might be a bit of a pita, but not as bad as TMA03. It is going to be tough getting it done with the children being on school hols though hmm

Hope everyone is coping ok smile

ihearthuckabees Sat 14-Mar-09 15:57:09

GreenEggs - well done for getting to this point.

I have come to a big decision this week - after a lot of soul searching I have decided to withdraw from the course. We have a lot of stressful stuff going on, and it just got to the point where the OU stuff was adding to that stress so much that something had to give. (We are having major building work done, have had a serious fallout with our neighbour over the work, the neighbour is vulnerable and has mental health problems, making it very difficult to address and rectify the issues, plus DH is going through a possible job move abroad, to a country where we don't speak the language).

This wasn't helped by not being able to see how I could physically fit in the rest of the work, given how slow and hopeless I've become about the TMAs, and the fact that i haven't been enjoying any of the content of the course since the evolutionary psych chapter. All in all, it has created a kind of negative downward spiral with the whole thing, which, even when I'd completed TMAs and got good marks, I couldn't shake.

Sorry if this is a bit of a downer of a message. Felt like I should own up to you all.

I really hope you all manage to keep going and achieve what you want to. Good luck. I'll be thinking of you, and will check back to see how things are going.

GreenEggsAndSpam Sat 14-Mar-09 20:15:30

IHH - sorry to hear that sad. Do you feel there is really no alternative? Are you 'interrupting' your study, or do you not want to return to it at all? sad

It does sound like you have a lot on your plate at the moment, so I hope that this decision makes things easier for you. Must have been very hard to do.

Have you spoken to your tutor? It sounds like you are a bit put off studying/writing TMA's - maybe they could offer some advice so that when you can face going back to the books, you feel a bit happier about it?

Best of luck with everything going on, and thanks for your helpful posts and discussions so far smile

GreenEggsAndSpam Sat 14-Mar-09 20:17:21

Cocodrillo - I have just realised I missed your post about your new DS! Many congratulations, and I hope you are feeling ok. How is everything going?

docket Mon 16-Mar-09 11:52:38

IHH, sorry to hear that, it does sound like you've got an awful lot on your plate and I really hope things get better soon. Do pop back and see us!

ihearthuckabees Mon 16-Mar-09 14:15:16

Called the OU today to do the deed. I now have a £183 credit towards another course, as long as I start within 18months of DSE212's start date. I will have to see how things go. I feel as if I've let the side down a bit, but I am rooting for you all and will try not to feel too jealous when you all successfully finish wink.

GreenEggsAndSpam Mon 16-Mar-09 16:20:50

ihhb - I take it you have no yearning to finish DSE212 then? Do you have another course in mind for when life calms down a bit?

I know someone from my tutorial group has also left the course - fitting it in and the content being the reasons. I must admit, I have been a bit disappointed that I haven't found it more interesting. I do hope to finish, but I don't feel it was what I expected somehow.

Best of luck, and hope the other stuff is resolved soon. Is the potential move abroad a good thing or not?

ihearthuckabees Tue 17-Mar-09 22:56:50

I'm, not sure about whether to go back to DSE212. It's hard to have any perspective right now, as all the building stress has kind of taken over - things have deteriorated even more with the neighbour, and DH and I now feel like we were totally naive and unprepared for everything, and probably could have handled things better. Anyway, I'd better not get on to the subject, or I might not stop!

I was a bit disappointed with the course, but that was only part of the reason for stopping. Possible move abroad was unsolicited, and we don't really want the upheaval (have lived abroad before, and it was a lot of work) but it would be a good opportunity for DH, so mixed feelings really.

GreenEggsAndSpam Sun 22-Mar-09 22:49:21

Just seen some interesting stats on the DSE212 forum. Apparently only 58% of people who start the course get as far as the exam, and then 14% of those then fail. I estimate that is a pass rate of about 50%. Wish I had known that before I started shock

So, who is around?

Anyone? Or will I be talking to myself about Assan's attachment issues smile

Ihhb - hope things are improving for you, and the future is looking clearer smile

thegreenchair Tue 24-Mar-09 12:04:31

Hi all,

Started DSE212 in Oct and am finding it really hard going, relationship with tutor has broken down and I now only send tutor TMA's and read tutors advice after they are marked.

Due to work/family etc I have not made it to any tutorials.

Am averaging b to b- in TMA's

Would love to throw in the towel, talked to student services and they told me I was on course for a pass and to stick with it, I didn wanna push the tutor issue, so I agreed to continue.

Am currently reading chapter 8 in research methods, but can not find much reference to attachment either in section 3 of chapter 1 or the commentary? from the challenging psychological issues book.

Anyone else struggling with this?

Have not had any contact with others studying dse212, and am not getting tutor support, any comments will be welcome.


thegreenchair Tue 24-Mar-09 12:37:49

duhhh was looking at the wrong book - loads about attachment in the correct book!!!

MollieO Thu 26-Mar-09 00:31:27

I'm here. Didn't realise that this was here! I work full-time, single parent etc so struggle with trying to get everything done. Wasn't very happy with TMA03 so I'm hoping this project will be more interesting. My tutor has promised it will suit me better. Have only just handed in 04 (got a week's extension).

I've gone to the tutorials and day course although that has been hard to fit in. I had hoped to do the revision course but haven't got access to childcare for a whole weekend unfortunately.

docket Thu 26-Mar-09 11:08:51

Hi everyone.

I'm still here! Working through this qualitative stuff and finding it annoyingly woolly so far.

I don't think this course has met my expectations. I've enjoyed some of it but find that all this jumping around between themes/perspectives etc quite annoying. I suppose it's meant to give us a broad, shallow taster for the subject...

Thegreenchair and MollieO, welcome! smile

What happened with your tutor thegreenchair? Mine is a total arse, so full of himself it's quite revolting!


MollieO Thu 26-Mar-09 12:04:21

My view of this course is that it is compulsory to get out of the way before I can get on with the stuff I'm really interested in. I have been impressed with the level of detail and the knowledge of my tutor, even if his dress sense is more akin to The History Man c1970s!

Has anyone got the Erika Cox revision notes and if so what do they think of them. I was hoping to go to the Oxford revision weekend but don't think it is fair to have my mum babysit for the entire time and everyone else is away because its Easter.

I'm hoping the qualitative project will be more my thing as the stats one clearly wasn't!

muppetgirl Thu 26-Mar-09 12:47:46


Still here too

just passed tma 04 and off to read how you're all doing, be back later

muppetgirl Thu 26-Mar-09 12:54:53

Hi all, my tutor seems okay but all the tutorials seem to be is him telling us what he wants us to write in the next tma...I thought they were to talk about what we're learning/ask questions ect but apprently not.

I am loving the subject but find the tma's fall just when the school hoildays are (I had to have an extension with tma 03 due to snow and then half term, ds 1 was off for just over 2 weeks and with ds 2 -16 monhts being off nursery due to snow it was just impossible to get it done.) I agree with whoever said about tma 05, ds is off for the next 3 weeks, just when I need to write it!

AM bricking myself about the exam, I am crap at exams and always have been. I worry and quietly fall apart so needing some advice. The ladies on my thread have come up with some good revision/exam techniques so I'll post them if anyone's interested.

MollieO Thu 26-Mar-09 13:48:13

I'm certainly interested in revision/exam techniques! I work full time so I'm less affected by the school holidays. I seem to have had a week's extension for all of the TMAs so far although I'm hoping to try and get TMA 05 done on time just to show my tutor that I can!

Our tutorials seem to focus on the next TMA too. I just wish I managed to look at the next TMA before the tutorial so I have some clue what the tutor is talking about.smile

thegreenchair Tue 31-Mar-09 15:41:49

Hi again,
Have recieved TMA4 back, all negative comments and a poor grade again.
I spent weeks studying and am bitterly disappointed. Have lost the will to study and have not opened a book since last week.
I know I will have to shake myself and read about Assan and his attachment issues, but I know no matter how hard I try it wont please tutor and its just another one of my efforts that he can rip to pieces :-(

Sorry for the moaning - but I have no one else !!!

Tutor is soooo full of himself its more than revolting - he is a young guy and has that self satisfied "I know more than you" attitude, he is no help at all, the few times I contacted him he was practically laughing at my ignorance of what ever it was I was seeking help with. Needless to say I stopped contacting him, it helped my phone bill if nothing else!

Tutor last year was a gem....I think I got spoiled !!!

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 31-Mar-09 21:52:32

thegreenchair - your situation sounds cr*p. It sounds like you have grounds to request a change of tutor - he is obviously not able to give the suppport that you need which is impacting on your ability to do the course. Have you investigated if you can ask for a different tutor?
I like my tutor. The tutorials are not just about the TMA's and she is pretty approachable. It is just the DSE212 material I don't like much!
I've still not heard back on my TMA04 result. My tutor did allude that it was a new essay title and as such it might mean that tutors neeed to look at all the essays that came back to see what students had made of them before she could grade them. Either that or it is taking her forever to write all the comments on it lol!
Welcome back btw to Muppetgirl and hello to MollieO.
Onwards and upwards to TMA05 and Assan's feelings about his father...

ihearthuckabees Wed 01-Apr-09 13:01:24

Green Eggs - don't want to hijack the thread, but didn't want to ignore your message (mar 22) either. Thanks for thinking of me (things still ropey with nighbour, but work issues are more resolved, thanks). I haven't forgotten you all - keeping me fingers crossed that you all make it. I might even get around to reading the rest of the text books, even though I'm off the course (am I mad?).

TheFallenMadonna Wed 01-Apr-09 13:13:46

May I gatecrash with a recommendation? I did DSE212 as my first OU course 4 years ago and went on to do the rest of the psych courses. I would heartily recommend the Erika Cox revision stuff. I used it in the last month to get all the studies and terminology remembered. Used them for all the courses she provides them for. Good luck!

docket Thu 02-Apr-09 13:31:22

Hi everyone

Thanks TFM for the recommendation. I have just purchased the revision pack. Feel good that it will give me someone to start with it all IYSWIM. What other courses did you/didn't you enjoy? I'm planning on doing them all, I really hope I get through it.

thegreenchair, it really does sound as though a different tutor would be the way forward. What a nightmare for you. Chin up smile

So - has anyone started TMA05 yet? It feels so unwieldy at the moment. I have started to really dislike Assan for some irrational reason. Probably hatred of this TMA!

docket Mon 13-Apr-09 18:54:54

Oooh, it's quiet in here!

How is everyone getting on with TMA05?!!

GreenEggsAndSpam Fri 24-Apr-09 21:19:11

Hi all

Docket - yes, I was busy with TMA05, more so with the school hols. I got the TMA in on time though and was pleased to see the back of it.

The exam feels fighteningly close now, and the feeling I have that I really don't know the material at ALL well is quite erm, pronounced! Aargh!

Cocodrillo - how are you doing?

Iheart - how is life with you?

Muppetgirl, MollieO, thegreenchair (enigmatic name btw!) - how did you find TMA05, and how is it going in general?

MollieO Fri 24-Apr-09 21:33:17

I got an extension for TMA05 as I completely lost Easter weekend to ds being poorly. Due in this Wednesday instead which means lots of work this weekend!

Did anyone attend the Oxford revision weekend? I wanted to go but couldn't get childcare organised.

GreenEggsAndSpam Fri 24-Apr-09 21:48:16

Hope your DS is better now MollieO. It is scary how just one thing can throw all the studying plans out of the window. I hope your work on TMA05 goes well, I was glad to see the back of Assan!

I looked at the revision weekend, but decided against it (children/cost/distance/faff). I shall just have to muddle through. My current thought is that if each exam essay has got to be done in less than 45 mins, they can't be expecting that much, can they? hopeful hmm

Cocodrillo Sun 03-May-09 22:24:01

hi, am back online after 6 weeks without any internet access. Posted TMA 05 off on Tuesday (got a few days extension). Am finding it a struggle fitting the work in around the new DS plus the other two kids, but feel heartened by my grade for TMA 04 - scraped my first A.

ihearthuckabees - sorry to hear you've decided to drop out.

Erika Cox revision pack? What is this?

MollieO Mon 04-May-09 14:44:38

The revision pack is this. I need to order it. I had an extension for TMA 05 too. I am really struggling to find the time to do studying. Hope I will find the time to do 06 without asking for an extension plus do some revision too! Think I will be glad when this module is finished. I've signed up for the summer school and then Applied Psychology.

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 05-May-09 22:20:04

Hello ladies smile
Hope all TMA05's are in now - it was an strange one wasn't it? Mine was in two weeks ago but still no mark yet...
Looking at TMA06. It sees such a huge topic, and while I know what I want to say, I can't get started, as I want to say so much that isn't specified in the text hmm. The book doesn't give us that much info on the animal side of things imo, so it is hard to be balanced with any arguments I reckon.
Definitely worried about the exam now. I just don't know the stuff! It doesn't stick in my brain like it did when I was a student at 18 smile
Best of luck to everyone smile

Cocodrillo Wed 06-May-09 09:05:49

haven't done the gender reading yet, thinking I will tackle tma 06 next week.

Thanks for the revision pack link, MollieO. Has anyone bought it? Is the essay planner booklet thingy useful?

GreenEggsAndSpam Wed 06-May-09 09:36:32

cocodrillo - I have the revisions pack. Have not looked at the essay booklet yet but the key terms cards are excellent - all you need to know on individual pieces of card. Definitely worth a tenner imo smile
Good luck with TMA06 - nearly there...

More importantly, how is life with your new babe? smile

Cocodrillo Fri 08-May-09 13:58:45

Baby is lovely, I'm really in love with him but he is definitely my last!

Off to order revision pack now...

Cocodrillo Fri 08-May-09 13:59:42

I quite liked TMA05, btw, and I got my best mark yet for it grin. Very pleased. Not looking forward to 06 though, especially as there's no way of getting an extension this time.

MollieO Sat 09-May-09 18:26:27

Cocodrillo you and me both. Not sure that my tutor will be ready for an on time submission from me!

GreenEggsAndSpam Sat 09-May-09 19:49:16

Hi Cocodrillo and MollieO smile
I am part way through TMA06 now and it isn't that bad, you just need to get writing and I reckon it will come.
Well done on your TMA05 mark Cocodrillo. I still haven't had mine back yet angry. Tis bugging me a bit now!
Have you got your revision packs yet? The exam is my main motivation for getting TMA06 out of the way. The exam feels scary and I want to get a sense of proportion about it by looking properly at it all...

GreenEggsAndSpam Sun 17-May-09 21:11:53

Hello! Anyone about?
Finally got my mark for TMA05 - smile
Am just about to submit TMA06, but procrastinating on here instead smile
How is it going?

Cocodrillo Tue 19-May-09 19:47:13

Hi, I'm going to be submitting this essay right on the deadline, no chance of it going in early. Getting a bit worried (understatement) about the exam now... Have bugger all time to revise... and little motivation to be honest... Am so out of practice re exams, and I have always lacked discipline when it comes to revising.

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 19-May-09 22:47:35

Hi Cocodrillo
Hope it is going well. Despite me saying it was nearly done on Sunday, I have only just this minute sent TMA06. Glad to see the back of it, but suspect it is going to drag my OAS down quite a bit hmm
Hope your TMA06 is going better, or hopefully, is already gone!
Revision is scary, especially as I have only read the topics I will be writing essays on once! Not conducive to recalling it under exam conditions. I have a lot of ground to make up I think.
Have you decided to only revise certain subjects, and if so, which? I am doing 3 out of 4 chapters for Part 2, and 2 out of 3 for Part 3, and only learning terms from 6 out of 9 for Part 1. Heeelp!!
Best of luck - you have your plate fuller than most smile

Cocodrillo Wed 20-May-09 20:47:54

I've just submitted TMA 06.
No revision strategy as yet, but will report back over the weekend and let you know what I'm planning!

ihearthuckabees Thu 21-May-09 20:17:16

Hi all, good to see you are all still working away and getting through things. Still thinking of you all.

I am a bit envy at your achievements, although i now see that I was realistic to drop out, as it has been total chaos here with everything that's going on, and i think I might have cracked up.

Keep up the good work.

MollieO Thu 21-May-09 20:25:48

Have a small extenstion until tomorrow for TMA 06 and then into revision. Am looking forward to the end of this smile

Cocodrillo Thu 21-May-09 23:30:38

God me too.
Am having nightmares all of a sudden arranging child care for the exam though. DH says he is really busy that day. GAH! Even though I gave him the exam date about 6 months ago and he simply forgot about it when he was sorting out his work schedules for the summer.

GreenEggsAndSpam Fri 22-May-09 20:29:35

MollieO, you and me both lol! Although I have enjoyed the last two months more than the rest of it. Hope you've got your TMA06 sorted now smile
Ihhb - how is life with mad goings on and potential move?
Cocodrillo - nightmare about childcare. How old will your DS be at the exam? Can you get any special dispensation having such a young baby? I think you are amazing for keeping it all together smile

I am now procrastinating madly with my revision, which I really can't afford to do. Give me a kick up the bum please!

Cocodrillo Fri 22-May-09 22:17:07


I have read the exam booklet and listened to the CD tonight, am starting my revision tomorrow (honest).

I'm going to learn two Book 1 chapters really well, and skim another, learn one Book 2 chapter, and skim another (plus Commentaries). Then try and learn all the definitions (45 in total I think).

Basically that means swotting up on a chapter a week, plus 15 definitions...

This is the theory at least. I think RL may get in the way. Especially since it is half term now and I have all three kids around, and we're going away...

DS will be nearly 4 months by the exam date. Going to see if PIL can cover that afternoon, but they are in France at the moment...

IHeart hope everything's going ok.

MollieO Sat 23-May-09 22:51:55

Very glad that TMA06 was submitted late last night! Revision will start at some point this weekend.

What is everyone doing next? I'm doing the DXR222 residential week in Bath. Did think of transferring to the online version but am away for half of October which ruled that out. Am then doing DS232 applied pyschology and then ED209 Child development starting next year.

Cocodrillo I like the sound of your revision plan, I may do the same!

GreenEggsAndSpam Mon 25-May-09 21:35:22

Hello smile
Hope the revision is going ok and your procratination abilities are less well developed than mine smile
MollieO, I am intending to do the online course, as don't feel comfortable leaving the children for a whole week. I hope to do Child Dev next Feb too. Unless I bomb on the exam, that is!
Coco- hope you get some revision done this week. I am in the same position as you, but with slightly older little ones! Lovely, but play havoc with studying sometimes...
Been playing with the assessment calculator on the OU site. I am hoping to scrape a distinction for the OAS, I think. Shame the exam is going to drag it down, but I feel proud of what I have achieved so far, especially as I haven't enjoyed the course as much as I'd hoped.
Right, back to the books - good luck everyone!

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 26-May-09 21:53:57

Procrastinating again (and spelling it right this time blush.
I have revised my revision plan! I am only doing 2 chapters for part 2 and 1 chapter for part 3. I don't feel I will get enough depth if I try to do other chapters. I just hope 'nice' questions come up, or I am stuffed. Gulp!
How is every feeling?

MollieO Sat 30-May-09 00:29:37

Have decided on my revision plan - Chapters 3 and 5 from Book 1 and Chapter 1 from Book 2. They seem to be the only ones that I remember other than the ones we covered in the TMAs. Plus of course 45 definitions. Was reading the exam prep book today and a bit concerned at the level of detail we need for the definitions.

Am off to the revision day in Oxford tomorrow (well today, looking at the time). Is anyone else doing a revision day?

docket Mon 01-Jun-09 12:10:49

Hi everyone.

Sounds like we've all got similar revision strategies, I'm also revising 2 chapters from Book 1 (6 and 9) and one from Book 2 (3). I did have grand plans to revise 5 topics in total but soon realised I was being naive about what I'd be able to manage. I'm revising 6 out of the 9 short answers, perhaps risky too but feel this is all I can manage and am a bit shocked by the in-depth answers that seem to be required for this part. Gulp.

Went to a revision day in London on saturday which I found useful. I am still panicking though and will be glad when it's all over.

Mollie, I am doing the residential week in Bath as well, first week in August, which one are you dong?

Cocodrillo Tue 02-Jun-09 19:47:21

Can't make it to a revision day cos of the babba, but have now started revising. My chapters from Book 1 are 9 and 5, and I'm doing chapter 1 from Book 2. They're the ones I found most interesting, so hopefully they will stick...

Did NO revision at all last week... started last night, but I've always been a last-minute swotter so hopefully it will work out.

docket Wed 03-Jun-09 16:40:18

Cocodrillo, can I ask - how have you found combining studying with a new baby? Am expecting number 3 in December. I had been planning to start Child Development in Feb but don't know if I'm being hopelessly naive. How do you fit it all in?!!

Cocodrillo Wed 03-Jun-09 22:49:45

Hi docket, how old are your other children? I think it is doable fitting in around a newborn as they sleep in the day... Try and get ahead if the course materials arrive early to spread the work out... It has been hard to be honest, I'm so looking forward to the end of the course, but at the same time I have a massive sense of achievement for keeping up with the course work and doing well despite the demands on my time (we'll see re the exam!).

My 2 yr old goes to a CM from 9 till 3 2.5 days a week, and my 4 yr old is at school, so I have had the opportunity to do some work in the day when DS is asleep. I'm also planning to do the child development course next year - it sounds really interesting, and our interest in our own children has got to work to our advantage surely? Sorry, I'm waffling now.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

docket Thu 04-Jun-09 09:32:10

Thanks Cocodrillo. That's what I wanted to hear! DS is 4.7 and DD is nearly 3, in September they will be going to school/pre school so I kind of thought I'd manage around the baby's sleep time but wasn't sure if that was complete madness. I'm just worried about starting and then not managing and giving up, that will annoy me more than not starting at all IYSWIM. I guess I've got a bit of time to decide. Thanks for your advice!

Cocodrillo Thu 04-Jun-09 10:51:41

I think it will depend on whether your baby sleeps reasonably well at night though - DS, although still waking at night, has had a fairly predictable pattern from quite early on, and is not nocturnal - he has a distinct day and night so I'm tired, but not EXHAUSTED. If he was a very erratic sleeper things would be much more stressful I think...

Is your DD at home all week at the moment? If so, are you already used to fitting masses of work into your evenings? You might even find it easier next year than this year...

docket Thu 04-Jun-09 10:56:46

DD goes to nursery 2 half days so I do a bit in the day and some at night at the moment. Your sleep point is a good one, there is a distinct difference in being able to manage things if just tired rather than absolutely shattered. I'm hoping for a ludicrously chilled baby of course but the reality could be very different!

My other option would be to do the 'Biology of the Brain' course which is a 30 pointer so should be less work. Although I've had a nosey at the summary of the course and it looks like it's out of my comfort zone - child development looks far more interesting which could make all the difference when it comes to motivating myself.

Oh well, I've got a while to think about it all.

How's everyone getting on with the revising?

MollieO Thu 04-Jun-09 14:41:57

Revising? Remind me what that means?! I went to the revision day in Oxford last weekend which was good, although one of the tutors didn't turn up so we couldn't go through one of my chosen chapters.

I got the Erika Cox revision cards which seem good but I need to condense my notes to a format I can actually learn.

Hope everyone else is getting on well. Congats on your news docket. I am supposed to be doing the second week of August in Bath but it is looking less and less likely unfortunately.

Cocodrillo Mon 08-Jun-09 21:17:14

oh dear revising not going well. have just spent the evening drinking wine and eating cheese with DH. This is not the way to pass exams!

I have learnt one chapter well and half the definitions. So much left to do. My head spins when I think about it! (Or is that the wine?)

GreenEggsAndSpam Mon 15-Jun-09 20:55:44

Sooooooooooooooo.... how did it go ladies?
I am very relieved it is done for now. No more fretting and having revision hanging over us (well for those of us just doing DSE212 on its own.
What did you think of the exam? What questions did you do? How did those of you with litle ones or pg cope with it all? smile

docket Mon 15-Jun-09 21:12:49

Hello! Really glad it's over too. Hope it went okay for everyone.

I thought it was alright, slightly better questions than I had feared. I did 2, 3 and 6 in addition to the short answer bit. Found myself afterwards wondering if I'd actually addressed 2 properly but I really need to stop fretting. I've had far too many sleepless nights worrying about bloody bottleneck theories of attention recently and need to get my mojo back!

Which questions did you do Greeneggs?

GreenEggsAndSpam Mon 15-Jun-09 21:16:18

You know, I have already repressed the question numbers grin.
I did the question on psychoanalysis, trait theories and sex and gender. I though some of the questions were quite narrowly focused, but I wrote about 4 pages on each, so I managed to think of something to write about! Really not sure how to gauge how I did. I would say for definite I have passed. I was aiming for 70% + - we shall see about that!
How do you think you got on?

docket Mon 15-Jun-09 21:27:45

Repressing sounds like a plan! I did psychoanalysis, sex and gender and perception/attention. I thought the latter was the worst question, I think I fudged that one a bit, psychoanalysis the best. The short answer bit was okay. The time went so quickly I was really rushing at the end.

I think I've passed and I'd definitely like to get 70+ too but it's really difficult to know what the marking is like. I mean, I know my essays were of a much lower standard than my TMAs. I don't know whether they mark in the same way? My writing was so appalling by the end the marker might not actually be able to make anything out anyway!

GreenEggsAndSpam Mon 15-Jun-09 21:43:58

I was worried I wouldn't be able to fill 3 hrs, but it did seem to go quite quickly. I still have a red indent on my middle finger from the pressure of holding the pen for that long!
I was glad I could do my 5 questions without having a perception and attention one - in fact it didn't come up lol - because I found that chapter really hard to recall, it just merged into lots of boring theories in my head - am impressed you managed to write an essay on it!
I assume that examiners don't mark to the same sort of scheme as with TMA's - I write pretty fast and I only just managed to get what I wanted to down on the paper. They can't expect the niceties you get when working on a TMA over a period of days...she says hoping!
Ah well, all done now. I am sure a thorough de-brief would be a useful exercise, but I can't face it!
take care

Cocodrillo Tue 16-Jun-09 09:57:15

Well thank F* that's over. how long do we wait for results? I did the psychoanalysis, lifelong development and trait theories ones. Not sure how did, like others I know I've passed, but I'd scraped an A average on my TMAs - so I'd love to do well on the exam, but my essays were not great quality I felt. We'll see!

docket Tue 16-Jun-09 19:23:37

apparently the results come out in august (mid i think).

feeling so chilled today, so pleased it's all over. hopefully we'll bump into each other soon on another OU course thread

take care y'all!!

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 04-Aug-09 11:55:44

According to the forum on the OU site, DSE212 results are imminent! The text on the assignment scores page has turned from blue to red where it says 'Not yet available'. I am assuming that 'imminent' means today, so best of luck everyone smile!

MollieO Thu 06-Aug-09 00:05:03

Nothing today so I wonder if it will be tomorrow (Thursday) although the original date was Friday 7th.

Good luck everyone!

I'm doing the Applied Psychology course next. Is anyone else doing it? I had to drop out of the residential week unfortunately so hope to do it online next year (am away for the beginning of the online course this year and was told I'd automatically fail if I missed two weeks!).

Think we will have to organise another Psychology thread. I'm interested in knowing how those of you who are doing the online course get on.

GreenEggsAndSpam Thu 06-Aug-09 10:28:21

Good luck all!

MollieO Thu 06-Aug-09 11:38:01

I passed (albeit only just on the exam!). Am delighted although I want to do better for the next course. Looking at the comments for my answers I reckon I was very very lucky indeed. smile. Am at home with a horrible bug (like SF but no temp) so just what I needed to cheer myself up!

Hope everyone else gets the result they wanted.

GreenEggsAndSpam Thu 06-Aug-09 16:51:52

Hi MollieO
Sorry to hear you are poorly, but congratulations on passing DSE212!
I did well, and am pleased my (very) selective revision strategy paid off - I couldn't have answered any other questions than the ones I did!
When you mean comments on the exam, do you mean the 'excellent', 'good', 'adequate' etc scores, or is there anything I am missing?
I am not doing Applied Psych next as I don't need it for the Diploma. It's the online research project for me - which has had shite reviews thus far - gulp!
Take care

MollieO Thu 06-Aug-09 19:31:33

Yes I mean the little comments next to the answers - adequate etc.

I will do either the residential course or on line course next year. Probably the online course as I will be doing ED209 exam somewhere between 11th October and 20th October 2010 which precludes doing our usual jaunt away for half term.

I'll be interested to know how you get on with the online project as the reviews are horrible, aren't they. I also think not enough thought has been taken by the OU for those of us who have limited options to do residential courses because of the lack of childcare.

I don't need the Applying (don't know why I think it is called Applied) Psychology either (am doing the Diploma too) but I felt like doing it as there is too long a gap between now and next Feb. Am currently dithering about doing that or transferring to the new short Autism course which looks interesting and may be of interest for ED209.

Cocodrillo Tue 11-Aug-09 10:22:51

Mollie, I also thought the Autism course looked interesting but am somewhat reluctantly booked in for the online research project.

(Also interested in the new children's literature course - which is totally irrelevant to psychology! - but I would really enjoy)

Well done Mollie and GreenEggs. I scraped a distinction - very happy and pleased, but suddenly feeling a bit unfocused.

Vicky1978 Thu 04-Feb-10 19:56:14

I was wondering if anyone had the data file available for DSE212 TMA3 - I lost my disc and whilst I still have SPSS I can't do the assignment without the data! To make matters worse the deadline is next week and it takes OU 14 days to post a new CD out. Help!

piximonkeyingaround Wed 10-Feb-10 22:56:17

Vicky did you get something sorted? I've only just spotted your message. I'm currently doing the course too and submitted my TMA03 earlier.

ChelleQ Mon 16-May-11 13:43:39

Did this thread get restarted or forgotten?

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