Will SFE pay the childcare grant after you've graduated?

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blinkowl Tue 16-Aug-16 21:43:51

Has anyone had any dealings with SFE for the childcare grant late in the year?

The deadline for getting the forms in is 9 months after your course starts, which I did, just, sending them details of money spent on childcare while studying. I have now graduated.

SFE have written to me saying they are stopping my payments as I am "no longer in attendance on my course". But of course I am no longer in attendance - I just graduated!

I met their deadlines, surely I am entitled to the money?

(Incidentally one of their people told me there was no deadline at all on the phone - that's patently not true, but it's what they said.)

I'm working long hours the next few days so might not get a chance to call them.

Has anyone else had dealings with them over this?

blinkowl Wed 17-Aug-16 08:57:12

Hopeful bump

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