Does anybody else use CBD Drip?

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NaturalRBF Sun 28-Aug-16 21:46:22

So I suffer with a lot of pain & found that the only thing that made any difference was cannabis. I smoke it maybe twice a month when needed & it works so much better than anything the doctor has given me & I don't feel hungover in the morning.

It's known with the condition that I have that analgesics aren't effective. I've given up smoking & was worried the occasional medicinal joint would put back on that slippery road to stinkies.

At the vape shop yesterday got chatting and the guy started telling me about CBD drip. So tonight pain was about a 7/10 so I dropped a single drop into my 3.9ml tank. And within 45 mins the pain is so much more manageable!

Has anyone else tried it?

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