Need assistance... Again !

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Gohackyourself Mon 25-Jan-16 13:10:30

Hi all,

I've been finding I get very croaky/dry mouth , with vaping.

I've tried high vg juices too.ive lowered my Nic mg.
I drink enough too.
I also get quite a sore tongue and side of tongue.

Anyone experienced this?
I use an eleaf I stick on about 7w.
I have bdc tops and aspire nautilus.
I've been vaping since May but am truly getting fed up of it now.
Considering it, so weaning myself gently.
Any tips would be great!

PolterGoose Tue 26-Jan-16 19:27:18

It would be a shame to stop now when you've done so well.

Firstly, are you getting any spitting or unvapourised liquid when you inhale?

Also, have you tried juice with absolutely no PG at all? A lot of flavours are carried in PG so you'll need to do some research. I think True Vape and Pure Vape do PG free juice, but I haven't bought from them from over a year as I was able to slowly introduce PG and can do 50/50 juices now.

Gohackyourself Wed 27-Jan-16 19:49:04

Thanks polter.

Yes I've tried high vg liquids which I get on better with.But still not great.
Truvape I have tried an it's ok.
Went an bought boom juice yesterday- and believe it or not have just gone back to using a cirro e cig like u buy in Tesco as I'm finding I don't need so much wattage anymore and it seems to help the throat !

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