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magimedi Thu 24-Apr-14 12:00:12

Hooray to getting our own space (within giving up smoking).

flowers & wine (gin) to MNHQ for giving us this space.

I'm hoping some of our most knowledgeable vapers are going to start threads about specific aspects of vaping.

<glares at *Allergic & Plenty>

Letthemtalk Thu 31-Jul-14 21:39:56

Thanks plenty. More crack, yes you can take e liquid in hand luggage, just need to follow the usual rules ree carrying liquid and put it in a clear plastic bag thing.

Bought a blueberry today which I love.
Just checked with Ryanair and I can take it in hand luggage?

PolterGoose Thu 31-Jul-14 21:14:32

It is really easy to re-wick. I haven't quite perfected it and my current one isn't quite right. I guess I'll improve.

It's a pita to fill the tank though, you need a quite fine nozzle thingy on your juice.

Instructions here Letthem. Basically you just pull out the old cotton wool, give the coil a dry burn then twist a new bit of cotton in.

Letthemtalk Thu 31-Jul-14 21:00:33

How do you rewick the nature cape coils? I've been using a vapeonly ets for months and love it, but would be good not to have to replace the whole atomiser every couple of weeks.

Tempted by the Alice in vapeland juices, but they are so expensive! Might drop hints to dp for my birthday.... ( I mix my own so begrudge paying for premixed liquid)

Wow that's expensive! It's a rebuildable so you'd need to be able to make your own coils. There are a few reviews here

I ordered a couple of naturevape coils smile

magimedi Thu 31-Jul-14 19:58:52

Anyone come across this expromixer ?

Just had an email from ecig wizard & thought that was a v expensive bit of kit!

ineedausername Thu 31-Jul-14 14:55:21

Well done More!
I'm 2 months in and only had a few stinkies.
I really never thought I'd get on so well with it. I second getting another battery, we can definitely recommend a few if you need or where to get the best cheap tanks from eBay lol!

I ordered my naturevape tank, really excited!
My hubby bought me and Alice in Vapeland sample pack so I'm going to try them all in it smile

Press release here smile

Well done more flowers

magimedi Thu 31-Jul-14 13:15:02

Leader in today's Times in support of ecigs!


I've pm'd it to Plenty & Allergic & wil lto anyone else who wants to read it.

Not allowed to reproduce it here as it's from behinf the pay wall.

And that's wonderful, More.

PolterGoose Thu 31-Jul-14 09:00:03

Well done More it's great isn't it? smile

Allergictoironing Thu 31-Jul-14 07:13:47

Congratulations & welcome; I'm jealous that you have a local shop envy.

The web site for Healthier Smoking seems not bad at all, though I would recommend the lovely Klaudo on e-bay for clearos as he's MUCH cheaper & had a decent range. Sadly they wouldn't arrive before you go away though.

Hopefully your local shop will let you try out a few of the flavours they have on offer, you may be surprised by which ones you like as it doesn't seem to directly equate to eating/drinking likes & dislikes. I would strongly suggest you get at least a second battery, as if you only have one it's sure to run out exactly when you're desperate for a nicotine boost!

Hi all...can I join in?

Have smoked for 20 years, around 10 a day.
Dd is 13 and has no idea I smoke, so have had so many days out ruined for me with bad moods because I couldn't get away for a fag, and constant gum chewing and perfume spraying to disguise the stink.

Bought an Ego Firebird on Monday with a menthol liquid, in preparation for our holiday on Friday. I expected to use it to get by until I could sneak a crafty smoke... but wow! I haven't had a fag since I bought it. It's a bloody revelation! I feel clean, can have a crafty puff in my room with my morning coffee, and dd is none the wiser!

Don't crave a fag at all at the minute...
Read this whole thread and am being seduced by the flavours and lovely clearomisers...going shopping tomorrow! We have a Healthier Smoker shop in our local shopping centre.

Absolutely converted!

ineedausername Wed 30-Jul-14 09:17:21

I saw but I have no idea what I actually need and hopefully the website will have all the info smile

PolterGoose Wed 30-Jul-14 08:46:30

Apparently they've got a shop on Facebook as a temp measure

ineedausername Tue 29-Jul-14 21:58:56

i want a Nature Vape tank now and the website isn't bladdy working yet stamps feet

Perihelion Tue 29-Jul-14 10:26:03

Ha Plenty, that reminds me of my old destruction proof Nokia phone. I feel you're tempting me to have a slow tech shopping accident grin

There's a quite detailed review of the gs-h2 here.

The big difference to be aware of is that you fill them from the bottom.

Allergictoironing Tue 29-Jul-14 08:03:00

Hi Sublime. The top coil clearos need long stringy wicks because they need to reach down to be in contact with the liquid, especially when the tank is running low on liquid. With bottom coil clearos the liquid is always right next to the coil so they only need a tiny wick to feed the coil. When you get yours you can unscrew the bottom & examine the coil & housing a bit better, & you'll see there's a tiny tuft of wick coming out either side smile.

I'm pants at dry burning & have wrecked a couple doing it but as I have loads of clearos plus spare coils I tend to just drop the coils in a mug of water for a few hours then let it dry out on it's own, probably every couple of weeks per coil. With the GS-H2s you can actually see the wick change from dark & gunky to nice & clean.

And very well done for not giving in flowers

Sublime, you can get replacement coil heads here. It might just be that you don't like the flavours you have. Most of us try a lot of different ones before discovering thye ones we like best. If you're doing OK on 12mg then stick with it but if you are still craving fags go up to 18 but get higher VG as Polter suggests.

Peri you need the E-LVT. Video here.

Perihelion Mon 28-Jul-14 21:15:39

Have found a down side to vaping. It's a bit tricky on the beach and in boats, trying to keep it dry and unsandy. Always loved a fag after snorkling/diving, but was almost impossible to vape with a wet wetsuit on, as water kept pishing out of the sleeves down my hands. One battery died. Never used to worry about getting a rollie wet. However, I didn't smoke even though I was surrounded by smokers all week and on a boat without a working battery, but lots of baccy for several hours grin

PolterGoose Mon 28-Jul-14 20:56:19

How long have you been using those CE4s and has the juice always tasted bad or has it got worse?

I've found I need lower PG liquids as I was a bit PG sensitive and have also realised I'm not hugely keen on throat hit. I started out on 100% VG liquids but now also vape with 50/50 which is fine. Most of the 'gourmet liquids' are around 50/50. 18mg nicotine with higher VG is a lot less harsh.

SublimeCorpse Mon 28-Jul-14 20:43:24

Thanks Pube, I currently have the iclear - did have 2 as I only have 2 liquids at the moment but dropped on and cracked it. Have ordered a pack of 5 of those from eBay, but like the look if the other one you linked to, so will get a couple of them too. How do they work? They don't have the stringy bit!

I have 2 different hangsen liquids - a watermelon and a smooth tobacco - they both smell and taste of burnt caramel, kind of like the disposable ecigs. Have tried the dry burning and now charging, so will see if that's helped. Thanks again.

Also the liquids I'm using are 12mg nicotine ones. Should I try stronger ones? Was smoking 20 a day. Tried the 18mg in the vape shop but they really caught in the throat and I didn't like it.

Hi Sublime, try unscrewing the CE4 from the battery, holding a tissue underneath and blowing down it quite hard. That can often clear the gurgles. Do you have any spares? If not, now's the time to get some. Lots f us get on well with the GS-H2 - these have a bottom coil and work a bit differently to the CE4 - no dangly strings. If you want another top coil, the iclear 16 is pretty good. You have two coils so you get a lot more vapour. You can also replace the coil heads in those.

Sorry about your liquids, it's possible the burnt caramel one is actually burning. You could try dry burning the CE4 although I never had much success with that.

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