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magimedi Thu 24-Apr-14 12:00:12

Hooray to getting our own space (within giving up smoking).

flowers & wine (gin) to MNHQ for giving us this space.

I'm hoping some of our most knowledgeable vapers are going to start threads about specific aspects of vaping.

<glares at *Allergic & Plenty>

Allergictoironing Thu 28-Aug-14 08:03:31

That's a possibility Plenty - he did mention licensing at some stage.

Maybe it was the old MHRA proposals?

That's worth remembering - a couple of years back the MHRA were insisting that ecigs WOULD be banned except for those with a medicinal licence. That was all hot air because they didn't have the power to make that happen.

Has Wales actually agreed on a ban? I thought it was still at the discussion stage.

Cantabile Wed 27-Aug-14 22:07:21

That sounds good, Allergic. I've got some Dark Star blackberry which is very nice, finished their raspberry quite a while ago.

I'm currently working my way through the odds and sods which I only have a couple of mls left of, and have just ordered tons more from all over the place. I shall be awash with the stuff when all my orders arrive.

I'm looking for a nice sharp lemon, but all those I've seen are sweet and/or sherberty. Not what I want.

I am getting a bit worried that vaping will go out the window as Wales and Canada have banned it in public places (enclosed, at any rate). I just think the more places do that, the more likely everybody else will.

I've been writing to MPs, mine especially, but he's a wimp. sad What we really need is a very big celebrity to come down in favour of

Plenty, didn't TW do something like that some years ago too? They are big enough and strong enough to have an effect. I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time they've weighed in, but I'm scratching my head over what they might have been fighting over 5 or so years ago.

Allergictoironing Wed 27-Aug-14 20:49:17

Thanks Plenty, I needed that. I can sort of understand some less educated people repeating what they've been told by the press, but this guy was clearly smart or he couldn't have been where or what he was, yet he refused to listen at all. I was surprised that he even brought up the old "the batteries are dangerous" thing, not even people like WHO are still pushing that old chestnut any more!

On the plus side, I may have persuaded my mates to create a discount code for the vipers here for their new range of UK made liquids (which they've cut the price of too). Trying to get them to get Blackcurrant in on a trial basis - tried a sample today & it's not just scrummy but a really strong flavour that's missing from many juices on the market grin.

I wouldn't get too depressed yet Allergic. I meant to post here the other day that Totally Wicked are launching a legal action against the TPD (yes, TW did a good thing! shock) and it looks quite hopeful. ECITA are planning a legal action as well. All is not lost.

The WHO are spouting bollox but they only have an advisory role. We have ASH, Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England broadly on our side.

It does get exhausting though doesn't it? It seems to go in waves, every time a scaremongering report comes out I get people coming up to me and saying 'they're going to ban those you know' or 'those are as bad as fags you know' and looking so. fucking. smug. So I patiently explain what is actually happening legally and what spurious grounds it's based on and what the science we have so far is actually saying ... and then it all calms down for a while until the next BS report is picked up by the press, exaggerated and misreported <sigh>

Allergictoironing Wed 27-Aug-14 20:18:38

I'm rather depressed about the future of vaping today. I was helping out a bit at my friends' place today & I was on the phone to a guy who was the head office pharmacy specialist of a chain, so presumably an intelligent man & a scientist by definition.

He said they'd changed their minds about stocking e-cig products & started spouting all the usual rubbish about:
a) the batteries are dangerous because they explode on charge
b) they are all marketed at children and
c) they encourage non-smokers to use them, because of how the TV is plastered with endless adverts about them being "cool"

I was very polite, explained that NO reputable company would aim their advertising at children & most ban under 18s from their web sites, and that the battery fire thing is the same as laptop or mobile phone charging fires. I didn't get a chance to even discuss why c) was a bit unlikely before he completely dismissed everything I said. I ended up just asking him to read the ASH report before ending the call (again politely).

So depressing when supposedly intelligent people can have such a very closed mind about some things, and only listen to what they are "sold" rather than researching a subject sad.

pinksquidgy, you have done a marvellous thing for your health and the health of those around you! Whatever you do, don't switch back to fags.

I won't have time to read this WHO paper in detail until the weekend as I have a huge deadline on Friday. Meanwhile, this and this should hopefully reassure you. They have included all the data they could get their hands on, as opposed to the WHO who have cherrypicked massively.

A few things to keep in mind when you are reading:

- nothing is 100% safe and nothing can be proven safe - the best any study can do is find no evidence of harm. Nicotine carries a few small risks and on its own is similar in its harm profile to caffeine. Notice how the nicotine they are scaremongering about is exactly the same substance as is present in the (ineffective) NRT that they recommend you use instead.

- The pharma industry (big funders of WHO) is shit scared of ecigs because they are massively losing profits, not only from the current huge drop in sales of NRT but from the future lack of demand for cancer treatments. We've already seen Glaxo's underhand tactics in relation to the TPD. There will be a whole lot of lobbying going on with the WHO in advance of the October debate.

- there are currently two ecigs which are going through the process of medicinal licences. It is highly likely both will be approved. There is nothing different about these ecigs except they will likely have a much higher level of nicotine than most people using consumer products currently use.

- any research with the name Stanton Glantz on it is only good for wiping your arse. Even other scientists on the same 'side' as him are asking him to kindly STFU as he is making them look rather stupid.

PolterGoose Tue 26-Aug-14 22:12:54

Hi any smile I would say start off with a basic starter kit from one of the online vaping shops, look around and see what takes your fancy, post it here and we can see if you can get better for your money! I started with the cheapest starter set from Vape Escape, which taught me the basics, but it wasn't 'enough' for me and I quickly started upgrading. My dp still uses the same type he started with 6 months ago. Most people find that 18mg nicotine liquids work well for starting off. I spent a couple of months just toying and dabbling before feeling comfortable to go for it, I think I then had a week of mostly vaping but still smoking and then just stopped the fags. It's been amazing and I love it grin

rock 4 months dedicated vaping for me next week. Still love it, have bought so much kit and liquids it's ridiculous, but I have no plans to ever stop and the liquids just get better with age smile

This week I am mostly vaping TripHammer's 'Cream Tea'

pinksquidgy Tue 26-Aug-14 22:06:31

Just marking my place to see what you all make of the WHO report when you've had time to read it. Was alarmed by the bits about vaping liquid (well some brands anyway) containing carcinogenic compounds, and bits about nicotine being a tumour accelerant anyway. I really thought I was doing something safe sad

anyoldname76 Tue 26-Aug-14 22:01:56

hi all, im a rolly smoker but i want to give up and start vaping. can any body recommend a full set up, thats not too expensive. I'm completely confused, there are so many different types to buy. I've tried a friends vapor and it was nice and fruity. apologies as i realise this has probably asked a million times smile

rockpink Tue 26-Aug-14 20:48:06

Ah great - I'll have a look at that.
How's things going everyone?! I bought a new "tube" thing - no leaks when attached to the black battery - names escape me right now :-) I'm on the desktop site instead of the mobile site (as I couldn't find the threads I was on)

The WHO report is here if anybody wants some hefty reading.

This'll be the WHO thing. They had a press conference today announcing their position, it's up for debate in October. I haven't had time to read anything proper yet but from what I can gather it's caused a few ructions.

BBC here and here.

Haven't read it yet but expect sense from Clive Bates and Farsalinos.

Something you can do to help is add your comments to a letter to WHO here.

bestfriendActually Tue 26-Aug-14 20:22:56

Sorry indoor public places! Like pubs!

bestfriendActually Tue 26-Aug-14 20:19:48

It was on the National news! The World Health Organisation want to ban ecig in public places and ban all the sweet type flavoured liquids to prevent them appealing to under 18's! I hope they don't! I'm loving my
toffee flavour at the moment!

rockpink Tue 26-Aug-14 20:13:57

Did you guys have something on your local news about pubs banning e-cigs?

Perihelion Fri 22-Aug-14 11:54:51

Ordering juice is easier than walking to the shop 3 mins away and buying tobacco. I just order once a month online and it appears through my letter box the next day.
Maybe I don't see the faff aspect as I only vape one flavour, only used bog standard 1100 ego batteries ( have 3 ) and Kanger T2 clearos. I don't have to check to see if I've got baccy/papers/filters/lighters. And I don't have to worry about smelling of fags.

I never smoked in my house so it was only me and my clothes that smelt of smoke, but since I've stopped, I've noticed the fag smell on things other people bring to my house, like my DD's friend's school bag and a pals' ipad cover........It's minging shock

velouria Wed 20-Aug-14 23:23:08

thanks plenty will give it a go smile

PolterGoose Wed 20-Aug-14 22:45:40

Sorry, that's a really badly constructed sentence blush

Time for bed.

PolterGoose Wed 20-Aug-14 22:44:43

The NV clearo is very airy, I've actually broken the glass on mine so I'm going to use it in a mini pro tank for which I've bought the Kanger airflow control things to retrofit, so I can control the air on the mini pro tanks which should be better.

Letthemtalk Wed 20-Aug-14 22:09:20

I've just gotten my nature vape mini, it's fabulous, but is drinking juice and is very airy, any way to tighten the draw?

Pin fix. I googled around and apparently this does work on an MVP. It's less likely to happen again if you make sure you don't screw your clearos down tight - just screw them on until the threads start to 'bite'.

I wonder if you can pull the pin up on your MVP like you can on an ego battery. I'll find the link when I'm on my laptop. That's a handy bit of faff to know wink

Haha I do wonder sometimes when I look at my 4 drawer unit full of stuff and remember the little packet of tobacco I used to have. I think I must like the faff to an extent - I make my own coils. Mostly I'm just so grateful to have found something that keeps me off the fags.

PolterGoose Tue 19-Aug-14 06:27:49

Ignore the when

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