My SS called me

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IzzyIsBusy Wed 21-Sep-16 07:39:27

And announced he had got engaged grin

I was the second person he told, his mum being the first obviously smile. I feel so proud not only because of the engagement but also because he wanted me to be the next important person to know <<his words.

The last 16 years as sm were not always easy and i sometimes felt i never mattered in his life despite my efforts. He told me that he just automatically rang his mum and then me as i am his other mum. He has never said anything like that before. I may have had a few soppy tears after the call blush

I just wanted to post because sometimes being a sm has its good moments too.

Frogers Wed 21-Sep-16 07:50:17

That's lovely. flowers

ImYourMama Wed 21-Sep-16 08:04:15

That's lovely OP winesmile

NoFuchsGiven Wed 21-Sep-16 08:06:54

It's always lovely to hear positive step stories. He sounds like a lovely lad.

Congratulations to him and you!


Congratulations to your SS and future DiL

Bluebell878275 Wed 21-Sep-16 21:02:17

That's lovely flowers I think I have something in my eye...sniff..

PigletWasPoohsFriend Wed 21-Sep-16 21:03:09

Awww that's lovely flowers

WashingMatilda Thu 22-Sep-16 16:01:21

That has cheered me up no end, thank you for posting it. Congratulations all around! star

Bananasinpyjamas1 Thu 22-Sep-16 23:02:07

Wow that's just so nice. I bet it makes a lot of things you've done in the past worthwhile. grin

IzzyIsBusy Thu 22-Sep-16 23:16:34

Thank you for the kind words smile

Being a SM is damn hard. There are grey lines, blurred lines.......boundaries you didnt know exsisted!!

BUT. Sonething small will make it all worth it....well some of it grin

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