DSD wants to bring the boyfriend over

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SkullyAndBones Tue 12-Nov-13 11:38:28


DSD is nearly 21, we have quite a good relationship.. i'm only 12yrs older than she is so our relationship is more friend to friend than parent/child, especially since she turned 16.

She lives abroad with her mom and stepdad so we have most contact via FB and phone and she usually comes over for a week two or 3 times a year.

She's in quite a serious relationship and wants to bring the lucky guy to meet her family over here.. ie DH, me and our dc's and her stepdads parents.

Dh and i are both really quite nervous.

Kaluki Tue 12-Nov-13 12:46:11

Why are you nervous?
Its nice that she wants to introduce you all.

CaptainSweatPants Tue 12-Nov-13 12:48:09

That's great she wants you to meet him

Why be nervous?

princessalbert Wed 13-Nov-13 22:01:25

I don't understand the nervousness?

Are you unhappy about her having a boyfriend staying in the house?

She is an adult

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