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Big Brother house... this is Davina !!!! So, who is going to the Garnier event in London on 22nd May?

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Kbear Thu 10-May-12 10:40:50

and more to the point, are you moisturising your face wildly (with Garnier products of course...)?.... what are you wearing? ....and other important matters!!

I am going (luckily it's not far from my office)... see you there! I will be wearing a pink carnation in my hair and that union jack dress modelled by Geri in the next catalogue so I should be easy to spot ;)

(In case you're wondering, it is a MN panel thing which came round by email not on a MN thread).

BIWItheBold Thu 10-May-12 10:42:49

Me! I am going!

I have no idea what I'm going to wear.

I'm just hoping I don't have massive zits on the day ...

RachelHRD Thu 10-May-12 11:14:43

Me too!!! Very excited but BIW I'm with you - I have no idea what to wear and my hair is a Mumsnet haircut mess!!!

Kbear Thu 10-May-12 11:28:50

Get online and order that union jack dress too and we'll all fly the flag!

I told 13 year old DD that's what I was going to wear... she gave me that face, you know the face. The "Mum you are so embarrassing" face she does so well.

So trousers and nice forty-something top it is then sad !!

AnnieWinehouse Thu 10-May-12 12:04:42

Oooh I'm going, but I'll be wearing my work clothes - jeans and long sleeved top! (long lunch today, boss?)

My hair is a mess too though...

Kbear are you really wearing a UJ dress!??? cool...

I'm a Garnier user anyway. Is this why we were chosen do you think?

Kbear Thu 10-May-12 12:49:58

Annie - no I'm not.... my inner 18 year old would love to though!

I am coming straight from work in EC1 - which way you coming from ?

BIWItheBold Thu 10-May-12 12:51:29

I'm not a Garnier user, so not necessarily.

I'm over 50, which could be why I've been chose - to represent the older demographic.

I'm veering between trying to dress up, but risking looking spectacularly dowdy next to the lovely Davina, or just going casual and then feeling really under-dressed

Kbear Thu 10-May-12 12:56:06

I'm not dressing up in a union jack dress really.... ! , I will be at work in the morning so the usual uniform of pair of strides/jeans and a top. Plain old kbear!

BIWItheBold Thu 10-May-12 12:57:00

.... apparently my original posting name (BecauseImWorthIt) is nothing to do with my selection grin

Kbear Thu 10-May-12 12:57:55

you have to now change it to "Take Care..."

Kbear Thu 10-May-12 12:58:21

and I'm an Olay girl! Don't tell....

Tanee58 Thu 10-May-12 13:09:05

I'm Going I'm Going I'm Going!!!!!!!!

Daren't tell my chic 20 year old DD yet - she'll think this is so uncool. At 54 I have to grab all the fun I can get!

Kbear, I'm an Olay girl too. My 87 year old mother swears by it, and she's looking good. I'm hoping to get my M&S Shapewear voucher in time to get something to hold in the lumps and bumps - otherwise I'll make two of Davina.

RachelHRD Thu 10-May-12 13:13:19

LoL Tanee I got the shapewear voucher too - but don't think we'll get it before the event so a pre-warning that my lumps and bumps will be in their full glory blush

Oh and I'm a moisturise when my skin is flaky I remember so not very often!! Don't think my 2 and 4 year old DC's will appreciate how exciting this is!!

AnnieWinehouse Thu 10-May-12 13:19:57

Kbear, I'll be coming from SW7, and returning there after.

I didn't get on with Olay, I genuinely like Garnier!

So there's 10 of us?


5 more!?

clux73 Thu 10-May-12 13:29:17

Me!!! Not sure whether to be excited or terrified!!

BIWItheBold Thu 10-May-12 13:56:02

Let's go with excited. Much nicer all round grin

Fillybuster Thu 10-May-12 14:18:25

I'm going to be there too....I'll be wearing a slightly frazzled expression as my new boss has just stuck a 3pm meeting in my diary for that day....i can't tell him about Davina and i'm damn well not missing this so will have to invent an off-site customer session or gynae appt to explain why I'm late back to the office hmm

DH is laughing at me for wanting to go...

Tanee58 Thu 10-May-12 14:30:55

The girls in my office think this is hilarious - but they're young enough to be my daughters and don't have to worry about wrinkles yet. Their time will come...(smiles darkly).
Have decided I'll be wearing black - as usual - so slimming. Or purple.

Fillybuster Thu 10-May-12 15:06:51

I'll almost certainly be in black, head to toe. Easiest to cope with when avoiding colour co-ordinating when half asleep...

Mominatrix Thu 10-May-12 20:18:08

I'm coming! Not a Garnier user - in fact, I said I use whatever is in the house at the time. Not sure what to wear, jeans and a jacket or a dress. I'll be driving and can do pick-ups on the way from West London (need to rush and pick up DS2 from school immediately after in Little Venice) - please PM me if you'd like a ride.

AnnieWinehouse Thu 10-May-12 21:32:39

Thanks for offer of lift Mominatrix, but I'll be ok with me oyster card!

Filly you skiver!! (me too...)

SO 8 now:


2 more mystery guests!!

hellymelly Thu 10-May-12 23:04:10

I'm going too! Am so looking forward to it, I have no idea what to wear either. Will be coming by car, and then train, and then another train, so will be frazzled and creased and dehydrated of face.

Kbear Fri 11-May-12 09:21:05

hellymelly - sounds like a trek! Where you coming in from?

hellymelly Fri 11-May-12 22:45:55

Wild West Wales (TM). We have all sorts of loveliness re beaches, dolphins, seals etc. But no sodding station and no Selfridges...sigh.

Kbear Fri 11-May-12 22:50:46

You are dedicated! Presumably you're staying overnight to hoover up all that Selfridges has to offer! I am a lightweight by comparison, I work less than a mile from the venue!

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 14-May-12 08:08:12

I'll be there! Very excited.

Kbear Tue 15-May-12 12:45:12

The excitement is mounting in the Kbear household... well, just me, not the whole household, they couldn't care less but.... I have new shoes for the occasion and although I hope walking anywhere isn't required, I will at least look taller and feel fabulous.

I hope Davina is worrying about what to wear as much as I am, bet she's not traipsing round the shops with the hump!

RachelHRD Tue 15-May-12 13:02:24

LoL KBear - I'll bring the plasters just in case wink

I'll be in flats or my low heel boots as I don't fancy falling down negotiating the escalators on the tube.....

bucksmum Tue 15-May-12 14:48:17

Someone has had to drop out, so now I'm going - very excited!

Kbear Thu 17-May-12 21:49:47

see you there!!

clux73 Mon 21-May-12 14:38:42

Please don't all be incredibly glamorous with fantastic dewy skin!!

Kbear Mon 21-May-12 14:42:09

I'm nervous now!

Fillybuster Mon 21-May-12 14:46:42

Apparently its going to be 24C tomorrow, which throws my plan to camouflage the flab look slim in a black dress, black tights and black boots into slight disarray. I may go with slim and hot...

New boss has made it clear I need to be at the 3pm meeting in south london bang on time, so I will be legging it for the exit just before 2.30....sorry in advance as I would normally love the opportunity for a cocktail chinwag with other glam MNers.

See you tomorrow smile

Kbear Mon 21-May-12 14:55:19

Tell your boss this is Davina we're talking about, you can't be leaving early. Honestly, some people have no sense of occasion.

heliumballoon Mon 21-May-12 15:06:47

I'm so jealous! I was sooo keen to come and am free and in zone 2 but have 4 month old baby who would sleep, bf and coo all the time who's not allowed. Booo. Say hello to Davina from me ladies!

clux73 Mon 21-May-12 16:12:50

I was going to have to rush back to south London for a 3.30 school pick up but a friend has offered to get my girls for me so I'm there till the refreshments run out!!

RachelHRD Mon 21-May-12 16:26:41

Glamorous with dewy skin yes that's me falls over laughing Gah 24 degrees looks like I'll be hot too....!!

Did someone mention cocktails <pricks up ears> gringrin

BIWItheBold Mon 21-May-12 16:35:56

Another one here for whom the sudden warm weather has scuppered wardrobe planning!

I have the whole day off tomorrow. Woo hoo!

AnnieWinehouse Mon 21-May-12 17:04:35

I'm going to try and do all my work before 1.30 so I don't have to come back, but it's not looking likely now... dammit.

I will be glamorous and dewy of skin of course, with work boots, jeans, and some top with long sleeves. And snotty of nose as well... oh dear!

BIWItheBold Mon 21-May-12 17:11:29

I'm also coming casually dressed now - as the dress I was planning to wear, I don't have shoes to go with. Was going to wear my biker boots, but they will be just a tad hot!

hellymelly Mon 21-May-12 17:19:46

I have no nice hot weather things, and I will be on a train all morning so will look like hell anyway. Am now really regretting not putting more effort into losing enough weight to get back into one of my pretty summer dresses.

Tanee58 Mon 21-May-12 17:24:28

Well at least if it's hot, I can wear something floaty, which will disguise my middle age spread/womanly tummy. (Recently got offered a seat on the tube as this guy thought I was expecting - is that the nicest thing you could possibly say to a woman of 54!? smilehmm). I'm sprucing up my dewy skin and looking forward to meeting the rest of you!

BIWItheBold Tue 22-May-12 08:06:46

I tweeted my wardrobe dilemma and got a reply from Davina:

@TheRealBIWI I'm having one too about meeting you! Lols! Us girls eh?


But you just know she will look fabulous whatever she wears

Kbear Tue 22-May-12 10:39:58

I am having a big biscuit eating morning to keep my strength up!

RachelHRD Tue 22-May-12 12:27:30

On the train and it's rather warm so I will be hot and sweaty glowing by the time I get there!!!

MaureenMLove Tue 22-May-12 13:26:49

Have fun you lot! I look forward to all the gossip tonight!

bucksmum Tue 22-May-12 15:58:00

Fab time had by all!

MaureenMLove Tue 22-May-12 16:35:28

Where's the pictures? Kbear said there are pictures already! I wanna see!

BIWItheBold Tue 22-May-12 16:56:28

It was fab. Davina was every bit as lovely in the flesh as she is on the telly. And really nice.

Good to meet you all!

clux73 Tue 22-May-12 16:56:41

It was brilliant. Thanks mumsnet, and thanks Davina.
Lovely to meet you all. Not sure I want to see pictures!!

RachelHRD Tue 22-May-12 17:00:25

A lovely afternoon and Davina is so nice, really down to earth. Great to meet some fellow Mnetters and thanks to BIW for reminding me to get off the tube at Waterloo as I was so busy gassing!!! Oh and Matthew McConnighey (sp) was in the building too!!!

AnnieWinehouse Tue 22-May-12 18:23:37

Yes it was really nice and relaxed...

Key points:
Don't forget your neck
Moaning is futile.
Wax, don't shave
Garnier Ultralift, she really does use it! And genuinely loves it.
Her 94 year old Granny is beautiful.

Avoid sun as much as possible

Sleep, don't smoke and don't drink alcohol (boo to that one!)


Have separate bathrooms to your DH!

Lovely to meet all you lovely MNers too - smile

hellymelly Wed 23-May-12 11:44:31

my five year old started throwing up late Monday night, so I couldn't travel , and was gutted all yesterday. I actually shed a tear! Was so looking forward to meeting you all and Davina, and seeing my very old friend who was also in London yesterday. I feel really ticked off still, especially as dd is totally fine now, and was fine all yesterday really. sad.Were the cakes nice?

Kbear Wed 23-May-12 12:05:04

If it makes you feel better, I didn't have a cake.... !!! LOL

What a shame... pesky kids... always the way.

RachelHRD Wed 23-May-12 12:13:05

I didn't have one either! It was a lovely spread but there wasn't really time to eat much.

Such a shame poor you - especially as you were making the effort to travel so far - kids eh - they have the worst timing sad

clux73 Wed 23-May-12 13:36:07

i sampled the cakes quite extensively... they were very good!

Have you had your pictures through from Ann?

bucksmum Wed 23-May-12 16:39:13

Cakes were great although the Lemon Drizzle wasn't as good as the famous Mumsnet recipe! The sandwiches and vol au vents were yummy as well.

The goodie bag was great I've started in the new regime and in fact yesterday I looked 41 today I reckon 38 by my holiday in 2 weeks I'm hoping 21!

BIWItheBold Wed 23-May-12 18:48:02


Tanee58 Wed 23-May-12 23:10:44

Fantastic vol au vents, I was terrified the crumbs were all over my face! Loved Davina, she was very professional, but I felt she was genuine too. Put the photo on Facebook tho she looks sooo thin and I look sooo not (went to M&S lingerie dept after and found I've gone up a bra-size)! and is my forehead really that big? But I loved Davina and we all agreed she'd be such fun for a girls' night out. One of the guys at work was really envious of my Davina Day as he thinks she's a MILF.
Started the cream regime today, though DP thinks my wrinkles aren't on the scale unless I smile really hard - bless him!

Tanee58 Wed 23-May-12 23:12:18

By the way, I can't remember who it was who lives in Winchmore Hill, but if you fancy meeting up, let me know!

Tanee58 Wed 23-May-12 23:17:18

I mentioned the waxing/shaving ladygarden stuff at work and the lads started going so red (especially the guy who thinks D is a MILF) that the girls and I decided to save it for one of our after work drinkies -when we are more oiled. TMI, basically! shock.

BIWItheBold Thu 24-May-12 08:51:45

Are we supposed to be doing the 14 day challenge then? And are we supposed to be posting on a specific thread? If so, can anyone PM me a link? My laptop (which has a different e-mail address) has died, and I can't access the stuff from MNHQ!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 24-May-12 10:25:34

Hi BIWI - yes please do try the product - we will start a feedback thread on 6 June for you guys as well as the 100 recruited from the panel.
Let me know your best email addy if you need it me
thanks, Ann

Fillybuster Fri 25-May-12 23:25:34

Thanks again MN for a fab experience - I'm sorry I couldn't stay to hang out with the other MNers after, but it was sooooo worth running a scrap late the rest of the day smile

I stuck my photo on FB (thanks AnnMumsnet) and am the envy of my friends <smug> grin

Starting on the face cream tonight - looking forward to seeing off my wrinkles....

And thank you again to Garnier both for a chance to meet my 'imaginary big sister' and realise that she's even cooler and more down-to-earth than I imagined, and for a very lovely goody bag smile smile

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