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NOW CLOSED: Calling all cheese lovers…fancy coming along to a French goat’s cheese masterclass and a tasting session in London on Thurs 24th November?

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 01-Nov-11 14:35:47

We have been asked by French goat's cheese who are running the Easy Cheesey Chèvre campaign, to find 20 Mumsnetters to go along to themed Masterclass hosted by Sophie Wright (French goat's cheese ambassador in the UK). Sophie is one of the youngest and most talented new chefs around and author of cookbook, Home at 7, Dinner at 8 which has been featured regularly in the Evening Standard.

The Masterclass will be taking place on Thursday 24th November at a cooking school in central London. The hands on class will start at 12 and finish around 2.30pm. The venue can be reached easily on public transport (Oxford Circus & Bond Street tube) or public car parking is nearby.

During the tasting event and masterclass, you will get to:

~ Taste a range of French goat's cheese (chèvre in French) from mild to strong, creamy to hard with complimentary drinks
~ Discover some of the 1,001 ways to enjoy chèvre and learn about the different types and regions from which they come and the best ways to enjoy them as a dish ingredient or on a cheese board
~ Create a selection of mouth-watering recipes and learn how versatile and easy to use French goat's cheese is
~ Be part of a group q&a with French goat's cheese expert
~ Sit back and enjoy the dishes at the end in the stylish dining area
~ Leave with inspiring recipe ideas, tips and a bag of cheesy goodies

After the event you'll be asked to add written feedback to a thread on Mumsnet.

Attendance is by invitation only - if you'd like to attend please sign up here and we'll be in touch with full details if you're selected.

Travel expenses of up to £15 will be paid. Sorry no children.

If you are unable to attend please post your question here and we will do our best to ensure it gets asked - responses will be available on the feedback thread.

Thanks and good luck

vincenta Tue 01-Nov-11 14:49:13

mmmm.sounds delicious ! I would love to take

wahwahwah Tue 01-Nov-11 14:53:25

me me me! Oh pick meeeeeeee.

FirmBottom Tue 01-Nov-11 17:29:19

please choose me! In fact, please cheese me!

hope I got in early enough to get picked - I lurrve goats cheese

wahwahwah Tue 01-Nov-11 17:35:07

I Camenbert the thought of not being picked
It's Gouda be me

and there's a lot more where that came from...

gazzalw Tue 01-Nov-11 17:55:23

PS, MumsnetHQ (to add to reason for wanting to go), forgot to mention that we have just bought a copy of Sophie Wright's book for SIL as part of her Christmas pressie. Like the look of her recipes and would welcome some ideas to add some va-va-voom to our meals!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 01-Nov-11 18:47:09

Cheers to all who have applied.....

I have a question which hopefully one of you can ask for me (not sure I will be there) - if I add a slice of goat's cheese to the top of say a lamb steak under the grill (with say some cherry toms etc) or in the oven it seems to go all runny and watery? I think I put it in too early but how long do you think it should have to be firm yet melted? I guess only a minute or 2?

Tortington Tue 01-Nov-11 18:59:55

if you stick it in the microwave you can watch it and stop it at appropriate time..thank my geniusness later

PerAr6ua Tue 01-Nov-11 19:17:53

<<Making an ack sound like a cat with a hairball>>

<<not entering into the spirit of the thread at all>>

Ann I leave mine for about a minute just to soften it up. Normally though any goats cheese in our house is eaten way before it has the chance to be cooked.

LaVitaBellissima Tue 01-Nov-11 21:58:53

Ann is there any wine at this cheese tasting?

I just stuffed a MAHOOSIVE mouthful of blue goats cheese in my gob while getting out something else.

stilton waiting to hear if I will be picked - I edam better be

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 01-Nov-11 23:03:17

lavita...ooohh I don't know...will ask! A cheeky red may go down well?!

Yeah where is edam when you need her? grin

Solo Tue 01-Nov-11 23:10:33

Bugger! that would only allow 45 minutes to get back for school run!

ElectricSoftParade Wed 02-Nov-11 08:26:01

Oh I would love to come along to this. It is on my birthday so it would be extra special <whingy, pleading voice>.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 02-Nov-11 11:13:57

solo - if you can go but need to leave early please do may need to be on our reserve list as they would prefer folks to be there for the whole session.

me, me, me, me please!!!!! Would love to as Goats cheese is my absolute favouritist thing in the whole world ever!

wahwahwah Wed 02-Nov-11 12:14:53

When do we find out? I am standing here hopefully, holding out a Fudges cracker (double yum).

I'll be good, I'll be really really good, and even try the really stinky stuff in the name of research and for the good of man and womankind.

wahwahwah Wed 02-Nov-11 12:15:45

Are they reading our posts to see if we are undesirables or loopy?

orangina Wed 02-Nov-11 12:56:49

Sounds LOVELY, have done survey and would love to be picked......

wahwahwah Wed 02-Nov-11 13:08:58

How exactly does one get a job like 'French goat's cheese ambassador in the UK'?

Fillybuster Thu 03-Nov-11 12:37:18

ooh...goats cheese....mmmmm....

I can definitely bunk off work clear my diary for this smile

wahwahwah Thu 03-Nov-11 12:42:35

When do we find out? I will have to dig out my cheese hat.

eurochick Thu 03-Nov-11 12:58:42

Dammit, it's too close to a work deadline for me to be able to go but I would love to. I have long been a cheese fiend but developed an intolerance for cow's milk in my 20s. I have since developed a love of goats cheese but am largely unimpressed with what I find in this country. I completely gorge on the stuff when I go to France though. Mmmmm.

QuintessentialShadow Thu 03-Nov-11 13:06:06

me me me me....

wahwahwah Thu 03-Nov-11 13:20:09

I am sure they can post you some! If you go to the cheese shop iff Marylebone High Street you will be very happy!

Fillybuster Thu 03-Nov-11 13:57:31

Eurochick - Neals Yard Dairy do mail order, I believe, and a massive range of soft/hard/in the middle goats and sheeps milk cheeses...

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-Nov-11 14:24:10

Hi - thanks to everyone who applied - this was a very popular one! So we will do some invites in the next day or so and also run a reserve list in case of drop outs.

wahwahwah Thu 03-Nov-11 15:14:01

I await my invitation

Fillybuster Thu 03-Nov-11 18:19:36

I have blocked out my diary....more in hope than expectation, but would be gutted to be selected and then discover someone had landed a meeting in that slot!

wahwahwah Thu 03-Nov-11 20:25:59

I love cheese. In fact I am having a bloody great big cheese salad for dinner - or is that supper or tea?

Fillybuster Fri 04-Nov-11 15:36:53

Have all of those chosen been notified yet? Just trying to work out if I need to allow for a cheese pigout when diet planning....!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 05-Nov-11 20:19:06

email went out this pm

SalVadorDavi Sat 05-Nov-11 21:12:42

Ann, thank you very much - I received my e-mail earlier.

I'm very excited, what a great experience!

Fillybuster Sun 06-Nov-11 21:17:37


Thank you smile

Sod the diet smile smile smile

QuintessentialShadow Sun 06-Nov-11 23:52:01

<skips happily!!>

wahwahwah Mon 07-Nov-11 11:58:36

The Cheese Song...

there are so many nice cheeses
that i can't pick one
delicious and nutritious
curdled dairy fun
they go well with fruit and biscuits
or a seeded bun
there are so many nice cheeses
that i can't pick one

yes wensleydale is crumbly
stilton's veined and blue
brie can get quite runny
as can camembert too
do you think camembert's aware
that brie ripped off its act? those
copyright infringement suits
get tricky with lactose

so many cheeses
that i can't pick one
delicious and nutritious
curdled dairy fun
they go well with fruit and biscuits
or a seeded bun
there are so many nice cheeses
that i can't pick one

there are cheeses that are cultured
using sweaty little girl's feet
there are cheeses made from leaving goat's milk
outdoors for a week
there are cheeses made from sheep and cow
and human too
you can make a cheese with most things you can
find in a zoo

so many cheeses
that i can't pick one
delicious and nutritious
curdled dairy fun
they go well with fruit and biscuits
or a seeded bun
there are so many nice cheeses
that i can't pick one

some of them are stinky
i often like those best
but please don't breezily assume
you've got my preference guessed;
just when it seems i'm partisan
to vintage dorset blue
some fresh young farmhouse number
might come rolling into view

there are so many cheeses
that i can't pick one
delicious and nutritious
curdled dairy fun
they go well with fruit and biscuits
or a seeded bun
there are so many nice cheeses
that i can't pick one

now we take a little break...
this basically gives the vocalist, and you in the audience, of course
an opportunity for a little nibble
y'know, not a proper portion, in the middle of a song,
that wouldn't be right
but at least a swipe of philly
or some crumbs...

in france i met a connoisseur
of edible bacteria
he said he had the one true cheese
all others were inferior
he'd worked in cheese for fifty years
said comte is the best
i tasted it but told him
yeah, you've probably guessed... i said

so many cheeses
i just can't pick one
delicious and nutritious
curdled dairy fun
they go well with fruit and biscuits
or a seeded bun
there are so many nice cheeses
that i can't pick one

there are so many nice cheeses
i don't mean to be unkind
i do love every single one
right down to the rind
but no matter how addictive
any one cheese is
it will find itself one day
with a new neighbour in the fridge

so many cheeses
i just can't pick one
delicious and nutritious
curdled dairy fun
they go well with fruit and biscuits
or a seeded bun
there are so many nice cheeses
that i can't pick one


Fillybuster Mon 07-Nov-11 12:50:37

Does that mean you're coming too, wahwahwah?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Nov-11 13:01:05

she is filly!

wahwahwah Mon 07-Nov-11 13:05:15

Yeeesssssssssssssssssssss! I love cheese. I am soooooooo very happy!

Oh god, I need a new job - to be this excited over some freebie cheese is deeply disturbing!

Fillybuster Mon 07-Nov-11 13:10:25

grin On the basis of this response, AnnMumsnet, I am enormously relieved that wahwahwah made it onto the list...

Can you imagine the consequences if she hadn't been selected? [terrified emoticon]

Valpollicella Mon 07-Nov-11 13:16:47

Happy days! Free cheese for me too grin

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Nov-11 13:24:30

I know filly....I am waywayway (do you see what I did there) scared not to invite her!!!

SalVadorDavi - have you emailed me?

wahwahwah Mon 07-Nov-11 13:30:18

There would have been cracker crumbs and chutney all over... It would have been a very messy home that Master and MrW would have come home to tonight...

wahwahwah Mon 07-Nov-11 13:31:47

Mum(snet) knows best...
You know it makes sense. Cant have a cheese party without Wah.

orangina Mon 07-Nov-11 13:36:18

Thank you very much, really looking forward to it! grin

SalVadorDavi Mon 07-Nov-11 15:15:27

Hi Ann. Yes, I have. I'll reply to your e-mail again - please don't cancel my place! grin

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 21-Nov-11 23:01:42

Not long to go now ladies and gent!! Hope you are all still excited...

Fillybuster Thu 24-Nov-11 17:28:14

Thank you for a brilliant afternoon - it was fantastic to taste so many different cheeses and the cookery sessions were great fun (and quite inspiring). I wasn't expecting a full lunch or daytime drinking as well as cheese....all in all, a brilliant afternoon bunking off work out.

I ate waaaay too much cheese, but suspect that was entirely my own fault...<makes mental note to avoid bathroom scales for a few days>....and my dcs are very excited about the leftovers I brought home smile

lambethlil Thu 24-Nov-11 18:12:43

It was great!

(I've eaten the cheesecake already blush )

DestinationUnknown Thu 24-Nov-11 20:28:33

Thank you Mumsnet and the cheese people! Had a great time.

Sadly (for me but not my waistline) I had to leave without my muffin or cheesecake - intrigued how the muffins turned out? In particular Fillybuster how were our table's sloppy efforts?!

QuintessentialMercury Thu 24-Nov-11 21:07:05

Thank you. It was very nice.

Brilliant Wine. Brilliant Cheese. Brilliant event.

The muffins stuck to the paper, so they were a bit difficult to eat. ds1 and ds2 were not impressed, I was too full to appreciate them..... grin

Thank you so much for yesterdays fun, the cheese and company was fabulous!

Punkatheart Fri 25-Nov-11 10:35:58

Thank you - lovely fellow Mumsnet women (and one man), beautifully organised and I had to roll home, stuffed with cheese.

Was there going to be a specific thread for us to discuss the day?

Fillybuster Fri 25-Nov-11 11:51:49

DestinationUnknonw - The muffins were handed out, 2 to a box, with no reference to which table created them - so I have no idea who was responsible for the 2 very pretty ones I was given, but they were completely inedible....stuck to the paper on the outside, and claggy/solid/uncooked in the middle.

All 3 dcs loved the cheese I took home (now I regret not taking more!), which surprised me as I had taken the stronger/more obscure samples - so I will be feeding them far more goats cheese in future when i can bear to share it

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 25-Nov-11 12:18:11

Glad you all had a great time and sounds like mucho cheese was scoffed!

We're just sorting the feedback thread and will hopefully have it up and emailed out to you ASAP! Thanks. Ann

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