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Are you in the Bristol area and free during the day on Wednesday 19 May? Flash with Febreze want you to come along and create your own fragrance - plus get a 50 goodie bag

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-May-10 13:23:30

We've had Mumsnetters at events for Flash with Febreze in:London, Birmingham and Manchester and now Flash has reached Bristol.

The guys at Flash have just launched a new Flash with Febreze range of cleaners and, when they were developing the product, the boffins there learnt from the teams behind some of the world's best-selling designer fragrances, to tap in to their perfume-making expertise. This resulted in a cleaner which (for once) has a nice smell, leaving your room smelling fresher and cleaner for longer.

Again, they would like to offer Mumsnetters an insight into fragrance - this time in Bristol: how they can be made to last longer, the components of a fragrance and how different smells work. Don't worry they are talking about real perfume not eau du kitchen cleaner!

At the event, a smell expert will give a talk about perfume and you will be able to create and take home your very own fragrance.
Everyone who is selected and attends an event will receive not only their own fragrance but also a goodie bag of domestic cleaning products & other goodies worth £50.
All we ask is that after the event you try the products in the goodie bag and then add feedback to a thread on Mumsnet.

~ The event is in Bristol: Tuesday 19th May
~ At a luxury hotel in the city centre
~ Between 11.15am and 2.00pm - you'd need to be able to stay for the whole session
~ Sandwich lunch will be provided.
~ Travel expenses (up to £25) would be paid.
~ Creche facilities will be provided by Flash using a specialist company but we MUST know exact numbers and ages of children and any dietary requirements they may have before the day - please indicate below if you are likely to bring a child - and if you are selected we will confirm exact details nearer the time.

Please complete this form if you'd like to attend the event.

Many thanks


MayorNaze Mon 24-May-10 20:41:49

MrsGokWan - were you there??? i know your name from mn but had no idea you were local!!!!shock grin

swissmiss Sat 22-May-10 21:35:28

done! anything than watch the footie final on tv!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 21-May-10 11:06:01

Glad you all had a good day and enjoyed meeting each other (again or for the first time!).

Do add your feedback on the Flash goodies in the bag when you've used them - it's here - I'll email you next week as well.

MrsGokWan Fri 21-May-10 08:54:37

Was brilliant to meet you all.

MJ I live near the park as well so if any one is up for a meet up then I am in. Mayor are you a Chippers girl to?

My DS loved the creche, he curled up on my knee on the train and dozed off for a little while.

Steve and Charlotte were excellent and my perfume is 'interesting'now. Definatly changed since we made it. Really could have done with longer on doing though. It was facsinating the way the smells changed as we added different things.

MayorNaze Thu 20-May-10 11:26:37

oh don't namechange mj!is just my rude mind angry grin

strangely enough,i live pretty much where your MIL lives as well so CAT me next time you're down if you like!

well i have cleaned my bin with the flash stuff...can't quite bring myself to do the floor yet...i hate cleaning the floor...

sarah293 Thu 20-May-10 06:34:58

A chocolate tasting session would be fun. You listening there annMN?

swissmiss Thu 20-May-10 00:00:18

was good to meet you all and put some faces to names

slightly suffering from sensory and information overload. steve was good. enjoyed messing about with the sents. was a shame there wasn't more time to chat. in spite of my hasty exit i was late to pick up DD1, due to getting lost on way to find M32 (no, not you JJ!)

i have to go against the grain with Tinies, popped in and saw DD2 at lunch and she was sat in sopping trousers! i changed her and was a bit disappointed none of them had dealt with her, but she was happy enough. they did say they were working their way thru nappy changes, dunno.

blush to say my kitchen's been wiped down with new spray this eve. sent is much nicer than usual chemical smell. was expecting more cleaning products. candle - lush, book - ok, lavender pot - not so sure!

am kanckered too, 'nite all!

AnnMN - OT, you were right about today's post, was there when i got home! thanks.

MummyElk Wed 19-May-10 22:20:07

freakoid you know she would have loved a cuddle, i'll thrust her on you next time we meet! i thought mjin's dd was gorgeous, and i thought the dress was LOVELY, you did a great job. I had a beautiful line of milky sick down my top at one point (and no muslin to clean it up with) so worry not about norkage!
was great to sort of work out who some were, nice to meet all of you
don't start me on the wrong uses of "it's" or even "very unique" - but i did like him. what did he say about febreze afterwards pls? i had to see to clingy DD1

Ann MN if you are lurking can you pass on big thank yous to Tinies, also thought they did a great job.

can't type any more, completely knackered. sensory overload methinks

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:31:23

they are tiny normally, as I have been feeding or pregnant solidly for 3 years now, I think poor DH is going to miss them when they shrink back down to their normal size.

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 19-May-10 20:26:25

I think he now realises he was short changed with mine now MJ wink

And Riven I can't do this week but I will come to a meet up soon smile

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:22:03

sorry re typos, feedng n typing left handed

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:20:27

yes crache was fab, --cling on-- darling DS was very happy when I picked him up and didnt greet me with his usual --vice like grip-- loving manner when I went to get him

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:18:25

freakoid - i did notice him looking at them in a wondering kind of way

I was certainly easy to tell he had been breastfed, as opposed to a little 3/4 year old in softplay when I had DS

"what you doing"

"I am giving the baby his milk"

"I thought milk came from cows*

"Some babies drink cows milk and some drink milk from their mummies"

At which point he dragged a stool thing over to within an inch of me and sat their staring in fascination until I finished feeding DS.

bratnav Wed 19-May-10 20:17:12

Hey it was lovely to meet everyone today, I wish I'd managed to talk to more people though.

I agree, seriously impressed with the creche peoples, DS had been entertained until we left when normally he naps at around 12, so they must have worked their little socks off grin I also agree that a more social thing next time would be nice smile

I had a pastry and a brownie blush

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:14:51

mayor - i should change it then.

MIL lives right by the Olympiad, 2 minutes from park I would love to see more of her if you are offering to meet up with kids [hopeful grin smilie].

Its very difficult to take DS there for long, as she is quite elderly, and her house is RAMMED full of delicate, precious knick knacks, which DS adore, I can usually last about 45 mins before my nerves are too fraught and I give up and take him home.

Yep, me in blue, hugely pregnant nearest door for urgent peeing purposes

Don't think being pregnant affected my smell, although I did feel a bit giddy after inhaling deeply from the beaker of ethanol. I think I was practically drunk after 8 months of abstinence wink

Think it was me, jenny and ninja who made up Team Comme Ci Comme Ca. Much fun had, thanks both of you.

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 19-May-10 20:09:13

(I'm also wondering if MayorNaze noticed me saying DD instead of my daughter when I was talking to her...blush)

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 19-May-10 20:07:20

MJ ds was very impressed with your boobies though grin On the train home he told me all about the baby drinking BIG boobie milk grin

MayorNaze Wed 19-May-10 20:07:19

mj - i keep reading your name as mingeinhiding blush

i thought your dress was lush, you looked very summery - do you come to Chippers often?

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:06:35

oh and the flash lady stole us brownies, well I asked her if they were ours, she said the tables were all the same and then she waved a plate of brownies under my nose - I only had one though because I was trying to be polite grin

posieparker Wed 19-May-10 20:04:55

shock like I'm some sort of over confident attention seeker....ah well!

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:04:39

I had a ball, it was lovely to meet some of you, I have only just got in , via MIL in Chippenham, and DH had finally built DS tampoline which took a month to come out of attic (it was a christmas pressie), a further 2 weeks to migrate downstairs and another 2 weeks of hanging about donwstairs to be built.

I have 5 kids if you include my stepkids - i had a red and black ridiculous dress that is going to be confined to the back of the wardrobe for at least another 8 months, when I dont need to try and get my boobies out.

I was most happy at being asked why I thought I was an older mum - made my day that did

Can we do it again do you think - chocolate making would be fun net time.

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 19-May-10 19:54:40

She did announce it to us all though Riven grin

sarah293 Wed 19-May-10 19:48:18

I wore crocs with socks specially and only posie noticed

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 19-May-10 19:43:40

Ahem Freakoid had ONE teeny tiny pastry and only because I came back in from the loo and saw you all scoffing them wink And all the brownies were gone by the time I got there sad

I have a headache...

And our perfume is minging!

Would have been nice if we'd had a proper break for lunch so we could chat to everyone but I suppose that wasn't really the point...

Blokey totally lost me when mummyelks teeny dd2 was sat next to me gurgling and smiling smile I nearly grabbed her for a cuddle but thought he wouldn't be impressed if she started screaming at strange lady.

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