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Are you in the Bristol area and free during the day on Wednesday 19 May? Flash with Febreze want you to come along and create your own fragrance - plus get a £50 goodie bag

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-May-10 13:23:30

We've had Mumsnetters at events for Flash with Febreze in:London, Birmingham and Manchester and now Flash has reached Bristol.

The guys at Flash have just launched a new Flash with Febreze range of cleaners and, when they were developing the product, the boffins there learnt from the teams behind some of the world's best-selling designer fragrances, to tap in to their perfume-making expertise. This resulted in a cleaner which (for once) has a nice smell, leaving your room smelling fresher and cleaner for longer.

Again, they would like to offer Mumsnetters an insight into fragrance - this time in Bristol: how they can be made to last longer, the components of a fragrance and how different smells work. Don't worry they are talking about real perfume not eau du kitchen cleaner!

At the event, a smell expert will give a talk about perfume and you will be able to create and take home your very own fragrance.
Everyone who is selected and attends an event will receive not only their own fragrance but also a goodie bag of domestic cleaning products & other goodies worth £50.
All we ask is that after the event you try the products in the goodie bag and then add feedback to a thread on Mumsnet.

~ The event is in Bristol: Tuesday 19th May
~ At a luxury hotel in the city centre
~ Between 11.15am and 2.00pm - you'd need to be able to stay for the whole session
~ Sandwich lunch will be provided.
~ Travel expenses (up to £25) would be paid.
~ Creche facilities will be provided by Flash using a specialist company but we MUST know exact numbers and ages of children and any dietary requirements they may have before the day - please indicate below if you are likely to bring a child - and if you are selected we will confirm exact details nearer the time.

Please complete this form if you'd like to attend the event.

Many thanks


PussinJimmyChoos Sun 09-May-10 20:28:37

Arggh! I would love to do this but am working that day! <sulks>

maltesers Mon 10-May-10 10:08:40

Count me in !!!! ,,,, i have filled in the form.

sarah293 Mon 10-May-10 19:37:21

Oooo, I get to go

bratnav Mon 10-May-10 19:40:05

Me too, can I sit next to you for sandwiches? I will share my biscuits and everything...

sarah293 Mon 10-May-10 19:42:22

sure. Who else is going? And can we snigger at earnest sales-person?
I'm looking forward tomaking a scent.

sarah293 Mon 10-May-10 19:43:11

Ann - the whole travel expenses thing...
I will catch a bus there but need a taxi back due to school chucking out. How will that be sorted?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-May-10 19:52:03

riven - I'll ask!

do email me your replies though won't you!? <addicted to my spreadsheet alert>

SuSylvester Mon 10-May-10 19:58:57

i got it as it was on ehre etc and the smell is fab and stays on for ages and smells all laundry ish

really nice
i inhale it

mjinhiding Mon 10-May-10 20:07:40

see you all there!!!! woohoo a proper grown up day out - with childcare thrown in as well

Ive come over all unneccessary !!

sarah293 Mon 10-May-10 20:21:40

veggie sandwhiches?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-May-10 20:27:18

Su - you not up for a trip to bristol then? you can find out how it's made! and get a goody bag!

bratnav Mon 10-May-10 20:35:34

mj, are you a married conserve normally?

If so have seen your posts in step parenting and would love to meet you

swissmiss Mon 10-May-10 20:55:34

So are there only 4 of us???

Day out with childcare thrown in, timed nicely to fit around school run, sounds like all my dreams come true! Ok, not all of them but enough for this week and next!

Looking forward to meeting you all and having some fun

Chilimama Mon 10-May-10 21:23:32

I'll be coming too, it will be lovely to get out of the house and do something a bit different. The bonus is like swissmiss said it fits perfectly around school runs.

I am a bit of a lurker but do post occasionally. I have always thought about asking to come along to a meet up but seeing as all my children are of school/nursery age thought it would be a bit strange to rock up to a meet without any kids in tow!

So it will be nice to meet you all smile

bratnav Mon 10-May-10 21:33:33

Chilli you should come, it would give me someone else to cuddle DS grin At the local meetups only half of us have babies/toddlers, the rest have older DCs. This could all be academic of course, you might meet some of us on Wednesday and run screaming for the hills...

Chilimama Mon 10-May-10 21:37:36

Ha ha! Maybe I should come along then...anything to stop me talking to the cat while the children are at school!

I'm in a funny place at the moment as my two youngest started school and nursery simultaneously in Sept. Now I don't know what to do with myself (except talk to the cat and do housework).

bratnav Mon 10-May-10 21:49:11

Come and drink coffee and eat cake with us grin Conversation should be better than with the cat...

SuSylvester Tue 11-May-10 03:43:18

nah - i work weds

sarah293 Tue 11-May-10 08:04:04

Chili, all mine are at school so I am there without a child. I gets to cuddle babies though grin

mjinhiding Tue 11-May-10 09:19:15

brat thats me!!!!

I'll be there, and in no hurry to get home either, DH can sort tea out - a mans place is in the kitchen after work, making a hot wholesome meal ready for his lovely wife to come home to (giggle smilie)

mjinhiding Tue 11-May-10 09:22:54

you can cuddle mine -I have 2 so you can share them (well 1 is a toddler but he is srill a baby to me)

I'll be there too on a long lunchbreak from work. You'll recognise me by my ginormous bump

McDreamy Tue 11-May-10 09:42:04

I did have my name down and received my invite but now I can't make it - gutted sad

sarah293 Tue 11-May-10 10:25:51

awww McDreamy sad

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 11-May-10 12:08:56

I'm going! First time to meet any mners for me!

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