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Are you in the Bristol area and free during the day on Wednesday 19 May? Flash with Febreze want you to come along and create your own fragrance - plus get a 50 goodie bag

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-May-10 13:23:30

We've had Mumsnetters at events for Flash with Febreze in:London, Birmingham and Manchester and now Flash has reached Bristol.

The guys at Flash have just launched a new Flash with Febreze range of cleaners and, when they were developing the product, the boffins there learnt from the teams behind some of the world's best-selling designer fragrances, to tap in to their perfume-making expertise. This resulted in a cleaner which (for once) has a nice smell, leaving your room smelling fresher and cleaner for longer.

Again, they would like to offer Mumsnetters an insight into fragrance - this time in Bristol: how they can be made to last longer, the components of a fragrance and how different smells work. Don't worry they are talking about real perfume not eau du kitchen cleaner!

At the event, a smell expert will give a talk about perfume and you will be able to create and take home your very own fragrance.
Everyone who is selected and attends an event will receive not only their own fragrance but also a goodie bag of domestic cleaning products & other goodies worth £50.
All we ask is that after the event you try the products in the goodie bag and then add feedback to a thread on Mumsnet.

~ The event is in Bristol: Wednesday 19th May
~ At a luxury hotel in the city centre
~ Between 11.15am and 2.00pm - you'd need to be able to stay for the whole session
~ Sandwich lunch will be provided.
~ Travel expenses (up to £25) would be paid.
~ Creche facilities will be provided by Flash using a specialist company but we MUST know exact numbers and ages of children and any dietary requirements they may have before the day - please indicate below if you are likely to bring a child - and if you are selected we will confirm exact details nearer the time.

Please complete this form if you'd like to attend the event.

Many thanks


mustrunmore Thu 06-May-10 13:41:36

Hi Ann, is the lovely Steve travelling the whole country, or is a different expert for each location? Just wondering! smile

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-May-10 14:30:27

Yes it's the same Steve!

CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-May-10 17:30:38

If you apply to come to this event please do look out for an email from Mumsnet - please keep an eye on your junk/ spam folders as sometimes messages get put there by some internet providers. Thanks

gingerkirsty Thu 06-May-10 22:14:33

Would breastfeeding 11wk old DD be compatible with attending this event? She is feeding at least every 2 hrs at the moment.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-May-10 23:05:09

gingerkirsty - it's up to you...babies are welcome and the creche people will bring her to you when she needs a feed - will be full of fragrance though!

swissmiss Thu 06-May-10 23:19:25

Will there be a charge for using the creche?

marking my place until i check my diary

sarah293 Fri 07-May-10 08:10:14

Message withdrawn

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 07-May-10 08:14:51

swissmiss - Flash with Febreze are providing it - no charge to you.

bratnav Fri 07-May-10 09:17:35

Me too

M32song Fri 07-May-10 11:13:16

ooo and me grin

suwoo Fri 07-May-10 14:01:09

gingerkirsty, I just attended the Manchester one yesterday and I am not sure that it would be compatible with bf. The room absolutely stinks of perfume and a lot of us experienced headaches. My DC were in the creche, which was fabulous and they still somehow reeked of the perfume. Obviously its up to you, but thought I should share that with you.

mjinhiding Fri 07-May-10 14:16:41

Message withdrawn

addictedisinthesecondtrimester Fri 07-May-10 15:38:24

is there parking? Do you know which hotel in bristol?

sarah293 Fri 07-May-10 16:00:51

Message withdrawn

wannaBe Fri 07-May-10 16:02:04

do you know which hotel/ie how far from one of the train stations?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 07-May-10 16:48:38

Hi guys, I've asked them to confirm and will let you know. Thanks

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 07-May-10 16:57:50

OK, just had it confirmed - it is the radisson blu - there is a nearby ncp car park - hope this is helpful!

mustrunmore Fri 07-May-10 17:00:35

Thanks Annmumsnet; I'm not stalking him grin. But he was fabsmile

ADuckCalledBill Sat 08-May-10 22:12:20


sarah293 Sun 09-May-10 13:27:54

Message withdrawn

addictedisinthesecondtrimester Sun 09-May-10 14:35:15


i think its the new big tall glass building you can see opposite the hyprodrome, but i'm not sure how to get to it!

FreakoidOrganisoid Sun 09-May-10 17:31:58

When will we find out if we have been selected?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 09-May-10 19:29:16

Any more for any more....?!
Will be emailing on Mon/Tuesday - let me know if you need to know before then...

PussinJimmyChoos Sun 09-May-10 20:28:37

Arggh! I would love to do this but am working that day! <sulks>

maltesers Mon 10-May-10 10:08:40

Count me in !!!! ,,,, i have filled in the form.

sarah293 Mon 10-May-10 19:37:21

Message withdrawn

bratnav Mon 10-May-10 19:40:05

Me too, can I sit next to you for sandwiches? I will share my biscuits and everything...

sarah293 Mon 10-May-10 19:42:22

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Mon 10-May-10 19:43:11

Message withdrawn

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-May-10 19:52:03

riven - I'll ask!

do email me your replies though won't you!? <addicted to my spreadsheet alert>

SuSylvester Mon 10-May-10 19:58:57

i got it as it was on ehre etc and the smell is fab and stays on for ages and smells all laundry ish

really nice
i inhale it

mjinhiding Mon 10-May-10 20:07:40

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Mon 10-May-10 20:21:40

Message withdrawn

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-May-10 20:27:18

Su - you not up for a trip to bristol then? you can find out how it's made! and get a goody bag!

bratnav Mon 10-May-10 20:35:34

mj, are you a married conserve normally?

If so have seen your posts in step parenting and would love to meet you

swissmiss Mon 10-May-10 20:55:34

So are there only 4 of us???

Day out with childcare thrown in, timed nicely to fit around school run, sounds like all my dreams come true! Ok, not all of them but enough for this week and next!

Looking forward to meeting you all and having some fun

Chilimama Mon 10-May-10 21:23:32

I'll be coming too, it will be lovely to get out of the house and do something a bit different. The bonus is like swissmiss said it fits perfectly around school runs.

I am a bit of a lurker but do post occasionally. I have always thought about asking to come along to a meet up but seeing as all my children are of school/nursery age thought it would be a bit strange to rock up to a meet without any kids in tow!

So it will be nice to meet you all smile

bratnav Mon 10-May-10 21:33:33

Chilli you should come, it would give me someone else to cuddle DS grin At the local meetups only half of us have babies/toddlers, the rest have older DCs. This could all be academic of course, you might meet some of us on Wednesday and run screaming for the hills...

Chilimama Mon 10-May-10 21:37:36

Ha ha! Maybe I should come along then...anything to stop me talking to the cat while the children are at school!

I'm in a funny place at the moment as my two youngest started school and nursery simultaneously in Sept. Now I don't know what to do with myself (except talk to the cat and do housework).

bratnav Mon 10-May-10 21:49:11

Come and drink coffee and eat cake with us grin Conversation should be better than with the cat...

SuSylvester Tue 11-May-10 03:43:18

nah - i work weds

sarah293 Tue 11-May-10 08:04:04

Message withdrawn

mjinhiding Tue 11-May-10 09:19:15

Message withdrawn

mjinhiding Tue 11-May-10 09:22:54

Message withdrawn

I'll be there too on a long lunchbreak from work. You'll recognise me by my ginormous bump

McDreamy Tue 11-May-10 09:42:04

I did have my name down and received my invite but now I can't make it - gutted sad

sarah293 Tue 11-May-10 10:25:51

Message withdrawn

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 11-May-10 12:08:56

I'm going! First time to meet any mners for me!

sarah293 Tue 11-May-10 13:10:34

Message withdrawn

mjinhiding Tue 11-May-10 14:30:55

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Tue 11-May-10 14:33:17

Message withdrawn

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 11-May-10 15:08:33

I've been too scared until now Riven!

sarah293 Tue 11-May-10 15:36:58

Message withdrawn

mjinhiding Tue 11-May-10 15:37:01

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Tue 11-May-10 15:38:03

Message withdrawn

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 11-May-10 15:41:27

I'll let you know whether you are scary after I meet you wink

sarah293 Tue 11-May-10 15:45:36

Message withdrawn

makemeacupoftea Tue 11-May-10 15:52:50

Hi Rivan and Bratnav, we meet before ages ago at a meet up.I de-registered after a argument with my DH about the amount of time I spent on MN.Does that women who feeds her child cheese string still go to the meet ups?
Iv just done my form.
Fingers crossed and see you there.

sarah293 Tue 11-May-10 15:53:43

Message withdrawn

MayorNaze Tue 11-May-10 16:10:41

hooorah me too!

<<raspberry to susan>>

bratnav Tue 11-May-10 17:44:23

Would be great to see you again cupoftea smile

<starts getting all nervous that mj is coming, I am sooo in awe of her>

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 11-May-10 17:51:43

Bratnav - msg rec'd & understood, many thanks grin - are you driving?

bratnav Tue 11-May-10 18:08:43

Thanks Ann, didn't want to post all the details here smile

No, the bus is much quicker for me thanks.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 11-May-10 18:38:41

ok, no probs - get a receipt for the fare!

MayorNaze Tue 11-May-10 18:40:16

i am quite excited grin

snowmonkey Tue 11-May-10 18:42:40

How do you know if you get invited to the Flash thing? Do they just e-mail you an invite? Ta.

MayorNaze Tue 11-May-10 18:44:51


Chilimama Tue 11-May-10 19:11:30

I will have to check into the local board and come along to a meet up one day. I am always happy to coo at other peoples babies

Looking forward to meeting you all next week.

bratnav Tue 11-May-10 19:20:20

Chili, because we meet every week we don't always bother with a thread, it's 10am (ish) at the museum at the top of Park St every Friday

Chilimama Tue 11-May-10 19:25:20

Thanks bratnav.

I can't make this week but can probably come next week which will be better as at least I will know who to look for and not plonk myself down next to some random group!

mjinhiding Tue 11-May-10 20:51:08

Message withdrawn

bratnav Tue 11-May-10 21:12:25

Not really mj, but there are buses that go from outside the station (8 or 9) to opposite the musuem in 10 mins, every 5 mins.

HappyWithTwo Wed 12-May-10 07:00:08


posieparker Wed 12-May-10 13:51:21

I'm coming!!!

MummyElk Wed 12-May-10 21:47:39

i'm coming too!...and i'm a bit scared.....blush and I'm bringing DD1, 2yo, and DD2, 7 weeks <prays that DD1 enjoys it and doesn't go all clingy......>
i've never met a real live MNer before.....

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 12-May-10 21:54:37

Ooh baggsie first cuddle with 7 week old!

MummyElk was dd2 born in March? If you post on that pn thread then I think we have friends in common <tried to find ways to make it less scary>

MummyElk Thu 13-May-10 07:18:56

Ooh is it iwcas? She said you might be there (different name tho?) and marvellous, cuddle away, she'll love it!! Excellent. Thank you for confidence boost!

mjinhiding Thu 13-May-10 10:35:28

Message withdrawn

FreakoidOrganisoid Thu 13-May-10 11:56:46

Noo RKD and

MayorNaze Thu 13-May-10 12:00:54

am not actually in brizzol, hence no meety uppy...but i am quite nice...only quite though...wink

MummyElk Thu 13-May-10 13:37:23

ahh i love rkd and dr s, how lovely! (curiosity aroused....will have to find out why/how etc!)
and mjin shock bath born, looking forward to hearing that one!! good, glad there will be other toddlers for mutual tantrums/bitingincidents/tears/sensible and creative play.....

mjinhiding Thu 13-May-10 18:32:32

Message withdrawn

Coca Thu 13-May-10 18:53:33

Hi just signed up for this, soooo excited I am actually embaressed by my self!

Ninjacat Fri 14-May-10 15:03:31

Oh no I've missed the deadline! Would have loved to go. Boo sad

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 14-May-10 16:32:31

ninjacat - can you email me? ann @ mumsnet . com? would you need to bring any children?

Ninjacat Sat 15-May-10 09:06:04

Hi Ann, have sent e-mail smile

M32song Mon 17-May-10 08:25:35

hello folks - I'll be there with 10mo DS. I can't usually make Fridays anymore so looking forward to catching up (and meeting some new MNers ) Looking forward to someone else wrangling crawl-o-matic DS for a bit too blush

MayorNaze Mon 17-May-10 10:46:36

if i park in the multi storey behind the colston hall am i close enough? or am i going to completely the wrong place?

FreakoidOrganisoid Mon 17-May-10 14:46:26

I'm going to be trying to find my way from the station hmm

I may get lost

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 18-May-10 09:45:48

Hi all
Hope you are all still ok for tomorrow and looking forward to it!

sarah293 Tue 18-May-10 09:47:11

Message withdrawn

Ninjacat Tue 18-May-10 12:03:38

I'm coming grin

MayorNaze Tue 18-May-10 19:37:05

Thanks Riven

realy looking forward to meeting you all!!!

sarah293 Wed 19-May-10 10:27:57

Message withdrawn

Ninjacat Wed 19-May-10 10:36:38

Will let them know Riven

Ninjacat Wed 19-May-10 10:37:35

Riv can you call a taxi? Sais they will pay expenses.

MummyElk Wed 19-May-10 15:42:58

hello folks
well i for one enjoyed myself! would have quite liked to have chatted more with you all but still, the DDs had other plans...
am NOT convinced our perfume will ever be a classic tho... sad
blokey was clever too wasn't he

sarah293 Wed 19-May-10 15:48:06

Message withdrawn

MayorNaze Wed 19-May-10 15:54:43

hello grin

that was v fun grin

i don't half pen and ink now though...

the pedant in me was itching to correct the spelling and grammatical errors on the power point but didn't think t would be quite the thing to do...

dd had lovely time too, bless, slept all the way home!

MayorNaze Wed 19-May-10 15:55:29

def wish could have stuck around for chatting but had to whizz a bit to get home for others dcs in time..

sarah293 Wed 19-May-10 15:56:55

Message withdrawn

Chilimama Wed 19-May-10 16:02:25

I had a good time but I have a bit of a headache now and can still smell jasmine!

Nice to be able to put some names to faces too

MayorNaze Wed 19-May-10 16:30:44

can't do this fri but might well come along sometime...though might equally lose my nerve and not blush

Riven you remind me of Tilda Swinton - you have fab bone structure

Chilli - our perfume doesn't smell quite as, hmm, enticing as it did earlier...dd1 is impressed though - she does think we were all mixing away with hannah montana perfume kits though...grin

i am actually quite tired!

sarah293 Wed 19-May-10 16:32:14

Message withdrawn

Ninjacat Wed 19-May-10 16:44:34

Had a lovely time but already can't remember anyones mn names though blush

Thanks all for being sch good company.

MayorNaze Wed 19-May-10 16:44:46

oh gosh i do mean it as a compliment <<hides>>

MayorNaze Wed 19-May-10 16:46:20

which one were you Ninja?

wish i could've talked to more people

posieparker you have got the red lipstick glam look down, girlfriend! you have clearly found the holy grail of lipstick grin

Chilimama Wed 19-May-10 16:53:06

I just got a whiff of the perfume as dd2 went rifling through my bag and tried to splash it all over herself and the dining table.

It does seem to have altered already but everything is smelling a bit samey to me atm.

Good that your dd was impressed by it though

Ninjacat Wed 19-May-10 16:55:01

I had the baby with the tartan trousers (does that help?). Me wearing dark clothes and red rose necklace.

Which were you Mayor?

sarah293 Wed 19-May-10 16:55:44

Message withdrawn

Ninjacat Wed 19-May-10 16:56:55

I bet your every one can smell you though grin

MayorNaze Wed 19-May-10 17:00:15

grey cardi and red glasses

Ninjacat Wed 19-May-10 17:10:54

5 children Mayor?

posieparker Wed 19-May-10 17:14:25

Was someone talking about me? Dh bought me a large pallet of lipstick...I just blend a few, a high tone here, middle tone there and not forgetting the base!!!

Wondering about the £50 of cleaning products???? I seriously did not buy any in my weekly shop and feel that a book and a terra cotta pot will not assist the bathroom l;ooking any cleaner!!

sarah293 Wed 19-May-10 17:22:20

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Wed 19-May-10 17:22:37

Message withdrawn

posieparker Wed 19-May-10 17:23:37

I was a little hmm at the two hour lecture on making and history of perfume.

sarah293 Wed 19-May-10 17:24:38

Message withdrawn

Ninjacat Wed 19-May-10 17:28:06

I'm still trying to figure out their marketing method.

However I'm sorry your bag was disappointing. Mine was full of chocolate, champagne and Channel No5 grin

I suppose they had to think of a way to entice us in. I definitely wouldn't have gone if all they'd asked for were people to test Flash with Febreeze shock.

Good to meet you all too, I wish I could've talked to more people as well MayorNaze

sarah293 Wed 19-May-10 17:34:55

Message withdrawn

Ninjacat Wed 19-May-10 17:44:15

<sticks tongue back out at Riven>

M32song Wed 19-May-10 17:51:07

I did feel like I was back at college for the first hour.

It was a shame it wasn't a bit more social, but was lovely to see you all. DS had an ace time in the creche and is now suitably knackered grin

I think our perfume was actually alright (or am I just giddy with the fumes...)

I'm still blush at nicking some cakes off the suits in the room next door!

sarah293 Wed 19-May-10 17:59:28

Message withdrawn

M32song Wed 19-May-10 18:13:00

I thought they were part of our lunch but then noticed the suits were eyeing me up suspiciously - I put it back on the plate pretending I'd just been sort of.. admiring it

and then scarpered!

blush blush

posieparker Wed 19-May-10 18:18:55

<peers in looking for that niqab thread>

M32song Wed 19-May-10 18:24:38

before I forget.. Big thanks to Steve and Charlotte and the creche team (who were fab)

my neighbour has just been round with her 8yo DS who has cheerfully informed me that my perfume "smells of caterpillars" grin

Ninjacat Wed 19-May-10 18:30:07

lol at your cake admiring M32

MayorNaze Wed 19-May-10 19:04:43

Freakazoid got cakes, IIRC envyha - now i know you nicked them <<points and jumps up and down>>wink

and dd got chocolate brownie, apparently envy

5 children ninjashock? def not me. though am now wondering who had a grey cardi, red glasses and 5 kids and was there today shock

i did love your rose necklace though.

there appears to be floor cleaner in the goodie bag.does that mean i need to clean my floor? hmm

Ninjacat Wed 19-May-10 19:10:41

Your observation skills are better than mine MayorNaze. Was clutching at straws really. Made parfume with a very nice lady who had 5 kids but I cant remember what any one was wearing blush

Will have to get riven to tell me who every one was.

MayorNaze Wed 19-May-10 19:11:47

i was sitting behind you [stalker emoticon]grin

MayorNaze Wed 19-May-10 19:14:43

agree big well earned thank yous to creche people - dd had the BEST time

and also steve and the pretty blonde who's name i forgot blush - a really interesting day, thank you

BettyButterknife - were you the v pg lady in blue? when are you due? did the smells not make you feel all peculiar? my sense of smell went hyper mega sensitive and i couldn't stand, well, anything scented really...which included dh blush

MayorNaze Wed 19-May-10 19:15:17

sense of smell going haywire when i was pg, btw blush

jennycomelately Wed 19-May-10 19:29:08

I have 5 kids, was it me?? I know I was with BettyButterknife but forgot to ask other lady's MN name so could have been you ninja.

I wouldn't have been able to stand most of those smells when I was pregnant either. Fortunately Betty doesn't seem to be cursed with that particular pregnancy affliction!

It was fun and DS loved it in the creche, big thanks to MN/Steve/Flash/Tinies smile

Ninjacat Wed 19-May-10 19:33:34

Ah, does that mean I also made perfume with BettyButterknife? If so, Was very nice to meet you. Thank you for being such fun smile

And defo a big thanks to the Creche staff and Flash (aha) people.

Ninjacat Wed 19-May-10 19:36:10

Ah Jennycomelately now I'm getting to the bottom of it. Yes it must of been you and Betty I was with. Thank you both of you, I had a lovely time grin

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 19-May-10 19:43:40

Ahem Freakoid had ONE teeny tiny pastry and only because I came back in from the loo and saw you all scoffing them wink And all the brownies were gone by the time I got there sad

I have a headache...

And our perfume is minging!

Would have been nice if we'd had a proper break for lunch so we could chat to everyone but I suppose that wasn't really the point...

Blokey totally lost me when mummyelks teeny dd2 was sat next to me gurgling and smiling smile I nearly grabbed her for a cuddle but thought he wouldn't be impressed if she started screaming at strange lady.

sarah293 Wed 19-May-10 19:48:18

Message withdrawn

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 19-May-10 19:54:40

She did announce it to us all though Riven grin

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:04:39

Message withdrawn

posieparker Wed 19-May-10 20:04:55

shock like I'm some sort of over confident attention seeker....ah well!

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:06:35

Message withdrawn

MayorNaze Wed 19-May-10 20:07:19

mj - i keep reading your name as mingeinhiding blush

i thought your dress was lush, you looked very summery - do you come to Chippers often?

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 19-May-10 20:07:20

MJ ds was very impressed with your boobies though grin On the train home he told me all about the baby drinking BIG boobie milk grin

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 19-May-10 20:09:13

(I'm also wondering if MayorNaze noticed me saying DD instead of my daughter when I was talking to her...blush)

Yep, me in blue, hugely pregnant nearest door for urgent peeing purposes

Don't think being pregnant affected my smell, although I did feel a bit giddy after inhaling deeply from the beaker of ethanol. I think I was practically drunk after 8 months of abstinence wink

Think it was me, jenny and ninja who made up Team Comme Ci Comme Ca. Much fun had, thanks both of you.

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:14:51

Message withdrawn

bratnav Wed 19-May-10 20:17:12

Hey it was lovely to meet everyone today, I wish I'd managed to talk to more people though.

I agree, seriously impressed with the creche peoples, DS had been entertained until we left when normally he naps at around 12, so they must have worked their little socks off grin I also agree that a more social thing next time would be nice smile

I had a pastry and a brownie blush

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:18:25

Message withdrawn

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:20:27

Message withdrawn

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:22:03

Message withdrawn

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 19-May-10 20:26:25

I think he now realises he was short changed with mine now MJ wink

And Riven I can't do this week but I will come to a meet up soon smile

mjinhiding Wed 19-May-10 20:31:23

Message withdrawn

MummyElk Wed 19-May-10 22:20:07

freakoid you know she would have loved a cuddle, i'll thrust her on you next time we meet! i thought mjin's dd was gorgeous, and i thought the dress was LOVELY, you did a great job. I had a beautiful line of milky sick down my top at one point (and no muslin to clean it up with) so worry not about norkage!
was great to sort of work out who some were, nice to meet all of you
don't start me on the wrong uses of "it's" or even "very unique" - but i did like him. what did he say about febreze afterwards pls? i had to see to clingy DD1

Ann MN if you are lurking can you pass on big thank yous to Tinies, also thought they did a great job.

can't type any more, completely knackered. sensory overload methinks

swissmiss Thu 20-May-10 00:00:18

was good to meet you all and put some faces to names

slightly suffering from sensory and information overload. steve was good. enjoyed messing about with the sents. was a shame there wasn't more time to chat. in spite of my hasty exit i was late to pick up DD1, due to getting lost on way to find M32 (no, not you JJ!)

i have to go against the grain with Tinies, popped in and saw DD2 at lunch and she was sat in sopping trousers! i changed her and was a bit disappointed none of them had dealt with her, but she was happy enough. they did say they were working their way thru nappy changes, dunno.

blush to say my kitchen's been wiped down with new spray this eve. sent is much nicer than usual chemical smell. was expecting more cleaning products. candle - lush, book - ok, lavender pot - not so sure!

am kanckered too, 'nite all!

AnnMN - OT, you were right about today's post, was there when i got home! thanks.

sarah293 Thu 20-May-10 06:34:58

Message withdrawn

MayorNaze Thu 20-May-10 11:26:37

oh don't namechange mj!is just my rude mind angry grin

strangely enough,i live pretty much where your MIL lives as well so CAT me next time you're down if you like!

well i have cleaned my bin with the flash stuff...can't quite bring myself to do the floor yet...i hate cleaning the floor...

MrsGokWan Fri 21-May-10 08:54:37

Was brilliant to meet you all.

MJ I live near the park as well so if any one is up for a meet up then I am in. Mayor are you a Chippers girl to?

My DS loved the creche, he curled up on my knee on the train and dozed off for a little while.

Steve and Charlotte were excellent and my perfume is 'interesting'now. Definatly changed since we made it. Really could have done with longer on doing though. It was facsinating the way the smells changed as we added different things.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 21-May-10 11:06:01

Glad you all had a good day and enjoyed meeting each other (again or for the first time!).

Do add your feedback on the Flash goodies in the bag when you've used them - it's here - I'll email you next week as well.

swissmiss Sat 22-May-10 21:35:28

done! anything than watch the footie final on tv!

MayorNaze Mon 24-May-10 20:41:49

MrsGokWan - were you there??? i know your name from mn but had no idea you were local!!!!shock grin

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