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Last few places for Flash fragrance event in Birmingham, Tues 23 March, 12.30-2.45pm (children welcome; lunch included)

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HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 17-Mar-10 14:14:11


Are you in or near Birmingham? Fancy making your own perfume at a Flash-Febreze event on Tuesday 23 March between 12.30 and 2.45pm?

We already have some MNers signed up for this event but we still have a few more places to fill.

The event will take place in a boutique hotel in the Jewelery Quarter of the city. Children are welcome and a light lunch will be served.

You will be able to make and take home your own perfume, as well as learn about smell from a fragrance expert.

Travel expenses will be paid (up to £30) and you will receive a goodie bag containing domestic cleaning products and other goodies worth about £50.

All we ask is that, after the event, you try the cleaning products in the bag and report back on them on Mumsnet!

If you'd like to come along, please enter your details. If you are selected, we will be in touch ASAP!

bottyspottum Wed 17-Mar-10 18:43:54

Hi helen

I have been selected, could my sister take one of the spare places please ? We could travel together and she would love it

queenoftheslatterns Wed 17-Mar-10 20:01:28

helen, I dont think Ive beeen selected sad is it a random thing cos I would love to go!

queenoftheslatterns Wed 17-Mar-10 20:21:48

forgot to say, next week Im off work too and MIL is picking ds up from school so am free as a bird <crawl>

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 17-Mar-10 22:24:34


Don't know the answer to your question, bottyspottum but I will ask the woman who does...

Queenoftheslatterns - did you click the link and fill in the form? (don't think they've selected anyone from today yet)

mustrunmore Thu 18-Mar-10 08:03:31

Can I just butt in and say how good thins was in London smile Really fun day (or maybe my life is very very dull hmm) well worth doing.

queenoftheslatterns Thu 18-Mar-10 09:17:36

i did helen sad Im not that rough, honest! wink

SmileysPeepul Thu 18-Mar-10 09:32:48

I've just filled it in. Don't know if I'm too late.

Ooh ooh ooh - sounds really interesting - filled out the form yesterday - when do we hear?

Yay yay and thrice yay.

It's almost like winning something.

Thank you. smile

queenoftheslatterns Thu 18-Mar-10 20:11:34

woo hoo, I'm really excited now, Thank you thank you thank you!

Hey qots and bs - looking forward to meeting you on tuesday. smile

But am quivering - I am not really the usual HDV clientele. grin

queenoftheslatterns Thu 18-Mar-10 21:42:44

grin I've already decided what toi wear!

is anyone else coming into new street? we could walk up together.

tibni Thu 18-Mar-10 21:46:10

Yes i'm coming in to New Street but have no sense of direction! blush

What time is your train? Would be great to walk up with you.

queenoftheslatterns Thu 18-Mar-10 21:49:51

i shall get in at about 11.30 (give me plenty of time to get there) my email is lissie _ g78 @ yahoo . co . uk

that goes for anyone else who wants to walk up with people grin

im really excited!!!

tibni Thu 18-Mar-10 22:06:10

Have e-mailed you.

bottyspottum Thu 18-Mar-10 22:09:27

just in case anyone was wondering, i am korma chameleon in disguise.
i will be getting the metro in so will go straight into the jewellery quarter if anyone else is ?

Hello tibni.

Aah Korma think we have spoken before.

According to original thread there are 2 others llareggub and littlesleepyhead.

bottyspottum Thu 18-Mar-10 22:31:03

did you have another name chaos ?

tibni Thu 18-Mar-10 22:32:31

Hello chaostrulyreigns,

Look forward to meeting you and the others Tuesday. Should be fun.

llareggub Thu 18-Mar-10 22:32:55

Vaguely where is HDV? Which way do I need to head from from New Street? It would be great to meet up a there but how will we recognise each other? Do we need a code?

llareggub Thu 18-Mar-10 22:33:32

So many questions. I'm looking forward to it.

tibni Thu 18-Mar-10 22:36:34

Well I refuse to carry a bottle of flash!wink

bottyspottum Thu 18-Mar-10 22:37:15

if you head for colmore row - everyone knows colmore row so directions will be easy

we could all meet by the cathedral if you like - i shall be wearing a boden coat bedecked with a scarf made from bunting. i will have a cupcake in my lapel

acksherly, i shall be swigging a froot shit and noshing a sauasge roll yum yum

tibni Thu 18-Mar-10 22:39:44

What about the coffee shop in the outer bit of the station? By the train time boards.

llareggub Thu 18-Mar-10 22:40:05

I will follow my nose. It usually works for me. I might head in early and window shop.

llareggub Thu 18-Mar-10 22:40:52

Must we wear Boden? wink

RuthBlackett Thu 18-Mar-10 22:42:29

Hotel du Vin is just off Colmore row... not exactly in the Jewellery quarter! (tis v boutiquey though)

bottyspottum- c'mon admit it... you're one of the emos aren't you? wink

bottyspottum Thu 18-Mar-10 22:51:38

lol @ emo

i propose we meet en masse at the cathedral on colmore and make our way to the hotel together

i will be arriving with my sister so there will be two of us. she will have a wee baby and im quite fat

you should be able to identfy us

llareggub Thu 18-Mar-10 22:54:18

I have no idea where the Cathedral or Colmore road is!

I will be skipping along as I am leaving my 3 year old and 11 month old at home.

llareggub Thu 18-Mar-10 22:54:44

I meant to add; what time to meet?

RuthBlackett Thu 18-Mar-10 22:56:28

Heheh- make sure you meet at the CE cathedral not the RC one! grin

tibni Thu 18-Mar-10 22:58:38

queenoftheslatterns suggested 11.30

I have no sense of direction confused - it is 0.6 miles from the station if we go the direct route!

bottyspottum Thu 18-Mar-10 23:04:28

ok so 11.30 at the cathedral on colmore row

anyone will be able to direct you there so just ask for directions. it is about 7/8 minutes walk from new street.

queenoftheslatterns has me on fb if you are coming with her she will recognise me

Gosh you lot have been busy while I've been doing laundry. Ugh.

Think I may be the only one driving - so I'll liaise with you there - I will be wearing my judgey pants and a cat's bum face.

Korma - I have always been chaos - my memory is a bit duff but I think you directed me to a meet up thread which I couldn't go on and didn't even post on. BUt, due to my noseyness refined curiosity I think you might be either a wedding dress shop owner or horsemad. confused

Am ROFL at the gnippiks llareggub. grin

Gosh you lot have been busy while I've been doing laundry. Ugh.

Think I may be the only one driving - so I'll liaise with you there - I will be wearing my judgey pants and a cat's bum face.

Korma - I have always been chaos - my memory is a bit duff but I think you directed me to a meet up thread which I couldn't go on and didn't even post on. BUt, due to my noseyness refined curiosity I think you might be either a wedding dress shop owner or horsemad. confused

Am ROFL at the gnippiks llareggub. grin



bottyspottum Thu 18-Mar-10 23:32:36

<<<backs away from stalker lady>>>


i was a wedding shop owner but have given it up

but i am horse mad

shall look forward to meeting you

Noooooo don't say that! I even started a thread on the protocol on looking at people's profile when you felt that you had had a rapport with them.

It was a almost unanimous vote for completely normal and notstalkerishatall.

Yahboosucks. grin

bottyspottum Thu 18-Mar-10 23:45:45

im only kidding smile

im so excited about meeting real life mumsnetters

Oh phew.

I am just darn multi-faceted happy.

Yay yay and thrice yay.

Nightnight all. smile

bottyspottum Thu 18-Mar-10 23:54:50


i like you, you are funny

night x

TidyBush Thu 18-Mar-10 23:57:50

Hello all I'm coming too - yay grin.

I only live 8 miles away so can't decide whether to drive or come on the bus <classy>

See you there!

bottyspottum Fri 19-Mar-10 00:01:53

yay another one

where do you live ??

dont be too specific obviously or i will visit you

TidyBush Fri 19-Mar-10 00:10:55

I can only reveal that I will be travelling in a southerly direction (anything more specific and I will have to go into hiding grin).

Hello - just popped on on phone for "one quick last look!"

Hello TB - I will be travelling 8 miles on a southerly direction too. wink

TidyBush Fri 19-Mar-10 16:35:13

Oooh - are you my next door neighbour? grin

Or are you me confused

littlesleepyhead Fri 19-Mar-10 20:06:16

I'm being chauffeur driven by DH

I'm travelling 126 miles south shock

Well TB my next door neighbour does not have an immaculate garden. grin

So I'm guessing - it's not you.

But, without revealing too much I'm A34-ish. Comprendez? wink

TidyBush Sat 20-Mar-10 14:40:59

Ah -well you could still be my neighbour, because my name is to do with a thread on here a while ago about the tidiness of the other type of (ahem) bush IYSWIM blush. My garden is certainly not tidy grin.

A34-ish is red hot - are you anywhere near PH?

I have deliberated, digested and cogitated but am absolutely stumped about PH.

Need more sleep clues. grin

TidyBush Sun 21-Mar-10 00:03:51

Well I'm not giving any more clues because if it turns out we know each other I'll have to name change and everything grin.

Ok go on then, I'll try something different.

Are you anywhere near a hotel that used to be The C.... then the B....... Hotel and now it's part of a chain?

And if you don't get that I'm giving up grin

Gotcha! wink

Would offer you a lift but will be very tight for time for school run.

Looking forward to meeting you and discussing geography. grin

TidyBush Sun 21-Mar-10 16:51:10

This is going to be interesting grin

<hopes that chaos isn't someone I've ever peed off wink>

queenoftheslatterns Sun 21-Mar-10 17:28:30

korma, could you message me on fb please, have forgotten your rl name grin


I went to PH infant school. Manymanymany years ago. grin

Agree with you last sentiment TB. [worried]

Have just read your post lsh - golly 126 miles - hope the goodie bags are good.! grin

LoveBeingAMummy Mon 22-Mar-10 10:11:14

Good morning ladies, I'm coming too. Bit concerned now as I have no idea where you are all meeting or where we are going confused

queenoftheslatterns Mon 22-Mar-10 10:37:13

are we meeting at the cathedral?

LoveBeingAMummy Mon 22-Mar-10 10:54:26

Who wants to meet at the train station?

queenoftheslatterns Mon 22-Mar-10 10:57:35

lovebeingamummy, tibni and i are meeting at the train station, do you want to email me?

lissie _ g78 at yahoo dot co . uk

that goes for anyone else, in fact I shall start a thread in meet ups.

queenoftheslatterns Mon 22-Mar-10 11:06:50

oh QotS i've located you on fb grin i'm coming in by train and haven't the foggiest clue about how to even leave Birmingham New Street station lol, let alone find my way to the flipping hotel.

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