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We're all off to Donington on Friday (for track day with Ford)...

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Oct-10 11:40:21

This thread is for attendees of the "Ford-Mumsnet Donington track day" on Friday 15th October to sign in and share their excitement/ travel plans/ fashion issues etc etc

If you are coming please do sign in.

If you are not currently coming but would like to (after checking out the details on the linked to thread above) please email There are bound to be some folks who are unable to attend and there are also a few spaces still available so we'd love you to come - just let us know asap.

Donning the driving gloves from MNHQ will be myself and Jennifer and we're looking forward to meeting you all smile [slightly worried] smile


rubyrubyruby Mon 11-Oct-10 11:51:53

Is there a chance Johhny Depp might show up? <<hopefull>>

Whoamireally Mon 11-Oct-10 12:41:26

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it...<very little of it these days y'see> I know, I know I know, I know, I know, I want you a hot lap in a very fast car wink

MNHQ have still not answered the 'will we be ourselves or our MN personas' question - v important. DH does not know my MN moniker and I'd quite like to keep it that way. I do not want him straying onto a Friday night bumsex thread and seeing that I have even so much as loitered grin

Ruby Johnny makes a habit of turning up in unexpected places so who knows, maybe if we all wish hard enough it'll happen grin

Helen has already been on the Joules site looking for stretch jeans and Wax jacket - and there are no sizes in stock - she's in dilemma mode now! I'm deliberating on old jeans OR OLDER JEANS with whatever I grab first! You're joking about the driving gloves right?

Whoamireally Mon 11-Oct-10 12:46:19

Feck. If you're wearing driving gloves, I really do need to find my Hermes headscarf. Pronto.

rubyrubyruby Mon 11-Oct-10 13:02:46

Well I shall be wearing this

I will be there.

I have no idea what I will be wearing but doubt it will be memorable!

I'm going for comfy. Which is my usual approach to dressing.


Whoamireally Mon 11-Oct-10 13:08:23

Ruby, I won't be wearing anything that may suggest I can actually drive well wink

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Oct-10 13:16:01

The driving gloves were a joke!

We'll be using RL names - no-one but I and my trusty spreadsheet will know who's who!

JenniferMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Oct-10 13:33:03

Hi Everyone
So excited, I have always always wanted to do this
Got childcare sorted( no mean feat)
Just now praying my Boden biker jacket will turn up in time !
Johnny Depp wink

LynetteScavo England Mon 11-Oct-10 13:43:23

This is going to sound really stupid, but what about bags? I have no idea what type of bag one needs for a day like this. hmm

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 13:46:42

Well this name has been created so my usual persona will not be revealed, I'm far too sharing on threads and don't want people to point and laugh.

Really looking forward to the day, DH couldn't believe it when I told him, he's as excited as me. grin
I'm particularly looking forward to the 4x4 course.

I haven't even thought about what to wear!

BonzoDooDah Mon 11-Oct-10 13:49:51

Oh heck! We're wearing stuff?? [scurries off to root through wardrobe]

My sister and I are planning on laughing like loons through the whole 4x4 course. Shall we bring ear-defenders for the instructors?

Whoamireally Mon 11-Oct-10 13:54:03

Oooh. Good point Lynette. My usual style is to dump my bag on passenger's lap and say 'here, hang on to this will you? If my phone rings, it's in the top pocket' I doubt racey-driver type hot lap man will appreciate that hmm

Failing that, it will probably be the MN version of a red rose in the lapel.... my last-season Boden patent satchel. Regular MNer's will be able to spot it and nod knowingly...'ah, so that's Whoamireally'. Boden-ignorant husbands will be none the wiser.

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Mon 11-Oct-10 13:55:11

Judging by the weather I am going to wear something warm. That's about as far as I've got

LynetteScavo England Mon 11-Oct-10 13:55:58

Right, I've riffled through my wardrobe, and have just found a jumper than covers up all my lumps and bumps.

I've just chucked it in the wash, so if it doesn't shrink I will be wearing that with jeans and a not very waterproof jacket. (I don't actually own a water proof jacket)

LynetteScavo England Mon 11-Oct-10 13:57:32

OMG I was going to bring my Boden Satchel!!!

<<screams with laughter>>

It can be our secret sign!!! grin

rubyrubyruby Mon 11-Oct-10 14:03:28

I've got a Boden biker jacket! - last years though so different style.

......... I haven't bought anything new this year apart from wellies hmm

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 14:05:22

I don't own any Boden, satchels or otherwise.

I'll probably wear combats and something confused.

I really should have bought that nice Barbour/biker jacket in John Lewis yesterday.

vnmum Mon 11-Oct-10 14:06:22

hi, im coming to this on friday too. I'm quite excited. Don't know what i will be wearing as i'm inbetween my fat clothes and thin clothes at the moment so it will probably be jeans with a top that fits smile.

DH is gutted he can't actually drive the Focus RS and is looking forward to test driving the mondeo. I am looking forward to everything! Hopefully the 4x4 bit will be good(we used to own a 4x4 pickup and i loved it).

I am looking forward to meeting everyone and hopefully the indian summer will still be here on friday

Kbear Mon 11-Oct-10 14:10:45

Still gutted I can't now attend... honestly, grandparents taking holidays shouldn't be allowed ... shirking their childcare responsibilities... mumble... grumble...

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 14:11:33

vnmum - DH is sad that he can't drive the RS too, he had an Escort RS many years ago and he loved it.

Where are you all coming from? - we're coming from Stoke - so not too far, DH works in Derby anyway so knows the road like the back of his hand.

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Mon 11-Oct-10 14:26:20

I will be getting in some fast driving practice by haring up from London. I am going to be standing waiting outside the nursery when it opens at 8am in the hope that I can get there in time for a bacon roll before we start

PosieParker Mon 11-Oct-10 14:27:21

I am going to wear there!!!

vnmum Mon 11-Oct-10 14:31:16

we are coming from liverpool, so 2 hours of motorway for us.

I am coming from York so a couple of hours of motorway for me too. Will be wearing jeans probably. No Boden grin

satine Mon 11-Oct-10 15:10:52

I am indeed suffering from 'fashion issues' - I hate trousers, and only own one pair of rather ancient Converse sneakers. I may have to go shopping.......

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 15:16:08

I've got a horrible feeling that we are going to be the oldies for the day blush .
Is anyone else over 40 with grown up children?

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Mon 11-Oct-10 15:17:36

I'm over 40 but have a young child. I have friends with grown up children though if that helps BQ

satine Mon 11-Oct-10 15:22:35

Due to awkward ex-h not co-operating I've got to come from Sussex that morning....grr....please can someone save me a bacon sarnie?!!

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 15:24:21

At least I'm not the only over-40 mature lady then ( I'm 44 and DH is 45) smile.

We all need to channel Vicky Butler-Henderson ( or VBH as DH calls her) for the day. wink

Is it only mumsnetters and their partners/friends/siblings going?

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 15:29:29

Sussex, Satine? shock wow, you're hardcore. I'm moaning because we have to set off around 8am!
If anyone is coming down the A50 from the M6, be aware that the (Mcdonalds) roundabout at Uttoxeter is awful between 8 and 9am, it can easily take 15 minutes to negotiate.

BonzoDooDah Mon 11-Oct-10 15:36:30

Thanks BorgQueen - We're doing that route from Manchester - down the M6 and across. Looks like we'll be leaving at stupid o'clock (7am?). They better have good coffee!

BorgQueen - no worries, I'm 51 and my guest is older than me!

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 15:50:28

The M6 on a Friday morning is mental around junctions 15/16 Bonzo, good luck!
I'd get off at 16, it's a lot less hassle traffic wise, apart from the area around Brittania stadium - if you get off at 15 you go right through Stoke and it's a nightmare at rush hour.

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 15:54:48

SORRY Bonzo - I got that the wrong way round, it's 15 that's a better junction!!

swissmiss Mon 11-Oct-10 16:19:44

satine i should be there early enough to save you a sarnie.

I'll be leaving at 6.20! DH starts work in B'ham @ 7.30 so I'll get a lift the 70 odd miles from home to his work and then drive across to Donnington. Should manage that in 2hrs even with a stop at the IL's near Ashby for a cuppa. However they won't be there as they'll be down at ours Thurs nite so they are ready and waiting to take over the 3DC's @6am until we get home when it's time for kids to be in bed. I'm stupidly excited about having a kid free day.

BQ channeling VBH, probably better than Penny Mallory.

Hadn't thought about what bag to bring - probably my little kipling rucksac - big enough for a few items but no need to bring all the usual kids crap with!

swissmiss Mon 11-Oct-10 16:20:22

rubyruby shall we call you Ben?!?

CMOTdibbler Mon 11-Oct-10 16:21:15

I'll be there, but not coming from too far

pinkem Mon 11-Oct-10 16:21:17

I'll be wearing large sunglasses to cover up my eye bags from setting off at 7am!!

I think I'll be going in Jeans although not sure if they will be my 'old falling to bits jeans' or my 'skinny can't breath jeans'!!

Do we think that we will only be filmed from the waist up? That would half the clothing problem!!

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Mon 11-Oct-10 16:22:41

Can you save me a sandwich too swissmiss if I don't get there in time? I very rarely eat bacon butties but I love them blush

swissmiss Mon 11-Oct-10 16:32:04

Of course HLB

Honestly the clothes are one thing but if it's windy I dread to think what my hair'll be doing, fizzing up and flyaway. Shall I just scrap it into a ponytail and wear a baseball cap?

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Mon 11-Oct-10 16:33:37

Thank you very much - OMG I am going to have to out myself (although after the Oven Pride thread I clearly have none (pride that is) )

I am definitely going for ponytail - I can't see if it's windy and my hair is loose

swissmiss Mon 11-Oct-10 16:33:48

Had to laugh at my DH - he said he didn't want to show me up with his good driving so he wouldn't come with hmm Actually he'd love to come but can't get time off work.

swissmiss Mon 11-Oct-10 16:34:58

I thought the same about having to out yourself to claim the sarnie, otherwise I could be giving them to random strangers wink

I am having a hair cut and eyebrow wax on Thursday but this is mainly a coincidence.

ChippyMinton Mon 11-Oct-10 16:51:57

Signing in.
Anyone else staying locally the night before?

preghead Mon 11-Oct-10 17:15:55

Can you ask them while you are there why they are doing all this heavy marketing of family cars on MN, which I have no problem with, yet cannot currently supply a new Ford SMAX (the target car to the target audience surely?) anywhere in the UK? We have been waiting for ours for months and they are now saying January!! Anyway, I digress, enjoy the driving!

llareggub Mon 11-Oct-10 18:07:52

Signing in!

I've no idea what I am going to wear but it will probably involve boots and leggings, weather dependent of course.

choufleur Mon 11-Oct-10 18:14:51

Hello just signing in. I've not really thought about what to wear. DH is very jealous as he broke his leg earlier this year and still can't drive so I'm bringing a friend instead.

rubyrubyruby Mon 11-Oct-10 18:19:19

I'm old!

I'm a couple of hours away too but have to get DS2 to school for 5:30am that morning anyway so ..............

really hope I can arrange things so I can come. smile

jacs66 Mon 11-Oct-10 19:00:47

Just home from work and logging in .... I'm over 40 too! Coming from local area so not too bad.

Total triumph with childcare as DH is off work that day and in a hazy moment agreed to have littlest - he's now regretting it but can't back out!

Clothes? Aren't they providing stig-suits for us all? How's about MNHQ persuade some outfitter to gear us up for the day - that way we can trial Ford cars AND some fancy gear. Too much to hope for?

ChippyMinton Mon 11-Oct-10 19:09:32

I have just perused the Boden catalogue for inspiration - not a car coat in sight sad

hobbgoblin Mon 11-Oct-10 19:11:29

I am getting all naffed off now because I have nothing to wear. I NEVER look cool when dressing practically. When in interview get up I look like an old frump and when in 'all weather' gear I look like a geek.

My waterproof for woodland walks with kids is RED fgs and clashes with everything except my red Hunter wellies but especially clashes with my hair which has gone from brunette to platinum blonde since it was last wet and chilly.

I was going to get some lace up pumps from Next (very cheap but quite pretty and functional) but my client hasn't paid their invoice yet so am little miss no money until after the event.

What I'd like to wear is a nice cosy North Face gilet, some funky thigh skimming but boarding trousers and expensive footwear.

So, when you see me in my red waterproof from Tchibo (ohhhh yes!), m&s post pregnancy jeans and crap falling apart pumps please imagine me as described above.

hobbgoblin Mon 11-Oct-10 19:13:56

thigh skimming but rugged that is supposed to say.

PS please do not mention to DP that I have discussed bumsex here. wink

I keep grinning at the madness of our discussing Hermes scarves, satchels and Boden attire rather than revs, emissions and potential lap times! It's going to be such a fun day ... now where are those flipping gloves??

hobbgoblin Mon 11-Oct-10 19:52:31

I would be pushing the boat out to wear Boden (I only spend that much on clothes for DC) but haven't a hope in hell of donning Hermes. We are driving up in the 911 so I might just go naked in that and hope it'll impress any driving instructor types. Well, naked except for a waspie to cover my wrinkly tummy. I will also set the air con vents so as to create a blast sufficient to force my norks upwards. Would Uggs look okay with that?

LynetteScavo England Mon 11-Oct-10 20:34:12

I did own a Hermes scarf once. It was a gift, but soooo not my taste, so I passed it on to my mother.

She lost it on B'ham station. I don't think she has any idea how much a Hermes scarf costs, or should would never have told me that she lost it.

What are revs and emisons?

hobbgoblin Mon 11-Oct-10 20:55:39

a rev is a church person and emison a bathroom fitter in exeter

Whoamireally Mon 11-Oct-10 20:55:56

I think we are probably all quite good at discussing emissions and lap time.

Where are you going with that comment Whoamireally???? Off to watch Spooks - might catch a high speed chase for inspiration!

pinksancerre Mon 11-Oct-10 21:29:21

Signing in - was waiting for cast iron childcare to be sorted!

Quite excited - mumsnet has gone up in dh eyes now!

Will be leaving early from just outside Bath!

sherby Mon 11-Oct-10 22:34:24

Thank you for email Ann. DH delighted, have completed link to surveymonkey smile

Pinewood Tue 12-Oct-10 06:39:40

I'm really excited! We are leaving pretty early too, coming from Nr Reading, Berkshire. Thankfully nanny & grandad are around to have the kids the night before...wink Nothing decent to wear and heaven only knows what I'm putting on my feet? Thinking 4x4 = mud, wellies anyone?! DH is also disappointed he doesn't get to drive the RS Focus!

rubyrubyruby Tue 12-Oct-10 08:47:17

Ann - I haven't received an email from you yet.

........ I can come.

becaroo Tue 12-Oct-10 09:55:09

My dsis and I are coming too!!!! woo hoo!!!!
(am quite excited)

Are we supposed to be wearing boden??? Oh dear...I can hardly beleive I am admitting this but I OWN NO BODEN....will I be marched off the premises? grin

I live about 10 mins from the park so if any of you need travel advice, I'll try to help!

dh cant come as he is in toulouse on friday (ha ha)

Really looking forward to the hot laps!!

booksgalore Tue 12-Oct-10 10:15:46

I'm coming too! Very excited.

I own no boden but will be wearing Merrell trainers. Or, do we really think hiking boots/wellies are more in order?

I might put my hiking boots in the car just in case.

Bag wise: I normally have a change bag with me so I think I will be using my waterproof pockets/jeans pockets to hold things instead. Haven't used a handbag for so long am not used to having it so would be more inclined to leave it somewhere. wink grin

Quite local so not coming far.

laundrylover Tue 12-Oct-10 10:56:20

Me and my sister are coming (we look like twins so you'll know who we are!).

We are staying in a hotel the night before and having a spa day so in all 2 whole kid free daysshock.

Neither of us own any Boden so am getting a bit worried about the fashion stakes!

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Tue 12-Oct-10 11:11:03

I own some Boden clothing but only for work - wouldn't dream of wearing it in my spare time

I will be very scruffy, smoking rollies round the side of the sheds blush

all4u Tue 12-Oct-10 11:12:44

Well I can come but everyone I asked can't - short notice probably...hmm So be warned - I will need to chat to you all! Message for Borgqueen: Well I'm mid 40s but my two are 12 and 15 - started late u c.

Coming from Llanfair Caereinion - a hill farm in Mid Wales (so the off-road would be useful as I leave that to me DH and DS as the slopes here seem awfully hazardous confused) 101 miles so a 7am start. If I get caught in traffic can I have a mobile to ring to let you know at the venue Ann?

Can't wait (just booked a hair appointment though after reading your posts...)

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 12-Oct-10 11:30:40

ruby-I emailed you sad - have emailed again - if you don't get it email me directly

all4u - there is a mob number on the joining instructions if you have an emergency on the day - don't worry though, think folks will be arriving over a period of time from 9.30...

becaroo Tue 12-Oct-10 11:57:23

Well on friday I will mostly be wearing jeans, a top from asda and probably crocs. My dsis and I look quite alike but fgs dont tell her that or she will be looking for a tall building to throw herself from! grin

re: now in a quandry....I have used rusksacks for so long because of the dc...would a rucksack be ok do you think????

Some of you are coming from such a long way!!!

LynetteScavo England Tue 12-Oct-10 12:12:55

Well, now I'm thinking rucksack rather than satchel. You can get far more in.

And yes, I'm amazed at how far some of your are coming!

LynetteScavo England Tue 12-Oct-10 12:13:26

Ann, how many people are coming?

You're all discussion BODEN!?!? C'mon, jeans and jumpers/fleeces surely? Its a cold and windy race track!

Just checking in - I'm coming too - from 15 mins down the M1.

DH can't come - is on his way back from China on Friday, can't guarantee he'll get here in time.

Funnily enough, didn't have a problem finding someone else to come! grin

So, are we MN names or RL names on the day?

booksgalore Tue 12-Oct-10 13:34:40

Rucksack as opposed to pockets might work well and won't intoduce additional lumps and bumps into my silhouette (not the kind of help I need). And....dh can carry it smile

booksgalore Tue 12-Oct-10 13:35:33

RL names only Ann will know as 'keeper of the list' who everyone really is wink grin

LynetteScavo England Tue 12-Oct-10 13:40:05


I don't generally do outdoors!

rubyrubyruby Tue 12-Oct-10 14:17:14

Ann - I have emailed you.

Am I the only one coming on my own?

<<billy no-mates>>

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 12-Oct-10 14:25:44

Hi, just emailed back - v odd.
No there are others coming on their own..don't worry!

lightlyscrambled Tue 12-Oct-10 14:41:09

Checking in!
Great to see so many people going.
No Boden here either. Merrell trainers and scruffy jeans, will dust off a handbag (although if it's not big enough to double as a changing bag I will probably be off-balance and fall over)
Hair? hmmm. Will go for windswept and interesting - well, windswept anyway.

Also on my own so take heart, fellow Billys.

lightlyscrambled Tue 12-Oct-10 14:42:59

ooh ooh Stig suits!

rubyrubyruby Tue 12-Oct-10 14:48:57

still nothing Ann!!! confused

I have lots of other stuff coming in my inbox so it's very weird.

Amanderrr Tue 12-Oct-10 15:34:58

Checking in on behalf of my DP and his friend. They'll be travelling up from Surrey.

DP isn't at all worried about what to wear. He knows there's going to be some filming but he's yet to throw every item from his wardrobe on the bed and sit on floor in tears declaring that he has nothing to wear.

Still three days to go though so there's time yet.

LynetteScavo England Tue 12-Oct-10 15:49:37

But what if Ann drops her spread sheet, and it flutters off in the wind, and someone picks it up and knows everybody's MN names?

booksgalore Tue 12-Oct-10 16:14:52

That's a good point. Ann should devise a code for the spreadsheet so that if anyone looked it wouldn't be correct e.g. could put MN names in column 1 and RL names in column 2 but shift all the names down 1 row....Voila! Wrong names against each one but Ann can still decifer. or,,,could be written in invisible ink! Or, we could all make up a fake mn name and she can write that down. or, she could put everything into code e.g. a = 1, b = 2 etc.
..I realise that I may have too much time on my happens at the minute smile

booksgalore Tue 12-Oct-10 16:15:17

happens??hmm......hands obviously!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 12-Oct-10 16:56:19

ruby - have emailed you again. Do you have another email address we could try?

LOL at spreadsheet'll be safe don't worry smile

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Tue 12-Oct-10 17:00:41

ruby - check your junk mail folder. My mail from MN quite often ends up in there (I wonder what that means? hmm )

rubyrubyruby Tue 12-Oct-10 17:02:09

I got that one! - wahay grin

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 12-Oct-10 17:26:39

Yes, do add my email address to non junk list if you never know when I may be in touch again...or if you get one from

swissmiss Tue 12-Oct-10 21:01:48

No Boden here either. Jeans, comfy top and jumper, warm jacket and converse boots plus small rucksac. Hoping not too much mud - am thinking we'll be getting into the cars on/near the track and the whole point of the 4x4 to off road with was that you don't get stuck in the mud and need to get out and push and get covered in dirt - or am I mistaken?

Lightly and ruby I'll be on my own too.

Ann How many are due to turn up on the day?

lightlyscrambled Tue 12-Oct-10 21:48:14

swiss you only have to get out and push if you do it wrong and get stuck - no pressure wink

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Tue 12-Oct-10 22:03:06

Am going to be on my own too

Borisismyhousespider Tue 12-Oct-10 22:09:49

I'm dissapointed I don't get to drive the RS never mind all these blokes grin

For those of you coming from far away, the Moto at the 1st island (or roundabout depending on where you're from!) by the airport does good coffee!

Whoamireally Tue 12-Oct-10 22:26:53

I don't mind if you guys link my real name with my MN name, but I do mind if my DH knows!

Ann, if you see a tall lanky dark haired bloke trying to peer at your clipboard, will you whack him with it please smile

Those with hair worries - this will be eclipsed by your windburnt cheeks and fresh air induced runny nose grin

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 12-Oct-10 22:31:40 you even know who you are?!!

We have about 70-80 odd of you (inc. pals) coming...they are doing (RL) name badges.

Locals - I shall be whizzing up the m1 with Jennifer - anything I should know traffic wise (cheers for the coffee tip boris, may well need that!)?

Whoamireally Tue 12-Oct-10 22:37:50

Not always, Ann grin I namechanged ages ago for one of those threads where you don't want people to know who 'you' are and left it so long to change back again that I had forgotten who I was in the first place! And so by that point decided that people 'knew' me as my namechange name and not my original name and there was no point in changing back anyway. Phew. Maybe none of that made any sense?!! grin

Borisismyhousespider Tue 12-Oct-10 23:12:32

I'm no good on south to north Ann wink I reckon Leics may be a bit busy around 7-8am ish, but no idea if there are any probs near the Airport at that time in the morning.

fortyplus Wed 13-Oct-10 08:42:59

AnnMumsnet There's a 50 limit for miles... and miles... on the M1 - think it's about junction 11 onwards. And for some reason it moves at about 40 most of the time - can't really work out why. We went to the Nene Whitewater Centre last weekend which is just off j15 and the journey took about 15 mins longer than usual.

Have fun everyone - wish I'd seen this thread sooner! smile

hobbgoblin Wed 13-Oct-10 09:25:24

We are leaving St Albans at 7.30 am - I really don't want to miss my bacon buttie and the speed restriction is concerning me.

DP said he won't come if I 'dress up' and said it is ridiculous to consider anything beyond jeans. I don't do jeans.

Am now thinking I don't want to get my Uggs dirty but can't drive in wellies. Hiking boots?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 13-Oct-10 10:01:38

thanks fortyplus, will watch out - do you want to come? still have spaces which we're keen to fill....! email/ message me if so!

all4u Wed 13-Oct-10 11:40:23

Hi Ann - when & how do we get our joining instructions?

Getting that sense of anticipation now. DS is starting to bombard me with Ford car data too - he will obviously expect a full report so I had better learn to use my 'phone video!

Will it be OK if we take a bit of video of our own on the day?

booksgalore Wed 13-Oct-10 12:49:54

If coming M1 south to north:

You can come off at J23a and follow signposts to services then, follow signs for Airport then, Donnington but the official signs might also direct you down A42 when you first exit the M1 but I don't go that way often so can't remember.

If you miss J23a come off at J24 and take first exit on roundabout (traffic light controlled) and you will come back to the services.

If you get to J25 (you have gone too far) come off the motorway then go around the roundabout and get back onto the M1 Southbound and try and remember to come off either at J24 or J23a on the way back!! smile

J24 backs up between 8am and 9am as it is a main commuter route through to Nottingham. It queues back on the approaches to the roundabout so A50 and M1 included.

Hope this is helpful.

rubyrubyruby Wed 13-Oct-10 16:11:47

Am I coming on the M1 then confused

......... I am the mercy of my trusty sat-nav.

becaroo Wed 13-Oct-10 16:47:57

You may be quicker taking the junction 24 exit off the M1 and actually going through donington - towards the airport - at that time of day tbh


ChippyMinton Wed 13-Oct-10 17:03:14

I have to choose my outfit tonight as I'm going straight from work tomorrow. Please do not change the dress code and all turn up in your finery...Ta <knots headscarf firmly under chin and slips on driving shoes>

becaroo Wed 13-Oct-10 17:05:40

chippy I can assure I will not be in finery of any sort!!!!
<<becaroo wishes she had driving gloves>>

becaroo Wed 13-Oct-10 17:12:02

Erm...will we be outside all day????

BonzoDooDah Wed 13-Oct-10 18:05:20

Chippy - fear not I own no finery or Bowden and will be arriving in what fits and doesn't look like I've slept in a hedge after a 2 hour drive hmm

Blokes at work are V jealous grin I need to lay it on a bit thicker tomorrow I think. Is it the Ford Focus RS we are getting whizzed round in?

ChippyMinton Wed 13-Oct-10 18:54:43

Blokes in my office are sniggering and going on about driving ferraris around I would know the difference grin

BOOamireally Wed 13-Oct-10 20:00:58

Thank you Nancy for the phone call, yes we're still coming wink. Trying to help fill any spare spaces by being busy thinking of anyone I know who is (a) not working on Friday and (b) not got childcare problems to sort!!


Have org so so many things myself, hideous job when people drop out at last minute hmm

Have you all thought about what the helmet is going to do to your hairdo!? grin

Borisismyhousespider Wed 13-Oct-10 22:49:45

My hair is a mess at the moment anyway grin

laundrylover Wed 13-Oct-10 22:53:21

Boris, see you Friday...I'm sure your hair will look better than my greasy mop!

Looking forward to it...have just set up my Holiday Response for work...2 days with no kids...lead me to the jacuzzi!!!

hobbgoblin Thu 14-Oct-10 10:39:07

Okay, can I just triple check the situation?

I know I am sounding vain and obsessed by outfit for the day, sorry.

Will we be freezing our knickers off outside the WHOLE time?
Will we be wearing helmets?
Is there any shelter if it rains?
Are we likely to be knee deep in mud at any point thereby ruling out the wearing of Uggs or 'nice' trainers?
Do you think if I wear my 'big' necklace it will twat me in the face as we steer round corners?
Do you think we will get sweaty at any point (waterproof mascara question)?
If I dared to wear a comfy sweater dress rather than anything trouser-like will everybody all the menfolk laugh?

Thank you.

Oh, and also...if one did bring a bag would that be okay? I'm imagining it looking slightly stupid standing trackside with a chuffing handbag, yes? However, I don't go anywhere these days without babywipes and would possibly panic without them.

JenniferMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Oct-10 11:00:57

Jacket hasnt turned up yet - knew I should have ordered earlier- too busy sorting out the childcare!
Fashion crisis over- am wearing jeans and school run jacket!
But Ann's just told me she's picking me up at 7am !

BorgQueen Thu 14-Oct-10 11:15:24

The forecast for tomorrow doesn't look brilliant so I think it's comfy trousers / top that tries but fails hides my stomach / fleece / waterproof and sensible shoes. DH has banned me from wearing my new shearling coat sad, I bet the blokes aren't having issues with their intended clothing, I know DH isn't.

I feel like crap today, I've had a cold and sinus problems all week and even staying in bed till 10.45 this morning hasn't helped, if I don't feel better tomorrow then I'll be giving the RS lap a miss envy.

LynetteScavo England Thu 14-Oct-10 11:17:01

I 2nd everything hobbgoblin has asked.

The bag situation is really bothering me, as you never see anyone on Top Gear or Fith Gear with a bag, do you!

And I too can't survive with out wipes. I once went to London for the day sans enfant, and had to buy some at Boots on Euston station.

LynetteScavo England Thu 14-Oct-10 11:17:59

And why the hell did I thow in a couple of French words there? confused

I told you I talked a load of jibberish when nervous excited.

BorgQueen Thu 14-Oct-10 11:27:22

I'm taking a small utility type bag, cars do have places to put bags, usually wink.
I've always got wipes/tissues/painkillers, they are my survival kit.
I don't think we're going to be standing around outside all day. <she says hopefully>.

JenniferMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Oct-10 11:48:40

Bag - very very small. I'm still doing that thing of seeing how small my bag can be when traveling solo


AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Oct-10 12:59:59

Have checked and day is mainly outside but obviously you'll be in cars (with heaters) as well! The safety bit will be inside.

I should bring my kagoule shouldn't I? None of my coats have a hood blush. Will need to wear gloves as well as have daft fingers that go white and painful v quickly.

swissmiss Thu 14-Oct-10 13:41:39

Ann The guys at Ford must be laughing their heads off the level of concern at the (best part of) day being spent outside.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Oct-10 14:08:54

I'm sure they're impressed at how much planning were all undertaking!


lightlyscrambled Thu 14-Oct-10 16:14:06

Bought some sheepskin gloves today. Not for driving, just for lurking outside. Mmmm toasty

JenniferMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Oct-10 17:43:53

OMG can't find my driving licence!!!!!!!!confused

llareggub Thu 14-Oct-10 17:45:19

I can't find mine either. I am not worrying about it yet. Just telling myself that it will definitely be hiding in my box of Important Documents.

JenniferMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Oct-10 17:47:13

more to the point I have absolutely no idea where it is if it not where it should be which it isn't

swissmiss Thu 14-Oct-10 18:02:01

Jennifer - have you ever used it? My counterpart was in the same envelope it arrived in all those years ago, in to bottom of a drawer where things just pile up! Good luck with the search.

I need gloves. May try and find some on the way down. I have some but they aren't warm enough.

hobbgoblin Thu 14-Oct-10 18:59:30

Um, for those who are having driving licence panics as I did last week, is it possible that the people 'in charge' on the day will be happy to phone up the DVLA number for checking endorsements? If so, then if you have your photocard bit you should be alright. I have both parts of mine now I have emptied every admin pile in existence in my house but addresses are incorrect on both and am still a little worried about this despite kind reassurrances from AnnMN.

I will try and remember to put the relevant phone number in my contacts in case any of us need it and the Ford people are prepared to be persuaded.

Hobbgoblin, are you still planning on wearing a dress? Am rethinking wardrobe choice grin.

My driving licence has old address in. Keep needing it for crb forms so haven't got it updated yet. But do have both parts.

I remember when we hired a van once that DH couldn't find the paper part and they were fine with calling dvla re endorsements.

JenniferMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Oct-10 20:59:40

Possibly should post in AIBU but why would DH put my driving licence inside my passport ? Only found driving licence when hunting for passport incase that would do .
Am now off to pack lunch for kids, get school uniform out, check for shoes etc etc. Cause Ann is arriving at the crack of dawn. See you all in the morning - so excited

all4u Thu 14-Oct-10 21:48:44

Night night - early to bed as aiming to get away at 6.30am from Mid Wales - DH has promised to hoover the car out before he comes to bed as we live on a farm and farm cars get, well, like farmyards. (DD has just broken off from Autumnwatch to ask appalled 'How are we getting to school then?'DH looked a bit shocked that his role in ferrying could be forgotten when MUM'S WHERABOUTS is the issue!
CU and looking forward to some strong black coffee at Donington Park...

NoahAndTheWhale - apparently you can land yourself with a £1000 fine for not updating your address on your licence?

hobbgoblin Thu 14-Oct-10 22:10:49


Just typical that the children have been swines on my 'get ready night'. Only just put dishwasher on and last laundry load out to dry.

Have packed lunches to do, the downstairs toilet to clean (for babysitter's safety), final outfit decision to be made including shoe selection drama, baby bag to pack plus I think I dumped loads of stuff on my bed throughout the day today.

Yawn. I really wanted an early night too.

If it looks okay with boots (hiking, not fashionable) then I will wear sweater dress with opaques and to hell with the mockery

Have just discovered you can update it online. I have now updated it.


BOOamireally Thu 14-Oct-10 23:52:20

Can I just point out now that it is merely a FLUKE that I will be clad virtually head to toe in Boden, and can I point out before the smirking starts that actually my necklace is from Joules. so that absolves me slightly. P'raps.

We're ready to go minus shoe selection mare. Will prob lie awake for next 2hours pondering. Night all!

hobbgoblin Fri 15-Oct-10 00:40:21

I am bleaching (some of) my roots. It is very late. I wish I had not had this stroke of debatable genius and had let Toni & Guy do it like they normally do. (plus they do it all over, sensibly) I think I may have either no hair or orange hair tomorrow. Shit.

BOOamireally Fri 15-Oct-10 07:16:39

Have decided against joules necklace. Thought it pushed my outfit over the edge. Will now breathe sigh of relief. Thought joules necklace might 'out' me ;-)

BOOamireally Fri 15-Oct-10 08:52:04

It looks like we will be embarrassingly early! M1 quiet. We'll leave you some bacon rolls don't worry ;-)

BOOamireally Fri 15-Oct-10 10:01:03

Are you the lady who ate her bacon roll with a knife and fork? (v impressed emoticon)

Kbear Fri 15-Oct-10 13:27:43

Please think of me working hard today instead of whizzing round race tracks with you lot

llareggub Fri 15-Oct-10 15:19:16

Thank you mumsnet and ford for an amazing day. We are on our way home and still grinning from the rs lap. Top day!

Had a great time Especially doing fast driving round the course grin. Am considering alternative career as rally driver now...

And am wondering who else was in my group...

sherby Fri 15-Oct-10 15:39:24

DH and his mate on there way back now, sounds like you all had a good day!

sherby Fri 15-Oct-10 15:39:44

their blush

llareggub Fri 15-Oct-10 15:55:22


Malificence Fri 15-Oct-10 16:59:53

It was a fab day, everyone had a good laugh, driving the Kuga was great fun. grin
I'm wondering which of you we sat with and talked to now.

PosieComeHereMyPreciousParker Fri 15-Oct-10 17:37:52

sherby, either your DH or his mate was piggin' brilliant at the Kuga 4x4, wheels lifting off and everything.

Noah, I was in your group!! (short, lipstick, white shirt!!~)

MN what a fabulous day, I think I got the best group with activities in the best order and RS at the end. Can't fault the day at all, from start to finish it was well organised, exciting, nice food, great staff (eager, attentive and friendly). And the goody bag with the MP3 and drawing thing are fantastic!!

sherby Fri 15-Oct-10 17:52:20

ha will let DH know, what did he look like?

llareggub Fri 15-Oct-10 18:01:09

Posie, we chatted over breakfast!

Malificence Fri 15-Oct-10 18:01:18

Nah, my DH was the best in the Kuga grin - we were in the red group ( it was the 2 wheel drive ones on the course, not the 4x4 wink ).
He really slung it around - I have the bruised shoulder to prove it!

I liked the 4x4 mudplugging the best.
The freebies were an excellent bonus. smile

Thanks Mumsnet and Ford!

PosieComeHereMyPreciousParker Fri 15-Oct-10 18:05:28

Hello ll!!

The guy with brilliant blue eyes was brilliant and his mate who looked like a good looking version of their love child

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Fri 15-Oct-10 18:06:49

I didn't see anyone wearing Boden - clearly wasn't looking hard enough

I had a top, top day and I quite like the fact that I don't know who any of you are. My favourite bit was the ESP driving which I absolutely loved. Driving down the M1 afterwards was a distinct anti-climax.

Thank you so much MN and Ford - today is now featuring in my list of top-ten-fun-things-to-do-with-your-clothes-on

BOOamireally Fri 15-Oct-10 18:07:35

LMAO Posie I know exactly who you mean!!!

Had a fabulous day, thank you Mumsnet and Ford so very much - DH is trying to restrain me from buying a Kuga. I have promised him he could throw it around a few cones.

<Big wave to the purples wink>

LynetteScavo England Fri 15-Oct-10 18:07:40

What a brilliant day!

Not sure which bit I liked best.confused

I got very excited about the "party bag". grin

Thank you so much Mumsnet and Ford. smile

I can't wait for DH to come home so I can tell him all about it, and pursuade him to buy me an S MAX. (Which have 3 isofix on the back seats in the new model) wink

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Fri 15-Oct-10 18:10:00

sherby - did your DH or his mate drag a cone under the car for a little way?

llareggub - you were in my gang wink

llareggub Fri 15-Oct-10 18:11:30

Ooooh, I wondered if we chatted?

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Fri 15-Oct-10 18:12:46

I'm sure we did - I am a bit talkative blush

llareggub Fri 15-Oct-10 18:17:24

It was an amazing day. DS is thrilled with his toy.

BOOamireally Fri 15-Oct-10 18:19:17

Oooh the party bag was a brilliant touch, now I know why my 4 year old goes on about them all the bloody time wink

vnmum Fri 15-Oct-10 18:21:15

thanks mumsnet and ford, the day was great. DH and i are now arguingdiscussing which new car we would like when the time comes. I want the Kuga, DH wants the RS and the mondeo.

malificence I was a red too!!

I can't realy decide which bit i liked the best as it was all great fun.

Thanks for the goody bag and toy for the kids, that was a nice touch.

vnmum Fri 15-Oct-10 18:25:58

I'm just off to the ford website to configure my Kuga grin

sherby Fri 15-Oct-10 18:28:10

LMAO posie, brilliant link I will show him when he gets back grin

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Fri 15-Oct-10 18:32:21

Just looked at pp's link - oh those men. Not in the purple gang

LynetteScavo England Fri 15-Oct-10 18:36:52

becaroo(I think it was you), thank you for resucing me from the cafe car park first thing this morning...I would probably have spent all day wondering where everybody else was! blush grin

You and your sister are lovely!

And so is Ann.


(I dind't actually figure out who anybody else was)

CMOTdibbler Fri 15-Oct-10 18:39:13

Fabulous day ! Who would have thought that off roading was possible one handed grin

choufleur Fri 15-Oct-10 18:50:56

Fantastic day! Just wish I could have spent longer driving the Kuga.

Malificence you were in my group and your DH was fast!

Pinewood Fri 15-Oct-10 19:07:24

What a great fun day, really impressed with the guy who drove the RS he was crackers but talked so calmly all the way around and the goodie bag was a lovely surprise.

Unfortunately one of our MP3's didn't work so we have two kids fighting over the one that did! Think I have whiplash from my DH in the Kuga ! Thanks Mumsnet & Ford.

pinkem Fri 15-Oct-10 19:08:13

Fab day with the white group grin loved Kuga driving and the off roading.
I've worked out a couple of people from clues on here!
Fantastic organisation, the whole day went very smoothly thankyou Ford and Mumsnet especially for the party bag. smile

PosieComeHereMyPreciousParker Fri 15-Oct-10 19:22:46

And for any other car manufacturers out there this is the best PR event ever, all my BIL and I did on the way home was talk about Ford and DH and I are definitely going to test drive a Galaxy before we buy our next car!!

So Audi, VW etc you have a great focus group ready to go.....teams are you ready???????

silverfrog Fri 15-Oct-10 19:43:54

Thank you MN and Ford for a brilliant day.

Dh & I had a great time - really loved driving the Kuga, and the off road course was ace.

The goody bag was a nice bonus - the dds will poverty the toy tomorrow (thanks to nightmare m25 we got back just in time.for bed, so they haven't yet seen it!)

Yes, another vote of thanks here - had a great time, and I think I was in the team with the two guys going round on two wheels? The instructor was hanging onto the straps!

And Lady in Red - your hot lap was smokin' !! grin grin You deserved your round of applause!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 15-Oct-10 20:10:00

Well on behalf of Mumsnet - thanks so much for coming - it was amazing! Lovely to meet you all. Such a brilliant day. I loved the RS and the Off Road especially. Plus the Ford guys were all so kind.

Feedback thread proper is coming Monday
Hope everyone had a good run home.

<pours large glass of white> grin

ChippyMinton Fri 15-Oct-10 20:25:40

<waves> to all the yellows - I am still buzzing from the RS laps wink

And a special mention to Doug in the off-roader for being so calm when I slid back down the hill blush and to Holly for rockin' the hot laps.

Great to see you Ann and Jennifer, and thanks for such a brilliant day!

ChippyMinton Fri 15-Oct-10 20:27:28

just re-read that - I'm not the lady in red btw. Now she was cool!

hobbgoblin Fri 15-Oct-10 20:32:35

Kids in bed. I am soooo tired.

Thank you AnnMN and Mnet in general and Ford for a fabulous day.

I so impressed DP with my driving skills I was permitted to drive the whole way home.

Don't know who any of you in my group were (white group)...anyone fancy owning up?

I want to know who beautiful petite mumsnetter on my lunch table was as she was just so prettily smiley. didn't chat loads to anyone as didn't want DP to feel too left out of the Mnet thing.

Not had time to look in goodie bag yet as straight home to 4 needy DC but will look tomorrow. Thank you. Megasketch was a lovely gift.

We are going to book a rally day as I didn't want to stop driving like a nutter round bends!

May have convinced DP into an S Max when we change our car. grin

booksgalore Fri 15-Oct-10 20:40:27

Hi fellow purples smile

A great day thank you so much! We both loved the off road, slalom/chicane stuff.

I was also impressed by posh portaloos with laminate floor and moisturiser...<easily impressed>

Thank you so much Ford and Mumsnet; a fabulous day!

llareggub Fri 15-Oct-10 20:59:29

Another purple! We should form a quiche.

rubyrubyruby Fri 15-Oct-10 21:03:08

<<waves at fellow purples>>


ChippyMinton Fri 15-Oct-10 21:07:27

swissmiss - were you the one with the car powered by chip fat?

swissmiss Fri 15-Oct-10 21:10:21

Thanks MN and Ford for a fun day.

:waves: to the yellows. Sitting in the car with the Lady in Red was fab. It honestly wasn't her driving that made shake like a leaf blush after getting out of the Kuga, now I have just outed myself!

Posie love the link, see what you mean grin. Sherby's DH & Mate def enjoyed the driving.

ChippyMinton Fri 15-Oct-10 21:12:33


I was the lady in red grin.

Am still amazed that I did it so fast (although I think all the wheels stayed on the ground grin.

Enjoyed all the day and am also amazed that I managed to do the off road driving. Although I need to learn that when I am told "stop revving" that is what I need to do grin.

DH has been sounding most envious as I have been retelling the day.

DS very impressed with the megasketch which he immediately started using as I got back

Thank you again Ford and Mumsnet

swissmiss Fri 15-Oct-10 21:15:19

Another one with a non-working MP3 player. PC recognises flash drive but won't let me copy files to it as error message "device name contains invalid characters or is too long" comes up but don't have any option to change it. It's probably me being dense but I'm stumped.

chippy yes that's me!

Am considering a name change lol

swissmiss Fri 15-Oct-10 21:16:21

x post chippy grin

swissmiss Fri 15-Oct-10 21:16:36

me too!

swissmiss Fri 15-Oct-10 21:19:15

noah both our instructors were really good and encouraging weren't they? the grin on your face after was priceless.

ChippyMinton Fri 15-Oct-10 21:20:10

How about RockinTheKuga?

IAmTheLadyInRed Fri 15-Oct-10 21:21:02


swissmiss Fri 15-Oct-10 21:21:22

I like it chippy, go on Noah it's a good one.

swissmiss Fri 15-Oct-10 21:21:54

IATLIR is good too!

IAmTheLadyInRed Fri 15-Oct-10 21:22:55

Although ChippyMinton's suggestion is also good...

IAmTheLadyInRed Fri 15-Oct-10 21:23:50

Good cross posts there grin

shakingleaf Fri 15-Oct-10 21:24:06

decisions, decisions.

i'll try this for a bit i think grin

shakingleaf Fri 15-Oct-10 21:25:49

stick with IATLIR, i'm sure there are people in other groups who rocked the kuga ITHO.

ChippyMinton Fri 15-Oct-10 21:26:26

LOL at swissmiss - I like that.

for Noah

shakingleaf Fri 15-Oct-10 21:29:14

why thank you chippy

RockinTheKuga Fri 15-Oct-10 21:33:39

I have now got the choice of this one was it a Kuga the EPS was in? Am very bad at knowing what car is what blush

ChippyMinton Fri 15-Oct-10 21:34:50

LOL. Yes, twas a bright blue Kuga, with invisible go-faster stripes.

shakingleaf Fri 15-Oct-10 21:37:01

it did seem to have said stripes!

IAmTheLadyInRed Fri 15-Oct-10 21:37:50

Thank you grin

Am going to keep with this name for a bit I think

shakingleaf Fri 15-Oct-10 21:39:23

grin IATLIR you and me both.

Borisismyhousespider Fri 15-Oct-10 22:34:05

grin great day had here too 'waves at fellow yellows' Loving the name change Kuga!

PosieComeHereMyPreciousParker Sat 16-Oct-10 08:03:52

I'm a yellow!!

jacs66 Sat 16-Oct-10 09:46:31

Finally posting about yesterday - what an awesome day. Still have the big smile grin that arriving home to the usual houseful of homework-laden kids could not dislodge.

Loved all of it - the RS had to be the highlight but I'm having second thoughts about my impending car change - the Kuga has now shot to the top of the list. All that cone weaving was impressive stuff!! Have to work on DP for that one.

Thank you so much to Mumsnet and Ford. A brilliantly organised day.

Off now for Coffee with Johnny .... found him loitering by the gates looking lost on my way out! wink .

satine Sat 16-Oct-10 09:54:52

Hello to all the whites! We had such a fun time, although I would think twice about buying an ex-demonstrator car now - taking the Kuga out on the 'appraisal' RIGHT after trying as hard as we could to roll it on the ESP test was possibly not a good idea.......
Thank you to everyone from MN & Ford. The off-road bit was so much fun - I giggled like a loon all the way round!
And to the lovely MNetter who used the disabled loo cos the queue for the ladies was too long: <points finger> TUT TUT

satine Sat 16-Oct-10 10:01:10

Hello Hobgoblin - fellow white grouper! I was the tall one with curly hair and black GAP hoodie - accompanied by dp who was entirely mystified by the MN stuff but enjoyed the day!!

SueW Sat 16-Oct-10 10:08:21

I wish I'd seen this before - Donington is only a few mins away from me. I coldn't have gone the time off work but I could have come along for a coffee in the morning

rubyrubyruby Sat 16-Oct-10 10:22:30

I'm getting confused now people are name-changing!

I just couldn't own a car called a 'Kuga' I don't think ........... and my DC's wouldn't fit in it anyway.

<<swings purple lanyard above head>>

PosieComeHereMyPreciousParker Sat 16-Oct-10 10:23:31

I got BIL to take a photo of me coming out of the disabled loo!

rubyrubyruby Sat 16-Oct-10 10:25:23

.......... you didn't check-out my arns Posie <<tsk>>

rubyrubyruby Sat 16-Oct-10 10:25:59

not arns - or arse ..... arms

PosieComeHereMyPreciousParker Sat 16-Oct-10 10:35:52


JenniferMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 16-Oct-10 10:43:46

Go Yellows
That was such a brilliant brilliant day - lovely to meet everyone
I've realised two things
a. I drive way way too slow and probably have done since leaving hospital with DD

b. Actually we need three cars:
The RS for me
The S Max or Kuga for the kids
The Mondeo for DH, lovin' the parking thingy
No actually its four cause I also need the Off -roader for next time it snows

Hope to see you again soon
Jennifer Mumsnet

LynetteScavo England Sat 16-Oct-10 11:25:42

I was in White with Hobbgoblin, but I have no idea who you are! It's all very weird. grin

satine Sat 16-Oct-10 11:35:58

Ha ha I was hoping to meet LynetteScavo just because of your cool name!!

So who was the nice lady in the white group with the dh who wore the stripy top? And the scarf wearing MNer on her own with the gorgeous hair colour?

LynetteScavo England Sat 16-Oct-10 12:18:55

The nice lady with the DH and stripy top wasn't me. (Who was she? - she was very nice)

I was the sad loner who had prostitute wellies shiney boots and a scarf.

Go yellows!

Thank you MN and Ford for a brilliant day. I loved the off-roading especially.

Like Jennifer, I'm one who obviously drives too cautiously. Being told 'go faster' was really hard!

Thanks for the goody bag as well.

CMOTdibbler Sat 16-Oct-10 13:19:13

Your boots were gorgeous Lynette. I meant to ask you where they were from

LynetteScavo England Sat 16-Oct-10 13:52:26

Boden, CMOTdibbler. Was really nice to meet you and your DH. You are both lovely!

pinkem Sat 16-Oct-10 14:01:28

Hello fellow white group, my hubby was wearing a stripy top (orange and blue!) Am I the nice lady? I hope I am!! grin

LynetteScavo England Sat 16-Oct-10 14:14:39

No, but your husband was nice! grin I thought he'd get on quite well with my DH.

LynetteScavo England Sat 16-Oct-10 14:21:44

Not that you weren't nice yourself, pimkem.

<Digs out of hole>

BOOamireally Sat 16-Oct-10 14:23:15

Ahhh Lynette I clocked your Boden boots as you went in the loos just before they were doing the goodbye speeches grin

I was the purplest of all the purples(blonde hair, purple lanyard, purple Boden scarf and purple Boden beret) on the table just before the loos with the lovely red couple from Surrey, llareggub and her hubby, and some more lovely reds who were possibly from Hinckley but can't 100% remember blush

Was looking forward to meeting CMOT as share a love of Pratchettry. Maybe I did meet you but just didn't realise?

Perhaps next time we all need a flash card with our MN name on, which we can wave over our heads when our partners are in the loos. (Or, outside on their mobile phones, which was most usually the case for me)

pinkem Sat 16-Oct-10 14:25:13

sad I wanted to be the nice lady, i'm going to sulk now!!
My hubby tends to be described as the 'gobby yorkshire man' grin He was very well behaved yesterday though, plus he won a bar of choccy for me!!

vnmum Sat 16-Oct-10 14:25:47

Where have all the red group gone. I am getting lost among the purples, whites and yellows smile

BonzoDooDah Sat 16-Oct-10 15:46:25

Another RED clocking in here vnmum!

I was with my sister (the ones who didn't shut up stop laughing) - I actually grazed my knee falling out of the RS after the speed laps. I have a new hero - Sarah the racing driver rocks! We begged and begged and got a second spin with her - fab!

Thanks Mumsnet for a super day out. Really had a great day.

vnmum Sat 16-Oct-10 16:00:12

Hi Bonzodoodah, I think i have worked out which couple you weresmile, but didn't actually see which one of you fell out of the car.

My DH is very jealous you had a 2nd go in the RS

CMOTdibbler Sat 16-Oct-10 16:23:50

Boo - I'm tall, wearing skirt and black boots,black wrist splint, tall + large dh DH in red and blue rugby shirt

silverfrog Sat 16-Oct-10 16:26:20

I'm a red.

I am possibly half of the "surrey couple Boo OS referring to blush.

I liked your coat, Boo smile

choufleur Sat 16-Oct-10 16:45:33

I'm a red. I might be the one from near hinckley (well I am from near hinckley) and was there with my german friend.

Malificence Sat 16-Oct-10 17:04:43

I missed you falling out of the RS Bonzo! shock
Choufleur, I know you now. smile
I was a red, but wearing a purple fleece.

DH has uploaded footage of our go in the RS onto FaceBook, he went around again with the -mad bloke male instructor ( the one who encouraged him to try and tip the Kuga over hmm ).

llareggub Sat 16-Oct-10 17:08:37

Did you stay up the night before, silverfrog? If you did then I think you probably are!

vnmum Sat 16-Oct-10 17:19:29

malificence I am the one who was talking to you and your DH with my DH while we were waiting to get in the Kuga's. My DH was slightly tender after to RS lap. I bet the footage he got is quite good.

I am wondering if the lady in the RED group who was trying to convert her DH to Ford from Vauxhall succeeded?

vnmum Sat 16-Oct-10 17:22:21

Bonzo do you drive a truck?

choufleur Sat 16-Oct-10 19:17:11

I know you too Malificience and Bonzo. Think I know who you are vnmum.

laundrylover Sat 16-Oct-10 19:33:06

My sister and I had a fab day in the yellow team - we def got the best order, finishing with the crazy blue Kuga and 2 hot laps grin.

Lynette, think it was us who picked you up at the cafe?

I don't mind outing myself to the few who were at Donnington but you must promise not to stalk me on here!

Can Mumsnet get another day set up soon please. I'm bored of road driving already and want to splat some more cones!

IAmTheLadyInRed Sat 16-Oct-10 19:35:19

Who were you laundrylover (I was a yellow )

Will probably change out of this name at some point as am feeling a little ChrisDeBurgh esqe grin.

JenniferMumsnet I don't think you drove too slowly. Although you did have a roundabout issue grin.

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Sat 16-Oct-10 19:41:34

Ahh hello BOO. I was the one who was admiring the fact that your lanyard and outfit were co-ordinated

Who were the pair of men in the purple group? I want to know whose DH dragged the cone under the Kuga and got a round of applause

IAmTheLadyInRed Sat 16-Oct-10 19:42:50

I went round with the (mad) male instructor. He was very encouraging grin

vnmum Sat 16-Oct-10 19:49:09

choufleur I think i know who you are too although i don't think we got chance to talk much. I am a bit shy about approaching people on my own and i also didn't want to leave DH and then get moaned at for leaving him out while i mumsnetted smile

Where in Germany is your friend from? I lived out there for 3 years and both my DC were born there. I really miss it actually and would move back in a shot

Have changed name back again. Feels more like me (but am still v keen to do more mad driving again grin)

LynetteScavo England Sat 16-Oct-10 20:11:23

In that case laundrylover THANK YOU!

I really am dense at times.

BonzoDooDah Sat 16-Oct-10 23:23:51

Vnmum - it's my sister drives the truck.
Was it you or Maliflence in the blue Kuga who had clouds of smoke coming from the tyres as they did the last cones?? We were in awe - really. Would love to see the film!

And Hi Choufleur - we were chatting while waiting for the RS.

Amanderrr Sun 17-Oct-10 00:02:56

HeadlessLadyBiscuit ~ One of the pair of men in the purple group is my DP. He took his friend along as I can't drive and it was him who dragged the cone under the Kuga.

DP and "cone killer" had a good day and DS3 loved the MegaSketcher toy DP brought home for him so a big thank you to Ford and Mumsnet. smile

PosieComeHereMyPreciousParker Sun 17-Oct-10 07:36:27

Laundry did you and your sister have short hair, sister with two small children? The couple who got stuck on that hill in the off roader? Very very funny. (I was the one with terrible roots!!!)

Jonsey141 Sun 17-Oct-10 09:03:25

Find out how we got on at Donington Park Race Track. Would Helen have to watch Jo from the sidelines, after forgotting her paper part driving licence (albeit in lovely new trousers bought especially for the day) -or did she get partake in burning rubber? donington-park-.aspx

vnmum Sun 17-Oct-10 09:46:12

Bonzo I think it may have been Malificence who ceated the smoke unless it was my DH and I didn't notice. I think we were chatting while Malificence and her DH were screaching around in the Kuga smile

laundrylover Sun 17-Oct-10 09:59:32

We do indeed have short hair and big boob both and yes indeed my sister did get stuck on the muddy hill! She was pants!

Malificence Sun 17-Oct-10 11:21:10

It definitely wasn't me smoking the Kuga tyres - probably was DH though hmm, I have a huge purple bruise on my shoulder from being flung around in the back when he was swerving around those cones, I drove after him and was like a geriatric in comparison!

BOOamireally Sun 17-Oct-10 12:37:50

Silverfrog thanks grin Was possibly the only non-Boden item I was wearing wink You are definitely 'you' if your hubby was tinkering with his ringtones just before the welcome speech grin

Headlessladybiscuit <wave> Hello! Amanderr your hubby and his friend were awesome, they were seriously trying to tip the Kuga over and got a massive round of applause grin

vnmum Sun 17-Oct-10 14:39:55

Malificence any chance you could put the film on here or something? would love to see it.

JenniferMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 17-Oct-10 19:54:57

Lady in Red, ah yes roundabouts - I just liked the Mondeo so much I just wanted to keep driving all the way back to North London !

Pinewood Mon 18-Oct-10 08:02:05

vnmum - I think I'm the one in Red Group you mean and nope didn't manage to convert my hubby ... although he was impressed with the Kuga probably cos he was another one that chucked it through the cones with wild abandoment! I swear the whiplash has only just worn off confused

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 18-Oct-10 11:05:17

Official feedback thread just started here - thanks

vnmum Mon 18-Oct-10 11:28:33

Pinewood You told me about wanting to convert your DH in the Loos at breakfast

satine Mon 18-Oct-10 11:51:43

Hi! Fab to finally figure out two of my fellow White members - Pinkem (the nice lady!) and Lynette (gorgeous hair, fab boots!). I wish I'd chatted more, I didn't want to seem too forward and pushy!

rubyrubyruby Mon 18-Oct-10 13:19:21

I really wish I had asked who other people were now!


BonzoDooDah Mon 18-Oct-10 18:12:15

People with possibly faulty mp3 players ... have you tried turning them on when connected to the PC? Mine gave an error but once it was switched on it was ok.

shakingleaf Mon 18-Oct-10 22:48:43

thnaks bonzo will give it a go and report back.

Pinewood Tue 19-Oct-10 06:17:06

Thanks Bonzo will try it too and let you know how we get on

It was frustrating not knowing/feeling you couldn't ask who other MNetters were!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 19-Oct-10 11:48:58

BIWI - I kept looking out for you, as you've been involved in other projects (and I think I've met you before?!) and wanted to say hi - think I caught a glimpse of you getting into the taxi. But am sorry not to have spoken. It all went so quickly!

I know! I sat next to the lovely JenniferMumsnet on the coach, as we were in the same group.

Will look out for you next time! (There will be a lovely party at Christmas, with lots of champagne flowing for us all, won't there?)

laundrylover Tue 19-Oct-10 14:32:09

Pinewood - did we discuss Mooncups then??

I should add that this was prompted by people (including me) using the disabled loo and not something I brought up out of the blue! I'm not a Mooncup evangalistgrin.

BonzoDooDah Tue 19-Oct-10 23:39:19

OMG - DH has just pointed out that there is a racing driver named Juan Fangio I can feel a name-change coming on.

Oh and did any of the other reds get in a rage about the twatty idiot sales rep who gave the first sales talk - told us we could use the galaxy to "go to coffee mornings" (more than once) and then said of another car "good if your husband drives a long distances" angry ... I did have words with one of the other reps ...

JuanFanjo Tue 19-Oct-10 23:43:19


oops sorry <<<<wheel-spins>>>>

shakingleaf Wed 20-Oct-10 10:01:57

Bonzo/Juan plugging in and turning on mp3 makes no difference. Thanks anyways

ChippyMinton Wed 20-Oct-10 13:07:21

laundry*lover* - you evangelised spoke to me about mooncups at the end of the day grin

rubyrubyruby Wed 20-Oct-10 13:08:34

I didn't speak about mooncups but I did have a discussion about 'she-wees' grin

vnmum Thu 21-Oct-10 14:16:48

Bonzo I don't remember the sales guy saying that but then again I kind of shut off thinking I didn't come here to buy a C-max. grin

BonzoDooDah Tue 26-Oct-10 13:48:05

Any sign of the photos/film MNHQ?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 02-Nov-10 16:34:19

Photos here - enjoy!

pinkem Wed 03-Nov-10 10:18:18

Thanks Ann smile

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 12-Nov-10 12:52:52

Video here now. Sorry for the delay!

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