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STILL SPACES AVAILABLE: Join Ford and Mumsnet at Donington on 15 Oct for thrilling Ford test drive day

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 16-Sep-10 10:42:32

How does an unforgettable test drive day at Donington grab you? Ford has asked us to find nearly 100 Mumsnetters (including a partner or friend) to attend a thrilling Ford drive day at Donington. This is your opportunity to experience the full Ford range, as well as learn new driving skills and even get the chance to be driven at high speed by a professional driving instructor.
This is a day exclusively for Mumsnetters but would be worth around £300.

These are the details:

~ It's on Friday 15th October at Donington Park Racing Circuit, East Midlands.
~ The day starts at 9.30am, finishes around 3.30pm and you'll need to stay for the whole session
~ Sorry but no children allowed
~ Both breakfast and lunch will be provided

What you'll experience:

~ Ford Ranger off road - an instructor will teach you the skills to handle off road driving, with the chance to drive a Ford Ranger 4x4
~ Safety and technology update - you'll be shown all about Ford cars, including how to safely fit car seats, details on driving technology and using convenience features
~ Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) demonstration - you can test the effectiveness of our braking systems whilst tackling different road trials
~ Hot laps - a professional instructor will take you on a high speed lap in a Focus RS (Europe's fastest production car) - helmets are provided!!
~ Road test - see what you think about the new S-MAX, new Galaxy and latest Mondeo by putting them through their paces on the roads surrounding Donington Park

Age and driving restrictions

There are some restrictions on who can attend, as Ford Insurance will only cover drivers who are aged 25 or over, have had a full driving licence for three years or more and have no convictions for dangerous driving. You'll also need to bring both parts of your driving licence on the day. Please don't forget otherwise you'll be unable to drive the vehicles yourself!

What we ask of you

Please note the day will be filmed and video content will be used both by Mumsnet and Ford. All we ask is that you feedback your thoughts about the day on a Mumsnet thread.

What next?

Simply enter your details here by the 1st October. If you're selected, Mumsnet will email confirmation by 5th October and you'll then need to confirm your attendance by 11th October.

NB: The participants accept that he/she shall be solely responsible for any decision as to his/her fitness to drive.

CMOTdibbler Thu 16-Sep-10 12:28:57

I've entered, but not sure whether they will have me and my one handed driving...

Stretch Thu 16-Sep-10 12:31:17

Shame my DH is not a MNer, he'd love this, AND we are thinking of buying a galaxy for our next car.

Will have to just read the reviews after

JuanMoreTime Thu 16-Sep-10 12:33:13

PITY its on a weekday.
am at work
yes some mums do work

LoveBeing Thu 16-Sep-10 12:42:34

Have entered as it is Dhs birthday that day grin, must look for my lience just incase.....

GypsyMoth Thu 16-Sep-10 12:57:12

entered too!

serenity Thu 16-Sep-10 13:03:24

Oh I'd love to do this, but no chance of getting up there sad

Never mind, there's been enough London based stuff that it's only fair there's some that are based elsewhere. I reserve the right to pout unattractively for a bit though.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 16-Sep-10 13:12:47

Stretch - if you can come you can bring him along - partners don't have to be MNers - sorry if it's not clear

Stretch Thu 16-Sep-10 13:14:11

Ann, I don't drive though so I imagine I wouldn't qualify?

It's 2 days before my birthday too! grin

Boo, dh & I would have loved this. It is the one day in the whole year we can't do sad cos it's the first day of his company's team-building family weekend away thingy.

PosieParker Thu 16-Sep-10 13:52:28

Bugger, I didn't add a friend, but I can go alone!! Or I'm sure my BIL would love to come!!

PosieParker Thu 16-Sep-10 13:52:55

Thanks MN!!!

ShadeofViolet Thu 16-Sep-10 13:56:26

DH would love it, but I dont drive

Its only up the road too.

Can I come! Can I? Can I?

Its one of the days we've got respite for dd2 and its only up the road from here!!!

Please say yes!


Fimbo Thu 16-Sep-10 14:38:48

Could my dh go on his own? I don't drive and would have child care issues but dh would love it.

Stretch Thu 16-Sep-10 15:00:44

Fimbo, that's what I would like, perhaps they can go together! grin

TrinityTheLonelyBrokenRhino Thu 16-Sep-10 16:07:00

I would LOVE to do this and my mate would too
I want to buy an smax

TrinityTheLonelyBrokenRhino Thu 16-Sep-10 16:08:32

but it miles away <sob>

I'd love to come, but if I was selected I don't know who would want to come/would be available to come. Can't we supply this information later?

ChippyMinton Thu 16-Sep-10 17:25:35

Oooh ooh ooh - pick me!

<wonders what lovely AnnMumsnet needs as a bribe>

GypsyMoth Thu 16-Sep-10 19:04:22

i'm not taking any one either,if i get picked!

can't we take other MNers who dont get picked??

well if i don't get picked i am free to go with anyone who doesn't have a partner to go with wink.

Just entered, my DP would love this!

swissmiss Thu 16-Sep-10 21:44:35

now i just have to talk mil into having DD2 for the day as she only lives 10mins away from Donnington (mil that is not dd!).

DH at work so I'd welcome the company of another MN-er on the day

MrsWeasley Thu 16-Sep-10 22:15:31

Stretch I won a test drive (not a fast pace one like this)on here before and I don't drive. Just enter and list DH as the driver (if it asks you).

The ford people really do look after you well! grin

Stretch Thu 16-Sep-10 22:16:55

Ann how does it work if I don't drive, but DH does? Can I not enter? Does the driver have to be a MNer?

GetOrfMoiLand Fri 17-Sep-10 09:54:18

I would LOVE to come to this. However I have only been driving 2 years. Buggeration.

What BRILLIANT thing to plan MNHQ.

Hope those who are lucky enough to go envy have a great day.

parkj83 Fri 17-Sep-10 10:02:42

Sod the miles away - it'd be a day out, without the kids! lol

I'm a bit of a petrolhead, I'm afraid! blush

sitdownpleasegeorge Fri 17-Sep-10 10:05:05

I only have an old style (green paper)licence which is just one part, would I be eligible ?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 17-Sep-10 10:12:17

sitdownpleasegeorge - that's fine

sherby + becauseimworth it + fimbo - I am asking Ford

Fimbo Fri 17-Sep-10 11:03:03

Thank you Ann

would love this have entered
good luck everybody

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 17-Sep-10 14:20:25

Fimbo - Ford say to fill in the form and make it clear in the notes you're applying for him - it may be he is on a reserve list as ideally they'd like MNers to attend

Becauseimworthit - yes - please add TBC and if you're invited we'd ask you then for that info (if anyone, not all are bringing someone!)

sherby - again do fill in the form and add the detail that you are a non driver in the box

So if in doubt, please do add your details if you or your DH would like to attend and put a note in the box under "Q13. Please tell us why you would like to attend this event?" with any other things we should know and you will be considered.

Fimbo Fri 17-Sep-10 14:31:21

Ok, thanks Ann


(Now assume I will be picked, of course?)

PerArduaAdNauseum Fri 17-Sep-10 22:03:31

Ford? Meh.

Frizbe Fri 17-Sep-10 22:23:42

grin lemme at it!

bottersnike Sat 18-Sep-10 08:35:39

Me me me please!
Entered my & DH's details.

Flighttattendant Sat 18-Sep-10 17:43:17

Thankyou but if you could consider getting us a MN exclusive Ducati track day I will be up for it. Four wheels=boring grin

Flighttattendant Sat 18-Sep-10 17:44:58

actually it does sound really really good...I'm just jealous as there's no way I can get there! Have fun girls smile

foofi Sun 19-Sep-10 11:26:35

If was at Brands Hatch and involved nicer cars I'd be up for it grin

Malificence Sun 19-Sep-10 21:47:35

I'm well up for it, "nicer cars?" hmm do me a favour - you get to go in a Focus RS, if that isn't a nice car to you, you're obviously not a car fan. If it's asbo orange , so much the better!grin

I've never won anything in my life [hopeful]. smile

PosieParker Tue 21-Sep-10 13:51:31

Has this been chosen yet?

[desperate emoticon]

bren66 Wed 22-Sep-10 11:47:08

Fingers crossed!!!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 22-Sep-10 14:21:33

Hi, no not chosen yet - have til 1 Oct to apply grin

PosieParker Tue 28-Sep-10 16:16:11

May start my own 'you're too late' thread!!wink

My father had an RS cosworth Escort!!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 01-Oct-10 09:48:54

Emails have just gone out - do check spam/ junk folders smile

llareggub Fri 01-Oct-10 10:44:26

Thank you! We've just had ours and we (especially DH) a very excited. We've sorted babysitters so are looking forward to this.

CMOTdibbler Fri 01-Oct-10 10:48:20

Me too !

llareggub Fri 01-Oct-10 10:49:50

Shall I call you CMOT on the day?

PosieParker Fri 01-Oct-10 11:13:04

OMG Thank you so much Mumsnet, it has made my year!!!!

CMOTdibbler Fri 01-Oct-10 11:49:06

Yep, I'll be the one with one not working hand

bottersnike Fri 01-Oct-10 12:57:45

Hurray!! Thank you thank you!!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 01-Oct-10 14:48:36

don't forget to rsvp!

BonzoDooDah Fri 01-Oct-10 16:17:44

woo hoo - see you all there!

Whoamireally Fri 01-Oct-10 17:47:52

THANK YOU so much MNHQ, DH and I are SO excited to be coming to Donington!!! <monster sized grin> He spends most evenings whining about how much time I spend on MN and all of a sudden MN is the best thing in the entire world... <tut and eyerolling emoticon>

Do we have to wear badges on the day with our MN names? shock e.g. Whoamireally and Mr Whoamireally? grin

Whoamireally Fri 01-Oct-10 17:50:02

THANK YOU so much MNHQ, DH and I are SO excited to be coming to Donington!!! <monster sized grin> He spends most evenings whining about how much time I spend on MN and all of a sudden MN is the best thing in the entire world... <tut and eyerolling emoticon>

Do we have to wear badges on the day with our MN names? shock e.g. Whoamireally and Mr Whoamireally? grin

Will 'officially' RSVP [grin}

llareggub Fri 01-Oct-10 17:50:31

That's what I want to know, whoamireally?

Whoamireally Fri 01-Oct-10 17:50:45

oops see I am that excited I had to say it twice! blush

Whoamireally Fri 01-Oct-10 17:51:51

I'd rather have my real name and then you have the fun of looking someone up and down and saying 'hmmmm you've got a pie in your hand, so are you CMOT?'

Whoamireally Fri 01-Oct-10 18:01:26

In fact, that is a great idea - we should use our real names but take a cryptic clue to our MN name.

CMOT - take a pie
llareggub - come empty handed grin
I'll bring 'Guess Who'.
Posieparker - bring a bouquet

We were chosen too grin

Shall I bring a bottle as my cryptic clue? wink

Me too!

I don't know who I will be bringing, but it won't be DH.

swissmiss Fri 01-Oct-10 22:41:09

And me. Now just need to organinse MIL and childminder so I can rsvp properly.

Looking for a partner in crime to come with tho as DH working.

Don't think i'd fit into the DC's swiss flag t-shirts but I could wear DS's baseball cap with a said flag on. Of course that relies of people knowing what the flag looks like. No, it's not the blue and yellow one. wink

Posieparker - where you at the fragrance jaunt in Bristol and had fab red lipstick on!

Whoamireally Sat 02-Oct-10 13:18:46

Tequila you can try but they might not let you near the cars grin Maybe a mockingbird wink

I will swish my hair a lot.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Oct-10 12:21:32

Joining instructions have now gone out...looks like a great day! Ann

BonzoDooDah Fri 08-Oct-10 13:44:25

Am even more excited now ...
"You'll have the change to drive" ... " on the EXTREME off-road course"!!!

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