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MrsB reports back on Pampers junket

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mjinhiding Sun 25-Jul-10 21:12:12

day three of testing for DD and day two for DS, I def am unhappy with these for DD, she has leaked through them 2 nights on the trot, and in fact I am going back to her old nappies for night time and am planning to use them up in the day

for DS though i really like them, they are nice and neat, (his 18-24 month clothes are probably going to last a little longer as they have a little more play now and seem to be able to cope with pooh and wee quite nicely

they do have a wierd smell, DD is ebf and the smell is the sort of sweet smell of a breast fed babies pooh, so I keep thinking she needs changing when she doesnt (no mistaking it with a toddler though grin

so thumbs up for a size 5, thumbs down for a size 2.

mjinhiding Sun 25-Jul-10 08:56:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mjinhiding Sat 24-Jul-10 15:13:48

I religiously put away all other nappies so I couild start a proper trial this week, first nappy last night, the size 2's for DD-

She usually has the cotton huggies ones, all of the ones she has had have occassionally leaked pooh but not wee

she got changed at 11pm and that usually sees her through til the morning, however at 3 am when she woke for a feed, I found she had soaked through the nappy and her sleeping vest, with wee, that has never happened before

again today I changed her at 11.30 this morning and she desparately needed changing again by 2.45, while i tend to change her often, this is very quick when she hadnt actually dirtied, my observation based on the few I have used is that I dont like them, I will use up the ones I have but I probably wouldnt buy them

also they "seem" really wet, although I am guessing that is just because they are different and the wee is more obvious, because there is less "stuff"

MummyBerryJuice Tue 20-Jul-10 19:58:30

We've changed to cloth but I used the drymax pampers while on holiday in the states a couple of months back and they smelled like... Mmmm... artificial vanilla essence

TillyTellTale Tue 20-Jul-10 13:01:23

There is definitely a weird smell to the new Active Fits. It's horrible.

Suziewoos Tue 20-Jul-10 07:08:48

shock shock shock I wonder what P&G will say to that confused

Harimo Mon 19-Jul-10 18:48:31

Is there an official link yet?

I've started to test the nappies and they have turned my DD's bottom BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shock

Yes, I got that response too. I was also told that they could not do closed loop as they'd have to pass the costs to the consumer..


The consumer has to pay for landfill through council tax anyway! She also waffled a bit about incineration but that simply transforms diverse waste into toxic ash that needs to go to landfill in any event.

She also said that cloth nappies get thrown away too. Maybe, eventually, after a couple of babies, but 20 or so cloth nappies don't compare to 6,000 sposies and textiles are readily recycled.

But anyway. I didn't want to seem ungrateful. It was a nice lunch

MrsBadger Sun 18-Jul-10 16:52:17

oh I only use disposables on holiday, and then rarely Pampers as they're so darn pricey.
DH complains they smell even when only weed on and they do - weirdly sweet to my nose. I am using the wipes on my filthy 3yo.

TBH I was pleased Thursday wasn't too hot, else ds would've been rolling around in nothing but a shirt, displaying a large cloth bottom with a big 'MOTHEREASE' label hanging off the side...

I asked about recycling nappy components (trialled in Canada and Belgium) and didn't get waffle but rather a flat 'we have no interest in this' hmm.
She also tried to convince us that smaller/lighter nappies meant less landfill, having just shown us that the crystals swell to 20 times their size when wet, so a used drymax nappy will be just the same size as a non-drymax one.

I enjoyed being wooed by p&g although I usually use cloth nappies at home.

I asked a couple of questions too about closed loop manufacture and got waffle in return, but I felt a bit guilty so didn't press further.

The nappies are ok, I think, not a huge fan of the wipes, but... there's a weird smell to the nappies, to my mind. I don't think it's dd's toxic weaning poos.

Anyone else noticed that?

mjinhiding Sat 17-Jul-10 20:08:28

I thought your review was spot on and much more thorough than mine (I was easily bought by the nice lunch though!!)

MrsBadger Sat 17-Jul-10 19:29:43

I suppose I was just contrasting it with actual child-centred events I've been to. But then the children aren't the ones dithering between brands in the Tesco nappy aisle...

mjinhiding Sat 17-Jul-10 19:10:04

With my cynical hat on it showed me just how little P&G were thinking about the welfare of their end users

I have to say the lack of toys made no difference to me, other than I missed a lot of the product demo chasing around after DS, but agree re stairs - were concerning me somewhat as DS ran in one bit and out of the other, the tops were irrelevant as DS and DD were both totally enthralled by the light installation and we spent literally hours in there.

There were loads of staff there though, and they were all extremely helpful with DS and DD, which was fine for me as I am not a mother who thinks there is a paedo around every corner and my babies will go to other people.

I am on the other thread, here but although I was initially phased, I liked the fact there was no creche, once I realised how hands on everyone was prepared to be.

DS actually liked the chicken on a skewer although him waving the skewer around was a bit worrying. He is a product of BLW so adult food wasnt an issue for me and I thought the food for adults was amazing.

i just took pram with me in lift so that wasnt an issue for me, in fact I would have preferred to do so even if DD wasnt in it makes my life easier.

Hats off to Mrs Badger though, I had a wonderful day, so I didnt really consider it in as much detail, and yes, she did grill the product specialist!

StewieGriffinsMom Sat 17-Jul-10 18:36:48

No not the OAA thing. Didn't you have a ruckus a couple of months back with someone?

MrsBadger Sat 17-Jul-10 18:26:00

Carrie made that mistake too
the MNer from the OAA thing was Mrs^Baldwin^

maybe I should stop using MrsB...

StewieGriffinsMom Sat 17-Jul-10 18:17:28

I think I might have a crush on you MrsB what with the whole taking on two major corporations in the spate of 7 months.

ruddynorah Sat 17-Jul-10 18:11:14

ooh interesting.

what was the play specialist idea? what did they say? how odd.

MrsBadger Sat 17-Jul-10 17:54:51

Event Review

Well, the venue was very plush - Kent House in Knightsbridge, which I recognised from a friend's wedding photos as it's also the home of Westminster Synagogue.

Recption on the ground floor encouraged us to leave pushchairs etc there before proceeding up the stairs to the 'salon'.
As I arrived, Pampers staff were setting up a baby changing station in a side room as the only facilities at the venue were in the basement.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and a chocolate before unslinging ds (6m) and making tracks for the 'playzone' - three sofas surrounding one of those lock-together foam mats.
By the time everyone had arrived there must have been twenty mothers and thirty children, and laid out were the Fisher-Price garage, the cookie-jar shape sorter, the 'Say Please' teaset and a few rattley baby things.
DS had a good old wriggle and watched the chaos more active toddlers.

After a bit of this 'free play' one of the Pampers staff called a list of names who were to go to the 'product demo' and a further list whose turn it was in the 'art installation' playroom.
I was a demo-watcher and made a nuisance of myself asking questions of Gillian, the (lovely) product specialist while she did her bit pouring green water onto polyacrylate crystals etc, to the extent that other MNers knew immediately it was me blush.
Eventually the hovering P&G staffer dragged me away to the playroom and Gillian promised she'd be available after she'd finished the demos.

DS adored the light installation, which combined a camera with a projector to produce what was in essence a motion-sensitive light show on a soft white floormat. KInd of like the C21st version of the dancefloor from Pulp's Disco 2000...

By this time it was nearly noon so we congregated back in the salon for lunch. DS was in desperate need of a nap but is currently utterly entranced by food so, in true blw style, he managed a strip of tortilla, some pear, a mouthful of chicken satay and a big chunk of beef before nodding off.
The buffet was nice but not exactly baby-friendly, being heavy on the smoked salmon / pesto / parmesan / 12" skewers etc, so eventually one of the Pampers staff (who were nothing if not solicitous) made a mercy dash and returned with Babybels, ham, cucumber and Petit Filous.

Meanwhile I had been joined by several other MNers inc SGK, LisaD123 and AllstarPrincess, and also by Gillian the product developer, who confessed that her husband had been on MN the night before, having googled 'how to sew on brownie badges' and found what I suspect was this thread, which apparently a) answered all his questions and b) amused him immensely.
This was, of course, an ideal opportunity to grill someone from Pampers about all the issues raised on MN, which I duly did grin.

We were also joined by CarrieMumsnet, who expressed surprise at seeing ds tucking into a whole pear, till she twigged that this was the famed blw in action...

Things were starting to wind down by this point, and Mel C's daughter had gone home for a nap, though Mel herself was still there (wearing a breton striped top with sequin detail - we couldn't remember which high st chain she is the face of though...)
The dcs who needed naps started to whine for them, and the ones that didn't started to get a bit unmanageable after so long in one place, so it seemed an opportune moment to sling up ds and make a hasty exit - not before claiming my goody bag and also one of the table decorations (with permission of course).

Oh and the 'play specialist' had wandered around chatting to people individually rather than giving a presentation.

High points of the event:
Plushness of venue (Molton Brown in the loos, yum)
Attentiveness of staff
Quality of puddings
Opportunity to grill product specialist rather than just PR/marketing spindoctors
Light installation

Low points included:
Unsuitability of venue for event (unguarded stairs, lack of proximal facilities)
Frankly baffling lack of consideration for target audience by event organisers, including but not limited to:
no suitable food, no highchairs,
insufficient toys/amusements,
nothing to occupy children while mothers watched product demo (Gillian confirmed that when she presents to focus groups and testers at P&G venues there is always a creche)
coffee served in teeny wibbly cups and saucers.

In fact apart from £80 worth of Fisher-Price and a pink playmat IMO there was little to differentiate it from other 'product info' events I've experienced through work. With my cynical hat on it showed me just how little P&G were thinking about the welfare of their end users (ie children) rather than their own company image.

[wipes brow]

Next post will report conversation with Gillian but I may have to do tea/bath/bed first.

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