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Talk to Fish is the Dish about seafood and child nutrition - £200 voucher prize draw NOW CLOSED

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MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 11-Dec-13 14:49:31

Fish is the Dish want to talk to Mumsnetters to see how they, if at all, they incorporate fish into their child's diet.

Here's what Fish is the Dish have to say, "Our latest research has revealed that future good health is what we want more for our children than anything else. One of the best things we can do to help our children achieve good health now is to provide them with, and encourage them to eat, a healthy, balanced diet. Fish of all sorts provides great nutritional value to the diet of children. For example, all types of fish including white, oily and shellfish, are excellent sources of protein and vitamin B12. Plus, many varieties such as cod, haddock, coley, crab and mussels are also rich in iodine, which contributes to the normal growth of children."

So, do you like fish? Is fish something you like eat with your children? Are you aware of the health benefits that incorporating seafood into your diet brings? If you're not a fan of seafood are there other foods you deliberately try to include into your and your DCs diets to make sure that they get all the nutrients they need? If you are a fan, what's your favourite fish or seafood recipe?

Everyone who adds their thoughts to this thread will be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 seafood voucher which can be spent on seafood from Wings of St Mawes which will be delivered to you. To read more about Fish is the Dish and Mumsnet click here.


momb Wed 11-Dec-13 15:08:45

Fish is seen as a treat in our house, and we're lucky that we treat ourselves to it quite often.
My children even eat the fish that their peers sometimes sneer at: sardine sandwiches for example (we went through an 'Edin Blyton picnic' phase with sardines and ginger beer and honey sandwiches etc).
We eat tinned oily fish (sardines, mackerel, tuna etc) about once a week, white fish two or three times a month, and seafood (prawns or mussels from the freezer) once or twice a month.
I incorporate fish into lots of dishes but often it seems a shame to dress it up too much: a squeeze of lemon is more than enough.
Our favourite way to eat fish: standing around the chopping board while I crack the claws of a lobster or crab with the heavy handle of the carving knife, then we all dive in and eat with our fingers 'This is just heaven' according to ED.
My favourite way to cook fish: poach smoked haddock (a small fillet per person) in a little water with a sliced onion. When it's almost cooked crack in an egg per person and poach it in the smokey water. Take out the fish, onions and egg with a slotted spoon, add a tiny knob of butter and serve with brown bread.
I even use the leftover poaching water to make a fishy potato and sweetcorn soup.
Fish especially is so versatile, full of flavour and high in protein that you don't need much per person to make a really tasty nutritious meal, which means that, even though it is more pricey than some meats per pound, it is very cost effective per person.

Hopezibah Wed 11-Dec-13 18:10:47

I have never been keen on seafood or fish (ever since I had a bad experience with prawns as a child!). I don't like the smell of fish either. But I know for the kids it is important. So we try to make dishes that don't taste too fishy like a nice fishermans pie with lots of cheese on top.

The kids also love salmon steaks and smoked salmon. And so we try to incorporate lots of that into meals.

I buy frozen fish sometimes as I find it easier. A frozen hake steak can have herbs and butter added to it and popped in the oven to make a tasty fish dish.

blu3sky Wed 11-Dec-13 19:12:26

I love seafood and grew up with a fair bit of it. We used to get a whole rainbow trout when in season and grill it with a ginger, tumeric, salt and garlic marinade. It's still my favourite fish dish! My dad always used to say that when he was growing up the best part was the eyes and he used to fight over them with his siblings but he could never convince us to eat them!
My son isn't such a fan of 'pink fish' (salmon) but likes white fish. He'll scoff down fish fingers and fish cakes and battered fish after picking off the batter. We often have noodle soup as a lunch dish with squid, prawns and whatever seafood I happen to have in it and of course smoked mackerel or kippers are a favourite breakfast!

SpookedMackerel Wed 11-Dec-13 19:23:31

I love fish and seafood, but dh hates it, so we tend to only eat bland, "safe" fish at home - fish pie made with white fillet and salmon, tuna pasta bake, mackerel pate. Fish fingers. Fishcakes made with tinned fish.
Anything that looks like a fish puts dh right off.

The fish dish I cook most is tuna and green olive gnocchi bake - gnocchi, tinned tuna, garlic, sliced green olives, halved cherry tomatoes, chopped herbs in an oven proof dish, carton of cream poured over, cheese on top, baked in the oven, served with salad. Easy to prepare and everyone will eat it.

I often order fish and seafood in restaurants and the DC are usually keen to try - they have eaten things like octopus, calamari, mussels, king prawns, and various varieties of fish that way, and enjoyed them. I'd like to take them to a sushi bar, I think that would be fun.

MadMonkeys Wed 11-Dec-13 19:23:56

I love fish but my girls aren't too keen. I cooked salmon en croute the other day, and sea bass en papillote at the weekend. I always give them some of whatever we are eating and they can try it if they like with no pressure.

They will eat salmon or tuna sandwiches.

HappyQuizmas Wed 11-Dec-13 19:25:28

My older daughter loves seafood and has since being very young. She always chooses mussels or prawns if we're eating out , quite an expensive habit grin. However she doesn't seem to tolerate salmon very well (well she didn't when younger, should try again)...bit annoying as it seems the best value often here (Scotland).
Younger child doesn't like seafood but does like tuna. Both like white fish, I had started to get the omega fish fingers as they don't eat oily fish.
Most recently I got some reduced sea bass which they both really liked...fried so quick and easy, ideal for a busy midweek tea.

RubySparks Wed 11-Dec-13 19:45:38

I love fish and seafood, but husband not so keen and DC only like white fish like cod and haddock, DS likes scampi and DD likes tuna pasta. I cook haddock about once a week, using breadcrumbs (gluten free for me) and serving with homemade chips, which is probably the favourite dish.

I like fish like salmon and mackerel with salad and baked potato, also,like prawn dishes with rice and crab pâté and oatcakes is lovely.

gazzalw Wed 11-Dec-13 20:55:45

Without really consciously making an active decision to do so, our family seem to be eating more and more fish. The children love it and it's good value for money and fat-free. Love seafood too! Particularly mussels and prawns! Nothing beats a fantastic fish pie, seafood linguine or spaghetti vongole!

CMOTDibbler Wed 11-Dec-13 21:33:18

I confess that I am not a huge fish fan (though I eat much more than I used to), but ds(7) loves fish. His favourite thing is to be allowed a free choice from the fish counter - mussels, prawns (he prefers those with their heads and legs), salmon, trout, sardines, anything really! But letting him choose has been great as you can just get 3 prawns, or one herring and he'll try it as he chose it. The cook in bags the fish counter do now are a blessing to the non confident fish cooker too

defineme Wed 11-Dec-13 21:50:08

We eat fish once or twice a week.
We're on a budget so last night we had frozen value white fillets oven baked with lemon and breadcrumbs.
Salmon is our favourite - got some half price frozen fillets so will be having those in foil parcels with herbs and white wine
. Kids eat a lot of fishfingers.
We had pasta salad with smoked mackerel/sweet corn/spinach and mayo last week.
Love mackerel pate -usually with cream cheese, but dm can't have dairy so we do it with grated apple for her.
Tuna with jacket potatoes.

I have done fancier things with fish for special occasions, but the above is what we normally like and it's great that all 3 kids like fish because it's a good source of protein.

sharond101 Wed 11-Dec-13 22:19:07

We are not big fish eaters as none of us really like fish other than haddock, cod or similar. We have it once per fortnight/week at best. Usually dressed in a crumb or topped with pesto and baked. I always give DS some. He has had salmon and tuna despite my and DH dislike but similarly he has refused a second bite.

tweetytwat Wed 11-Dec-13 23:07:57

We all enjoy fish, DH eats fish but not meat so it's good for a family meal for us.
my 4yo often asks if there is any salmon when we eat at pubs and is usually disappointed by the children's menugrin Favourites are salmon en croute usually from Marks and Spencer or plain salmon with watercress sauce or creamed spinach. Plus the usual breaded fish and homemade fish fingers with cereal for the coating. I used to make salmon in the George Foreman grill with yogurt and coriander on too.

WaitingForPeterWimsey Wed 11-Dec-13 23:17:07

DS, aged 2, loves salmon steak grin

telsa Wed 11-Dec-13 23:35:53

We eat as much fish as we can. Smoked salmon in bagels is a favourite. Cod always goes down a treat. Tuna steaks great. DD asked for baked salmon with mayonnaise yesterday. We also love sushi and make our own sometimes. seafood is very cherished - cockles, prawns, mussels, crab, lobster. Would eat it every day if I could and the DCs would follow me.

Patilla Wed 11-Dec-13 23:57:53

The cost of fish makes it a real treat item for us but we try to eat it weekly because of the health benefits for the children.

DS loves Salmon so we cook it simply so that we can also give a few bits to DD who is weaning.

I love kedgeree but that's a treat for DH and I as DS isn't a fan of spices. But to be honest it's been hard to find smoked white fish recently in our supermarket which is a shame.

<now goes off to see if can add smoked haddock to food order>

littleoaktree Thu 12-Dec-13 00:06:39

Both dc (4.7 & 1.9) love fish, tend to cook simple things like fish pie, salmon steaks, trout fillets, prawn pasta etc. ds1 loves smoked salmon sandwiches in his packed lunch, ds2 likes tuna sandwiches. We probably have fish/seafood a couple of times a week. I like it for the dc as it's healthy and good source of protein. I wish I was better/braver with cooking it though as I tend to stick to known safe receipes/methods

diva100 Thu 12-Dec-13 00:25:00

We tend to buy mackerel, which Dd dislikes but Ds adores. After careful negotiations and promises of dessert she soon gulps it down.We also have mussels, scallops or clams as a Friday night treat.

SolidGold Thu 12-Dec-13 01:22:01

We don't eat a lot of fish really. Salmon baked maybe twice a month, sometimes tuna mayo sandwiches, fish and chips from the chippy once a month at the most. I've never liked fish much, but I would like to encourage my daughter to eat more, but sadly if it's not fish fingers she's not keen hmm

JulesJules Thu 12-Dec-13 06:58:33

I'm a vegetarian grin

But I do cook fish for everyone else, and they all love fish. My favourite speedy supper for the children is salmon and pasta - I use tiny pasta like stellini, or orzo which cooks in a few minutes, throw in a handful of peas or spinach leaves at the end and meanwhile steam the salmon in the microwave (Lakeland microwave fish steamer). Vary it a bit with the veg, or add pesto and/or creme fraiche etc.
Mackerel - they love mackerel pate with pitta bread/carrot sticks. Flake smoked mackerel into a bowl and mix roughly with a bit of mayo and natural or Greek yoghurt. Add pepper and lemon juice to taste.

Health benefits, nutritious and quick to cook.

JulesJules Thu 12-Dec-13 06:59:50

Oh and kedgeree - I always make this for breakfast for birthdays and Christmas, with a veggie version for me!

HootyMcOwlface Thu 12-Dec-13 07:11:42

We love fish and seafood. We have fish pie, oven baked salmon steaks, breaded fish (including fish fingers as an easy option). We tend to choose haddock rather then cod.

I'm aware of the health benefits and am trying to pass these onto my son. I keep white fish fillets (basa at the moment) in the freezer to make fish in white sauce for him.

My husband occasionally has tinned sild and we get smoked mackerel to have in a salad. I also like tuna in sandwiches or as a jacket potato filling.

I don't do mussels anymore after a couple of bad experiences. Its a shame as I used to love them.

HootyMcOwlface Thu 12-Dec-13 07:15:19

Oh I nearly forgot my husband's salmon pasta recipe!

Chopped up salmon and smoked salmon poached in a cream/white wine/wholegrain mustard sauce, then add cooked pasta and mix it all up. He makes it for my birthday most years and its so tasty.

Catsize Thu 12-Dec-13 07:15:36

We eat quite a lot of fish, as my partner and I don't eat meat. Our toddler gets extra doses of fish via those very very easy oven bags. Just pick up one or two from the fish counter and choose your portion size. We have always found they are more than happy to put a little portion in a posh bag with some butter. Also ideal for people who sin't like handling raw fish.
Fish pie a favourite in our house - it was even the main course at our wedding, as it had sentimental value, being the only thing my partner could cook when we met!

IncaAztec Thu 12-Dec-13 09:50:29

So, do you like fish?

Is fish something you like eat with your children? Are you aware of the health benefits that incorporating seafood into your diet brings? I like fish and eating it with my children but I'm aware of the fact that we don't eat enough of the right fish in this country (ie with enough omega 3) so I try to do that too.

If you?re not a fan of seafood are there other foods you deliberately try to include into your and your DCs diets to make sure that they get all the nutrients they need? If you are a fan, what?s your favourite fish or seafood recipe? Favourite dish is simple old fish pie. Filling and well loved at this time of year. Made with white fish (whiting or haddock).

LegoCaltrops Thu 12-Dec-13 10:43:27

I've always loved fish, & have managed to get DH to eat more variety (he went from being deeply suspicious of anything that wasn't battered, to loving sashimi), & DD, who is 19m has always enjoyed seafood as well. I'm aware of the health benefits & found it rather hard to keep to 'only' a couple of portions of oily fish a week while I was pregnant, as it was one of the things I craved.

Favourite recipes are:

For us all, fish pie, made with mixture of white fish, smoked fish, maybe some salmon, some prawns. Mashed potato on top, parsley in the white sauce, serve with peas & broccoli.

Family meal: fish korma with broccoli & red peppers. I used to make an ultra mild version for DD from the age of 12m, but she now eats the normal korma with us.

When we go to the seaside, we sometimes bring back a fresh crab, & make crab noodle salad. Add spring onions, shredded crispy lettuce, beansprouts, finely sliced peppers, & dress with soy sauce, a dash of fish sauce, toasted sesame oil, sweet chilli sauce, & chopped fresh coriander leaves. You can use any cooked, cooled Chinese style noodles for this salad, & add any other salad veg you want as well. Have napkins on standby - it's not the tidiest meal you'll ever eat!

One easy standby for DD from early on, which she still loves, is pasta, tossed in either white sauce/cheese sauce/cream cheese, as available, served with a small piece of salmon, & some peas or other green veg, which are cooked in with the pasta. I bulk buy salmon for her when it's on offer, remove the bones & cut it into 3cm pieces, & freeze it carefully so it stays separate. When it's frozen I transfer it to a freezer bag/box & seal.

Fishcakes, using tinned tuna or salmon, or fresh if it's on offer. good for using up leftover mashed potato. Add spring onions, an egg to bind, seasoning. Fry in a little oil, or oven bake. Serve with salad.

Geniene Thu 12-Dec-13 11:29:50

I am the main cook in our house, and I like fish but only a couple of 'varieties' of fish.
My husband doesn't like fish at all which limits the fish dishes I do, because I don't really want to cook several different meals.
Salmon is a fish I like and I cook it for me and my eldest DS who is 5, he like fish but is a fussy eater in general, so I'm lucky he'll eat Salmon.
My LO, 18 months is going to take after my husband I think, he doesn't seem to enjoy any variety of fish I have tried him with.
I am going to persevere though as I do understand the health benefits of fish.

ICutMyFootOnOccamsRazor Thu 12-Dec-13 11:56:22

Everyone in our family loves fish and seafood and DS says he wants to grow up to open a seafood restaurant so he can eat it every day. In fact, he's only just (age 5.11) coming round to the idea of eating meat, until now it's been only fish.

We basically like it in any form - fish pie, prawns on the barbecue, paella, grilled salmon, moules frites and sushi are all favourites

MairyHoles Thu 12-Dec-13 12:41:13

I'm from a fishing family so was always quite lucky to get completely fresh fish for free. Growing up we ate mainly haddock but also monkfish for a treat. I prefer shellfish and love eating freshly boiled prawns (great big ones) right out of the shell. My kids enjoy tuna pasta, although just the tinned stuff for a quick lunch and I regularly make a "skink" for tea - creamy smoked fish soup. As a quick meal I often cook haddock fillets and chips, which all the kids enjoy. Finally, my dad fishes on the river at weekends so if he catches a salmon I'll sometimes cook some of that for him, although I'm not too keen on salmon personally.

boatclub Thu 12-Dec-13 13:24:26

We love fish and seafood at this house. DS1 loves smoked haddock so Cullen skink is a favorite. DS2 loves fish parcels - a small fillet wrapped in greaseproof paper with butter, parsley and a squeeze of lemon. We tend to have a fishcake or fish finger meal most weeks and usually one other fish meal - fish pie, squid rings or prawn risotto. If I'm not eating with the boys I'll often treat myself to fish - halibut is my top choice if I'm feeling flush mackerel or mussels if not!

NorkyButNice Thu 12-Dec-13 14:15:38

The children love scampi and will eat white fish fillets cooked in butter or baked in the oven.

They aren't keen on salmon or tuna, either as fillets or sandwich fillers.

And of course, they will plough their way through as many fish fingers as you put in front of them!

Zhx3 Thu 12-Dec-13 14:29:42

My children love fish, but not so keen on seafood, I'm hoping that will change as they get older. We try to eat oily fish (mainly salmon) at least once a week, for the omega 3 (brain food!), and I try to visit the fishmonger every week to see what's available, and stock up.

Their favourite is salmon steak, with a couple of slices of raw ginger and lemon on top and plenty of soy sauce. Steamed for 10 minutes, they love to mix it in with their rice.

Last week I also did deep-fried sprats dusted in seasoned cornflour, which they dipped into ketchup and vinegar. They crunched it all up, bones and all!

We eat a huge amount of fish and shell fish in our house, or the rest of the family do, I have a shellfish allergy.

The girls have tuna sandwiches at least twice a week but would eat them daily if given the chance, they also eat a huge amount of sushi with prawn/salmon. As a family we eat fish for supper 3+ times a week either whole baked fish, homemade fish fingers, fish pie, teriyaki salmon and noodles.

The kids favorite is honey and tamari salmon cubes with rice noodles and stir fried veggies. Salmon fillets skinned and cut into cubes. Put them in a ziplock bag, add 2tsp runny honey, 2 tbsp tamari, a dash of wasabi powder, zip it closed and shake to mix. Leave it to marinate for at least 20 mins then fry off until just slightly caramelised then stir into cooked noodles and stir fried veg.

starofbethlehemfishmummy Thu 12-Dec-13 14:45:19

We generally have at least one meal of fish every week. DS isn't so keen on things like fish fingers or dreaded fish but he will tuck into a fish pie. He also loves shellfish - prawns, mussels and crab are long term favourites. He recently asked to try scallops and has announced that he likes these too!!
I may soon be bankrupt!!

Do you like fish?

I love fish - I am a pescatarian so I tend to eat quite a bit. My children do eat meat, but tend to prefer fish if they have a choice. We live by the sea so it's always been a big part of our diets.

Is fish something you like eat with your children?

Absolutely. We love making our own fish pie, love peeling prawns/tucking into shellfish or enjoying a simple poached fillet of salmon. Their absolute favourite (which I blame on them getting to eat out in fairly posh restaurants when accompanying me to my gigs through their lives) is smoked salmon. They often take tuna sandwiches to school too.

Are you aware of the health benefits that incorporating seafood into your diet brings?

Yes - well, some of them, I suppose. We know it has good things in the oils, and for us it also is something that is lower in fat. I am cautious over what fish we buy due to over-fishing concerns, but generally feel (especially as we are usually buying/eating locally caught fish) that it has less of a negative environmental impact than meat.

If you are a fan, what?s your favourite fish or seafood recipe?

Too many to list, but I guess all of us at the moment are loving salmon baked in tinfoil with a bit of lemon and a sweet chilli sauce, served on stirfried veg and noodles.

HanShotFirst Thu 12-Dec-13 15:15:02

I hate the taste of fish and shellfish (tried many, many times with many varieties). I do, however, give the children fish at least once a week in some form, whether that be fish fingers (coley with omega 3), fish pie (a mix of fish) or tuna pasta (creamy or tomato based). Because I know they don't get the oily fish at all or very infrequently, they also take a supplement every day and they snack on walnuts and we have a bean dish once a week.

My children both love fish and my DH enjoys it as well, so I cook it for them but I really wish I loved it as well as it looks really appetising.

StarsAbove Thu 12-Dec-13 15:34:55

I quite fancy a fish finger after reading this, and I've been vegetarian for 20 years! Currently weaning DD, I think I will give her fish but not meat. I took fish oil capsules when I was pregnant and continue now while I'm breastfeeding, as DD's health is more important to me than being strictly vegetarian.

CheeseTMouse Thu 12-Dec-13 15:55:29

Fish is the only meat I eat. We are trying all sorts of different fish, but I am a bit of a novice if it isn't in fillets and I am less confident in cooking it. Like many others a favourite here is fish pie, but we also like trout and grilled mackerel.

I am starting to think about weaning my daughter so really interested to find out how I can encourage her to get the protein she needs in due course.

daisydaisy11 Thu 12-Dec-13 16:14:45

I m vegetarian so dont eat fish though i like the taste of it. I now buy Quorn fish fingers which were the fish dish I missed the most. When we were little, my mum would grill chips and fish fingers and wrap them up in greasproof paper and then a newspaper cone so we could pretend we were getting it from the chip shop!

serendipity1980 Thu 12-Dec-13 16:16:18

We love fish as a family but don't have it as often as we would like because it's expensive. I tend to cook fresh salmon or cod about 2-3 times a month. We do use tinned tuna and smoked haddock in a fish pie which is quite economical. The children love homemade fish and chips!

SqueakyCleanNameChange Thu 12-Dec-13 17:34:10

I love fish and try to feed it to the DC as much as possible, with the caveat of avoiding too much carnivorous fish for dioxin/mercury reasons.

Irritatingly they operate a tag team system whereby only one of them will willingly eat any given foodstuff hmm. DS adores all oily fish, DD isn't keen on them but is obsessed by mussels, squid and other shellfish. Both will eat fish fingers if necessary.

I cook for the family: fish pie, sardines on toast, sardine and anchovy pasta, anchovy and tuna pizza, tuna and tomato pasta sauce, tinned salmon rissoles, oven baked salmon steaks in foil, cheat's kedgeree made with smoked mackerel fillets. DH and I eat kippers with mash and beans, a Hairy Dieters tuna steak, chilli, tomatoes and broccoli thing and a variety of other recipes that take our fancy.

I'd love to be braver with whole fish - I'd like to be confident enough to grab a couple of red snapper from the Brixton fishmongers and rustle something up, rather than relying on the supermarkets to package it up (and give it a MSC certificate).

sassolino Thu 12-Dec-13 19:29:34

Do you like fish? Yes, and I cook it often, plus my kids enjoy the fish cakes and fish fingers. I was present at Dhruv Baker's masterclass for kids, where he cooked tuna bites. They are absolutely delicious, and appeal to kids.
I also love home-cured fish, like salmon or herring, and my favourite starter for dinner is blini with home-cured salmon, with a dollop of soured cream. I have tried several recipes for curing the salmon, and found my favourite is with beetroot, vodka and wild herb rub. And it looks spectacular too.
As my husband is Italian, we eat lots of pasta. It is so easy to incorporate the seafood in the Mediterranean style food. We love pasta with clams, or mussels, or sardines.
Pasta with clams or Spaghetti alla Vongole is probably my all times favourite pasta.

I only just started to eat seafood recently... Bar the obvious breaded fish I have no idea what to serve to my Dd...

It is blinking expensive as well!

Indith Thu 12-Dec-13 19:46:15

We love fish. We don't eat it much though, too expensive. I'm not complaining, I don't want to see cheap, unsustainable fish. Will look with interest at what o people East to try to find things the dcs would like with cheaper, oily fish. I'm aware of the benefits so I wish we could eat it more.

seafood is a big hit with us. dcs are 20 months and the big ones turn 5 and 7 in the next few weeks. The Big ones adore mussels, squid, octopus and prawns, crab, langoustines. anything they can get. Last year ds1 chose a seafood feat for his birthday dinner. It was amazing. seafood is fab for getting the kids to explore food.

CheeseStrawWars Thu 12-Dec-13 19:46:16

I often forget about fish, I guess as I mentally class it as "meat" but the fish bit in our supermarket is miles from our 'meat' bit stuck out on its own aisle and I don't walk past it unless I make a point of it. DD loves prawns (I don't) but I saw a programme on TV about how they pinch out the eyes of farmed prawns to make them fatter and it was vile, so I try not to buy farmed prawns which makes them expensive. We all eat salmon, but then I think salmon is one of the fish like tuna where you have to watch the mercury intake? The ubiuquitous fish fingers are our go-to fish. I know the kids are supposed to have fish twice a week. I did a fish pie last week, but the whole house stank of fish for about 48 hours, which puts me off doing it again.

I bought whole sea bass a few months back, and with the aid of YouTube managed to scale, gut and bone them (I made the rookie error in forgetting to ask the fish-counter person to do it for me. Fish are bloodier than I imagined!) I did it with rosemary spears and actually everyone ate and liked it. It was on offer; full price it is a bit steep.

My favourite fish recipe is probably paella, as DH cooks it!

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Thu 12-Dec-13 19:56:55

I love fish and seafood. My parents & brother do too. We ate fish & seafood regularly when I was growing up.
My husband rarely ate fish apart from salmon & 'yellow fish' when he was a child and now enjoys it too.
DD1 is 2.10 and likes fish pie, fish in breadcrumbs and Tina/salmon sandwiches. She will sometimes eat a prawn or two, but is generally reluctant to try anything new, not just fish/seafood.
My favourite recipe is my mum's seafood lasagne.

EvilRingahBitch Thu 12-Dec-13 20:11:37

For the people worrying about the expense, bear in mind that a tin of own-brand sardines (enough to form the basis of one adult's meal or two small children) should be 50p
A packet of boil in the bag kippers to feed two adults will be about a quid.
Lidl had ready to cook mussels in sauce on offer for about £1.20 recently. DD ate well that week, though it's still not a supercheap option I grant you.

ChaffinchOfDoom Thu 12-Dec-13 20:17:15

as a family we eat haddock and chips about once a month, dd1 loves tuna sandwiches and adores salmon, but ds2 will not eat fish grin
I like all kinds of fish but not molluscs - would Never eat shellfish.

I find fish stress to cook - either I overdo it and it dires out..or I worry it's underdone and going to poison everyone.

I'm not the worlds biggest fish fan, but I try to give the kids some form of fish once a week.
Yes, sometimes that the good old standby of fish fingers, but my oldest also loves prawns and pasta - buy frozen prawns when they are on offer. Recipie: Cook pasta. Make a simple tomato sauce with tomatoes and onions etc. Stir in frozen prawns just before pasta finished cooking. Drain pasta, add sauce and serve.
The kids also love steamed whole fish. They love to choose the fish from the counter in the supermarket (4 and 2 yrs old).
We have also bought a whole salmon when half price, got the fishmonger to gut and scale, and then chop ourselves into servings and freeze. MUCH cheaper than buying it filleted, but there are more bones!

GoodKingWencesLACK Thu 12-Dec-13 20:25:08

We all love fish, but to be honest, the smell it leaves behind puts me off.

We have fish and chips from the chippy as a rare treat, especially as I'm gluten free and the nearest chippy that does gluten free is miles away.

Also, things like salmon, cod and haddock are comparatively very expensive. I used to eat a lot of fish when I was cooking for myself, but when you need to get enough for a family of five, 500g of steak mince is half the price and can be stretched to make two meals, but five salmon portions will only make one meal.

I am aware of the health benefits, but try and replace the nutrients in fish from other areas of our diet, like eggs and meats and leafy green veg like spinach. I know that fish is good brain food though so we try and eat it at least once a week. A good thing these days is ready prepared fish pie mix, which we use to make fishcakes as they aren't keen on fish pie. and of course we always try to get some in the reduced bin and stick it in the freezer, though I do wonder how fresh it is then. My sister worked for a fish merchant when she first left school, so I am a bit of a freshest is best zealot when it comes to fish.

Our favourite fish recipes are salmon with cajun spice rug, spaghetti with prawns in a lemon, parsley and chilli butter and home made fishcakes. We also love moule marieniere, but again these are a rare treat.

Must try and eat more fish and find ways of making it go further...

GoodKingWencesLACK Thu 12-Dec-13 20:25:45

cajun spice rub...we don't eat carpets here, honest fgrin

WowOoo Thu 12-Dec-13 20:35:13

I love fish and seafood. We all do.
I like the feeling that it's filling but not heavy. It feels healthy to me.
I'm amazed my kids will eat stinky kippers, sushi and more chewy things like octopus and squid. They love it when I buy a whole fish and grill it with the head on. (they like the teeth)
So many favourites - I love lobster, moules mariniere, sole, shrimps and crab. I sometimes get an urge for anchovies in vinegar. Very moreish.
I love fish soup - I've adapted some French and Italian recipes to make my own version.

We sometimes make sushi and sashimi - but far less often as it works out pricey (still cheaper than Yo Sushi!)

More usually I'll buy whatever is fresh and reasonable. I make a fish pie once a fortnight. I'll do some other fish dish twice a week.
I'm feeling hungry now...

JollySantersSelectionBox Thu 12-Dec-13 20:35:58

I started giving DS fish at a very young age, his first proper meals were usually a fish and potato pie or poached fish in tomato sauce.

Since he could talk we always stop at the fresh or frozen fish counter and look at all the different types of fish. DS is fascinated by them, particularly crustaceans, and loves to try new types of fish when we see them.

Probably doesn't help that DH is a diver, and I spent nearly every childhood weekend fishing with my grandfather! This also means that I am quite confident around fresh fish. I know that sounds daft but I am happy to gut and fillet a sea bass for example, and am quite expert at deboning. I think this puts a lot of people off fish, and as a child finding a fish bone can be quite panicky and upsetting.

However, there is plenty of choice for filleted fish these days so I think it is easier than ever to incorporate fish in the diet, and if you buy frozen - cheaper than ever. Frozen fish also defrosts really quickly and easily, much better than meat. In our usual week we eat fish at least twice, sometimes up to four times:

Homemade fish cakes with potato and canned or poached salmon.
Frozen mussels with crusty French bread is one if DS8 fave meals
Tuna, pasta and pesto salad in lunch boxes
Cheesy fish bake (any white frozen fish on offer, poached and mixed with a white sauce, Sweetcorn, peas and topped with mash.
Salmon in tinfoil parcels with soya, chili sauce and ginger.
Prawn and mayo or fish finger sandwiches at the weekend.
Crab sticks with a cocktail sauce dip for Sat tv viewing. grin

DS and I are having a go at homemade sushi in the holidays as he finds the shapes and colours really appealing. We'll start with simple tuna mayo combinations at first and build up more fish if it's a success.

If not we'll keep going to our local sushi restaurant as the conveyor belt novelty hasn't worn off yet (and DS eats healthily without even thinking about it.)

jonicomelately Thu 12-Dec-13 20:36:37

My fish pie is epic. I like fish and so do my kids but I have to admit we don't eat enough of it. I think the problem is it's very expensive.

I'm pescetarian so eat plenty of fish. Luckily the DCs like it too. I do tuna pasta bake, baked salmon fillets, baked sea bass, fish pie and DS aged 1 loves smoked mackerel. DH is a butcher so we have a good balance between meat and fish days. We do sometimes have fish finger sandwiches for lunch. Most recent discovery was salmon fish fingers - lovely!

ouryve Thu 12-Dec-13 20:53:51

We eat quite a lot of fish, but the boys aren't keen on shellfish. I also won't eat tiger prawns after watching a thing where their eyes were pulled off to make them lay eggs. I stick with the wild type of prawn if I'm making myself something for lunch, or perhaps in a curry. The small ones are so much tastier and nicer in texture, anyhow.

I made a rather nice and simple dish, last night, with some frozen cod fillets, a spoonful of jarred tomato and basil sauce on top of each one, then a layer of breadcrumbs, cheese and parsley all mixed together and dumped on top.

The boys are set up better for the morning by a high protein breakfast. They get bored of eggs and i don't like giving them bacon, that often, as it's salty and they already eat too much cured meat for my liking. So, they get fish finger sarnies for breakfast, a couple of times a week! I figured that it's no different to having kippers, but less smelly!

wokeupwithasmile Thu 12-Dec-13 20:55:54

Love fish. My son is not even one but seems to have taken from me on this. He especially loves salmon, but likes prawns as well. I am aware of the heath benefits of eating fish, and given that I do not eat meat and I do not give it to him that often, I am also careful to add it to his meals to give him good proteins. In my family good fish is cooked very simply, with parsley and olive oil, or origano. Sometimes I cook it in the oven with black olives, capers and tomato sauce, but I'd rather taste the fish than all the other ingredients.

NumNumChristmasPudInMyTum Thu 12-Dec-13 21:07:54

I like fish, my family are not so keen. The main problem is - it's often expensive, difficult to know if supermarket fish is really fresh and because of those reasons, it's not something I experiment with much. I tend to stick to white fish and make things like fish pie or fishcakes. My children will eat salmon or fishfingers or battered fish but I haven't really pushed them to try anything else. I find that at the moment, I am struggling to prepare a lot of meals from scratch and so anything that requires extra preparation is unattractive to me. I also have a horror of eating a bone after enthusiastically eating a fish curry once and swallowing a few - very uncomfortable. I'd like to experiment and try more but I think I am put off by cooking it myself - I'd rather try it at a restaurant first.

manfalou Thu 12-Dec-13 21:17:55

We love fish! DS will eat fish pie... granted not home made ones but the kiddies ones that 'Little Dish' do. Im happy with that as I actually have no clue on how to make it! DF and I Love fish! Salmon is our favourite and we like it either grilled on the george forman or baked with 5 spice, soy sauce and honey glaze on top. Ds used to like eating grilled salmon but has decided he doesn't like it anymore. Typical 3 year old attitude of loving something one day and hating it the next.

I love tinned salmon so will have that on sandwiches and DS loves tuna sandwiches (favourite sandwich filling) so will have that twice a week.

ladygoingGaga Thu 12-Dec-13 21:40:55

I enjoy fish and eat it at least twice a week, if not 3. I am aware of the health benefits in relation to it being high in essential fats like Omega 3 and good for brain development, and the fact it's a healthier option for me is a bonus!

My son loves fish finger sandwiches as a snack. He likes salmon too, and I often make some sort of pasta dish with it.

He won't try anything like cockles or mussels yet, but I'm working on it!

tarantula Thu 12-Dec-13 21:47:59

We all like fish but can't afford to eat it very often as it is very expensive and seems to be going up in price hugely.
If my parents take us out for dinner then dd and I will often have sea bass or bream to share. For my birthday dinner dp will often cook trout with lemon and herbs and serve it with new pots and asparagus cooked in oliveoil, chilli, garlic and parmesan...heaven in a dish and a serious treat.
On a more everyday level we eat tuna 2-3 times a month and have fish pie about the same. dd often has salmon when we eat chilli or curry. We also love smoked mackerel, plain or in fishcakes.
We all love kippers for breakfast too and this a extra special once in a while weekend treat as the price has shot up in recent years.
When we go on hols (camping) we always try to get freshly caught mackerel to cook over the fire, can't get better tbh.
We like most people are operating on a small budget and tbh fish is too expensive esp as most needs to be bought fresh and cooked asap and thus doesn't really lend itself to meal planning.

JacqueslePeacock Thu 12-Dec-13 22:03:36

I'm allergic to fish and we are bringing up DC vegetarian, so no! no fish at all here. I would love to know of some vegetarian alternatives (esp for things like iodine) but can't really think of any.

AndHarry Thu 12-Dec-13 22:15:45

I love fish and seafood and we eat it at least twice a week. I try to include at least one portion of white fish and one of oily fish into our weekly meal plans. DS would live on fish fingers if he could, which I don't think really counts! My favourite recipe is steaming plaice together with chopped chilies, garlic, ginger and soy sauce all wrapped in foil, served with rice and green vegetables.

custardo Thu 12-Dec-13 22:19:54

worried about the ethical side of it - went on a clean the ocean thing a while back

anyhow, fish in diet, when kids were little consisted of fish fingers or similar

the barriers for me cooking fish were
a)i'm not a fan
b) i dont know how to prepare and cook it
d) its expensive for fresh stuff for family meals
c) practically everything else is easier

the downsides for me
i wish i liked a lot of seafood - it is low carb heaven

grrrr<shakes fist>

CalamitouslyWrong Thu 12-Dec-13 22:29:07

My reflex reaction is it say that we eat very little fish because DH and I don't like it much. But that's not really the full picture.

I don't much care for cooked fish. I can generally eat white fish but I would really struggle to choke down most oily fish. I loathe tinned salmon and tuna. The texture alone makes me feel queasy. Not at all keen on smoked fish either. I will not have kippers in the house because they stink. I do like raw fish though. It's lovely. I really, really like other types of seafood though: squid, mussels, clams, crab, lobster, scallops, prawns, etc, etc. I don't tend to cook with them (because DH won't eat them) but I will order them in restaurants. As I have so little seafood cooking practice, I'm much less confident with it than with other food types.

DH is much fussier than me about fish. He would never order fish anywhere, and objects if I cook it. He used to eat tinned tuna and fish cakes when we first met but won't do it now.

The children are much keener on fish. DS1 will eat just about anything. He loves seafood and his favourite treat with his dad is sushi/sashimi. DS2 loves white fish. He gets very excited about getting cod from the chip shop, and very regularly picks fish when it's on offer with school dinners.

I don't tend to worry about the lack of fish on our home menu or do anything special to make up for it.

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Thu 12-Dec-13 22:33:20

We like fish but its expensive and hard to stretch iyswim. We eat smoked mackerel fairly regularly and tuna and tinned salmon. Sometimes I will cook whole mackerel. I seem to only be able to get it from the supermarket and it looks unappetising vac packed but I'm never sure how fresh the supermarket fish counter is.

sealight123 Thu 12-Dec-13 22:35:21

Truthfully, I really dislike fish. I am ok with very mild fish like cod but anything fishier and I can't have it...especially fish pies. It makes it hard to get fish into my daughters diet but we do. My partner loves fish too, so they have seafood whilst I have chicken smile

I can handle a prawn cocktail at does have to have sauce on though lol

Maybe I should start to explore food a bit more..I'm always telling my daughter to try new things...perhaps I should do the same!

AnnaConda Thu 12-Dec-13 22:40:40

We all love seafood. I see it as a healthy protein as we are trying to cut down our red meat consumption.

I do a 'cheat's' fish pie, buying a ready-made cheese sauce and frozen mash, then poach some white fish in milk, onion and herbs, then construct a pie for the oven.

A treat is a large bag of frozen scallops which we eat with a simple garlic butter and fresh parsley sauce.

I do get concerned about the pollution in the oceans and how that might affect the quality of the fish, mercury in tuna and more general contamination, but hey what can you do about that?!

I like seafood within reason.

Fish and chips (decent fish and chips wink) is my number one treat, and both the children like it too. We also love toasted sardine sandwiches and tuna and pasta.

DH, however, loathes fish. This makes it really difficult to integrate it into our main meal planning - because he'd have to have something different. So it's usually just lunches, as above, and the odd trip out to the fish and chip restaurant where DH can have a beef burger.

I miss it. My Dad makes a cracking fish pie, my Mum and I love a bowl of garlicky mussels and chips, but I'm just too restricted at home. I love smoked fish too - but apparently it makes the house smell hmm My dad once did a recipe where he made a kind of homemade fried fish nugget - I'd have eaten those forever. He's never managed to do it again since though.

Rockinhippy Thu 12-Dec-13 23:10:48

We are a none meat household & as such we do eat a lot of fish.

So, do you like fish? yes we all love it

Is fish something you like eat with your children? yes very much so

Are you aware of the health benefits that incorporating seafood into your diet brings? Yes, definitely, but I am also aware of the mercury dangers of eating too much of certain fish and seafoods during the course of a week, so I am careful to vary the types we eat

If you're not a fan of seafood are there other foods you deliberately try to include into your and your DCs diets to make sure that they get all the nutrients they need? we are all big fans if fish, but still deliberately include other foods, such as various pulses, nuts, various veg etc & take Spirulina to makes sure we all get a good balanced diet, with plenty of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals & othe phytonutrients

If you are a fan, what's your favourite fish or seafood recipe? a good fish curry, Mediterranean baked Basa, Salmon baked with lemon & dill, crab risotto, too many to mention really, we just love fish

Rockinhippy Thu 12-Dec-13 23:23:48

I'm salivating having just looked on your link, it looks fabulous, but you are missing smoked halibut, which is a wonderful luxury around here smile

ouryve Thu 12-Dec-13 23:29:57

Samphire, Jacques

My daughter is 3 and loves fish. She has done since she was weaned. I remember ordering a whole rainbow trout for her in a restaurant when she had just turned 2, rather than something from the children's menu. The waitress was surprised, but my daughter did eat pretty much the whole fish.

We tend to buy salmon, trout and haddock. I microwave, bake or fry the salmon & trout. I particularly like to bake it with some soy, ginger and garlic. I enjoy making home made fish fingers with the haddock with my daughter with flour, eggs and breadcrumbs - she likes getting a bit mucky. We also buy fresh tuna and have it fried to medium, however it is quite expensive so we don't get it all that often.

We also buy haddock fish fingers and tinned tuna (mostly for jacket potatoes).

My daughter also likes smoked salmon (eaten on its own) and salmon sushi/sashimi - particularly if she can pick it off a Yo Sushi conveyor belt herself.

My daughter likes to go to the fish counter at the supermarket and look at the fish (and discuss how dead they are). She likes to pick her own fish for dinner, though it can be a challenge to dissuade her from selecting a whole salmon.

We did enjoy eating Mahi Mahi, but don't seem to be able to get it from Ocado any more.

My daughter also has multivitamins with Omega-3, which I assume can replace some fish in her diet if necessary.

justmuddlingalong Fri 13-Dec-13 05:32:00

A quick supper in our house is pasta, frozen peas and sweetcorn and a flaked fillet or two of grilled fish, served cold. I add a dollop of mayo and serve it with crusty bread. It's quick, tasty and less expensive than buying fish fillets for everyone. When there's more time and money, we love a home made fish and prawn pie, topped with cheesy mash. Nom, nom, nom!

Mominatrix Fri 13-Dec-13 08:27:49

I love seafood, and growing up I ate more fish than meat. In my household, we eat as much seafood as meat. The first animal protein my children were weaned on was salmon, so fish was introduced very early into diet (earlier if you include all the sashimi I ate breastfeeding!).

Eating sushi/sashimi is something I grew up doing, and my children also have grown up eating it once a week. Favourites are salmon, yellowtail, medium fatty tuna, and mackerel. I am lucky to live close to a Japanese grocery store which sells sashimi grade fish (it supplies Nobu), and will slice it to my needs (sashimi, maki, or nigiri).

Additionally, we will have another evening of fish: salmon (sous vide, grilled with a ginger/orange/soy, with a miso glaze, ceviche), grilled mackerel, a white fish (chorizo fish stew, steamed whole with ginger, soy, garlic, and sesame oil, marinated in lime for fish tacos), or a smoked fish (kedgeree, smoked haddock chowder). We also have smoked salmon for breakfast at least once a week (on bagels with cream cheese, in Eggs Royale, or torn with scrambled eggs).

Other seafoods are tricky. I adore oysters and raw sea urchin, but it has been a hard sell to my children and husband. Prawns and mussels are loved by me, my husband, and my younger son, but my elder son does not like them. They do like crabmeat, so I make crab cakes and crab spaghetti.

PetiteRaleuse Fri 13-Dec-13 08:37:20

I eat fish but not shellfish. We have fish (normally salmon or cod, but sometimes trout) as a main meal two to three times a week and the DC also have a fish meal at nursery at least once a week. DD1 is 2.9 and loves all seafood including shellfish, even those horrible sea snail things. This comes from DH who buys himself shellfish occasionally on the weekend and they share it. I think we'd have more shellfish if we lived nearer the sea - we are four hours away here so really good shellfish is expensive and quite hard to find.
DD2 is just one and a bit so hasn't had shellfish other than prawns I think at nursery but loves eating fish more than meat, I guess it is easier for her to chew.
Tbh nutrition isn't my first priority when planning meals, but I do like meals to be varied tastewise, and meals are healthy except for the butter .

jollytummywobbles Fri 13-Dec-13 09:24:49

I eat loads of fish, my eldest dc just won't, apart from fish fingers. He used to eat tuna, but decide aged 2 that he didn't like it any more, and no amount of persuading will change his mind :/

Jinty64 Fri 13-Dec-13 09:40:08

I'm not a fish fan (but like prawns, squid etc.) dh is. The children vary. Ds1 loves salmon steaks, tuna and any sort if stir fry with prawns. Ds2 doesn't like fish. Ds3 loves tinned tuna and likes home made fish fingers.

My favourite recipe is seafood linguini which I make using a bag of frozen mixed seafood.

Tyranasaurus Fri 13-Dec-13 09:42:52

So, do you like fish? Is fish something you like eat with your children?

I'm vegetarian- so no. If they choose to eat fish when they're older that's fine

Are you aware of the health benefits that incorporating seafood into your diet brings?

Yes- I am also aware of teh problems such as heavy metals and food poisoning

If you're not a fan of seafood are there other foods you deliberately try to include into your and your DCs diets to make sure that they get all the nutrients they need?

Just a wide range of foods- don't deliberately add any foods

If you are a fan, what's your favourite fish or seafood recipe?


stealthsquiggle Fri 13-Dec-13 10:08:21

Do you like fish? Yes. Is this about fish, or about seafood, though? We like both, eat both, but not as often as I might like because we live about as far from the sea as it is possible to get and there is only one really good fishmonger, which is a long way away. I don't like supermarket fish much, in general, although we sometimes get salmon from there.

Is fish something you like eat with your children? Yes. Try eating it without them wink. DC love everything fish and seafood related (that they have tried so far) and will tuck greedily into a seafood platter (DD can eat all the oysters before the rest of us have sat down, if not watched like a hawk) or whole fish/salmon fillets/fish pie/whatever.

Are you aware of the health benefits that incorporating seafood into your diet brings? Yes.

If you are a fan, what's your favourite fish or seafood recipe? Salmon fillets with brown shrimp and hollandaise sauce is the favourite option from the DC (well, that and deep fried baby octopus, but that is an eating out treat as I have never managed to adequately reproduce it at home). I love skate wings, DH loves sole. We all love to sit down with a heap of crab claws and shell on prawns.

stealthsquiggle Fri 13-Dec-13 10:09:46

Oh, we do buy one other form of fish from the supermarket - DH has recently managed to convince the DC of the joys of fish finger sarnies (up until then neither of them would touch fish fingers confused) - and also DD loves whitebait so I get that if I see it.

iwantavuvezela Fri 13-Dec-13 11:02:56

We eat a lot of fish, and it is something that I have incorporated into my daughters diet from a young age, as I understand the benefits of it. I make a fish pie quite regularly; we eat salmon fillets almost weekly, throw in the odd fishfinger, as well as trying out other fish when i go past the fish counters at local supermarkets or farmers markets.

My favourite dish has to be baked salmon with either the wagamama teriyake sauce; or topped with feta, fresh mint and baked. Both are delicious, easy to prepare, quick to cook, together with spinach and mash i always feel like I have given us a nutritional boost!

My fish pie, which consists of a pack of chopped up fish, and any spare salmon fillets - thrown in vegetables that are lurking in the fridge, topped with a cheese sauce and then baked ...... everyone in our house loves this ....
We also try shellfish, but mainly in restuarants, and my duagher will happily eat prawns, crab, squid etc.

For sandwiches my daughter also loves smoked salmon and cream cheese, as do I.

I am interested thought in sustainable fish, and try and look at packaging when i buy to make sure of this. I would like some more information around this though as we do eat alot of fish, but i would like to make sure that what we are eating is good for us; where it comes from, and sustainable.

Rockinhippy Fri 13-Dec-13 11:28:58

Again for those worried about the cost of fish ...

Aldis do a pack of 4/5 Basa fillets for 1.99, this is a wonderfully firm meaty fish something akin in texture to monkfish & lends itself well to cooking with all kinds of recipes, or simply baked on its own -

DD loves it as "Pizza Fish" simply smeared with tomato purée, sprinkled with a bit of basil, top with mozzarella cheese & bake - this is a very quick, simple on the run meal for her.

We all love Basa, but it is one of the fish that is best not eaten too often during the course of a week.

trikken Fri 13-Dec-13 11:34:14

We love fish. Its just so expensive for a decent bit so we dont have fish often. When we do buy it we buy it frozen just so it keeps a bit longer. We love it to make fish pie. I do like it for the health benefits but as I said its not something we can often afford in our weekly budget. Love just a plain bit of cod with chips as a treat as well. We tend to buy prawns more often as I can make them go further and use them in more recipes. (Paella, prawn curry risotto etc)

SuckItAndSee Fri 13-Dec-13 11:56:07

we all love fish and seafood, the DC included. However I do find it too expensive to eat regular as the main part of our meal. The fish dishes we do make often tend to be those that stretch it a bit further, so we a lot of thai prawn curry, cullen skink, smoked salmon pasta, fish pie, and paella. I am a particular fan on the basics packets of smoked salmon trimmings, which are £1.49 and creamy pasta sauce for the four of us.

SuckItAndSee Fri 13-Dec-13 11:56:27

regularly, even

ErrolTheDragon Fri 13-Dec-13 12:39:03

DH and I love fish and other seafood.

DD liked fish when she was small but then for some reason developed a total aversion to it. She really can't eat it. sad The only 'sea food' she'll eat is samphire and nori grin. So we give her fish oil - easier now she can swallow capsules, most of the liquids were unacceptably fishy.

She'd be decidedly hmm if we won £200 of seafood, though DH and I would enjoy it!

williaminajetfighter Fri 13-Dec-13 14:11:35

Try to incorporate fish into our diet but seven-year old daughter has expensive taste - her favorites are sea bass and salmon. We do teriyaki salmon and incorporate it into noodles. We often do tuna steaks.

More basic options are fish pie and flaked tuna in a pasta bake. DD doesn't like 'fishy-tasting fish' so it does limit our choices. Have not yet introduced shellfish and DD doesn't like prawns.

Of course the constant in our freezer is fish fingers.

At daughter's age the fish often has to be 'dressed up' with a sauce otherwise she won't eat the fish plain but we'll get there eventually.

Fish is probably eaten once-twice/week; we do veggie meals about 3x week, 1 chicken and 1 meat/lamb/pork dish.

daisyjoy Fri 13-Dec-13 14:29:12

I regularly make fish pie using coley fillets (very unoffensive but my picky eater still complains!). I also do jacket potatoes with tuna mayo (though my other DD complains at that one!), and of course they both like fish fingers... I try to get salmon into them but neither are too keen, the most success I've had is flaking it into a cheesy pasta sauce, but DH and I love fish so if it's just us eating then spicy salmon and couscous is a big hit!

Cies Fri 13-Dec-13 15:22:45

Dh is Spanish and hascalways eaten a lot of fish, most dayscreally.

We generally have it a few times a week.
Once somthing tinned eg tuna pasta.
Once breaded hake or pollack.
Once grilled salmon or trout
And once seafood eg mussels, prawns.
Mostly all v plain, with oil, salt, lemon.

worldgonecrazy Fri 13-Dec-13 15:30:41

So, do you like fish?
I'm veggie but my husband likes fish so I cook it once or twice a week.

Is fish something you like eat with your children?
We started with BLW, we don't make special food for DD at all, if she doesn't like something she doesn't have to eat it. So, she has fish put on her plate. Sometimes she eats it, sometimes she doesn't. Her favourite at the moment is gravadlax.

I'm aware of the health benefits of seafood, but also aware of the risks of feeding something that has grown in a polluted environment to my daughter.

Favourite seafood recipe is fried trout, fried in browned butter. It just falls off the bone.

kateandme Fri 13-Dec-13 20:46:08

i think when you see a well cooked fish dish it is delicios and one of the best things to have done properlyu.
we dont eat enough of it.its hard to get younger ones into some sea food.they squirm more at fish than other meats for some reason.which im sure the smell is part of.

i think we all need to learn and be concious of fish and the substainiltiy of it and what other fish we can try

great dishes will always be a fish pie,salmon macoroni bake.and salmon and prawn creamy linguini

KnitActually Fri 13-Dec-13 21:33:21

I wish my boys liked fish, we give it to them anyway, but they make faces about eating any, even fish-fingers sad

FoundAChopinLizt Fri 13-Dec-13 21:48:49

We are a family of six, dcs ages 15,13,11 and 9.

We try to eat well on a budget, I've always eaten fish even as a child coming from a fishing town, and gave it to the dcs as a matter of course really.

I use a lot of frozen fish for fish pie or cheesy fish (fish with cheese white sauce) or a tomatoe bases sauce.

Also frozen seafood for pizza toppings, one pack will do three pizzas, also do seafood pasta with a tomatoe based sauce.

We also like smoked salmon or mackerel pâté, easily made with value soft cheese, peppercorns and lemon juice. Crab pate for a real treat.

They would all love fresh fish and seafood but the cost is crazy in the quantities we need.

We might have mussels on holiday for a special occasion. Also smoked salmon trimming on toast or in scrambled egg.

We also eat a lot of tinned tuna but even this is quite expensive. Once in a blue moon I might buy fish fingers if a friend is coming who prefers that sort of thing.

We all also take fish oils capsules when we feel like it, they're cheap in ALDI or Wilkos.

Theimpossiblegirl Fri 13-Dec-13 22:54:45

We love fish pie. I tend to buy the reduced fish and freeze it until I have a good selection to make a really tasty pie. I'd like us to eat more fish (not the processed variety) and will try to include it in with my frugal meal planning I'll be introducing in the new year.

I'm nervous of shellfish though (ever since an encounter with a bad paella) but would like to be more adventurous.

Letitsnow9 Fri 13-Dec-13 22:56:02

I was brought up eating fish, it was a treat from my grandparents. I don't understand why some people have big issues with it or assume kids won't like it

glorious Fri 13-Dec-13 23:04:56

My 10mo DD loves fish, it's her favourite thing. So we're eating a lot atm.

She's keen on fish pie, prawn pasta, grilled/fried fillets with peas and mint, tuna and yoghurt sandwich (egg allergy so no mayo).In Japan we took her to sushi bars and she really enjoyed that (cooked fish only smile ).

I also often take tinned fish if we're eating out as it's so easy to transport.

MilkRunningOutAgain Fri 13-Dec-13 23:19:56

Fish has been popular with the kids since weaning, I used to make loads of plaice in a cheesy sauce for them. They are growing up now and we regularly enjoy fish pie (usually with salmon, smoked haddock and prawns), home made fish fingers using matzo meal as a coating, tuna pasta bake, white fish fillet wrapped in a bacon rather and baked in the oven, and my dd's favourite sandwich filling is tinned salmon, creme fraiche and a squeeze of tomato purée.

Danielle2903 Sat 14-Dec-13 15:21:03

Our family loves fish and we all eat regularly. I would probably say fish is one of 2 year olds fav foods. She will happily eat salmon, smoked haddock, prawns, mussels lemon sole at any time and sometimes requests this for dinner lunch etc. I usually buy all my fish fresh from the fishmongers and cook in milk in a pan or oven cook in foil. This is normally enjoyed with potatoes and veg. Wee one will enjoy prawns by themselves as a snack or enjoys with Marie Rose sauce and lettuce. Also I make tuna and potato patties with onion through them which she just loves. Another fav is tuna pasta with mayo, onion, sweetcorn and green pepper

Overall a winner in our household!!!

mindingalongtime Sat 14-Dec-13 15:27:30

We east more fish than meat, at least 4 times a week. DS wouldn't eat meat ever s he didn't like the texture, he used to have smoked salmon at least 5 times a week!

My mindies love my fish pie, it has undyed smoked cod loin and haddock in it with a few tiger prawns thrown in at the end so they don't overcook.

I grew up in Cornwall and my children inherited my love of fish, especially shellfish, DD loves a cockle sandwich!

daimbardiva Sat 14-Dec-13 15:30:53

We eat fidh once a week, I often use polenta to coat white fish and shallow fry it in olive oil. We all love fish pie with salmon, white fish, smoked haddock and prawns. I am as careful as I can be to buy sustainably, buying from the fish van or the local fishmonger.

tiredoftrains Sat 14-Dec-13 16:38:11

I do enjoy seafood, especially shellfish, but Im always wary of supermarket counters where Im never sure how fresh the produce is so don't tend to eat fish as much as I would like to or as much as I know we should.

I would like to get into the habit of eating more oily fish but unfortunately DS doesn't seem keen so I tend not to bother.

must remember to try and get some more this week!

Hanginggardenofboobylon Sat 14-Dec-13 17:23:36

We love fish in this house! The biggest issue is freshness and ability to buy sustainably.
DS age 3.5 will choose fish over most other things and loves seeing the fish counter at the supermarket and market.
I would love the shops to stock less well known fish like Coley more widely and change attitudes so that people choose something other than cod.
We are having a lovely bit of smoked haddock this evening DS will wolf it down!

Hanginggardenofboobylon Sat 14-Dec-13 17:24:56

Oh and my desert island dish would be Lobster!

BellaVida Sat 14-Dec-13 18:03:21

We eat a lot of fish in our house. It is simply something we introduced from them being babies and they have grown up with it being normal and enjoyable. They eat it at least 4-5 or more times a week, everything from simple breaded fish to anchovies and squid. Tuna is a firm favourite- they will eat it from the tin with a drizzle of olive oil and tomato salad. Shellfish tends to be more of a treat.

We believe it's so important for them to get good protein and omega 3.

OPeaches Sat 14-Dec-13 18:48:23

We're not massively adventurous with fish, but the kids love poached salmon or haddock done in breadcrumbs. They love tinned tuna, and making up tuna mayo is a great way to get salad veg in to them too - I add spring onion,
Cucumber, celery, red pepper and sweet corn. Yum!

We don't eat fresh fish as often as I'd like though, the cost is prohibitive, although I understand why it is expensive.

grassroots Sat 14-Dec-13 19:04:25

Our best 'instant' meal is kipper fillets with brown bread and butter - it only takes three minutes to get ready and is perfect for those nights when we are rushing off to swimming, cubs etc

I love all sorts of fish and would happily have fish/shellfish every day.

CloserLook Sat 14-Dec-13 19:33:51

I love fish and shellfish but my DP can't stand it so it sometimes makes my DS a bit wary of it.

I tend to cook a lot of quite plain fish as my DS likes to see what he's eating so I poach or bake salmon or white fish and serve it with potatoes and veg. I'd love it if DS was a bit more adventurous as one of my favourite dishes is fish pie but I hope to be able to move on to that soon.

We don't eat shellfish much as I'm the only one who likes it but if I do treat myself to prawns, mussels or crab occasionally.

I enjoy selecting some really fresh fish from a fishmonger but frequently buy frozen salmon for convenience.

missorinoco Sat 14-Dec-13 19:58:55

DH and I Love fish, and eat it regularly. We are aware of the health benefits of fish, although I hadn't realised about iodine in white fish.

The children are less keen, my attempts to introduce it during weaning failed. They eat fish fingers, and fish and chips, that's about it so far, but they are young.

I couldn't pick a favourite - seafood chowder, cullen skink and fish curry all fight for first place.

nannyj Sat 14-Dec-13 21:03:41

We love fish and my dd prefers it to meat really. We could be more adventurous but I don't like shellfish but we do eat trout, salmon, haddock, pollock and cod regularly. I'm conscious that its very good for us and its so easy to cook as well.

Fish pie is a favourite but we also like to pan fry or grill salmon and trout or just do a breadcrumb coating. Very easy and quick which is a plus when I'm working long hours.

clabsyqueen Sat 14-Dec-13 22:02:19

We eat lots of fish in our house with our 2 year old. It's because of her I eat so much. I buy frozen fish fillets then defrost and cook with butter or lemon. We eat salmon white fish lemon sole haddock. I am amazed my little girl likes it so much without me making to dress it up at all. In fact she won't eat fish pie which is my favourite. We don't give her shellfish or eat any shellfish at home bits a restaurant treat for us.

CrewElla Sat 14-Dec-13 22:07:34

My husband and I do like fish and we have it severals times a week. Our favourite is salmon fish packets cooked with a little oil, a dash of pepper, and a slice of lemon.

We struggle to get our 2 year old to eat fish though. We've been told that he eats it at nursery but he generally refuses with us.

I prefer fin fish and don't eat any shellfish at all. My husband quite likes his shellfish and wishes I did too.

Confitdecanard Sat 14-Dec-13 22:09:08

DS (3yo) eats lots of fish. He loves tinned mackerel in tomato sauce and has it stirred into pasta or on a jacket potato about once or twice a week. We usually have salmon fillets once a week and he has fish fingers once a week. He eats more fish than meat. I started him on fish before meat when weaning and it is a habit that has stuck.

starlight36 Sat 14-Dec-13 22:33:39

DD aged three loves both fresh and tinned salmon. She enjoyed salmon from an early age in one of her homemade purées. If DH and I are eating a seafood or fish dish she will always want to taste a little bit.

We often cook fish at often and usually cook sea bream, sea bass, haddock or sole fillets simply in the oven just with a bit of lemon juice or olive oil. We put more robust flavours such as chilli and ginger with salmon or rainbow trout.

Charcoalbriquettes Sat 14-Dec-13 22:37:56

So, do you like fish? yes love it Is fish something you like eat with your children? it's tricky.... They ae worried about bones. But they will eat fish fingers, and battered frozen fish. I prefer fish curries and fish pie Are you aware of the health benefits that incorporating seafood into your diet brings? yes... If you are a fan, what's your favourite fish or seafood recipe? risotto with mixed seafood in... Prawns, mussels and scallops. Mmmm. Wish aldi still did those seafood mix bags.

pussinwellyboots Sun 15-Dec-13 03:15:20

We all love fish and seafood.both ds devour mussels whenever they have the chance and fish pie is a definite favourite. Plain filets of fish also go down well. We try to eat fish a couple of times a week.

pussinwellyboots Sun 15-Dec-13 03:15:25

We all love fish and seafood.both ds devour mussels whenever they have the chance and fish pie is a definite favourite. Plain filets of fish also go down well. We try to eat fish a couple of times a week.

VestaCurry Sun 15-Dec-13 03:56:54

We all like fish, I've been batch cooking fish pie since the dc's were weaned onto solids, so they got used to the taste, plus it was something easy to get out of the freezer once the batch cooking was done. That's still everyones favourite. I use salmon, cod, haddock and a few prawns, the white sauce has cheddar cheese added, then potato piped on top.
I do know about the health benefits, and we eat a main meal with fish at least once, usually twice a week. The dc's are ok with a whole fish on their plate, sometimes mackerel they've caught on holiday, or trout if I buy from the fishmonger.
We love fresh tuna and swordfish but have them as a treat every now and then because they are very expensive.
Fishmongers are few and far between, thankfully there's one in my old neighbourhood which I still visit. I have used online fishmongers and been generally impressed with the quality, but fish is something I do enjoy choosing myself.

bigbutsrus1 Sun 15-Dec-13 06:52:59

My two children love fish and so do I. We make sushi from raw tuna, they love smoked salmon, prawns anything. We go fishing sometimes and they help me gut and cook and eat the fish. We also love going " winkling" in the summer. We collect the winkles, take a camping stove and safety pins, cook them up and pick them out. I tend to buy expensive fish when offer but do think that when compared to joint of meat it's not too bad. Whenever tuna steak is reduced I buy it all and freeze it. It's great for sushi and noodles etc.

LaTrucha Sun 15-Dec-13 07:20:48

So, do you like fish? Is fish something you like eat with your children?
Yes, and DH is Spanish and it's so normal for him. He is shocked at how little we eat in this country. We do worry about bones on things like sardines, and food poisoning with seafood, though and this easily translates itself into a reluctance in the children

Are you aware of the health benefits that incorporating seafood into your diet brings. Very.

If you are a fan, what's your favourite fish or seafood recipe? The children like salmon best, DH likes sardines and I like squid and prawns. We tend to like them really plain. DH is very anti-sauces as it takes away from the taste of the fish, according to him. We tend to boil it, or deep fry it very quickly, and eat it with lemon and bread and chips.

ILoveAFullFridge Sun 15-Dec-13 08:12:30

We like fish, but I do not like preparing it. So we eat a lot of tinned fish and I always have fillets in the freezer for soup, pasta/rice sauces, or pies. And fish fingers, of course!

My dc have all liked mussels from a very early age, and I get very hmm when waiters query their orders.

ILoveAFullFridge Sun 15-Dec-13 08:16:05

Mind you, I get very hmm at the thought of eating mussels - I'd sooner eat a slug! It's much the same thing. But I'm all for them being adventurous and trying things. And I have, myself eaten both mussels and slugs (well, snails, but, again, they're much the same thing.)

yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 15-Dec-13 08:26:51

We have fish at least 3 times a week.

One night a week we have a tuna pasta bake, often with veggies like spinach added. I usually make a layer of onions, chopped tomato, tuna and herbs at the bottom and the cooked pasta, spinach, good dollop of cream and a topping of cheese on top.

Fridays are another fish night, which is usually cod from the fish and chip shop, though any white fish will do. Last Friday I bought filets of fish, coated them one side in paprika and the other in turmeric. Gently pan fried them and served with a salad on a bed of spicy whole couscous.

Then we have mackerel or salmon once a week for a lunch. It might be peppered mackerel on a salad, or poached salmon with new potatoes and peas. Often I make mackerel fish cakes or salmon parcels (put salmon in foil with slice of lemon and fresh thai spices and bake in low oven for 30 minutes).

yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 15-Dec-13 08:32:36

Just realised I didn't really anser the questions! I like fish but the rest of the family are not so keen, so that is why I have built set meals that we will all eat into a weekly meal plan. It is exactly because of the different nutritional benefits of different types of fish that I've plannwd things this way. Our diet does lack shellfish, unfortunately, as the rest of tge family hate it. I am hoping to start making an occasional prawn dish, and often order shellfood as an extra dish for us all to try when out.

YonilyDevotedToYou Sun 15-Dec-13 08:57:14

My DSD, who has just gone to university, is allergic to fish so we could never have it when she was home. DP and I love fish though and now have it at least once a week. We like salmon and white fish best but DP enjoys mackerel and we both have the occasional kipper! We don't really have shellfish at home except prawns but I have cooked scallops on special occasions.
I love making fish pie- just a pack of 'fish pie mix' from the supermarket poached in milk, the milk used to make a white sauce with some pepper, the poached fish returned to the white sauce and topped with mash and popped under the grill for 5 mins. So easy and delicious and it only takes about 35 mins from start to finish!

gretagrape Sun 15-Dec-13 09:11:46

We eat lots of fish - salmon in stir frys, monkfish in curry, paella, fish pies, etc.

Our son is only 8mo but I will definitely want to incorporate lots of fish into his diet, especially as he can't have dairy so it will be a good way of increasing his fat, protein and calcium intake.

ataraxia Sun 15-Dec-13 10:29:25

I never really think to have fish (other than fish and chips) but I do like it when I have it. However, I would only tend to have frozen, breaded fish to oven bake - wouldn't know what to do with fresh fish really.

Not very sophisticated, but favourite fish 'recipe' - fish finger butty!

JakeBullet Sun 15-Dec-13 12:07:00

We love fish and I cook it at least twice a week. DS loves prawns and a favourite meal is prawns in garlic butter with pasta and veggies.

Tuna is a big hit too as is Sea Bass.

DS is less keen on salmon but I love it so he has to suffer it once a month.grin

So, do you like fish?

I love fish. But is can be expensive fresh.

Is fish something you like eat with your children?

DS adores salmon and smoked salmon and tinned tuna.

Are you aware of the health benefits that incorporating seafood into your diet brings?

Yes very aware, especially that of oil fish. Brain food! But also know girls mustn't eat more than one or two portions of tuna a week due to mercury content and its effects on fertility

If you're not a fan of seafood are there other foods you deliberately try to include into your and your DCs diets to make sure that they get all the nutrients they need?

If you are a fan, what's your favourite fish or seafood recipe?

I love a simple poached or pan fried salmon with a hollondaise or beurre blanc sauce.

For seafood clams with spaghetti

supermam Mon 16-Dec-13 11:47:44

It's tricky for me, as I'm vegetarian and I'm a bit scared of cooking meat & fish, though I try! I tend to stick to fishcake & fish fingers ( quality ones), but I will occasionally cook salmon in foil, as there's no smell & mess! I will read all your posts to try to increase my repertoire. Bit scary - am considering eating a bit of fish for health reasons. How can I ease myself in? Any suggestions?

mjmooseface Mon 16-Dec-13 12:02:19

I love fish and so does my husband, so we have given our son fish to try when he began eating solids and he likes it too. I give him fish fingers and if I have fish and chips whilst eating out, I'll feed him bits of the fish (cod, haddock etc) without the batter on. We all love the fish in sauces you can get in the boil in the bags... The parsley sauce and the butter sauce ones in particular. We all love tuna, especially with mayonnaise or salad cream and sweetcorn. I remember having crab paste fresh when I went to the sea side once which was delicious! I haven't had it since, though! We all love prawns, too.

Fish does seem to be pretty expensive these days, so we don't eat it as much as we would perhaps like to, so we mainly buy it when there are deals on. I wasn't aware of the specific health benefits of eating fish but I've always known it is good for you. I just try to give my family a variety of meats and meals in the week to keep everyone healthy. All the childhood obesity news I see makes me pretty paranoid but determined to make sure we never add to those statistics! Even though we are healthy and active and have no obesity anywhere in the family as it is!

EmLH Mon 16-Dec-13 13:00:07

DD and I both love fish. DH is not so keen, but will eat 'plain' fish like cod or fish fingers. He also liked those cook in the bag cod fillets with a rosemary and tomato sauce (I forget who they're by!) and we went through a phase of having them at least once a week.

DD and I often eat fish pie and enjoy salmon fillets, tuna pasta bake, tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches, fish and chips from the chippy, smoked haddock, hot smoked salmon pieces and peppered mackerel. I also like mini prawns, scampi and hot spicy prawns. We often have tuna steak chopped up and stir fried with noodles, veg and soy sauce.

Our fave fish dish is an easy last-minute one that we call 'fishy moosh!' It consists of smoked mackerel shredded into bits and mixed into buttery mashed potato with some broccoli, peas and spinach. We sometimes add a bit of cheese sauce but depends if I can be bothered!

When we're out at our local I'll often have the mixed fish grill as it has a lovely charred flavour that I can't seem to get at home. I also like swordfish as it's quite meaty but haven't cooked at home. Would like to do a fish curry or stew, will have to look up some recipes and be more adventurous!

DoctorGilbertson Mon 16-Dec-13 13:20:21

So, do you like fish?


Is fish something you like eat with your children?

do fish fingers count? DS also likes tinned mackerel in tomato sauce

Are you aware of the health benefits that incorporating seafood into your diet brings?

omega three fatty acids and all that? I am a big fan of this paper but I suspect that there are none the less some health benefits

If you're not a fan of seafood are there other foods you deliberately try to include into your and your DCs diets to make sure that they get all the nutrients they need?

Tinned fish we eat - so we do Ok here

If you are a fan, what's your favourite fish or seafood recipe?

Ooooh, tuna pie with tinned tuna and tinned chicken soup, with mash on top

DinoSnores Mon 16-Dec-13 13:53:54

We eat salmon about once a week. Now my son announces, "I love salmon. It is good for my brain!" (Not sure who told him that, but very pleased they did as he gobbles it all up!)

We'll use fresh salmon fillets, but I'll also buy tinned salmon to make fish pie or fish cakes.

I love smoked mackerel although it is rather salty. There is a good recipe for mackerel and broccoli pasta that I make quite a lot (it is from the BLW cookbook). I particularly like that recipe as it is so quick.

Where we are, there are no decent fishmongers and the sea is quite far away, but when we go to the seaside, I love having proper fish and chips or mussels.

Lovepancakes Mon 16-Dec-13 14:59:18

We eat a lot of mackerel in the summer when can catch 5 or 6 in minutes and have to stop fishing or we'd have too many! Dd won't eat it but DS (2) does and our favourite way is raw and marinaded in lime juice. We also roll it in pinhead oatmeal and fry it on the beach.

The rest of the time I try to remember fish but don't enjoy cooking it! My very favourite to eat is whitebait and I like that the bones give you calcium and no doubt other nutrients too.

We also eat sushi a lot when out and about as DD and I are wheat intolerant so it's our replacement for a quick sandwich.

I would like to know more about different sustainable fish as quite ignorant.

youaremychocolatecake Mon 16-Dec-13 15:22:48

My 4 year old loves fish, he prefers it to meat. We have always made a point of feeding him exactly what we eat (within reason) so as well as the odd fishfinger sandwich wink we also often have home made fish pie, salmon fillets, fish cakes, mackerel pate, mackerel on toast, grilled sardines, trout in puff pastry, good old fish and chips and I have also purchased children's ready meals of fish pie for convenience. He's not too keen on prawns but we are working on it. smile

NettleTea Mon 16-Dec-13 20:02:10

Both my kids LOVE fish, so its something we really like to eat regularly, and we all enjoy seafood too.

DS loves salmon in every variety
DD loves seabass, she cooks it herself on a griddle
I am a big fan of squid and lobster

loubielou31 Tue 17-Dec-13 00:07:59

I love fish but rarely buy it or therefore eat it.
There's the ubiquitous fish finger and the occasional tin of tuna but that's it on a regular basis.
I think fresh fish is expensive and frozen is often dry. Also it make the place stink when you cook it.
Fish pie with trimmings and leftovers is a real treat.
I am aware of the health benefits and that we don't really eat enough fish or seafood in this house.

elizaco Tue 17-Dec-13 03:06:56

I would love my children to eat more fish, but they're just not keen - not even a fish finger! Fish is definitely the food I'm least confident in cooking though, so perhaps if I could prepare it better, they may eat it!!

Fillybuster Tue 17-Dec-13 13:34:44

Caveat: we don't eat shellfish for religious reasons, so all my answers related to fishy types of fish!

Our family is pretty much fish-powered during the week! We do eat meat, but once once or twice a week, mostly at weekends, so tend to rely on fish a lot.

I always have salmon and white fish fillets in the freezer, and the children will have fish for supper 3 or 4 times a week. Mostly its quick stuff like teriyaki salmon (or 'salmon on sticks' as it's known in our house) done under the grill, or a salmon or tuna pasta bake. The kids will happily eat fish that looks like fish, so dinner might also be white fish (trying to use basa and coley rather than cod and haddock) oven baked with some roast veg.

There's a few great MN recipes (like Rainbow Pasta, featuring pesto and salmon) that make a regular appearance, and tinned tuna is a general favourite.

I have 3 freezer drawers full of smoked salmon, gravadlax, smoked mackerel and so on...I tend to stock up on the really big packs of smoked salmon when it's half price in the shops (like now!) as we can easily demolish a pack or two in a single sitting and it keeps for ages.

DH and I will have very large very rare tuna steak and chips as a 'special treat' dinner whenever we get the chance, and I regularly knock up masala spiced salmon during the week.

I cook a whole salmon every couple of weeks when we're entertaining - either just wrapped in foil with lemon juice (a la Nigella) or en croute with ginger and raisins (yum...). I'll make fish cakes with any leftovers, although I don't get the chance to regularly.

All of us love fried fish balls (chopped white fish, mixed with seasoning and salt, dipped in matzo meal and deep fried...taste way better than they sound!) and all 3 dcs have surprisingly advanced tastes when it comes to chopped herring, pickled herring, smoked salmon, gravadlax, hot smoked salmon, smoked mackerel and marinated anchovies. DH is probably the least brave one out of all of us!

Fish fingers feature regularly, and fish and chips from our amazing award-winning local sporadically. I make my own fishfingers when I get the chance (with a beer batter) but the children are just as happy with 'leading brand' ones.

On office days (like today) lunch is always from Itsu. DH and my favourite restaurants are Japanese and the local fish specialist!

Basically, we love fish grin grin

YellowDahlias Tue 17-Dec-13 16:36:30

DH and DD don't eat meat so we eat a fair amount of fish/seafood in our house.

Favourite recipes are fish chowder, fish pie, grilled salmon and tinned tuna in sandwiches or on jacket potatoes. DD also loves fish fingers and fish cakes. She's also a fan of squid and prawns and will eat crab on occasion.

We probably eat fish or seafood at least four times a week at either lunch or dinner.

I'm conscious we probably need to eat more oily fish but it is harder to find fresh mackerel or other oily fish in my local supermarket and there are no fishmongers close by.

vestandknickers Tue 17-Dec-13 17:29:14

My children all love fishcakes made with fresh fish, sweet potatoes and then bread crumbed. They like salmon the best, but have whatever is cheapest on the fish counter! They also both love fish pates. They have them on toast or on top of baked potatoes.
We don't eat fish much as a whole family because fresh fish is expensive, but I do make sure the children have it as often as possible. My DH and I both loved tinned sardines which are dead cheap but unfortunately the children won't touch them.

firawla Tue 17-Dec-13 17:54:11

We do eat fish although the children's favourite is fish fingers! We also eat salmon, haddock or cod and prawns. We all like fish generally, but still to these common or popular types mainly as the children are happier to eat those

JanetAndRoy Tue 17-Dec-13 20:58:14

My DC like fish.
Fish fingers (both home-made and those quick from the freezer orange stick) are teatime favourites.
I do a quick fish pie too, adapted from Jamie Oliver.
They love prawns, salmon steaks, tinned and fresh tuna, smoked mackerel, mussels & cockles, and as a treat breakfast the children love smoked salmon trimmings with scrambled egg.
I try to serve fish once or twice a week.
We live in a coastal town with a great fish festival every year and we can even buy fish fresh off the boats from the beach.

Helspopje Tue 17-Dec-13 21:07:25

We love fish in our house. It is our main protein source o the recent increases in price have meant that we've had to be a bit inventive and consider subsituting species.

Typical fayre in our house is cullen skink, white fish (cod/coley/pollock/other) with a herby, pesto or parmasan breadcrumb crust, salmon en croute, smoked haddock and white sauce and fish pie. We love mackerel too either fresh grilled/griddled or smoker of peppered with salad.
We're lucky enough to have a fish van come around our weekly which we buy a lot from as, as the daughter of a fisherman, supermarket fish tastes wierd.

My 3 year old loves prawns above all things and will happily eat a half pint of them, shelling them as she goes and my 7 month old tucks into hunks of flakable fish with gusto.

HorseyGirl1 Tue 17-Dec-13 21:18:05

I like fish but to be honest a bit expensive for us. We tend to pounce on the reduced fresh fish at the supermarket and then use it that evening. We don't freeze it although I'm sure it would be fine to do so. Love, love love frozen prawns and seafood selections. Toss them into jars of curry or pasta sauces for quick and tasty tea. If you have a jar of something and some frozen prawns you always have a dinner in minutes. Also absolute fav is a lemon seafood pasta. Combine a tub of Philly or similiar-a-like with a fish stockcube, a little water, lemon zest and then stir in some prawns, seafood mix and crab sticks when the sauce is smooth and toss in hot drained pasta and some lemon juice. Heaven! Fish Pie is a firm fav in our house too - big dish is made then divided into portions and froze. We have fish at least once a week. And of course Fish Supper anyone? ;-)

Dededum Tue 17-Dec-13 21:49:38

Love fish, I don't eat meat and slowly we are eating more and more fish. DS1 totally on board but still have to do sausages for DS2. We love salmon, smoked salmon, prawns, mussels, squid, octopus, cod.

For Christmas lunch we are having seafood linguine and duck for DS2.

isitme1 Tue 17-Dec-13 22:13:57

My ds is 3 and has severe food aversion.
Hes tube food via tube in tummy (gastrostomy)
I was at my parents house a few months ago and mum made dad some smoked salmon.
Well ds was rather surprised to see something pink.
He managed to lick the fish.

So I took a chance and bought some from supermarket.

I cut the salmon while it was still raw into little shapes with a cookie cutter and put them in the oven for a while
He ate all of the shapes!! (They were tiny bear shapes)

I saw some chicken nuggets shaped as animals which he also took a few bites out of. Which was brilliant.

I would love to see raw fish shapes which we could cook at home. For example a few cod shapes, salmon and haddock. With nothing on. Something to be apart of a main meal.
Ooo I can see it now. They could be seasonal (christmas trees for this time of year, love hearts for valentines day, easter egg shapes etc)

violetwellies Tue 17-Dec-13 22:48:20

I love smoked salmon and kippers and smoked mackerel, I like fried roe, prawns, scampi, scallops andshrimps. I quite like tinned salmon, tuna and anchovies. I cant abide squid or anything rubbery, and grandad uses it to bait the lines the smell is foul.
DH wont eat 'bottom feeders', or tinned fish (catfood).
So when were on our own DS will eat anything fishy, yelling in Liddle 'I want that, I want that' until I gave in (a large bag of frozen pollock).
Grandad was unimpressed and fed us locally caught cod to provide balance.
DS requests fish as a favorite - he is two.
I worry about mercury levels in some fish and the ethics of farmed fish and dredged scallops in particular.
Absolute favourite locally caught lobster, forget dressing it up, just boil lobster smash it up and eat the meat dropping the debris on newspaper.
Quite like crab salad as well.

BoyMeetsWorld Tue 17-Dec-13 22:58:46

Personally, I love fish & could merrily live on nothing but. So obviously I started DS on it as young as possible - I think the first things I gave him were poached salmon with rice, cod in cheese sauce and fish pie. He used to love salmon when he was a baby...lucky as that's my favourite. Only recently, aged 5, he's started to become more fussy and is suddenly saying he only likes white fish but I will persevere. The most common fishy meal we have in our house is smoked salmon trimming tagliatelle.

CheeryCherry Wed 18-Dec-13 07:02:21

As a vegetarian I did try to give my dcs fish when they were younger as I was well aware they would have a lack of brain cells if I didn't!I made white fish pies occasionally even though the smell made me feel sick. I cooked the odd piece if salmon. But I mostly made tuna pasta, using tinned tuna which they loved. However I was devastated years later when I found out tinned tuna is rubbish for nutrition, it needs to be fresh tuna. But I guess I tried sad

CaramelisedOnion Wed 18-Dec-13 13:05:26

I love fish and eat it regularly. I eat it raw, mainly salmon or tuna and I often cook bass or haddock for myself and my son. I make kedgeree which is a favourite in our house! I always buy undyed smoked haddock....what is the point in making it a horrid bright yellow colour?! Weird!

The health benefits of fish are obvious, omega 3s, protein, low.fat (unless it's battered and fried of course!) And it tastes delicious!

Bubbles85 Wed 18-Dec-13 15:41:35

I love all types of fish, but unfortunately my OH hates eating anything that looks like it once lived. So we tend to stick to fish in breadcrumbs. He is happy to eat a cartoon shaped fish as it doesn't seem like he is eating real fish. I hope his fussiness doesn't pass on to our LO when she is old enough to start eating properly.

Nigglenaggle Wed 18-Dec-13 20:36:50

I really worry that the kids dont get enough fish, because its so important for brain developement. I worried all through pregnancy too!! It was easy with my first pregnancy because we had nothing else to worry about, but harder to keep up with nutrition generally second time round. I'm not a massive seafood fan myself, but love salmon and quite like prawns and scallops - alot of my dislike of eg mussels is psychological really. Fish pie always goes down well in our house, but salmon with a mustard or pesto crust is my favourite. DS quite likes tinned salmon (bleurgh! But useful that he eats it as makes it very easy to get him to eat fish). As well as worrying they dont get enough, also sometimes worry they may get too much oily fish and end up with mercury poisoning - I am just a worrier!!!

MTBMummy Thu 19-Dec-13 15:56:36

Thankfully DD is like me and loves fish, her favorite being fish pie.

We tend to eat fish at least once a week, although if DP is out we'll eat it more often.

I was brought up believing the fish is an important part of diet and it used to be called "brain food" I've never queried this but have kept up the habit of eating it frequently

Fish is something we have as standard here. I love fish of all sorts and shellfish so my little boy has eaten fish from early weaning. Whether it be a piece of cod, haddock or plaice, grilled or baked, of salmon fillets baked with soy sauce and cumin. My son will happily eat prawns and tuna and I keep trying to tempt him wih mussels! I know just how important a balanced diet is, and fish is so important as part of that.

Uzma01 Fri 20-Dec-13 20:06:44

Due to the kids' allergies we've avoided giving them white fish but try to have salmon twice a month. I normally put some soy sauce, black pepper, a drizzle of oil & a slice of lemon per fillet & wrap in foil. It's served with a variety of vegetables and homemade mash.

It's also good to have white fish (pollock/colley) made into a simple curry with peas.

stiffstink Sat 21-Dec-13 00:07:51

You can buy MSC fish at Aldi at reasonable prices.

DS (19months) will eat thai fish cakes, fish fingers, chippy tea, salmon OAP but weirdly he isn't into tuna.

Salmon OAP is easy. O is for olive oil, A is for aioli (garlic) and P is for pepper. We use chilli peppers. I wazz in any veg that's knocking about too.

Onion/courgette/whatever chucked into olive oil, medium heat, then about 5 mins later wazz in crushed garlic and a sliced chilli. Shove in a frozen salmon fillet for each person then reduce to low. A few nuggets of frozen spinach can go in too.

Leave it to cook, do some pasta, throw it all in the same pan, bit of cheese grated on top. Bob's your edible unclel

MrsClauswearsspanx Sat 21-Dec-13 00:12:58

My DP makes a lovely fish pie with salmon, haddock, and cod.

That being said I did not grow up on fish so I don't like it very much. I worry my own preferences will rub off on my kids.

My resolution in 2014 is to get us eating more fish!

DesperatelySeekingSanity Mon 23-Dec-13 15:10:14

We eat fish about three times a week.

Favourite dish -fish pie - mixed fish (smoked haddock, white fish and salmon), prawns and egg if we have them, all mixed with cream cheese, in a dish with mashed potato on top, nutmeg and cheese on top of that.

Kedgeree - smoked haddock, long grain rice, stock, peas, egg, parsley.

Fish and chips (Friday school dinner). Fish fingers as emergency meal.

Salmon steaks or other fish fillets as an easy Sunday lunch (roast with roast pots, veg, etc. )

Smoked salmon or mackerel for lunches, with bread or rice. Sushi.

We all love fish and would be happy to eat it every day but think we need a variety (and the bank account needs a break!)

Anyexcuse Mon 23-Dec-13 17:17:13

Here's a v easy, impressive and tasty fish dish - toss gnocchi, peppers, mushrooms, courgette in some olive oil and place in baking tray, tuck wee pieces of lemon in and around, bake for 30m quite high then put salmon fillets on top and bake for a further 15. Delish!

wheretoyougonow Mon 23-Dec-13 17:38:09

Big fish/seafood lovers in this household. The boys love scrambled egg and smoked salmon and will order mussels and frites in a restaurant.
They have grown up with having fish at least once a week so it is very normal for them.
Mmmmm now thinking about fish finger sandwiches...grin

PMTIsMe Mon 23-Dec-13 17:51:41

I have got the children into eating salmon which they now love, and was keen to do so for the omega 3. I was veggie for 25 years but started craving fish recently so now eat it - took me a while to get into tuna since it is particularly meaty - but now we all eat salmon, tuna, haddock, any white fish really, several times a week...but I'm still a cautious fish eater so not hugely adventurous. OH will eat any type of sea food what so ever.

Our dd's really like smoked fish, cod, and shellfish. They love to have a carton of whelks, cockles, prawns, mussels or shrimps every time we go to the coast. I don't like fishy fish blush so stick to cod! smoked fish! prawns or shrimps? Dp will eat any of it, he makes me gag when he eats roll mops and jellied eels.

whattoWHO Mon 23-Dec-13 20:14:54

Me and DP love fish, have it at least weekly.
DD claims not to like it, having been put off when I used smoked haddock in a fish pie.
I'm not making a big deal of it, but slyly including it in her diet via fish fingers and tuna.
Will introduce fish in other ways from time to time in the form of fish cakes, home made goujons etc.

Onefewernow Mon 23-Dec-13 23:30:05

We are having a whole salmon this week and also something with white fish.

We eat fish cakes, salmmash (oven baked salmon with mash surprisingly), tinned tuna, fishfingers and tinned salmon. If I was richer we would eat fresh fish more often.

Kids love it though and used to eat sardine bites, = sardines spread on mini toast pieces. They don't like that so much now though!

Lovewhereilive Mon 23-Dec-13 23:36:17

I do give the kids fish and would like them to eat more if I had chance to get down the fish market more. We all like it although the kids only eat it if its in breadcrumbs or batter.

My eldest DS likes tuna but my other 2 DS don't.

SuiGeneris Tue 24-Dec-13 06:02:19

We love fish as a family and tend to have it twice a week or more (3/4 lunches for me, plus twice at the weekend usually).

We tend just to bake tuna or salmon in the oven, or pan fry, with lemon, herbs and oil. Kids also love salmon with yaki-yaki (teriyaki) sauce, fishcakes and fish fingers (which I cannot stand). We also like smoked salmon sandwiches (a favourite of my 19-month old) and pasta with tuna, tomatoes, pine nuts, parsley etc. Octopus with potato and origano is a firm favorite with all of us. Not keen on fishpie, mussels and prawns, so the kids have not tried them either.

Sans children we also have fish with more scales in (seabass, orata, etc) but with the kids we stick to salmon, tuna, plaice, octopus and cod.

MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 24-Dec-13 10:44:04

Congratulations, MadameDefarge for winning the prize draw for a £200 voucher for Wings of St Mawes. Thank you to everyone for adding your thoughts, this thread has now closed.

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