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Tell Tenderstem® what you think of their recipes and add your own - £250 voucher prize draw NOW CLOSED

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MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 23-Sep-13 09:57:25

The team at Tenderstem® have asked us to find out what Mumsnetters think of their latest collection of family-friendly, time-saving recipes.

In case you don't know it (yet) Tenderstem® is a long-stemmed broccoli – and tender from floret to stem so the whole vegetable can be eaten.

Here's what the team at Tenderstem® have to say, "Tenderstem® is a wonder vegetable for family cooking as, not only is it ready to eat after just 3 minutes of steaming, it is packed full of nutrients and leaves no costly waste behind making it one of the most versatile vegetables around."

They go on to say, "we know from first-hand experience how challenging it can be to keep the whole family happy and healthy when we're all so busy, which is what has inspired us to create our latest collection of recipes. With prepare-ahead dishes, to those mild in flavour, and adaptable to please a range of tastes and all quick and simple to prepare, Tenderstem® has it covered!"

They also have teamed up with family food expert and author Fiona Faulkner to give you these top ten tips to save time and money in the kitchen.

Please have a look through Tenderstem®'s specially designed Facebook album for Mumsnetters here, you could even 'like' your favourite recipe grin. Then come back to this thread and let us know what you think.

They'd also love to know whether you already cook with Tenderstem®, or whether it has yet to make it into your fridge. If you have cooked with it before, tell us what you loved about it! Feel free to share any other recipes from your repertoire which use Tenderstem®. Or any tips you have on how to prepare it/ use it in established recipes.

Everyone who joins in with the discussion on this thread will be entered into a prize draw to win a £250 voucher for House of Fraser.

Thanks and good luck,


dahville Mon 23-Sep-13 10:37:49

I like the recipes, there are a good range of different things but I don't believe the prep and cooking times, to be honest. I am sure that most of the recipes will take longer than advertised. The recipes aren't complicated and I can see places to get kids involved in making some of them, e.g. dressing the pizza.

We do use tenderstem but generally just steamed as a side dish, especially with salmon fish packets (salmon fillet in aluminium foil with a touch of olive oil, butter, lemon juice and lemon slice, and a sprinkle of mixed herbs or pepper, bake at 200 for 20 minutes). We like it because it is more delicate than the big heads of broccoli.

JustBecauseICan Mon 23-Sep-13 10:45:35

I bloody love tenderstem and would have it all the time if I could.

My recipe:

Pasta and tenderstem with mushrooms.

Fry some button mushrooms in butter with chopped garlic and a bit of chili. Remember to add a bit of salt so the mushroom juices come out. Just before it starts to "dry" slug a bit of white wine in to make a kind of buttery winey stock.

Cook short pasta and about 4 minutes before it will be done chuck the tenderstem in the pasta water.

Drain the pasta and broccoli saving a ladlefull of the cooking water. Mix that with the mushroom mixture and swizz round so it's all coated in a light "sauce". A teaspoon of pesto makes it even better if you've got a jar open. If not, it doesn't matter.

cornflakegirl Mon 23-Sep-13 10:55:53

We really like tenderstem and have it sometimes, but it's just so much more expensive than standard broccoli. And I save the stalks of normal broccoli to make soup, which just enhances the cost difference.

We don't tend to cook with tenderstem, just have it as a side vegetable. DH sometimes forgets to plan the veg to go with a meal, and doesn't always think about timings, so because it's so quick to prep and cook he finds it really easy to do.

MadMonkeys Mon 23-Sep-13 13:12:56

I like the look of the recipes. I don't buy tenderstem, although I agree it is yummy, because it is so expensive. Some years I grow my own and it is so cheap to grow, why does it cost so much in the shops? It would be great as a first weaning food as it is easy for little hands to hold and babies all seem to like broccoli.

sharond101 Mon 23-Sep-13 13:30:50

The indonesian chicken looks lovely. we like tenderstem and our favourite is simply cooking pasta and pesto with tenderstem stirred through.

Lilpickle08 Mon 23-Sep-13 13:40:12

We use tenderstem quite a bit - largely in stir fries with chicken. I love those recipes though, I'd not really thought of using tenderstem with the kids (doh!) but they love their veg so will defo try some of them.

My daughter has just grown out of her egg allergy and we've been told to introduce egg slowly - the fritata looks perfect so that's going to be first on my list to cook!

lorka Mon 23-Sep-13 14:19:57

The recipes look great - especially the Indonesian braised Chicken in sweet Soy Sauce with Tenderstem® Coconut Rice. Will need to try some of them out. I love Tenderstem but the children tend to only eat the top and not the actual stem so maybe some of the recipes will change their mind!! smile

cornflakegirl Mon 23-Sep-13 14:20:04

Having looked at the recipes a bit more though - what's with all the references to recipes for "Busy mums" and "hungry dads home from work". Have they researched the target audience on here at all?

ouryve Mon 23-Sep-13 16:49:27

The recipes look really nice, but a bit faffy. I like my greens naked, as it were, so I can dip them in whatever I have on my plate. I'm actually having Tenderstem Broccoli for dinner, tonight, on the side with an M&S chinese. Absolutely delicious dipped in the sweet and sour sauce! I treat it a bit like asparagus (and think that good tenderstem broccoli is as nice as good asparagus) and often dip it in mayo (eating with fingers is often a must!) I've even been known to have it with soft boiled eggs, for my lunch grin

Cherrygrape Mon 23-Sep-13 16:50:20

Potato ham and cheddar frittata looks good. Some of the others do too smile
I have never heard of tenderstem before - it sounds really good smile

PSG1968 Mon 23-Sep-13 17:06:25

Being a Keen cook that is on a budget I thought the recipes were good i.e. the frittata I found the recipes in general interesting & packed with flavour.
I often do as a midweek treat for the family a Warm Salad of Tenderstem Broccoli and Chickpeas served with White Fish healthy & flavoursome
Heat oil in a non-stick wok, sauté cumin seeds and garlic to translucent, and add red chilli and broccoli and cook for 1 minute. Add chickpeas, onion and red pepper.
cook for 30 seconds and remove from heat and add lime juice and then season with salt and pepper. Stir in the coriander and serve smile

hannonle Mon 23-Sep-13 17:18:08

I have to say that I am another one who just likes broccoli in general as a plain vegetable. I've never bought tenderstem because I imagine it is expensive for what you get, although I've not really checked out the price.
Most of the time I buy regular broccoli from a local grocer and we also grow our own sprouting broccoli which we eat when it is in season. We mostly pick it fairly small (bad soil so it doesn't grow as big as tenderstem) and eat it with cheese sauce.

Otherwise I would just use tenderstem in the same way as regular broccoli - as a side, or in a broccoli/chicken(or salmon)/pasta/white sauce meal.

MissPlumBroughtALadder Mon 23-Sep-13 17:18:59

Is Tenderstem genetically modified?

BIWI Mon 23-Sep-13 17:40:30

All that stuff about 'busy mums' is so fucking patronising angry

so sprouting broccoli then? what's with the bloody copyright and acting like you invented a vegetable that was actually your poor man's version of broccoli till recently and incredibly easy to grow?

i love sprouting broccoli. possible favourite thing is to fry butter and garlic in a large frying pan, add some steamed sprouting broccoli and little clumps of mackerel then pour over beaten eggs and cook. absolutely lush combo for some reason.

utterly baffled by someone copywriting a veg - as someone else asked is it GM?

BornToFolk Mon 23-Sep-13 18:27:33

There are no vegetarian recipes on Facebook, which is a bit odd, what with broccoli being a vegetable and all...
However, the recipes on the website look good. I also like the idea of putting Tenderstem on pizza. I am a big fan of broccoli on pizza but I've never tried Tenderstem.

rootypig Mon 23-Sep-13 18:28:16

The recipes all look delicious. The marketing REALLY gets my back up. Being brutal, the kind of middle class audience that's going to be persuaded to buy tenderstem broccoli isn't going to respond well to mummy stays at home and daddy goes to work bollocks. It's like a bloody Iceland campaign. Can't stand those either.

Recipe wise - I love broccoli stir fried with about ten cloves of sliced garlic (don't go out for a few days afterwards blush). Steam the broccoli a bit first, drain, then toss for a couple of minutes in hot oil with garlic, a good bit of soy and toasted sesame seeds to finish. Really good with salmon or tuna.

My mum always used to make broccoli and broad bean gratin, which I love. Steam the broccoli, leaving it with a bit of crunch. Partially cook frozen broad beans. Drain both, put in an oven proof dish, pour over cheese sauce, top with breadcrumbs and grill for ten minutes.

Hungry now!

littlemonkeychops Mon 23-Sep-13 18:31:16

I do like tenderstem as it's tasty. I've never really thought of "cooking"it until now, we just have it a quick and easy side dish, not often as it is expensive.

I like the recipes, the soy sauce one looks lovely.

The fritatta looks good, but it would be much cheaper with normal broccoli and almost certainly as nice.

GlitzPig Mon 23-Sep-13 19:07:17

The recipes look nice, but DH does at least half the cooking, and he is a busy dad so might feel a bit put off by the focus on mums!

We use tenderstem (although I didn't clock that tenderstem is a THING-always just thought of it as long broccoli blush) from time to time-quickest way of serving is steaming it for a couple of minutes and dipping into soft boiled eggs, but I like the look of the frittata and bubble and squeak, so we'll give those a try too. I generally serve it with olive oil and a bit of lemon juice, or chilli and garlic salt if DS has already eaten grin

ladygoingGaga Mon 23-Sep-13 19:21:36

Am I missing something here confused

This is broccoli, all they have done is branded it so they can justify the higher price.
I also find the ad campaign annoying, and the recipes are not exactly earth shattering! Broccoli on pizza and in pies, hardly revolutionary.

Cies Mon 23-Sep-13 19:27:15

I'll definitely be making some of these recipes, they look just up my street. In fact, the salmon and pasta jobbie is going on the menu this week.

nextphase Mon 23-Sep-13 19:27:46

You mean sprouting broccoli? Yes, I love it, especially if its purple sprouting broccoli. DS1 loves broccoli leaves as well, so thinks sprouting is fab.

Not sure about the timings of the recipes! And the site is horrible to use, so I probably won't be going back. I'd use normal broccoli for most of them, and eat the sprouting lightly boiled, Its too lovely to mess about with.

nemno Mon 23-Sep-13 19:47:02

I love Tenderstem and have it loads.

The recipes look good but really I mostly want it just steamed or just possibly stir fried with garlic and either oyster sauce or soy sauce.

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Mon 23-Sep-13 19:47:45

We've had tenderstem broccoli before, but only when it's on offer and I'm feeling lazy. We eat a lot of 'normal' broccoli. Generally I just cook it as a plain vegetable accompaniment, or include it in stir fried vegetables. I just chop up most of the stem very thinly. Tenderstem isn't really an economical choice for us.

I like the idea of putting broccoli on pizza. We live pizza and hadn't thought of that.
I've also never put broccoli in a fish pie - I tend to stick to spinach or peas. I'm going to give it a go next time though.

Some nice recipe ideas, but I don't see much that would make me use tenderstem instead of the normal broccoli to be honest.

littleoaktree Mon 23-Sep-13 19:52:32

I agree with the other comments on the advertising points.

I buy and use broccoli in varying types as it's one of the dc's favourite veg - ordinary, sprouting and purple sprouting. I'm not sure I have ever bought or noticed a trademarked 'tenderstem' broccoli.

I'm not very impressed with the recipes, all pretty straightforward and ordinary and no need for the 'tenderstem' to make them. In fact most would obscure the tender flavour of sprouting broccoli.

I love tenderstem, we eat it a lot, usually as a side dish or in stir drys. I do like the look of the recipes, but the timings are a joke. The frittata says 15 minutes, if you read the recipe it's clearly going to take about half an hour.

As for the Busy Mum's cooking for Hungry Dad's it's put me right off if that's their attitude. I'm off to buy purple sprouting instead...

I like Tenderstem, either in stir fries or with pasta. It's also nice used in a bake with potatoes and melty cheese such as brie or camembert, or on a tart, ditto. Would have liked to see more veggie recipes.

SleeplessInBedfordshire Mon 23-Sep-13 20:03:26

We use tenderstem broccoli a lot, but only as a side dish. I found it good for baby-led weaning when DS was about 6 months because it was easy for him to hold and chew on. I either steam or boil it.

sarahbanshee Mon 23-Sep-13 20:33:29

Made a lovely pasta dish the other day with sausage, tenderstem, pesto and chilli - blanch the tenderstem, skin the sausages and cook the sausage meat in a frying pan until it's brown, add the tenderstem and fry for a minute or two, add a spoonful of pesto and a sprinkle of dried chilli, cook for another minute and then toss with cooked pasta and a couple of spoonfuls of the pasta water to emulsify. Was v quick and v delicious. I will add mushrooms with the sausage next time for more veg.

DoctorGilbertson Mon 23-Sep-13 20:33:49

I buy cheap frozen broccoli and add it to things like rice or pasta and cheese where it mushes down and the kids will eat it. Having just checked tenderstem broccoli on a couple of supermarket websites I see that that reason that I have never bought it is that it is a bit out of my price range.

And I think it is a hybrid not GM. Tesco and Sainbury's don't sell GM do they? but you can buy this broccoli in either (might be wrong)

weebarra Mon 23-Sep-13 20:37:09

Like tenderstem when it's on offer, can be expensive otherwise.
I often use it in a stir fry with beef strips, garlic and noodles, with a marinade of ginger, garlic, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce and ketchup.
DH can make it too, so not just for busy mum's [sic].

MissPlumBroughtALadder Mon 23-Sep-13 20:47:58

Could you confirm that Tenderstem was created by Monsanto and is grown from sterile seeds 'owned' by a Monsanto subsidiary?

CheeryCherry Mon 23-Sep-13 21:32:30

Busy mums? Are dads not busy too? Do they never cook? Why do advertisers still do this??

What are there no vegetarian recipes or alternative ingredients? It would be very simple to add a veggie option, ie quorn, mushrooms, feta cheese etc.

I buy tenderstem on occasion when I'm doing a special occasion meal like Christmas. Or if it's on offer, its too expensive compared to the usual veg and the packs are too small to share between 5 of us - we like large helpings of veg. It is very nice and looks lovely as a simple side dish.

I too hadn't realised it was a brand name, that's odd. Its put me off a bit now, and I'm not sure why...?

manfalou Mon 23-Sep-13 21:51:27

Never heard of tenderstem, let alone used it.Also Never realised you could get 'branded' veggies!

However I do like the recipes, particularly the bubble n squeak!

Personally Id put it in a stir dry with some beef and noodles. Make a sauce with: 1-2tbsp soy sauce, 2 tsp cornflour, 1 tsp ground ginger, 1/4 tsp sugar and 3 very finely chopped cloves of garlic.

BlackberrySeason Mon 23-Sep-13 22:04:56

I cook with it - like it!

yegodsandlittlefishes Mon 23-Sep-13 22:09:09

Tenderstem®, potato, ham and cheddar frittata

I never add salt to water to cook potatoes or eggs (you suggest adding it to both - as well as ham which can also be very salty) it is totally unnecessary and very unhealthy.
Should you not put a non-stick frying pan under the grill?

Other than that, it's good food but simple enough to not really need a recipe. I'd add onions and a lot of other types of vegetables. (Though a traditional frittata should only have potatoes).

Hopezibah Mon 23-Sep-13 22:23:24

We do already use (and LOVE) tenderstem broccoli. The kids love it because they can pick it up and eat it all as a finger food - it was one of the first foods my baby girl really loved when she started baby-led weaning. Even now I think it is her fave vegetable!

I really like the look of that omelette/frittata style recipe and also what a fab idea to have it on pizza! that is sure to be a winner with the kids.

My own recipe that we use it a lot with is lemon chicken served with cous cous and tenderstem broccoli as the main veg we have with it.

aristocat Mon 23-Sep-13 22:27:12

I have seen Tenderstem but never actually bought it simply because of the price. My DD and myself love broccoli and we usually eat it as a side vegetable. Purple sprouting is delicious too (and easy to grow)

The recipes are OK but as others have said not exactly very dynamic, are they? Surely it would be nice in a Pasta Bake/ Stir Fry or a Hot chicken salad.

I never realised it was a brand name either?

kateandme Mon 23-Sep-13 22:27:16

i love brocoli.
i gree wth others who mentioned the cost of tendersteam is usually lots more and veg is already getting more is delicious though and so when we have as a treat it very much enjoyed.
we usually have it for what is is brcoli on the side of other things but we try to cook it with something nice because its a treat!!
the recipes featured look good.and id love to try each of them if we got tendersteam more.

with other types of brocoli i have to admit to using the head but chopping the rest of the chunky stalks too!!its all delsih

Sarahlundismyhero Mon 23-Sep-13 22:36:10

I think these recipes look interesting and easy to use and /or adapt to fit in with our family, for me the most interesting one I will use going forward is the one on the pizza, as I am always looking at extra veggies I can put on a pizza.
Isn't tenderstem the same as PSB ( purple sprouting broccoli) just under a brandname? Either way it's lush and I'd buy it...

My fav way of doing PSB or tenderstem is gently steam it till only just tender and finish off on a hot griddle with olive oil! once nicely charred squeeze lemon juice over and some lemon zest- gorg ! Eat with rare juicy lamp chops grin

Sarahlundismyhero Mon 23-Sep-13 22:37:37

Lamb not lamp chops! wink

Recipes look nice but we have a veg box so just ordinary broccoli unless the sprouting sort is in season. Any you can eat the stem of that anyway. It sometimes needs peeling, but so does the sprouting sort, in my experience. Didn't look at the website and only a quick flick through the FB page, but would agree with the comments about mainly just wanting broc plain as is, and leaving off the sexist marketing.

SaltySeaBird Mon 23-Sep-13 23:32:44

Love tendersteam and so does my DD, it was one of her favourite finger foods as she was weaned. She would grip the stalk and suck all the bits off the end.

Tend to have it as a side dish but do make a tart with it too. Roll out a sheet if puff pastry and cover with lightly sautéed tendersteam, onion and crumble blue cheese over. Yum!

missorinoco Tue 24-Sep-13 00:36:19

Sorry, but I am slightly underwhelmed. My children all eat broccoli, I suspect they would like Tenderstem, but I can't say I have noticed it previously. We eat purple sprouting broccoli, I presume this is similar.

The recipes look nice enough, but it's just broccoli isn't it? I chop the broccoli fine and stir fry it, if I don't want it large.

Having said that, I am now intrigued enough to go and find some Tenderstem to buy it, so as a marketing ploy it has worked I guess.

ok so sterile seed means it can't reproduce itself so the farmers have to keep buying the seed over and over again rather than be able to seed from the first crop right? no farming expert here but whist this isn't gm it's still unethical production/sales though i'm not sure 'where' this product is being grown therefore what farmers/economies are caught up in this. any clues?

i think the point is that 'one' product being like this is ok (so long as the farmers involved know what they are getting into and aren't totally ripped off by having expensive seed costs repeatedly and then getting shafted on the price the product is bought at too) but the problem is that if this kind of 'branded' veg became popular and had more demand farmers all over the world would find them backed into this corner and unlike with say pharmaceuticals where patents run out and countries can make and people can then access massively cheaper generic versions they'd just sit on the seed and have a hold over the whole farming and food economy.

for that reason i really hope people will think twice about buying this kind of shit.

NB happy to be corrected/informed by someone who understands this industry and economy better than me. i'm trying to piece it together purely from logical deduction of what the problem is/could become rather than any real knowledge or research into this. would be good to know more.

Trills Tue 24-Sep-13 08:35:09

How is this different to other sprouting broccoli...?

Trills Tue 24-Sep-13 08:35:44

Recipe idea - treat it like asparagus. Griddle then dip in a runny boiled egg. Might have to be a duck egg to get the fluffy bits in. grin

WhyIRayLiotta Tue 24-Sep-13 08:54:01

I like the recipes. I dislike the patronising marketing spiel.

Also agree that tenderstem is delicious but seems expensive. I've only bought it when it's on offer.

I like the idea of using it on pizza. My favourite way to have brocolli as a side is to roast it along with olive oil, garlic and shallots. I sprinkle chilli over the top and add soy sauce depending on what I'm having it with. It's yummy and so quick and easy.

Nerfmother Tue 24-Sep-13 09:15:52

Trills - that's the word I couldn't remember. We treat it like asparagus.
I like it plain, kids like it covered it melted grated cheese, dh avoids all vegetables not called peas or sweet corn or carrots.

SmokedMackerel Tue 24-Sep-13 09:29:09

All the recipes look nice.
I've never cooked with tender stem before, but I often put normal broccoli, or sometimes purple sprouting broccoli in meals - I make my own frittata with brie, potatoes, red peppers and broccoli, and I like to cook pasta with chillies, tomatoes,bacon and broccoli, topped with soft goats cheese and herbs.

Sounds like tender stem would be a better alternative to use in both meals. Depends on the price though, I wouldn't bother if it cost loads.

Have they changed the page? Thankfully I can't see any 'busy mum's' nonsense. Could you not think of as single vegetarian recipe? I chuck it in a pasta bake with onions and mushrooms.

I do love tenderstem brocoli though, especially when it is covered in sauce from the fine establishment that is Nandos.

Glitterfairys Tue 24-Sep-13 10:21:05

I don't really buy Tenderstem but have tried it before and enjoyed it but the price puts me off a bit as surely just using normal broccoli is cheaper and can be used in the recipes just the same.

mignonette Tue 24-Sep-13 10:33:30

I love all the Brassicas and both grow and eat them. Tenderstem is especially great for children because anything in miniature appeals and looks less 'daunting' on the plate. Younger, smaller broccoli also has less sulphurous compounds so tastes better to younger palates.

Here are my recipes-

Trees with Dippy Egg

Steam three Tenderstem branches per egg (I rinse it in water making sure a little clings to the stems, wrap securely in microwavable clingfilm and microwave until tender.
Soft boil one egg per child. Serve the branches next to the egg in the egg cup with a tiny dab of butter on the Tenderstem. Salt and pepper as required. I have yet to meet a baby/ toddler who doesn't enjoy clutching a 'tree' in his hand and dipping it in egg.

Tenderstem with Sesame, Mirin and Spring Onion

Heat some Sesame Oil in a non stick pan and stir fry the Tenderstem and sliced Spring Onion quickly, adding a dash of Mirin to flavour. Scatter over the Sesame seeds just before serving, allowing them to lightly toast in the pan. This is great w/ oily fish such as Salmon, Tuna or slices of Chicken or Pork.

Tenderstem Salad w/ Mushrooms

1/ Lb Tenderstem. 2 tbsp olive oil or other salad oil. 1/4 inch fresh ginger, slivered. 1/16 chilli powder. 1 tsp crushed mustard seed. 3 small minced garlic clove. 1-1 1/2 tbs lemon juice. 1/8 Lb cherry tomatoes. 3/4 tsp honey. 1/2 Lb button mushrooms

Trim and wash the tenderstem, then either simmer or steam until cooked to a light crunch. Heat oil in a skillet and lightly fry ginger and mushrooms for 2-3 mins. Add tenderstem, chile and mustard seeds and stir fry over moderate heat for one more minute. Remove from skillet and cool. In a large serving bowl mix the garlic, lemon juice, tomatoes and honey. Add the tenderstem and mushrooms and stir. Chill for thirty minutes prior to serving.

Blood Oranges and Tenderstem (adapted from Nigel Slater)

4 large handfuls of steamed Tenderstem. 3 egg yolks. 200g melted butter. lemon juice. Fine grated zest of a blood orange or other orange. 3 tbsp double cream or creme fraiche

Put pan of water onto boil and find glass bowl to use as a bain marie. Drop the yolks into the bowl w/ an added slash of water then whisk pouring in the melted butter slowly at first as if making mayo then faster as the sauce thickens. Keep the water in the saucepan simmering, not boiling and you must not stop whisking or the sauce will fail (although adding another dash of water to it can rescue it). When it is creamy and thick add a squeeze of lemon juice and some salt to season.
Place the already steamed Tenderstem on a plate. Whisk the orange zest and creme fraiche/cream into the sauce and then pour over the tenderstem. Serve w/ bread of your choice and also good w/ any grilled meat. Serves 6 as a side.

Pasta with Tenderstem, Anchovy and Blue Cheese

250g Tenderstem. 250g small pasta such as Orrechiette. 30g butter. 2 thin sliced garlic cloves. 4 rinsed and chopped anchovy. 250g creme fraiche. 170g crumbled Blue cheese such as Cashel Blue or Gorgonzola.

Place two deep pans of water on to boil. Salt one of them, trim the Tenderstem and add the pasta to the salted water. Lightly salt the water in the other pan and add the Tenderstem. When it is tender (3 mins or so) drain it and wipe out the pan returning it to the heat w/ the butter, anchovies and garlic. Cook these slowly for a min or two letting the anchovies almost melt. Spoon in the cheese and creme fraiche and bring to a gentle boil, stirring and turning down immediately to a simmer. Rough chop the tenderstem, add to the sauce then season w/ salt and pepper as needed. Drain the pasta and add a couple of spoons of the pasta water to the sauce to improve the texture. Dress the pasta w/ the sauce. Enough for two.

Tenderstem, Asparagus and Courgette Antipasti

250g Tenderstem, trimmed and sliced lengthways. 250g Courgette sliced into ribbons w/ skin on. 250g trimmed Asparagus sliced lengthways. 250g petit pois. Olive Oil, a teaspoon of Pesto.

Steam the Sliced Asparagus, Courgette, peas and Tenderstem until tender. Place into a shallow bowl and marinade in a mixture of the Olive Oil, salt, pepper and a small teaspoon of Pesto. Let stand for an hour to allow the flavours to mingle. Serves 6 as a side. This is also great served over Pasta, warm w/ grated Pecorino or Fiore Sardo over the top.

mindingalongtime Tue 24-Sep-13 11:04:50

mignonette Lovely recipes!

I just love it stir fried with fresh red hot chilli and split almonds or pine nuts with a dash of soy.

I eat masses of it and buy huge packs from Costco!

MissRee Tue 24-Sep-13 11:06:56

We use Tenderstem Broccoli occasionally but DS still bites the heads off and leaves the stems!

The recipes look easy enough but, as mentioned above, I'm not convinced by the prep time! We're very simple in our tastes (especially fussy-eater DS) though and would rather just have it steamed to avoid any meltdowns that the broccoli "tastes funny".

mignonette Tue 24-Sep-13 11:13:37

Minding You can of course use any Brassica w/ most of those. Ordinary Broccoli or Sprouting.

The almonds sound lovely. Very Spanish and they could have a dash of Sherry or Sherry vinegar instead of the soy as another option.

My kids always loved Broccoli stems chopped into rounds, parboiled, brushed with either olive oil or chilli oil and then roasted w/ the roast potatoes. I never chuck away the stems. They can be added to cauliflower cheese to bulk it out. Just freeze them until needed but blanch them first. I'm with Nigella on freezing all kinds of leftovers.

mignonette Tue 24-Sep-13 11:16:38

Posted too soon- Another thing I do w/ Broccoli is make A Wisconsin style Broccoli, cheese and potato soup. You just boil or steam all the vegetables, drain then add them to made up vegetable stock (I use Marigold) or chicken bouillon. Puree it all up to make a thick soup, season then stir in some grated hard cheese-I like Fontina, Raclet or Cheddar. Or you can make cheese on toast w/ a baguette and serve rounds of it w/ this soup.

minidipper Tue 24-Sep-13 11:25:03

Some of those recipes look good (Indonesian chicken and the roasted sesame chicken - I'll try both of those). Don't see the point of using tenderstem in chicken pie or worse in bubble and squeak. It's so expensive. Bubble is a way of using up cheap left over veg such as cabbage,. spinach or normal broccoli!

We do eat it - not often, because it's expensive and because DC only eat the florets so rather misses the point of the stems. We have it for dinner parties, birthdays, special adult dinners when DC are out rather than as a family staple although it does sometimes make its way onto the Sunday roast table, especially if grandparents are around as my dad loves it.

My two best tenderstem recipes are very simple and rely on it as a key flavour.

Linguine with garlic, chilli and tenderstem:

Cook linguine as per packet instructions. Two minutes before it's ready plunge freshly washed tenderstem in with it
Chop and fry garlic in plenty of olive oil for a minute and add chilli for a further minute. Drain pasta and tenderstem. Toss in chilli garlic oil and add grated zest of fresh lemon and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Stir fry.
Stir it up with sesame oil, oyster mushrooms, slivered yellow peppers, baby corns and soy, with a bit of grated ginger and garlic. Serve with sticky rice.

Having been inspired by all the mouthwatering recipes on the Facebook page, I just tried to add tenderstem to my online tesco shop and they don't seem to have it! Is it not widely available then?

Having said that, the recipes look great and well defintely try some out. Unforutaetnely the site doesnt give a nice user experience.

I have eaten tenderstem before bit don't buy it regularly as its considerably more expensive than regular broccoli....but then again there's less waste.

Princessdivaaa Tue 24-Sep-13 11:59:41

I've never heard of Tenderstem before.. But then I never do the shopping!! I like broccoli but have it as a side dish rather than adding it to receipes.

I like the look of all the dishes but my very fussy children wouldn't eat anything if green was showing..

I would consider adding it to pies and pizzas to see if I could encourage the children to eat veg.. I'm always looking for ways..

vivianallman Tue 24-Sep-13 12:07:37

love tenderstem although my partner cannot have green vegetables because of his medication, however he does have a spoonful of the tenderstem cheese i make... just like cauliflower cheese but with gorgeous broccoli, it's a treat he has now and again when i make it..... everyone else loves it too smile

minidipper Tue 24-Sep-13 12:17:53

Where's the 'hungry dads' bit? I can't believe they wrote that. Also they put a greengrocers' apostrophe in busy mum's (sic) which I suppose, as broccoli sellers they are entitled to do.

I'm interested in the sterile seed issue. If that's the case, I wouldn't buy it again, and as for trademarking a veg - that's off putting. I'd never really noticed it until now.

WowOoo Tue 24-Sep-13 12:21:21

I think the tenderstem is a bit less bitter, but I'll only buy it if it's reduced and I need it for that night.

My children love broccoli. One of their favourites is a basic stir fry:

Fry onions, mushrooms and garlic for 5 mins.
Put noodles on to boil for 3 mins or so.
Then add peppers and broccoli. (I chop them lengthways and use a fair bit of stem)
Add noodles and soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil, chilli or whatever you fancy.

I also add broccoli to cauliflower cheese, leek and ham bake and have it on the side.

One of Fiona's tips is a good one: turning the oven off before the timer goes. Our oven retains lots of heat and I often turn it off and let things finish cooking whilst the oven is cooling down.

Bubbles85 Tue 24-Sep-13 12:26:16

I haven't tried Tenderstem yet but I have had a look at the recipes and want to try it now. I especially like the Tenderstem and chorizo pizza recipe.

newbebe Tue 24-Sep-13 13:37:36

never tried it, but looks like purple sprouting, if more expensive would make it the star of the plate, not really put in an omelette, would lightly steam, or add to stir fry, if watching my weight, have with some fish.

good luck

cornflakegirl Tue 24-Sep-13 14:01:11

minidipper hungry dads was in the description of the Indonesian chicken recipe - it's now changed to "Easy to make, mild and sweet curry that introduces new flavours to children, and keeps to suit hectic daily routines"

BIWI Tue 24-Sep-13 14:08:54

Much better. Why couldn't they have written that in the first place?

TalkativeJim Tue 24-Sep-13 14:13:14

Trademarking a vegetable?!

Sterile seeds?

Sexist advertising?

Hadn't heard of Tenderstem (TM!!!!) broccoli before, but thanks to this thread I now know to avoid it grin

Maybe MN should start a campaign. Vegetables Belong To No One! Poor old broccoli kidnappers, maybe they'll get more than they bargained for from this thread.


BIWI Tue 24-Sep-13 14:15:39

I have to say, this whole thing has totally put me off even considering buying Tenderstem broccoli.

Blatherskite Tue 24-Sep-13 14:20:13

I've just come back from the supermarket and had bought some tenderstem! I am planning to use it in a stir fry.

Usually I just cook it as a side dish but I do occasionally put it in things too. The Salmon recipe would be my favourite from the facebook page.

JudithOfThePiece Tue 24-Sep-13 14:21:29

I love tenderstem broccoli, but it's so expensive compared to normal broccoli that it's rare that I buy it.

I had a look at the money saving tips and I have to say that if I ever reach a point in my life where money is so tight I need to consider turning off my oven ten minutes before the end of any cooking time, then I doubt I'll be buying tender stem broccoli!

I did have a look at the recipes and liked the look of the one pot roast thingy. That's also one of the recipes that possibly wouldn't work quite so well with standard broccoli, as I imagine the stems are good roasted. The pasta dishes, however, can probably have normal broccoli as a substitute without much noticeable difference.

Tyranasaurus Tue 24-Sep-13 14:36:40

I like tenderstem and sprouting broccoli (are they different?) Recipes look fine but really they seem like 'oh you could add some broccoli to this'

MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 24-Sep-13 14:50:45

Hi everyone, thanks for posting. In regards to some of the points that have been raised, Tenderstem say, "It's great to see so many of you joining the discussion and feeding in your thoughts and ideas. We wanted to address a couple of comments on behalf of the team at Tenderstem who are enjoying finding out what mumsnetters have to say but who are keen to respond to a few points raised.

First of all, to respond to the GM question raised - no, Tenderstem is definitely not genetically modified. Also, some of you asked about the difference between Tenderstem® and other types of broccoli. Tenderstem® is not the same as traditional broccoli, Bellaverde or purple sprouting broccoli. It is actually a cross of Chinese Kale and traditional broccoli and is bred using classical techniques.– so it has all the health benefits of broccoli but has a milder taste and is more tender than the others on the market (in fact it's so tender you don’t actually need to cook it at all!). To pick up on the query about the trademark this is to protect the quality of this unique vegetable.

Finally the team were sorry that a few of you don’t appreciate the focus on busy mums - point noted.

Thank you for all your thoughts so far and keep them coming!"

helcrai Tue 24-Sep-13 14:57:38

Like the look of the frittata recipe, will prob try it this week as would make a nice cold dish for lunch next day (as I'm on a budget!).
TBH have only bought tender stem broccoli when it's been on offer as it is expensive compared to the traditional varieties. It is tastier though I think and has less wastage as the kids will eat the stems but won't on normal broccoli. Takes less time to cook which is always a bonus when starving kids are waiting & doesn't go that soggy.
Most unusual dish I have had it in is dipped in soft boiled eggs! Sounds gross but actually quite nice & good way to get some extra nutrition into the kids.

yeah 'jog on' springs to mind.

to protect the quality - mmm yes for sure - sprouting broccoli is lovely imo and tenderness relates to how fresh it is and picking the best at the right time etc.

please mn'ers remember we want veg to remain a natural, universally 'owned' necessity of life. not a trademarked, owned by nestle, commodified luxury.

Lomaamina Tue 24-Sep-13 16:03:59

The frittata looks nice, but there's no way I'd use so many eggs (and as a vegetarian I'd be ommiting the ham).

I like tenderstem when eating broccolli as a vegetable (rather than in soup), but the branding seems like I've strolled into some US magazine. It's a vegetable! How can you take ownership of it?

mignonette Tue 24-Sep-13 16:15:20

It can take many years to breed a new variety of plant, ensuring it remains stable in propagation, reliable in performance and resistant to disease. This costs more money than most people think. So why shouldn't a company trademark its product and make money out of it?

I bet most of the people complaining drive cars, use mobiles and other IT devices, buy flowering plants for their garden (many of which are now trademarked under Plants breeders rights) and all manner of other trademarked products. Many companies use profits from these 'luxury' plants to finance plant and seed breeding that benefits countries with less reliable climates than ours.

Genetic Modification is a whole other debate.

dappledawn Tue 24-Sep-13 16:26:43

I have bought tenderstem broccoli once or twice, and definitely love it - if it wasn't more expensive than the usual kind, I'd get it all the time. You can really taste the difference and it's much more tender.

The salmon and tenderstem pasta is delicious, and my favourite of these recipes. Very healthy too. The garlic breadcrumbs on top are a good idea, to add a different texture.

cornflakegirl Tue 24-Sep-13 16:59:57

mignonette - thanks for that post, I'd never really thought about those things before. (Still find the trademark symbols all over the place a bit weird though!)

mignonette Tue 24-Sep-13 17:06:21

I agree that if it is used to deny people in developing countries cheap access to the best hybrids then it would be wrong but equally companies have been making money from seeds and plants for years. We send all of our old phones/computers etc to the developing world for processing and they are all trademarked and we have deregulated trading on food commodities so that the harvest of goods such as rice, cacao, coffee, fruit, grain are all 'bet on' by Hedge fund traders in a manner that is grossly immoral to some.

There's so much more to get het up about I think.

sure so much more to get 'het up about' till you're in a position where nestle owns green veg and it's production or someone owns the international copyright for cabbage.

this is about trying to copyright and own the most basic food groups and corner farmers into even tighter corners than supermarkets have pushed them into.

do you really need your sprouting broccoli to be a miniscule tenderer than the alternative?

I've used this type of broccoli lots of times and agree its super quick and really delicious. The recipes are very appealing, I've certainly got lots more ideas about how to use it, especially the frittata idea as that's a once a week staple meal for us.

I've usually steamed or blanched it quickly and eaten it as a side dish. However I've also used it in vegetable lasagne as it makes a nice addition to the veg layer and keeps its texture.

Ok confession time now - I actually grow this on my allotment, so don't often buy it in! We know it as purple, red or white sprouting broccoli depending on variety. I'd choose it over the large heads of broccoli any day for flavour.

DoItTooJulia Tue 24-Sep-13 18:47:47

Disappointed that there are no veggie recipes.

We eat a lot of broccoli, our favourite is in a mornay. Simply steam the tender stem, melt 30g butter. Add 30g flour, mix and cook off for a minute. Add 500 ml milk and stir constantly until the sauce has thickened. Add cheese of your choice. Pour over the tenderstem, add pine nuts or toasted breadcrumbs and grill nail starting to brown. Mmmmmmm.

mignonette Tue 24-Sep-13 19:02:57

Plenty of plants that being species, are non copyright-able. This is about not being able to grow and propagate certain varieties in your own garden/field without permission or payment of royalties. This has been happening for decades now- Blooms of Bressingham were one of the first to trademark under the plant breeding rights.

it will not lead to control of all plants by a few.

mignonette Tue 24-Sep-13 19:04:35

The best way to eat tender vegetables is to harvest them young. Any vegetable grower can tell you that. Some varieties need maturation time but most green vegetables are better, cropped early. No need to only buy specially bred hybrids.

exactly - tender veg comes from being able to buy them at the right time rather than them having sat in supermarket warehouses to the point of about to rot.

had a chat with a guy who works in the vegetable supply chain to chefs and the like today and essentially it is virtually impossible to buy 'fresh' veg now. any quality product is 'owned' (via buying out the farmers etc after running their margins into the ground with price control) by supermarkets and then left to rot in storage before making it's way to the consumer.

instead of 'best before' controls we should be looking at limiting the time between harvesting and selling so we can actually buy fresh produce rather than on the turn crap.

mignonette Tue 24-Sep-13 20:04:53

Trouble is the distribution centres can be hundreds of miles from where the produce is harvested. Cauliflowers grown in Lincolnshire will be trucked hundreds of miles away, stored, sorted then trucked back to that Boston supermarket. Mad.

BetsyBidwell Tue 24-Sep-13 20:06:05

yup love tenderstem
Love it with pasta, philly ( or cream for the more sophistiqué) and with a smidge of mustard

poopoopoo Tue 24-Sep-13 20:10:14

I really need the quick recipes for during the week, so it was nice to see these simple ideas. My son is fussy but he loves broccoli, however never eats the stem. I have seen the long stemmed broccoli before, not necessarily Tenderstem R?? But I will definitely see if it might persuade my son to eat it, broccoli research!! the fritatta seems a good idea for the leftovers however. I think if I chopped up the stems finely I could get away with it in all kinds of dishes as long as it really is tender and soft.
As a kid I loved my mums Broccoli and stilton soup, this has made me think I might like to try and make it myself ( I am really hungry now ). I was cooking the usual conventional broccoli the other day and put it in a bit late, it did seem to take ages to cook; though I am a bit impatient and bad at timing the dinner! ;)

RubySparks Tue 24-Sep-13 21:22:50

Usually use normal broccolli as a side dish so would do the same with this to be able to taste the flavour! The frittata looks good though... And like others don't like the busy mums nonsense or the trademarking.

stephgr Wed 25-Sep-13 01:46:07

I really love Tenderstem because it seems less dense than regular broccoli and easier to digest. Plus my children prefer it because they think it looks nicer!
The recipes look great especially the frittata and the sesame lemon chicken. I hadn't thought about using tenderstem in pizzas but it would be a great way of getting the children to eat more of it.
I don't buy it as often as I'd like because it is relatively expensive.
My favourite recipe is a simple broccoli stirfry - I just heat some oil, onions and chopped ginger before adding tenderstem for a few minutes. It's even better if you add toasted sesame seeds

NowWhatIsit Wed 25-Sep-13 06:34:44

Really interesting discussion here.
I love it and have either stirred into pasta & pesto or chopped with peas, & asparagus and stirred into a green risotto - made with leeks, basil, mint.

JS06 Wed 25-Sep-13 08:25:16

I do like Tenderstem and use it a lot.

Enjoyed looking through the recipes by on FB and it's given me inspiration to use TS in the body of dishes rather than just as a vegetable.

We do love stir fries but it all seems to need sorting at the last minute so I will be taking Lisa's advice and cook chicken in oven then chop up when cooked rather than wait for all the cubes to cook in the wok!

One of my favourite ways to enjoy Tenderstem is to par-boil it for 3 mins, then keep it cool until ready for finishing. It's delicious quickly rolled round a hot wok with some soy sauce and some pine nuts.

BigGapMum Wed 25-Sep-13 10:26:55

I've never bought Tenderstem before. I've always been put off by the price. It's currently £8.75 a kilo in Tesco, compared with normal broccoli at £2 a kilo.

However we love sprouting broccoli, and when it's in season it grows prolificly at the allotment, so I'm always on the lookout for new recipes to use it in. So I was delighted with this thread.

The recipes on the website look good. I've never thought of putting broccoli on a pizza before, but will now! I will definitely use some of these recipes, but with homegrown sprouting broccoli not Tenderstem.
( Probably not what Tenderstem company want to hear. )

Babycarmen Wed 25-Sep-13 11:31:22

I LOVE Tenderstem broccoli. I stick in in a lemon chicken recipe I have, its one of my favourite vegetables.
The recipes look great, I might try out one or two next week!

mignonette Wed 25-Sep-13 12:06:20

Steph It is great on Pizza. I used to cut thin slices of Ciabatta or Baguette, smear on some crushed tomatoes, a little garlic if the kids like it, scatter over some cheese and a few sprigs of broccoli and some peas. Then grill. The children loved it. Using tiny crushed cherry tomatoes adds sweetness and combats any brassica fustiness.

BreconBeBuggered Wed 25-Sep-13 14:59:25

I do usually have some in the fridge, and it's only on reading this thread that I've realised the stuff is trademarked. The DC prefer Tenderstem to purple sprouting, but will eat any broccoli.
Recipes are fine, I guess, but no surprises. Most cooking done chez Buggered is vegetarian, so I was a bit disappointed not to see any vegetarian ideas there.

MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 25-Sep-13 16:23:34

Regarding the questions about the breeding of Tenderstem seeds, Tenderstem has said the following, "Tenderstem® seed was bred by the Japanese seed breeding company Sakata. Chinese Kale and calabrese were crossed, using traditional seed breeding methods and this resulted in the long stemmed broccoli that we now know as Tenderstem®. Tenderstem® seed is not genetically modified. Sakata is unrelated to Monsanto. This page of the Tenderstem® website goes into a little more detail "

MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 25-Sep-13 16:45:26

We've also received a message from Tenderstem taking on board some of the comments which have been made regarding the lack of vegetarian recipes. They are rectifying this now, but in the mean time have asked us to direct you to this page: which has plenty of vegetarian recipes using Tenderstem.

sealight123 Wed 25-Sep-13 20:32:28

Truthfully, before this thread I had never heard of Tenderstem before but I am going to try it soon. Me and my family all love a bit of broccoli and it does look pretty lush :P

The recipes do look simple and appetising...just not sure they'll look the same when I cook them haha

My daughter will eat anything if it has broccoli in it :D

manfalou Wed 25-Sep-13 21:08:06

Saw this in the supermarket today. Wont be buying. £1 for about 5 pieces. No thanks

BooMeowson Wed 25-Sep-13 22:22:19

We love tenderstem, again it's not something I cook with - but eat as a side dish.

I had lunch at a friend's last week and she served it in a pasta bake and it was delicious. The bubble and squeak on FB looks fab!

Turnipvontrapp Wed 25-Sep-13 23:22:47

Not had any tea yet and I want to eat all those recipes now! Have never tried tenderstem but think I will do after seeing all those lovely recipes!

mummylovescakes Thu 26-Sep-13 10:01:22

if anyone lives near a Lidl, they have a large packet for £1 which is a bargain compared to Sainsbury's and Tesco where they are £1.75!

Fumnudge Thu 26-Sep-13 11:40:01

Tenderstem is the only broccoli DD will eat, it does have a nicer texture and taste than 'traditional' broccoli.
It's often on offer this time of year too.

redgate Thu 26-Sep-13 14:46:04

Ah didn't realise what tender stem was, have bought it before (when reduced) and thought it was slightly odd broccoli - but now I can see the point! The salmon pasta looks nice, good idea the topping that we would like by but kids may not, saves making two meals.

tinypumpkin Thu 26-Sep-13 19:11:13

Good idea about putting broccoli on a pizza, loving that! I am not a huge fan myself but others are. The price for tenderstem is indeed rather expensive I feel though as others have mentioned.

TwerkingTaxCredit Thu 26-Sep-13 20:51:01

I'm dubious about cooking times but the recipes look good. I will be trying some soon. Broccoli on pizza is great especially with pineapple!

Lomaamina Thu 26-Sep-13 21:22:51

Thanks MichelleMumsnet for the clarification, but I think the company is (hopefully not deliberately) missing the point. I don't think anyone believes this is a genetically modified product. It is clear that it is a cross bred product, as are nectarines, for example.

The commentary focused on the company's registering of a trademark against a natural product. This seems like a slippery slope towards limiting the availabilty of seeds and is certainly off-putting to me as a supporter of free-trade.

maxmissie Thu 26-Sep-13 21:34:29

Have never heard of Tenderstem before or seen it in the shops. We do buy broccoli though! Recipes look good and would be things that myself and dh would happily eat. However whilst ds likes broccoli, dd does not and unfortunately both a fairly picky eaters and so would probably not eat any of the meals for one reason or another. We would normally just have broccoli as a side with a roast dinner or with a piece of chicken or fish.

The recipes look nice but none of them are specifically vegetarian so I'd still have to change them and improvise.

I do quite fancy broccoli on pizza now.

So tenderstem is purple sprouting without the purple and with a brand name?
I don't buy branded vegetables purely because they're expensive enough as it is. And broccoli especially ends up mainly on the floor as DS doesn't reckon much on it.

So, yes, I'm sure it's lovely, broccoli is one of my favourites, but if it's pricey unfortunately I'm too poor for it sad

nerysw Fri 27-Sep-13 10:05:45

I can't stand broccoli so in our house it's the busy dad who cooks with it!

Elleceebee Fri 27-Sep-13 13:27:45

The recipes look very tempting and have inspired me to buy some Tenderstem. I have never used it before but will definitely be going to in the future.

truckingirl Fri 27-Sep-13 13:36:52

as a veg it,s great
or in a quiche
i,ve just rustled up some stilton & broccoli soup as well for supper tonight
which we,ll have with homemade cheese & walnut bread...yum

love broccoli so versatile & packed for of goodness.

Jux Fri 27-Sep-13 16:02:12

We love broccoli here and eat it frequently. I hadn't realised that I was sometimes buying Tenderstem, but I do. TBH, except for dh who is odd, we all eat the stalks of broccoli anyway, as they have loads of flavour and are scrummy. Tenderstem is fine too and if I get that then I don't have to separate out florets with very little stalk for dh at serving time, so there's a small amount of fuss-saving.

LentilAsAnything Fri 27-Sep-13 18:27:30

A Facebook fan page for a vegetable? Whatever next!?

Been using Tenderstem for ages, it was great as a finger (fist!) food for BLW.

We are vegan, none of the recipes on the Fb page are suitable for us. As such, a major fail. Vegetables should be promoted as enough in their own, they don't need a side portion of death next to them.

kerrieb1975 Fri 27-Sep-13 20:01:21

could you use it in an omelette/frittata?

whoseideawasthepuppy Fri 27-Sep-13 20:21:17

I like the one pot and pizza recipe best. I would like some tips in the pizza recipie on how to stop the tenderstem from burning as I've given up putting normal broccoli for this reason. I love how good broccoli is for calcium so do try and use alot. My children also love tenderstem best as they only like the broccoli stalk and not flower - I guess because of texture.

themummyonthebus Fri 27-Sep-13 20:57:45

I've never tried tenderstem broccoli but I'm tempted to now. I love broccoli and always eat the stalks. I generally steam it and eat it as a side dish but it'd be great to cut down on the steaming time to start with.

GetKnitted Fri 27-Sep-13 21:28:55

We have a very simple recipe, steam the brocolli and then tell the kids they are trees and watch them gobble it down.

lizd31 Fri 27-Sep-13 22:02:26

I don't see any vegetarian recipes on there though I would adapt the frittata & possibly use red peppers instead of ham

biffsmom Fri 27-Sep-13 22:36:17

I like that you can eat the whole stems. I normally just steam broccoli and have it as a side. I like the idea of melted cheese on it though.

reenu Fri 27-Sep-13 23:07:12

I love the idea of using tenderstem in different recipes but it is so expensive..I always end up buying normal broccoli!

brummiewoman Sat 28-Sep-13 01:33:46

I love broccoli - I'm growing some of my own. I din't realise that tenderstem was a separate variety though - is it a named variety or is this just marketing?
I will try it to see what it is like.
Some good recipe ideas - agree there could be some more vegetarian ones thoug

Ramblings Sat 28-Sep-13 09:28:25

Some nice recipes, the sesame lemon chicken and tenderstem and salmon pasta both sound really good. I love tenderstem broccoli, it's a nice veg for with fish.

I make a pasta dish with tenderstem, finely sliced greens, chicken, peas, lots of garlic and a carbonara style sauce (eggs, salt, pepper, gran padano and parmesan). It's very fresh and super tasty.

michelleblane Sat 28-Sep-13 12:35:20

I love tenderstem. We used to grow purple sprouting broccoli, but unfortunately my vege garden now has sheep in it so bang went my vegetables. I buy tenderstem regularly (especially when on offer). It is so easy to cook and to me, the stalks can be compared to asparagus. I usually microwave or lightly steam then add a little butter and serve as a side vegetable. I have also used it in stirfries and vege curries and on home made pizzas. For some reason, when I buy standard broccolli, it sits in the fridge, goes a funny colour, starts to smell, then gets thrown out. Tenderstem gets used immediately. I'm also partial to a stem or two raw.

HappyHomebird Sat 28-Sep-13 14:37:42

I like Tenderstem but have to admit I don't buy it a lot as there's only me in our household that will eat a wide variety of vegetables. I like the idea of it on pizza. I usually eat it with garlic, chilli and lemon juice on it as a side dish.

As to the TM, it instantly springs to mind that the apples I buy are trademarked so it doesn't bother me.

zoewowie Sat 28-Sep-13 17:30:23

I love them, taste so good and healthy, definately a winner for my family, the recipes are easy and amazeballs

poachedeggs Sat 28-Sep-13 21:23:13

I've had Tenderstem in the past and quite liked it but I happily eat the stems of ordinary broccoli, I always have! I wouldn't pay extra for it for this reason.

The recipes looked ace, things like frittata and bubble and squeak are really attractive from a lazy mare's convenience and speed perspective. I also feel inspired to top pizza with broccoli now.

I was not impressed with the tips. Offer a range of dishes and ingredients to your family? This WILL NOT save me time, I can assure you. It will lead to two small children squabbling over the cheese because that's the only item they really want, while DH and I glower at one another over a wilting salad. Not Going To Happen.

louisryan Sat 28-Sep-13 22:31:02

I love tender stem, but it is a bit pricey. I love broccoli and cheddar soup, just right for a winter tea with warm bread

Jux Sun 29-Sep-13 00:30:35

It is expensive, isn't it? That's the drawback, and why we don't have it often.

We had roasted veg this evening with crumbled feta. Peppers, tomatoes, asparagus, beans, sweet potato, baby corn, and (ordinary) broccoli. Drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar, lots of fresh basil. Oven for 20mins to half an hour.

gazzalw Sun 29-Sep-13 09:12:25

We love Tenderstem broccoli in this house but it's a bit expensive as a main veggie for a family of four - on a regular basis anyway. It's one of the few 'common denominator' vegetables in our household and so we reserve it for 'treats' so it retains its appeal ;-)

DD and DW eat it raw they love it so much!

The recipes look delicious and worth a try - we are getting a bit stuck in a rut with good food at the moment.

SIL makes a lovely pasta dish with anchovies and Tenderstem - simple for effective in the most scrummy way - and the children all love it too :-)

margf Mon 30-Sep-13 18:08:25

The children love Tenderstem with a traditional Roast dinner, would buy more of it and use more often if it wasn't so expensive.

daisybeebee Mon 30-Sep-13 23:43:55

We love Tenderstem and having looked at your recipes see that I make a very similar version of your chicken pot pie. I also use it in stir fry, roast veg, quiche, in Lamb curry and steamed with traditional meat/ fish and veg. It's delicious, quick to cook and the kids love it.

daisydaisy75 Tue 01-Oct-13 07:43:19

Receipes look very tasty and beautiful. I will try pizza and and eat it all by meself. Any greens are good for everyone, so price should not be a matter. I will definitely buy Tenderstem and use it in my cooking on daily basis. Easy to cook and extremaly healthy.

TheYamiOfYawn Tue 01-Oct-13 14:37:45

I love tenderstem, but I thought that the recipes were a little bit dull, and that actually, tenderstem is so tasty (and expensive) that it seems a bit of a waste to use it as an ingredient rather than as a star vegetable. Having said that, the bubble and squeak looks nice, so I might try that. I agree that the whole tone of the marketing was a bit patronising. Also, don't plate up your food? In my family, dishes are washed by hand and space is scarce - serving dishes are a bigger waste of time.

CharliesMouse Tue 01-Oct-13 14:38:51

The only way I'd stand a chance of getting my daughter to eat broccoli of ANY kind is in the Tenderstem® and chorizo pizza recipe. (She thinks the stem is the worst part of broccoli and, although I know Tenderstem is delicious - it's almost asparagus-like, she would take a lot of convincing.)

Son, on the other hand LOVES broccoli so he would probably enjoy ALL the recipes.

yvonne14 Tue 01-Oct-13 16:08:53

we love tenderstem as i find although it can be more expensive i use it in stirfrys boiled and its great in cheese and broccoli bake my grandchildren eat it this way

xxxkadzxxx Tue 01-Oct-13 22:19:43

Before today i had never heard of it! I feel i am missing out though so it is now on my shopping list and will be in my fridge by the end of the week! I will then experiment and try out some of the unique, delicious looking recipes!

DifferentNow Wed 02-Oct-13 15:25:33

I like the look of the bubble and squeak. Not really sure about putting it on a pizza though?

I've eaten it a few times in the past but it wouldn't be my first choice for veg.

elizaco Wed 02-Oct-13 15:48:05

Only recently started buying this type of broccoli, but I do like it if cooked properly - don't like undercooked stalks!! Enjoy it best as part of a stir-fry, or as an accompaniment to roast dinner - nothing fancy!

DoubleMum Wed 02-Oct-13 17:16:10

I love Tenderstem and it is absolutely at it's best roasted for just long enough to still have a bit of crunch, with salt flakes over it and some grated cheese.

Aethelfleda Wed 02-Oct-13 18:51:46

Tenderstem is very tasty... But best lightly cooked, so I usually would have it steamed on the side or briefly stirfried. Long cooking would wreck it! Like the sound of the soy recipe though, might have to try that out...

We have just eaten Tenderstem for dinner tonight. I served it as a vegetable with barbeque chicken and some chips. My son is a bit of a "vegetable dodger", so I was curious to see what he would make of this long stemmed broccoli. I am pleased to report he ate every bit of it up and without making any negative comments whatsoever. Which is nothing short of miraculous. I think its because it is really tender and quite sweet tasting. Thumbs up from us!

CatHackney Wed 02-Oct-13 22:55:24

I use tenderstem all the time. It's also great roasted in the oven on a baking tray with olive oil, salt and pepper - the end bits get pleasantly crunchy.

My 6-month old baby also really enjoys it, as it is well shaped for him to hold (I'm doing baby-led weaning). It's far better than normal broccoli, because my baby squeezes normal broccoli florets in such a way as to cause an incredible shower of those little end bits onto the floor without managing to eat too much of it. Somehow, he gets the tenderstem in his mouth more easily.

The recipes look fine, though nothing particularly revolutionary. I really like tenderstem cut up into small pieces and sauteed in a pan with ground pork, fresh fennel, fennel seeds, chilli flakes and some cut up tomatoes and combined with pasta (orrechiette or other bit-sized pasta).

MollyBerry Wed 02-Oct-13 23:02:16

The pictures look super yummy. Considering it is a vegetable an they are showcasing it I was surprised there weren't more showstopper recipes featuresing it.

finzean Fri 04-Oct-13 08:39:04

we do love tenderstem but only as a treat mostly in my mixed up stir fry love your variety of recipes will try some next time I have tenderstem in house....

halkerstone Fri 04-Oct-13 16:23:29

I love the look of the Indonesian chicken; the colours look fantastic. I think the recipes provide lots of different ideas. We love Tenderstem and also like the fact that it is a superfood but tend to eat it generally as a vegetable on its own or in a quiche.

csmony Fri 04-Oct-13 22:47:08

My and my DD absolutely love tender stem.Tenderstem stir fry rice is my DDs favourite dinner.tenderstem fried in butter and garlic sauce make a healthy snack prepared in few minutes.
The recipes look fabulous and planning to try the pasta recipes this weekend.

mum2eci Fri 04-Oct-13 23:01:48

All 5 of us in our household love tenderstem and purple sprouting broccoli. We either have it steamed so its still al dente or enjoy it in a stir fry. The stems are sooo sweet the kids love them :-)

ataraxia Sat 05-Oct-13 12:14:38

I like the look of the pie and I'd never thought to have broccoli on pizza before!

Never heard of Tenderstem but will look out for it, sounds tasty.

MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Oct-13 09:56:19

Hi everyone, thank you for your comments. Congratulations to BooMeowson who's won the prize draw! We'll be in touch shortly.

BooMeowson Sat 12-Oct-13 21:27:46

Squee!! Thanks Mumsnet and Tenderstem grin

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