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NOW CLOSED Tell Servis how you would design your own fridge and you could win a £100 voucher

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 22-Jul-13 09:55:40

We've been asked by the team at Servis to gather your ideas for what would make your perfect family fridge - share your top needs/ desires below and you'll be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £100 JL voucher.

So, what's the perfect design? What colour should it be? How many shelves? What special storage does it need? What else should it do? Is bigger always better? What about environmental factors?

Servis say: "We would love you to tell us how you would design your fridge, from a great piece or art to the outright crazy, let us hear how creative you can be! We look forward to reading your best ideas"

Servis are soon to be running a special competition on Facebook to win the fridge of your choice "giving you the opportunity to win a fridge exactly the way you like it. Fancy having your child's favourite drawing, your best photo or just a unique design...well you can. And don't worry, if you like our fridge freezers just the way they are then that's fine too" keep an eye out for more info.

Please note comments from this thread may well be used on the Servis pages on MN.


TenaciousOne Mon 22-Jul-13 10:48:57

I like the option to be able to change the shelf height as at Christmas fitting a big joint of meat means pulling a shelf out etc. At least four shelves. Having different temperature zones is a big plus. Colour is very individual but I have no problem with a dark colour not shiny so it doesn't show up the finger prints. Better freezer storage, I find the drawers on most either to thin or too deep. I quite like the american fridge freezer idea of just shelves in the freezer.

TallulahTT Mon 22-Jul-13 10:52:42

I'd like a secret chocolate drawer in case of emergencies, hiding chocolate in the salad drawer worked for a few years now my children are older and know me to well!

snowymum12 Mon 22-Jul-13 11:17:16

I'm shopping for a fridge at the moment and so would love one of my own design. I'd love to be able to have patterned skins to cover the outside so that they coordinate or contrast with a kitchen rather than the boring white, black or cream. Inside, I'd love to see a thermostat (which are hardly ever seen on fridges). I love coordinated storage so would much prefer boxes (colour coded) for yoghurt, red meat, cooked meats, etc. I think this would free up space so that you could get more in and in a more ordered fashion. Finally, I'd like deeper shelves in the door as my mayonnaise is forever springing out an crashing all over the kitchen floor.

pippop1 Mon 22-Jul-13 12:37:26

Don't need an egg compartment but would like more drawers of different sizes but v strong in the place of shelves with a non slip lining (perhaps removable so it can be wiped). Would like somewhere to put items that are cooling down so I can put them in the fridge safely without waiting. I would like a timer on the fridge just for normal use. Good place to keep one. It would also be good to have a lovely frame for children's art work. Who doesn't keep their kid's stuff on the fridge. Frame should be removable in case people don't want one though.
My fridge and freezer are less than 3 years old and I have ordered a few new shelves and plastic bits as they have cracked. Maybe make them of stainless steel instead or of stronger plastic? Certainly they need to be more robust for my family!

dahville Mon 22-Jul-13 12:46:51

I am so tired of tiny fridges! As a family of four plus (usually have someone visiting) we need a fridge big enough to hold a week of groceries, as it is we need to shop every few days.

I want moveable shelves, both in the door and the main part of the fridge. Two large and four half shelves in the main part (in addition to two crisper drawers at the bottom) so you can configure the shelf layout.

I don't want drawers in the freezer section - just one shelf and I can organise it myself. I want the room for ice cube trays and many frozen meals not wasted space on each drawer.

I want the freezer at the top and and the fridge at the bottom, this is so tiny people can get their own snack out :-) I also want deep shelvesto increase the amount that can be kept.

Finally, can every surface be highly washable? I don't want to have to scrub just wipe!

ArtisanLentilWeaver Mon 22-Jul-13 12:57:22

Would rubbery plastic -like the muffin tins- would those work as freezer drawers? Ordinary plastic tends to break.

Lights top and bottom plus someone should invent a corner fridge or freezer. <goes to patent idea> Hidden chocolate stash compartment compulsory.

I need a tiny corner fridge and freezer, caravan size with rubbery type crisper drawers, easily washed non stick surfaces and lit up like Blackpool.

I prefer a coloured rather than white exterior, but it needs to be matt finish, not shiny. I wouldn't want a picture or unique design. I'd like to be able to stick magnets on the outside to hold up pictures/notes etc.

Inside I want shelves that can be adjusted easily. It's often very awkward to remove the shelves. I wan them to be easy to clean too.

I don't want an egg holder.

I'd like a place to store wine or other bottles. The racks hanging underneath a shelf can be good, but I also want to be able to store open bottles upright in the door securely.

I want the storage in the door to hold everything securely so it doesn't keep falling out. It needs a deep edge along the bottom.

I like a strong vegetable drawer as long as it slides out easily and I can remove it t wash it out.

I want an alarm for if the door isn't shut properly, but with an easy cancel button for when I'm unpacking the shopping.

I'd like to be able to see the fridge temperature.

If it's a fridge freezer I want one deep drawer for bags of frozen foods then adjustable shelves for stacking boxes. I don't mind freezer drawers as long as they slide in and out easily.

EstoyAqui Mon 22-Jul-13 13:27:22

I need shelves and compartments that can be dishwashed. Our current model salad drawer and shelving must be washed by hand which is tiresome.

Shelves that can be moved for different sized products.

A wider door space for large sized juices and milks.

Crushed ice from outside that can be turned off so as the kids cannot help themselves.

An ice pop drawer that can be accessed without opening the freezer section.

A light fitted into the roof of the fridge so you do not lose top shelf space.

Doors that beep if not sealed after a minute or so, to alert you if the kids have raided the fridge but not shut it properly.

starlight36 Mon 22-Jul-13 13:47:23

Flexible storage is the best option as like others our needs change according to what food we have in. Our current fridge allows us to move the shelves but the bottom salad drawers take up quite a lot of space and aren't always full. It would be useful to have the option of removing them and having all shelving, if required.

Our door storage is currently full and we move the shelves to accommodate the heights of bottles /jars we store. A type of elastic or catch to secure the tops of the bottles would be an improvement.

A light and temperature gauge which took up less shelf space would be good. Perhaps this could be built into the top of the fridge?

CMOTDibbler Mon 22-Jul-13 13:52:18

A selection of different pockets/boxes for the door that can be moved around - I like to keep butter/cheese/condiments in the door so they don't get lost, but they aren't deep enough and things fall onto you.

The fridge to be deep enough to have bottles in the undershelf bottle holder without it stopping the door shutting properly.

An alarm that tells you if the door stays open, and a temperature sensor alarm.

Movable shelves are a must.

I'd like rotating shelves so I don't have to rummage in the back or lose things until the go mouldy. Self cleaning would be good too!

halestone Mon 22-Jul-13 13:58:50

My perfect fridge would have more space especially for eggs so that i can stop stacking them on top of each other. Also i need space for the larger drink bottles, the space in the door isn't enough. I find that the veg drawers at the bottom are too small and need to be bigger. Basically i need a fridge that is the same size but has better storage compartments.

My DD and DN love playing with the magnets on the fridge, but have a habit of pulling off the various lists whilst playing. So it would be nice to have something that holds the important lists in place so they can't pull it off.

cornflakegirl Mon 22-Jul-13 14:01:49

We don't always have enough room in the fridge door for all the milk / juice / coke / wine bottles that are opened so need to be stored upright. The ability to remove half a shelf to achieve this would be useful.

I also had to search for a long time to find a fridge freezer with a really big freezer capacity. We batch cook, and don't have room for a chest freezer, so this was important.

I love the idea of a separate door for the ice pop compartment - genius!

Agree about more robust drawers - we had to replace three in our last fridge-freezer, and they cost a fortune!

CalmlyApproaching Mon 22-Jul-13 14:16:23

I would love a 5 shelf fridge with a 2 drawer freezer below.
A way of opening it that doesn't mean annoying incut handles that catch crumbs.
Easy clean door shelves that height-adjust.
Adjustable shelves inside for 5 shelves/levels.
One shelf/level with boxes (ie for yoghurts/homous pots etc)
One shelf/level with two salad crispers.
Three other shelves/levels.
An outside covering that allows magnets but doesn't allow rusty bits.
No need for egg storage
Temp gage
Alarm if open for more than 30 secs.
Comes with a year's supply of chocolate in a special locked compartment at the top!

choccyp1g Mon 22-Jul-13 14:27:04

Adjustable shelves. Lightweight, and eady to remove, not glass.
I can provide my own boxes and baskets to act as drawers.
Alarm if the door isn't closed and the light should not stay on if the door is left open for more than a few minutes.
Thermometer showing the temperature
Dain hole that works so the salad drawerisn't constantly floating on scummy water.

Magnetic, but don't mind much else about the outside.

TeamEdward Mon 22-Jul-13 14:28:05

We have an under counter fridge, which is fine for our needs, but ideally I'd love a large larder fridge.

Storage in the door is important. I'd love to see a bungee or something to hold in taller bottles in the door - the low shelf/bottle holder just doesn't hold things like lemonade bottles.

Veg drawers need to be rethought - ours went brittle and cracked a long time ago, so a removable adaptable and wipe-cleanable drawer would be great.

We store a lot of condiments in the fridge (I love a condiment!) but racking in the door would be more sensible than taking up shelf space.

How about suspending netting underneath a shelf? You could tuck a cucumber or something in there, over a shallow pot or dish and that would really make the most of space and aid airflow around the food.

Love the idea of customisable fridges, with a frame for DC's artwork, or skins to apply.
How about a bit od blackboard paint for the DC's to draw on, or a wipe-clean whiteboard area fro jotting down fridge items for the shopping list?

TeamEdward Mon 22-Jul-13 14:31:38

Oh yes, and rather than having a fridge where the whole door opens, I'd love storage drawers the opening independently a bit like this but as part of the whole 'fridge.

Lent1l Mon 22-Jul-13 14:35:58

I've actually just bought what I believe to be my ideal fridge/freezer. It is a Samsung G-series. When you open the door the current temperature of both the firdge and freezer sections are shown on an LED display. From the same display panel you can change the temperature, set the fridge to holiday mode (leaving freezer fully working) and there is also a door alarm to alert you that the door is open and the temperature is rising.

It has easy open handles so even when juggling lots of things you can use one finger to open the doors.

Inside the drawers in the door can be put at several heights and these drawers are not all full width - which I like as it allows me to have space for taller items on one side and I find it allows me to store more in teh door overall.

The light in the fridge is an LED panel at the fron of the fridge which lights everything brilliantly, and you don't block the light when you've got a very full fridge.

There are two full width drawers at the bottom of the fridge, one of which features cool zone which stays cooler and is great for slowly defrosting meat or keeping all the salad items really fresh. There are then three glass shelves and even a bottle holder that sits below one shelf and doesn't cause issues getting to the items on the shelf below.

The freezer then has 4 drawers, two very deep and two shallow.

I know I sound like an advert for this fridge but I genuinely love it and feel that it has really met all my needs. Even after doing a full shop the fridge swallows all the food purchased and still has space (always making me wonder if I actually bought everything we needed!!!! shock). The large fridge space, bottle holder, allowing shelves in the door to be at different heights, these were all key features for us whn we were looking for our new fridge.

I think the only thing I would change is that it comes in a stainless steel colour which I love but does show finger marks - it would be lovely to have a fridge that never shows finger prints oh and also one that maybe would recognise the family member who is opening it so we could restrict access!! Easy open doors are great until your toddler realises how easy it is for them to get into the freezer!!!

Spirael Mon 22-Jul-13 14:38:55

I'd like a multi drinks dispensor! One that not only gives you cold water and ice, but can accept standard 2 ltr bottles of fizzy drinks, or provided containers which can be filled with wine milk or squash.

The bottles/containers would then be hung upside-down inside the door, attached to the external leak-free dispensor, so that at the press of a button or flick of a lever your cup is filled with the perfectly chilled beverage of your choice!

With less requirement to open the fridge door when getting drinks, it might improve efficiency as well.

Taffeta Mon 22-Jul-13 14:41:51

Slidey shelves so you can get to the crap at the back

ratbagcatbag Mon 22-Jul-13 14:55:12

Light in the centre of the fridge in the roof so space isn't lost. A deep enough fridge so when I have two litre pop bottles lay down and sauce/milk/wine in the doors the door actually shuts.
A temp gauge.
A quick chilling section
Adjustable shelves
More storage options, two salad drawers isn't enough.
Don't mind outside colour as ours is integral.

TheFutureMrsB Mon 22-Jul-13 15:24:15

A bigger fridge!
Every fridge I have ever owned has been tiny, it all great on the outside but as soon as you try getting stuff in there, there just is not enough room.

I'd like larger salad drawers, adjustable shelves, a panel light rather than a big bulky thing at the side which takes up valuable room, shelves made to hold 2 litre pop bottles and still allow the door to close.

There's six of us in our household and the fridge is pants! There just isn't enough room at all.

A drink's dispenser would be good, I know it's nothing new but it would be new to me!

I would like the outside to be easy to keep clean, just a simple wipe over but it would be nice to have some nice artwork or kids photo's on there. Or maybe an easy to clean black/white board for the kids to doodle on or write lists.

And I'd like a space specifically for my Malibu! A little secret hidey hole for chocolate would be good too!

GibberTheMonkey Mon 22-Jul-13 15:48:21

I would like the salad drawers not to be at the bottom
We are told to keep meat at the bottom but the salad drawers are there so then you have meat above your salad. So a meat section at the bottom that is easy to take out and clean would be good with a salad section above.

No annoying egg bit as it wastes room and eggs should not be kept in the fridge.

Actually a way of picking and choosing what bits you would like would be brilliant as looking at other people's posts someone wanted more eggs space (wrong I tell you grin).

A door that self shuts' just in case it's left open. Even more important on the freezer section.

Drawer fronts that don't fall off after three uses in the freezer. More space (drawerspace?) that doesn't have very large mesh bottom for all the smaller portions of things I freeze.

A good labelling system for the freezer drawers, maybe something that could shout at my husband as to which drawer the item he is looking for is in. Ok maybe that was wishful thinking...

flamingtoaster Mon 22-Jul-13 15:49:16

I would like my fridge to be very energy efficient and very easy to clean - so very smooth surfaces without too many nooks and crannies. I'd also like an alarm for when the door is left open, and a thermostat in a sensible place - i.e. not on the front shelf edge which will of course not give a true reading as soon as the door is open. Plenty of storage space on the door is vital.

Melissakitkat Mon 22-Jul-13 15:50:38

For me I love fridges where it's drawers that pull out rather than shelves - it's stops things being stuffed to the back and being hard to reach.

Also would like ice dispenser as standard.

A really loud warning sound if fridge is left open as dd always leaves fridge open.

Enough room to put lots of bottles of water & juice.

Bright colours - am bored with silver & white appliances - maybe opportunity to personalise.


Badvoc Mon 22-Jul-13 16:06:15

More than 2 shelves in the fridge.
No silly nooks and crannies that are hard to clean.
An in built thermometer.
A bulb that lasts longer than 12 months <bitter>

lucifee Mon 22-Jul-13 16:25:59

I'd like a temperature reading, when I want to adjust it in the summer I've no way to gauge it accurately, and get confused which way turns itup or down! 5 adjustable shelves in fridge and in the door - i love the idea of hidden choc compartment! smile

lucifee Mon 22-Jul-13 16:27:35

Just an afterthought - a lock for the door - my 2 year old keeps opening the door every time he wants milk and leaving it open - whether i am there or not!

pussinwellyboots Mon 22-Jul-13 16:28:37

Apart from a fridge that is a tardis (much bigger inside than the space it takes up in my kitchen!) I'd love a futuristic fridge that you scan the food going in and it reminds you when things are going out of date! It would also shout loudly at my husband to buy more milk etc when needed!!!

stealthsquiggle Mon 22-Jul-13 16:33:32

It needs to be flexible. The shelves need to be a lot more durable, especially door shelves and salad drawers. I need to be able to take all of the inside fittings out and chuck them in the dishwasher, leaving a smooth easy to clean surface. It needs to stay dry, and have an alarm that goes off if the door is left just ajar, not only if it is wide open.

Finish - brushed steel is fine. I don't need/want my fridge to be a work of art, and neither do I want it to be some unique size and shape - there is no way I am changing the kitchen around to fit a new fridge in, so it needs to fit in the same space as it's predecessor.

Pull-out slidey shelves for condiments etc.
Temperature sensor that records the temperature in the middle of the fridge but tells you on the front.
Dishwasher-friendly shelves etc.
Easy-wipe surfaces impregnated with antibacterial stuff.
Meat section at the bottom, salad section at the top (as per food hygiene rules)
No egg holder
Ability to store 2l bottles upright in the body of the fridge (perhaps a 2/3 width shelf somehow)
Self-clean function
I don't care about colour, my kitchen is white anyway.
Sensor that detects bacteria from spoiling food and alerts you.

wonkylegs Mon 22-Jul-13 16:36:41

Easy to clean (just cleaned ours to move & it was awful.) inside & out.
No egg bits/butter drawers - never ever use them the just get in the way.
Thermometer - I keep prescription meds that I need to know the temp is ok for.
Less breakable salad drawers - always crack terribly.
A bigger lip on the door bit so tall bottles don't take a dive out of the fridge onto the floor.
Frost free freezer
Alarm on door to help with less helpful kids.
Temperature controls that aren't so easy to knock - ours gets bashed whenever the fridge is very full and ends up cooler than I need.
Low energy /high efficiency - as it's on the time I'd rather it didn't cost the earth
Easy to adjust feet (our Miele dishwasher feet all adjust from the front making levelling very easy on our wonky floors)

SmellsLikeWeenSpirits Mon 22-Jul-13 16:37:33

i want the freezer part bigger than the fridge, our fridge never has much in it but i like to batch cook and the freezer is always bulging. we've no room for seperates

big is most certainly not better, lots of us have weeny kitchens mores the pity

CreamolaFoamFan Mon 22-Jul-13 16:43:16

Another one wishing for less hard-to-clean nooks and crannies. Have curves, rather than sharp angles that are difficult to get the dirt out of. Also, the drainy bit at the back - pleeeease: one that doesn't get blocked up, or that is at least easy to get un-gunked. Can you guess I hate cleaning my fridge?

I do think that anyone who designs these things should have to live with them for six months or a year before they're released on to the unsuspecting public.

nannynick Mon 22-Jul-13 16:53:20

What are those boxes at the bottom of the fridge for? Crisp salad... hmm, not in my experience, things seem to go limp quickly. So remove those and replace with space for bottles... milk, coke, water.
Things are variable heights these days, so adjustable shelf height is a must. Have seen one where part of the shelf came out... so meaning a larger item such as a bottle could be put in. So shelves with sections that can be removed could be useful.

Airflow - some fridges blow air around, some don't. Which are better?

Frost free, no need to defrost.

Self cleaning would be great... if an oven can self clean, can't a fridge?
Remove as many small things that trap dirt.

Easy to read display on the front that gives temp in fridge, and freezer (if a fridge freezer).

Silent running... impossible dream perhaps but some fridges make a lot of noise. I live in a flat so I effectively sleep with my fridge - it's just a few metres away from my bed. So I need something nice and quiet.

On a hot day like today, would be nice if it could also air condition the room grin

WhyIRayLiotta Mon 22-Jul-13 16:57:35

I would like it to be like the tardis! Failing that - being able to custom design the outside is a fab idea.

The door shelves should be wider - to fit in the milk / jars without a struggle.

I would like freezer drawers that open and close easily.

An alarm if the doors are left open.

An easy to fill and empty ice cube tray.

A pull out tray underneath the veggie drawers (which have holes)- so I can easily throw out all the old / fallen off mouldy bits.

Easy to clean is a must. and a chocolate compartment

asuwere Mon 22-Jul-13 16:57:52

I don't care what the colour is - mine is always covered in magnets/notes/pictures anyway.
For fridge/freezers - freezer at the top would be great option so kids can still get in the fridge easily.
As others have said easier to clean.
No egg trays.
Thermometer and make the adjuster dial easy to set - mine currently has 1-5 but I always forget which is coldest and have to look it up - if it went blue to red or similar, would make it much easier.
adjustable shelves -mine currently has a shelf which has a hatch in it so you can open just half for some tall things but still have use of rest which is very handy!
drink dispenser would be fab - access from outside so no need to keep opening door. Easy to refill bottle!
removable spring on door so it automatically closes (so kids don't leave it open) but can be removed/unhooked easily if putting shopping away and need door open for a bit.

Love ArtisanLentilWeaver's corner fridge idea! smile

DoodleAlley Mon 22-Jul-13 17:05:59

Since DS got campylobacter last year I've been shocked to discover how many food packages have it on their outside. At present I'm careful I wash stuff but as DS gets older there is more of a chance of him grabbing stuff out without that care.

I'd love the option of more drawers or compartments I guess like a freezer, especially a lower one for meat. It would also make it easier to find what I wanted in a rush!

Yonilovesboni Mon 22-Jul-13 17:16:08

I would like a shelf that tilts. So when I have a bottle that has been opened it doesn't then leak everywhere when I inevitably don't have space in the door rack!!grin

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Mon 22-Jul-13 17:25:29

BIG with lots of separate drawers, a wine rack under the top shelf, deep door shelves with one for 2 litre bottles, one for larger jars and one for cheese etc. would love the option of temperature control for each compartment so you could keep fruit and veg cool, meat and fish a bit cooler and drinks very cool. also like the pull out ice cube drawers and a large drawer underneath to tap them into so you always have ice available.
outside, easy to programme controls and love the idea of changable 'skins' or to be able to order one with a specific colour or customised design. a digital photo frame built in could be fun as could a slot to slide in pictures, recipes, notes to the family etc or a finish that worked as a blackboard / whiteboard with pens so you can write nots or draw your own pictures on and wipe off when fed up with them. some models could have the water dispensers but with an easy washable container, perhaps two side by side so you could have juice and water? I could design a great one I think... can you arrange one with a refillable automatic wine section grin

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Mon 22-Jul-13 17:29:31

I'd love a futuristic fridge that you scan the food going in and it reminds you when things are going out of date! THIS is genius

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Mon 22-Jul-13 17:30:58

and could it scan stuff that has run out as you finish it and add it to a shopping list on the front so kids stop moaning that theres no xxxxx left.

manfalou Mon 22-Jul-13 17:34:20

My ideal fridge freezer would be...

-tall standing side by side with push button door opening high up so the kids can't get in when they feel like it.
- Cream or silver but not overly shiny
-a split drinks dispenser on the fridge door which could hold 2l water and 2l of another drink of choice
- the door should have 2 full width bucket shelves, bottom one tall enough and deep enough to hold 2l bottles, the top tall/deep enough to hold a 2 x 4 pint of milk and egg tray at the top.

-fridge to have 1 wine bottle holding shelf at the top, 4 normal shelves, 2 large veg draws and a small meat draw at the bottom to avoid dripped blood going anywhere. Would be nice if the shelves rotated. discretely colour co-ordinated which correspond to chopping board colours e.g red for meat, blue for fish etc
All shelves to be easily removed and the ability to higher/lower/ remove shelves should you wish to.

Freezer to have 3 deep shelves and 3 deep draws. The door to have 4 deep shelves on to put boxes of fish fingers in etc

lookoveryourshouldernow Mon 22-Jul-13 17:51:08 on/off switch for the water supply that is accessible from either inside or the front display panel..

I speak from bitter experiment !!!

More hard wearing shelves/runners - this seem to be the first thing that break..

HazeltheMcWitch Mon 22-Jul-13 18:11:12

I'd also like some practical features, foremost - no nooks and crannies for crumbs and muck to get into. Or for DC to spill milk, which instantly sours.

I'd also like that drainage hole at the back to not clog up with ice.

A lock/security switch would be ice too, as would very strong shelves so that I can pile things in and not worry about warping.

JosiePosiePuddingAndPie Mon 22-Jul-13 18:41:41

No salad draws at the bottom, who wants meat stored above salad?? It's just grim! Why aren't the salad draws at the top where nothing will spill on them. Plus an easier was of cleaning the hole bit at the back when it gets gummed up.

skyeskyeskye Mon 22-Jul-13 18:51:05

I have always had a large fridge as I dont like under the counter ones, so have an 80/20 built in fridge freezer. I preferred my old fridge which had glass shelves.

The door pockets in my current one are good, bottom one deep enough to hold 2l water bottles, the next one up deep enough for wine and milk.

More drawers would be good, sort of half way up the fridge, where all the yoghurt tubes and cheese strings could be kept! just narrow ones under a shelf would be great.

an alarm would be good as 5yo DD is always leaving the door open.

JosiePosiePuddingAndPie Mon 22-Jul-13 18:55:46

Temp dials which are easy to use, I never know if 1 is coldest or warmest. And built in child locks so you don't have to fit those horrible stick on ones.

hermancakedestroyer Mon 22-Jul-13 19:01:22

I would like my fridge to be A rated energy efficient. I would like a spacious fridge with a large freezer drawer. I would like a lot of shelf space as I have a family. A drinks dispenser would be a nice touch. Personally I would like a fridge in a choice of more exciting colours than white. A large salad drawer with compartments. A cheese block holder and an onion storage facility. Oh and obviously a wine rack / dispenser wine

daisychicken Mon 22-Jul-13 19:17:59

1. I'd like to have a fridge which maximises the space available as I find there's so much unused space due to the shape of fruit or veg - ideally lots of drawers or boxes that stack - need to be different sizes for different produce - so all the space could be used - ie a cheese drawer, lunchbox snack drawers ie mini cheeses & pepperamis or a yoghurt box; boxes that stack for meat; salad drawers and 2-4 vegetable drawers.

These need to adjustable as to where they fit in the fridge - I want meat at the bottom of the fridge and space for leftover containers near the bottom - so no leaks/drips over my fruit & veg.

2. Rectangular leak proof containers to fit on a shelf or in the door for water and squash would be ideal - needs to be large - 1L each - currently I have lots of bottles of water which fall over. Space also needs to be left for the milk bottle. Perhaps a holder or two for a wine bottle.

3. Good space for jars/bottles - perhaps a pullout shelf or a lazy susan for easy access

4. Colour isn't important. Glass shelves don't bother me. Just needs to be easily cleaned.

5. An easy to read temperature dial would be good - the number dials mean nothing!

6. A good light for easy viewing.

VelvetStrider Mon 22-Jul-13 19:25:35

I'd like an alarm on the freezer so if the door is left slightly ajar then it goes off after a few minutes and you're not greeted by a layer of snow over everything a few hours later. Would save having to cook up large quantities of meat in case it had partially defrosted.

A deeper door would be good. We use whole and semi skimmed milk, orange juice, lemonade and sometimes other drinks requiring chilling! There's just not room for them all in the door, and they always seem to leak if placed on their side on a shelf.

500internalerror Mon 22-Jul-13 19:26:51

A fast water/ice dispenser.

A drawer that can't be seen through, to put things I don't want the kids to touch (eg the packed lunch ingredients).

Adjustable shelves.

Really deep drawers.

No tricky nooks & crannies that are hard to clean.

I'd love to have a fridge that doesn't cover itself in ice at the back, yet actually stays cold.

littlemonkeychops Mon 22-Jul-13 19:36:07

Our wish list would be:

1. A child lock
2. A sensor that beeps when you've not closed the door properly
3. A good energy rated so our energy bills aren't sky high
4. A thermometer
5. Better storage ideas, 2 salad draws is great for salad but what about the rest of the fruit/veg that doesn't fit? It ends up rolling around or squashed
6. As for colour, white is ok but silver/red is more fun

I want more shelf height options in both fridge, freezer and the door. I would like a deeper door too to increase the storage for milk etc. I would love a different temprature compartment to keep herbs and salad at optimum temperature and a cool, dark (but not cold) space for veg. Individually temperature controlled sections for cheese, meat etc. would be fantastic although likely to be very expensive. I like an ice dispenser too.

Don't need an egg compartment as it normally ends up in the back of a drawer. I'm not too bothered about colour - maybe a choice of black/white/chrome.

On top of this I want it to be quiet and energy efficient.

Hopezibah Mon 22-Jul-13 20:11:19

For me it needs to be a fridge / freezer. The freezer should never need defrosting. And ideally not be too noisy - ours sounds like the runway at heathrow airport at times!!!

The key thing is useful space. Shelves in the fridge door need to be tall enough for things like cola bottles etc.

Ideally available in the right width too! Our builders left us with a slightly smaller than 'average' size gap and it left us with very little choices when it came to choosing our fridge.

smokinaces Mon 22-Jul-13 20:21:02

I have to admit, my very very old Hotpoint fridge freezer suits me wonderfully. It is amazingly designed, just a shame its too big for the kitchen in my new house and in the dining room!!

I want multipurpose door pockets. Ones that move about. That I can take the egg divider out of. A high lidded one for chocolate.

Two or three fruit and veg compartments. Milk tray in the door. Adjustable shelves, so I can stand jars and milk up.

A big freezer. Four drawers. Deep and pull out.

and for 50-55cm fridge freezers to be taller. I've had to look at thinner ones for my kitchen and they are all shorter as well as thinner. Which is rubbish, as I lose so much space. Not sure how I will cope when I have to replace mine. Tall and thinner please. Lots of storage.

ValentineWiggins Mon 22-Jul-13 21:41:32

I want a fridge that works like a pull out larder - so that you can actually organise the whole thing and reach things at the back really easily. With really flexible spacing between shelves. I guess you could do it so that you pull the unit out with sliding doors on either side so that you don't end up losing all the cold air.

Even just the ability to pull out one shelf all the way at a time would be a good start!

Oh and I don't want an ice maker that takes up so much space in the freezer that I can't fit anything in.

Jojay Mon 22-Jul-13 21:45:38

Id like to be able to turn off the fridge or freezer independently of the other.

I'd like drawers that don't go brittle and crack after a while.

I'd like a light that doesn't get blocked by food in the fridge

I'd like an alarm when the door isn;'t shut properly.

thismousebites Mon 22-Jul-13 21:50:25

Sliding glass doors, a bit like those in supermarkets where you can see everything inside. This stops children opening the door then just standing there vaguely perusing the contents whilst the door alarm beeps.
Also a drinks dispenser that actually has enough space underneath to fit a pint glass under instead of just a very small beaker.

AtYourCervix Mon 22-Jul-13 21:55:01

Tardis like.

Compact and fits under the counter yet roomy and spacious on the inside.

Also I like a separate shrlf for separate stuff. Do.....

Dairy shelf

Meaty shelf

Salad area

Yogurt bit

Cooked stuff area

Raw stuff place

Leftovers space

Beer drawer

Wine storage

Cheese place


Preferably all nice and separate. Colour coordinated would be good.

SaltySeaBird Mon 22-Jul-13 21:55:28

I'd like a fridge / freezer that was ...

- Bigger, you can find wider ones but I don't have the space. I could go taller though.

- Freezer drawers that don't break. Really, just shelves would be fine, maybe a wire basket. Not plastic pull down and snap off flaps though.

- No need for egg thing

- Easy to see temperature gauge showing temp for each shelf

- Better solution for door storage. Big mayo jars done fit, ketchup falls out

- Neat containers for yogurts, cheese, meats etc

- No pattern options for exterior, they would date so fast. Nice gloss or matt finishes though in a range of colours

AtYourCervix Mon 22-Jul-13 22:00:40

A whole section for condiments!

sharond101 Mon 22-Jul-13 22:15:04

Features required,

Easy to remove shelves to clean
Easy to reassemble to make shelves different height
More freezer space relative to fridge space
More room for milk
Drawers under shelves
water dispenser on front
pizza drawer in freezer
whiteboard inside freezer door to record what is in freezer

Thevelveteenrabbit Mon 22-Jul-13 22:19:23

Flexible door storage - we waste a lot of door space because we have 1 pint milk bottles from milkman but fridge is designed to hold taller bottles.

Storage at bottom for raw meat - hate putting above salad drawer

More than one salad drawer - easier to separate new/old food

Under shelf storage that pulls out so using more area of the fridge but still ensuring good air flow so that temperatures are maintained

ouryve Mon 22-Jul-13 22:37:00

We definitely need a big fridge. We have separate 5' tall fridge and freezer and they're often full after a big shop.

I need lots of space for fruit and veg and a knowledge that it's not going to freeze to the back of the fridge if one of the boys shoves it backwards whilst rummaging for something.

lots of flexible shelving and plenty of racks in the door for jars and small bits and pieces like garlic, ginger and chillis are essential. And those racks need to be sturdy and easy to clean.

My current fridge is a Beko and one thing that it has that is really worth the space is a bottle rack that sits under a shelf. It's the perfect size for 5x1l cartons and bottles of milk, juice etc.

Flatasawitchestit Mon 22-Jul-13 22:51:25

Adjustable shelves so we can decide the height / depth for busier weeks like BBQ season & Xmas

Definitely a drinks dispenser, we've had one before and it is a brilliant idea for getting everyone, kids included to drink more as they think its a novelty. Ideally having the chamber removable so you could do squashes / punches in there too.

Good sizes for salad drawers, scrap the egg compartment

Freezer drawers - ready made ice dispenser? Ice chips not cubes (I loved these when pregnant) and sturdier drawers.

Colour - not fussed really. I'd not personally go for a bright colour as if I had a change of decor or my tastes changed my fridge may look out of place. I'd rather something neutral, but would be open to Pastel yellows, duck egg blues and dusty pink.

MrsOgg Mon 22-Jul-13 23:07:49

OK I haven't read the thread so apologies if I'm repeating what other people have already said!

I would love a fridge that has:

-more options for colour, as white is so boring.

- in an ideal, futuristic, world, you would have a little barcode scanner on it somewhere, so when you were running out/about to run out of something you could scan it and it would automatically be added to your online food shop. I bet the Jetsons had a fridge that did that.

- definitely adjustable shelves, as occasionally I want to put a big huge trifle in there or something.

- the freezer would be silent. Ours is really really noisy

- both would come with built-in child locks

- something that dings when you leave the fridge door open for longer than a certain amount of time

- get rid of the egg compartment, it takes ages taking the eggs out of their box, and why does mine fit 8 eggs?

- drinks and ice dispensers are fab.

- no floppy down plastic flaps on the freezer as they are rubbish. Drawers all the way.

- easy to clean

- ok, maybe the barcode scanner thing would also tell you when food is about to pass its sell-by date? AND maybe it would offer you suggestions? In the manner of that annoying paperclip in Microsoft Word - 'Hi! It looks like your chicken breasts are about to pass their sell-by date! Why not make Chicken Cacciatore using them tonight, as you also have some slightly manky tomatoes in the drawer!' etc.

- ooh, a jug that fits perfectly into the fridge door, we have some lovely jugs but none of them fit in the fridge!

- what about a special place for lunchboxes?

GetKnitted Tue 23-Jul-13 07:26:07

Looking through the other comments here... I suggest an easy mix and match design your own fridge because really I don't want
- a tap on the outside of the fridge
- endless drawers in my freezer
- a wine rack (ours carries any long vegetables or salad bags)

but I do want
- an egg holder
- a temperature / door alarm
- no defrost feezer
- a door jug
- an airtight section for open cheeses and cold meats (^own idea^)
- freezer blocks with freezer door storage (absolutely brilliant, we use ours on picnic to keep our food cold, shopping to keep our freezer/cool bag cold even if we don't come straight home, bung in a sink full of cold water with whatever bottles of cold drinks we're serving at a party)

for outer design, I'm not fussy, white and tall is fine, I don't have a kitchen big enough for an american style two door jobby.

Ramblings Tue 23-Jul-13 08:28:02

I want a fridge/freezer that can be customisable from a layout point of view, where you can move shelves and drawers to create the best space for your family and needs.

- space for large cartons of milk
- space for wine
- cold water dispenser
- smaller drawer in the freezer just for icelollys
- condiment space that is actually big enough to hold the bottles
- easy clean - no grooves and crevices for crumbs to cling to
- freezer drawers that don't break
- a way to keep open meat fresh for longer - maybe a drawer like the veg drawer but smaller
- a way to write down what you have in the freezer and one on the front of the fridge to write down what you've used

I want it to look sleek, no big logos, maybe offer replaceable transfers to go on the front so that you can update the look when you redecorate or get bored.

nextphase Tue 23-Jul-13 09:03:53

Toddler proof for opening, but easy adult opening.
We like drawers which slide out in the freezer - but please make sure they open far enough to get a loaf of bread in and out.
Can somone come up with a way to make icecubes that doesn't involve plumbing in the fridge, but also so that random icecubes don't drop out and end up all over the place.
Same with froozen peas - why do they always escape?
Doors that stay open when you open them, but always shut fast after use (ie no opps, freezer door left open last night moments)

JacqueslePeacock Tue 23-Jul-13 09:07:17

Freezer shelves that don't crack.

Frost-free design that is also ICE free.

Better drainage down that little hole halfway down the back wall of the fridge - our last 2 fridges (different makes) have both ended up with blockages here causing water to pool in the fridge/on the floor.

Shelves that can be pulled in and out while loaded so I can see what's in there.

More space for jars, bottles etc in the door.

IncaAztec Tue 23-Jul-13 09:07:18

My main desire is something that displays a thermometer so that you can read from the outside if all is okay. Sick of fridges that are 5 different temps throughout!

Would also like a seperate bit for big plastic milk containers in the door - its cheaper to buy the big ones but hard to store them.

Love the fridges with ice dispensers so definately one of those too.

MrsHoarder Tue 23-Jul-13 09:28:12

A Freezer with a big drawer for joints and big bags of frozen food, along with shallower drawers for the usual fish/ice cream/hm cakes/ice for G&T.

An alarm for if the door is left open and which has a battery to sound when the power is cut for more than a minute or two (with an override button for actual power cuts). Losing food to accidental defrosting is frustrating.

The fridge needs plenty of space for bottles in the door, moveable shelves with plenty of height options and everything that comes out easily and is smooth to clean.

Willemdefoeismine Tue 23-Jul-13 10:27:14

A rack for lager cans and a special defrosting drawer

DoItTooJulia Tue 23-Jul-13 12:02:32

Easy to remove shelves for cleaning.

The option of buying extra shelves.

Salad drawers are useless, just give me more shelves/space.

Deeper doors to allow bottles to be stored upright.

Alarm to say its not shut or the temp is too high.

ThatsSoVanquish Tue 23-Jul-13 12:04:45

Rotating or pull-out section or shelves so you don't forget about stuff that's been pushed to the back.

A reinforced shelf for jars and heavy joints of meat.

A hidden drawer for chocolate and medicine would be good.

Smooth bottomed salad drawers. Random nooks and crannies are hard to clean.

VivaLeBeaver Tue 23-Jul-13 12:10:17

My ideal fridge would have salad drawer at the bottom.

Top of the salad drawer would be the first shelf. Then another two or three shelves above this and these been fully adjustable to can be put wherever.

Little shelves in the door, one big one at the bottom for milk, juice, etc. no egg holder......never put eggs in the fridge.

Black exterior. No sticky out door handle, it needs to be a recessed grip type thing in the top of the door.

Most important thing is that the back of the fridge inside doesn't ice up nor does it make food go soggy. Our current one does and dh nags at me if I shove something to the back of the fridge by accident and it gets wrecked.

Also can the temp dial say colder/warmer rather than numbers? I never know which way to turn it to make it colder or warmer.....I am a bit dim though.

EauRouge Tue 23-Jul-13 12:33:59

I'd like a fridge with a 2 beer limit so that DH doesn't stuff it full of beer leaving no room for anything else (he doesn't even drink that much).

Much bigger salad drawers.

Yes to removable and rotating shelves. I'm too short to see what's at the back of the top shelf.

Matt finish in a colour that doesn't show up every tiny handprint.

Door shelves to be slightly taller so that bottles don't fall out when DD1 yanks the fridge door open.

GreatGooglyMoogly Tue 23-Jul-13 12:39:29

I would like adjustable storage but definitely a drawer/ area on the bottom of the fridge for raw meats that might drip. Temperature-adjustable fruit and vege drawers. The freezer needs to be deep enough for family sized pizzas to fit in! I prefer the freezer above the fridge (or next to each other if an American-style 2-door fridge). I would like a water dispenser to encourage the children to drink more and get it themselves - it would also free up door space as we currently have a Brita water filter. The whole thing should be frost-free. No egg holder. Easy-clean. Quiet - as we have an open plan downstairs and a sofa-bed and the fridge/ freezer has been known to keep guests awake!

Glitterfairys Tue 23-Jul-13 13:05:19

If I could design my ideal fridge it would be a big American - style double door fridge freezer in high gloss red. One side would be a fridge with a water wine dispenser and the other side a freezer with plenty of big storage compartments. Ideally in the fridge I would like a salad drawer that kept the salad crisp as mine does the opposite at the moment for some reason. I could do with a new fridge as mine is a bit past it so this has got me thinking.

arabella99 Tue 23-Jul-13 13:07:48

My Fridge/Freezer has to be big and would (considering the weather now) have at least four rows of ice-cube tray drawers or an ice maker and little partitions to hold the lollipop moulds upright until they freeze :-)

daimbardiva Tue 23-Jul-13 13:09:06

Being easier to clean would be fantastic - all the bits to be easily removable and possible to fit in the dishwasher. Essential to be able to adjust the shelves. Rotating shelves is a fab idea, though I don't know how that would work!

No egg storage.

More cheese storage!

Specific wine storage area.

Backpaw Tue 23-Jul-13 13:31:55

I want a double door so that the left handers don't complain abut everything being on the 'wrong side'.

A larger drainage hole so that it doesn't flood too often.

A lip on the top shelf to stop jars and bottles landing on my head.

Shelves that pull out so you don't have to rummage at the back for the pickle.

Different 'chillzones' so you can keep some items cooler. And a little area for defrosting things.

GladbagsGold Tue 23-Jul-13 13:40:14

I would like a self shutting fridge door. Also a section for putting Help Yourself DC food in and then another door for Stuff We Need For Meals So Hands Off. I want it to text me to tell me if we're running low on vital things.
And if it could somehow be powered by children bouncing on the trampoline that would be very energy efficient please.

When you have finished that perhaps you could also give me the moon on a stick, I know...

Backpaw Tue 23-Jul-13 13:44:37

Glad - you just need a big mousetrap on the stuff you want to keep. DH always eats whatever I have just bought for tonight's dinner.

Something that tells you when the milk is on the turn before you ruin a perfectly good cuppa by pouring it in.

gazzalw Tue 23-Jul-13 13:48:21

Possibly a 'blackboard/whiteboard' type area for writing notes etc....

WowOoo Tue 23-Jul-13 13:51:33

I'd like my fridge to have adjustable shelves.
I sometimes change it around and would like to adjust the height without needing tools.

I also need the shelves to be really strong.
In our last fridge the cover of the veg drawers snapped. They should have been much stronger.

5 shelves for fridge and 4 or 5 for freezer.

I'd like compartments inside door to be easily removable for washing and strong also. Adjustable would be a bonus.

Cambam2010 Tue 23-Jul-13 13:53:47

I'd like a fridge where the temperature in the door compartment was the same as near the back panel of the fridge. I like cold milk on my cereal! I'd also like an assortment of shelf heights, with maybe 'stepped' shelves so that you can stand tall items up on one side but not lose a shelf on the other side.

No need for the egg holder or butter dish - these are always removed from my fridge.

I'd like there to be an alarm if the door has not shut properly and perhaps even a display to alert you if the temperature needs increasing to cope with the volume of food.

Lioninthesun Tue 23-Jul-13 14:01:14

Please could you do an easy clean option - not chrome? Fed up of only having the choice of white or chrome!
My fridge is good space wise and has 3 shelves, bottle rack and large salad drawer. I would like more door space though as the 2 door shelves have big plastic teeth things, presumably to hold things in place, but if things aren't put in correctly then it pushes outwards into the fridge and breaks the salad drawer when the door is pushed closed - no need to have teeth at all... (hopes that makes sense!). Would be nice to have a door with a frame on it like the lil davinci art frames to put kids paintings or photos - that way none of them will fall off or get bent etc - link to what I mean
My change for the freezer part is for a thin shelf where you can slide either a box of ice lollies or an ice cube tray. My freezer compartment has 2 long tube-like useless ice cube trays you slide in either side of the top drawer and you fill up from one hole at the top. They are impossible to see how much water you need to put in and impossible to break up to get the ice out. Also the plastic cap for the water hole leaks. Real waste of space and I'd rather use a tray but can't just balance water on top of my frozen veg!

My ideal fridge:
Something that is available in various colours
Special racks inside for pop bottles (similar to a wine rack)
More space for milk etc
Shelves that are easier to clean
An alarm that bleeps when the door is left open
The inside of the fridge could tell you where is best to store food e.g raw meat on the bottom shelf, cooked meats above etc.
A special compartment for keeping chocolate and biscuits cool.

telsa Tue 23-Jul-13 18:58:37

Range of bright colours
Strong handles, not plasticky
Energy efficient
Alarm if open or in need of defrosting
Narrow and tall (my kitchen is small)
Strong freezer front drawers. Mine have split and don't pull out very well.
Adjustable shelf sizes.

threepiecesuite Tue 23-Jul-13 20:59:14

Deeper fridge space so can lie 2l pop bottles down vertically.
Easy to remove and clean drawers - at top of fridge.
Light which doesn't break after1 month (yes you, Beko)
Quieter humming, no gurgling
White or cream or pale green exterior colour.
White wine dispenser on front. :-)

MadMonkeys Tue 23-Jul-13 22:18:48

I'd like adjustable shelves so I can change the shelf heights easily.

No egg holder.

Integral fridge thermometer showing temperature at the front and back of the fridge. And a thermostat with digital controls to set the desired temperature instead of fiddling with a tiny dial and never quite getting the temperature I want.

To shelves in the door instead of one shelf and a load of useless little compartments.

A seal that lasts on the door.

drawers in the fridge that come out on runners so I can get to the stuff at the back without having to get everything else out first.

Maggietess Tue 23-Jul-13 22:40:44

I'd love a fridge with better bottle/can storage so they aren't dangerously stacked and falling out.

Better door storage so that everything isn't poised to fall out! I like others don't need an egg drawer, I'll keep them in their box! More optional storage drawers/boxes/nets that go above the drawers to use wasted space if needs be.

For bottle feeding somewhere that I can stack lots of bottles in the door.

Perhaps stackable accessory boxes for storage that interlock or clip into doors or shelves?

Definitely easier to move/remove shelves.

Maybe it's just me but a temperature dial that isn't 1-5... I never know if that's degrees with 1 therefore being coolest or a scale of cool,with 5 being coolest?!

How about stackable lunch boxes that fit say 3 tall in a specific shelf so I can make lunch the night before and fit them all in the fridge.

Somewhere that spills/water drain to so that I'm not mopping out individuals shelves filled with water.

A fridge that doesn't freeze things stored along the back wall!!

We have replaced about 3 cheese drawers with cracked plastic and 2 shelves...a family of 5 needs durable shelves that don't crack when piled high! I need to pack the fridge since it isn't a super duper big American one so I need it to be made of strong stuff!

And if you can fit all this in to one normal sized fridge freezer ill give you a medal!! wink

aristocat Tue 23-Jul-13 23:57:55

I want in my fridge ....

An alarm on the door that would 'beep' if the door was left open after 5mins or so.

A temperature display (outside if possible as in industrial equipment)

Deeper shelves in the doors to stop my mayo/water bottles falling out.

An integrated light that does not take away any space from the side or top shelf.

An ice dispenser and a jug that fits into the door shelf properly.

Stronger plastic drawers as mine are starting to split already and we are very careful.

Simbolic Wed 24-Jul-13 02:17:54

It needs to be white, make it in other colours too if you want but I'll only buy a white fridge or fridge freezer.
There would be none of that rubbish printed-on-the-surface writing on it, which fades after a few cleans & irritates me to death. If you want me to display your brand, put an inset that lies flush with the surface on it - no sticky out badges I have to scrub either.

If you sold fridge/freezer door skins like the ones I've got on my kindle & laptop I'd be very tempted to buy those, especially if they are easy to take off & change.
Right now I'd like some with a whiteboard or chalkboard finish on them.
I'm also currently fond of the Van Gogh Blossoming Almond Tree.

Nice solid handles - if you want to sell optional ones at a reasonable price in different styles I'd be interested in that, so some in white, some in chrome - basically the colours I might have in my kitchen on the cabinet doors.

I want it to have 2 doors so I can just open one of them to get something out not the whole thing, both of which have really solid shelves at the bottom that can hold 6 pint bottles of milk or wine bottles.
That means good quality hinges so they can take the weight.
Any door shelves above those need to have high enough sides that if I put a condiment bottle in it, the bottle doesn't come flying out when the door is opened.
It needs a decent lighting strip down the full length centre of the back of the fridge (or each side) to make midnight snacking easier.

2 decent depth salad drawers at the bottom, a full width medium depth drawer above that & 2 smaller depth drawers above that with a solid glass shelf between each.
If I want to keep meat in one of the shallower drawers & it's leaked in there, I don't want to risk spillage onto my veggies when I pull it out.

No weird 'design' feature mouldings in any of the plastic that catch dirt & are difficult to get at to wash.

Doors must open at least 180 degrees.

Ideally, shelves would have slots to slide into on one side with a small extra gap at the top of the slot to give room to tilt(e.g. the left) & a lip to sit on on the other side (e.g. the right) so that they could be tilted to remove them if the door opening is restricted due to kitchen layout, rather than having to pull the fridge out to get at the doors if it's between two cabinets or whatever.

An alarm that sounds if the door is left open for longer than 3 minutes, so if the kids leave the door open I'll know the same day.

An egg storage box that actually looks as if it was manufactured to fit the fridge it's in which will hold 15 eggs. This should be removable for those who don't keep eggs in the fridge & a useful door shelf left.

The ability to put wine bottles/fizzy drink bottles standing upright on the bottom shelf without having to remove ALL the other shelves & put the food in a different fridge, even if that's only in one side of the fridge because e.g. the next shelf up is in 2 pieces so I can just remove half a shelf to make the space

No digital displays & led lights to attract children & make them want to press buttons even if serious gymnastics is required to get to them, I've lived for years without this information I'm happy as long as the fridge is doing it's job.
A built in toddler proof lock would be good too.

A 5 year guarantee as a minimum & AAA+ or whatever the newest highly efficient rating is

If it's a fridge/freezer, then the freezer needs to be as big storage wise as the fridge, not half the size & also requires alarms & toddler proof lock.

I prefer drawers to doors for a freezer.
Two would be good, especially if the top one which would be about a third of the freezer space had an option (hidden somewhere no kid could get it by mistake) that swapped it to functioning as a big fridge drawer instead of freezer.
At Christmas, Easter or Birthday time I suddenly need A LOT more fridge space, the rest of the year I'm filling my freezer with bargains.

No ice making thingy.
A slim slidable or removable shelf at the top of the biggest freezer drawer that is deep enough for me to put ice cube trays on if I want to make some, but designed so I can store a big pizza in it instead.
Of course, room for a big pizza with space to put a couple of ice cube trays beside it or a couple of icecreams as well would be ideal.

Must be frost free.
Must also be very quiet & cost less than £1000, available for free next day delivery with a 1 hour delivery slot given when you order that is stuck to (including taking away the old one for free & unpacking & taking away the packaging the new one comes in)

If it's delivered by Jensen Ackles & Colin Farrell then it would be perfect.

Cherryoats Wed 24-Jul-13 09:00:17

Get rid of egg holders, its so redundant in our fridge.
A meat storage area below the salad tray.
Ice maker on the out side.
Lots of space in the door to hold drinks/milk
Child lock/ left the door open alarm would be so helpful!
I love someone else's idea of having the front as a black board ( or white board) - amazing! As long as its still magnetic smile

sherbetpips Wed 24-Jul-13 12:21:18

I would like the fridge to be a full height fridge freezer. I would like the freezer element not to have those silly inner doors that snap off, baskets are fine. Also dont do that little top drawer for ice cubes, it just freezes up and causes a problem. A little ice cube rack is fine. Ooh a fast chill for wine bottles would be brill.
Back to the fridge. Dont mind what colour, white or silver are fine but I would prefer a flat magnetic front. Must have a bottle rack of course and adjustable shelves on the inside door. A cheese box would be good as would a deli box for cooked meats, etc. Cold water or juice storage with a tap would also be great but it doesnt have to be on the outside. Dont have that weird bit of glass above the salad drawers, the plastic bit falls off and gunk gets behind it. Salad drawers - still not convinced on them but would prefer a pull down front with a solid top so things dont leak into the salad drawers.

ILoveAFullFridge Wed 24-Jul-13 15:21:29

My biggy is vegetables:

At least twice as much veg storage as fridges currently seem to have. And not in one mega-drawer, either, but in drawers of different sizes and depths.

Servo-drawers that lift up and out towards you, so that you don't have to scrabble about on your knees.

When I buy fresh veg I want to put the fresh stuff behind the older stuff, and it's a hassle to take out the drawer to rearrange everything. Also the veg drawer regularly needs cleaning, but is rarely completely empty. So I would like a basket within the servo-drawer, which you can lift straight out (nudge the drawer with your knee/toe, and it folds obediently back into the fridge, so that when you turn away and bum-shove the door closed it doesn't crunch against the drawer inadvertently left open).

Skimming through other posts, I see that our current fridge has many of the things on their wish lists - and we didn't even choose the fridge, it was here when we bought the house.

Itsaburrdiee Wed 24-Jul-13 15:27:12

Space is the main feature I would wish for. I am so fed up of trying to cram our weekly shop into 3 shelves.

On the same theme I don't need a separate compartment for eggs. I buy 10 eggs and the compartment is only for 6, taking up space I otherwise need.

Reliability is another important feature. I currently own a frost free freezer that we regularly have to defrost as the bottom two drawers stick, taking away much needed space.

BlastOff Wed 24-Jul-13 17:02:20

Given that our current fridge door seal is dodgy and so come downstairs in the morning to find a significant proportion of food is ruined because its warmed up overnight, I'd say a door which shuts properly would be number one right now!

I like adjustable shelves and deep door shelves. Wine rack is essential and should be sturdy enough to take a bottle of lemonade too. deep drawers for veg but not so deep you find a rotting carrot at the bottom every so often (although that could be my slatternly housekeeping!)

Not bothered about a personalised door but would like to see a wider range of colours generally available.

Wolfcub Wed 24-Jul-13 20:35:07

my top requirements for a fridge are meat locker which keeps to a lower temperature than the rest of the fridge. a veg drawer that stays at the appropriate temperature and a temperature display on the fridge door and the ability to adjust the temp without opening thw fridge. glass shelves that are positional are also a must

Maggietess Thu 25-Jul-13 10:17:57

I've changed my mind, Symbolic can I have your fridge?! Love it!!

Love the changeable door fronts like phone covers, why doesn't this already happen, clip on clip off instead of screw on built in! And the whiteboard/blackboard magnetic front- totally want it!!

CrumblyMumbly Thu 25-Jul-13 13:39:06

D'oh I was going to say whiteboard on front for shopping lists/notes to self - usually about not forgetting to take lunch. Our tap water tastes vile so we always have lots of cold water in the fridge - to have some cold water on tap would be great and free up some space. Maybe have an under shelf that you could pull out with sauces and dressings on. Redesign the veg/salad drawers as they are never big enough and always seem to break. Bigger spaces in door for larger milk bottles that all families use now. Maybe a carousel type shelf like you get in cupboards for jars etc and to make more space. Forget the egg section - never gets used. Still need a large freezer section too as I do a lot of batch cooking. Need to rethink the shelves in there too as always jamming/breaking. Oh and can you make it as quiet as possible - mine sounds like strange bagpipes sometimes and moans and groans through the night!

lorisparkle Thu 25-Jul-13 14:59:03

For our family a great fridge is spacious inside with flexible shelves. Frost free and energy efficient. A thermostat so you know if it is at the right temperature. The key though is flexibility. I like areas for different things within the fridge so they are kept at the right temperature because I can never remember where the best place for things are.

mummyofcutetwo Thu 25-Jul-13 15:59:20

I desperately need a new fridgefreezer as our current one freezes all the food and the handle is hanging off. I haven't got around to buying one yet as I just can't find one that I like. So here's my list, though I realise it's more "don't wants" than "wants"!

I would like a fridgefreezer that doesn't freeze up all the time (ironically, our "frost free" fridgefreezer does).

I don't need a butter dish holder or an egg holder - they just get in the way and end up cluttering up the kitchen shelves (I can't bring myself to binning them in case I find that they really are useful).

Ice cube makers are a waste of space. I'd much rather have more space for food and use an ice cube tray/bags. Same goes for a drinks dispenser.

I want the most ecologically sound fridgefreezer as possible. So, something that is not only energy efficient and cheap to run, but also has been made in an ecofriendly fashion.

Our current fridgefreezer has the thermostat to the left of a shelf so my husband doesn't like me to put anything on that side of the shelf in case it'll disrupt the reading. Waste of half a shelf's worth of storage!

Adjustable shelves, so you can accommodate different foods - from a bowl of salad in summer to a turkey at Christmas.

Drawers in the fridge door that are wide enough to fit the typical milk carton. Would you believe that mine doesn't?! Grrr!

Sturdy plastic drawers in the freezer. Wire baskets tend to get things sticking through the holes, making it hard to get the baskets in and out.

Don't mind a traditional white fridgefreezer. Ours is covered with the children's drawings and magnets from our travels anyway. A frame sounds a nice idea though.

Good sized fridge on the top and freezer below.

CuppaSarah Thu 25-Jul-13 16:08:35

If all the shelves and cubbyholes inside an easily be removed for cleaning I'm happy!

I'd also love some better storage for little jars and things, like a pull out shelf. otherwise all my little jars and pots take up all the room on the door shelves and there's no space for drinks and eggs.

On a slightly less useful note. I would adore it if you could buy coloured shelves! I have a right green theme going on in the kitchen and if I opened my fridge to see green shelves I would probably die from joy. Everything comes in customizable colours these days, fridges need to get with the times and get onto that!

Babycarmen Thu 25-Jul-13 16:10:36

To be able to change shelf height. Easy to clean. Energy efficient. Plenty of storage space. A 'hidden' compartment where we could hide treats etc from the kids, so they don't open the fridge and see chocolate etc and moan at us til they get it! Self-shutting door would be brilliant, kids often 'forget' to close it! Frost free freezer. I have a water dispenser in my fridge just now which is fab, but it would be better if it was removable to wash so it could be used for juice (or wine!) in the summer. I also have a bottle rack in my fridge which I like very much.
It would have to look good in my kitchen too. A thermometer so its easier to control temp, it took me ages to figure out what end was colder on a 1-6 scale.

My ideal fridge would be attractive enough that I don't have to worry about hiding it in a cupboard.... like a Smeg.

On the inside I would like the same as everyone else- removeable shelves etc but I don't want them in naff clear plastic or green frosted plastic etc
I would prefer to have them in colours- bright primaries or purples (my favourite) etc.

Not only would it look snazzy, but it's an easier way to arrange things for some.

LiveItUp Thu 25-Jul-13 16:48:42

Rather than one big door for the whole fridge, I would like a small section that contained the stuff you get out often, like milk and chocolate . That way you don't suck out all the cold air as you yank open the door to get the milk and again when you put it back, wracking up the electricity usage and contributing to spoiling food.

Don't know how a small door could be incorporated into a bigger door, or whether you'd literally need to split the fridge into two smaller doors, but then you've got lots of clever boffins to engineer this solution grin

Loving the suggestions of jazzier fronts, interchangeable fronts, whiteboard fronts. So obvious really - why are all white goods currently SO BORING???

janekirk Thu 25-Jul-13 16:57:59

Single width, equally split fridge/freezer, water dispenser, plenty of room to stand bottlesup, auto de-frost.

Adaptability! Everyone has different things in their fridge, different amounts of tall bottles, small jars, veg, meat. You can't decide what they need so it needs to have a huge amount of shelf height options, veg boxes you can put in or take out or use at the top for cheese, door shelves that adapt and don't let stuff fall out.

Think of it as a jigsaw fridge.

Oh, and we have a beautiful fridge with a blue front with a seal at the bottom, not a fridge seal, a picture of a seal. We dithered between that and one with a steam train on. They were lovely designs, we bought them in 1998 and haven't seen anything like it since.

Boggler Thu 25-Jul-13 18:04:11

I'd like it to be self cleaning. I'd like the shelves to be easy to change around and everything should be unreadable.

Theimpossiblegirl Thu 25-Jul-13 19:37:53

My kitchen is too small for a big American style fridge but that's what I want. Lots of room for vegetables- not just 2 big drawers at the bottom. Easily adjusted shelves, some where to store all the open sauce bottles, jam jars etc. lots of space. I also like the sound of self cleaning.

My ideal fridge would be like the Tardis- bigger on the inside. A choice of colours and designs would be nice- changeable doors maybe?

Eco friendly as possible too please. smile

Lemoncakeuk Thu 25-Jul-13 19:38:54

Fridges are such an important part of any kitchen and often just bought without much thought.....

I have HUGE issues with lighting, some seem to get so warm, it certainly can't help the internal thermostat!
LED's would certainly be better than usual bulb lights.

Milk weighs such a lot and are very large there is never enough space for them - maybe with an 'Eco' feel the new milk bags which are now being sold widely in supermarkets would be great to fit in to a milk dispenser within the door like the cold water facility!

Different sized drawers maybe on the side would be fab, for different veg etc and a 'smell proof' lidded compartment for onions etc would be AMAZING!

Making the shelves more substantially fitted and yet easy to move and clean.

Freezer- wise I would love a solid bottomed bottom draw for peas!! ( and other things obviously) but peas drive me nuts hahahahaah or even an easy clean tray that goes in the very bottom to catch those pesky green escape artists! Nothing worse than wet, slimey pea sludge when defrosting! ;)

Lemoncakeuk Thu 25-Jul-13 19:42:47

Ooooo and those horrid seals that you have to get in between to clean can they not be designed as a single seal with no folds? I understand the sealing aspect when closing but that design is just awful! smile

serendipity1980 Thu 25-Jul-13 20:30:04

I am a wheelchair user and find fridge/freezer quite tricky to use because I can't see/reach the higher shelves. I would prefer to have more adjustable shelves so that I can fine tune their height to my needs. I wouldn't have an egg tray, but I would love more space in the door for storing milk bottles etc. Two drawers for storing veg/salad would be very useful. Plus put the temperature guadge at a much lower level so I can read it. Need easy to move shelves, they are really awkward to get out. Need a special area for defrosting food to catch the water. A beeping door is a must for when it is left open, but be able to disable it when using fridge for a while.
For the freezer it needs a wipe clean area to record what has been stored in it. It needs shelves not drawers, I'm forever dropping them on the floor because they are too heavy when I pull them out.
Secret chocolate drawer is a must, but do make it very well hidden from husband & children! Also good to have way to display artwork. Would like it to be non shiny - shows fingerprints but definitely not white!!

Madlizzy Thu 25-Jul-13 20:52:11

I'd like the salad drawer nearer the top and a drawer at. the bottom for raw meat. space maximised and 5 shelves minimum would stop me playing fridge Tetris on shopping days. oh, and freezer wise, make drawers that don't break so easily.

shaktar Thu 25-Jul-13 20:52:44

Crushed ice maker
Storage boxes for cheese and meat
Adjustable shelves in order to customise the inside to suit you
Sections big enough for large bottles of soft drinks etc
No egg containers - who actually uses these?!
No annoying drainage hole to get blocked up (though I secretly and shamefully enjoy poking out the gunge with a cotton bud..)

Pics Thu 25-Jul-13 21:07:37

I would like to have the height in my firdge to be able to move maybe half a shelf up so i could stor bottles upright - for example when i have bought lots of milk, or need to cool wine - it is a nightmare on its side and won;t all fit in the door.
A fridge with optional/replaceable pars would be good - or a choice. I don;t want egg trays, but being able to choose something like a jug that actually fits the fridge door - and replace it fairly cheaply when i manage to break it somehow - would be good. And being able to replace cracked veg drawers etc.
More options of ways of hanging things off shelves - boxes etc - so that not everything always needs to be stacked.

AllSWornOut Thu 25-Jul-13 22:11:31

One that is easy to clean with no crevices. Actually a self-cleaning one would be better (including mopping up crumbs, etc.) hmm

And sturdier drawers. I always manage to crack mine by pulling them out in the middle rather than using the built in handle as I'm supposed to.

daisybrown Thu 25-Jul-13 22:33:22

Shelves that slide out like drawers.
Grubby fingers and crayon proof!
More room to stand bottles and cartons up.
A dial to show temperature and energy usage.

ParsingFancy Thu 25-Jul-13 22:41:44

NOT a little light on the front merely meaning fridge is switched on.angry

When I wander into my kitchen, any little light (especially red) should mean "Look at me! I need attention" not "Ignore me, all as it should be."

hjmiller Fri 26-Jul-13 04:31:20

The most useful thing would be the option to vary your shelves, different heights but also different widths, my fridge has this option in a very limited way but the smaller shelves (which are just not very deep - I would prefer deep shelves that were shorter width) have to be stored somewhere and take up space, so additional shelves that could fold away nicely would be great.

- top energy rating without the insulation being so thick that there's no room to put the food in
- removable drawers so I can get to the stuff that's slipped to the back without having to scrabble about on my knees
- freezer tupperwares that fit into the drawers efficiently supplied with the freezer

- top energy rating
- easy to clean out - no awkward nooks and crannies for yucky stuff to build up in. Easy to clean seals round edge of door
- shelves that can be adjusted to different heights
- removable wine rack so can take it out
- removable egg tray so can take it out
- warning beeper if door left open too long, but button to turn beeper off while unloading shopping
- robust handle - seems to be the flimsiest bit often

ParsingFancy Fri 26-Jul-13 09:16:16

I've often wondered if it would be a worthwhile energy saver to have an inner, transparent door, made of horizontal strips, so you could just open the (approximate) shelf you wanted rather than the whole fridge every time.

Particularly useful for fridges which aren't full 100% of the time and have a comparatively large cool-air loss everytime the door is opened; and for families with gormless fridge-browsers.

WALSHY06 Fri 26-Jul-13 09:24:05

i would like an additional wide shelf, in the door, for extra milk ect,maybe in a futuristic world. it will automatically fill it self, (no food bills), and , some adjustment, to the freezer draws

ILoveAFullFridge Fri 26-Jul-13 10:29:13

Why are the thermostats always marked 1-5? What on earth does that mean? Thermostats should be marked in degrees C.

I once saw the most amaaaazing fridge in someone's house. It was as wide as an American fridge, but with equal size doors, and it was all one fridge. It was shallow, so nothing ever got lost at the back! Yet still deep enough for a Christmas turkey, according to the owner. It was lovely. (So was he, but that's another matter entirely.)

BlackeyedSusan Fri 26-Jul-13 12:22:55

I like my current fridge. unfortunately, it is now more insulated cupboard than fridge as the bloody thing has broken.

i would like a fridge that did not make horrible gurgling noises. and one that dies quietly rather than sounding like a badly loaded washing machine on a spin cycle, you are not supposed to be terrified of your fridge

an alarm or flashing light oo thermometer to show that the temperature has rrisen <bitter>

easy to clean. my veg drawers had little crevices that were impossible to get clean, and leaked all over the floor/my feet when trying to wash them. mum's fridge drawers are one piece so do not have that problem.

I would like freezer drawers that do not fall out easily. 3 out of four are held together with duct tape.

adjustable shelves. easily adjustable. without having to empty the shelf below/above as well.

strong shelves that can take 8-12 pints of milk in bottles without collapsing. we get through at least 3 pints of milk a day.

afridge freezer that will work independently. if one half breaks the other will keep working so that you can continue to function whilst buying a new fridge freezer. you can keep going if you can freeze ice blocks to cool your fridge, or a fridge to keep your freezer stuff cool while you use it/cook it/ find somewhere else for it to go.

teabagpleb Fri 26-Jul-13 13:31:00

Had to buy 2 firdge-freezers in last 5 years.
First one couldn't cope with a room below 15 degrees. Like, y'know, most people's houses at night in the winter. The engineer confirmed that almost no UK fridges are guaranteed to work below perfectly normal temps, and this fact is the source of lots of abuse of fridge engineers.
Dual thermostats are a must - trying to circulate the coolness from the freezer to the fridge just leads to fridge death.

Big problem with new fridge was enough tall door space for milk bottles and juice cartons - many only allow pints in the bottom. Our new one can hold pints in another door shelf but the front that holds them in is rather low so if the door slams, a glass pint bottle lands on the floor. Also the two drawers at the bottom have no frame holding them straight, so you have to use two hands to close them properly so the door can close.

Seconding req for dials to be in degrees, not 1-5 - is 5 warmer because it's a bigger number, or is it more cooling so colder? The alarm when the door isn't shut properly has been amazingly useful. Handles need to be large and robust - the new friidge at work broke in a week.

Other than that, I really don't care, just economical and large capacity inside - it'll get covered in artwork and magnets soon enough.

I would like a half shelf to make a section where you can stand bottles upright. Small drawers in addition to the veg drawer would also be useful.

I am not bothered about wine holders and egg racks and have removed both from mine.

A temp gauge would be useful. I don't know if it is possible but thinking of the chorizo in click lock pot currently stinking my fridge out, some sort of sealed drawer or section for strong smelling products would be perfect!

worldgonecrazy Fri 26-Jul-13 15:53:59

Easy to clean - no tight corners. Moulded trays so that the corners are smooth to allow cleaning.

An internal thermometer would be really useful, as would a warning beep if the fridge gets too warm (I have one of these on my freezer).

A lockable/childproof bit would be useful for wine and chocolate.

Externally I think it would not be too difficult to design a "clip in" colour scheme, so that different external colours could be chosen.

JulesJules Fri 26-Jul-13 17:02:39

Eggs don't go in the fridge so they don't need their own shelf and special holder.

I would like more flexibility in terms of moving shelves and door sections around easily.

I hate those rigid plastic drawers which so easily crack.

Make them easier to clean - shelves and drawers should come out easily and without cracking.

Internal thermometer.

Choice of colours other than white.

Not noisy. I have a new fridge freezer from John Lewis which just makes a little humming noise, so perhaps the noisy fridge is a thing of the past.

Why can't they go in colder areas any more - like the garage? Not so much for fridges I suppose, but it would be so useful to have a big freezer in the garage for all the stuff that doesn't fit in the small freezer in the kitchen.

Was going to say noticeboard on the front, but actually I love the idea of a blackboard from earlier in the thread.

I love my fridge/freezer and only thing I would change is having a water/ice dispenser that comes apart very easily to clean rather than one which entails me having to use a steamer on it to clean it properly.

mignonette Fri 26-Jul-13 17:50:37

A built in Ice Cream maker please.....grin

Badvoc Fri 26-Jul-13 18:00:50

An in built mr whippy ice cream maker.

notso Fri 26-Jul-13 18:00:52

Definitely easily customised on the outside and different coloured shelves would be good too.
Finger print proof and not easily dented by passing trikes,
<<narrows eyes at DS2>>
Water dispenser that can be locked.
A wine dispenser that can be locked.
Alarm, temperature and child lock adjustable from the outside.
The top should repel dust.

Inside I would like to have;
no egg storage
pull out shelves which are easily removed and can be split in half length or width ways so you can adjust the storage.
built in airtight boxes for cheese etc. They could be under shelves and slide out or could be attached inside the door.
A drawer for jars and yoghurts.
Things to stop cans and bottles from rolling around.
Raw meat section on the bottom.
Salad drawer easily cleaned and removable.
Some way to label or colour code the shelves so people put things back in the right places.

Freezer should have drawers that pull out and are easily removed.
The drawer fronts should pull off so the drawers can be used as shelves if needs be.
Must be frost free.
Ice maker or somewhere to store made up ice cubes.
Pizza storage.
Vodka storage
It should come with portion sized containers that fit perfectly in the drawers that can also be used for cooking.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Fri 26-Jul-13 18:29:03

I would love a very tall fridge freezer, as tall as my units as I have a gap which is neither use nor ornament but is a haven for dh's "shove it on top of the fridge" habit. I would also love a 3 part system - biggest section would be a fridge, then anither large but would be the freezer, the third bit in the middle would be multi purpose - a fridge when you need it, luke christmas etc, and a freezer when you need extra storage. I also favour the american style thing for the freezer of having shallow shelves inside and bit holders in the door bit. I like metal appliances and I would like it to be easy to clean. I would like salad drawers that dont look hideously scratched and unhygienic. Please satisfy my needs. Tje stupid deaigners of my kitchen only left a gap big enough for a normal fridge freezer not a big lovely american style one. so I need height and lots of storage. If you could get rid of that dust harbour radiator type thing at the back with modern technology and use the space gained inside the appliance, even better. wink

sickofsocalledexperts Fri 26-Jul-13 18:35:01

Here is what I want in a fridge:


Rotating shelves, so i don't keep discovering old, suppurating packs of long-lost green beans at the back, and so putting new food in after a supermarket shop doesn't involve a wholesale re-org

Shelves marked for everything

Spare shelves/drawers for when they break due to overloading

Nice areas for keeping fruit like apples (also rotating)

Ice machine, water machine

In-built cheese box

Area that keeps butter cool yet soft enough to spread

Freezer to rotate also

Areas in freezer for staples (eg fish fingers)

Ice lolly makers built in to freezer

Little note pads (with pen) for shopping list for forgetful mums (me)

Pimms area of freezer in summer

Automatic re-ordering from freezer to Sainsburys online, so i never run out of staples such as fish fingers or oven chips

Freezer itself to suggest dinner ideas and slide them into oven when I have lost the will to live/cook one more meal

Thanks Servis, in advance!

cabbagewhite Fri 26-Jul-13 19:37:27

OK, the competition seems to be relating to the outside decoration, so I would like the opportunity to be able to make some cling ons of my children's art work, but with the ability to change them as they grow. A choice of colours other than white would be nice too.

Really what I would like is more input into the interior. The ability to buy replacement door produce holders, trays and lids - or even better, ones that don't break in the first place. Glass shelves are much better than the wire ones, but are a bit too heavy for me when I take them out to clean and don't allow air flow (which I always thought was important in a fridge). Also, stupid 'defrost' valves at the back, that are not easily accessible and block up and then spill onto the floor - inconvenient and a slip risk. Please get rid of the rubbish drawers in upright freezers, or even worse drop-down flaps. The plastic goes brittle a breaks in less than 2 years every time. Not only have I been buying and using fridges and freezers for the last 30 years, I have also worked in catering and home care throughout that time, so have used and cleaned many different models.

Could you also make a chilled water/ice dispenser with filters that cost less than £50?! Shall not be buying one of those models again.

fossil971 Fri 26-Jul-13 19:41:31

My Bosch fridge is pretty good (sorry!). The fridge is cleverly designed so it can be placed tight against a wall but you can still open the door toward the wall and access/remove all the drawers and shelves. The doors are reversible, we reversed them for the new kitchen layout.

The worst thing is dents and tired white paint.
It wouldn't be good to do a recolouring pack of a few trims and spray paint and then a perfectly functioning but dated fridge could be face lifted. Stick with a smaller range of models so the spares are kept available. A nice timeless styling or a contemporary/retro alternative. Truly I think so many appliances are ditched to landfill because they are out of fashion which far outweighs any carbon saving of running costs.

Also please built in child locks as we damaged the doors on ours with some awful stick on thing.

HCCCCC Fri 26-Jul-13 19:50:07

Your fridge freezers are pretty perfect - but always scope for new ideas. I would like the draws of the freezer to have tops which hold ice cubes. One smaller draw for holding frozen treats to be only opened by mum - maybe finger print activated? And also finger print activated draw in fridge section too to keep my chocolate and kids rationed treats. If I decide to go on a diet perhaps programme it not to open for me past 7pm - my danger time. Definitely variable shelves height in fridge for parties! Maybe a divider in freezer draw which can be slid across depending on how you want to organise it. An alarm which alerts you if doors are left open. Obviously uses hardly any energy and while we are at it a device which discreetly removes the unwanted children's art after a few weeks and keeps my favourite pieces. Let me know when its ready :-)

Earlier in the week I saw pictures of a chilled drawer - looks just like a rather large kitchen drawer but pulled out it was like a mini fridge right at worktop/drawer height. Having a few of those would likely have the same storage as a fridge with each one you could have at a different temperature for meats and things or just one or two for things you really need to keep to hand often with less used stuff in the fridge. As I'm disabled, I was dreaming about not having to bend down or reach up to things or have to do the back and forth as we do now (with my tiny kitchen, the fridge/freezer is actually in the next room) and the chilled drawers looked amazing for us.

Not sure about freezers, I dislike using ours as, like other have said even as a frostfree it sticks with frost and the front of the drawers comes off. My partner wants a massive chest one so he can ransack massive deals, but the digging into one would be hard. Very frustrating things.

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 26-Jul-13 21:14:38

- integrated chalk board bit for shopping lists
- integrated digital photo frame
- temperature gauge
- lockable

- door pockets that don't fall out and break bottles of gin (still bitter three years on)
- extra shelves so if you need lots of short shelves you can
- drawers that don't break
- drawers on proper easy-glide wheels so that they go in and out without breaking
- split shelves so you can put taller things in without losing a whole shelf
- good lighting not just in one area but all over so that it is not easily blocked rendering the fridge dark

Ahardyfool Sat 27-Jul-13 00:39:10

Oh god, I dream about my fridge ideals.

My current fridge freezer is built in - too high - to our kitchen.

So, primarily, any fridge I can reach into is good.

My biggest, BIGGEST issue with fridges is the inconvenience of having to pull stuff out to get stuff in. You know, when you need the ham out quick to make a packed lunch at 8.35am because you had a couple of glasses of wine on a school night and couldn't be naffed with making the sandwiches the night before? Then the petit filous come out with the ham (which has frozen to the back of the fridge) and break and spill all over the squidgy plastic grooves that keep it airtight. I so don't look forward to cleaning that up at 7pm when I get home.

So, that's a few things. I appreciate that my fridge may not be the most technologically modern, but something to stop stuff freezing to the back.

Larder style shelves that pull out could be good.

Ultra flexible shelving.

Enough door space and flexibility to store milk cartons, butter, annoying tomato puree tubes and small pots of stuff like mustard, as well as jumbo sized mayonnaise containers.

Nobody needs an egg rack. Ever.

I like those fridges that have drawers - clear plastic ones - so you can just chuck everything in like you do in the veg drawers and still feel vaguely organised.

A narrow drawer for parma ham and smoked salmon and things.

Variable humidity sort of arrangements so that cheese and things are okay.

I don't care what colour so long as not 'trendy' because these things look crap by the time I can afford to 'update'.

I do like Smeg fridges but they are the exception to the above.

No freezer in a fridge freezer is ever big ENOUGH. all freezers should have enough space to store a Barbie ice cream cake until serving - i.e. tall shelf space when required.

Note to Freezer designer: Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire puddings and fish fingers tend to fall out of packets unless you are sensible enough to properly seal the original bag or box. I'm not, so wire basket drawers cause 'accidents'.

I do not EVER want to have to defrost anything that isn't food. So, though I'm sure this is the norm these days, self-defrosting freezers are essential.

I could go on, but I won't.

Mimisrevenge Sat 27-Jul-13 07:56:43

I would like : wine/ bottle racks that are remove able, a quiet fridge, different height options (we have extra high ceilings, but. I appreciate some do not), a better way of keeping salad and veg than the conventional drawer system, easily replaceable parts, different colour ways.

al88 Sat 27-Jul-13 08:27:03

I'd like a drinks dispenser. I think on a thread on here recently someone had the bright idea of filling this with gin!

I'd like lots of shelves, and for these to be flexible, with boxes, shelves, drink bottle holders etc of all different shapes and sizes that you could switch around like a jigsaw.

The shelves on the door need to be deep enough to fit several 4pint milk cartons in.

I do not want one of those silly, pointless egg holders.

Maybe one of the drawers or boxes should be alarmed - so if the kids are sneaking into the treat box I'll know about it.

chocolatelime Sat 27-Jul-13 09:44:48

I do not keep my eggs in the fridge, so no need for egg storage.

The facility to be able to move the shelves around to accommodate larger items.

No fiddly corners and edges in the drawers that make them difficult to clean.

Wine bottle hangers smile

A flexible system of shelves & holders in the door. I need a separate compartment to store my husband's medication, but in my fridge it has to share space with the butter!

MrsGeologist Sat 27-Jul-13 12:15:10

Not stupid freezer compartment in the fridge! It wastes space.

Also, it bugs me that the salad crisper is at the bottom of my fridge, i know why it's there, but i dont want it there. In my old job, the fridges were fruit/veg at the top, then dairy, then cooked meat, then raw meat at the bottom as it's more hyge ic that way. It boils my piss that my current (stupid) fridge doesn't help me set it up like that.

Four shelves at least, for the four groups mentioned above.

JulesJules Sat 27-Jul-13 13:08:51

Oh I also want notso's suggestion of a wine dispenser grin

Simbolic Sat 27-Jul-13 13:25:47

I forgot one thing on my ideal fridge/freezer.
I want a built in DAB radio with a credit card sized remote I can use to turn it up/down/off etc... (but it also needs buttons on it so I can still do it when I can't find the remote.)

There's so many things wanting sockets in my kitchen I'd love to have a radio built into something & the fridge sounds like a good place!

QueLinda Sat 27-Jul-13 14:05:01

Id like a better choice of colours, so along with black, white and silver add red, blue and orange.

I like a double fridge. One side a larder fridge and one side a freezer.

Inside should be very smooth and easy to clean. No corners, rounded off so no crumbs can collect.

An ice cube maker built in to the freezer would be great.

An egg drawer is good, helps prevent eggs from breaking.

Id also like more drawers or compartments in the fridge so the fridge can be more organised. A place for dairy such as cheese and yogurts. A fruit drawer at the top of the fridge to help fruits stay unbruised. A separate meat compartment.

On the freezer sides, not just 6 big drawers. It's take too much time to find things. Id like a rotating carosel storage system. So I could spin it round and see everything easily.

A clear temperature gauge in degrees.

Tyranasaurus Sat 27-Jul-13 14:55:19

Lots of drawers
lots of options to reconfigure the space
Nie wide shelves on inside of doors
I'd like a narrow freezer, or maybe oe that you access from both sides, so that you don't have to pull out all the freezing cold food onto the kitchen floor t get to something at the back

I don't really care for gimmicky colours etc and I dislike integrated appliances

ginauk84 Sat 27-Jul-13 16:37:13

The selling point for our fridge was its beer door - it was hubby's 'thing' however having had it and used it for milk too it is great when making a drink you don't have to open the fridge which wastes energy.

A vegetable/salad draw is very important. Shelves which have plenty of levels you can adjust to.

MaxinePeakedistrict Sat 27-Jul-13 18:01:11

I'd like clear plastic drawers in the fridge like you have in a freezer - perhaps two across the width.

at the moment things get piled up and fall over and aren't easy to put into categories. It would also retain any leakage to one area.

A beep if the door is accidentally left ajar is handy.

An ice cube drawer in the fridge part of the fridge-freezer would be handy rather than having to open up the freezer below.

Perhaps having a small spinning carousel on one shelf would help retrieve small items like sauce jars or a pull out shelf for the same.

MrsWooster Sat 27-Jul-13 19:16:54

Sliding shelves like my Bosch one BUT with door shelves too in traditional styly. Plus Tardis button.

CoTananat Sat 27-Jul-13 19:25:41

I'd like a freezer part bigger than the fridge part! It's so hard to even search on this in appliance shops.

Drawers instead of a door on the freezer part. Ideally two narrow larder pullouts instead of a fridge door and shelves, actually.

I'd LOVE to have a barcode scanner hooked up to my shopping list on Ocado, so once something is finished I can just swipe the packaging and order it again.

A built in iPad-type tablet on the door at eye height would solve loads of my kitchen wants: could put the radio on or iPlayer, Skype, Mumsnet bring up recipes, keep a shopping list that syncs with my phone...

Oh! and it could have an app that takes a picture of the latest artwork from nursery and displays it as a screensaver. and then I can put the art in the recycling without feeling like a crusher of souls

mayoandchips Sat 27-Jul-13 20:37:27

Big American-style fridge freezer with an ice dispenser built in.

In a fantasy world, maybe have a programme built in where I can put in ingredients that are in the fridge, and it comes up with recipe suggestions/ cocktails smile

gazzalw Sat 27-Jul-13 21:04:15

With the weather having been as hot as it has over the past month or so, perhaps some type of fan option which could blow out some refrigerated air into the environs.....

Kafri Sat 27-Jul-13 23:15:21

I'd like the option to have shelves at different heights on either side of the fridge if possible. Defo interchangeable depending on contents of fridge.

Not fussed about an egg holder but would possible like it to come with removable tubs to go in the door shelves that can be wished in the dishwasher.

I'd like the door to be a 'white board' then DH can't say he missed my notes

and the technology addict in me wants LEDs and digital clock etc

MrsCocoa Sun 28-Jul-13 00:11:36

I would like a child lock. I'd like a better designed salad box: too often flimsy and get cracked. I'd like space in the door to comfortably store big milk containers without the door swing violently because of the weight. I'd like a super easy clean design with no places for food to get stuck and trapped in. I'd like a sealed off area for meat and fish. I'd like to do something with the space above the fridge - storage unit? I'd like to be able to paint the fridge to match my kitchen and choose custom handles. I'd like it not to make loads of noise. (I'd also like fairies to keep it stocked with tasty morsels...)

firawla Sun 28-Jul-13 11:01:06

shelves that are really easy to take in and out and even easier to clean, and a thermostat,

Helenetta Sun 28-Jul-13 11:53:06

As far as designing the front is concerned, I'd like a digital memo where I can write a shopping list which can then be linked up with an app on my mobile phone. We are always writing shopping lists on bits of paper, then often do an inpromptu shop whilst we are out so don't have the list with us!

The front must be easy to clean, but I'd like slots or something so I can store my son's artwork without then continually falling off as the magents don't stay put!

I'd also like a gizmo which will tell me when food is going out of date(especially things like mayo which should only be kept open for 6 wks).

I love glass shelves as they are easy to keep clean. 6 shelves are a minimum for me and I'd like a big draw to keep "milk stock" in addition to deep door pockets to store big milk containers.

A special drawer for keeping vegetables fresher for longer too please. Veg just don't last like they used to, now they store then in big Co2 controlled warehouses for months!

A nice sounding alarm please if the door is left open (rather than the irritating type on my Bosch washing machine!). Although someone else mentioned a self shutting door - love that concept!

My parents have a fridge with a fan inside to circulate cool air, so would like that too please - I find our fridge freezes everything at the back and then doesn't even chill properly at the front!

I'd also like more lights inside. Why do fridges have only one light at the top which when you inevitably pile your shelves high, you can't see anything. I think LED strip lights (white fine, or colour changing blue too perhaps) would work well on the front of the shelves.


BlackeyedSusan Sun 28-Jul-13 11:57:44

I have looked at a lot of fridge frreezers yesterday. rarely were there shelves that you could move slightly higher or lower, only in the indesis ones.

there were often not enough shelves. who needs just one shelf above the veg and one other?

the door shelves were not deep enough very annoying. 2 door shelves that can hold milk would be good. we get through a lot.

light bulbs that do not get hot.

if a fridge freezer, a big draawer. so many would not have been able to hold the christmas turkey. I want 4 drawers in my freezer.

perrhaps another sert of drawers in the fridge that stop the cold air flowing out of the door everytime you open it. I never have enough veg and fruit space. we eat a ot of veg and fruit.

space in the fridge that will fit a water melon. a guard at the back so that fruit/veg does not get stuck to the back of the fridge and spoil. that is very annoying.

ParsingFancy Sun 28-Jul-13 14:46:58

Oh god, noooooooo to the LED clock. I have a clock in the kitchen: one time to rule them all.

I will not allow past my door devices which wish to be competing kitchen clocks. With competing times. All of which need setting twice a year, and again when something happens.

I don't have an electronic microwave for precisely this reason (though admittedly unlike the mw the fridge doesn't get switched off at night).

loopyloou Sun 28-Jul-13 16:41:07

I would like deeper door shelves so bottles, jars etc don't fall out, and the ability to move all the shelves around, as sometimes you may want to store something quite large, say at Christmas.

Easy to clean is a big must for me - ie shelves/compartments that are easy to remove and reinsert AND a way of knowing what goes where. I love the twin door American style fridge freezers, but sadly we don't have room for one, so it would be great if you could get a fridge freezer with all the brilliant fancy gadgets they have, but in conventional sizes.

I would love a built in water filter and cooler, as water is much nicer when chilled. A convenient way of making ice cubes would be handy too.

Often the drawers in freezers are the wrong size or difficult to slide in and out sometimes. However I still think I'd prefer drawers to shelves. Also a way of labelling the drawers might be handy.

I'm not too bothered about the colour, preferably something that doesn't need children's fingerprints wiping off all the time, so maybe charcoal grey? I love the coloured fridges that a certain manufacturer makes, but feel the price tag that goes with the funky colours is a bit ridiculous.

Also a great idea might be a separate boxed in area for cat/dog food as it often smells but needs to be kept in the fridge in this weather.

Finally, as much room as possible!! wink

LadyMilfordHaven Sun 28-Jul-13 16:41:40

i bloody LOVE my ice machine. I really would miss it if it broke.

BeingMoreDog Sun 28-Jul-13 19:59:10

Design: I'd like the front to be either a wipe clean whiteboard or clear perspex so you could display photos or artwork behind it - so the colour wouldn't matter too much.

The number of shelves is less important than how they can be combined to store different things - bottles of wine, the xmas turkey, etc.

Bigger isn't always better than clever design - we live in a new build so there's not much space. Always on the look out for things that store more stuff in a clever way.

I always pay attention to environmental factors too.

Self-cleaning would be marvellous wink.

Trills Sun 28-Jul-13 20:01:53

Deep doors are the thing that I most envy in people with big fridges - my little fridge can't actually hold a 4-pint thing of milk.

Witchesbrewandbiscuits Sun 28-Jul-13 20:48:06

I would like the ice drawer in the freezer to be a bit bigger to put icecreams in aswel as icepops

also salad drawers would be better with seal type lids to keep thr contents fresh!

ice/drinks dispenser s on normal sized fridges woild be fab too

colour is a personal thing I think but I dont think u can ever go wrong with white

BoffinMum Sun 28-Jul-13 20:59:53

Cheap spares, a cheap same or next day repair service, and a way of making the outside look nice again once it gets tired.

We are currently shopping around for a fridge and struggling to find one that has everything we would like.

I would look an American style fridge with an Ice and water despencer on the front. I think black is best so that I don't have to clean the front all of the time. Separate sections with plenty of shelves. Enough space on the inside of the door for larger bottles.

If I could create my own I would also like a digital screen where I can write in a note for it to display as I always put notes on the fridge.

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Sun 28-Jul-13 22:13:38

Lots of great ideas above, but I'd like to have them - at an affordable price! A fridge that's very economical to run, maybe has antibacterial coating to help stop my fruit going off so fast, a one that's abit taller so I can fit more food in (glutton) with possibly a mirrored back wall so I can see stuff at the back in the reflection. Thanks that is all grin

Turnipvontrapp Sun 28-Jul-13 22:16:50

My fridge would be turquoise in colour and be self cleaning. An ice dispenser, a salad drawer and a separate veg drawer. In fact mainly drawers, some half shelf width. It would be able to hold tall big bottles and little bottles.

Nothing should be out of view or hidden so that it goes off or out of date.

YonilyDevotedToYou Sun 28-Jul-13 22:17:20

Adjustable height shelves
Thermostat inside with temp in degrees C
Ice dispenser
Iced water dispenser
Everything easy to remove and clean
Wide range of colours

Thank you!!

BringOn2014 Sun 28-Jul-13 22:24:17

Oooh, I would love a big American style fridge freezer! No drawers in the freezers and frost free absolute must - Our freezer that came with our house isn't frost free and is a pain in the arse to clean, Cant wait till I can afford to replace it! A shelf in the door of the freezer is useful for keeping vodka, and icelollies of course.

The fridge needs at least four shelves, all adjustable. I like the plastic drawers that are in most fridges but I find they are always made so you have to pull them up a little bit of a slope?! This always means I cant stuff it full because everything gets squashed when I try to shove it in.
I think a hidden compartment would be excellent, not just for mums chocolate but for treats you don't want the kids to see.

The fridge door MUST have at least two door shelves! My fridge seems to be constantly full with full fat milk, skimmed milk, apple juice, milkshake, wine and normally some kind of fizzy juice. Every time I lie any of these down they seem to leak, even brand new sealed ones! I need more door space.

Outside, I would prefer a Matt finish to all the shiny fingerprint showing ones that seem to be around everywhere. Must still be magnetic though.
Now if only I could find this fridge freezer somewhere!

Oh wow! Design my own fridge, yes please! grin

Our current fridge freezer has broken veg trays and drawers which are held together by brown tape shock and are broken so slice my fingers when I try to use it, and the freezer drawers fall down into themselves and get wedged. We are currently looking at refitting our kitchen and are currently looking at a separate fridge and freezer (especially as our freezer just defrosted, froze and defrosted again a load of home-cooked ready meals which ended up having to be binned sad).

I would like move-able shelving both in the door and inside the fridge. I would like a corner for (4?) bottle storage to keep wine wine and other alcohol/non-alcohol drinks chilled, big drawers for veg that can comfortably accommodate the home-grown size broccoli and cauliflower without having to cut them in half. Possibly two smaller drawers for fresh fruit, so it doesn't get squashed. A very thin drawer for sliced meats like bacon and ham, some nice easy to clean sturdy shelves that can be adjusted like someone put above to accommodate a Christmas Turkey or some tall jugs of drink for BBQs. Raw meat drawer or shelf at the bottom.

In the door, there must be a space for butters and spreads, bottles/cartons of milk and juice and some condiment jars. There must be an ice compartment for ice-cubes which has a flat not rigid floor so that they don't spill.

It must regulate itself and not freeze up.
It must have a thermometer in a relevant part of the fridge and a thermostat that is easy to reach and doesn't get hidden or knocked by contents, and a display of the temperature on the outside of the fridge.
It must have an alarm if the door is left open or the fridge temp rises above the desired temperature.
Ideally the fridge would have a scanner for all goods in with the use-by time and display what needs eating by when.
I am not too worried about the colour of the fridge but the handle must not be flimsy and able to snap off or chip.
Drawers and shelves, designed to fit in a dishwasher would be brilliant, but definitely not able to chip or crack.

Clear guidance and/or self-labeling system within the fridge as to where things ideally should go.

If it is a fridge freezer then a mixture of shelving in the freezer to cope with boxes of products and bags and I am not sure how, but an ability to defrost the freezer without the fridge getting warm, better still: frost free.
A quick freeze function for freezing home produce whilst minimising the vitamins lost etc. cause I can do that bit when re-heating the dinner in the microwave after cooking
A good energy rating.

Ideally some way of recording the shopping list on the outside of the fridge - maybe a screen you can write on that can sync with mobile phone to transfer the shopping list? hmm, ooo and an app on the door that can provide a nutritious, easy and quick to cook meal out of 5 ingredients in the fridge at that time.

Wow, can't wait!! smile

neenienana Mon 29-Jul-13 08:03:08

A lot of what has been said I totally agree with. More room, flexible storage and shelves of different heights.ore space in door too. Also some sort of alarm system which emits a high pitched scream or dissapproving tuttut whenever my son goes to get a snack for the hundreth time .

Peregrin Mon 29-Jul-13 09:43:40

* robust drawers and shelves
* no inclines in the freezer department (it's a pain dragging a heavy drawer out at an incline and keeping it there while rooting around for the stuff you need)
* labelling system inside the fridge would be EXCELLENT as DH appears incapable of retaining information about what goes where on his own
* on the more high-tech end, a system for keeping inventory and tracking end-by dates (including of home-made food)

lolancurly Mon 29-Jul-13 09:59:11

Ok, so my fridge needs to be a double door, with 4 to 5 shelves a piece in the upper section fridge. I have this at home (although needs replacing as ancient) and I like keeping diary and fruit and veg in one half of the fridge and meat products in the other half. The bottom half of both fridges are freezers with big deep draws. This works for the kids who can easily pull them out and get an ice lolly or help mummy by getting out the oven chips etc. Wipe clean doors are essential and a nice rack for bottles is also a must (mummy has to store her wine correctly!). Strong compartments in the doors for milk and cheese etc are also important as the little ones help themselves to juice and don't want the plastic cracking due to heavy handed little darlings. My current fridge is integral to the kitchen, but I would love a sexy colour for my fridge (coral pink or mint green). That's my fridge heaven! Oh, and a built-in fridge thermometer would be super too. smile

bamblolo Mon 29-Jul-13 10:47:37

I am so glad Servis are bothering to ask us the consumers what we want. I was looking for a new fridge freezer a couple of years ago and it was so frustrating as I could not find what I wanted. I like the American style fridge freezers but could not find anything suitable. They all seemed to have massive fridges and tiny freezers? Who want that I wanted it to be a smaller fridge and massive freezer. I ended up buying two separate products a full length freezer and a full length fridge and putting them side by side! I would like it have good economical running costs with enough storage for bottles, fresh fruit, and meat storage.

Belugagrad Mon 29-Jul-13 12:03:58

Id have a booking in system - you scan your barcode on the front of the fridge and it automatically knows the sell by date and flashes an alert on the fridge door when a food has reached it. If the food has been eaten this relies on people booking it out as well.

The fridge would self clean.

My dream fridge would also be huge and deep.

greathat Mon 29-Jul-13 17:18:25

Def need the meat storage at the bottom. Can never understand why the salad stuff is at the bottom when hygiene dictates you need to put raw meet there

greathat Mon 29-Jul-13 17:19:16

Plus if looking at the American style fridge freezers, can we have more freezer space and less fridge please?

CatHackney Mon 29-Jul-13 19:46:05

--A kiddie lock that is quick and easy to use and not ugly for adults, but prevents people less than 3' tall from pulling the door open.

--75cm wide so that properly big things (i.e. lasagna, roasting tray) can go in when needed.

--opening mechanism on the freezer so that you don't get the impossible vacuum locking when you shut it so that you can't get it open again for a while.

CatHackney Mon 29-Jul-13 20:24:56

Oh, and, American fridge freezers are horrible because the freezers are too narrow to fit anything, yet take up a huge amount of space. Having grown up with one myself, I knew when I redid my kitchen that I absolutely did not want one.

Stujobohm Mon 29-Jul-13 20:37:27

I would love one that I could display by digital photos on... Like a giant photo album.... Xx

missorinoco Mon 29-Jul-13 22:12:39

Not bothered about the colour. Tall, with variable shelf height. One that defrosts itself so to speak. A child lock would be excellent.

Two vegetable baskets at the bottom, with lift out drawers.

Can you design it to self clean please. If it came fully stocked that would also be a bonus....

prakattack Tue 30-Jul-13 10:44:09

A magic door system that means only I (or DH maybe) can open it and not rampaging toddlers! Without having to resort to fiddly annoying stick-on fridge locks...!
One that automatically shuts if it's accidentally left ajar (DH, I'm looking at you!)
Moveable shelves, including in the door! So many fridge door sections aren't tall enough to accommodate a 2L coke bottle - really annoying!
A secret compartment as PP have suggested sounds like a great idea...

moonbells Tue 30-Jul-13 12:38:28

The problem these days is that jars etc all say refrigerate after opening and this can crowd a fridge so much there's no room for day to day stuff.

Shelves are still too far apart on most fridges. I'd like the option of, say, standard jam jar height spacing for all shelves. Not just the ability to put two close together, at the expense of another one which then becomes huuuge. I'd also like a manufacturer to supply more shelves to put in the huge gaps! Just because they usually have three, at conventional spacing, doesn't mean it wouldn't be nice to have an extra one at half-height again for odds and sods.

(I'd also like oven manufacturers to do likewise. How many other folk when doing eg a roast dinner don't have enough shelves? Seriously, two, when a roasting tin takes up a whole one? Just think, turkey plus stuffing plus roasties plus parsnips = a whole lot more than two shelves. Ahem Sorry... serious digression)

Love glass shelves. No dripping.

Hate the little ramps for water to run down in self-defrosting fridges. They gunk up, and then I have to call DH to ungunk as it makes me heave. Provide a brush for them?

Redesign manual defrosting water channels on freezers so it doesn't leak out the sides and create a lake on the floor.

Door pockets that are capable of keeping at least 3x4 pints milk in.

I do use the egg pocket, but the egg dimples are a removable insert so it can become a little shelflet too. Useful for choc bars grin

Oh, anyone suffering from broken freezer drawers? Get some Sugru...

20wkbaby Tue 30-Jul-13 12:53:45

I would love one designed like a chest of drawers rather than an upright as to go under counter level and I wouldn't get hit by falling apples, tomatoes... etc. Would also be easier to stack things.

Or as a feature in a more traditional fridge a pull out vertical set of shelves so you could get round the sides easily and it packs away more neatly when not in use.

Can you guess I am currently experiencing severe frustration due to a very small fridge.

Disclaimer: I am not a designer and have no idea how practical these ideas are! I'm guessing not very!

newyearnewattitude Tue 30-Jul-13 13:46:55

I would like a nice big fridge with lots of shelves with labels that can be written on, for example to identify which food is for which day/person. I would also like a lockable section for me to keep my treats in away from the thieving teens and DH in my family!

Raahh Tue 30-Jul-13 15:59:37

I do like a white fridge- but would like one that didn't allow dirty marks to show up.

Draws that can be easily collapsed/taken apart to clean. The drawers i have don't fit easily in a sink, which would make cleaning off squashed cucumber much easier.

Shelves that can be adjusted to accommodate large items, but can be put back so as not to waste space post Christmas for example.Wider shelves in the doors so the bottles fit.

If it is a fridge freezer- be better designed than my samsung American style one.The freezer side is too narrow, and everything longer than a burger box has to be put in on an anglegrin

NorthernFlower Tue 30-Jul-13 17:05:08

I like TeamEdward's blackboard/whiteboard idea, and the idea of a temperature display for both the fridge and freezer. Temp display should really be on the outside so you don't need to open the fridge to see it, although this might be a bit unsightly.

I agree with the fridge skins idea so that you would be able to personalise your fridge freezer or change the colour if you redecorated.

I have just yesterday had a new fridge freezer delivered and am liking the amount of space in the fridge section. More shelves would be welcome, perhaps as half shelves to make the space more flexible. The door shelves need to be robust, as do the crisper drawers, since I tend to find they break easily.

Panel light, adjustable door storage, easy to clean, durable fittings, good size freezer drawers, under-shelf bottle rack, energy efficient and quiet running.

An ice cream making compartment is what my mother would like to see in a freezer! smile

BlackeyedSusan Tue 30-Jul-13 17:24:14

wheels. I SAID WHEELS little ones at the back. I have the prospect of pulling the fridge freezer out by myself. I am not thrilled.

CoTananat Tue 30-Jul-13 18:48:03

On reflection I don't actually need a tablet. What I want is an adaptable charging frame, set into the door of the fridge, with a wipe clean transparent "door" to cover, so I can use it with wet hands etc.

I could then plug in my own tablet or phone, use it as a charging station, and as a great waterproof/smashproof holder in the kitchen.

Any other stuff - photo frame, stock keeping, recipe generation, shopping integration - can be dealt with by apps on my existing unit, and I wouldn't need to replace my fridge when the tablet is obsoleted (because I would not, I would just feel like I had a crap fridge, so best not to build it in).

Crazybit Tue 30-Jul-13 20:37:24

I have this one. It is perfect in every way except the freezer drawers are a little flimsy.

Extra gadget's like a radio, tv, I pod docking station or similar could be a cool attractive gimmick but it would depend on how I felt on the day to whether I would go for it!

micra Tue 30-Jul-13 23:27:42

I need a fridge with deep doors that will store milk & juice & wine & smoothies - not one or the other! Adjustable height shelves too.

lb364 Wed 31-Jul-13 11:10:58

I would like both doors to have an all-over clear plastic 'door' on the front that can be opened to insert pictures/notes/drawings without all those magnets that get knocked and fall off.

The fridge door would do away with silly little compartments and egg holders to have two large drinks holders with a bar so the bottles don't almost fall every time you open the door.

It would have a light in the freezer (why do you only need to see what's in the fridge when it's dark?) and shelves rather than drawers with hinged doors on each to prevent drawers that get stuck when you cram stuff in.

I would also have a compartment lined with a protective layer (if this is even possible!) so that food could be placed in there when there's only one left from a big box and I've run out of freezer bags.

Finally, now we're getting into dreamland territory - I would have a barcode reader on the front that you can use to scan things as you run out of them, the details of which then get sent to your tablet/computer ready to make a shopping list or order the shopping online :-D

sc00ter Wed 31-Jul-13 15:54:42

1. In the door I would love large spaces to put fizzy (2L) bottles of pop in - as its now really hot we are drinking more pop, bottled water and my fridge door is not coping well under the strain
Also some sort of stopper to put around the bottles so as not to fall to one side when shutting the door.

2. May be boxes that stack to put cheese, butter, baby bell etc so they do not have to keep being picked up to get at something under neath.

3. May be even a slatted plastic flap door over shelves that hold ham etc so you can get the packet out without to much heat getting in when the door is open - a bit like the ones in butchers shops behind their freezer door.

4. Easy method of door removal - left hand open / right hand open. Would love to press and change over if needed.

5. Maybe a chalk board added to outside of the door for notes, kids to play on etc.

6. Doors that could hold full size family photos, pets etc. instead of a colour usually white.

Puppypoppet Wed 31-Jul-13 20:58:44

I would like a fridge door which stays open when you are filling with groceries / getting things out - for some reason ours closes by itself despite being on a level which is really annoying as you have to prop it open.

Space for a dozen eggs - I always buy dozen packs as we use a lot for baking etc but our egg holder only fits 10 eggs so 2 have to sit precariously on top!

Deeper holders in the doors to hold large 2 litre bottles.

Don't have the light in the top taking up loads of space - possibly thin led type lighting?

Shelf at the very bottom for meat.

gazzalw Wed 31-Jul-13 21:43:16

For those of us who live in homes with small kitchens, an 'upandover' door for the fridge part would be jolly useful.......

stealthsquiggle Wed 31-Jul-13 21:53:02

Actually, Servis, I met the fridge that I want today - here it is - if you could do that for less than half the price, that would be greatwink.

claireindevon Thu 01-Aug-13 09:02:29

I'd just be happy with a fridge with a door that didn't keep falling off!

Fran2312 Thu 01-Aug-13 16:17:52

A self cleaning fridge would be ideal!

Seriously, bigger salad drawers and more space in the door for large bottles (such as wine!) would be useful.

Melsiebug1 Thu 01-Aug-13 17:57:00

A fridge takes up a lot of space so I'd like one that doubles up as a giant kitchen ipad. The front of my fridge would be a touch screen that when on "stand-by" tells me the temperature of my fridge, the contents of my fridge, the sell by dates of the contents and what items I'll need to buy soon, like milk and veggies.
With a swipe of my finger it would then display recipe suggestions based on the contents of my fridge and my own personal preferences, and if I choose to cook one of those recipes it would give me a step by step tutorial if I wanted one. Other apps would include a music player, a day planner, a virtual whiteboard for messages and a kids art app so they could "draw" on the front of the fridge, a modern update of keeping kid's artwork on the fridge with magnets.

Sedge82 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:10:43

So the standard things I want from a fridge are: multiple shelves that you can move to alter the distance between them, durable salad drawers, all drawers and shelves easy to clean (ideally dishwasher safe) and multiple shelves on the inside of the door that are safe to hold milk and condiments so they don't fall out when the door is opened.

Now for the (hopefully) newer ideas:
1) Temperature in degrees Celsius rather than arbitrary numbers on the thermostat to take away the guess work.
2) Odour catcher built in to the fridge with changeable inserts to try to avoid the problem of strongly smelling foods affecting everything in the fridge.
3) Soft closing doors that automatically shut fully once the door has been pushed in that direction - I want the door to stay open when the fridge is in use but currently the door can stay open a few centimetres without you realising. The soft close function would make this safer if there are little ones around.
4) The ultimate ability to personalise your fridge - clip on fronts that function like mobile phone covers that you could replace and have made to your own design.

SuedeEffectPochette Thu 01-Aug-13 22:20:07

I would like easily moveable shelves, or failing that a range of widths, a water cooler and ice maker would be good. For when the children were young a quick 3 digit keypad to open it would have been good (that would keep them out now as well!).

bee333 Fri 02-Aug-13 10:04:46

Digital temperature display and controls. Easy clean designs, fridge seals are always collecting stuff. Door shelves that can fit the 4pint bottles of milk handle side out.

And in this heat I'd love for it to have a mini air conditioner so I can cool the kitchen down while cooking, though I'd probably take longer than needed cooking dinner ;)

jools401 Fri 02-Aug-13 16:41:37

Top of my list of needs is a deep door that can hold large bottles and cartons.So often I have to lie these down on the shelf and they take up too much space.
I'd also love a sturdy salad/veg drawer, these end up getting broken on all of my fridges.
Finally some kind of alarm to let me know if the door is not properly closed, something my family do all the time.

bigreddrum Fri 02-Aug-13 17:40:21

I would like a fridge which is quiet. No annoying buzzing or humming. Easily removable shelves and storage boxes for cleaning and they should all be interchangeable so you don't end up feeling like a contestant in the krypton factor when you're trying to put them back.
The storage in the doors should be secure enough so that things don't fall over when the door is closing. A soft close mechanism on the door?
Label suggestions in the fridge as to what sort of stuff should go on which shelf (dairy / raw meat / cooked meats etc..)
In fantasy / sic fi land I would have a screen on the front like an IPAD with an inventory of what's currently in the fridge and what needs reordering when, it could also suggest meals and recipe ideas for what's currently in there.

HamletsSister Fri 02-Aug-13 17:57:33

Having to remove shelves to clean and then finding bits stuck in the sides of the shelves (sort of between the glass) is really annoying. Cleaning the thing is a pain and should be made as easy as possible. Maximum flexibility in how the shelves / doors can be used would be great. We had a huge pain reversing the door on ours to fit it in so that should be easier. A lock? Or an option for one to keep small people out, or at least a catch. Ours often gets left open so an open door alarm would be good. Less breakable shelves, more robust would be ideal.

More options for the interior.

Katiepm Fri 02-Aug-13 19:02:42

Most importantly wipe clean exterior that doesn't show streaks and sticky fingers! Smeg do great colours, but not many other brands? Secondly, good use of EVERY inch of space, often there are so many unused gaps in fridges so clever shelves and door boxes to make use of this. Thirdly a large enough vegetable box, I can never get enough in mine! Ice machine always a plus too. And the light in a place where adding in food packets etc doesn't block out the light!

katiewalters Fri 02-Aug-13 19:03:27

the design of the fridge, would be picture of my children all over it. would have a water dispenser and ice dispenser. it would have a child lock so my children cant get inside. also i am always thinking ive shut the fridge but its left slightly open, so would have some system which lets you know if its not shut properly, a beeping noise or something.

MothershipG Fri 02-Aug-13 19:06:48

I would like a tardis fridge/freezer please, it doesn't have to look like the Tardis (although that would be cool!) But I need it to be bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

Can you make me one like that?? Pretty please! grin

lstewart257 Fri 02-Aug-13 19:16:02

My perfect fridge would be spacious and Eco friendly

KnittedWaffle Fri 02-Aug-13 19:18:42

My ideal fridge would be slick and stylish on the outside, with a cold mineral water tap on the front of the door.

On the inside there'd be a really deep door with enough room to put family size milk (huge!), family size orange juice (also huge!) and several bottles of wine don't bother with the egg/cheese bit at the top as it never gets used for that.

In the main part of the fridge I'd like pull out trays instead of shelves of varying depths, sort of like a chest of drawers but made of clear plastic and without a top or and end (if that makes sense!) just so you can pull it out instead of reaching right to the back.
Adjustable thermostat with the real temperature on it instead of 1-5.
The thing I'd most like is to be able to take all the food out of the fridge, press a button and have it clean and antibac itself.
A bit like those portaloos!
Do all this and you're onto a winner! grin

poppy1973 Fri 02-Aug-13 19:25:20

I personally don't feel that fridge designers make the fridge area big enough for a growing family !!! I feel that I could do with more shelving in my fridge. I like to keep all my foods separate according to departments and find that when I fill my fridge on a weekly basis that there isn't enough room to place a week full of food for a family of 4 in it and end up stacking items on top of each other.

The milk compartments are never big enough and with a few litres of whole milk and skimmed milk etc. never have enough room for bottles of water/pop/wine etc. in the door.

I would love a fridge to be more energy efficient as I am sure that this appliance is a consumer of the electricity in my house.

A drinks and ice dispenser would be lovely and should now start to come as an option in most fridges these day similar to the American appliances.

Hope these ideas are useful for the Servis team !!

Matildaandthematches Fri 02-Aug-13 20:09:19

I'd like to have wipe clean stickers on the edges of shelves so I can write next to, eggs for example, which are the oldest and which the newest. Would also be great to be ble to write underneath things which are allowed to be eaten and things that are destined to be part of a meal so no one scoffs them when I am not looking!

A place to store breast milk bags upright and in date order would be very handy - and could be used for storing freezer bags of stock, soup etc once past the baby stage.

NatalieNatalie Fri 02-Aug-13 20:23:16

We currently have an American-style fridge freezer that is on it's last legs. Having recently been shopping for a new model, I can't believe how difficult it has been to find 'the perfect' fridge/freezer!

For me, I'm a traditionalist when it comes to kitchen appliances. I like sleek white or stainless steel. Proper SS, not a look-a-like plastic.

I'd want lockable wheels instead of feet, so that I can pull it out to clean behind easily. (Have you seen how much gets behind those things?!)

For an American-style FF, I'd like a 50/50 split on the width between the fridge and freezer, or better still a double door opening, with fridge above and freeze drawers below. Please, no more turkey wrestling for this mama.

I'd like an ice and water dispenser that has a child-lock facility. Yes, my daughter did proudly wash her paint brushes at the freezer door in the 2 minutes it took me to use the bathroom.

Egg tray. Why do fridges no longer have those little holey egg things anymore?!

Wine shelf. Full width. Mandatory.

Oooh... and a little slider / indicator / gizmo / magic button that I can press to remind me when my fruit / veg / yoghurts are near expiry would be awesome.

MyMillsBaby Fri 02-Aug-13 21:10:21

You need door inserts that offer adequate depth. I can't tell you how many times I've opened the fridge and been almost knocked out by falling ketchup bottles!

upthehammers Fri 02-Aug-13 21:14:59

Adjustable shelves in the main compartment of the fridge as well as doors as I can never get bottles to stand up in the door and there always seems to be wasted space.

Egg holder needs to not exist!

Thermostat/temperature guage

Some form of alarm if left open too long as my kids have a habit of raiding the yoghurts and leaving the door open.

Easy to clean...everything can be removed to clean easily

Instead of just the salad drawer, maybe some extra boxes to store stuff in to maximise the shelf space.

Would be nice to have a fridge that isn't white!

I currently have a laminated bit of paper on the front of my fridge that i use as a whiteboard for my shopping list, would maybe be good for some form of list to be part of the fridge.

violetwellies Fri 02-Aug-13 21:17:14

I use my PIL fridge frequently. The designer of said fridge should be shot.

Fridges should have door space for wine bottles or big milk containers. They should not bend buckle or break under normal use from one over seventy and one toddler.
Shelf height sould be adjustable.
A decent depth to fridge, I hate having to reshuffle / open packets in order to close the door.

No egg storage, useful lidded compartment to cofuse smalls.
With a nod to by BF's fridge, NO HINGED SALAD DRAWER, it needs to pull out otherwise we park salad in drawer and put something on top. If we require salad we have to empty the fridge. (I never ever thought fridges would make me so angy).

Easy clean, who ever said dishwasherable drawers and shelves was spot on, a must.
Washable matt (black chalk board surface would be the best) no shiny anything other than white carcass.
The top should not have a grime collecting rim, it should also be heat proof so when I put a boiling pan of soup on it I dont immediately think oh shit.

Pozzled Fri 02-Aug-13 21:25:24

A very wide door to fit all the bottles of wine large milk bottles and longlife juice.

More than one light so it doesn't get blocked.

I would want a large vegetable section and also a couple of smaller compartments- so you could keep things like cooked meat, raw meat in completely separate parts of the fridge.

A wider variety of colours, not just white or silver, but not too fancy- just plain exterior.

Silverlace Fri 02-Aug-13 21:36:35

I would like 2 shallow drawers to keep flat things in like cheese, ham etc in so that they don't get things put on top of them then you have to take everything out to find them.
These drawers would be ideal if they came out smoothly automatically so I can keep both hands free.

Hopefully3 Fri 02-Aug-13 21:40:00

My perfect fridge wouldn't be one of those American huge fridges, but a decent size. Big space for veg and fruit, and a special place for special treats smile

Everhopeful Fri 02-Aug-13 23:55:05

My fridge ain't big, but that's cos I have a narrow gap for it (had to be 55cm wide). What annoys me is that I can't get a tall, narrow one, it's quite short. It's got a small freezer on top (this is fine, though I think I'd rather it was at the bottom) and the top of the freezer is about 170cm high. I can't see why it shouldn't be a bit taller and give my space back like that.

I like the idea of sliding shelves too, but they've got to be able to take some use. I've forked out for at least 2 new shelves (stupid little button things at the sides crack off) and new hydrators and a new handle so far - ok, it's about 15 years old now, but surely stuff like that doesn't really wear? Spares are insanely expensive, which isn't fair as it wasn't a cheap fridge/freezer and so I've held off getting a new door seal in the hopes of finding a new fridge/freezer, but have failed. I agree that an egg holder is pointless and always was. I'd like an alert of some sort to let me know that the freezer door hasn't quite closed. And why does there have to be a little hole at the bottom of a gulley that gets blocked up all the time? If it has to be there, why isn't it easier to keep unblocked? Cleaning is an issue all over, as the slots for the shelves are almost impossible to clean out properly (suspect this is why the stupid little buttons get stuck and crack off). Temperature display is also a good idea and needs to indicate temperature at different levels - top shelf of mine when full is almost like leaving it on the side, so I don't put anything up there that needs much chilling (bit pointless then, it's wasted space)

You cure all that, you got my perfect fridge/freezer!!

melrose Fri 02-Aug-13 23:55:17

Big but not overly wide

Multiple shelves of adjustable hight and solid

Lovely big veg drawer

Drawer for raw meat that is a decent size and avoids versus contamination

Bottle rack ( I love the k in my current fridge)
A, optional stacking system for beer bottles ( these drive me ad in current fridge)

E erupting easy to remove and clean

Pickthatupplease Sat 03-Aug-13 00:28:15

I'd like an alarm too.

And no more ridiculous prices for replacement freezer drawers - it's only moulded plAstic - why does a set of 3 cost £130 for my Bosch fridge/freezer????

No egg compartment
Self-closing doors - yes please!ine is always filling up with water too at the bottom - so one that works please!

SophAn Sat 03-Aug-13 06:17:13

I would like my fridge to have sections so that can chill drinks in the summer quickly whilst keeping the rest at a normal temperature. I would like it to be very sturdy with easily adjustable shelves. Excellent energy rating is another desire. An auto shut device would be great with the ability to detect that someone is not close or in fridge. A faculty to flag uo food close to sell by date would be amazing too.

ataraxia Sat 03-Aug-13 08:42:22

I'd like a pastel turquoise fridge-freezer, rounded edges & chrome handles - 50 style look. With double doors and oversized like American fridges - an ice dispenser and instant chilled filtered water.
Our houses uses the freezer more than the fridge so at least 5 freezer shelves.
Adjustable fridge shelves - each are fully removable. Deep door shelves - enough for plenty of bottles.
A computerized stock control so you know you're running low on something - perhaps it could print a shopping list!

Dylanlovesbaez Sat 03-Aug-13 09:32:31

I would love a huge, pastel coloured fridge with lots of space in the door high enough so that my toddler cannot reach!
Lots of separate compartments would be great but it would be amazing to be able to change these, for example, change shelf heights and have different sized compartments that you can remove and replace. Colour codes compartments a bit like the Joseph Joseph chopping boards.

Dylanlovesbaez Sat 03-Aug-13 09:33:04

Oh and a door too heavy for a toddler to open!

TiredFeet Sat 03-Aug-13 14:00:49

agree with the people asking for fridges with fewer nooks and crannies where gunk accumulates

also, easy to put back together after you have been cleaning them, mine always feels like a real pain to fit back together.

and I agree with others who have said it should really be designed so you have meat storage at the bottom rather than salad at the bottom

also, a least one compartment would be good, DS is trying to get more independent and likes to get things out of the fridge to help with breakfast, so I would love it if I could keep the things he is allergic to (dairy, eggs, my secret chocolate stash ) separate from him

Blatherskite Sat 03-Aug-13 14:46:50

Egg holders are pointless. Eggs come in boxes, I store them in the box, I do not need to be individually moving them into a little plastic tray.

Deeper door shelves so that bottles of ketchup/mayo/sauce can be stored there for easy access but don't fall over every time you open/close the door.

Taller door shelves so that bottles of pop/large bottle of milk don't need to be crowbarred in.

Clear veg drawers so that things don't get forgotten about, with built in air spaces to stop things going manky at the bottom and change the sodding plastic! Nothing is so useless as the super-crackable plastic they make fridge/freezer drawers from.

Dishwasher-able shelves and drawers please

Pameh Sat 03-Aug-13 17:10:43

My dream fridge would tell me when items of food or drink are about to run out and also the fridge would be circular rather than four sided so that it can accommodate revolving shelves which would give equal access to all the items stored on the shelves.

Pull-out drawers/shelves so you can find the things at the back.

No water running down the back and collecting in drawers.

Door rack things that don't break easily (ditto drawers).

Enough tall spaces for big jars etc, and enough tall door bits for large milk bottles.

Our new one has a door-left-open alarm and although I would have dismissed it as a gimmick before, I do actually like it now.

katiesobol Sat 03-Aug-13 19:14:28

In an ideal world, the fridge would be really economical to run, but really efficient at keeping products as fresh as possible for as long as possible - with different conditions for different items - I don't want frozen cucumber - but I do like ice cold milk!
I don't have space for a larger fridge/freezer, but I would like greater capacity - so I would love it if the walls could be thinner, but just as efficient!
I would love to have an automatic inventory on the fridge (of the future) to let me know what was in there/running out and what needed eating up/was past its best!

puppiesandkittens09 Sat 03-Aug-13 20:41:35

first of all, i'd like a BIG fridge. i can never seem to find enough space in my fridge at christmas time. the salad compartment should be a bit bigger too, i like keeping all my veggies in there. more room for eggs, at least enough for 20 eggs i'd say. and i want to move the shelves as i please. different heights for each of them, depending on what i put on that shelf (i honestly don't imagine that being too hard to make). an inside thermometer is also a good idea and an alarm for when the door has been left open for longer than a minute (a beep every 5 seconds i'd say is ok). more than one light bulb in there would be greatly appreciated too, and some sort of isolation in the back of the freezer (i have this problem with my current freezer, i always find the food at the back to be frozen if it touches the wall). easy clean is a must, so no funny glass shelves. oh, oh! wine and cans holder and for 2L soft drinks bottles too. the outside colour should be available in a wide range and the finish should be shiny (metallic like) but easy to clean and resistant to scratches and fingerprints. it doesn't seem like i'm asking for much grin

Wheresthecoffee Sun 04-Aug-13 06:57:51

My ideal fridge would not freeze on the back wall, have a light either side so when it's full the light is less dull, have a designated wine bottle quick chill section and a solution to the problem of my toddler twiddling the thermostat.

shinytrousers Sun 04-Aug-13 08:35:53

I am shopping for a fridge at the moment and I must be very picky! I would like shelves that are easily moveable without having to almost fold the door backwards on itself to take out. Shelves with a fold up section would be ideal for slotting big things in temporarily. The salad drawers must have reinforced fronts - both of mine are cracked down the front due to boisterous children. The shelves on the door need to be very strong, mine are currently taped on so they stay on. I would like the temperature setting dial somewhere that is out of the way, my dial gets turned to zero so easily just by putting items in the fridge. What about a tilt up option - sometimes milk has to be laid on its side on a shelf and it leaks, if it could be tilted upwards it could be prevented. A thermostat in a sensible position, easy to clean. Definitely agree with gibber - meat at the bottom not salad drawers. Alarm on an open fridge door, however, you need to be able to turn off when putting a big shop away! Freezer has to have 4 good size drawers, sturdy and full plastic not wire mesh - alarm on this door to. What about a range of plastic storage options to come with the fridge that you can pick from? Love the idea of a family art area on the front.

namechangeforaclue Sun 04-Aug-13 10:23:47

Fridge that is super easy to clean and pretty would win for me.
Fridges are very boring as a general rule.

vmyburgh Sun 04-Aug-13 17:08:34

I would like to tailor-made each storage area within the fridge

I need anew fridge and freezer at the moment. I am fed up of small fridges. My ideal fridge would be white or silver. It would have 4 shelves and a vegetable/fruit drawer. It should have shelves in the door tall enough to store bottles.

It has to be A rated efficient. It should also have dishwasher safe shelves.

I would love it to have a 'weekly standard shelf' this would let me know each time one item that I use weekly runs out, by knowing it has been removed and alerts me!! A bit like a mini bar fridge in a hotel, has sensors to let them know something has been removed. That way I can remember to put the item on my shopping list, instead of spending a stupid amount of time shopping only to return home and realise I had run out of something.

whattodoo Sun 04-Aug-13 21:17:41

Adjustable shelves.

Forget about the egg thingy.

Easy clean.


Thereonthestair Sun 04-Aug-13 21:24:08

I need the fridge above the freezer. I want the fridge door to be tall enough to fit two layers of wine/milk/water bottles so I can get more in but i want them in upright. Bottle lying down just leak. I want a chill drawer for meat/ dairy, and a salad crisper section. I want adjustable shelves at least 4 but I want two of them that can fold in half. I want all bits to go in the dishwasher and I want it a+ energy rated. When I bought my last fridge we managed most of this, but needed to buy from abroad, and went through all the manufacturers brochures to do the best we cold.

wehavearaspberry Sun 04-Aug-13 21:59:25

It would be great to have a fridge which could produce the shopping list for you. Just press a button and it could print out a list of what was needed, taking into account what had been used. The other essential is as much shelving options as possible.

rainbowvalley Sun 04-Aug-13 22:09:10

I am looking for a new freezer I am in rented accommodation and the freezer is awful. I want a freezer which is at the bottom of the fridge/freezer so I don't risk injuring my feet when I take things out of the freezer. I would like a three drawer freezer compartment preferably and I would like a drink dispenser too. I would like an alarm to indicate if the freezer door is open and shelving which is ergonomic and easy to clean. Most of all plenty of space really and a place for everything!

attachmentmummy Mon 05-Aug-13 09:49:46

The highest possible degree of energy efficiency is essential; but lots of shelves, at least three drawers - salad, vegetables and fruit - and the possibility to have the design of your choice on the casing would be perfect for me! To use one of the girl's pictures or some other lovely image, like a favourite photo, would be a fantastic idea.

I would also like to have an alarm that beeps at you if the door is left open for too long, as far too many times my children haven't closed the door properly and things have got too warm and spoilt.

Like others have said, a temperature indicator on the outside would be fab too.

Thereonthestair Mon 05-Aug-13 10:29:52

Oh and those who say they want an alarm, can I have that too please but preferably that doesn't go off after only a minute. it takes longer than that the unpack the shpping in the fidge and/or find the things at the back. an alarm should not go off when you need to door open for normal use. I think 3 minutes please

BoffinMum Mon 05-Aug-13 12:33:28

Why aren't fridges on wheels, to make them easier to clean behind and move around? <no brainer>

mother999 Mon 05-Aug-13 14:45:34

At the top of the fridge would be a a shelving system which you could adjust(different lengths and widths), therefore you could put bottles on it without them rolling off. Full plastic shelves as you already have. A water filter and chiller at the base of the fridge. Maybe a section that is shaped like a wine holder but for bottles, sauces etc. The door could have a 2x6 egg holder. Compartments for butter and bottles as well as the usual suspects.A section for items which have been opened and need to be used in 3 days...I always find these items 2 days too late at the back!...Self cleaning would be lovely or just a crumb catcher!

I would love a camouflage fridge. To stop me keep going to it!
Flexible door shelf options. East to clean shelves, without crannies for grime to collect in. And easy read temperature controls.

And a little lip round the back and sides on the top. To stop all the clutter I leave up there falling down, never to be seen again. nail clippers

FreelanceMama Mon 05-Aug-13 15:43:48

My ideal fridge:
has castors so I can move it around easily.
has some kind of child lock.
doesn't freeze things if they touch the back.
has shelves that are adjustable and extra shelves for people who want lots of shallow shelves
doesn't have glass shelves (they break)
has an alarm that goes off if the door is left open for more than 30 seconds.
has something on the side to prevent my child reaching round and burning themselves on the element

fazkin Mon 05-Aug-13 15:55:37

Something easy to clean and with more airtight compartments so food can be separated to avoid it getting smelly! The drinks/bottle part should be adjustable to allow bigger jugs for summer days. All shelves must be adjustable to suit the day/event.

Belo Mon 05-Aug-13 17:38:08

My wish list...
Bigger salad drawers (and ones which will go in the dishwasher when in need of a clean)
An alarm that lets me unpack my shopping before going off
No glass shelves. I'm always so scared I'm going to break them when cleaning them.
One that is metal all over for attaching fridge magnets to (my stainless steel Siemens is not!) Only the fridge lets us put magnets on it. Not the higher up freezer which would be far more practical.
Love the idea above about wheels. That would be so sensible.
Also, no nooks and crannies for gunk to get into.
Self defrosting freezer.
One with spare parts available. We seem to be a clumsy family.

I would like a fridge that:
Is Energy efficient
Has an alarm that tells me when the children have left the door open.
Has shelves and drawers that don't crack so easily.
Have wheels-such a good idea!!!
Have a way of stopping gunk getting in that hole at the back of the fridge which then ends up flooding the fridge with water. That drives me insane.
Self cleaning would be pretty fantastic! Even easy clean.
Having some different colours apart from the standard white,black and silver. I know there is a brand that does different coloured fridges but it would be nice to have the option on a budget.
A fridge that uses the empty space on top. I just put lots of rubbish on top of mine but it would be nice to have some sort of storage option.

I don't want much do I! blush

ParsingFancy Tue 06-Aug-13 08:29:35

Wheels! Yes!

Electronic gadgetry is a bit risky, as its lifespan can be rather less than that of the fridge. We deliberately avoided fridges with electronic controls, rather than a simple mechanical thermostat, because of reviews complaining they'd gone wrong and the whole fridge had to be thrown away.

I assume in those cases the customer was entitled to a refund or replacement, since it's unlikely a judge would find a £600 fridge lasting 4 years to have been "fit for purpose" under consumer law.

Definitely roomier crisper drawers - we actually eat a lot of veggies and can't fit whole cucumbers or the larger bags of lettuce in with the other veg and fruit. These can end up getting frozen and ruined if they are stuck towards the back of a shelf.

A meat drawer to keep meats and leaking meat juices separate from other foods. A defroster drawer - a place where defrosting meat doesn't potentially leak all over your other food. This and the meat drawer should be located at the bottom of the fridge, easy to extract and easy to clean either with soap and water or in the dishwasher.

While we're on the subject of different drawers for different items, it would be nice to adjust and set the individual temperature somehow for each one.

A door shelf that holds a 4-pint bottle of milk without threatening to crack.

Seconding shelves that are easier to adjust. Our issue is the door has to opened all the way before we can access the shelves (awkward in our small kitchen), and then we have to turn them slightly and slide them out just so. And they are glass. They should be easier to get out than this.

Freezer drawer/shelf that can actually hold a large pizza (at least a 12" pie). A shelf would be better suited for this, actually.

Magnetic panels built into integrated fridge doors, so you can co-ordinate with the kitchen and yet continue to hang up artwork/calendars/grocery lists. Our fridge is integrated and the best we can do is use sellotape, which is hard to clean off after awhile.

chrismse Tue 06-Aug-13 19:50:44

I would like my fridge to have a child friendly door, for example be large enough so that one door is child height and easy to open. I hate to see children struggling with a large fridge door when they are trying to be independent and get themselves a drink. Mums could put drinks etc in this part of the fridge and it would be good for them when they have friends over. `There own part of the fridge`. My fridge would also need to be energy efficent and look good.

JS06 Tue 06-Aug-13 21:11:37

My ideal fridge would have total flexibility with shelf spacing in the main body and the door. I agree with other contributors that family needs change during the year depending on the number of visitors and the type of meals you are making.

I would like to see an internal thermometer so I know exactly what the temperature is.

I'd also like a gizmo to tell me what level of contamination there is - like that lady Professor on Embarrassing Bodies - she has a machine that does a reading of numbers of dangerous bacteria.

I'd like the manufacturer to prompt me with emails about when filters should be changed for water\ice cubes etc.

I'd like the outside of the fridge to have a screen so that I can connect directly from a smart phone when I'm out and tell the kids to put the chicken in the oven or put myself a big message to remember to put the bins out when I get home.

I'd like to have a quick and breezy lesson from someone who doesn't make me feel stupid when they deliver the fridge so that I know how to pull it out safely, when to get it serviced (do we service fridges????), how to clean it properly and what to do if I've got any worries.

Fridge heaven would be to have a device which knows when you've moved your staples - somewhat like a fancy hotel mini-bar with a sensor to react to movement but more sophisticated - so when my favourite Anchor butter is running out I\d like a prompt or when the last carton of milk is just about finished a connection to my phone shopping list would be fab.

Elainey1609 Tue 06-Aug-13 22:57:46

I'd love to design my fridge
Firstly it needs to be bigger mine is normal standard size and no way big enough.
I would also like to change the colour of my fridge like the old 50's style
one I hate white always looks dirty.
Flexible storage
Changeable shelf level and alarm for the fridge and freezer door
Changeable shelfs on the snide door
A proper temperature gauge or thermometer
Magnetic with a note holder section on door.

Get rid of the stupid egg section

LucyLRichards Wed 07-Aug-13 08:41:18

Oh wonderful fridge, you'd need to be
So many things to be part of our growing family.
We like to run, jump and play you see.
So smooth corners are important for safety.
With your easy to open doors for our little fingers.
And wipe clean services so no germ lingers.
Lots of space for things so yummy.
Fresh fruit and goodies to fill our tummy.
Energy efficient both night and day.
So Dad doesn't worry and has more time to play.
And if you could be colorful and reliable too.
Then Mum will be happy - this family needs you.

star1000 Wed 07-Aug-13 09:39:26

I would love a modern funky design on the front of my fridge in black and silver to keep in fitting with the kitchen. A big flowery retro design would look fab in black and silver. I love a fridge with slightly curved corners to give it that slight retro feel but modern too. I prefer not to see sticky out handles but just doors that you can pull open at the side to make the design more streamline.

I would love a wide shelf or space where you can stand a box of wine and just pour from the fridge. We always have one in our fridge but have to lay it on it's side then get it out to pour into the glass.

Cheese box - so many don't have these now, but a slide out cheese box under a shelf is so useful to keep all the cheeses in - it's pointless putting them on a shelf as you can't stack them up and they take up space but are flat.

Love to have a slide out tray for salads etc. with a retracting front cover (fresh box/tray)

Ice cube trays in the freezer door are a must - had these in my old fridge freezer and so miss them now, always struggle to balance trays full of water on top of items in my full freezer drawers.

Lots of freezer space is a must - can never have too much. Large roomy drawers and at least 4.

Drawers at bottom of fridge must be split - a large drawer just gets too messy and you can never find anything. I like to keep my fruit and veg separate.

Lots of door space - never have enough room for bottles, salad dressings etc.

Could you make the doors open with a touch system rather than pulling a handle - like you touch it at the side and it pops open like the metal bins that you touch to open.

Energy efficient is always a bonus but design, storage needs comes first for me as that has the biggest effect on my day to day life and I want ease of use, good storage solutions, easy to keep things organised and fit things in and something that looks good.

peronel Thu 08-Aug-13 11:02:50

A large steel lever handle on the outside (like some large old-fashioned fridges had) to make it much easier to open.

HannahLI Thu 08-Aug-13 13:38:30

I would love a fridge that has optimum storage space in it, sometimes I feel like space is wasted because of the layout. I would love enough space in the door to fit at 6 pints of milk in in a big container. Maybe a clever pull out drawer for smaller items like marmalade, that optimises storage but you can still get to it all easily. Salad drawers that actually have enough space in them and are easy to get in and out. Maybe with a rubber handle on them to make it easy to pull out and stop the plastic cracking.

The outside needs to look good, I don't mind silver or a colour would be fun (or maybe a bit of both) but it needs to wipe down easily without leaving funny marks and be resistent to little finger prints! I would also love an ice and water machine on the outside like an american fridge has.

It needs to be environmentally friendly and as energy efficient as possible as this is what we are now looking for as we replace all of our appliances. We won't buy a pretty fridge over one thats going to save us money!

Maybe a built in bleep if it gets left open, my children are forever opening it and not shutting it properly!

JoyRoxburgh Fri 09-Aug-13 07:52:25

My fridge to be very energy efficient ,with an alarm that would after a few minuets if the door wasn't set properly,Ideally send a message to my phone .The salad drawers not to be at the bottom but above the raw,meat.It should be easy to clean,frost free freezer.adjustable shelving.large enough door space to stand large bottles of milk,quick freeze shelf ,an ice cube maker, a easy clean drinks dispenser .The colour is not important but I would like silver ,a message bourd on the door,seams it would be an ideal place to leave a message in our house .

columbine75 Fri 09-Aug-13 11:28:04

I love my current (hotpoint) fridge freezer, it's enormous - the one thing that bugs me is there is an alarm if the fridge is left open, but not the freezer! Like most others here - smooth surfaces (I love that my fridge has glass shelves rather than wire racks and it has to have a frost free freezer

LentilAsAnything Fri 09-Aug-13 18:07:12

A beautiful, funky design would be nice. I've had a glorious pastel Smeg for years and it always gets comments. So something either with colour options, and/or replaceable skins/transfers, to jazz things up a bit.
Or, a transparent front, so I can see what's inside without having to open it.

Optimum energy efficiency. It's on all day and all night, after all.

Inside, oh, I'd love some colour. Why are they always white?

Get rid of the egg thing, I always remove this pointless tray!

Maximum space inside. Adjustable racks (to vary height).

Self-cleaning smile

Strong and high containers in the door, so I can stand bottles upright.

nward Sat 10-Aug-13 09:10:33

I'd love the front of the fridge to have digital display panels so that you could upload pictures, shopping lists, children's art to the front of the fridge or leave it blank- a sort of digital version of posting things on the front of the fridge with magnets.

Inside, I'd like to be able to move the shelf heights easily, adjust temperatures in different zones of the fridge for optimum veg/ fruit storage and ensure that there isn't any moisture building up in it.

For me, water and ice dispenser is also a must!

StainlessSteelCat Sat 10-Aug-13 09:24:28

outside : choice of colours, not just a white box, handles could be more interesting. temperature read out so can see without opening door.

inside : no little nooks/crannies for sticky gunk. shelves you can use either way up, one side with one without. lots flexibility so can have shelves at varying heights. door shelving flexible too (once had fridge with boxes you could position at different places, very useful) and no egg tray.

all parts replaceable at not exorbitant cost. especially those brittle salad drawers!

so I want an immensely practical fridge on the inside that looks funky on the outside. and is very energy efficient.

VileWoman Sat 10-Aug-13 22:24:18

I have yet to see a fridge that has a big enough veg section, so lots of drawers for veg and no egg containers, I keep those at RT.

Snowyelephantshavewrinkles Sun 11-Aug-13 13:34:06

*It doesn't need an egg compartment.
*A door that shuts itself after x mins so if you forget all about it you don't ruin your food.
*It needs to have a drinks dispenser.
*More/different storage options.
*An option not to have salad draw at the bottom.
*Has shelves that can be removed for cleaning easily.
*A self cleaning fridge?wink

Laurensdad Sun 11-Aug-13 14:15:36

I would like to be able to alter the size and shape on the internal components of a fridge easily. We eat a lot of salad during the summer months (some from the garden, some bought) and the salad drawer is always overflowing at those times.
If we put the salad products on shelves there is the danger they will catch on the back panel and freeze, or they will be squashed by other things.
We can fiddle around with the shelves, but it means taking everything out and sliding them in and out, maybe twice a week as our stock of different foods change.
Shelves that could unlock and slide up and down would be great, as would additional drawers that could be slipped onto shelves as need to protect salads.

clake33 Sun 11-Aug-13 21:07:45

I would like a tall fridge/freezer like a smeg. I would like my fridge to clean its self and the freezer to have a button that you press when you want to defrost the freezer. I would like handles for the fridge and freezer to be child proof so my children can not get into the fridge and eat us out of house and home.

louise88uk Mon 12-Aug-13 15:08:24

If I was designing my own fridge I'd start with having an ice dispenser on the freezer door and a fizzy drink tap fitted on the fridge door with an area to put ordinary bottles of fizzy drink on the inside & not have to buy alternatives. This way sales of the fridge would rise as well as fizzy drinks.
I'd still like space for large bottles of milk.
A tray in the bottom of the fridge for raw meats.
A rack around the top of the fridge for jars to be easily seen.
large freezer draws with strong compartments.

stonesteps Mon 12-Aug-13 15:12:08

I would love to design my own fridge. Top of the list would be smooth, rounded corners that are easy to clean (no nooks and crannies)... lots of adjustable storage options so the fridge can be tailored to your current needs. My fridge has a fixed shelf and it drives me crazy!

How about acknowledging the fact that we don't just use the fridge for food storage - it is the hub of the kitchen where we stick the kids' pictures, artwork, the calendar, doctors appointments, reminders, receipts.... if the fridge door could be written on, we would save a lot of time chasing pieces of paper around.

An alarm for when the door is left open would be great too... my 3 year old did this for the first time yesterday and I have a feeling it will be happening a lot!

GeorgeW78 Mon 12-Aug-13 15:36:34

I'd design the outside to look like the perfect inside, lots of fresh ingredients, lovely fruit and veg, a few posh bottles and then I'd try and copy that on the inside. It'd also be a great hiding place for my chocolate stash, no one would suspect behind the greens on the outside was my fave treat on the inside :D

happynappies Mon 12-Aug-13 20:00:05

If I could design my own fridge it would be tall, but not too wide. It would have adjustable shelving and dividers that could slide along the shelves to keep things organised. Deep salad crispers with integral racks so you could have at least two layers of salad/veg without crushing it all. It would be self-cleaning(!) and there would be an alarm for when the door is left open (had this on holiday recently, and it was great - although annoying!). There would be a monitor on the outside showing the temperature, the recommended temperature, and the energy usage in pounds and pence, and otherwise it would be nice and white, sleek and clean.

Lotstodo Mon 12-Aug-13 20:39:19

I want plastic drawers that stay as they were when new. My fridge has plastic drawers that have become brittle and have cracked with age and I have had to put tape on them as they are now sharp in places. The tape looks awful but the drawers are too expensive to replace.

I would like nice sturdy handles on both the fridge and freezer as the handles on mine are brittle and creak when they are opened, especially the freezer as sometimes the freezer door is difficult to open. I know they are going to snap and everytime somebody opens the door I tell them to be careful - I'm going to be saying that for the next seven years or so aren't I? It's very stressful but if the handles are as expensive as the fridge drawers!

Help! I want/need a new one!

henryscatoscar Wed 14-Aug-13 13:49:21

One issue we've had for fridges is the way it drains, if there's some way for this not to block or be done in some other way. A durable shelf inside the door made from plastic that doesn't crack. Often there is a glass shelf at the bottom of the fridge, if there was a way this was not glass that would be safer and not such a worry when cleaning it. Temperature setting which is in degree C or F's rather than just a number setting please for extra safety. A big point is a unit which consumes as little energy as possible. if molded division is included then this should be removable in case someone does not want this. Some may want a drinks dispenser but others not. For the freezer, a better way of ensuring it doesn't freeze up. If the seal is not perfect you can get ice build up. Maybe some way of ensuring the unit is working at optimum settings so its consuming as little electricity as possible. There are always number settings of colder /not so cold but this is a bit of a guess

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Aug-13 14:35:56

Thanks for all the fab ideas: am pleased to say NorthernFlower wins the £100 John Lewis voucher.

debofost Wed 14-Aug-13 17:27:11

I need different sized shelves for different sized products that are easy to move around.

More space inside doors for large orange juices and milks.

Proper sections for eggs that have deeper storage so they don't fall out.

Also don't make shelves too high, make the freezer wider and not so high for shorter people.

Lastly more hard wearing plastic for frost free freezers as my drawers have snapped in places where it freezes!

BigGapMum Fri 16-Aug-13 15:59:28

Firstly it's got to be easy to clean with no little places to catch crumbs etc.
I would like the drawers in the freezer to be make of a material which doesn't get brittle and crack when its cold, which is what has happened to every freezer that we have had.

I would like the fridge to have plenty of easily movable/removable shelves for flexibility. Nice deep door pockets. No egg container or butter dish. Fridge MUST have bottle rack.

Hannah333 Sat 17-Aug-13 22:55:53

I would love a multi patterned (on the outside) for example, stripes, swirls, leopard, zebra prints, all different crazy patterns! Then on the inside I'd love lots of different shelves, drawers and compartments of different colours so I could colour coordinate my food according the shelf colour! This would be amazing, with separate parts for Raw meats etc, of course. In addition, I would not just want the standard water dispenser on the outside, I would love to have water, but also fresh milk dispenser for the children and for us adults to stick our mug of tea under!
That would be my dream fridge!

empress249 Mon 19-Aug-13 19:06:51

Well, my 4 year old son has just 'stolen' two yogurts from my fridge, so a way to lock the fridge would be fantastic! Or maybe a secret compartment I can hide the ice-creams in! :-)

I would like to open my simple but stylish fridge door to find narnia beyond. I would step out into a sparkling, moonlit world of freshly fallen snow and be handed a beautiful fake-fur coat by a cute, benign, talking animal. Possibly an otter.
The otter would then lead me to a stall set among the pines, with a moonlit sea beyond. The stall would be groaning with the most amazing selection of freshly caught seafood. I would select what I wanted, offer my thanks to the otter, and step back into my warm kitchen to whip up a simple but fabulous seafood feast.

I would like a salad drawer that did not collect water underneath it.

I would like a bright led light in it.

I would like a brushed steel american style double-doored fridge freezer.

I would like a proper child lock to keep my greedy little 2 year old out!


somewhere sealed to store cat food.

a quiet ice dispenser.

please!! smile

kldryden Thu 22-Aug-13 12:21:07

Lighting is important, there is nothing worse than not being able to see whats at the back of the shelf!

For me it would have plenty of shelf space in the fridge section with a couple of salad drawers and then a longer narrow drawer which could have moveable section dividers for deli items, chocolates and medicines. Equally larder section behind the door are essential for sauces, pesto etc.

I like freezer drawers rather than shelving but again, they must have plenty of movable dividers so I can separate fish, meat, veg and pizzas. A small section to keep picnic freezer packs in would also be helpful.

I don't like built in appliances but I don't want my fridge to stand out and detract from the kitchen. I think if appliances could come with easily changeable door/drawer covers then I could colour match it to my kitchen.

ckelly2304 Thu 22-Aug-13 22:07:31

Full of chocolate, cheesecake, wine and cider!

bumps2babies Fri 23-Aug-13 19:57:47

My dream fridge would be very large, energy efficient and self cleaning. I would like an inbuilt wipeable note board on the outside to try and keep our schedules organised. I would love a secret draw for my chocolate stash that has a code to keep my stash safe from the other half. I would like an ice cube maker and a draw with slots to keep ice lollies separate from everything else.

topdrawer Sat 24-Aug-13 08:04:04

I'd have deep rotating shelves that automatically came to the front with the flick of a switch - think James Bond gun cabinets!

montiefletcher Sat 24-Aug-13 20:16:58

one that dispenses gin and tonic after a long day!!!

compstruck Sun 25-Aug-13 09:03:45

Firstly, a shelf for each member of the family's special food as we all have separate diet issues, and a spare one for the shared food

Secondly, sturdier door shelves, they always end up breaking, cracking or falling out with contents falling onto floor

Thirdly, ice and slush on the front door

Fourthly, no salad drawers at bottom. Make bottom for raw meat and joints as blood can drip down, also whilst defrosting, from top shelves, also into bottom salad drawers and contaminate.

Fifthly, an alarm to sound if left open accidentally AND if power supply has gone off through surge or something.

CelticPromise Tue 27-Aug-13 16:16:07

I would like my fridge to be HUGE. Failing that, flexible. I had to take a shelf out of mine recently, I'd like a slat in the top or on the side to hold a removed shelf.

I'd like more drawers I think, so I don't have to rummage. What about a mirror at the top? Then I'd be able to see all the elderly jars on my top shelf.

A bottle section at the bottom, big big doors, and the freezer to also be big and not an afterthought.

tigga61 Wed 28-Aug-13 07:47:13

id like a slim line american style fridge with 2 doors opening for freezer compartment and 1 door freezer with big deep storage boxes and a seperate ice cream storage, self defrost feature, fridge would have a glass salad box interchangable shelves for easy filling and same with door shelves for different size bottles id have an ice crusher and water feature built in to the door outside for ease of use.

CaramelisedOnion Wed 04-Sep-13 00:38:33

I would definitely like more egg space!

I would like colour marked drawers for fruit +veg, dairy and meat and fish (with the meat and fish ones at the bottom, of course)

Perhaps a bottle holder? or a deeper door perhaps so that more bottles could be fitted in than is normally the case.

I would like a light (actually I would like disco lights flashing every time I opened the door but I recognise this is ambitious)

To carry on the theme of being ambitious, I would like a vacuum sealer attachment! I love it when the fishmonger vacuum seals my salmon and would love to be able to do it all myself with meat etc.

I would like it to be lockable!

I would like the freezer to somehow NEVER require defrosting. that is a miserable task - would be fantastic never to have to do that again....

Equal space fridge and freezer.

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