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NOW CLOSED Tell Clarks about your child's first steps and be in with a chance of winning a £100 voucher

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AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 20-Mar-13 15:32:42

Clarks have just released their latest First Shoes range here and to coincide they would love to hear about your DCs first steps.

So what do you remember about your child(ren)s first attempts to negotiate the world on two feet?

~ How old were they?

~ Do you remember where you were at the time?

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?

Everyone who shares their thoughts on this thread will be entered into a prize draw, where one MNer will win a £100 Clarks voucher.

Thanks and good luck,


lubeybooby Wed 20-Mar-13 15:34:49

My DD took her first steps on her first birthday. We were all really proud. However she then fell flat on her face and didn't try again until 15/16 months! Once she got it second time though, no stopping her. From walking to running very quickly, within a week or so. It was a really sweet time with my newly toddling toddler.

Pascha Wed 20-Mar-13 15:39:45

DS1 took his first steps unaided 4 daysbefore his first birthday. He stood up and walked across the kitchen - no hesitant first steps, just up and away he went.

noisytoys Wed 20-Mar-13 15:44:39

DD didn't take her first steps til 22 months. She's 4 now and you would never know she was a late walker

MrsJohnDeere Wed 20-Mar-13 15:46:02

Ds1 took his first steps in the week of his first birthday.

Ds2 (lazy grin) was about 17 months old, I think. Started crawling early and was quite happy with that.

With the first I was desperate for him to walk, with the second I wasn't. It is so much easier whe they stay on one place!

Neither hesitated. It was straight from nothing to walking the same day.

BornToFolk Wed 20-Mar-13 15:48:04

DS was 13 months and took his first steps at the park. He never crawled so it was a relief when he started to walk and could finally get himself around.
He took to it quite quickly, I think. It was much harder persuading him to walk again when he broke his leg at 2.5years. He had 6 weeks in plaster then another month or so when he just would not walk.
You'd never know it now he's 5 and seems to spend most of his life running (and playing football)

iMe Wed 20-Mar-13 15:52:02

DD was 16 months. Remember the first steps well as we were camping and with friends so lots of folk to cheer her on, cameras at the ready. She was quite hesitant and cautious, afraid of falling. I was relieved because she was and still is a heavy solid lump and I was getting such sore back & hips from carrying her around. Also, was sick of everybody asking me every two mins if she was walking yet...shouldn't she be walking by now? Etc etc.

DS walked at 13 months. A hardy wee fella so not afraid & no stopping him once he got going. Went far too fast at first so had many many falls. I can't remember the first time he walked though, even though its only 5 months ago.blush I'm glad he walked quicker than DD, he's been more content since he can go exploring.

WheresMyCow Wed 20-Mar-13 15:52:28

DS took his first proper unaided steps at 15 months. I was at work and he was with my mum and he walked across the kitchen to my sister.

I was quite pleased that he did it for my mum as it was the week after my DF had a stroke and it really cheered her up! grin

He went from strength to strength and hasn't stopped is very scary how fast he is growing up!!

GotMyGoat Wed 20-Mar-13 15:52:35

~How old were they?

I remember at DD's 8 month health check dd was happily cruising with a trolley or holding onto furniture, and we were sure it wouldn't be long... wasn't till she was 13/14 months she finally took her bold first steps!

~Do you remember where you were at the time?

I remember the day after we bought her new shoes, we were off on holiday in Cornwall, she had a great time walking on the beach! I think she took her first steps at home, darting across the room whilst no one was looking and giggling!

~Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?

Absolutely keen to get a move on! She hated the pushchair from that day on, and loves to walk around in town with us.

~How did it feel? were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?

I was overjoyed, my husband had told me me weren't allowed to buy dd any shoes till she was walking, and I wanted to go shoe shopping! It's fantastic to be able to just put on shoes and walk out the door, holding dd's hands. We get a lot of comments, as she looks too little to be walking (small 20mth old now) but she grins all the way down the street.

We did suddenly get a bit terrified when we realised how quickly little feet grow. Out of a brand new pair of shoes in a month! Hopefully we won't need new shoes every month, we can't afford it!

It's also quite difficult when DD wants to go in an opposite direction to us, or if she really really wants to step in that pile of dog poo... I can understand why people keep their toddlers strapped into pushchairs!

DH was deployed to the Gulf when DD was five months old. While he was gone, he missed her crawling, he missed her sitting up alone, he missed her first adventures with solid food, he missed her pulling herself up on furniture, he missed her 'cruising' the furniture, and he missed her first wobbly attempts to stand alone.

One week before he was due to come home, DD started to try and take a step.

I decided he had missed enough. He was not going to miss that first step. So we played a game - every time DD went to take that step, I poked her in her tubby little belly and made her giggle and plop down. For an entire week, she tried to take a little step, raised her foot, looked at me and giggled, waiting for the belly-poke. It was a lovely game to her but my heart was in my mouth - would DH actually get home on time, or would his tour get extended so he would miss yet another huge milestone in DD's life?

He got home at 8am, walked in the door, and DD took her very first step into her daddy's arms.

Best day of my life. grin

Oops - to answer the questions: DD was 10 months old, once she took that first step she never seemed to sit down again - she was into everything at top speed! I can't remember how we felt about it TBH - we were learning how to be 'a family' again.

reastie Wed 20-Mar-13 15:55:55

DD took her first steps when she was 12 MO. It was at my Mums and I was there too. I was very excited and proud. I was desperate for her to walk and I hated her crawling everywhere on dirty floors when we went out <shudder>. I think DD must've been listening to me as that day I was telling DM I was sad at the thought of going back to work and missing DDs first steps. If I'm brutally honest, I'm not convinced she hadn't already taken her steps when I was at work and my Mum was looking after her (and my Mum was too nice to spoil my excitement) grin

Witchesbrewandbiscuits Wed 20-Mar-13 16:03:03

ds was 10 months

it was at home

he was straight off and wanted to run before he could walk! once he had taken those first steps, there was no stopping him.

at first i felt he was too young; still a baby but i soon realised we could do more things, and he had reached an important milestone. proud moment.

EskSmith Wed 20-Mar-13 16:03:15

Both my children took their first independant steps in the week of their first birthday.
Both wanted to walk almost continuously immediately (my poor back!)
DD1 was more nervous than DD2 who was off like a racing car - I swear she is the child who ran before she could walk!
I remeber feeling incredibly proud of both of them - the sheer determination they put into mastering it was amazing. DD1 was fine (as I could monitor her every move) but yes DD2 was almost immediately up to double the mischief smile

EskSmith Wed 20-Mar-13 16:05:42

Oops - that made me cry - how lovely smile

tallulah Wed 20-Mar-13 16:07:01

My older children all walked between 10 - 11 months but DC5 wasn't walking at 14 mo and we were starting to get worried. Went to Down House (Charles Darwin's house) on a beautiful sunny day and out into the garden. DD stood up and walked across the lawn grin. Once up she was off and didn't look back.

threepiecesuite Wed 20-Mar-13 16:09:18

~ How old were they? DD was 14 months

~ Do you remember where you were at the time? We were on a mini break in Cheshire and we'd just been for a steam train ride

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?
A few wobbly days, then she was away, slowly but surely.

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?

I was proud more than anything. Life got easier then and I didn't have to carry her and she always walked nicely.

ChocolateCoins Wed 20-Mar-13 16:15:27

My DD was one day off being 10 months when she took her first steps. She had only been crawling for about 3 weeks so I was quite surprised! By ten and a half months she was walking around everywhere grin although still falling over every 10 seconds!

Walking made her lose all the fat on her legs. I miss those big chunky legs sad

DD1 was 11 1/2 months. I can't really remember a specific change from crawling to walking as it was quite gradual. I remember being v proud, but amazed at how quickly her first year had gone. DD2 was similar but a bit later.

However, this week I have had the joy of seeing DD1's first steps all over again. She has been seriously ill in hospital and lost the ability to sit up, walk or move at all really. Expected recovery was between 6 and 12 months. We were devastated and frightened. But since the day she came home from hospital (after some very strong drugs) she has been pushing herself so hard. First she sat up, then stood. Then walked. Only two or three tentative, wobbly steps across the floor to her dad, but it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Every day she is getting stronger and walking further. Her determination has amazed us. I'm expecting by the time she's fully recovered, and judging by the amount she's eating, she'll be in need of some new shoes! :D

Littleorangetree Wed 20-Mar-13 16:26:41

DS had just turned one when he took his first steps. We were visiting my parents at the time. He was definitely keen to get a move on, and still is! I remember being quite excited at the time, but it opened up a whole world of trouble as once he started running he didn't stop and still bolts off when he gets the chance.

CMOTDibbler Wed 20-Mar-13 16:30:19

Ds was cruising at 9 months, crawled the week he was 1, and walked on his own at 14 months. I can't pinpoint when it actually happened as he'd been trundling around so long.

Course, I remember very well the point when I realised that his very wide feet were going to be taking us to independant shoes shops for the next years...

Dd took her first steps at 18 months (a few weeks ago!) she was copying dh stomping then a few days later she let go of my hand and toddled off grin

DD was 11 months old when she took her first steps. I had taken her to Texas to visit my brother and she was so besotted with her 7 year old cousin that she literally took to her feet to chase him round the house. This meant that DH missed her first steps as he wasn't with also meant I had to march up and down the aisle for the 10 hour flight back as she was so chuffed with her new skill. Her first steps were circular as she planted her left foot and pivoted round using her right leg.

silverangel Wed 20-Mar-13 16:45:33

DTs finally walked at Christmas at 17mo, an iphone held out finally convinced them it was worth letting go of the sofa for! Of course, once once did it, the other followed very quickly.

I thought my life was going to get a lot harder chasing them in different directions but it's got easier in terms of getting them in and out of the house etc and they just love shoes. Their first word was shoe!

HopingItllBeOK Wed 20-Mar-13 16:46:12

DS1 was 16 months old and still only occasionally furniture cruising, I was starting to get worried as he was showing no signs of being interested in walking. I was visiting a friend who asked how long DS1 had been walking. I said he wasn't yet and she looked at me oddly before asking who the streak of lightning running up and down the hallway was then? I looked out and sure enough, there was DS1 running down the middle of her hall. No first steps, he did a first sprint grin

DS2 was my textbook baby, he did exactly what the books said he should, when they said he should.

DS3 took his first steps 2 weeks before his first birthday. I was away from home visiting friends. DS3 was confidently cruising but Would Not Consider Thinking About taking a solo step. I was sitting and chatting to my friend in her games room while the kids played in the middle of the floor. DS3 stood himself up, squealed to get everyone's attention, then took 3 steady steps. Towards my friends husband. To mug him for his crisps. As soon as he got a crisp, he sat down and refused to do it again. Not only was DP not there, but DS3 took his first steps towards someone he had only met 20 minutes earlier and took a full week before he'd do it again.

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 20-Mar-13 16:50:31

DS was 8 months, took 3 steps.
I was sitting on the floor next to him.
He walked, roughly, once a week for the next four months...only ever infront of me, everyone pulled a hmm face whenever I mentioned he'd walked again.
Finally started walking properly at 13months, then stopped again for 3 weeks, now you can't stop him!
I miss him being my little newborn, but look forward to him growing up...but still <waaaaah> my baby!

HerrenaHarridan Wed 20-Mar-13 17:04:24

My ds took her first steps into the sea!

I was told she would probably never walk and it was sheer unbridled joy to see.

firawla Wed 20-Mar-13 17:06:33

ds1 1st steps was 14 months then 15.5 months he started walking. remember being really impatient for him to start walking and it was great when he did! 1st steps was at my sils house

ds2 took even longer!! he started first steps around 18.5 months then didnt walk properly til 20, was amazing when he walked cos he does have a lot of delays generally so always really proud when he achieves!

ds3 was my youngest one, he walked at just turned 14 months. which is not particularly early but compared to the others it was so i felt like hes a genius! he didnt really do first steps then take ages, i just one day spotted him out the corner of my eye walking across the room!!

shoes wise the main problem i remember is that ds2 as he was a late walker and also quite a big baby, we were not able to get him any cruiser shoes at all. had been adviced get them and see if it helps him but his feet was too big, and they wouldnt fit for 1st walking shoes if he cant walk, so we had to keep him in those thin leather shoes things for ages

KindleMum Wed 20-Mar-13 17:08:45

DS didn't walk til 18 months, he'd been slow to crawl and his first steps were on holiday in the art galleries and museums of Vienna. He loved it, no toddler boredom while we did the culture vulture thing as the long galleries were perfect for him to practise walking.

DD was walking at 10 months, she'd crawled early and took to walking really fast. Total opposites.

MrsWolowitz Wed 20-Mar-13 17:08:59

My eldest daughter (now 4) was 11 months and toddled over to my Dad. He was over the moon that he was the first person she walked to! My identical twins (now 2) walked a month apart. One twin walked at 16 months and the other twin walked at 17 months. They both walked to me whilst cruising around the furniture in my living room.

It was exciting each time one walked. Especially the twins as they were that much later than their peers to walk. Now they're running around all the time!

My eldest was keen to get walking and running as soon as possible but both twins were happy to ride around in a pushchair until about 6 months ago. It's quite a handful having a toddler who needs her hand holding and two little ones on reins! Wouldn't change it for the world though - lovely little urchins!

WowOoo Wed 20-Mar-13 17:27:22

~ How old were they?
Ds1 was 10 months.
Ds2 was 12 months.

~ Do you remember where you were at the time?

I can only remember ds1 because we recorded some of the early first steps. We were at home.
Can't remember with Ds2.

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?
Ds1 was a whirlwind and was unstoppable. Ds2 also but a bit more tentative than ds1.

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?

I wasn't thrilled like other mums suggested I should be because I thought the crawling stage would go on for much longer.
It suddenly got very hard! It was much sooner than I'd expected. But I soon got used to it.

WildThongsEggHunt Wed 20-Mar-13 17:37:14

My DS ( now a hulking great 14 yo) was quite a late walker at 21 months but my could he go fast on all fours. Unfortunately he preferred crawling backwards, usually at 100mph, which was hilarious until the inevitable collision!
I still remember as clear as yesterday the day he pulled himself up using the edge of the sofa and just stood there grinning at me..and we never looked back from then.
Oh happy days sad they're over.

BoysWillGrow Wed 20-Mar-13 17:38:40

My first was the day after his first birthday. We were at home and it was a lot of practice to help him do it, I think you tend to do that with your first as you feel that's what they should be doing. We were so proud when he took his first steps. After his first few steps on his own, that was that really, he didn't need help again.

gazzalw Wed 20-Mar-13 17:40:28

-DD was 13 months old and took her first proper steps (about fifteen of them) twixt me and her brother on Christmas Day! That was the loveliest pressie ever really. Her face was a picture - so happy with herself!

DS was very slow to walk - nearly 20 months. Afraid he was with a childminder when the started walking but then we couldn't stop him. It was a bit of a shock when he'd been so sedentary for so long!

- Both were up and off as soon as they could walk and as a car-free family they still walk a lot now! j

- Once they'd mastered the art of walking, getting them to sit tight in a buggy became very, very difficult. DD in particular used to take an hour doing the walk to school to collect big brother! So it was a mixed blessing really!

They moan about walking now though!

Hanginggardenofboobylon Wed 20-Mar-13 17:41:40

DS was 15 months when he took his first unsteady steps, it was during the summer so it was lovely to see him toddling round the garden.
I remember wishing he would walk and then when he could wishing I could leave him for 5 mins as he was chaos and injury prone for a while.
I was very excited about getting his first shoes and have kept the picture from Clarks. I didn't have him in anything other than leather slippers until he was walking.
He used to say 'go go go' when he set off!

missorinoco Wed 20-Mar-13 17:45:50

How old were they? Eighteen months and nineteen months - my thought was finally! And for the one year old I laughed. She couldn't be bothered top move for ages, then when she did, decided crawling was over-rated and moved on to walking within a month.

They can't get up to anything more walking than they can crawling, but it does make the school run slower.

BonzoDooDah Wed 20-Mar-13 17:49:22

DD was 14 months old, can't remember where or when specifically. She did cling on to the furniture for a while then suddenly got the hang of it.

I knew life sitting drinking coffee with friends was then officially over sad

EauRouge Wed 20-Mar-13 17:50:28

DD1 was only 10 months, she couldn't wait to get going- I remember taking her out with a massive black eye and being paranoid someone would call social services blush but all the comments I got were along the lines of 'just learning to walk?'. I've got a lovely video of her on our first holiday toddling around the grounds of Glasto Abbey and falling over laughing in the grass.

DD2 learnt to walk at 13 months, on my dad's birthday. It was a lovely present for him to see his granddaughter's first steps.

BonzoDooDah Wed 20-Mar-13 17:50:48

DS was 7 months old when he first stood up. I was horrified! No way should he be walking.
Fortunaltely he just stood and cruised for FOUR months and only walked at 11 months old. by then I was resigned to life on the trot after a gormless baby on legs.

HippiTEEHoppoTEE Wed 20-Mar-13 17:52:29

Here, see for yourself!

Not his very first steps, but the first on camera. He was 16 months when this was taken. I think he started about a month before.

He was pretty keen, having never really crawled.

I was ecstatic!


chocoflump Wed 20-Mar-13 17:59:43

My son was a later walker, he didn't take his first steps until one week before he turned 18 months!!

I was at work, he done it at my mums house and she phoned to tell me, I burst into tears because I missed it! He walked around her house all that afternoon then when I came to pick him up he showed me and I was do proud! I took him home and he refused to walk in our house! Eventually he realised that walking in our house was no different to walking in granny's!

It may have taken him longer than others but that doesn't take away from the fact that I was super proud!! smile

Bananasinfadedpjs Wed 20-Mar-13 18:04:32

DD1 was 19 months. It was in our living room and I had been encouraging her for days to try and walk to me, but she was a bit wary. Then she finally took the plunge. She went straight from the first few steps to walking confidently, pretty much never fell over, was very steady - but she had been walking holding one hand for months and months, she just needed the confidence.
I was very proud of her.

DD2 was 16 months, in our living room again. She was similar to DD2, very steady once she started walking, but slow to have the confidence to try.
I was proud of her too.

They both went to walking outside, and walking reasonably long distances very soon after starting walking, which I think is probably related to the fact that they were on the late side with starting in the first place.

smileyhappymummy Wed 20-Mar-13 18:07:50

Dd1 took her first steps just after her first birthday. We were at the beach - beautiful, flat and empty and she spent all afternoon going further and further. Loved watching her

DD took her first steps about a week before her first birthday. She had been watching her little friend and decided to have a go. We were in our living room and she just took off and did about 4 steps. She was so traumatised by it she refused to walk alone for another 2 months, just insisted on holding onto either a finger or furniture!

I was really excited for DD, but had a little cry later as it seemed like she wasn't my tiny baby anymore. Pathetic I know!

Kveta Wed 20-Mar-13 18:09:43

DS was pulling himself to his feet and cruising at 5 months, it was ridiculous. Luckily he then took 4 months to take a step without holding on to anything, but he was running by 10 months. And hasn't stopped since. His first shoes were Clark's doodles - little blue canvas t bars, they were just gorgeous.

DD has just turned 9 months, and we thought she would be much slower to walk than DS, because she didn't pull herself to her feet until about 7 months. She is cruising the furniture now, and mostly doing it one handed, so I'm still optimistic that she won't walk for a while yet, but suspect she will by a year.

They both crawled bang on 7 months and 10 days, but I don't know exactly how old DS was when he took his first step, or if it was even for me. He just did everything so fast, and never slept, so his first year was a blur. We have to look at photos to see what he did and when! We have some of him pulling himself to his feet at 21 weeks, which is crazy. Luckily he has settled in to being utterly ordinary now he's 3.6 though.

Boggler Wed 20-Mar-13 18:42:23

My ds(8) wasn't too keen on walking probably because he was such a proficient crawler! So he wasn't tempted to take his first proper steps until he was 16 months even then if he was in a hurry he reverted to crawling.

PastaBeeandCheese Wed 20-Mar-13 18:53:14

Still waiting. DD is 16 months so it's good to see plenty if other children taking their first steps a bit later on this thread. She has to wear shoes for nursery so has pre walkers for outside and little canvas cruisers for indoors. She adores them. Just wish she'd let go of my hand and take a few steps now!

MrsMarigold Wed 20-Mar-13 19:06:34

I think my DS took his first steps on his first birthday but I was so tired, (I was pregnant with DD), I can't be 100% sure. I was dozing on the bed and he was playing on the floor and I think he toddled over but the memory is hazy. Two days later he confidently walked across the kitchen and he has never sat still since.

CheeryChickChickChickChicken Wed 20-Mar-13 19:24:40

DS walked finally at 17 months, took his first steps at my friend's house. We were thrilled!
DD1 walked just 6 months later...there's a year between them... took her first steps at the same friend's house! We were impressed!
DD2 took her first steps at home at about 14 months old (my friend had moved house by then), but would only do a few steps for me, not in front of anyone else. This went on for several weeks, didn't show DH for what seemed like ages. It was funny!
I always loved it when they started walking, made them so independent and life so much easier for me.

FEEdec Wed 20-Mar-13 19:28:37

My son took his first steps, 3 days after his first birthday. I was at a Christmas tree festival in a local church with some friends and their little ones. We'd been trying to get all 4 kids to sit for a picture but gave up as it was like herding cats when my son suddenly turned and did 3 big steps into my arms. I shouted 'oh my god' and scooped him up for a big cuddle- it was such a happy surprise that I got a bit emotional and welled up! Of course everyone in the church knew what had happened because of my big mouth!

My friends (who's boy's were a couple of months older) said he may not do anymore steps for a while, but he really took off and hasn't stopped since. He's 15months now and rarely sits still, instead he seems to run everywhere!!

AmandinePoulain Wed 20-Mar-13 19:29:12

Dd1 was 11 months when she took a couple of steps, we were at home with a friend over whose dd of the same age was a really early walker and I think she just thought "well, perhaps I'll try that!". It took her weeks to build up her confidence though, she certainly wasn't a confident walker by her first birthday.

Dd2 is only 7mo so a long way off walking yet. I don't think she'll be another early one though - she shows no interest in moving herself anywhere, she hasn't even tried to roll over yet! She's more of a watcher than a mover I think. I'm enjoying having a more chilled out one this time round especially as it puts off the whole baby proofing malarkey wink

insertsomethingwitty Wed 20-Mar-13 19:30:13

DD1 was about 16 months when she started walking we were thrilled and were very proud of her first shoes picture from Clarks.
DD2 was a late starter at 23 months, again thrilled as was beginning to think it would never happen.
DD3 was about 13 months and she is an absolute speed demon and has barely sat her bum down since.

ouryve Wed 20-Mar-13 19:45:25

Both of mine made a slow start.

DS1 was cruising the furniture at 7 months, but didn't take his first steps until just after his first birthday. He fell over and didn't even try again until 15 months.

DS2 was very late - 21 months before he finally made the lunge from one sofa to another at my parents' house. It took a long time for him to become steady. He ended up having to wear piedro boots and arch supports and he was 5 before he could manage the 1km each way walk to school and back every day.

AllSWornOut Wed 20-Mar-13 19:46:32

oops that's lovely.

DS took his first steps at 10 months and never looked back. He stayed pretty wobbly for quite a while because soon as he started walking he started running.

I was overjoyed when he started walking as it felt like the beginning of the end of the deathly dull baby phase.

LovesBeingWokenEveryNight Wed 20-Mar-13 19:51:11

Must admit to not encouraging ds now 18mths to starting walking, with dd as well it was much easier to him him stay where he was put. But now it's do much fun

TotallyEasterEggFlipped Wed 20-Mar-13 19:53:47

DD was about 16 months I think. She ran around with her little trolley or holding onto a finger or two but refused to let go until she was entirely confident. I don't think I ever saw her fall or stumble when she was learning to walk. (that came later, trying to run outside!). The first time she walked without holding on she walked right across the living room at my parents house to climb up onto the sofa.

SirBoobAlot Wed 20-Mar-13 20:01:50

DS was walking holding onto hands from seven months, was not bothered about crawling until about ten months old because he was rather speedy when assisted.

First interdependent steps, he was 14 months old, we had a friend and her little boy over, who is a few weeks older. Friend's little boy was walking around quite happily already. DS watched him for a few minutes, then just walked after him! grin Then he crawled again for a few days, until we had a group of friends over, all their children were walking. The little ones trundled off to DS's bedroom to play, DS was crawling after them, then just seemed to go, "Oh sod it, they're all so much quicker!", got up, and that was it.

He's always been pretty steady, even from when he was seven months and holding onto fingers.

I was so pleased when he started walking, as he had been ready to for a while physically, was just cautious. And it was lovely that a friend was here to see it as I'm a single mum!

Ds was 13 and a half months.

He'd dragged himself round in an awkward looking comando crawl from 18 weeks so I was fairly used to him getting into mischief early on. I always felt like I missed out on the tiny baby stage as he was tall (always seemed a clothing size ahead) and was touring the room at a fair pace on his tummy by 6 months.

He wasn't an early walker though and to be honest he didn't seem to like it if I tried to get him to weight bear. By about 11 months he would pull himself up on the odd occaision but never really did the cruising thing. By then he'd moved to a traditional crawl and was like a rocket.

One day he was sat watching cbeebies and he just stood from sitting, took four steps towards the tv and then sat down again. He didn't try again for a couple of days and I started to wonder if I'd imagined it. grin

But another couple of days and he never looked back so it was off to Clarks for the obligatory first shoes polaroid!

abbyfromoz Wed 20-Mar-13 20:02:42

DD was 9 months and 8 days old. We were at a friend's house who had a newborn baby boy. We said 'come and see the bubba!' And up she got- walked over like she was a professional... Never crawled again! Since that day it has been shoes shoes shoes! Emalda like mummy!

Aww Oops I just had a little blub at yours!

ThePskettiIncident Wed 20-Mar-13 20:15:20

Ds took his first steps at 14 months. He ran, launching himself at me. It was lovely. For days he just wobbled to his feet and ran at me into a big cuddle.

Elkieb Wed 20-Mar-13 20:22:26

My son is 14 months old and took his first steps this week, it made us so proud as we've been waiting a while for it to happen. We've just moved and I've been a bit sad that we have left our sons first home, but this monumental moment has made me feel like important moments can happen here too.

survivingwinter Wed 20-Mar-13 20:45:00

DD was 20 months old when she started walking. She was born with mild Cerebral Palsy so I can't even describe the elation when she finally took her first steps grin

I remember vividly that she walked over to me to bring me a 'cup of tea' she'd made with her new tea set!

Learning to walk has been a long hard slog for her and she's now finally steady on her feet age 6. She could walk before she could balance so there were a lot of hairy moments shock Good shoes have been essential for her since she began to walk as she needs lots of ankle support but there's no stopping her now!!

bluebump Wed 20-Mar-13 20:48:56

My DS was 15 months when he walked properly. He had been building up to it for months it felt like, we'd stopped trying to persuade him to do it. In the end the reverse psychology worked and one day he just stood up in the middle of the room, coughed to get our attention and went for it! We were taking videos of him doing it and he gladly stood still and on cue would dash across the room.

I thought him starting to walk was great, it certainly stopped him climbing so much!

sunshine401 Wed 20-Mar-13 20:55:38

First steps of my DD was on the day of her 1st birthday a great moment it will never be forgotten smile

StillStuck Wed 20-Mar-13 20:57:45

DS took his first independent steps at 10 months at my parents house, just a few between a chair and a ride on toy that he really really wanted to get to. I was shocked but he didn't even realise what he had done he was so excited by the toy! He didn't try again until just before his first birthday, when he teeteered about 8 steps towards me and then just kept trying all afternoon, I was really excited for him. We took a video that afternoon and it is lovely watching his wobbling steps with arms stretched out in front of him.

I was also pleased as he had been wanting to walk everywhere but holding both my hands which gets quite uncomfortable after a while!

Manchesterhistorygirl Wed 20-Mar-13 21:15:08

Ds1 didn't walk until he was 14mo and it was a really slow gradual process to get there in many ways. He was cruising for ages but once he let go that was it he was off.

Ds2 was 1yr 3weeks and 1day exactly. Really easy to remember because it was the day after Boxing Day at his aunts house. There were 10 cousins, including him, all older and he decided he'd have a go at this walking malarkey and he just got up and went for it!

Iggly Wed 20-Mar-13 21:19:54

Ds took his first steps at 10 months. He was pushing his trolley along and just let go and took a step unaided. Husband and I were both there and looked each other in shock but felt very excited. After that, ds hurled himself around, taking 1-2-3 steps as often as he could every day. We've got great video of him wobbling around corners trying to get as many steps in as possible, before falling over. We got him some shoes pretty quickly after that as he wanted to be on the go.

Contrast that with DD who refused to walk unless holding our hands for a couple of months. She was a lot more cautious, waiting until she was nearly 12 months before taking the tiniest step towards me (then I had to hold her hands so she could charge about again).

Me23 Wed 20-Mar-13 21:22:34

Both my dd and ds were 16 months old when they took their first steps, it then took a few weeks until they walked confidently. I remember people always asking are they walking yet! I was beginning to get worried when my 1st was taking so long to start walking. With my ds I knew it can take a while to learn so I wasn't as anxious.

MissRee Wed 20-Mar-13 21:23:57

DD was exactly 12 months when she took her first steps. She literally went from those first tentative steps to running everywhere in the space of a week!

DewDr0p Wed 20-Mar-13 21:28:51

Ds walked for the first time at 19 months on the beach in wellies! I had an inkling he was ready so I just let go of his hand and kept backing away and he kept stepping towards me - 21 steps in all! After that there was no stopping him. (He had been refusing for weeks at home - what a little fraud grin )

JollyYellowGiant Wed 20-Mar-13 21:29:09

DS was just shy of 10 months when he took his first steps. It took him ages to get going though and he wasn't walking confidently until around 12 months.

We were at home at the time.

Although it was exciting, it meant another round of babyproofing had to be done as he could now reach higher dangers!

Iggity Wed 20-Mar-13 21:30:58

~ How old were they? 15.5 months

~ Do you remember where you were at the time? Sitting on the edge of the bath. DS came walking into the bathroom carrying a nappy sack!

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on? Once he started, he never stopped!

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!? Overjoyed and so pleased. He took us by surprise.

owl13 Wed 20-Mar-13 21:30:59

DD1 was 16 months. She toddled a few steps into my arms in the kitchen. The following weeks I remember very fondly, she was so smiley, and IIRC she started saying a couple of new words at around the same time.

About to go through it all again with DD2 now, so need to go shoe-shopping. I really wish there was more choice in colours other than pink and purple.

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Wed 20-Mar-13 21:32:41

DD1 walked early having hardly crawled. She was 10 months and stood by pulling herself up on the coffee table. Then she turned, took three steps and burst into tears! grin She was devastated! And also marooned! She sat down again and after that she was off.

DD2...she walked later....12 months and after commando crawling for some time, began pulling herself up on the furniture and using all the furniture in the room to navigate around. Her first unaided steps were at Christmas when she spotted an open tin of Roses chocolates....she practically ran towards them forgetting to use the furniture. Her name is Rose ironically!

Nigglenaggle Wed 20-Mar-13 21:33:08

DS took his first steps AGES ago (he is just over a year) and has still not moved on from that!! He still cruises rather than stepping out except for the tiniest of gaps when he will do one or two steps inbetween. The first time was in our living room, we had been waiting for him to walk for ages. We are still waiting really!! But every time he does a few steps I am so proud, even though he is taking his time.

KittieCat Wed 20-Mar-13 21:49:06

DS was just turned 12 months when he took his first steps. It was particularly memorable as it was on Christmas Day and even more special as my parents were with us to see.

It still brings a tear to my eye when I remember him wobbling across the living room. Not least as I recall the fear that he might not only hit the decks but also that he might take the Christmas tree down with him!

Once he started he was off, there was no hanging around.

We were all overjoyed that we were there to watch but I then had an awful realisation that our home was NOT toddler proof.

It seems like only yesterday although it was now over a year ago. I'm firmly in denial that my baby is growing up!

notcitrus Wed 20-Mar-13 21:51:12

Ds did standing and cruising but took his first unaided steps pretty much as soon as everyone left after his first birthday party, and was immediately confident. We ran out of high shelves to put things on as he very quickly figured out standing on a stool.

Dd is 13mo, expert at standing with hardly any leaning on anything, but apart from shuffling a couple steps isn't walking. She's staring a lot at a couple babies at nursery who have just learnt to walk since she started, though.

Pandemoniumwearspurpleshoes Wed 20-Mar-13 21:53:10

DS took his first steps at 13 months, walking between my parents. I have a lovely video clip on my phone of him walking across the living room, giggling after every couple of steps, due to being so pleased with himself. There was no stopping him after that! I've just got him his first shoes and he is enjoying make lots of noise as he walks now.

DS walked at 10 months, and his feet were too small for shoes at a size 2D!
He finally fit some proper shoes 6 months later when he hit size 3.

DS was 14mo, and was a very confident climber but had had no interest in walking. He'd had his first trip to A&E that day after an ascent on the coffee table ended up in a head first dive onto the floor boards.
That evening, he took his first steps - as if the head bump had connected the wires!
He never wanted us to hold his hands to steady him, always did it on his own. He goes at his own speed, hasn't really run still, but he will when he's ready!

Welovegrapes Wed 20-Mar-13 22:32:37

14 months, in the garden, in front of a very proud pair of grandparents!!!

ClaraOswinOswald Wed 20-Mar-13 22:45:34

DD1 walked at 10 months. When she got her first shoes she kept falling over because she would lift her feet to have a good look at them. smile

DD2 walked at 12 months, felt wet grass between her toes (we were camping) and didn't try again for weeks.

starfishmummy Wed 20-Mar-13 22:49:04

DS was 7. He has disabilities and we were told he would probably never walk. He cruised the furniture for a while and had his own little zimmer frame. Then one evening when we were on holiday, we were sitting in the cottage garden and he decided he could do it by himself!.
We were so proud of him. (Still are)

lisad123everybodydancenow Wed 20-Mar-13 23:05:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Welovegrapes Wed 20-Mar-13 23:15:19

Oh starfish mummy, that is so lovely

sarahbanshee Wed 20-Mar-13 23:25:32

My son - now 4 - took his first steps on the evening of the day I went back to work, when he was 11 months. His dad and I were getting him ready for bed when he suddenly walked right across the room to me and gave me a huge hug. grin

My daughter took her first steps a few weeks ago at 14 months. She has been walking with hands held or pushing a walker for ages but is more cautious than her brother was about letting go - but at a friend's child's birthday party she found herself with a balloon in one hand and a cake in the other, and so, unwilling to relinquish either, she had no choice but to walk. And so she did.

ceeveebee Wed 20-Mar-13 23:32:08

Some lovely stories on here

My DTs are 16 mo and DTD has been walking for a few weeks, took her first steps at 14 mo and is pretty much running now. She's so tiny, was 3lb13 at birth and still in 6-9 month clothes now with litte spindly legs- she looks like a very tiny baby stomping around in her new shoes!

DTS started cruising at 10 months but not taken his first step yet. He's very cautious and a fast crawler so think he'll just take his time. And anyway, DTD loves to ride on his back like a pony so she won't be able to do that if he's on his feet!

Hopezibah Thu 21-Mar-13 00:00:13

~ How old were they? My eldest was around 14 months. My second son was about the same and my baby girl is just learning to cruise now.

~ Do you remember where you were at the time? We were at home and tried to encourage him by blowing bubbles to see if he would walk to try to catch them. We also had a wedding to go to as he was learning those early steps and that was interesting to see him want to be on the move instead of sitting still. With second child, also in living room at home and mummy and daddy held out arms for him to 'fall' into as he learnt to walk.

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on? Both boys seemed to be slow at first compared to their peers and for a while found it quicker to speedily crawl around even once they could walk.

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?
Really pleased with all of them as it is a sign of them learning, developing and growing up. We went for the first shoe fitting at clarks and it was a really special occasion getting the photo taken and I remember my son climbing all over those foot measuring stool things.

When my middle son learnt to go up steps, we used to say to him "Be careful, mind you don't fall" and he used to reply 'ok, i will' (meaning i will be careful - but we were worried in case he meant ok i will fall!!).

BubblesAndBeans Thu 21-Mar-13 02:12:06

DD tried and fell over a lot leading up to her first birthday. She would use the dining chairs as props and push them around while practising a few wobbly steps. Just after her first birthday, it all of a sudden clicked and she started walking as if she had never done anything else in her life. We havent sat down much since smile. Now at 14 months, she is happiest when she can walk around freely, exploring the world.

pussinwellyboots Thu 21-Mar-13 05:35:24

Ds1 waited until he was 18 months before he walked. He had been ready to walk for a while but is of the personality not to do something until he is sure that he can. So he went from crawling to running in a day. It was the week before Christmas so we were delighted that the family would get to see him walking.

My DS took his first steps the week after his first birthday not towards either of his parents but reaching out, desperate for the remote control! It all happened so fast, it was quite surreal! We were both beaming with pride desperate to tell everyone and anyone!

PukeCatcher Thu 21-Mar-13 07:27:51

My DD was 12 months and she took one single step last weekend at grandma's, so we were all there to see it. She hasn't attempted it since though, I think she scared herself a bit! It was a blink and you'll miss it moment, she was trying to grab grandads cup.

DD sat and watched toddlers walk around her as she approached 11 months, but showed no inclination to join them, then one day (around 11 months old) she just stood up and walked clear across the roomshock. From then on she was a steady walker.

wonkylegs Thu 21-Mar-13 09:05:50

DS was 10mths when he took his first steps.
We were in the bathroom running him a bath and he'd hauled himself up to stand next to dad who was running the bath. I was in the doorway faffing with the video camera as I wanted a video of him having a bath with both of us there (a rare thing).
Suddenly he turned around and decided to come and see what mummy was doing and tottered across the room. Even managed to capture it on camera, with my completely astonished shriek in the background.grin
He'd only commando crawled up to this point but once he worked it out there was no stopping him.
Starting walking so early was a blessing and a curse. I have a mobility disability so carrying him everywhere was difficult, toddling really helped take the pressure off but he absolutely no sense of danger. Walking very quickly progressed to climbing. Cots & stairgates were seen as a challenge rather than a restriction and so we had to quickly progress to other methods of keeping him safe. We also found out very quickly we had a sleepwalker grin.

janey223 Thu 21-Mar-13 09:23:09

DS starting taking the odd couple of steps at 9m between things to hold on to!

At 10 months he got up and walked across the room then crawled away really quickly giggling!

He crawled mostly except new places then we went on holiday when he was 11m and he stopped crawling completely.

He's an escape artist, couldn't even get a first shoes picture at clarks hmm

FrillyMilly Thu 21-Mar-13 09:36:37

This totally outs me to anyone that knows me! My daughter was 16 months when she took her first steps. We were at a friends daughters 1st birthday party. She just got up and walked across the room. We were totally taken by surprise and everyone cheered her.

ImTooHecsyForYourParty Thu 21-Mar-13 09:44:46

~ How old were they? Well, I'm not exactly sure. One of them walked a few days before their first birthday, and the other a few days after. Because I am clearly the worst mother in the world grin I can't remember which one did which.

~ Do you remember where you were at the time? Oh yes. Funnily enough, they both chose the same place. By the patio doors in the kitchen.

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on? Legged it. grin both of them. My eldest was a bum shuffler and my youngest was a crawler. But they both found their feet and never looked back.

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!? I don't really remember how I felt. (even worse mother!) I imagine I was chuffed for them. That's the normal reaction, I think.

DD started walking at 12 mths, DS, who was a little more heavily built, at 15 mths.
I remember DD walking quite a few steps with a little walker truck with bricks in at my parents house, the walker truck was a present from them and grandpa had varnished it specially. Happy memories !
BTW When DD started crawling she could only go backwards at first, and got herself stuck under the kitchen table - before I went and rescued her smile

haveapear Thu 21-Mar-13 09:58:07

Dd1 first walked at 18 months, we were much relieved she has flat feet so I don't know if that held her back. It was in a park on a beautiful sunny day. I suspect she was walking in secret though whenever my back was turned because her first steps were very accomplished

Dd 2 - haven't the foggiest confused

BettyStogs Thu 21-Mar-13 10:30:03

DS took his first independent steps a week before he turned 11 months. He had spent weeks walking round holding on to 2 of my fingers, then just 1 finger.

He walked 2 or 3 steps from the sofa to the coffee table, then spent some time going back and forward between me and DH. He was delighted with his new skill, and was really steady on his feet straight away, probably from the endless weeks of finger walking allowing him to practice his balance.

I remember thinking it looked really strange seeing him walk on his own, but I was so pleased he started then as he was due to start nursery so was worried I'd miss his first steps, luckily DH and I were both there to see him.

elizaco Thu 21-Mar-13 13:49:22

Both daughters were around 16-17 months old before they took their first steps. I remember thinking at the time they were way behind their little pals, and being desperate for them to start tottering about. Of course they all do it in their own time :-)

mindingalongtime Thu 21-Mar-13 14:25:11

How old - 8 months with an old fashioned wooden walker weighted with (house)bricks, an inherited Christmas present.

Where - Christmas day at home with all the rellies clapping!

Walked unaided at 9 months, had size 3( shhhh.....Startrite )Mary Janes from Harrods blush

Relieved as it meant that as DS was due in 3 months, and that I wouldn't need a double buggy! I didn't DH and I used 2 singles if out and on my own used a sling if DD got tired!

danmoore00 Thu 21-Mar-13 15:16:35

My DD 1st steps where 2 days before her 2nd birthday - she had hip dysplasia and had undergone operations at Great Ormond Street. She walked across the living room - really scary moment as not sure what to expect from her due to her hip condition. We flew to Thailand on her 2nd birthday and she hated sand and refused to put her feet in the sand for the 2.5 weeks we were there!

GreyGardens Thu 21-Mar-13 15:19:21

After doing a weird crab like crawl from the age of 6 months, then scooting around the room holding onto furniture, DD took her first steps at 14 months. She just stood up and ran across the room - no tentative, wobbly steps, just ran! It was most peculiar but very sweet smile.

Carolra Thu 21-Mar-13 15:36:35

My dd took her first steps at around 11 months old. She had been cruising around the furniture for weeks and weeks, she was stood at the sofa and I'd left the room. When I came back in, she just let go of the sofa and tottered towards me for a hug. Best moment ever. My mum came with us to buy her first pair of shoes a couple of weeks later, mum insisted on paying for them so she'd always be able to say she'd bought her her first shoes!

chrisrobin Thu 21-Mar-13 15:49:51

My DS took his first steps at 16mths old. I was playing with him at the one end of the living room when he noticed his dad sitting at the dining table (long room with living area one end and dining area the other) holding a biscuit. He stood up, ran over to his father and took the biscuit. It was quite a distance and shocked us both as he had shown no signs of wanting to walk unaided until then. My DH grabbed the video camera and started recording him toddling around- once he was off there was no stopping him! Unfortunately we were burgled a few weeks later and the theives stole the video camera with the footage of DS walking that day- we hadn't had chance to back it up so it was gone for good.

MsMarple Thu 21-Mar-13 18:32:07

DS1 was 13 months. We were in my parents garden, I popped inside for 5 minutes, during which time he stood up and walked a few steps towards my Dad. He was tentative for a couple of days but after that there was no stopping him.

DS2 is only 9 months and still cruising, but my Dad also was the first one to see his first proper forward crawling.

Babycarmen Thu 21-Mar-13 20:05:07

~ How old were they?
DD1 was 15 months and DD2 was 9 months!!

~ Do you remember where you were at the time?
In the living room of our home, with both girls.

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?
DD1 took a long time to adjust, a few steps each day whereas DD2 just seemed to get up and get on with it! She couldn't wait to catch up with her big sister smile

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?
Overjoyed with DD1 as it felt like it was NEVER going to happen, everyone elses baby was walking way before her. With DD2 I was really shocked as she was so young, and scared because I knew what trouble she could get into now wink

RobbinyoureastereggsSparkles Thu 21-Mar-13 20:17:40

Both of my DDs were 14.5 months when they started to walk. They both did exactly the same:

Spent months standing for ages, looking as if they were going to take their first steps but never did! DD1 would stand and cry confused but DD2 would stand and clap her hands, sometimes even dance on the spot but neither would take a step. Then one day they just walked across the living room!

They are 2 and 5 now smile.

RobbinyoureastereggsSparkles Thu 21-Mar-13 20:22:03

Posted too soon!

DD1 spent ages walking with her arms above her head to keep her balance. It was so cute smile. I was overjoyed that she was walking as, although she wasn't particularly a late walker, all the babies at her baby group walked before her and I was getting a bit tired of the comments.

DD2 spent a lot of time still crawling and gradually walked more and more. She is my last baby so I was happy for her not to walk so quickly as I wanted her to stay a baby longer smile.

nextphase Thu 21-Mar-13 21:19:55

Both boys first steps were at home, and followed a similar path.
pulling up on the furniture and cruising at just past 7 months, and then took til 13 months to go free style.
DS1 let go and walked to me. He then took a while to get confident. We bought his first shoes on my birthday, so he was 15 months.
DS2 let go, and tried to catch his older brother! We put him in the softest pair of shoes we had from DS1, and walked to the park that afternoon!

eteo Thu 21-Mar-13 22:32:19

my son first walk at 13 month. i was so excited. we took a video and make a clip to show to my family in singapore. he just stand up and walk. it is easy peasy to him.

rachyrah Fri 22-Mar-13 06:45:29

My DS1 was a contented baby and in no hurry to move about. Why walk when a charming smile and a gurgle got things bought over?! My mum had a grand idea. She took him to a Clarks and bought him a pair of little red crawling shoes. They had a photo taken together in the shop, a little 'first shoes' certificate and generally a fuss made. The next few days saw DS1 cruising about! It really worked, well done Clarks. Also the first shoes certificate gave my mum a memorable moment with DS1 to share :-)

DS2 was the polar opposite. We thought we'd try the same 'first shoes' trick with DS2 as soon as he showed signs of cruising, so there I was peering into numerous boxes of tiny shoes. DS2 was in his push chair happily waving a toy around and managed to bash it onto the strap-release button. The next moment saw shoe boxes temporarily abandoned as the lovely staff member and I watched him toddle his way out of the shop! He was just nine months..

-DS1 was 11 months when he took his first steps unaided.

-He'd been cruising along the furniture since he was 9 months so he was keep to start walking on his own.

-I felt overjoyed, luckily both me and my DH were there to enjoy the special moment. It did slowly dawn on me that he was growing up quickly but he's been getting up to things he shouldn't since he starting crawling smile

Both my boys took their first proper steps a week after their 1st birthday. As a working Mum, I was glad they waited for the weekend so that we could both be there to see them.

For quite a while prior to walking my eldest could get himself to standing, in the middle of the room with no support, and stand there by himself for ages. He would not however walk. He would get down and crawl between any gaps. We started making the gaps smaller so he could hold on between them and then gradually moved things further apart. he got fed up getting down to crawl and back up for such a small gap so just decided to walk. By the end of the day he was walking all the time an never looked back. Being due a baby 3 weeks later and having hip problems we were really happy that he was walking. We had already taught him to come down the stairs backwards on his tummy so he was very independent once he was walking! Handy with a new born on the way smile

My younger son did pretty much the same thing. We were about to move to a new build house and would have no carpets for a couple of weeks so we really wanted him walking before the move so he wasn't crawling through dust all day. He obliged at exactly the same stage as his brother and again never looked back. They both took size 5 and half shoes as their first ones and got trainers. I still have the photo that my youngest got taken at Clarks on his first fitting - I didn't get one with my eldest, I think they were just too busy sad

My mum says that we all (I am youngest of 7) walked before we were one so she considers my two late! She bought their first shoes. One of my brothers walked at 8 months - his grandson followed suit!

daimbardiva Fri 22-Mar-13 11:40:45

My first child, my ds, took his first steps on the lawn outside our local theatre. He just suddenly struck out determinedly across the grass and looked like he'd never stop...and pretty much hasn't! I was so proud of my little boy - it was my birthday too, so was all the sweeter.

My dd is 18 mo and took her first steps 2 weeks ago - on mother's day! She is totally different though, much more tentative and taking her time and still prefers super speedy crawling for generally getting around.

TeaAndCakeOrDeath Fri 22-Mar-13 11:45:43

~How old were they? DS was 11 months old, always been keen to get moving so had been cruising 2 months before that..

~ Do you remember where you were at the time? Yep, in the living room. DS stood up holding onto the sofa, checked he had an audience (me and DP) and then marched 3/4 steps towards us before falling over

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on? Not a chance of staying still! As soon he figured out he could move, he was getting on ith it!

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?

Pleased he did it while we were both there to see it, not terribly suprised as he'd be pulling up/cruising for a while and definately concerned at how much he could know get into and how quickly!

EarnestDullard Fri 22-Mar-13 12:27:11

I remember it, and we have it captured on video grin DD1 had been an early crawler (6mo) but didn't walk till almost 16mo. It was on a holiday at about 15mo that she started taking an interest in walking while holding someone's hand. Then about a month later she took her first steps unaided. She walked from DH to me, across the living room, about 6 steps. It was lovely smile After that there was no stopping her, although she was a bit wobbly at first. I remember having been worried that she was late to walk, so we were thrilled when she finally did it.

Piffpaffpoff Fri 22-Mar-13 12:27:57

Both my DCs were late walkers, they were about 16mo when they finally did it. Dd was more memorable as it was Boxing Day and she suddenly took two or three steps at Granny's house. Both of them were off like rockets once they got going though. I was delighted because I was getting fed up of people commenting on them not walking at such a late age angry.

Lent1l Fri 22-Mar-13 12:28:28

MY DD took her first solo steps just two weeks ago in the week before her first birthday. We were on holiday in France and the lounge was set up as a nice little paly area for her. She decided she wanted to cross from the sofa to the coffee table and four short steps later she was there. Although she repeated this a few times during the week, since we've been home she's not repeated the effort, much to Nana's annoynace (if Nana doesn't see it it hasn't happened!).

She's a speed demon walking with her little truck of bricks, but she's just waiting until she's ready before she really goes for walking full time on her own.

It is nerve-wracking watching her and trying not to have the worried look about possible tumbles, but that is all aprt of growing up - both her and me!!

Shaz04 Fri 22-Mar-13 13:16:25

Ds1 took his outdoors as he lived in our garden at the time..they were a bit wobbly as its was on a slope but the look on his face was amazing as he managed it on his own, Ds2 was at a mums and tots group and just let go of the walker he was pushing ... Neglectful mummy I was didn't notice at first at it was my friends that noticed...Dd1 was when we forgot the buggy..and it gave her the boost she needed to walk and finally got the magic of first steps back with Dd2 in our garden again (this time a flatter surface so a bit easier for her) - all the fretting seems forgotten now as they were all over 12 months and everyone was full of advice..but in the end they all learnt to walk, run and generally cause havoc ;)

Clary Fri 22-Mar-13 13:31:59

DS2 (third child) was the sweetest. Unlike my other 2 he was an early crawler (<6mo) and stood early too. So we were waiting for him to start walking - it was Christmas time, but he missed the Big Day, New Year, my January birthday...

Finally on my sister's b/day, also in January, he was 9mo old, we were at toddler group and he was standing at the table leg - I held out a biscuit (NTC syndrome - biscuits at 9mo!) and he took two steps to get it.

It was so lovely! He was so pleased with himself too smile
After that he was away, climbing up and down the stairs in the house and at the park, kicking a football before he turned one...

Even now (he is almost 10) it's all about the gross motor with him, he plays footie and cricket, swims, dives, runs and does gymnastics.

BikeRunSki Fri 22-Mar-13 13:34:38

DS walked 3 weeks after his birthday - so they tell me! We were at at friend's house, I'd popped to the toilet and he walked across the room. I didn't see it. He did it again the next day at nursery. After a week of everyone telling me that DS could walk, I finally saw it when he walked over to meet me when I went to pick him up from nursery.

DD walked at 11 months, she was desperate to keep up with her big brother and had been cruising for weeks! We were at a birthday party where we only knew the birthday boy when she took her first steps by herself. I think she was encouraged by all the space in the church hall we were in! As there was no one there that we knew (even the birthday boy's mum had gone to get changed because a child had been sick on her) I was desperately texting DH and my mum and friends - I had to share the news with someone!

Tortington Fri 22-Mar-13 13:44:05

DS took his first steps aged 10 months. He is now 23 on temporary contracts with work for 2 days a week if he can get it. That he did start to walk aged 10 months was no indication of how intellectual he was or how wonderful his life would turn out. Clearly.

I can't remember the twins first steps. I can't remember as I might have been at work.

The emphasis to watch your child's first steps is over egged. Your kid is walking - unless a disability is involved, i cannot see the big deal.

I hate this social expectation on mothers to know the first words / steps / haircut / poo.

nope.... no idea - did they say nanananananananananana or mamamamamamam or dadadadadadadada?


and it doesn't matter

not holding my breath for the vouchers

love custy

jellyandcake Fri 22-Mar-13 14:08:43

He was lurching around at 16-17 months, taking very tentative single steps. He managed five in a row at 17 months at my mil's house (when I was out shopping!) and took off from there. He was racing around at my sister's wedding a couple of weeks later. I felt relieved as he was a bit late walking compared to other babies I knew so I was glad when he started. And it was lovely that he suddenly had so much more freedom to run around everywhere!

mrsbungle Fri 22-Mar-13 14:20:31

DD was 17 months when she stood up and walked for the first time. She just wasn't interested in walking (or even standing up).

It was a shock when she stood up and walked! We were in our living room and DH and I just looked at each other with gaping mouths when she did it. She had had a paed referral as the HV and GP were concerned about her not weight bearing. We couldn't believe it when the day before the we were to see the Consultant she stood up and walked!

There was no hesitation from that day on - no wobbliness. I think she just liked watching everyone else walk and then thought one day, ok, now I will do it too!

DS is 10 months and is not walking yet but is cruising round the furniture (DD never did that). I took him to Clarks last week for his first shoes. He was a size 4. DD (who is now 3) only came out of a size 4 last year. They are like chalk and cheese!

babsmam Fri 22-Mar-13 14:33:10

DD took her first steps at about 12 months with a little hesitation

DS was about the same but with far more confidence and still is the more confident of the two

Oops am I bad mother that I am a bit vague about when they both took their first steps.

madmumm Fri 22-Mar-13 14:41:14

DS1 took his first steps on his own 2 days before his first birthday on Mothers Day! Such a proud moment and even the grandparents were there to witness it too.

ChunkyEasterChick Fri 22-Mar-13 14:48:38

My DD took her first steps the day before she turned 11mths. She had been cruising since a couple of days after she turned 8mths so it was eagerly anticipated...

Both DH & I were in our lounge and she walked between us. She didn't seem to have realised she had done it as she didn't walk alone again for another 2wks, when she was crawling along & then suddenly stood up and started walking!! She's never looked back.

I was really excited and pleased that she had done it then as both DH & I had experienced it. Also, as I was returning to work soon, I was glad she has reached one of the 'big milestones' before I did so, and I didn't miss it. It was a touch bittersweet though, as it suddenly emphasised how 'grown-up' my baby was.

I just hope I get to witness my DS's first steps in the same way.

WitchOfEndor Fri 22-Mar-13 15:05:30

DS walked on his first birthday which was lovely because everyone was there to see it. He had been cruising for a long time and he just launched himself at his Nanna across a four foot gap and once he realised he could do it he was off! We will always remember what age he walked thanks to the day it happened on. We had an NCT meet up a couple of weeks later and I was surprised to see he was the only one walking because he had been the last to sit and crawl but there he was, zooming around!

peronel Fri 22-Mar-13 15:12:57

DS1, DD & DS2 all began to walk just around the first year mark and I always put them in Clarks shoes - but being a qualified Clarks Foot Fitter, perhaps I was biased!

KatoPotato Fri 22-Mar-13 15:40:23

~ How old were they? It was a week after my DS's first birthday. I remember I'd just started back at work following a years maternity leave and I was terrified I'd miss this milestone.

~ Do you remember where you were at the time? I was at my friend's house and was very lucky she was there to film it too.

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on? I remember trying to get him to do it again for DH when we got home and it took a few days for him to do it again.

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed. I was beyond overjoyed and overwhelmed but just so relieved I was there and not at work!

Mama1980 Fri 22-Mar-13 16:03:30

Ds was 10 months, upped and walked in the garden, slightly wobbly but no hesitation. I shrieked and then called everyone grin very proud mama moment. I had to go buy him she's the next day as he flatly refused to use the pushchair after that and was everywhere all the time by the end of the week.

EggandSpooneyMara Fri 22-Mar-13 16:57:52

WHY do our babies need 'pre-walking' shoes?

I never had shoes till I was 3, apparently, which imo is taking the mickey but honestly I'd like to know why Clarks think these things are necessary.

Bit like 'Take a look at our Full Price range' at another retailer, as though Full Price was something rather special and desirable.

Sorry but I don't like Clarks because the quality is so bad and I think they are out to put us on a guilt trip.

CointreauVersial Fri 22-Mar-13 17:15:45

DD1's first steps I remember so well.

She was just over 11 months, and a tiny little thing. We were on our honeymoon, with DS, DD1, and my parents, sitting by the pool in Corsica, with the video camera out. DD1 just took off - she must have done about ten steps before toppling over. Then she got up and did it again.

It's particularly lovely because we have the whole thing on video, and it was in such beautiful surroundings.

DS's first steps were taken at Lanhydrock, a National Trust place in Cornwall. We borrowed a set of reins and he practiced his new skills up and down the long corridors. He was just coming up to his first birthday.

I can't remember DD2's first steps, except that she was older, nearly 13 months. Lazy lump.wink grin

We were at Busy Bees - the playgroup we go to on Monday mornings.
She'd been standing up for a little while (she stood on her own for the first time at Busy Bees too), and she just sort of started stepping tentatively!
She was about 12 months (she was 1 on 12th december, and it was the first BB after the new year), and I was so excited!
I spent the whole year in gobsmacked amazement at how much she suddenly leapt in development seemingly overnight grin
I still do now, though, she's 15mo and she amazes me every day.
She did take time to adjust - she only took one or two steps, like as if she couldn't trust herself to balance.
But she was incredibly clever at it - whenever she thought she'd been walking/standing too much, she'd lower herself gently to a crouching position.
A couple of weeks later, I was sitting here at my desk and suddenly saw this child toddling along quite happily with an item in each hand! Lie she was saying "wow! I can move and carry things at the same time!" As soon as she realized I'd seen her, she crouched down grin

Roses12s Fri 22-Mar-13 18:12:37

We were on a flight to Australia to visit friends. Spent hours following a wobbly toddler up and down the aisles. Can't remember whose smart idea it was to sit him in the aisle in the first place. He was 11months old. Kids never follow the plan!

JacqueslePeacock Fri 22-Mar-13 18:20:15

DS took his first (sideways!) steps at home at 13 months but then didn't walk again until 14 months. He fell into a bucket of "gloop" at nursery the day after the first steps and it scared him so much he wouldn't even try to stand up for nearly a month. I was worried he would never try it again! To be fair to him, the gloop accident was pretty bad, judging by the state of his trousers, jumper, vest, shoes and coat when he brought them home. I think he went in headfirst!

Blatherskite Fri 22-Mar-13 18:22:47

DD has always been very small for her age. She walked at about 14 months and we let her cruise round without shoes on for a few weeks before we got her any shoes. Still, when I took her in, she was only a size 2 and we had a choice of 1 pair of cruising shoes out of the whole Clarks shop! Good job they were nice ones.

For ages, I had people telling me that she looked too small to be walking

INeverSaidThat Fri 22-Mar-13 18:24:20

DS1 was the most non mobile baby I have ever known. All my pals babies were crawling, scooting, shuffling or rolling while DS1 just sat there confused.
Not surprisingly this must have got quite boring so, at 11 months, he started walking. He seemed to miss out the bit where they pull themselves along the furniture or where they stumble about. He was a very determined lad and he still is (20 years later)
It was great fun showing everyone his 'new' party trick.

His siblings all walked in a much more normal way.

Sonatensatz Fri 22-Mar-13 18:37:35

DS1 was 10 months when he walked independently, he'd been pushing a truck since he was 6 months. He was a confident walker right from the start.
DS2 was 13 months, he was a lot more hesitant and fell over a lot he had his first pair of shoes at 15months and had to be specially ordered a size 2.
DD1 was 9 months when she walked independently she'd been taking odd steps from 8 months and enjoyed walking holding a hand from then, she was desperate to keep up with her big brothers. She used to worry other mums at the park by climbing up the slides and climbing frames by herself.
DD2 was also 9 months when she walked.

I've always found it such a special moment when they walk, the sense of achievement they show on their little faces. They all seem to recognise that this is a big milestone for them.

Ds walked properly for the first time the day we brought dd1 home from the hospital. He was 14 months. We had come in the door of my mother in laws house and dh had set the carseat down on the kitchen floor. Ds was holding onto the table leg and just turned and toddled right over to look at his new sister smile I don't document every second of their lives but that is a special memory. It was love at first sight for those two, they are still very close. That first moment though when he just walked straight over was beautiful. He looked at her lovingly and she stared back with newborn eyes. Makes me well up thinking of it <saddo>

Dd1 walked for the first time unaided aged 22 months, she was happy enough to just crawl everywhere. She was walking between dh and I and we videoed it. She was laughing hysterically with every step grin

Dd2 is only 4 months but has clubfoot and I have no idea when she might walk but I doubt it will be early as she has orthotic boots and is only just kicking her legs now.

babybarrister Fri 22-Mar-13 20:40:19

DS took first steps at 11 months old down the Burlington Arcade- very sure on his feet as he continues to be grin

sausagedogfan Fri 22-Mar-13 20:46:50

DS2 was two weeks off turning 10mo shock. I'd expected him to be early as DS1 walked before he was 11mo, but that was just ridiculous!

He'd been cruising for quite a while, and one day just toddled across the lounge floor. I've got a video of him him toddling down the garden path the week before he turned 10m. One he started, that was it, he has never been still since! We got some very funny looks at the baby groups we went to once he was on his feet as he looked far too small to be walking. He was walking like a toddler rather than a baby really quickly too. Both of mine took to walking very very quickly and easily.

Although of course I'm very proud, it has made life very tricky. I now have a toddler and a pre-schooler who are into everything, and have an amazing ability to climb / reach anything they put their mind to <sob>!

PigeonStreet Fri 22-Mar-13 21:21:27

Ds was a staggering 13 months before he crawled then took his first steps when he was 17months. We were staying at my brothers house and he walked across the garden much to our amazement.
Dd was 11months and was so quick. She practically took her first steps running!
For both Dc we went to Clark's for their first shoes, although I have to be honest we were quite disappointed by the huge wall of pink that greeted us in the girls section and we actually bought hers from the boys section in the end.
Now regrettably we buy her shoes elsewhere as we want to be able to choose between different colours not different shades of sugary pink sad.
I have emailed but no response.
I guess I wont be winning the prize grin

we are anxiously waiting for first steps. dd is 1 and starting to think about it!

lagoonhaze Fri 22-Mar-13 22:27:09

How old were they?

10mths old

~ Do you remember where you were at the time?

At home in living room

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?

Keen to get on!

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?

So pleased. It was 3days before she had to go to nursery full time. So blessed I got to see it first.

pramdunce Fri 22-Mar-13 23:12:21

How old were they?
I have 3 dc and by a curious coincidence all 3 have walked at 10 months old.

Do you remember where you were at the time?
With dd, she was on the cathedral green, suddenly got up and just did it with no warning whatsoever. Ds1 I can't remember as I had terrible PND, I have very few memories of him as a baby which is pretty sad really. Ds2's first steps were only a few weeks ago and we were in our living room.

Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?
All 3 pretty much hovered experimentally for a day or two before just getting up and striding about. Ds2 is 1 in 10 days and is confidently walking,even right now when he's ill.

How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?
WIth dd, she was my first so I was really pretty awestruck. Took lots of pictures. Ds2 I remain in a state of denial that he's actually walking. This year has gone so incredibly quickly. It's actually much easier to keep tabs on him now he's on his feet though, less pickign things up from the floor.

HappySunflower Fri 22-Mar-13 23:14:03

She was 19 months old
We we at home playing, and she literally just stood up and walked! The more I clapped, and said well done, the more she did it smile
No time to adjust....within a few days she tried to run!
I was so happy but her being able to walk quickly coincided with a climbing phase, which then led to several more grey hairs for Mummy!

prettybird Sat 23-Mar-13 10:05:20

Ds got his first "starter" shoes when he was about 16 months old. He'd started cruising at 12 months old - but started crawling at about the same time so was more in doing that.

Was in no hurry for him to grow up - knew he would walk when he was ready. As it was, iirc, he was only walking confidently at 17 months (when he "escaped" to the house next door at 7am, unbeknownst to us shockblush).

He's now an extremely active (and fast ) 12 year old - with very small feet (still only a Size 2 despited being average height! shock).

TheProvincialLady Sat 23-Mar-13 10:29:05

Both my boys were on the slightly later side of bang on average - maybe 15 months (though they had looked like they might be ready earlier). I was surprised at DS2 taking a bit longer because he was a very physical baby who crawled and cruised very early indeed. Maybe that was why. They were both at home when they took their first steps - which reflects my lifestyle at the time, probably! Neither of them took to walking particularly quickly once they had taken the first steps. They both took a couple of weeks at least to see the advantages! I was pleased with both of them because I am a born worrier and it proved they could do it.

DD1 was 16 months before she would even put her feet on the floor, the hv was concerned but it turned out that she just couldn't be bothered to try and walk when she had a mum who would fetch and carry for her! DD's 2,3 & 4 were all around 13 months when they walked, they all had tiny feet so had to have startrite shoes as they offered a hard sole in a size 2.

With dd1 we were desperate for her to walk, with the others we were reluctant as we knew how much devastation they can create as soon as they can walk and evade capture grin

Leafmould Sat 23-Mar-13 11:15:15

My oldest dd walked at 13 months.... I was so excited! It was a couple of weeks befor we took her on her first walk outside to the library (sigh, it was just a few hundred metres down the road then). That was a big event for me as a mother. . . .

I was so naive about footwear though, I thought they didn't need shoes until they walked, and dropped her off at nursery providing her with slippers, but they soon put me right, and I had to go and do the whole shoe fitting business. I still have her first shoes...sentimental silly that I am...

HolidayArmadillo Sat 23-Mar-13 11:34:39

DD took her first steps on her first birthday. We happened to be recording her with a camcorder opening her presents and she just turned and walked towards the camera. We were really shocked as although she had been cruising for a while she hadn't really attempted to take any unaided steps. I must dig out the footage actually as you can just hear mine and DH's excitement!!

helcrai Sat 23-Mar-13 11:39:43

DD1 was around 14 months when she finally let go of my hand to walk by herself. It was lovely as it was the classic "walk to daddy" with his arms held out to her and she did! It was a cold, snowy December day so all Christmassy in front of the fire in our living room. Not surprisingly I cried! Brings a lump to my throat now when I think back- it was the first important milestone of my baby growing up and becoming independent. Once she'd started there was no stopping her-nowhere was impossible to get to as far as she was concerned! A sign of the strong-will she has that is very much evident 6 years later.

AngelDog Sat 23-Mar-13 12:09:43

DS1 was 14 months old.

We were having lunch with friends and DS1 lurched from one side of their front room to the other. He was really chuffed with himself.

It was only 5 days since he had first learnt to walk whilst holding onto someone's hand.

I was pleased that he had got going, but a bit sad that my baby was getting bigger.

He loved pottering around for the next month or so, but after that decided that walking more than a very short way was a real hassle - and still thinks so at age 3.

CoolBananas Sat 23-Mar-13 12:16:04

DS was 15 months and we were at a toddler time session at the library. He just got up and started toddling around, it looked really normal so no one batted an eyelid where as I couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't want to make a scene so had to wait until that evening for DH to get home and make DS do it again. Luckily he obliged and we've got some videos of him from that evening squeeling with delight with his new found skill. We were over the moon, he was one of the last from his group to master it, but was very steady when he did take to walking so that was a bonus.

prettybird Sat 23-Mar-13 12:25:56

Just remembered a great bit of advice I got from my best friend (who had 4 kids and worked full time outside the home): it doesn't matter if your child takes his/her step when you're not there. What matters is the first time YOU see your child taking their first step.

Happiestinwellybobs Sat 23-Mar-13 16:01:53

DD took her first steps the day after her first birthday. I missed it! I was chatting away to DH who was welling up with tears - when I asked what was wrong, he told me that she had just walked. We had a wobbly start but within weeks she was toddling around. Now aged 23 months, she runs everywhere, chases the dog, and sounds like a small herd of elephants when she runs around upstairs.

She loves shoes or "foos" as she calls them. It was one of her very first word. She will happily sit for ages taking her shoes on and off - slightly frustrating when we are trying to get ready quickly, but very funny!

Reenypip Sat 23-Mar-13 16:18:42

On the opening of the Olympic ceremony day, my boy at 15 months took his first steps across the living room. I managed to get a video and picture :-)
Was so pleased with the progress he was making. He knew he had accomplished it, he had the biggest grin on his face :-)

Tiggywunkle Sat 23-Mar-13 16:33:03

When it comes to the first steps. I have two completely different children:

~ How old were they?
DD walked at 9 and a half months

~ Do you remember where you were at the time?
We were at home and she simply walked across the sitting room. Strangely we were getting her into her PJ's and so those first photos capture her half dressed!

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?
There was no looking back then! She was toddling all over. But now aged 4, she wont walk any further than she has to!

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?
I was pleased she was walking because it meant I had to carry her less (bad back).

Meanwhile DS is 2 and a half and isn't walking yet. He's cruising along flat walls and tentatively starting to bridge gaps - so hopefully not long now.
It will be one heck of an amazing day when he finally takes his first steps and I CAN NOT WAIT!!! It will be emotional to say the least, and I will be so proud of him achieving something that for most children is fairly straightforward, but which has taken him so much effort.

Dd1 was cruising at 9.5 months she took her first steps at 11 months between our bed and her cot. Once she had done it once that was it. Every time she fell over she would get up and try again. Within two months she was walking on the reins outside for short distances.

Dd2 has recently started walking fully at 12.5 months. She was cruising at 8.5 months, but has taken a long time to get her confidence up. She took her first steps at 11 months in our living room, but would only take steps if holding something really interesting in both hands. We went to see her slightly older cousin who is 18 months recently and that precipitated this new found confidence. The evening we got home she walked across the room.

Both times I have been very excited, once they are walking trips to the park become so much fun.

beanandspud Sat 23-Mar-13 16:46:04

DS was 16 months and it felt as if we had been waiting for ages for him to walk - he was a very contented bum-shuffler and was in no hurry to get up and go.

He took his first steps at the airport whilst waiting to board a flight - just got up and walked between the seats. Having now discovered that he could get around he wasn't at all happy to be strapped into a plane seat for the next few hours.

LadyApricot Sat 23-Mar-13 17:23:20

10 months old and we were in the living room
- I was filming her making funny faces and laughing when she stood up. I held her hands and while still filming I let go and she walked quite a few steps towards me. There is now a little video of me whooping and cheering and basically going nuts with excitement while she gave a huge gummy smile.
It was one of the loveliest things ever.
I still watch that video and can't believe how much she's grown up since then.

LentilAsAnything Sat 23-Mar-13 17:38:17

DS walked independently at nine months old. We caught it on video too, so I can treasure it forever when my old memory fades. I thought he'd probably walk early, as I myself did. He was keen to get moving. I was of course overjoyed, it's a lovely milestone.

lottieandmia Sat 23-Mar-13 17:46:05

Dd1 was 14 months - she learned to walk slowly and gradually. Dd2 was 10 months - she was very keen to get moving and walked very well quickly. However, she was so small for her age that when I took her to get shoes for the first time the sales assistant asked me 'Are you sure she can walk yet?' dd3 was 18 months so quite late and we had helped her get there - she seemed to find it difficult.

gemma4d Sat 23-Mar-13 18:10:07

DD1 walked the week before her first birthday - so she had something to show everyone who came round! I was overjoyed because she had been obsessed with walking holding both my hands since 8 months - my back was done for after 4 months of leaning over her!

DD2 was just 10 months and it was strange watching such a little baby walking! I had a total stranger stop me and say "it's just not right - she is too little to be walking" - I thought that was a little rude (did she expect me to tie her legs together so she couldn't walk?!) but at the same time I agreed - she looked far too small and fragile to be charging around!

Both started walking at home. DD1 was wobbly and prone to falling over (not that she let that stop her) but DD2 took to it better - or at least made less fuss when she fell over!

nicole5446 Sat 23-Mar-13 18:11:26

~ How old were they?

My daughter was 11 months old when she began walking.

~ Do you remember where you were at the time?

We were in the living room on the carpet, and she was cruising around the furniture and I encouraged her to come walk to me and she made the 5 steps or so by herself!

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?

It took a little time to go from cruising and crawling, but once she figured out she could walk, that's all she wanted to do!

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?

I was amazed at her abilities, and her enthusiasm! I was glad she was beginning to walk as she was frustrated before, not being able to move the way she wanted.

BoyMeetsWorld Sat 23-Mar-13 18:26:22

DS took AGES to start walking, despite our best attempts. Plenty of playing "donkey with a carrot", trying to tempt him to take a few steps with a favourite toy or treat. He used to just pull himself up and stand there smirking as if he knew what he was meant to do but was playing with us. When he took his first steps, though, there was no stopping him....& then we soon wished we hadn't been so eager for him to start toddling about :p

katiewalters Sat 23-Mar-13 18:31:30

My son was 10months old when he first took his first steps. We were at home and he just got up and walked a few steps. After that he would attempt more steps and walk to me and his dad, and he had one of those vtech walkers which he pushed around. He was walking propery just before his 1st birthday. Once he knew he could do it, he wuickly progressed and wanted to be on his feet. I was very proud, but at the same time scared, thinking we have to be even moe watchful now with him walking, as he could get into more things around the house, but it was summer when he started walking, so I looked forward to taking him on little walks

dilanddan Sat 23-Mar-13 18:47:41

My little girl (8 mths) is not yet walking independently, but loves to run around the house in her walker (and lifting her legs up to "drift" across a room) and likes to be held under the arms to walk across a room, it really makes her smile and we can't wait until she takes her first few steps all by her self....
Congratulations to everyone little ones who have mastered their first steps smile x

ceebeegeebies Sat 23-Mar-13 19:30:34

I can't remember DS1's other than he was 14 months (that is bad isn't it??)

I can remember DS2's clearly though - he was 18 months old, we thought it was never going to happen (but he had been a late smiler/crawler etc). We went on holiday to Centre Parcs and he just suddenly walked between the sofa and the table there smile It was lovely as both me and DH (and DS1) were there to witness it and it was a good start to the holiday. From then, he was off and it was great as it was the start of him becoming a toddler. I wasn't nervous for him as he was more then ready to go.

My ds walked two days before his first birthday, it was like he wanted to be sure everyone would see him at his party!
He walked between the sofa and his ball pool and promptly fell in headfirst.
I was so proud and yet laughing my head off at the same time.
It didn't take him long to get the hang of it even though he tripped up a lot - I was terrified of him going downhill as he couldnt keep his balance for ages on a slope and would toddle off faster and faster then trip and fall.
It took him ages to learn to walk in wellies too he always fell over wearing them.
Now dd is 9 months and I have it to do all over again!

RunningKatie Sat 23-Mar-13 20:42:48

My DD was 16 months when she started walking, she'd never crawled and was a seasoned (and speedy) bum-shuffler. She started to walk the week before we moved house, and away from all our antenatal friends.

I was thrilled to take her to her last playgroup session and for them to be agog watching her starting to toddle.

toomuchpink Sat 23-Mar-13 20:54:27

DT1 pushed herself up from the floor and walked for the first time on the Saturday. DT2 pushed herself up from the floor and walked for the first time on the Sunday. They are different in virtually every other way but when it came to walking, they were almost united.

marmaduke Sat 23-Mar-13 22:29:07

Dd was the first one born out of our NCT group- and the last to walk!

She decided to wait until she was 15/16 months and quite an audience surrounded her grin

She waited until Christmas Day when both sides of the family including her grandfathers were there. Both grandmothers had passed away so it was lovely that all her special remaining relatives were present. She waited until we sat down to watch the big christmas day movie, then calmly tottered across the rug in front of the tv screen.

Cue much delight and clapping from everyone!( and tears from me!)

From that day onwards, when in shoe shops she LOVES picking up shoes ( even unsuitable ones for older boys) and bringing them to show me!

Think she may have my love for new shoes.......

Glad I remember it so well as incredibly it was on the video camera, but was accidentally recorded over sad

(Sigh) happy memories smile

MygirlHattie Sun 24-Mar-13 00:08:32

My bubba Hattie took her first steps a week after first standing on her own. It's easy to remember as it was Christmas Eve exactly one week before her 1st birthday and seemed to have saved it especially for grandads visit and that made it even more special as he only sees her 3/4 times a year. I was so pleased she'd done it for them it felt really special.

She took to walking instantly and was an unstoppable force. She can run now at nearly 15 months and hates being in her buggy, she's a walker for sure xxx

Solo Sun 24-Mar-13 00:54:04

My Ds was just 10 months old the day he walked solo!

I was visiting a friend and her two children and new baby. Ds was watching the older girls and then suddenly, he walked the full length of the room unaided. My face must've been a picture and a bit like this ---> shock

I don't think I can remember Dd's first steps sad, though I know she was slightly older than Ds.

MooseyMoo Sun 24-Mar-13 07:06:33

DD at 17 months cruised and would walk holding our hands, then just my little finger. If I/she let go she would start walking on her knees. She knee walked until 22 months. We were at nanny's house trying to take photo of 4 mo DS when DD said 'Lookat me, I'm walking' and walked past us and continued for 30 mins doing circuits of room. We were both shock

DS walked at 14 months, and took us by surprise. He loves walking up and down lounge and is now jogging everywhere. He will not hold hands and tends to walk towards cars if he sees them. Much easier reasoning with a 22 month!

first steps just before his first birthday and away he went. i was quite surprised as it seemed to take him forever to move from sticking his bottom in the air and rocking while we all watched expectantly to actually getting crawling so i presumed walking would be the same slow process.

i did feel really proud but yes also scared - i'd say the time from starting walking to 2.5/3 is the hardest work in parenting. i think it's being so mobile and able to get into things with so little sense smile love babies, love pre schoolers, in between is hard work.

Dd1 was 9 months old and I was at home saying to my mum "i'm sure she's going to walk soon" as she'd been cruising for ages and was at the stage where they are merely holding on with a finger tip. My mum said nooooo you've got ages yet and as she said it dd1 just let go and walked across the lounge to me. I was shouting "she's doing it shes doing it now!" Then i burst into tears with shock and pride. From then on dhe was just running off everywhere. I even got the comment from dh's stepmum that i shouldnt have pushed her. I'm sure she thinks i trained her on a treadmill.

Dd2 had been cruising for ages and at 11 months my inlaws came to my house. I said she's stumbled a couple of steps but i cant get her to walk to me. Fil bent down and said "come on then dd2" and she just shot across to him about five steps. He swept her up and i cried again. Pride but jealousy that she'd walked to him not me. Now she's 13 months and runs like a pinball bolting in one direction til she bounces off an object then running off again.

smile thedoctorswife -my sister walked at 9months which to my mind is really early and unusual. my mother thought i was, in her words, 'retarded' because i didn't walk till 14months. she was genuinely convinced there was something wrong with me.

Solo Sun 24-Mar-13 11:01:55

I walked at 9 months too saf smile it is very early.

I must admit that by the time dd2 walked at 11 months I was having to reassure myself it was normal (in fact early again really) but i had a warped benchmark to compare to.

HellesBelles396 Sun 24-Mar-13 12:23:21

my son was 364 days old when he first walked.

he'd been using his walker and furniture to hold onto for the previous few weeks but granny was visiting for his birthday and decided he would take his first unaided steps while she was there so she didn't miss it.

after walking him up and down my lounge holding progressively fewer fingers. she let go and he toddled three steps to me. I gave him the biggest hug then sent him straight back. he was so pleased with himself!

I realised then how quickly his childhood would seem (to me) to pass.

DrCoconut Sun 24-Mar-13 12:42:35

William was a few days away from being ten months old when he took his first steps. He quickly gained confidence and was all over within a couple of weeks!

SilveryMoon Sun 24-Mar-13 12:48:52

Both my ds's were 14 months when they took their first step. Ds1 was in the living room and took 2 very hesitant steps after dp let go of his hand. He was very unsure of himself and fell onto his bum, but he was straight back up again! 4 years later, we're still waiting for him to sit down!
Ds2, we were in the bathroom and he took the few steps to walk from the bath to the toilet.
They both got the hang of it very quickly and were walking outside within a few weeks.

elQuintoConyo Sun 24-Mar-13 14:24:42

~ How old were they?

DS was 8 months and three weeks. He'd been crawling and cruising since 5 months, aas soon as he could crawl he was pulling up.

~ Do you remember where you were at the time?

At home. DS was standing with a toy in one hand and his other hand was on my knee balancing. He took that hand off to hold the toy, DH laughed at something, DS turned around and walked to Daddy.

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?

Didn't take 5 minutes to adjust, he was up and away. He climbed onto the sofa the following week. That was the end of the pushchair, too.

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?

We were pretty amazed. We're first-time parents and don't know when they are supposed to meet these milestones. It was sad to say godbye to the small person crawling around the room, but we could place 'chase' much better. DS is into everything and anything and is faster than lightning!

insanityscratching Sun 24-Mar-13 14:37:08

I had just had ds 2 by c section, I'd left ds 1 with his auntie and she brought him in to see his baby brother. I'd not seen him for two days and was tired and emotional and then he took his first steps and cue me crying for the rest of visiting time.

insanityscratching Sun 24-Mar-13 14:39:35

Should have added ds was almost 18 months, by the time I left hospital he was pretty quick on his feet and it was pretty useful as it save me bending down and lifting no end.

leanneth Sun 24-Mar-13 16:01:59

My little boy first walked properly at home, down the hallway, on Christmas Day when he was 11 months old. I caught it on camera too! He had been threatening to walk for a few months and everyone, including staff at his nursery, were convinced that he was going to walk before my birthday in November and so I think he held on deliberately until Christmas Day once he'd missed doing it on my birthday!

On Christmas Day he walked right down the hallway and I'd expected him to do it for ages but I still felt very proud of him! He's not stopped since!

youmaycallmeSSP Sun 24-Mar-13 17:15:44

DS took his first steps two weeks before his first birthday. DH and I were sitting on the floor opposite each other just far apart enough that DS had to walk between us without holding hands. We all loved it! DS was soon walking steadily after that and had his first outside walk a couple of weeks later.

moonbeggs Sun 24-Mar-13 18:44:17

DS was also two weeks shy of his first birthday when he managed to take more than the odd couple of steps before falling over. He managed 27 steps! We were in the creche at Church at the time.

He was off like a rocket after that, couldn't stop him. We were highly amused since we were and still are convinced he wanted to walk so badly because he wanted to catch the cat!

Got our first shoes the regulation 6 weeks afterwards, and yes they were Clark's ;)

LaTrucha Sun 24-Mar-13 20:02:30

DD was almost 17 months before she did anything other than cruise. She wouldn't crawl, pull herself up, sit from lying down, bum shuffle. Nothing. I was beginning to get worried. Then one day at a toddler group she got herself stuck under a chair and spent about five minutes regarding her peers, all trotting about, clearly thinking, 'Why can't I do that?' About ten minutes later, she was standing at my knee and walked to the middle of the room, and away from me, for the first time. Within 5 days she could do all the things she had never done before.

DS was freakishly early, by contrast. He could be 'finger-walked' the length of our house at four months old. I have pictures of him taking steps, only one or two, mind, at eight months old. If I didn't have it all taped I wouldn't believe myself now. In one of the videos he is wearing a baby gro and it just looks very, very odd. He was solidly walking at nine months. He hardly ever falls, even now when he climbs anything, jumps everywhere and takes everything at a run.

NaturalBaby Sun 24-Mar-13 20:23:58

Ds1 - I can't really remember because he was cruising so well, then shuffling about so didn't really have a 1st step moment. It was sometime soon after his 1st birthday. I think.

Ds2 was in more of a hurry and managed to stand and start shuffling just before his first birthday on holiday in Chichester. I have a lovely series of photos of him as we were sitting on a patch of grass in the harbour. He would fly along on his hands and knees and was more interested in climbing.

Ds3 walked across the dining room a day or 2 before his first birthday. That was our proper 1st step moment where we held out arms out and all gave him a round of applause. He was very impressed with himself!

They had all been so mobile crawling that walking slowed them down so it was bit of a relief when they started walking!

carovioletfizz Sun 24-Mar-13 20:26:24

~ How old were they?
DS was 8 months when he first walked.

~ Do you remember where you were at the time?
We were at home and I was chatting to my brother in law. DS had been cruising for a while and standing unaided so I knew he would walk any time, but I almost missed it - I saw it out the corner of my eye and turned my head just in time!

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?
He was walking confidently really quickly after those first steps.

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?
I was very surprised at how quickly he walked as our other daughters had all walked around their first birthday. I was a little sad that he walked so young in a way as he didn't feel so much like a baby once he was walking, also it was exhausting running about after him! He was the talk of playgroup for a while though as he was still so little and looked so funny waddling about.

montymum Sun 24-Mar-13 20:26:59

DS took his first steps last Thursday. He is 10 months old. He has been crawling since Christmas day and cruising for about a month. I had just finished a really long day at work with 15 parents evenings. I went to collect him from my mums and he was up playing. I was cuddling him on the sofa and when I put him down he took 4 steps to get him to the coffee table so he could platy with a lamp he knows he isn't supposed to touch! He has been getting more confident all weekend and now walks about 10 steps at a time, clapping himself the whole way!

Cherrybright Sun 24-Mar-13 20:50:41

Dd walked at 9 months, by nine and a half she was walking more than anything else. I was happy about it as it meant she wouldn't need carrying as much. We were at home smile)

Maternitygold Sun 24-Mar-13 21:10:50

My daughter was just 8.5 months when she surprised one day and took few steps! We were visiting parents and its was such a joy for the grandparents to see her walk at a tender age smile she has been a prolific walker since then smile

fishybits Sun 24-Mar-13 21:43:35

I don't have a toddler yet but I do have a wobbler! She's perfected the art of hands on feet, bum in air and puuuuuusssssshhhhhh up and there she is proud as punch but wobbling away like a weeble.

She's a 5 steps forward, 2 back kinda girl but the steps forwards or backwards get faster every day. DH and I have bet upon which day she'll walk the length of the hall. He'll be at sea when it finally happens but I'll tell him he won anyway. smile

DD is 14 months.

poorbutrich Sun 24-Mar-13 21:59:04

My son learned to walk at about 9 months, but didn't think it was worth bothering as it was faster to crawl. He'd often get to his feet, look at me, I'd encourage him and he'd give me a cheeky smile, take two steps and sit down. He then started walking independently at 13 months after watching a pretty little girl walk over to him to tickle his feet.

My DD was 13 months old when she took her first steps - and it was Mother's Day. All my family were at our house, and I was standing in the dining room, and saw her suddenly toddle in from the kitchen to the lounge.

I shrieked for everyone to watch. I was so happy that I'd seen it myself. I worked full time, and was worrying that I'd miss it.

A lovely memory that I'll never forget.

MumOfAPickle Sun 24-Mar-13 23:20:43

DS was 13 months and was running after a day! I remember feeling proud and excited but vaguely terrified that he could now run away from me.
DD was cruising from about 7 months but didn't actually walk on her own until 15 months, it was ridiculous! So we mainly felt relief grin

ShatnersBassoon Mon 25-Mar-13 09:28:48

DS1 took his first steps when we were moving house. We were packing boxes in the bedroom and he walked over with one of his toys to put in the box smile

He was a fairly late walker (18m), and wasn't that keen to walk even once he'd mastered it. He's still a shiftless article now, to be honest grin

elQuintoConyo Mon 25-Mar-13 10:14:41

poorbutrich your post made me laugh. DS is ill with a acaking cough that sprays me with milk, and that cheered me up. Such a sweet memory of his first steps thanks

BreconBeBuggered Mon 25-Mar-13 11:29:56

My sons both obligingly took their first steps as presents to me and their Dad. DS1 began walking on our wedding anniversary at nine and a half months, and being a people-pleaser/show-off he made sure it happened in front of a set of grandparents too. DS2 was a bit later getting going and took to his feet on Christmas Day aged 13 months. I don't think he's sat down since.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 25-Mar-13 12:53:16

My dd showed few signs of walking. We went on a picnic at a local woods. Set dd down on a picnic blanket and I turned back to teh car to get food, etc out. Came back to dd to find she'd stood up and walked - over to a pile of rabbit droppings which she was now eating!!!

So I w as happy she'd walked and a bit grossed out at the poo in mouth situation.

thereonthestair Mon 25-Mar-13 13:12:29

These posts are lovely, but a little bittersweet for me. My DS (3) can't walk well not in the sense you mean anyway as he has cerebral palsy. He will walk of a fashion one day, but we don't know when or what that fashion will be. The funny thing is I have no recollection of many of the other motor milestones as they really are inch by inch for us. However if he does ever get up and walk I will shout it from the rooftops

Jims Mon 25-Mar-13 13:18:18

Ds1 took his first steps (in a falling/running way) just before he turned 9 months and was properly rampaging at just 10 months after a couple of weeks in the middle doing commando crawl. I'm hoping ds2 will be a bit slower as ds1 had no sense and had a dent in his head from falling into the bay window corner and split his eyebrow on a doorframe!

Thanks for reminding us that it's never something to take for granted thereonthestair And not everyone remembers the dates of all the milestones I'm sure. I was trying to remember DS and DD's first words the other day - have a feeling DS was quite taken by dogs but that's about it !

Goldrill Mon 25-Mar-13 13:48:16

My DD was 18 months, and we were beginning to think it would never happen! She sat up really well from about 4 months and could roll and crawl soon after, but I guess she just couldn't be bothered.

She started by grabbing furniture and toddling round our living room, and had to give it a proper go when one bit of furniture turned out to be...the dog - who promptly walked off!

bubby64 Mon 25-Mar-13 14:02:59

I had pemature twins, so one didnt walk until he was 117 months, and the other joined him 2 weeks later - 12yrs on I still have the photos taken in Clarkes when they got their first "proper" shoes grin

upthehammers Mon 25-Mar-13 15:46:56

~ How old were they?

DS was 10 months, at my sister's caravan. He just decided he was going to walk and did it, haven't been able to stop him since. I was ecstatic that my little man was fully mobile and keen to start he next part of his life.

DD started walking at 11 months (she's 1 this week). She'd taken a few steps weeks and weeks before but always got over excited and fell over but it finally clicked into place and she won't keep still now. I'm so proud of her but also terrified now as the two of them can run in separate directions!!

Gemd81 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:00:57

My daughter was 14 months when she started to walk she crawled from 5.5 months which is why I think she didn't walk earlier as crawling was the fastest mode of transport - she was pulling up on the coffee table and sofa wks before then suddenly one evening in the living room just walked across the room - that was it from then on she was off! I was very pleased but amazed it feels like she was growing up quicklygrin

LillianGish Mon 25-Mar-13 19:04:56

I thought my dd would never walk - she was a bum shuffler par excellence, she'd practice standing but didn't want to take any steps. I was pregnant with ds and really hoping she'd get going before he was born. She was 22 months when she finally took the plunge, I remember we were living in Paris at the time and my parents were visiting. We'd just turned into the rue du Cherche Midi when she climbed out of her pushchair, took hold of my father's hand and set off - and there was no stopping her! We couldn't believe it - she walked practically the entire length of the road (no short distance) and forced Lionel Jospin, who French prime Minister at the time and who lived round the corner, to take a detour as she commanded the pavement. She never looked back - and she hardly got back into the pushchair after that! It felt like she's been waiting until she could do it properly!

Huffpot Mon 25-Mar-13 19:11:37

How old were they? My DS was 2 weeks shy of his first birthday when he took his first steps.

Do you remember where you were at the time? I was with him, holding his 2 week old brother in my arms. I was very hormonal still and when he tottered across the floor, I squealed and dropped to my knees and held out one arm to him. He was absolutely terrified by mummy's over the top reaction and plopped straight back on his bum and didn't try again for another week or so when mummy was slightly calmer

Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on? Once he recovered from my outburst he was off and going

How did it feel? I was absolutely delighted as really hadn't expected him to walk so early as he was a boy - thought it would take longer

westcoastnortherner Mon 25-Mar-13 20:19:15

PLEASE PLEASE start selling kids shoes in Canada

caramal Mon 25-Mar-13 20:55:33

Our son was 10.5 months old when he took his first steps. It was on Christmas Day 2011 he had been poorly all day with a cough and cold and wasn't showing any interest in toys and just wanted to rest.

Later in the evening he took a few steps towards his dad for a hug, it was brilliant and we couldn't quite believe it! It really made it a great Christmas.

It took about 1 month for him to be walking around confidently and this is when we purchased 2 pairs of clarks shoes for him to explore the outdoors

It was scary to think how fast he was growing and developing and I felt he was going through the transition of being "my baby" to a little toddler who wanted to be independent

ISpyPlumPie Mon 25-Mar-13 21:05:35

DS1 took his first steps at 10 months. He'd been cruising along the furniture for a while and could stand independently. One day, he looked like he really wanted to walk whenever he was standing but would just plonk down. We were in the living room and I decided I'd take a bit of film of him with DH, who had just walked in from work (he hadn't even sat down yet). DS1 looked at him and took a couple of very wobbly steps towards him. It was such lovely moment and even more perfect as DH had seen it - being the parent who works full time, he thought it was very likely he'd miss out on this sort of thing. It was almost if he'd waited to show his dad what he could do. What's more, I managed to film it and DS1 loves looking at the clip of the first time he walked.

DS2 is only 3 months so I can't wait to see if he's an early walker like his brother (his dad apparently was too) or if he takes things at a different pace. I know the odds of us both being there and capturing it on camera again aren't great, but I suppose you never know smile.

GetKnitted Mon 25-Mar-13 21:09:57

220 messages! Everyone loves to talk about when their DCs walked smile My DS1 was 15 months and had been walking with hands held for ages, instead of a first walk he decided to have a first dance smile

DS2 was not a day over 10 months and away!

tinypumpkin Mon 25-Mar-13 21:46:28

How old were they?
DD3 - 18 months

~ Do you remember where you were at the time?
At home in my lounge - it was last week!

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?
Still taking time to adjust. She is a cautious girl.

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?
I am very pleased but it does make me worry more. She is a monkey and a climber. Danger has just got closer to hand!

SarahJessicaFarter Mon 25-Mar-13 21:49:33

My daughter stood up independently on her first birthday, just weeks before her daddy was due home from Afganistan. Everyone one at her party cheered, it was right at the end. Lots of people had left and just close friends remained. Her big brother (only 4 at the time) held her hand and then tried to persuade er to wait until daddy got home. She nearly did. But progress couldn't stop her. The day her came home she walked the furthest she had ever walked to get to him. A good 10 metres. Even though she'd tried small steps that was her best walk yet, and she didn't look back from that day!

marymod Mon 25-Mar-13 22:25:41

At 11 months, he still wasn't interested - wiggled his way across the road, wasn't even trying to crawl, just bellyflopped around. Then at 11 and a half months, he decided to crawl, and within a few days was walking. I was so chuffed and laughed and cried at him. Little did I know that within a few weeks I'd be wishing he was still again and safely where I'd left him.

MamaNo1 Mon 25-Mar-13 22:32:47

My son was 17 months...groan! I thought he would never walk and having been 10lb 14oz at birth he was a blooming big bundle to be carrying around, so it was a moment of relief for me!
My hubby and I were sat one Saturday morning discussing what we were going to do that day and suddenly I was aware he was in the middle of the living room standing rather unsteadily on his own two feet.......and he hadn't been there a few seconds before! He didn't look back, and as i don't drive, we walk everywhere (he's 10 did that happen!?)

joanofarchitrave Mon 25-Mar-13 22:42:31

DS was 10 months and 10 days old (thanks mate for being so memorable). We were at the inlaws' house, and ds was cruising round the furniture... picked up an apple from the table... cruised a bit more, holding the apple in one hand... and all of a sudden he just walked off the end of a piece of furniture while still holding the apple... didn't quite believe my eyes!

Es100 Mon 25-Mar-13 22:47:54

DS1 took his first steps on Christmas Day with a large, family audience, aged 13 months. DS2 took his first steps aged 15 months when we had all the family over for a Sunday lunch. DD1 took her first steps at 19 1/2 months (having spent 9 months scooting sideways on her bottom) when noone except me was around, so as to change the TV channel. "Loose Women" was on!

sarabella Mon 25-Mar-13 22:48:18

My 14 month old dd2 has just started taking her tentative 1st steps with the aid of her walker :-) Shes not quite confident enough to go it alone just yet and whilst I'm thrilled that she's progressing , I'm not looking forward to the days bent over walking with her lol :-) x

mousebacon Mon 25-Mar-13 23:01:21

DS1 took his first steps at 11 and a half months. He'd been happily using the walker for a few weeks then one day, all of a sudden he just shot across the room unaided and he's been the same ever since!

A few weeks later when we went to buy his first shoes, the woman in clarks looked dubiously at him and said 'he has to be able to walk at least 20 steps...' so I let go of him - it took both of us to catch him smile

DS2 is already cruising around the furniture at 9 months so we're ready to start all over again soon.

Katz Mon 25-Mar-13 23:11:50

Dd1 was 9.5 months, she'd been cruising for a while bd then just went for it,
Dd2 was 8.5 months, again she'd been cruising for a while, she was stood near DH and by some fluke I had the camera out and she just let go and we have her actual first steps on film, we were a home. Once both DDs started they didn't stop and then wanted to walk everywhere.

Both DDs were small 25%ile and so looked too tiny to be walking around unaided, and we received many comments of should she be doing that!

It was a lovely moment and we were very pleased

MaybeOrnot Mon 25-Mar-13 23:16:36

DS let go of the coffee-table to kick a ball across the room,at 13 months old. He went on to play for Chelsea. Youth team,I should add smile

DD was 15 months, it was New Years Eve and we had decided not to get a babysitter and party the night away, but instead get an early night in, get up and have a nice New Year's Day out together as a family. Just before putting DD to bed we all sat in the hallway and were playing with something and suddenly without holding on to anything DD went from DH to me and back again. We were chuffed to bits grin with our decision to stay in and see these first steps.

DD repeated this the next day on our day out... then the novelty wore off, and DD decided to keep cruising the furniture hmm and didn't really walk again for another 3 months!

I can't remember the next time she took steps as a specific time, but we did move things a little bit higher in the house out of reach. But the joy of her growing and having new skills far outweighed the new risks. smile

MummyAbroad Tue 26-Mar-13 01:27:59

DS1 took his first steps around 1 year 2 months and DS2 a few days before his first birthday. I was a working mum with DS1 and stay at home mum with DS2 so I only got to see the first real genuine steps with DS2, My first sons first steps happened while i was at work, and his nanny did a really good job of pretending to be surprised when he did it again in front of me, as if that were the first time. I wish I had seen the real first steps myself, there is something magical about it.

sammylammy40 Tue 26-Mar-13 06:40:41

DS started to walk at 9 months, we were having a mum and baby group at my house so I had 6 other mums and babies who watched with me while he walked a wobbly walk across the room. He has never stopped amazing me since!

bebejones Tue 26-Mar-13 07:36:35

DD was about 11months old when she took her first proper, but wobbly, steps. She had been cruising round the furniture and pushing the walker since she was 10months old and one day she just let go and carried on! It was only 3 or 4 steps at first but I was completely amazed, she looked far too small to be walking! It took quite a while to capture the walking on video, but eventually I got it by tempting her with a carefully placed (on the arm of my chair) remote control! It's still one of my favourite clips of her as a baby, the wobbly sea legs as she staggers across the room, the sneaky grab of the remote and the plop down onto the floor with her 'prize'! smile

sealight123 Tue 26-Mar-13 07:57:28

My little one Olivia was a fast learner and was trying to move the minute she was born :P She was 11 months when she took her first steps and it was at my mums surprise birthday party. We had been for a meal and came back to the house, Olivia really wanted a bottle of water my little sister was holding so she walked over and took it. I was astonished and luckily had been recording it all on my phone. I was rather overwhelmed, so much so I cried. After those first steps it took her just over a week to perfect her skills, except for speed, she runs and launches herself everywhere.

windycitymom Tue 26-Mar-13 08:51:15

My son started walking at 9 months, but for the first two whole months he walked, he would only walk while kicking/dribbling a football ("soccer" ball to us) in front of him, as we walked behind him and held both of his hands for support.

NinaNannar Tue 26-Mar-13 08:52:57

I can't remember much about any of them waking. They just did.


70percent Tue 26-Mar-13 10:26:52

DS was just over 14 months. We were staying in a tiny cottage in Scotland, visiting his great-grandparents, well into their 90s. We'd had a lovely day with him charming his great-grandparents and then that evening, shortly before bed, he walked 5 steps all on his own, and charmed his parents. It was the last time he saw his great-granny as she died the following year.
For the walking, DS stopped for a while as he got ill but once he was about 16 months we haven't been able to stop him. He walks all the way to the tube station, and many older and bigger children still wouldn't do that.

MrsHoarder Tue 26-Mar-13 10:58:17

Not quite walking yet here, but the cruising stage is exciting too (and I love the little shoes, very odd to think we'll be buying some in the next few months).

BergholtStuttleyJohnson Tue 26-Mar-13 15:03:53

My DS1 took his first steps at 17.5 months! It was in the living room and he just walked about 5 steps. He didn't walk again until 2 weeks later when he was 18 months, two weeks after that he was running! There was no stopping him.
I loved seeing him walk for the first time, he looked so pleased with himself.
My DS2 is now 12 months and has been cruising around the furniture for 3 months so I expect he'll be taking his first steps soon.

nicolarae4 Tue 26-Mar-13 18:21:04

My gorgoeus boy was just 9 months when he decided that being stuck on the floor was boring, after all you can't kick a football when you're sitting down can you???

I remember turning round to see the little monkey cruising around the sofa before he let go and wobbled across off across the room. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride before the realisation that my baby was growing up way too fast

dahville Tue 26-Mar-13 20:03:21

We were in the lounge sitting on the floor letting our LO 'surf' between us, when we decide to stand him up and let go. His first few steps were from Mummy to Daddy at 13 months.

manfalou Tue 26-Mar-13 21:47:52

DS was 13 months when he took his first unaided steps. He'd been able to stand unaided for a couple of weeks but never took a chance on walking. This particular day (30th November 2011!) he was very excited when daddy got home from work and ran to him as he entered the living room...taking not just 1 step but 5! It was great that we both got to see his first steps together and amazing that our little boy was now well and truly on the move after only starting to crawl 2 months before!

mummyofcutetwo Wed 27-Mar-13 11:01:34

My elder son was 13 months when he started to walk. My husband and I were at a parents coffee morning at his nursery, finding out about his development while he played at the bead run table. He suddenly just let go of the table and walked towards me with a big smile on his face. Just five steps at first, then he picked himself up and did five more, and then just kept going! We were so excited, and it was lovely to share the moment with his nursery keyworker too.

We were excited and then the penny dropped - we'd be walking everywhere bent double from now on, as he would no longer entertain being carried anywhere! Not that we minded, we were so pleased for him!

We weren't worried about what he'd get up to that he couldn't before as he was such a quick crawler and climber that he could get around pretty easily anyway!

MTBMummy Wed 27-Mar-13 11:58:34

DD was a day over 11 months when she started walking on her own, she'd been cruising for a few weeks. My mum and sister were so disappointed they had missed it as they had been with us all weekend, and we'd been trying to get DD to take her first independent steps, but no luck.

I returned late from work on the Monday and while DP was cooking dinner DD took her first steps with just me, in our living room. I was over the moon, as I work full time and DP is a SAH parent so I miss out on so much, so I was over joyed to have that moment just to myself. DP obviously rushed in and we were so pleased with her that our dinner burnt, although we were happy to have an excuse to order takeaway to celebrate :-)

DD never really crawled - more a bum shuffler, so when she started walking there was no stopping her, she often would end up tripping up and falling over as she would try and move faster than her feet would let her, and she hasn't stopped

mummy81 Wed 27-Mar-13 14:03:02

My DD started taking a few steps at a times when she was 13 months and started walking confidently at 15 months. We were anxious about her walking at first but once she started we missed the little baby crawling around lifting her hands to be picked up.

My youngest daughter took three very determined steps towards me on my return to collect her from my mother in laws after a very rare hair appointment last Friday. Three weeks short of her 1st birthday.

It was lovely to share that moment with her Grandma and Grandad who were equally as delighted as I was and cheered her on as she beamed proudly realizing what she was doing!

As a stay at home mum a lot of '1st's' are usually shared via phone relays and photos to my husband and close relatives and friends so to share such a big milestone was a magical moment.

I have a great relationship with my mother in law, so much so she attended my third childs home birth! And now she has witnessed her youngest grandaughters first steps!

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 28-Mar-13 10:54:00

The prize draw has been performed and the lucky winner has been selected...It's leafmould who wins the £100 Clarks voucher! Well Done! I'll PM you with details

chrismse Mon 01-Apr-13 14:02:11

DS took her first steps at 11mth it was Halloween and she was desperate to get to the goodies on the table. She took 4 steps and was delighted with herself and kept taking three and four steps all evening. Over the next week she increased the number of steps as she gained in confidence. She would only walk in very soft shoes for the first month or two. If we put heavier shoes on her she just sat down.

Leafmould Sat 04-May-13 20:05:39

Thank you so much for the vouchers, clarks and mumsnet. They arrived through the door of the house with the scruffiest shoes, so the opportunity to go shoe shopping was very welcome. I did some Internet research and found out where the nearest clarks outlet was,as I wanted to get maximum shoes for the money...I needed to get school shoes for my eldest dd, out of school shoes for my younger dd and work shoes for myself. I wanted to have some voucher left over for September as well, for back to school.

I have never been to the shopping centre where the outlet is before, so it took me a while to work out how to get there, and in the end I decided to walk there with the kids on there scooters. It was about 4 miles, and they were a bit tired by the end of it. However I was impressed with the shopping experience in the centre, and even better, the staff at clarks were so helpful, we got everything on the list.

I think as a marketing exercise this has been quite successful, as I now know how to get to the shopping centre ( we came home on public transport, so we don't have to walk next time!), and my opinion of clarks has changed..... We'll see how the shoes wear, of course, but I was pleased with the value, and the service was brilliant.
Thanks once again for smart ending us up a little bit!

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