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NOW CLOSED Take a look at Fiat's viral video "The Motherhood" and tell us what motherhood means to you - there's a £200 Mamas & Papas voucher to be won!

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 19-Dec-12 09:57:07

In anticipation of the launch of the new Fiat 500L next year, the folks at Fiat have released a video showcasing what motherhood is like for one woman. Here's what they say: "We hope that by exaggerating the reality of embracing a new life stage in this viral will raise a knowing smile from mums everywhere."

Please take a couple of minutes of your time (well 3.12 to be precise) to watch this video and come back to this thread to tell us your thoughts on the joys of motherhood. Are there any parts in the video that you feel sum you up? Was there anything you particularly related to? What line do you think is missing from the song? We know this may not be everyone's cup of tea, so if you don't think this portrays motherhood in your eyes, what does? How would you describe how being a mum makes you feel? What are the highs and lows of life post children vs life before?

We want to know how Mumsnetters describe motherhood, so please add your comments below.

Everyone who adds a comment to this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one winner will receive a £200 Mamas & Papas voucher.

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!


MikeLitorisHasChristmasLights Wed 19-Dec-12 10:08:53

I found it quite amusing.

I think 'what does motherhood mean to you' is a very hard question to answer.

I've been a mum since the age of 18, it is such a huge part of me. Its doing whatever it is my dc need me to do, being what they need me to be without question or exception.

raininginbaltimore Wed 19-Dec-12 10:20:36

I think it's funny. I loved the "I'd sell both my kidneys just to get some rest" I once remember telling DH I felt like I was being tortured and they could have whatever they wanted just so I could sleep!

What does motherhood mean? Putting yourself absolutely last. I sometimes think I come below the cats in our house. It is knowing your children instinctively, I never noticed with DS, but with dd I've noticed how after a few months I understood her (not completely!) better then everyone else. But thi usually meant I am the one to eat cold dinner, to wait four hours to go for a wee.

My DH is great, he does his share. But he doesn't seem to "sacrifice" on the same way. Maybe that is my fault, I'm not trying to be a martyr.

Things that stand out for me about motherhood: squishing myself into a toddler bed to sleep with a scared 3 yr old, pretending to be a dragon/batman/princess or whatever demanded of me, using baby wipes to clean my clothes, spending hours just holding and rocking a baby, sharing your food, realising that when that little person is scared/I'll they turn and look at you. And my son's belief that I can do pretty much anything.

Chopstheduck Wed 19-Dec-12 10:30:08

I really liked the lyrics, but I didn't like her. Couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I just didn't feel like it really worked. See it's getting rave reviews on youtube though, and lots thinking she is a milf which maybe why it's nto working for me so much!

I think newer mothers may identify with it more. Mine are well past the toddler years, and motherhood to me now means totally different things. It's not so much nappies and nursing bras as tantrums, hormones, puberty, girly weekends away with my daughter, cheering on Quins at rugby with my son. I think I much prefer motherhood now, to dealing with toddlers!

SantasHugandRollintheSnow Wed 19-Dec-12 10:30:49

I found it funny and it makes a refreshing change from other adverts portraying motherhood as all smiles, cuddles and trips to the park on forever sunny days. I know that some people may find it "sexist" but I don't as I can clearly see they are not taking themselves seriously with it.

For me motherhood is putting the children first, always feeling guilty about something and trying not to lose my rag all mixed in with the wonderful joy you feel when your child tells you they love you, they manage to do something for the first time, they smile at you, want to hold your hand etc.

I feel real highs and lows being a mum, sometimes the lows outnumber the highs but the highs always outweigh the lows.

Chopstheduck Wed 19-Dec-12 10:33:35

It's interesting how different people's views are actually.

'What does motherhood mean? Putting yourself absolutely last.'

feck that for a laugh, half my battle is with the kids to realise that no, I am not last, or a skivvy, or to be walked over. And balancing that relationship between enjoying time with them, and having a good trusting relationship, almost a friendship and still retaining the respect from them. We're a team in this house, and we all work together, and we all have needs and feelings.

sweetkitty Wed 19-Dec-12 10:37:30

The mother is far too well groomed and slim. Live the video though.

For me motherhood is all consuming, at times I feel utterly overwhelmed with these 4 little people and all their needs and wants but ultimately I love caring for them. My life was pretty empty before they came along, they are my life now. I adore being a Mum but would like 5 minutes peace to drink my tea grin

CMOTDibbler Wed 19-Dec-12 10:49:09

The video was reasonably funny, though it was all the negative stuff, and I'd like to see one about fatherhood - the accepted norm is that a womans life becomes totally dominated by her children, and a mans goes on much as before.

What does motherhood mean to me? I'm not sure really, as its kind of an extension of me as I was before, and of dh and me together. But what it is, is the feeling that ds has added a whole new dimension to who I am. Not that its taken things away, but has added the ability to (at 40 and grey haired) walk down the street singing, dance on our own - explore the silly side of me.
And he believes in me - god, he believes in me. He tells me to face my fears, and that I can do anything if I try

FirstTimeForEverything Wed 19-Dec-12 10:53:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AppleOgies Wed 19-Dec-12 11:00:43

Even in her pjs and hat she looked fab... Wish I had time to look this fab!

On the whole I found it quite funny, I can really identify with the 'eating leftover fish fingers'.

What does motherhood mean to me, Hhhmmm I certainly don't agree regarding 'putting myself last' but I would say that as a mother I have realised that I am no longer the most important person in my life, I would go without anything for my DS, do anything for my DS, he is my world.

Motherhood is exhausting and rewarding, I wouldn't change it for the world.

threepiecesuite Wed 19-Dec-12 11:05:13

It started well, with the camera panning over the mess.... but then I found it all a bit too cringey and try-hard, and didn't warm to the woman much, didn't like her over acting.
The lyrics were clever, "snot-stained sack", ha.

Ultimately, a white Fiat 500 to me, belongs to a young single girl (2 ofDD's nursery workers have one) and is far too small for a family car so the whole concept is lost on me.

Motherhood to me is fulfilling and makes me feel proud. It's sacrificing your own wants and needs for those of a small person.
My DD is 2.10. Yesterday, I dragged her round a chockablock Asda after work, got drenched in the rain, got home at 6pm to a cold, dark house. DD asked if we could put the new battery in her Jitterbugs game and have a game. I was wet through, still had coat and high heels on, car full of shopping, starving, needed a wee...but plonked myself on the floor, changed the battery and played the game. She won. That's motherhood.

SolomanDaisy Wed 19-Dec-12 11:27:20

God, that was awful. Her body has changed according to the cringe-inducing rap, yet her stomach is entirely flat. She is breastfeeding wearing a high-necked jumper. Her three children have only impacted on her house by scattering toys around, allowing her fluffy white rug to remain pristine. Haha.

Just as an aside, I hate it when companies describe a video as viral when they are paying for advertising to get views. That's not a virus, that's an anthrax attack.

BluelightsAndSirens Wed 19-Dec-12 11:53:00

Why do these adverts always focus on what is seen as the downside about motherhood?

How many times can vomit, baby sick be mentioned in 3 minutes.

Agree about the white fluffy rug!

How about an advert showing a mum loading a weeks shop in the boot, a small child's first experience in a car wash, running a bit late for school with a buggy, 4 coats, umbrella, book bags, lunch boxes and everything fitting effortlessly into the car.

Reading a book in the car park with a sneaky bar of chocolate whilst waiting for the school gates to open, all singing along to the radio etc

I'm a mum with 3 children and have been Carless for a few years and it wasn't fun, an ad can show what a luxury and help a car is.

maxmillie Wed 19-Dec-12 11:54:06

I found it quite amusing. But I'm not convinced about their market. That is not a large family car and you could not get 2 booster seats and a baby seat in it (like the woman in the video would need) as the middle seat is not full width. And with a buggy in what's left of the boot there would be no room for anything else. They will never compete with the MPVs for famillies of more than 2 kids. Might be ok for famillies with only 2 kids or as a second car.

aimingtobeaperfectionist Wed 19-Dec-12 11:55:48

Well I like the car, just not the viral. She's too thin and made up for my liking- makes me feel even worse about the fact I'm still I'm pjs with no make up on.
I'm not a fan of rap either so his just doesn't do it for me. I can see where they were coming from and the idea I think had potential but it's not my style.
It's quite depressing in a way, didn't mak me feel 'good' about being a mum- just pointed out the bad bits.
I love motherhood. All of it. There's a lot of bad bits (night feeds, poo explosions, the constant worry) but the good far outweighs all of that. That first morning smile, a cuddle, feeding baby all makes me feel im doing ok, doing what I should be doing.
It's all very overwhelming most of the time and my life (and body) won't ever be the same but that's fine. That's what life's about, changing. Hopefully for the better.

decktheballs Wed 19-Dec-12 12:00:33

I liked the video but the woman was too well groomed.
To me motherhood means always thinking of the children first. I'm still me and important but they are more so.
Cook, cleaner, referee, chauffeur, bank, agony aunt, are all in a days work but one snotty kiss and cuddle makes it all so worth while.
I want the best for my children, I try my best for them.

BellaVida Wed 19-Dec-12 12:03:18

I am a mum of 4 under 9, including a set of twins and a toddler! First reaction is that it was entertaining and I could relate to most of it, but overall it focused on the negative aspects of being a mum. For me, being a mum has made me experience the most intense emotions possible, from fear and desperation for their survival (in pregnancy), to sheer elation, joy and pride in every achievement. I still cry at their school concerts and nativities!

Also, why just inside the home? I have worked full time and even taken trips abroad for work with a baby in one arm and a trolley case in the other. I would add the lyrics " How do we do it I hear you all asking? We are the masters of multi-tasking!"

To make it a little more believable, the mum would need to be a little less 'together' (perhaps less groomed with hair back in a practical-haven't-had
-time-to-do-my-hair-pony tail) and subject to at least a few interruptions. The car would also be more integral, what with school runs, after school activities, football training, parties, play dates, not to mention shopping trips!

So, being a mum is who and what I am and I wouldn't change it for the world. The children grow up so fast and who knows what will happen in the future, so for now we enjoy today. For me "Being a mother is all embracing, I'll deal with anything that needs facing. I am your world and you are mine. I'll love you now 'til the end of time.'

In the 'hood!

lottytheladybird Wed 19-Dec-12 12:08:59

I thought the lyrics were amusing, though I found the gangster style of video slightly strange. I don't think they meant for it to be a serious, so in that light, I think it was quite good. I could definitely relate to some of the lyrics and scenes.

Motherhood is wonderful and challenging at the same time. I don't think a video about how fulfilling motherhood is would have been very amusing though.

For me motherhood has brought me an immense amount of joy. I love being a family and sharing in new experiences with my two DSs.

EarnestDullard Wed 19-Dec-12 12:09:19

I found it funny and, as a mother of a toddler and a baby, all --too- very familiar.

What does motherhood mean to me though? It's both the hardest and the best thing I've ever done. I feel motherhood is what defines me at the moment, as my children (DD2 especially, who is 11 weeks old) depend on me completely, but as they grow up they'll need me less. I'll still be a mother of course, but hopefully I'll be other things as well.

FridgeBenefits Wed 19-Dec-12 13:01:32

I found this uncomfortably true (apart from her being thin and not having that dragged-though-the-hedge-backwards look)

My family is going through some really tough times at the moment, and motherhood to me now is that I am absolutely at the bottom of the pecking order, and my needs are less important than anyone else's.
Motherhood is struggling to keep stress levels contained. Trying to juggle life and keep the peace, then feeling terrible because I've failed at those simple things.
I have in my mind what motherhood should be, and it usually involves healthy home cooking, happy times all together, calm evenings when I happily reflect on the day, but the truth is, at the moment, it's none of those things.

Sorry, that's a bit depressing blush Not a £200 voucher winning post at all!

lagoonhaze Wed 19-Dec-12 13:24:53

I think it was quite depressing to be honest.

I do like the nit raker bit though.

sosadforhim Wed 19-Dec-12 13:42:47

I thought it was a fun advert, made me laugh and I could relate to some of it.

A few points I would note though:

Is the car not too small for the 3 kids? Maybe 2 children would be more realistic.
I'd love to see a warts and all clip of a mother who is a little more round of shape.For example her trying on her bikini at home and showing an OBVIOUS post baby belly? Then highlight the storage space in the car by then showing the family putting kids, luggage and themselves in with ease.

Show the car more. Maybe her and her partner going out for a night out in the car, cut to him or her looking at her/his shoulder in a restaurant with some baby sick on; then cut to them having a wee cuddle and kiss on their date night in the car, ending the scene with them madly checking their watches, stuck in traffic on the way home. Motherhood seems to be always checking the time!

Actaully show her having a wee singsong with the kids in the car, having fun in the car. Taking the kids out with funny halloween outfits; maybe a frantic dropping off of to various clubs/sports.

A lovely peaceful moment of mum and baby BF in the car?
oh, and the woman enjoying a drive alone int he car singing happily to herself. Her car is her little sanctuary.

Motherhood to me is all consuming. if I'm away from him he's never far from my mind. It's changed my outlook on life, I'm not as selfish. I'm still me but feel more fulfilled and love seeing the world through his eyes.

DowagersHump Wed 19-Dec-12 13:52:08

I liked the song if only for the fact that it's the only time I've ever heard the word episiotomy as a lyric.

The actress reminded me of Heather McCartney (or whatever she's called now) so that wasn't very positive. Car is totally unsuitable for a mother of 3 kids - I rented one with my DS (am a single parent) on holiday and we could only fit one of the cases in the boot - everything else had to go in the car!

I'm with CMOT though really - my DS's belief in me and his faith that I can do anything is really what motherhood means to me. Yes, it's been all that stuff too but the mess, the sleeplessness and the disruption are worth it

MrsMangoGingerbreadhouse Wed 19-Dec-12 13:58:18

I loved that video, I've already seen it a few times, I must watch far too much youtube. I understand that she was made up with her hair done because ultimately it was an advert, and only pretty people can sell things hmm but the perfect hair was a bit too far. I also didn't like the "orgasm faker" line, what the hell has that got to do with motherhood? Other than that, it made me laugh out loud. DH wanted to know why so we had to watch it again, and were both laughing. I loved the bit about "work vs home is a mental combination..." recently potty trained and have just upped hours at work, so it rang very true! grin It doesn't sell the car to me though, it doesn't really seem related. As others have said, it's not really big enough to be a family car.

Motherhood to me is a balancing act. Balancing DDs needs with my own, balancing work/home, sharing responsibilities with DH fairly, prioritising things carefully. It's amazing, and the most fulfilling thing I've ever done, and bloody hard work!

Soft play gangsta! <neck snakes>

carovioletfizz Wed 19-Dec-12 14:18:16

I liked the video a lot and identified with much of what she was saying....she didn't look quite frazzled enough though!

For me motherhood is the hardest, most tiring, thankless job I have ever done, but far and away the most rewarding, wonderful one - it's my life.

Zipitydooda Wed 19-Dec-12 14:21:15

I thought the video was very funny and not cliched or twee.

I even had a look at the car online as she has 3 children as do I and I wanted to see how the car (which looks quite funky) can accommodate the family. However, I was disappointed as I couldn't find this information and I suspect therefore, it's not true. Poor backup by Fiat really to release that video without a simple way of verifying if it is true about the car.

As for motherhood for me; I think it's like being permanently in the just falling in love stage of a relationship with all the ups and downs that go with it; 'will he phone? Will he phone?' is now 'will they make me proud by the way they behave at X? Please don't embarrass me'. The flip side is the immense undescribable love and the way you can fall in love with your constantly developing children all over again, again and again. They can make you cry with happiness or sorrow just by thinking of them.

slug Wed 19-Dec-12 14:24:24

Here's what I think is missing from the video

1. ANY mention of the father(s) of the children. It's like parenthood, especially the full time stuff is solely a woman's responsibility.

2. While the lines about episotomies was funny, the woman had a flat stomach, was nicely dressed, in full makeup with blowdried hair. It irritated me the whole way through.

I notice all the positive comments on YouTube are from men. I wonder if this advert, while a bit funny, still plays to the trope that parenthood is solely a woman's job, especially the nastier bits. What really would have been funny would have been the same comments coming out of a man's mouth. Whenever do you hear men moaning about balancing work with 'infant defecation'?

StewieGriffinsMom Wed 19-Dec-12 14:38:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SubsisteSermonemStatim Wed 19-Dec-12 14:51:30

mine are 12 and 10 and (i may have slightly rose coloured specs on here) i honestly cannot recall a time i was ever covered in snot or poo or my floor or work surface looked like that - well, not that bad anyway - so i couldn't relate to it at all. Too whingy - you just get on with it don't you? - and too entitled look I AM A MOTHER - well, even slugs breed dearie.

Oh and StewieGriffinsMom middle sentence!

SubsisteSermonemStatim Wed 19-Dec-12 14:53:51

I get that advertisers want to appeal to mothers and single them out as a demographic for certain products. To choose to do it with a car that is essentially no bigger than your average travel system pram is bizarre.

UntamedShrew Wed 19-Dec-12 15:12:08

I love it. Love her. Have watched in three times, liked and shared on Facebook. It's hilarious and about the best summation of modern motherhood I've seen. I'm not sucking up to get the vouchers!! I just think it is fantastic and whoever wrote it deserves lots of glittering advertising awards.

Sure she is well groomed but where I live all the mums look like that and we have the same white rug

I agree the car seats wouldn't all fit in the car though. But there are lots of those cars round here, usually driven by mums who have (finally - hurray!) got through the car seat stage. She's a few years off that I'd say given at least 2 of hers would be in car seats.

Anyway. Motherhood means to me.. Gosh so many things. A constant, constant grind. Never ending. Always on duty. Day and night you are needed. Huge responsibilities and huge stresses. But also it's so wonderful and life- affirming and fulfilling and funny and more REAL than anything you 've ever done before. So although you'd sell both kidneys for a rest you wouldn't really if it meant missing any precious moments with your kids.

Someone said to me that the days are too long but the years are too short and that makes absolute sense to me.

the video made me laugh - very good.

I would LOVE one of those cars smile Don't know how she would get 3 kids in there though.

SubsisteSermonemStatim Wed 19-Dec-12 15:59:43

<whispers> mums have orgasms too you know....

EwanHoHoHozami Wed 19-Dec-12 16:14:11

Well, I didn't cringe quite as much as I thought I would.

Other than when you said 'viral' - is this 2002?


Where is the Dad? Overtones of that hideous Asda ad with Martyr Mum.

I am a mother. I don't let it define me nearly as much as ad agencies would like to think.

I really liked it and shared it with other Mum friends - yes she's pretty, yes it's twee but it is funny and it's got something for everyone....surely every Mum will muster a wry style at the thought of episiotomoy stitches or pressure to breastfeed. I don't drive so the ad is wasted on me but it has resonated, I think it's very clever and well made and I'll show it to DH later for a giggle

KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 19-Dec-12 16:32:25

Hi all, thanks for your comments so far. Just to point out, this video features the NEW Fiat 500L - a larger version of the 500, with 5 doors and room for three in the back. More info can be found here:

fryingpanalley Wed 19-Dec-12 16:35:46

I thought the concept was a good one but for some reason the execution didn't work. I think I find it a bit annoying to be told something is a viral when let's face it, it's an ad pure and simple. Send the advert around for us people! Buy this car people! It's got a model with long blonde hair posing on the bonnet! And she's just like you <not>.
I'm not going to win the vouchers am I?

LineRunner Wed 19-Dec-12 16:52:12

I absolutely hate it. Drivel.

You can shove your vouchers up your exhaust pipe, Fiat. Oh, and being a mother means being a human being and having the critical faculties to hate your crappy adverts. Cheers. wine

Dillydollydaydream Wed 19-Dec-12 17:11:43

Ha. Liked the video smile
I no longer carry a nice handbag it's been replaced with a peppa pig backpack!

OrangeFlamingo Wed 19-Dec-12 17:14:00

Haven't watched it but find the concept of discussing a viral campaign in advance a bit odd. Just call it a campaign. Please!

Fillybuster Wed 19-Dec-12 18:03:58

The video did make me smile wryly at points, it is well made and the lyrics are clever. But overall it irritated the heck out of me....even allowing for the fact that the 'mother' was somewhat too well groomed and slim to relate to (but lots of the mums around my area look like that), the video

a) focusses on all the negatives
b) overplays and stereotypes those negatives. Do you really bore everyone with your baby details and birth wounds when you have 3 dcs?? Really??? hmm
c) as has been mentioned elsewhere, what about the dad?
d) why the mess? why the chaos? (ok, that's a repeat of 'why the negativity?' isn't it?...sorry)
e) has nothing at all to do with the car. Nada. No connection at all.

Finally, I would just like to say (as a full time working mother of 3) that I have never had baby sick on my work clothes or on my laptop. Nor has my kitchen counter looked like that.

What does motherhood mean to me? (Not that Fiat will be choosing me for their vouchers after that little rant...) All the good stuff: a reason to work hard and rush home from the office; cuddles on demand; having people who absolutely believe in you, and who you would never ever let down; the joy of watching your children's personalities develop over time into real people; the rush of pride and joy when one of your children does something amazing or achieves a goal or is just very kind or thoughtful towards somebody else grin Love <soppy grin>

Not cars....

FloatyBeatie Wed 19-Dec-12 18:18:43

I quite liked it -- right up until the point where the PR company demonstrated their lack of faith in its capacity to go viral on its own merits, by paying for it to be promoted here. I thought the whole point of a viral campaign was that it left it to the punters to do the work of spreading the word. Top-down management of viral spread seems a bit desperate.

Zipitydooda Wed 19-Dec-12 18:26:23

There may be 3 seats in the back but with 3 children of the ages in the advert you would need a baby seat and 2 high back boosters and I really doubt you could fit them in the car. So the advert is very misleading and the car is not fit for its advertised purpose (unless you can show me a picture of the children actually fitting in the car they are advertising).
Some advertisers are much more stupid than most mums.

FloatyBeatie Wed 19-Dec-12 18:27:44

Also, God, isn't it depressing how the ethos of Mumsnet is captured, bottled, harvested for retail purposes. With women as the main shoppers in the family, advertisers have always tried to capture women's conversation for advertising, but it is still endlessly dreary to see it.

mrscrimbobash Wed 19-Dec-12 18:28:01

What does motherhood mean to me?

Asides from losing sleep and looking permanently bedraggled... wink

Motherhood means having a bond with a person that you could never replicate in any other way.
It's being able to understand toddlers talking gibberish when it makes no sense to anybody else.
Motherhood means coming to terms with crumbs on your carpet.
Best of all; it's an unconditional love from a wee person who relies on you for everything. It's demanding, stressful and crazy at times, but it's just a lovely thing really.

FrillyMilly Wed 19-Dec-12 18:33:47

That song sums me up. I really have gone to work with the lingering smell of milky baby sick on me and my kitchen surfaces are a sticky mess during my childrens waking hours. If someone offered me 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep in exchange for a kidney I would happily accept. I really like the car although its not obvious from the advert that it is a larger version.

I'm not sure how to sum up motherhood. I guess for the most part it is pure unconditional love.

MadameBoolala Wed 19-Dec-12 20:07:52

I thought it was dire.

I just looked at her perfectly groomed self with her 3 beautiful children and fab house and beautiful car and got pissed off with her for whinging on. And anyone who leaves their laptop on the floor plugged in when they've got a toddler deserves to have it smothered in yoghurt imho.

I did let out a slight titter at 'soft play, gangsta'.

Nice try but it didn't reach me. I don't think I fit the demographic though.

SixtyFootDoll Wed 19-Dec-12 20:14:04

Irritating advert, trying too hard.
Boring stereotypes, downtrodden housewife.

Car is ugly, and overpriced.

DoodleHolly Wed 19-Dec-12 20:22:53

Agree that it's more focused on the early years.

As the parent of a nearly school aged child my challenges are mainly negotiation, negotiation and negotiation.

That and the old work/parent balance.

niceupthedance Wed 19-Dec-12 20:24:14

As a single parent I thought the car looked great - for one adult one child... Pretty cool as well.

The rap was a bit twee, I hated talking about piss and shit when my son was young, but I did want my life back!

The best bit of the ad is the last verse, cheese-grater, peace-maker etc. should have done more of that clever stuff imo.

DingDongKethryverilyonHigh Wed 19-Dec-12 20:43:58

i love it, and i was posting it on FB before this appeared on here.. monday night infact i think. <smug>

Motherhood to me is about raising my kids, teaching them to be the best people they can be, to have the education and the background and the firm grounding in a loving supportive family to be brave enough to go out there and go wherever the music takes them.
Its about being something more than myself, but without losing the person that i am.. its about adapting and growing in myself and coping with whatever comes my way.

I thought it was really cringey. Was it dreamed up by a 50 y/o trying to look cool? Didn't relate to it at all. No mention of fathers, far too well groomed, perfect house etc. and I thought the references to 'bitches and hose' were decidedly off. Didn't really notice the car but then I'm not a driver. Clearly I'm not the target audience grin

Motherhood to me at the moment means steering the DC through the traumas of taking on adult responsibilities - budgeting, taking on a fair share of the household chores, careers advice, relationships ... I do sometimes hanker for the early days of babyhood and BFing but this video didn't make me feel nostalgic at all because it was nothing like that for me!

Viral? It's not viral if you have to say 'come and look at our viral video' - what are they teaching the youngsters nowadays?

<chomps gums>

And what SGM said.

I saw this video on Facebook earlier today and had to share it! I found it hilarious grin

geekette Wed 19-Dec-12 21:21:35

A cooked version of the P&G ads if you ask me.
I hate these mother martyr/goodie two shoes/do-it-all mum ads.

When they make an ad which can portray mum as one of the peace makers in the household instead of the be-all/end-all, maybe then I'll take a look at the car.

littlemonkeychops Wed 19-Dec-12 21:24:20

Quite a funny idea but agree with some of above posters, apart from toys on the floor and one messy worktop she looked like a model in a show-home, and no way that's a comfortable car for 3 kids.

Motherhood? Well lots of the lyrics rang true, but they were all the negatives, where were all the lovely positives, the early morning snuggles, silly games, smiles etc :-)

GetKnitted Wed 19-Dec-12 21:37:49

It was amusing, not worth watching a second time though, so I don't think this is really going to go totally viral. I liked the yoghurt all over the laptop, I can see that happening in our house.

Motherhood is looking after real little people, full time.

MadameBoolala Wed 19-Dec-12 22:24:28

Yes, and what she said (*Pubegardens*)about viral. It's a bit blatant to be viral isn't it?

MadameBoolala Wed 19-Dec-12 22:24:57

Pubegardens Grrrr boldfail.

SamSmalaidh Wed 19-Dec-12 23:31:31

It did make me laugh BUT

In what way is it a viral? It's just an ad.

That car does not look big enough to get three car seats in the back

I don't remember every being covered in that much baby sick. And that woman mentioned expressing about 10 times!

Djembe Thu 20-Dec-12 00:04:49

Yep waaaay too negative. Motherhood is the most challenging job I've ever done. YES the most frustrating and difficult, but the most rewarding. 'Downtrodden housewife'? No.

FlourFace Thu 20-Dec-12 00:39:12

Awful. Drivel. Sexist. Embarrassingly cringey. No better than the Asda ad.

However if the job of the ad was to make motherhood sound like shite, they are halfway there. No orgasms? Bog off.

Sake the ad agency.

bealos Thu 20-Dec-12 01:06:56

It's a massive rip off of these guys who did the 'parent rap' >>

However, the original is quite good. The Fiat version isn't.

bealos Thu 20-Dec-12 01:07:15

[now with hyperlink]

It's a massive rip off of these guys who did the 'parent rap' >>

However, the original is quite good. The Fiat version isn't.

bealos Thu 20-Dec-12 01:08:11

I think their ad agency wishes it would go viral. Ha. Such an overused term in ad land.

TheFoosa Thu 20-Dec-12 03:52:32

It's awful.

Would put me off parenthood completely if I were a young woman.

I hate it when ad companies think that they 'get' who you are but maybe I'm the wrong demographic' i.e. poor and not young.

I kind of like the idea of it and as long as you see it for what it is, a humorous ad, it isn't too cringeworthy.

I would have expected the car to feature a lot more. And as its aimed at families, practicalities like showing you can fit 3 child seats in, the size of the boot etc would have been more helpful.

And more fun! Yes it's hard with a young family but there are fun times too, all the children singing along with the radio, playing games, laughing.

What does motherhood mean to me?
When my first child was born I was 19 and terrified. I knew nothing about looking after a baby. When we bought her home, we just looked at her for hours, absolutely shell shocked and scared that we had the responsibility of ensuring this tiny baby grew up to be an amazing person.

That little baby is 14 now, and yes she's amazing, as are her siblings.
To me motherhood is about the joy of watching them grow, develop their own personalities, it's about sacrifice, that's true, things that were vitally important before become less so, priorities change.

Sometimes it's a feeling of utter helplessness, sometimes it's reaching the end of the day and wondering how you got through it, some days are mundane and boring, some are just amazing.
There is the horrible feeling of seeing your child hurt or unwell, then the next week seeing them achieve something amazing.

I think as a parent, you run the gauntlet of every different emotion daily!

In the end we all do our best and hope our children grow up to achieve the absolute best they can, that they are happy, healthy, and reach their potential.
And then they leave home. And we sit back and anticipate the day we get to become overbearing mother in laws and doting grannies!

i actually really liked it - quite a few giggles smile

there should be something in there contrasting former life of trekking in nepal to trying to conquer the laundry mountain i reckon.

LittleLolly Thu 20-Dec-12 09:28:25

I found it quite funny!

To me, motherhood is lots of the things featured in that video; tiredness, sleepless nights, huge sack instead of lovely handbag, mess and cluttered surfaces - how does one small person have so much stuff?

It is also the most amazing, emotional, eye-opening experience of my life. Even if I am starving, dehydrated, close to wetting myself as I can't get to the bathroom, surrounded by mess and smelling like sick it all fades into nothing when DS holds my finger in his chubby little hand and smiles up at me. I didn't realise it was possible to love someone so much and so fiercely.

gazzalw Thu 20-Dec-12 09:47:38

Like the look of the car for all that we could see of it...quite funky and not too large....

But she was way too soignee to be really the mother of three youngish children including a baby....She didn't look fraught or as if she was doing anything in a hurry...The house looked immaculate but for the staged mess..where were the cobwebs and stained carpets????

It looked like an ad man's view of motherhood not the reality at all....

DoeEyedBeauties Thu 20-Dec-12 10:39:52

Had a chuckle, but I agree that 'The Parent Rap' sums it up better. My husband could relate to it as well.

p.s. I actually liked the bitches and hoes line, but I'm gansta like dat!

Curtsey Thu 20-Dec-12 10:59:20

It was pretty good. A little bit too 'knowing' though - it felt like you could see the hours of brainstorming that went on behind it it. The ads that make me laugh most are usually ones that have a slightly stealth bizarre/wtf aspect about them - you're not quite sure why you find this ad so frigging hilarious but you do.

I digress. It was a good effort for sure. Definitely the first time I've heard words like 'episiostomy' in an ad -also, could this be the first depiction ever of a breastfeeding mother? If so well done to Fiat. Maybe next time have the mum parked outside a fancy hotel or something wrestling with her dress in in order to feed squawking infant...

Curtsey Thu 20-Dec-12 11:07:05

...And have a dad in the backseat upending the car looking for a bib/sock/whatever to wipe up random spillages...dads aren't exempt from this stuff...

Wordsmith Thu 20-Dec-12 11:30:11

I like it, but then I have a Fiat 500 smile and I love it.
I would never have bought it when my kids were little though - and I don't see enough of this car in the viral to realise that it's bigger/a 6-seater/family friendly.

ISpyDingDongMerrilyOnHigh Thu 20-Dec-12 11:44:41

Hmmm - well, I suppose a few of the lines are quite funny but overall I found it a bit cringy and something about it just didn't work. I think it was the fact that she seemed to be comparing her life with children to before, but doesn't look like she'd have lead a 'gangsta' lifestyle pre-DC so all the references are a bit daft. Also agree with what pps have said about dwelling on all the negatives although I suppose that's where the humour is meant to come from.
<<Waves goodbye to vouchers>>

willitbe Thu 20-Dec-12 12:23:26

The video reminded me of a few years ago, and the lack of ability to deal with my own needs without having dealt with the children and dh's first. Most of the comments were all things I have said or felt in the past regarding being a mother, although I was never as slim as the woman in the video after having children!

I would have loved another verse about the progression onto teenagers and becoming the grandmother (not that I have reached that stage yet!). And how motherhood never leaves you.

How does being a mother make me feel - I feel like I have been given a very precious gift. One I hope I never take for granted or resent.

Pre-children, I wanted children, that has not changed, but the amazing experience of being a mother has pushed me harder than any job or responsibility ever did before. It has stretched me physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. It is the only thing in life that truely invades every aspect of your life in one way or another.

sockmonkey Thu 20-Dec-12 13:04:18

The funny thing was I was actually eating a left over fish finger while I watched it.

Motherhood really is life changing, there is no going back, but who would want to grin

firawla Thu 20-Dec-12 13:56:52

I found it quite funny, can relate to all the mess spread around everywhere. I have 3 under 5 and constantly having to clean up after them.

Don't see it really related to the car, I like the idea pp bluelights said about actually showing them using the car and what a difference it makes to her as a mum, sure that could have been included and still kept to the same funny type of style.

The lyrics i didnt like was orgasm faking why should that have to be the case for mothers! But overall, i liked the video.

I dont think motherhood necessarily means putting yourself last, but it does mean putting the children mostly first, and i think its just something that take over your whole life and changes your life. chaotic loud busy and messy, especially with a few small children, but overall great. For me motherhood defines my life really, i had them young, ive never worked - motherhood is what i do and what i am. I love it although they drive me crazy from time to time!

I quite liked it, but cringed a bit as she couldn't rap. She was too slim and well groomed for what she was trying to say!?

Her face was too static,

Why orgasm faker? Found that a bit weird and off topic?!

Can't afford a car for my 4 kids so am not in the market to be impressed anyways.

What is motherhood to me?

Doing the best for my kids that I can do and trying to keep myself happy so they have a positive mummy to look up to.

I enjoyed it. I identified with some of it, some I think is a bit cliché - 'orgasm faker'. I wish I could look as good as her but I'm not selling a car...

Motherhood to me is compromise.

DeGlitterBug Thu 20-Dec-12 15:04:56

I liked it, it made me laugh. Didn't like the line about breastfeeding crime, nor the fact that she kept going on about expressing. Nor the orgasm faker line.

Motherhood to me means enormous privilege and loads of fun!

PeazlyPops Thu 20-Dec-12 15:11:24

I thought it was a terrible advert. Patronising and too try-hard. It made me feel really uncomfortable.. It's very cringy.

purplemonstermum Thu 20-Dec-12 16:18:40

Parts of the video are (mildly) amusing BUT i think there are limitations too:
How would you get 3 children, luggage etc in that car???
Why doesn't she look like any of the mothers i know (she is too thin, her hair is too perfect, she is ? too young??)
Why is it all about her role as a mother?? Doesn't she have any other parts to her life e.g. partner, friend, sister, daughter etc? for me motherhood is just 1 part of who i am - i also work and i have other relationships in my life too besides those with my children...all of which makes me stressed but (I think, hope?) a better parent too...
The video seems quite focused on the stresses of parenting babies/very young children but at least 2 of the children in the video looked to be school age...which means that by baby no 3 most of those stresses to do with caring for a newborn/toddler probably wouldn't phase her any more!

For me it didn't really match my experience of motherhood, which (yes admittedly) can be stressful at times (not always for the reasons mentioned in the song) but is also joyful and rewarding (albeit sometimes in small doses!) IMO the video was a very one-sided view of being a parent.

Motherhood is a nutshell. Sometimes successfully and probably more often badly!

Oscarandelliesmum Thu 20-Dec-12 17:03:32

I thought it was amusing and it made my six year old ds howl with laughter. However, agree that woman is too groomed and car is a tad small....although all five if us squeeze into a kia picanto. not comfortably , but we do it!

MrsHoarder Thu 20-Dec-12 17:31:58

The rap is awful and I saw no reason to buy the car: no suggestion that the children would all fit in (they are hanging out of the window). They really need to either pitch the car as an escape from the demands of motherhood or as being a bit like the snot stained sack.

MrsHoarder Thu 20-Dec-12 17:32:39

What does motherhood mean to me: deep love and priority for my DS, but also a dramatic loss of freedom.

ColdWinterMorning Thu 20-Dec-12 18:06:32

I thought the ad was funny. I didn't get what was said in the original post, though - exaggeration, what exaggeration?

poorbutrich Thu 20-Dec-12 18:09:31

I am still humming it - very catchy!

Motherhood to me is a blessing - I never really felt that I was cut out to be a mum (and I still don't!), and am surprised at how much I enjoy it and love to spend time with my little one. Ds turned one yesterday and on the one hand, I can't quite understand where that year has gone, and it's also been a fog of broken nights, the panic when he's not been well, constantly worrying that I'm not doing my best for him and holding his hand through one of the most important development stages of his life.

janglebells2013 Thu 20-Dec-12 19:37:26

it was ok, i liked the part near the end most which was more dancy, thought there was too much in the lyrics to try to take in, and thought it did put a negative light on motherhood.

motherhood to me means being continually switched on and one step ahead, anticipating whats next and preparation, its about giving your all, its about letting go of those things which don't matter or which are secondary and about the joy of bringing life into the world

spg Thu 20-Dec-12 20:14:24

There were certainly bits that I could related to: the mess, change of priorities, eating leftovers or rather not feeling like eating at all...

Liked the tune of the refrain, though not necessarily the rap..i thought it obscured the lyrics too much..

The lady in the video could have possibly worn more realistic outfits, perhaps..

Nice one, overall

eteo Thu 20-Dec-12 20:34:04

i love this video and the rap. but dun think she suit the part. she look too clean.

for me, motherhood is 24/7 non stop. rewarding but tiring.

Yogagirl17 Thu 20-Dec-12 21:02:54

I like the song/rap - it's very funny - but I don't really like the mum. She doesn't look like she can actually relate to the words she's saying - she's far too clean and shiny and together. The thing that's missing from the video is teenagers. I thought the baby and toddler years were hard but now the hormones have invaded our home and...oh my goodness!

lorisparkle Thu 20-Dec-12 21:50:29

The video - had some funny parts that I could relate to however the rap did not always fit with the images ie the type of car (not really what a family with a baby and two children would have), the mother (if life is really how she described then how could she be so clean, slim, well dressed, beautiful hair / make up etc).

Motherhood - hard work, never ending (both in rewards and challenges), putting the needs of your children first, a bit like spinning plates (if you spend too much time spinning one plate then the others all fall crashing to the ground!), fun, constantly changing, fantastic!

fuzzywuzzy Fri 21-Dec-12 00:09:16

It's very funny & is all over Facebook right now.

The mother is too clean, well dressed & with it, as are the kids and the house!

I think it's scared a few friends who have strange rose tinted notions of motherhood.

The rap is spot on.

Hopezibah Fri 21-Dec-12 01:09:30

Overall I liked the video even though i wouldn't necessarily relate to that style of music - i liked the lyrics and could laugh along with it. I remember the 'mom song' from a few years back - and that one i really loved and found soooo funny.

Are there any parts in the video that you feel sum you up? Was there anything you particularly related to?

I liked the references to expressing milk, and comparing c-section / episiotomy scars. I could also really relate to the sick everywhere and kids getting the laptop grubby!

What are the highs and lows of life post children vs life before?
Highs are things like xmas, birthdays, seasons of the year etc all become more special with kids. You just can't remember life before them as it is like they have always been here. I suppose the high point of before kids was less money worries and easier to travel / go on holidays.

low point of having kids is when they are poorly - it is horrid as you want to make them better but you can't. Low point of pre-kids is looking back life must have been so boring even though i didn't realise it as kids just add so much to our lives.

Overall great video - capturing some funny moments.

Lozmatoz Fri 21-Dec-12 06:46:18

Absolutely brilliant! No time to write more, I have snot to wipe up and a poopey nappy to change.

HandbagCrab Fri 21-Dec-12 09:25:01

I don't think it classes as viral if the company are promoting it themselves. Anyway...

It's incredibly trite, it's nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is and I actually found it boring. A load of rhyming cliches in an ikea house in front of a hatchback, how far advertising to women has come! I assume from the advert she is a single mum too?

I am a person who is a mum. I love my son more than anything and I would do anything for him but that does not mean I will martyr myself. I still have nights out, spend money on myself, do adult things in my spare time alongside rhyme time and soft play. It doesn't have to be one or the other and it really annoys me that women with children are portrayed in the media as the perfect mother who squishes down anything to do with herself to spend her all on her family or the supermother who is perfect in every single way that is valued in a supermum (beautiful, rich, fantastic job, wonderful children, amazing husband, gorgeous home etc etc). I'd much prefer advertising that represents mums as being fully rounded individuals.

elastamum Fri 21-Dec-12 09:32:31

Liked the concept, but its a shame the team making it weren't brave enough to make it a bit more 'real'. She is way too perfect. Could have gone for someone more like a real mum which would ahve made it a lot funnier.

Also, not sure they have their positioning right. The car doesnt really work for a mum with 3 kids. (Marketing Dir BTW)

anniewoo Fri 21-Dec-12 09:52:18

Very cute car. Not the target market? Still think the car is too small for 3 children.
Children = precious cargo. Wouldn't feel safe with big juggernauts on either side of me on the motorway/autobahn in it.

FloatyBeatie Fri 21-Dec-12 10:32:23

There is such a slew of these mother-does-it-all-in-state-of-humorous-exhaustion ads at the moment. Most of them are Christmas ones, but the most depressing one of all is where an ill mother is providing cold cures for children and a husband who is kneeling behind her and being dragged along by her effort -- then at the end she passes him a cuppa she has made for him.

I know they are all playing to exactly the kind of weary black humour you see on parenting forums, which are a massive resource for them. But they are also using that humour to reinforce a message that the whole domestic sphere is woman's work. They make me feel guilty and defeated -- not really sentiments that will bind me to the Fiat brand

weenwee Fri 21-Dec-12 10:39:36

I know this nearly guarantees I won't get picked, but


Did they talk to any women, at all, before making this?

1. Yes, model-looks and put together woman, I totally believe you are a beleaguered mum. Totally. /snark

2. White men can't jump, and public school women can't rap. Oy.

3. 'Orgasm faker'? Dafuq? Check yourself with that tired, sexist bull.

4. If you choose to be bottom of the totem pole, that's on you, random commercial lady. I have a 2 year old, a husband, and go to grad school full time for my MBA (and am really wishing right now that I hadn't just finished my marketing project, I'd have had a FIELD day with this.)

5. And finally, since this is a commercial: You are selling a car the hypothetical woman's family cannot fit into all at once. In fact, if I go to your site for the specs on this "pimpmobile", it never actually says how many it seats it has (bearing in mind each of those kids would need to be in their own car/booster seat). The only car that theoretically would fit this family within H&S needs would be the Fiat Doblo. If you are going to sell something (not pretend you aren't selling it with this totes dope rap, yo), you should at least show the children safely strapped into the car at some point.

I don't know who did your market segmentation or matrix on this one, but dearie me, this was BAD.

anklebitersmum Fri 21-Dec-12 10:58:49

Thought the ad was humerous although it over-reaches lyrically as regards the 'crime' and 'orgasm faking'. Nothing more fitting, really? Personally I prefer this vid for originality-and the car shown fits umpteen children.

All in all I like Fiat though and as a second car for nipping to and fro it would work for me as long as hubby was elsewhere (3 in the back, eldest in the front).

SomethingAboutNothing Fri 21-Dec-12 11:27:43

I liked the video, it was funny and I'm sure it'll get people talking.

As for what motherhood means to me, well, 3 months in, it seems to mostly mean sleep deprivation, becoming used to whipping my boobs out in public while trying to be discreet, cleaning up explosive poo situations, cuddles on the sofa while he sleep, watching him learn new things and getting excited by every new noise he makes/thing he does. It also seems to mean spending my whole day looking after him only for him to give daddy the biggest smiles of the day as he walks in the door.

It's wonderful and stressful and exhausting and amazing all together. I just hope I get some sleep soon!

Hopezibah Fri 21-Dec-12 11:35:07

this is my second attempt at giving feedback on this as annoyingly the computer crashed after I had typed loads in before so will try to be quick but answer all the feedback q's.

I liked the video overall. Not as great as the mom song that went viral a few years back - that one really had me laughing a lot.

Things i could relate to is the comparing c-scars / episiotomies, the messy kitchen, grubby laptop etc.

I didn't particularly like the style of music but could see why they were doing it like that and as a 'joke' / fun aspect it works ok.

worst thing about motherhood is when kids are ill and you can't make them better. Best thing is you realise how much more enriched life is now we have kids that we can't remember life before children. Miss the freedom of holidays / travel as that is harder nowadays.

neriberi Fri 21-Dec-12 11:52:53

I think this is hilarious!

BassAce Fri 21-Dec-12 12:02:42

As a mother of a 2 year old and a 6 month old I found this ad hilarious. Very true on so many levels, and had me grinning and immediately reaching for the mouse to forward on to other mummy friends.

What does motherhood mean to me? Dividing myself into multiple pieces for multiple children, and yet still managing to be a bigger and better version of my original old self in the eyes of each of them. That's the magic of motherhood.

I'm many years passed the baby stage and I still found it really funny! Loved the 'Bitches and the Hose'!

It makes a refreshing change to see the tough side of motherhood (episiotomy stitches anyone?) being portrayed so frankly and with humour at the same time.

Agree the marketing folk hadn't done their homework though. Car too small for the family, mum far too thin and well-groomed (and young) for the role.

ThinkAboutItOnBoxingDay Fri 21-Dec-12 13:06:29

Needs to be a bit more tongue in cheek. I agree the production values are a bit weird.

A very positive representation of a single mum i thought, assuming that's why she has to do it all herself. Amazed the Daily Mail aren't up in arms about this?

Doogle2 Fri 21-Dec-12 13:19:44

I liked it. Reminded me of 'The Mom Song' on u-tube.

Although motherhood has its ups and downs I would describe it, for me, as feeling complete.

ProfYaffle Fri 21-Dec-12 13:30:08

It made me feel quite old! I guess it's aimed at younger Mothers still in the baby/toddler stage, I am neither of those things now so couldn't really relate to it.

I thought the idea of 'The Motherhood' was quite witty, as were some of the lyrics. Agree with some earlier points though, it's overly negative and I'm a bit uncomfortable with her being portrayed as a drudge.

The kids were great though, they made it for me.

HandbagCrab Fri 21-Dec-12 13:32:10

I really hope the posters saying how hilarious this is are simply keeping their eyes on the prize wink

Djembe Fri 21-Dec-12 13:32:53

FloatyBeatie your second paragraph - that, right there. I'd quote but am on iPhone app and can't.

It's this year's craze, empathising with us poor downtrodden women who put everyone before ourselves or summat.

It annoys me. It seems to suit the ad-men to portray us as long-suffering and it seems pretty anti-feminist. It's a step ahead to recognise all the work involved, but where is the main stuff, the love and laughter? It would have been easy to include a scene of them all doing something silly like dancing around hairbrushes or something then mum collapsing exhausted with the fish fingers in the kitchen.

There is so much love, joy and humour that could have been included - I get that the humour is in the negative stuff, but it's IMO treading a fine line by stereotyping the role of a mother and making her look like she has an utterly shit life.

This style of rap does focus on negatives, but it will always include the 'ho's in the back' or whatever as an example of how good the bloke's life is. It's a woman here and the positive stuff is completely left out because it doesn't fit with an ad-man's view of what it must be like to spend all day with kids at home. The silly stuff is ridiculously fun and rewarding. Just like ho's for actual gangsters / men.

As Floaty said, it doesn't make me identify with Fiat! <marketing type as a DH has helped me work out why it annoys me and what Fiat are trying to do here>

I'd be curious to know whether she is meant to be a single mum or if it's just showing a woman whose husband does nowt.

Also - whoever linked the Parent Rap on youTube - this ad is a blatant ripoff of it and nothing like as good, it manages to be hilarious but still heartwarming, and includes the man as an equal parent. Loved it.

ProfYaffle Fri 21-Dec-12 13:47:52

"The silly stuff is ridiculously fun and rewarding" totally agree with this, which is why the kids made the video for me, they looked like they were having fun. There didn't seem to be much in the way of interaction between the Mum and the kids, she could have shared in their joyfulness.

Suffolkblush Fri 21-Dec-12 14:12:48

I LOVE it! A totally tongue-in-cheek, satirical look at motherhood, genuis.

Think a lot of people are

A: Taking this whole thing far too seriously - this is almost definietly NOT the actual Fiat 500L advert, it's a marketing stunt aimed at capuring the attention of a certain audience.
B: Not getting the purposful juxtapostion of the rapping v's prep mum. They're not supposed to match, in fact I'd be willing to put money (or vouchers!) on the fact that the model is miming to a pre-recorded voice and was choosen for being the exact opposite of that voice.

I totally related to it and I loved the actress, her massive overacting and facial expressions are brilliant. Yes our 'real' homes are ten times more messy, we have unbrushed hair, proper puke stains, bigger tummies and crisp/raisin filled handbags (or sacks to be more accurate) but that's the point, it's not supposed to be a depiction of reality.

As for me, motherhood is everything you don't expect it to be. It's more challenging, confusing, frustrating, difficult and at times debilitating than anything else I've ever done. But then it's also the most rewarding, emotionally fulfilling and wonderful experience I'll ever have.

In the end motherhood does make you part of a very special club - you can't quite pin the meaning of motherhood down, but it's something that EVERY mummy knows.

garlicbaubles Fri 21-Dec-12 14:21:13

HAH! I love it! It could be a Mumsnet commercial grin Did you consult on it?

Hulababy Fri 21-Dec-12 16:35:21

I like it smile
Love the car too smile

I have a white Fiat 500 (although a convertible). Perfect for me, and as our second car. I've even managed to fit a pushchair in the boot once, and car seats in the back. Most of the time it's just me and DD though, who is old enough to sit in the front and tall enough for no car seat. We regularly fit 3 children and me in it too though, at least once a week. And I can fit a full shop in the boot too. Fab car - it's my second too. Traded my first in for the convertible version.

Hulababy Fri 21-Dec-12 16:38:35

Oooh - hadnt' realised it was a 5 door, 5 seater version though.
Mine is the original type - so just two seats in the back.

Selky Fri 21-Dec-12 18:22:05

All the way through, I was thinking, "What is the point of this? That car is too small for the amount of kids she has. It is not immediately obvious that it is a 5 door. I like some of the ryhyming. Anyone who is making "episiotomy stitches" scan is OK with me.

The joys of motherhood are very fleeting smiles, cuddles etc.. They don't translate well to adverts.

I think it is more for new mums/ 1st time mums of babies. Those on their 3rd can work miracles compared to 1st timers.

The only time a drove a Fiat I stalled it 37 times in an hour, incidentally.

fallingandlaughing Fri 21-Dec-12 18:36:36

What does motherhood mean to me - well it is hard to sum up isn't it? Being a mother means everything to me, hard to say that without sounding martyrish, but it is true. It is hard work of course, but life alterning and enhancing beyond anything I could have imagined.

It also means eating left over fish fingers but that is a good thing in my book cos I love them!

Video wasn't bad though I couldn't really identify with the Mum in it - I would love to have lovely hair like that but when I am leaving for work at 7am it is dry shampoo or wet hair under a hat!

Do endorse the idea of the whole new level of exhaustion you don't know about til you are a parent!

Hulababy Fri 21-Dec-12 21:07:07

I guess motherhood comes down to the feeling/knowledge of
Unconditional love for and from another person.

easterbaby Fri 21-Dec-12 21:42:19

It was a fun take on motherhood! I couldn't take the content too seriously...although I guess they are painting an extreme characterisation. I drive a Fiat 500 and it is surprisingly roomy/practical with one baby. Not sure I could squeeze 3 in, but maybe this new model is bigger.

ShakySingsMerryXmasEveryone Fri 21-Dec-12 22:44:40

I quite liked it. I could identify with a lot of it.

Very jealous that I have never looked that good since childbirth though envy

FunnysFuckingFreezing Fri 21-Dec-12 23:27:19

not my experience of motherhood at all. You need to show a mother rushing in the door at 6pm dressed in a suit with barely enough energy to put her children to bed. Thats me

sausagesandwich34 Fri 21-Dec-12 23:55:54

one of my teenage staff summed it up for me today

he asked me what I wanted for christmas and I said nothing really, christmas isn't about me

his reply.....

'aw, that's such a mum thing to say! Mums never want anything for themselves, they run around making sure everyone else is happy but they never want anything back in return, just a big cuddle and a brew'

yup, pretty much sums it up for me even if I am knackered, it was a very sweet thing to hear and it made me a bit teary

magentastardust Sat 22-Dec-12 00:25:49

I quite liked it -raised a few laughs and I liked the cheese grater , peacemaker bit at the end.
I am a mum of three and whilst Im nowhere near that thin I am that groomedwink
Motherhood for me means thinking about others all the time -you can't just get up and wander into the shower , you have to get 3 other people up dressed, showered , fed etc etc, homework , school projects , constant washing , ironing and tidying there really aren't enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do well.

However it also means lots of laughs , lovely cuddles and sharing in the lives of the amazing little people you have made and seeing them develop into their own person.
Motherhood is exhausting and emotional and amazing and brilliant all rolled into one smile

GuessWho04 Sat 22-Dec-12 05:49:22

Loved the video, but the woman is bit too groomed. Maybe she needs to look a bit dishevele, stains on her clothes, less make up , that sort of thing. Need to see much more of the car though. Also motherhood for me, is putting baby first, no longer just you, always baby + you. Oh and never getting a decent nights sleep again grin

vix206 Sat 22-Dec-12 07:46:29

Loved the video, as a Fiat 500 owner I was so excited to hear about a bigger model. Just looked at the pictures and I am gutted. It looks like a boxy, ugly Panda car hmmhmmhmm no style and no personality. So disappointed, we need a bigger car but this will not be it hmm

WhatALark Sat 22-Dec-12 11:17:47

There is a HUGE difference between motherhood and martyrdom.

It's good to be able to knowingly laugh at some of the wearying or downright painful elements of motherhood ('episiotomy stiches', anyone?). BUT, come on, this woman's life looks like joyless drudgery.

And as for 'orgasm faker'...shock WTF?

WhatALark Sat 22-Dec-12 11:18:36

Oops, meant hmm, but maybe shock is more appropriate...

StillSquiffy Sat 22-Dec-12 12:01:00

Lyrics good. rap style, model and set all wrong wrong wrong.

The 'outnumbered' producers have, IMO, got it totally right on how it is to be a parent these days, and they've nailed the exhaustion/relentlessness perfectly. If they could overlay the fiat lyrics onto that type of scenario/set and with similar 'true to life' actors it would have worked much better.

ATouchOfStuffing Sat 22-Dec-12 13:46:03

A couple of 'mum' friends posted this on FB and when I watched it I felt sorry for them. I am a mum too but it looked like they were moaning on FB about all of the moany things she moans about. It is very cringe-worthy on that front.

<Repetition of the word moany due to that apparently being the ethos behind the car>

I don't drive but am going to in the New Year. I am a single mum and this car would probably suit me quite well. However I barely saw the car, have any idea of the interior or any luxuries or reasons it is for a family specifically.

Motherhood to me is about adapting and dealing with whatever the day throws at you. I love DD more than anything else in my world and although she can be challenging and messy at times I fully expected this going into motherhood. Anyone who didn't is an idiot clearly posting this all over FB and helping a paid for advert become 'viral' hmm

P.S Why does she hold the baby like a sack of spuds and never touch the other two? Not a very motherly figure IMO.

Arthurfowlersallotment Sat 22-Dec-12 13:53:16

Motherhood for me means considering my baby in every single decision I make, no matter how small.

And I'm happier than I've ever been but at the same time an emotional wreck.

I didn't love the video. It made me cringe. I'm a bit tired of this 'motherhood club' shite thrown at us by marketing people. People have been raising children for millennia without all this hand wringing.

every single decision you make no matter how small?

how long have you had children?

Arthurfowlersallotment Sat 22-Dec-12 15:40:08

Probably not as long as you Swallowed. But then...

naturalbaby Sat 22-Dec-12 15:47:39

A Fiat 500 that fits 3 in the back?! Is that in car seats??

The video made me chuckle but wasn't very realistic for all the reasons above.

No mention of feeling like a pack horse every time we go out. When my youngest grows out of his buggy I'll have to get one of those shopping trolleys on wheels to carry everything.
I will look back and laugh one day at myself doing the school run with a double buggy, baby in a sling on my back, trying to persuade my 3yr old he can walk/scoot all the way to nursery because I'm too tired to push the buggy with a 3yr old and 2yr old in (with a 1yr old my back remember).
I've just started exercising properly again and am amazed how strong my arms are despite not exercising officially for 3 years.

TheCatInTheHairnet Sat 22-Dec-12 16:22:56

Motherhood means giving up on whizzy little cars like the Fiat 500! My kids would kill each other if they were squashed up in that!! grin

arthur - it was just that i was going to go what the hell and then realised that maybe you had a newborn and then i'd understand.

Dire dire dire
Would not want to buy a fiat now (not that I was desperate to do so to start with)

justaweeone Sat 22-Dec-12 17:53:57

I thought it was funny
However I think they could have featured the car more as I drive a Fiat 500 and would have bed interested in the differences

justaweeone Sat 22-Dec-12 17:54:19


loveinidleness Sat 22-Dec-12 22:27:50

it is a stereotyped view, but there are of course some truths in it (peacemaker - I'm effin Kofe Annan!)

She could wipe down her surfaces though. Sticky is icky <truth>

picc Sat 22-Dec-12 23:16:03

Wanted to hate it. Clicked on it just to see what it was....
I actually liked it despite myself.

Relentlessness. Sleeplessness.
But so many emotions I'd never felt before.
I came to motherhood quite late compared to a lot of people.
I just cannot get over how I can go and tuck my kids in every night before I go to sleep and just stand there staring and smiling and feeling so content.
I never get sick of it.
Overall, I just feel incredibly lucky.

telsa Sat 22-Dec-12 23:30:58

I thought the lyrics were good, some neat rhymes. Parts of it rang true - the mess, the multiple roles a woman performs. None of this was borne out in the imagery of the immaculate flat and woman though. I thought it was good at airing the complex role of a mother, which leaves her little time, but it also reinforced the cliche that fathers are off somewhere else, whereas for many people, includdingme, the father is the home maker and the mother the wage earner.

Homebird8 Sun 23-Dec-12 01:19:36

Yoga, Zumba AND Pilates? Yeah, right!

ChelseaSmiles Sun 23-Dec-12 02:38:15

Gangsta Mam! Lol I really enjoyed that video.

Being a mother to me is like having a little piece of your heart running around outside your body and is apart of your baby. It's messy and magical. There are some emotions I never knew I had until I became a mother. I think being a mother also gives you the ability to see things from a better point of view but also makes you cry a lot more than you use to - a soppy film, a proud moment, laughter = all met with tears.

SquidgyMummy Sun 23-Dec-12 03:13:16

She reminds me of Edina in AbFab trying to be "down with the kids". Middle class mummy rapping - just unrealistic and not even funny.

And where were the car seats?

She didn't seem connected to anything including her own "kids" Everything in the video, including the children seem stylised and like props including the children.

I bet the "creative" team were slapping themselves on the back when they came up with "my bitches and my hose in the back". Just painful.

Who the hell are they aiming it at? Teenage Mums in tracksuits with £15 / grand spare (or however much that car is). Or a 40 something yummy mummy who would be buying an MPV /4WD

Fiat may be going viral but i don't know if they will sell any cars.
I wouldn't share teh video because it's shit

hairychristmasandahappynewyear Sun 23-Dec-12 05:44:01

I really don't like the video. It portrays a very fortunate woman whinging.

I became a mother at 43 and it is the single best thing I have ever done. It's brought more meaning and happiness than anything that I've ever done or had or been. Yes it's hard work but it's amazing and no words can really describe it.

Notreadyquiteyet Sun 23-Dec-12 10:20:49

I think the video was quite funny, as my name suggests not a mum yet though it needs updating as we are now trying.

Motherhood to me in relation to my DSDs is caring, enabling and hellping to develop.

bamboostalks Sun 23-Dec-12 10:37:23

I liked it really, brought a smile to my face. Could definitely relate to parts of it.

EightToSixer Sun 23-Dec-12 10:42:22

I enjoyed it, but didn't really see how it advertised the Fiat 500 very much. Apart from standing in front of it a couple of times but it didn't show her driving it, fitting kid seats in, putting pushchair in boot etc.
I thought she was too skinny and too well ff roomed to be the mum of three little ones.
I found it funny though and bits of it were very realistic (which makes a change from most advertisements involving the joy of motherhood). I'd like her house and car though, lovely kitchen smile

QuickQuickSleigh Sun 23-Dec-12 11:50:30

I liked it but thought they missed a trick by not showing a sleep deprived mother snoozing in MacDonalds car park letting her drive through meal food take away go cold uneaten because her insommniac baby has finally gone to sodding sleep. <stares hard at DS>

I liked it but I do not think it was obvious it was an advert for a car.

I thought the "me and postman pat are like that..." bit was spot on!

GrrrArghZzzzYaayforall8nights Sun 23-Dec-12 12:11:42

I didn't like the video - I found it came across quite fake, almost mocking, I'm not sure. it just didn't sit right and only seem to get worse. Like others, I'm not sure who they are attempting to target, especially as we barely see the car, but things like 'faking orgasm' is not something you should associated with a product you are trying to sell. Seriously. Why would you put that in there? Why are they never seen actually using the car to get anywhere? And where was the joy in there? GAH the ad put me right off - the whole schtick has been done so much better already.

The joys of parenthood are having the kids saying I love you so much after a really tiring day of trying to help them towards independence in life while they fight against it and each other after bad nights with the cacophony of colds while managing relationships and work. But DH is the main carer, particularly at night, so he's probably the better person to ask even if missing from the video.

BlastOff Sun 23-Dec-12 14:07:48

Whilst I can relate to some of the lyrics, and thought they were funny, I couldn't relate to the actress at all. She did not look like the mother of three children and was far too well made up, and I just didn't believe in her.

Trying to put motherhood into a few lines always sounds trite, but it's made me happier than anything else, and gives me the greatest joy, even when it's hard.

While it was funny to an extent, it was also patronising. Felt a little bit like the makers were going "let's have a laugh at the expense of the middle-class mummies".
It did nothing to make me desire the car it's supposed to be advertising - I couldn't even tell you what it looked like other than "maybe red".

Motherhood is a lot more than a bunch of cliches and snide jokes.

sleepdodger Sun 23-Dec-12 23:38:56

I thought its amusing but she'd drive a 4x4 Chelsea tractor in the burbs...

WeWilsonAMerryChristmas Sun 23-Dec-12 23:54:41

It's not 'a viral' if you tell us it's a viral Fiat. It's a viral if it goes viral without a million dollar marketing campaign behind it. And there's no real shots of the car - is it really as ugly as people are saying? Its such an obvious attempt to shoehorn a fantastic product into the wrong market. Motherhood to me means not buying stuff that doesnt work for my family just because some marketeer tells me to! (I'm a Fiat 500 owner btw, but it's not our only car, it couldn't be)

DillyTante Mon 24-Dec-12 07:48:42

I found it mildly amusing, and frankly yes I have been variously covered in snot, vomit and poo. Clearly I'm doing something wrong!

However I just feel a bit 'targeted'. It's t

DoesntTurkeyNSproutSoupDragOn Mon 24-Dec-12 07:54:27

First thoughts - they should have picked someone who looked more like a mother than a model, then the complaints about her body and dieting would have seemed more appropriate.

DillyTante Mon 24-Dec-12 07:57:50

Sorry - fat fingers!

It's too obvious.

Motherhood is nothing like I ever thought it to be. When I come in from the car carrying 2 lunch boxes, teddies, coats and other crap under my arms, or have to say "please don't sniff each others bottoms" I wonder at what happened to my life.

But then the toddler falls asleep on my shoulder, heavily breathing in my ear, or the 5 year old asks where the first people came from and you realise how much richer your life is for having them.

Oh I may never go on an exotic holiday or have a flat crepe-free stomach again. But if I'd not had kids I'd never know what it is like to feed a child with my own body or run around soft play as an adult. And absolutely no one thinks I am as funny as my two year old.

Willemdefoeismine Mon 24-Dec-12 13:09:10

I think the ad is a bit of a white, male, middle-class, advertising exec's view of motherhood. It is quite amusing but doesn't at all reflect the reality of parenting. And as Fillybuster said where's the Dad? It's all a bit saccharine and looks like a lot of mess has been thrown into an immaculate house set. Most of the mess of families is not just cosmetic but things like month-old cobwebs hanging from the walls, stains that won't come out of the carpets, pet food and discarded dirty clothes strewn across the floor etc...(or is it just that I'm alone in being a slattern?). And yes by the time you get to your third child you are beyond reporting anything about them to anyone!

Also the Mum looks incredibly well-kempt for a mother of three, including a small baby. I have no doubt that some Mums do seem to keep up their self-care standards with motherhood but would also think they are the same ones who would have immaculate houses too.

The car looks trendy but I can't imagine that it would naturally be right for most families unless it is the run around for Mum/Dad with the occasional use by some of the children too (is it big enough for three car seats at the back - I would be very surprised if it is?). It is Mini-esque in it's design which is good though.

to me motherhood means always considering the children in all decisions made. Lots of love and hugs but never really switching off from them. A box of delights mixed with Pandora's Box really grin!

maybe there isn't a dad. not all families have them you know shock

you can't represent everyone's idea of the whole of motherhood. god knows there's enough of the hallmark, i live to serve, my happiness is purely derived from selfless acts of maternal love type advertising and portrayal of motherhood.

i think people are being very harsh. this will reflect a lot of women's 'need' to do the gallows humour/letting off steam/countering the mother theresa act side of things.

i think that's it actually - the dark humour/piss take as stress release. lots of us need it.

AnnIonicIsoTronic Mon 24-Dec-12 13:50:51

I was resisting clicking on this as my life is too busy for marketing shite but I thought it was spot on!!

Now sell me a car that'll fit my 4 kids in the back.

poopoopoo Wed 26-Dec-12 09:49:21

Motherhood has ups and downs, the downs for me with my second child were very hard as I had a thyroid infection- look up 'thyroid storm' and you will see it is not fun on top of having all the usual difficulties of having a toddler and a new baby. People do not not understand why you are a bit ratty! sooo.. I found it funny, but it also reminded me of the enormously hard struggle I had with life. I had to go back to work after months of no sleep, difficulty breathing, chest pain, mood imbalance, neck ache, bad relationships with those people who did not understand (for example.... relatives thought it was funny when I was irritable, so they thought it would be funny to wake up my children who had flu at my in-laws house, by playing the piano so I would get annoyed and they laughed!). I think the lack of sleep is funny- if it is just normal lack of sleep from being up doing nappies or breast feeding. I coped well with my first child, things were fantastic and I would have laughed my head off at this video. But with my most recent experience I am worried that it could hit a sore spot for some people who maybe have depression or suffer from thyroid difficulties. I am lucky, my problem was short term, I feel normal again. thyroid infection is unusual but pregnancy can cause thyroid hormone imbalance. Rant over

The video is good and does some up the change in identity that is very significant for some people. The car would be fine when the kids are older but is not large enough for all the paraphernalia that comes with babies and toddlers. I think for me the cot was not a focal point as both children slept in our bed, putting an end to any 'faking of orgasms' the toys all over the house would have been a better line. I do like the tractor and digger line! Work versus home is bang on. However I never smell or smelled of puke and find that a bit off. I breast fed but did not express- found it a ridiculous procedure so stopped breast feeding when I went back to work. As for 'the bitches at my side' our dogs went to stay with others; as, though I loved them dearly, with two small kids the dogs would have been neglected- with no time to wipe my own a** let alone pick up the dog mess! Left over fish fingers is about right and tight with postman pat- love it. My body got smaller very fast due to overactivity of my thyroid so I can't relate to that or the cake maker. I also don't think many mums would have time for a book club- unless it was online with mumsnet!

Well my time is up, as my kids are awake and the house is now a complete wreck as I have been sitting here typing, lego to build, polly pocket to make - piece of cake! smile

poopoopoo Wed 26-Dec-12 09:57:36

horray dads awake and building lego! I meant to add.. I love the look on her face when she eats the cold fish fingers!

poopoopoo Wed 26-Dec-12 10:02:08

Also.. being a mother is fantastic but be prepared, not just a saying for the girl guides! always have spare clothes! Dont expect to have any time to do things you want to- they will have to wait for when you retire!

I thought it was just ghastly. The worst type of motherhood stereotyping. Yummy Mummy who fakes orgasms, now that's something to aspire to hmm.

That was a whole lot more accurate than I though it would be! That is pretty much a tame version of the conversations I have with my mother friends. I enjoyed it! Thanks, Fiat. grin

wonderstuff Wed 26-Dec-12 22:47:41

I LOVE this video - made me laugh. 'Joined a book club so I can drink some wine' was a good line - I also loved the 'I would welcome you but you can never leave' bit.
I do think the 'orgasm faker' line was a bit odd - something else to rhyme with nit raker could have been found?
Also liking the idea of Fiat 500 in a 5 door version - I have a Toyota Aygo atm - which does the job but Fiat is much sexier, have been eyeing it up and a bit hmm that so impractical in a 3 door. Not going to be in the market for a new car for quite a while though!

Motherhood for me? Lost boobs (dropped 2 cup sizes), waving goodbye to my flat tummy, much less time for dh, having yummy cuddles at the end of a long day, being able to fix most things with a kiss.

Kveta Thu 27-Dec-12 17:08:16

I love this video grin very accurate lyrics, but not sure that they can convince me that a Fiat 500 is a good family car.

Motherhood for me means serious sleep deprivation, and the ability to utterly adore someone even when they are irritating the HELL out of you.

Bicnod Thu 27-Dec-12 18:15:38

Quite liked the video and loved the lyrics, didn't find her very convincing though. With the incredible-non-sleeping-18-month-old-DS2 I very much relate to 'I'd sell both kidneys just to get some rest'.

Motherhood to me means exhaustion, sleep deprivation, constant negotiation. It also means love - I have never known such all consuming love and it still catches me unawares how much I love my boys.

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Thu 27-Dec-12 21:45:24

I haven't read many of the other comments, but, though the video and song are mildly amusing the woman does not look remotely stressed or sleep deprived (though I guess that would make the video less attractive).

My first thought though is that you'd never get 3 car seats across the back of a Fiat 500, so one of the kids must have to go in the front, and if she has a partner they must have to travel separately... Mistake to put 3 kids in the video? grin Nobody would buy a Fiat 500 having just had a 3rd baby...

SantaFlashesHisBoobsALot Fri 28-Dec-12 11:46:57

It amused me greatly. The only thing I objected to was the compulsory breastfeeding line.

musthavecoffee Fri 28-Dec-12 14:42:24

I can't warm to the mother, she just doesn't fit the role comfortably. It feels forced. I can relate to most of the content though and so can see why some woud find this funny.

Motherhood to me is hard to sum up in words. I do however, wonder how I ever thought I was happy before I had them :-)

Offred Fri 28-Dec-12 18:38:51

I don't like the references to infant feeding which seem unnecessary confused and divisive, I don't like the way it simultaneously implies mothers are required to sacrifice themselves completely, the complete absence of the father/fathers (though i'm sure in this context they'd be introduced in a sexist role) and also normalises being downtrodden and resentful about this role.

Also, on another note can I just say how much I absolutely cannot stand advertising which a. Doesn't actually tell you anything at all about the product that is being sold and b. is desperately trying to "reach out" to certain kinds of people the company has identified as likely to buy the product. It makes me think there is nothing good about the product if you have to ignore it completely in the advert and instead try to make it "cool" within a social group.

Offred Fri 28-Dec-12 18:48:15

Maybe it is trying to get men to buy this car for their wives? That's the only thing that makes sense to me to be honest, like how perfume adverts sell to the opposite gender...

Offred Fri 28-Dec-12 18:49:39

And just the pure fact that this advert has come across as advertising the fiat 500 rather than 500L shows you how stupid it is...

Offred Fri 28-Dec-12 18:52:29

And motherhood to me is not sacrificing myself on the alter of husband/children. It is taking responsibility for the children I have and doing my best to raise happy and independent adults.

gawd there's some sanctimonious twaddle that gets spouted.

it's fun. it's for people who have a sense of humour about the contrast between their life (and obviously it's for those who actually had one) before and after children.

it doesn't represent you? well there you go - i find there is a modicum of representation in this as opposed to the zillion adverts that portray mothers as a cross between the virgin mary and a prozac filled doormat.

wonderstuff Fri 28-Dec-12 19:41:11

Offred I noticed that the car had 5 doors, and the 500 has 3 so realised that it was a different model - think they are marketing at women who would love a 500 but don't get one because they are too small with little children..

LittleBallOfFur Fri 28-Dec-12 21:58:56

I wanted to hate that video - I did enjoy it though, darn. smile

Cold fishfingers are a regular part of my diet now.

And yes once you're in the club you're in for good (gah I even remember the words) - yes when people say to you when you're pregnant "you won't know what hit you" you think yeh right, but you really can't prepare for any of it!

As carovioletfizz says, motherhood is the hardest job, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Offred Sat 29-Dec-12 00:17:21

I don't get that this ad is different though? The woman is martyred and resentful hiding behind an attempt at humour. Just because there are some jokes in it doesn't actually mean it is any different to all the other adverts which universally push the "sacrifice of motherhood" agenda...

lottiegarbanzo Sat 29-Dec-12 02:21:15

Um, just a pedantic point about the question. Surely a film clip 'goes viral' only if many thousands of people like and choose to share it. So calling something 'a viral' presumes success, just like saying 'a hit' instead of 'a song'. If success is already assured, why is our opinion needed?

I imagine what is meant is that the the clip will be distributed via YouTube and social networking sites, not shown as a tv advert. So it is an Internet film clip - or am I misunderstanding something?

i guess the difference for me is not pretending that one is delighted with one's sacrifice and it is all effortless and unnoticable because of the pink haze of angel dust that comes with the placenta.

pretty much every line in it reminds me of some jokey conversation with a friend or random on the bus or wherever where we are essentially jollying ourselves along through it by laughing wryly and acknowledging what we're going through.

and generally those jokes/conversations are a release for guilt or feelings of inadequacy that seem to genuinely turn up with the placenta. it's a nope, i find it a nightmare too sometimes nod between women that lets us off the hook a little of the perfect image of motherhood we're supposed to be living up to imo. this ad is just tapping into those conversations and that dynamic and portraying it. she's not as funny as me and my friends when we're on a roll mind.

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Sat 29-Dec-12 12:20:55

lottiegarbanzo you are right of course - Fiat want the video to "go viral" - true viral videos were originally not made as commercial advertisements, but the concept has been adopted by advertising agencies of course who now use the term as an optimistic shorthand for a commercial intended to be distributed via social media instead of conventional television etc. slots. Much cheaper of course, and theoretically "cooler" which is the idea Fiat are going for, though of course it can't really become subculture cool given it is blatantly a commercial made by a household brand! (Disclaimer my "knowledge" is based mainly on watching "The Apprentice" grin )

Offred Sat 29-Dec-12 12:34:51

I kind of think it is worse because it is normalising the sacrifice/martyrdom thing, it has tried to make the woman real but desirable and funny and clever and STILL martyred, basically portraying that there is no hope!

Tyranasaurus Sat 29-Dec-12 14:44:58

Made me cringe- felt forced jokey and I hate rap. Don't like companies advertising with the whole 'viral' thing.

I don't think of myself as a 'mum', I'm just me with a baby.

mrsbunnyw Sat 29-Dec-12 15:14:18

As it's meant to be a car advert, I'd expect at least a bit more of the car, eg the inside details to be shown - it looks like a mini, rather than advertising Fiat - maybe that's the idea, but I doubt it!

I didn't like the music style, although I get the 'hood' concept behind it. I agree with other comments that the mother is a bit over-groomed, and I think there was a bit much negativity. While there are a lot of sacrifices and changes in motherhood, it is not an overwhelmingly negative experience. I did like the worktops being 'usually sticky' line. I just didn't find the woman convincing as the mother of those children, or as the sort of mum who actually makes the dinners etc rather than having a nanny do it all. Probably just the overgroomed thing again.

there is no hope! having kids is hard work and requires a hell of a lot of sacrifice. obviously it's worth it or no one would ever do it but facts remain. adulthood is harder work than youth, motherhood is less freedom than pre-motherhood etc etc.

vincenta Sat 29-Dec-12 22:24:47

Perfect hairstyle all the time??? For mum it is impossible!!! Messy hair at home, with velour tracksuit and some flour stains would be more realistic! It is funny when I saw woman who is size 8 wearing high waste jeans !why she need them? If it doesn't look like that there is tummy or love handles which need to be hidden!!!
I didn't liked rap much but most lines of ad were very relevant to motherhood.I Loved Cbeebies and postman pat,they are my favorite now!
All in all ad is interesting from some points of view because it is impossible to make ad about motherhood which everyone will like! Motherhood for everyone is so different. I think for mums who have enough income to hire nanny, cleaner or who got any other help motherhood will differ from mum who need to be moneysaving and do all those things herself.All classes like Zumba, Pilates are quite expensive and to be on Atkins??? Everyone know meat and vegetable prices, this diet is not for everyone too.
I will agree with ad that motherhood, your expert in all nappy, weaning, potty things, that you don't have me time ("join book club to have glass of wine"), and your everyday life is completely different when you are a mum, with all sterilizers, nursing bras, cold fish fingers when there is no time to have proper mealfor some mums it is great because they lose weight, but for some mums not so good, because when they have time they eat a lot and than again thought about diets and exercises, when you want to look like model, but feel yourself like tired horse.
Definitely your house will be much messier ( that mean that you need to clean more than you used to do), toys everywhere and your bag when you go out from clutch size is big enough to hold, something to eat, something to drink, spare clothes, some toys, or books, nappies and other very useful and life saving stuff!
It is impossible to explain it to woman who don't have a child, but other mums will understand you without words-motherhood is happiness and joy in your life! Sleepless nights, luck of me time, messy home and stretchmarks or love handles are worth it when those little hands give you a hug and say mummy I love you! These are minutes which are worth to live for......

KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 31-Dec-12 09:44:36

Thanks all for your comments. The winner of the prize draw is...


Congratulations, I'll PM you to get your details.

Snog Fri 11-Jan-13 08:51:34

Orgasm faker though??

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