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NOW CLOSED Take a look at E.ON's new energy tariff quote & comparison tool and give your feedback to be in with a chance of winning a £500 John Lewis voucher

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TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 22-Oct-12 11:20:54

E.ON are trying to make it easier for customers shopping around for a new energy tariff by reducing the number of tariffs it offers to no more than five for customers to choose from. The new tariffs are designed to be simpler and easier to compare with E.ON's new online tool.

Here's what E.ON says about it: "We know that choosing the right energy tariff can be daunting, so we've simplified our tariffs and launched a new online tool to help make choosing our best deal quick and easy to do in just a couple of minutes."

E.ON would like you to visit their page on MN for more info on the tool, follow the link to enter your details and see what deals you're offered. They'd then like you to come back to this thread to give your feedback on the following:

~ how you found the comparison tool to use
~ what the deals on offer were like e.g. how much you would paying and what rewards you could get

Everyone who visits the tool and then adds their feedback here will be entered into a prize draw to win a £500 John Lewis voucher.

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw

The tool is easy enough to use. I quite like that it doesn't ask for reams of info before starting the quotes and then allows you to adjust for your energy usage. I got a range of quotes, with approximately £100 between the five of them. I would like a bit more information about exactly why the tarrifs are different, as to me it wasn't entirely clear.

Pascha Mon 22-Oct-12 11:32:23

I just did this out of curiosity really as we are on a fixed price plan til next July. The comparison tool is quick and simple enough, I didn't have to do anything complicated to get a quote. All the plans are marginally more expensive than the one I'm currently on though so they won't be getting business from me at the moment grin

TBH though, when the time comes to look around next year I am still going to go through uswitch or Which switch or moneysupermarket and get comparisons from all the major companies rather than go to all the individual ones.

Pascha Mon 22-Oct-12 11:34:08

Also, £20 loyalty reward has no interest for me. I would prefer a cheaper tariff with no gimmicks thank you.

gazzalw Mon 22-Oct-12 14:05:07

Right, we are EON Customers already but I did this out of curiosity. I found it very easy to use but was somewhat dismayed that we appear to be on one of the most expensive tariffs. DW put us on a fixed rate for two years to ensure we could budget but it looks to me that it's a false economy and now we're still tied into it for another year or so! Hmmm.

It was certainly very quick to do in conjunction with USwitch or another price comparison website. Will bear it in mind for future use.

Also liked the additional upfront information about rewards or continuing to collect Tesco Clubcard Points... Sorry I disagree with you Pascha as we like accumulating Clubcard Points for family outings/treats!

ZombTEE Mon 22-Oct-12 17:20:26

Am I being dense...I don't see a link....

I actually used the tool several weeks ago when I was nearing the end of my fixed rate. The questions were simple, and I liked the clarity and usability of the site. Unfortunately I didn't get good enough prices so stuck with my previous provider.
Summary: I liked the tool, but the tariffs still need work (especially for low users/home energy generators)

MrsStringerBell Mon 22-Oct-12 17:29:09

It's in the OP text ZombTEE - try clicking here

ShatnersBassoon Mon 22-Oct-12 17:30:41

I found the tool really easy to use, and a lot less baffling than some energy providers' websites. I like that there are only 5 tariffs so I wasn't left with that 'I should just check that 116th tariff option, that might be the cheapest' feeling.

I have in the past spent hours ploughing through unfathomable online quoting tools from energy providers, so to have a simple system that actually demonstrates how one tariff compares to all of the others available makes a pleasant change!

Indith Mon 22-Oct-12 17:33:26

It is nice and easy to use, information seems to be upfront which is good. I liked that it asked if we had mains gas supply and there was a note saying you might still be able to get some discounts if you don't have a supply. Mostly when you only have electric you can't get any of the discounts, they are all for dual fuel customers.

Ultimately though the options given were a alittle more expensive than our current deal.

I found it very easy to use and it was lovely that you didn't have to provide loads of details to complete it. Usually I get fed up of entering my full name/address/email/phone details in all the comparison sites. They should really think about doing it in this simple way.

I didn't think the deals were anything special. We're on one of the cheaper rates anyway.

Waspie Mon 22-Oct-12 17:40:59

I've just used the tool and liked it. It's clear and easy to use. I got a range of quotes for different products. I didn't understand the difference in the products or why the yearly bills would be different. The cheapest offering was about £50 a year less than I'm paying now so I'm not inclined to change.

Also e-On charged us a fortune (over £200 for the [summer] month) when we moved and got stuck with having to take on the previous owner's utility company for a month, so I'm not really inclined to change to them as this left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Indith Mon 22-Oct-12 17:41:47

This thread has now made me get locked out of my British Gas account because I can't remember the password! I though I'd go check exactly what deal I was on because I couldn't quite remember for the quote tool. The flipping password reset email will be sent to dh's work account and he has logged off for the day. Typical!

ZombTEE Mon 22-Oct-12 17:42:25

There is no link in the OP for me.

Can someone else put a link in the thread?

Gosh, unless AdBlock is blocking it...hold on.

ZombTEE Mon 22-Oct-12 17:42:54

Yup, that's what it was. Weird, it's never done that before!!

ZombTEE Mon 22-Oct-12 17:44:06

And as suspected, I can't play because I'm in Northern Ireland. No E.On here...

There's something they can do for me. grin

Trills Mon 22-Oct-12 17:51:43

I don't really understand how they think they can guess my usage.

Trills Mon 22-Oct-12 17:59:44

All of the quotes are more than I pay right now, so either E.ON are expensive or I use less gas and electric than the average household in my area.

Trills Mon 22-Oct-12 18:00:18

It would be hilarious if I won £500 for saying that, wouldn't it? grin

QueenOfFlamingEffigies Mon 22-Oct-12 18:01:01

There's no link for me either and disabling AdBlock on this page hasn't worked hmm

Trills Mon 22-Oct-12 18:02:03
Tigerbomb Mon 22-Oct-12 18:03:27

The tool was really easy to use , especially when putting in your own details so you can get a more accurate quote.

I liked the ideas of discounts and I get them with my own provider - who worked out cheaper (even with the upcoming increase in fuel costs).

The EON tool also showed me how much cheaper my current supplier actually was

DizzyHoneyBee Mon 22-Oct-12 18:04:52

I found it really useful and liked the way it showed the plans side by side and calculated the annual total for my current supplier. It didn't inspire me to switch because even with the discounts it is more expensive than my current supplier.
However, it won't replace Uswitch for me because they compare several suppliers - I'd probably only use it if I was already with e-on and wanted to see if I was still on the best tariff with them.
there was no link in the OP for me either, I googled it to find it.
Why do they offer several packages with some being more expensive? Surely just one lower priced tariff would be better?

QueenOfFlamingEffigies Mon 22-Oct-12 18:06:48

Yes thank you Trills - I still can't see a link in the OP though. Strange!

Trills Mon 22-Oct-12 18:14:11

Yes, I'd like to know what the expensive tariffs are for apart from getting more money out of people who haven't spent the time to do the comparison.

glitch Mon 22-Oct-12 18:20:25

The tool was quite simple to use although it took me a while to work out what the image of the plug was. It was all quite easy to do though.
All of the offers are more than I am paying now and it didn't offer any additional rewards. I do shop around though to make sure I have the best deal I can so I would have been a bit surprised if it told me it could save me much.

gelo Mon 22-Oct-12 18:26:12

The tool was OK, but it didn't have my current supplier which was a mandatory field in the enter your own figures part, so I had to put a random supplier/tariff in.

It was interesting to see how much less than average I use.

The deals were all at least half as expensive again as my existing one so I wont be switching.

nannynick Mon 22-Oct-12 18:26:42

"We're sorry, but our records show that you have a meter at this property that we cannot provide quotes for via our website"
Hmm, I'm not in some strange part of the world... I'm in Surrey. I wonder how the tool works, maybe it only works if you are in a city or large town and not a village. Maybe it's to do with smart meters - I don't have one. Maybe it's because we have Economy7 so peak and off-peak rates.

Would have liked to have seen more indication as to what they would do with house number and postcode entered into the form... is that being stored? Is that going to be used for marketing in the future - more reassurance that it won't be used for that may be handy to include immediately next to the button such as adding something to the "Submitting this form means I'm happy with E.ON checking my meter details against industry data." text to mention that it won't be used for marketing purposes.

gelo Mon 22-Oct-12 18:28:11

oh, and I have econ 7 electric, and the 'enter your own figures' didn't allow you to give the day and night figure, just an overall, so they must have been guessing how much was used in the day or night, so not accurate.

nannynick Mon 22-Oct-12 18:37:15

Tried it a second time and got it to work, so maybe just a glitch.
I like how it asks the questions, keeps it as simple as possible.

nannynick Mon 22-Oct-12 18:38:28

agree with gelo... I also found that. I guessed at percentage used at night vs day, whereas if you enter in the actual figures for the last year, then it will be more accurate.

RollingThunder Mon 22-Oct-12 18:50:38

I found the tool easy to use and actually the hardest bit was going to my own supplier and getting my yearly usage. BUT I did notice that the maximum saving was £100 and that was with all rewards factored in, and they don't factor in what rewards/discounts I get from my current supplier.

Also I don't shop at Tesco, so Tesco vouchers are not a huge incentive to me.

Kveta Mon 22-Oct-12 18:55:51

I don't understand why there are so many plans and what the rewards are for tbh. would prefer fewer gimmicks and lower total costs, as I don't collect clubcard points.

the tool was simple to use though.

5ThingsUnderTheBed Mon 22-Oct-12 19:02:53

The site was ok, quite easy to use. The prices are higher than what I am paying now though, would prefer a better price than some small discount. Or quadruple tesco points.

Flisspaps Mon 22-Oct-12 19:06:30

I'm already an Eon customer. I checked, swapped plans to a cheaper one (£42 per year) and like the Clubcard points. We save them for Christmas. That could be worth £80 in store on double up or £160 using the Rewards. That's a lot of £ for 5 minutes of my time grin

Merrylegs Mon 22-Oct-12 19:45:41

I have been an EOn customer for um, aeons (ha, see what I did there) and although I found the tool simple to use, I am rather cross that the first I have ever heard of any discounts for not being connected to mains gas, plus money off my bills rewards is through this tool.

I am going to get on to EON asap and ask them why I didn't know about this before.

Our electricity bills have skyrocketed over the years and this has prompted me to shop around! I may be saying adios to Eon.

QueenOfFlamingEffigies Mon 22-Oct-12 19:49:02

All seemed a bit of a gimmick to me tbh.

No cheaper than our current supplier by the looks of it, and we wouldn't switch anyway as we use a supplier who source all their power from renewable sources which EON don't. Maybe it is cheaper if you have dual fuel but there's no mains gas here.

I also want to know what is the point of the higher tariffs? Our supplier (Good Energy) has two tariffs, and our previous supplier (Ebico) had only one. Which, interestingly, was cheaper than any of the EON ones at the time smile

QueenOfFlamingEffigies Mon 22-Oct-12 19:49:46

But yes, the thing was pretty easy to use. I just can't see the point of it.

It doesn't work for me!

The address is not being recognised. (It has every other house on the street though hmm) and if I try my neighbours postcode for a mock-quote it won't allow me to 'Start A Quote'. I can't progress from here.

androbbob Mon 22-Oct-12 20:00:07

Another Eon customer here and we are tied in until March next year. I used the comparison tool here and it was easy to use and simple. I do also wonder why there are different tarrifs which vary over £120 per year. I would thought that everyone would want to be on the cheapest tarriff.

For us, we could get a tarriff which is £24 cheaper but I was not aware of the loyalty bonus. So I went on line and checked and we would have to pay £30 cancellation fee to switch, so obviously not worith it for us.

I did previously get Tesco Clubcard points but not on the deal we are on now, so I then did a comparison with other suppliers and only two were cheaper and they had bad customer reviews, so we are staying put for now.

The tool is ok, but no better / different than those that compare all other providers.

DrSocks Mon 22-Oct-12 20:02:03

The tool was really easy to use in terms of entering information but I still find the results confusing. I find the rewards ideas just add another level of confusion to a pricing system that is already stupid difficult to get your head around. The reason that I haven't switched gas/elec since we moved into this house 2 years ago is that it's just too difficult to compare like with like, all this standing charges and rewards nonsense, I don't see why gas and elec can't just be priced like e.g. phone calls, you pay x pence per unit and that's it!

hugandroll Mon 22-Oct-12 20:02:25

The calculator is easy to use which is great. I liked that you didn't have to locate a bill to see your usage, however I can guarantee you are underestimating to seem cheaper and when people switch will end up having to pay more as it really is just an estimate.

Also, are the more expensive tariffs because the gas and electricity is better quality? Does it cook your food a bit quicker and light your bulbs a bit brighter? I know it doesn't but I don't understand different tariffs for the same thing

Belmo Mon 22-Oct-12 20:04:30

I found the tool really easy to use, clear and would be fab/useful except..
It told me pretty much exactly what I pay already, I am eligible for no discounts or rewards. I'm an E-on customer on a prepayment meter - it was there when we moved in and we can't afford to get it changed, although we've never missed a utility bill or had a prepayment meter before. I hate it and feel a bit like we're being penalised for the people who lived here before us.
So the tool is fine, but it hasn't endeared E-on to me at all, I'll definately change suppliers when we move.

Belmo Mon 22-Oct-12 20:06:02

Oh, the deals on offer we're what I'm paying now or a slightly more expensive option hmm

missorinoco Mon 22-Oct-12 20:19:16

The tool was quite straightforward. I struggled slightly with trying to get it to display gas only or electricity only; I didn't press the order of buttons correctly. I suspect many people my age would be more used to scrolling over icons though.

I liked the fact I didn't have to give all my data to receive a quote.

I was wholly disinterested in discounts, which I view with great skepticism, on the basis they are trying to make money, not give it to me. My exception to this is the direct debit discount.

I already have Eon for my electricity, and don't fancy switching for gas at present.

Tool was simple to use, the hardest part was figuring out my usage from npower bill. Eon appear to be about £50 cheaper.

What is the point of the online reward? Can it only be swapped to Tesco points? I don't shop in Tesco so have no interest in that. Would rather have the cheapest possible gas and electric than faffing around with rewards tbh.

I wouldn't really bother with this tool as would rather compare all potential gas/electric suppliers via uswitch or something.

I am leaving npower, though, as soon as out of contract for being useless knobs who keep on putting up our dd based on consumption despite the fact that our accounts is hundreds of pounds in credit after bill payment. So a fixed dd actually being a fixed dd is the only thing I am going to really worry about when searching for new supplier.

lionheart Mon 22-Oct-12 20:39:21

A useful tool, although the difference in prices has to be substantial for me to actually change supplier.

Sam100 Mon 22-Oct-12 21:11:10

It was quite quick and easy to get a quote and I liked the fact that you could see the cost in comparison to all the other tariffs.

But all it tells me is that if you want to budget and have a fixed tariff for a fixed period of time then it is going to cost you more. But if you are prepared to tart around and swap every few months then you can have the cheaper tariff - not exactly buying customer loyalty are they!!!! Why don't they offer loyalty tariffs where if you are prepared to commit to them for a defined period then you get the best rates on the block. Surely that would help them Eon budget better and know what their income is going to be and they haven't got to spend out trying to recruit new customers to replace the ones that have tarted around and left!

ChookKeeper Mon 22-Oct-12 21:24:51

It was easy to use and recognised that I'm already an Eon customer. It calculated what my current deal is against the others available and with the various rewards can offer me a deal £30 a year less than I'm paying now.

Interesting, as I'm on annual leave this week and one thing on my 'to do' list is find a cheaper energy deal. I'll still be looking around the other comparison sites though.

DorsetKnob Mon 22-Oct-12 21:27:34

Well the first time I did it, it came out as £150 a month cheaper than what I pay with EON now. I re did it and went to put in monthly spend, but lost the will to live about what tarriff we are on at the moment.

HotheadPaisan Mon 22-Oct-12 21:34:31

I can't see the link either.

HotheadPaisan Mon 22-Oct-12 21:36:01
flamingtoaster Mon 22-Oct-12 21:38:30

The tool is very easy to use - but I'd like it better if you could just put in details of your usage and a general area rather than your exact address (though I can see that this makes it easier for a lot of people). In the past I have found that putting your address in on energy sites resulted in being plagued by unwanted phonecalls.

HotheadPaisan Mon 22-Oct-12 21:47:17

I like the tool, very easy to use, especially as my current supplier predicts my spend for the following year so it's easy to add the figures. E.On could save me £50 a year and add £21 of Tesco rewards, if that's not included in the saving, not sure. It's not worth the effort, although my switch to Atlantic a few years ago was easy.

And anyway, don't E.On sponsor Man United? Can't be doing with that.

BikeRunSki Mon 22-Oct-12 21:47:46

I found the tool very easy to use. The prices quoted were similar to what we are paying now with different supplier on a capped variable rate tarrif. I like that EON only have 5 tarrifs to confuse me! With regard to deals etc - I would always rather the cheapest prices than any rewards, incentives etc. I am never going to turn down Nectar/Clubcard points or simiar, but price is my main consideration.

charlieandlola Mon 22-Oct-12 21:50:48

I did not like being asked for so much personal data just to get a comparison price. This alone would put me off.

I then input my postcode and as we are in central london with billions of flats at the same postcode, the system could not cope with the multiple flats in each house on my road.

I like Eon, I find them quite simple to deal with, £20 of Tesco clubcard points is nice, but a cancellation free tarrif, that allows you to have paper bills as well, plus the all important UK call centre, would tick all the boxes for my 80 year old Mother, the elderly are too often forgotten about in all this switching frenzy.

ldt87 Mon 22-Oct-12 21:59:34

I found the tool easy to use and clearly set out. The time spent entering details was minimal and i could have a quick idea of the prices without giving out contact info. I would use this again when i next look to change suppliers or shop around for prices. It was nice to see something easy enough for anyone to use. I have only just got a new supplier so will be staying put for the time being, but prices looked reasonable so i will remember to look back when i want to change.

That comparison was very easily done, but we're with Eon anyway,so a tad academic.

But fast and clear,so that's nice.


Please pick post 57. I can think of a variety of ways tp spend £500(geddit?)

Can't beleive I conuted all the posts.

Says it at the bottom.


itsnotyouitsmeals Tue 23-Oct-12 01:28:27

It's definitely easy to use and clear, but I suspect most people will use a comparison site as they'll want to see all their options. A general point about comparisons is that I have had a letter from my current supplier about the price hike and so when I am comparing I am using their estimate of what my bill will go up to but I am never sure if that is the right thing to do....Anyway, off-topic I guess.

Yes Eon - 5 tariffs are easier and the site works well.

me23 Tue 23-Oct-12 06:50:19

belmo I'm suprised Eon won't change your meter for free as normally of you have been a direct debit customer before and are not in debt to them they they shouldn't charge. This article says they don't we are moving into a property with prepayment meters and npower are switching the meters for us for free for the reasons I stated above. The prepayment meters are with edf but we have been with npower for years and they are the cheapest for us.

Sorrry Will use the comparison now and report back.

me23 Tue 23-Oct-12 06:56:00

Hmm I would comment but I cant use te site! It says it can't match my details to a property! I'm sure my new house does exist! And it was even listed In the drop down menu.
I had this problem when calling npower to inform them I'm moving they couldn't find my property (it's a flat in converted house) so I had to call the current occupier and get the supply number so they could locate it. Very annoying!

tootssweet Tue 23-Oct-12 07:51:14

Like others I found the survey quite straight-forward to use. It recognised I was an existing customer but gave me slightly higher tariffs than I am currently on. That could be because we have been over-paying compared to consumption.

It didn't let me see what my rewards would be for being with them for longer than a year. I do already benefit from the club card points. I am looking at tarriffs as ours has come to an end but I find it so confusing!

I would use it for its ease & simplicity.

GooseyLoosey Tue 23-Oct-12 08:13:04

The tool was easy to use but not sure I would ever have a use for it.

If I was switching, I would use a tool that compared the tariffs on offer from all the providers. If it showed me EON was the cheapest, I might go on to their site for more information and use this then.

As with most suppliers, I don't like the range of tariffs on offer. It would have been more helpful if on the final page there had been information about what each tariff was - even just an overview of a sentence or so with an option to click through for more details. I hadn't bother to read the different options before I started as I was not sure of their relevance.

EON are my current supplier and I pay more that was quoted here so I would need to get to the bottom of why that is the case.

CheeryCherry Tue 23-Oct-12 08:28:09

I found the comparison tool straightforward to use, the text layout is simple and easy to follow. I like the idea of Tesco points as we use them as a family, but this alone would not tempt me. A highly competitive rate is the main tipping point, and I would still use other comparison sites.

acebaby Tue 23-Oct-12 08:31:19

The tool was fairly easy to use, but I thought that there was some ambiguity about how personal the quote was to me. I didn't see that there was any opportunity to enter my actual usage. I was also a bit nervous that I had to enter my full name and address and did not seem to have the option to opt out of mailings.

It was excellent that there were only 5 tariffs. It would be even better if they were called something a bit more intuitive. 'E.ON Energy Fixed 1 Year v1 plan for Electricity & Gas' is difficult to remember. Something like 'High use, fixed price' would be better.

I am paying £50 per month more than my quote shock. So I will certainly be looking into changing!

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Tue 23-Oct-12 09:44:55

It's great angry. They won't even entertain giving us a quote. I guess it's because we're on the old Economy 10 rate so that the house actually stays warm in the day time. We have two choices, pay less and freeze in the evenings or continue to pay through the teeth for our tariff.

ScorpionQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 09:57:55

I couldn't access it as their address database is very out of date. Houses on my road aren't numbered and although we changed our house name nearly 2 years ago, the old name is on the database but won't link to industry data (maybe because it doesn't exist as an address anymore).

It's a shame as I am trying to cut costs by changing all my providers (gas, electricity, phone, internet) at the moment and am looking for the best deals.

I'd still like to win the voucher though.

worldgonecrazy Tue 23-Oct-12 09:59:57

how you found the comparison tool to use

Very easy to use, probably one of the simplest ones out there, so a big thumbs up.

what the deals on offer were like e.g. how much you would paying and what rewards you could get

I was quoted between £1600 and £1700 for my bill, which is pretty similar to what I pay now for dual fuel. I'm really not interested in swapping for £21 though. It does seem a bit measly.

CMOTDibbler Tue 23-Oct-12 10:46:28

That was suprisingly easy to use, and straightforward. We turn out to be on a good tariff already, so am relieved !

insanityscratching Tue 23-Oct-12 11:01:09

We are EON customers already so looked out of curiosity, it seems we aren't on the lowest tarif and we haven't received any loyalty bonus so will be looking into this.
It was easy and straightforward to use but being EON customers I don't understand why the best tarif and the loyalty reward aren't notified to customers automatically tbh.

pushitreallgood Tue 23-Oct-12 11:55:51

i am a gas eon customer already and waived the tesco club cards for the 25 pound cold weather payment, every time the temp dips below 1 degree for a certain length of time or some such they pay me 25 pounds. gimmicks yes, 5 tariffs are all well and good how about you stop upping the price of the gas and electricity so that people are not paying stupid amounts just to stay warm, clean and eat?

TheMouseDancing Tue 23-Oct-12 12:02:24

I found this tool easy too use, however the quotes provide were more expensive than what I currently pay with npower.

MissRee Tue 23-Oct-12 12:33:55

The new quote system was very easy to use except for the bit for adding your own usage - I don't know how much I use yearly! I would go with a reading from my most expensive month but that wouldn't be a true reading for the year, would it?

It really hasn't tempted me to switch. I'm with British Gas and although I may pay slightly more, I get Nectar points too which enable me to splash out on a few luxuries at Christmas!

Flippityjig Tue 23-Oct-12 12:36:23

It was very easy to use. I like the fact that I don't have to enter lots of information before I even get a rough quote as this always puts me off these things. Only minimum of information was required for initial quote.

I also liked the fact that I then could add more information about usage but didn't have to give actual usage to get a more detailed quote.

There were four quotes from £91.96 to £99.72 per month on dual fuel, different tariffs.

As it turned out I couldn't save any money as I already pay £95.00 per month on dual fuel.

trice Tue 23-Oct-12 12:37:33

The tool was easy to use. I would always use uswitch or moneysupermarket though as they show more offers. I am already on a fixed price deal for two years so not tempted by the current offerings.

Mrscoghoul Tue 23-Oct-12 12:48:11

how you found the comparison tool to use

I found it very easy to use, and I liked the modern look to it. I also liked the fact that I only needed to give my address, not loads and loads of personal information.

~ what the deals on offer were like e.g. how much you would paying and what rewards you could get

The prices seemed fairly competitve, I am not bothered about Tesco Clubcard points though as I don't collect them and don't really want to start - I prefer focussing on one (nectar) and sticking with it as that's the way to get the greatest rewards. If you had the choice of loyalty points, now that would be a winner smile

DowntonAbbess Tue 23-Oct-12 13:03:47

The tool was easy enough to use except for one thing. My current supplier wasn't listed and I didn't know what difference that would make to the outcome. Other than that the tool itself was easy to use.

Clear information re deals and rewards. I would like more information on why the deals are different and why I would choose any but the cheapest. I'd prefer the information to be laid out on one page rather than using pop-ups.

It was easy to use and the plans seem clear enough. There was only around £200 difference between the lowest and highest tarrif and the lowest was around £60 less pa than I currently pay - however, I get phone line and broadband in my current package so nothing there to tempt me.

The one thing I found a bit vague was guessing at usage. I put average but I don't really know because I have no idea what the definition of low or high usage is.

missymoomoomee Tue 23-Oct-12 13:09:07

It was a really easy page to navigate, I liked the fact you could just click on what usage or tarriff you want rather than have to sit and type endless details in.

The quote I got was quite cheap, however I have just changed from Eon and it wasn't a real representation of what I was paying with them so I think its possibly quite misleading.

It said I could get a £10.50 reward but I don't know how or why as it just came up on the last page.

Very easy to use and appreciated not having to input lots of personal info. Love the idea of collecting Tesco clubcard reward points but actually, the tariffs were quite expensive I thought

noseymcposey Tue 23-Oct-12 13:30:20

The tool was easy to use but I do wonder if it was too simplistic. I.e. I don't really have any idea if I am a low, average or high user so I just guessed at average. The tariff was still more expensive than what I have just switched to (away from eon).

I think it would be better if you there was some definition of how much usage 'low' 'average' and 'high' are. So if you wanted to do it more accurately you can check on your bill for your usage and see where that puts you, or if you can't be bothered then you can just select one of the three as it is now.

I would also like more info about the difference between price plans.

preety18 Tue 23-Oct-12 15:39:54

The comparison tool is easy to use and a well lay out for different traffits. However I won't be swapping to them as there are cheap traffits out there.

ICutMyFootOnOccamsRazor Tue 23-Oct-12 18:22:01

The tool was very easy to use and it was nice not to have to provide stacks of info to get going. I don't really get the differences between all the quoted plans, though.

The tariffs seemed a little more than we pay now (although only estimates, obviously, it depends how cold it gets this winter, last year the bill was awful!). The 'rewards' were in the range of 20 quid a year, so no kind of incentive, really.

BornToFolk Tue 23-Oct-12 19:27:57

It's quite easy to use. I do like that you can just get a quick quote without having to put in loads of information as others have said. I liked that you could click on the little "i" symbol next to each tariff to get more information and the fact that there are only 5 to compare (well, 4 actually as I'm not eligible for the over 60s one!) makes life a bit simpler.

However, it's very annoying that it doesn't show anywhere what the monthly payment will be. I don't know of the top of my head what my annual gas/elec charges are but I know what I pay monthly by direct debit so that's what I want to compare. I did just get a calculator and divide the total fee by 12 so it's not the end of the world but I would have liked to see the monthly charge displayed clearly.

The Tesco clubcard points are a nice bonus. It wouldn't make me switch to Eon unless the tariff was also cheaper but it might swing it if there was not much in it.

I've actually recently switched away from Eon to an EDF tariff so I'm actually quite relieved (and smug) to see that Eon is still loads more than what I'm paying now.

ZombieTribble Tue 23-Oct-12 19:34:05

It was pretty simple to use, and the website was easy to navigate.

Although it didn't show me a cheaper deal than the one I'm on at the moment, its always handy to know what other offers are out there.

Indith Tue 23-Oct-12 19:38:43

Born to Folk there is a little tab top right of the graph as you go through and top right of the summary at the end so you can click on month, quarter or year to see the breakdowns smile

notcitrus Tue 23-Oct-12 20:13:32

I'm totally confused - after disabling Adblock I found the link, but after entering my address, it wants my current tariff but only gives me prepayment options! If I enter my usage it insists I choose a tariff but only prepayment ones are listed - and if I choose one, it gives me a rate almost double what I'm paying!

Shame as my current deal is about to expire and I'm actually looking for a new one.

Also the pictures instead of words for 'gas' and 'electricity' were really confusing - I ignore all pictures by default so it took me a while to figure out which boxes were for gas and which electric. And probably doesn't meet requirements for screen readers as I couldn't make any alt-text come up.

Nice to be able to get a quote without having to enter contact details though, or would be if it worked.

Tool was fab, saved me £250 very easy to use.

LaCerbiatta Tue 23-Oct-12 20:22:54

Tool was easy too use, but the fact that it was so simple left me a bit uneasy.... can't really explain why. Probably because it gave me the impression that it would be an over estimation.
Still, our current tariff is slightly cheaper, so we won't be changing

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 23-Oct-12 20:27:22

I'm already with E-on but used it a few days ago to check I was on the best deal.

Love it, got an even better deal, which I checked via a couple of price comparison sites and couldn't be beaten.

Great tool, happy to recommend it.

BornToFolk Tue 23-Oct-12 20:52:29

Indith blush I thought it might be on there somewhere! Oh well, my calculator got an outing...grin

VirtuallyHere Tue 23-Oct-12 21:07:31

I'm currently with EON so it was able to use my current account to compare. I was a bit disappointed to find that it was recommending a different tarif (but they had never emailed me to say there could be a better one). On comparing the better deal I was slightly sceptical it woud save me as much as specified (£30) because the standing charges were so much higher (almost 4 times for gas). I did find the tool very easy to use and the breakdown of rewards was clear.

HairyPoppins Tue 23-Oct-12 23:03:21

The tool found my address, then I selected my flat number from the drop down menu, then it told me my property was not recognised. Even though they provided the details. Frustrating.

VivaLeBeaver Tue 23-Oct-12 23:12:55

Tool is certainly easy to use. But it would be nice if there was a price comparison table with the 5 different plans all showing their price per kw for easy comparison. Rather than only been able to view one plan at a time.

EllenParsons Wed 24-Oct-12 00:12:28

The tool was very poor for me. I gave it my address details (house no and post code as requested) and it gave me some options to choose from, including my correct address, then when I clicked it it said "sorry we cannot match your address to a property" and told me to phone them.

Too bad, as I am actually thinking of changing energy provider!

aristocat Wed 24-Oct-12 00:13:47

I liked the comparison tool and it was quite easy to use. Layout was good.

The differences between each price plan needs to have more specific details, personally I will not be changing at the moment as there were no savings to be made here. I will look again as it was so easy to do and would recommend to others.

CelineMcBean Wed 24-Oct-12 01:00:56

Tool was easy enough to use once I'd scrolled down to find the tick box on the penultimate screen but I couldn't be bothered with clicking into every tariff to review. I want more info on the results page please.

The rewards just add another complication for me really. Clubcard points is good but the other stuff wasn't really of interest to me - I am concerned with price and service only. I have to say that E-on have been really good in the last year but we're in the process of switching to a new provider (First Utility I think??) because they offered a better fixed rate when our deal ended although we'd have stayed if the price had been better or if the alternative was British Gas who could be offering dual fuel for 50p a month and I still wouldn't use them again.

That said I wouldn't bother using a comparison tool just for E-on when I can use one for everyone and probably get cashback too. Yes I am a rate tart. Sorry!

unitarian Wed 24-Oct-12 01:21:23

I used it and found I was on a more expensive tariff than I need to be so opted to change to a lower one and that bit didn't work.
I had to ring up in order to change.

Also, was disturbed to find that they are addressing things to Mr Tarian and Mrs DD'sname Tarian. I have no idea where they got her name from.
Had to make another phone call to get that changed, then another one when that one didn't get it changed. Discovered that they even knew her date of birth.....

NetworkGuy Wed 24-Oct-12 14:18:19

Had a problem with Safari browser on an iMac, will try another browser or computer.

poopoopoo Wed 24-Oct-12 17:53:23

*how you found the comparison tool to use*:
It was really easy to use and clearly explained, nice visuals to help guide the assessment process.
what the deals on offer were like
BEST TARIFF FOR ME: duel fuel, medium usage with online management and was the E.ON Energy Discount v1 over 12 months worked out cheapest at: £1149.80
I tried the same again but with 12 monthly payments and it worked out at: £1,207.01

I like the idea of collecting clubcard points and paying for what I use, whilst keeping an eye on the usage online! wink

GrendelsMum Wed 24-Oct-12 20:40:49

I'm a bit disappointed - I actually logged on this evening to change energy providers, and EOn was in the running, so I was quite excited to see this. I've got the 'We are sorry but we cannot match the address details you've provided to a property" message, and it won't let me go any further online.

I've just seen that there's a discount if you don't have mains gas, so that's nice to know.

On the other hand, I just went to USwitch and it's not the cheapest (predicted to save me £11.75 versus a top saving of £27.22) so I guess I'll go with the cheap supplier.

lighthousekeeping Wed 24-Oct-12 20:55:14

The tool was easy to use and the tariffs clear. I would've liked the option have put my metre reading in though. As I thought the quotes could be way off the mark.

I liked the idea of the Tescos points as they are great for Pizza Express!

The quote it came up with was about £15 a month more than I usually pay. I maybe tempted to pick up the phone though.......

TheTempest Thu 25-Oct-12 12:22:18

~ how you found the comparison tool to use

I thought it was quite simple and effective. I like that you don't have to enter all of your personal details and figures to be able to use it. It wasn't particularly clear what the differences between the tariffs were though, and for someone who doesn't uinderstand stuff like that, the info would be helpful.

~ what the deals on offer were like e.g. how much you would paying and what rewards you could get

I would be paying £16 per month more than we are now, so for £21 voucher we'll stick to British Gas!

~ how you found the comparison tool to use

I found the tool really easy to use. The website is clear and you dont have to spend a long time entering lots of details about yourself before getting a quote. I loved that you only had to enter postcode then a few quick questions on how much you use, how you want to pay etc before it quoted you. It makes a pleasant change from a lot of the other providers who want to quote you and then spend 15 minutes filling in details.

~ what the deals on offer were like e.g. how much you would paying and what rewards you could get

The deals ranged with almost £100 between the quotes. It is slightly less than I am paying now so I would consider changing when I have had chance to check cancellation policy etc with my current provider.

The rewards don't really interest me, I would much prefer to have money off my bills than rewards.

Ingles2 Thu 25-Oct-12 13:59:59

That was easy enough to use, even though we differ from the norm with no mains gas, and an electric aga. From that calculator E on says they,re about £100 a year cheaper than my current supplier EDF. As I spoke to Scottish power this morning and they offered the same I better get onto EDF.

amrobe Thu 25-Oct-12 14:09:56

The tool was very easy to use. I like that I didn't have to go through pages and pages and enter lots of details in order to just see the mose important thing, the prices. I also liked how the breakdown of each tarriff was on one page and explained with enough depth but using bullet points.

MrsAceRimmer Thu 25-Oct-12 14:17:39

We switched to Eon ages ago after a cold call guaranteeing we would pay £42 less than before. After a year of the same usage as before - oh no you should be paying £125 (more than before with Scottish Power), you've run up a bill, so now your DD will be £158 per month. Just to make it better, we'll switch you on to one of our most expensive plans too. To date I have been called a liar by their representative on the phone when i called to query this, and have had no response from them wrt a letter of complaint sent! angryangryangry
Sorry for going off topic a bit, but if you switch to them beware!

kellestar Thu 25-Oct-12 14:30:57

The comparison tool was easy to use [it was awkward trying to work out from my current supplier my energy usage to get an accurate quote]

It was quite easy to see the price difference and see how it compares to my current tariff. What wasn't easy was to see the difference between each tariff. I had to click between each one and have a notepad to keep track of the points of comparison. I don't understand what benefits there were on the more expensive tariff's.

Cheapest deal was £10 cheaper than I currently pay a year, but that was after discounts and rewards. The other deals are more expensive than I currently pay and can't really see what the bonus is of those tariffs.

musthavecoffee Thu 25-Oct-12 14:51:35

I found the tool easy, quick and straightforward to use. The description of each tariff at the beginning was informative and clear.

I found that the quotes all came in higher than we are currently paying, with an incentive of 21.00 off the annual bill. Although I won't be switching our tariff it is nice to see one of the big suppliers making this process a little more user friendly! smile

alibeenherealongtime Thu 25-Oct-12 14:59:43

There wasn't much to choose between them, still over £2200 a year, so they aren't saving me anything and I really don't like the idea of switching for the sake of it. It would have to be at least 20% cheaper

basm10178 Thu 25-Oct-12 15:20:39

The tool was quick and easy to use. I liked that I could put in my exact spend amounts on my current plan (Scottish Power) so I could get an accurate comparison.

The little menu down the right hand side was useful for going back and changing the options chosen if needs be.

Eon had one deal that was about £4 cheaper than my current deal, so I won't be bothering to switch at this time. I still think I would use uSwitch or similar if making energy comparisons, as you can sometimes get cashback through using it which is a bonus.

Lobelia Thu 25-Oct-12 18:07:43

Tool was fast and easy to use without providing much information. Again, as a many other Mumsnetters have mentioned, a little bit sketchy on the information detailing the difference between tarrifs and the discounts that were to be given in each case.

nextphase Thu 25-Oct-12 18:14:43

Stupid system. Why do energy companies think they can guess our usage from our address (and what does by entering my details they can do something with the meter and industry standards mean?).
So, at first glance, even as a low user, it comes up expensive.
By comparing with our actual usage, the cheapest quote comes up £10 cheaper than our current deal. Tho this includes there discounts etc, but does it factor in the loyalty points we currently get? That would make them equivalent.

Personally I'd like no gimmicks, not discounts, no loyalty rewards, just cheep prices, tho i like the sentiment of just 5 tariffs, how does that work when i got offered 5 duel fuel tariffs - do they not offer gas only or elec only? Or if there are 5 of each, thats 15 tariffs??

Bubbyd Thu 25-Oct-12 19:04:49

I found the tool easy to use as it didn't insist I add loads of info on my exact usage. I wasn't impressed with the prices on offer and thats why I left eon a year ago. The loyalty information was useful but not nearly enough to make me switch back. I would rather use a tool which included all the energy companies for a more useful comparison.

drjohnsonscat Thu 25-Oct-12 19:13:07

I don't want online bills because I need the paper bills for KYC purposes. If eon could sort out a way to make online statements acceptable for id they would have higher take up on that feature. I run my own financial services business so do get through a lot of id and KYC stuff.

Tool was easy to use but not sure whether I am an average user or not so don't know if I would save. What stops me from changing supplier is the inevitable hassle when the original supplier or the new one or both cocks up the transfer!

mummyofcutetwo Thu 25-Oct-12 21:26:49

In general, the tool was quick and easy to use, though I find trying to estimate the percentage I use by day/night quite tricky.

Also, I have gas to the property so need to have a gas supplier but don't use any gas at the mo (the gas fire didn't pass the test and I can't afford to replace it) and it won't let me have dual fuel with 0 gas usage - I'm already an eon customer so after I logged in it used my actual readings and wouldn't go any further until I input a figure.

I like the fact that eon are trying to simplify things for customers. I've been with eon for about 13 years now and I'm on one of their old tariffs, and happy to stay on it. I'm very confused as to what the "loyalty reward" is and how it works. Am I only eligible if I switch to a new tariff? Confused...

GetKnitted Thu 25-Oct-12 21:38:02

I thought the tool was really easy to use, and because we switched recently I had all the relevant details to hand and was able to get an accurate quote within 2-3 minutes.

The actual price was a couple of £s a month more expensive than our current deal, so we wouldn't switch based on this quotation.

I liked the idea of tesco points rather than money off. You can get 2-4 x the face value on certain products/services, and as we already collect tesco points that could have swung it, had we not recently switched.

turnipvontrapp Thu 25-Oct-12 21:42:19

I visited the tool, entered my postcode and house number and it came up with " EON couldn't find a property for the address you have chosen" or something along those lines. Which is a bit strange as we were with EON until a few months ago! So the tool didnt work for me but would have liked to have tried it!

hackneyzoo Thu 25-Oct-12 22:00:13

It was quick and easy to use...not intereste din gimmicks like loyalty reward....just want the cheapest deal!

cherryjellow Thu 25-Oct-12 22:13:44

I liked the tool, its very clear and easy to use... I like how it tells you which is cheaper... its so easy to get ripped off these days. If dh looks at changing provider again we would defiantly look into using something like this.

I don't know how much we currently pay, dh deals with that, but it looked all very standard. The rewards are good I think...I cant compare to anything else but 6% off for paying by direct debit seems good.

MrsShrek3 Thu 25-Oct-12 23:22:02

we've recently switched to e-on so it detected that our address is already a customer and prompted me to log in.
I like the comparison tool, the little coloured bar chart showing the various tariffs is very clear and the information is presented well. it is particularly clear about the dual fuel discount and online account price advantages.
It appears that we've already been made aware of all the account benefits and have used them grin

NiniLegsInTheAir Fri 26-Oct-12 10:56:52

I found the tool useful and easy to use when I tried it recently - we've just changed suppliers due to Scottish Power putting their prices up AGAIN. But we didn't go with E.on as another provider was cheaper.

Agree with other comments about loyalty rewards - what I want is a cheap tariff. And I've got to ask what the point of a loyalty reward is, if prices keep going up why would £20 make you stay?

asuwere Fri 26-Oct-12 14:23:51

The tool is very easy to use - quite like that it just asks one question at a time and loads very quick to next question rather than seeing a big list of questions. I'm on a fixed plan just now so can't change but I think I would still go to uswitch or similar when it is time to change rather than go through individual sites - even though this is simple, it's quicker to do all companies at same time.

Would be nice if it showed what the benefits of the different plans were rather than just the prices, doesn't make it clear why there are different tarrifs with such varying prices.

Like others, don't really like the rewards, it's kind of nice to get something back but would rather just pay less.

asuwere Fri 26-Oct-12 14:24:48

Oh, was also good that you don't have to put in an email address if you don't want to smile

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Fri 26-Oct-12 20:55:34

Im currently an EON customer and am happy on the fixed rate tariff im on so did this out of curiosity and was pleasently surprised to find that i am on the right tariff for our family, it is easy to use but when it comes time to re-evaluate our energy supplier I like others will use a site that compares all the energy suppliers side by side rather than using a tool like this for each individual supplier

No quote results available for my address sad

Have just done the comparison quote on eon and did one for uswitch as well to compare ease etc. The eon one was very easy to get a rough estimate, although when I input my actual figures it was really rather cheaper, so they might be doing themselves out of some business. I actually ended up proceding with the quote because it is cheaper than the one I got this morning for my current supplier's new increased tariff, and fixed for two years too. Have been with eon before and had o problems too, so happy to go back to them.

SpookyAndFrights Sat 27-Oct-12 17:21:14

It just gives me the error message and that my meter means that they can't give me a reading online.

I just had a go and it is very easy use.

If I was looking to change supplier I would be more likely to use an impartial site though.

In this cadet Eon were not cheaper anyway.

reformedgeek Sat 27-Oct-12 18:03:11

Sounds good but I think I would still use u switch or quidco for the best offers

Very easy to use, rewards did absolutely nothing for me, not a big fan of the supermarket they seem to be tied with. Might well end up switching.

FrillyMilly Sat 27-Oct-12 19:18:14

It was very easy use but I would rather use a comparison site to check all suppliers rather than go to the individual suppliers websites. I can't understand why there are so many tariffs. Why would anyone ever switch to the more expensive one. It's also not clear how the usage estimate is calculated.

jenks81 Sat 27-Oct-12 20:52:43

It was easy to use, and very quick to get a quote, but we are currently with Eon, and all the quotes came back as more expensive than what we currently pay, so think it would be better if you could enter your actual usage so you got a more accurate quote (as it's based on 'average' usage, and we clearly use less than average).

Roseformeplease Sat 27-Oct-12 21:20:16

Very straightforward to use and seemed to suggest possible savings so might look into this a bit more closely. Seems easier than some other sites I have used.

Wigeon Sat 27-Oct-12 21:40:54

I have just logged on this evening to try to find the best dual fuel price, as my current energy provider has just written to say they are taking us off the tariff we are on and putting our prices up.

Thought it was definitely easy to use. Good to have the option of being able to input your exact kWh so give a more accurate quote. I'm not at all swayed by the language of "rewards" for dual fuel - I just want the cheapest price! And afraid E.On was almost twice as expensive as our current (big mainstream) provider is forecasting our new, already more-expensive-than-currently-paying tariff will be, so I won't be switching to E.On anytime soon!

However... I have also just been on moneysupermarket and uswitch, and to be honest I don't know why you would use a comparison tool on one single provider's website, when you can go to a big comparison website and see a whole range of providers.

poorbuthappy Sat 27-Oct-12 21:45:53

So I just reset my password on my Swalec account (like I do every quarter when I get my bill cos I forget it!) so I could get actuals for the comparison tool and as Swalec isn't an option as a supplier I can't complete it accurately!

Way to go E.ON!
Would like the voucher please though, though will prob go to someone who says its brilliant - sniff

Emandlu Sat 27-Oct-12 21:56:43

I used this and as a tool it was really easy to use. The rates they gave me were more expensive than we are currently paying so I won't be switching to them.

I wouldn't use it though as it would be easier to just use a comparisons website rather than using a single providers website.

internationalvulva Sat 27-Oct-12 21:57:13

They couldn't match my address so suggested I call, which I probably won't bother doing, as I'm happy I have a good tarrif, so not a great site for me!

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Sat 27-Oct-12 21:59:51

My problem is that you can never find out who is cheaper when you have a prepayment meter for your electricity, but are on quarterly billing for your gas, but not by direct debit as your post office account doesn't have that facility.

I didn't find that quote thing easy to use. In fact, I found it impossible to use on my phone. And as my laptop is broken, and won't be getting fixed for a while, that's not entirely helpful.

Why is it impossible to get quotes for your electric on a prepayment meter - I just want to know if it will cost me less than £20 a week with a different supplier.

I want to know if I can get my gas bill down to under the £20 a month I am currently paying by a card from the gas company in the post office.

But I want to keep my payment methods the same because that's all I can do without the facility for direct debits.

So WHY do I have to ring every single energy company, and listen to a spiel about how it would be soooo much cheaper for me if I swapped to paying by direct debit, which is a payment method I don't have access to?

I just want an easy way to compare suppliers.

None of the comparison websites seem to cater for me either.

I don't want quarterly bills, I want to pay weekly or monthly. I don't have the ability to pay by direct debit, or by card over the phone, I have to pay cash.

So why oh why won't anyone make it easier and clearer for people like me? All my friends complain that they can never get a clear answer on who is cheaper when you are on key meters or monthly payments by card.

Try using Scottish and southern instead of swalec.

That was to poorbuthappy btw

Couthy uswitch should give you the option to select the payment options you use. Iirc it's 'pay on receipt of bill' when you pay on a card.

poorbuthappy Sat 27-Oct-12 22:15:59

I did try Scottish and southern MikeLitorisBites but it didn't give me the right tarriff.
I did try honestly!

The tariffs should be the same. It's alkyl the same company. Did you try southern elec?

poorbuthappy Sat 27-Oct-12 22:26:35

It doesn't matter which tariff I click on it doesn't add up to what I pay per month.

Ghouljamaflip Sat 27-Oct-12 22:35:43

Found the site easy to use - the rates they offered seem to be in the region of most of the other suppliers. We have just switched so have been looking for a while. However they didn't come anywhere close to the quote we went with.

One point - I would be more interested in a cheaper tariff rather than rewards or vouchers.

nikcname Sat 27-Oct-12 23:46:01

Paying npower about the same so not really bothered. However the last line 'I accept my quote is based on Ofgen averages and understand that my actual useage may differ from this estimation' means that the company has a huge get out clause. At least with npower I know what my bill is likely to be. Reduction would have to be a lot (and not in Tesco vouchers) to make it worth my time and the risk.

BoysAndGhouls Sat 27-Oct-12 23:46:47

I found it easy to use, but didn't really offer up any detail in how much I might use other than low, average or high so I weren't to convinced by the price.

I also wouldn't use a company's own tool either, I'd use a comparison site.
Also weren't impressed by "rewards" whatever that means, just lower the price please.

Found it a bit confusing when arriving at the page in the MN link. Didn't seem obvious where to go or what to do. I wondered how you could give me 5 (what looked like) quotes down the left hand side when you knew nothing about me. Not realising it was your 5 plans. It wasn't immediately obvious where to put your address details in for a quote.

I liked that the quote tool was really quick and easy to fill in. I used the 'medium' use rather than my own meter readings which was a bit pointless really as I have no idea how much I'd pay a year. What I really wanted was those annual prices as a monthly direct debit, which took a little while to spot where to change it. I know how much that is currently so would have been easy to see if it was vastly different. That would encourage me to go back and put my actual usage into the tool. I'd selected I wanted to pay by direct debit in the tool so would have been good if it had then updated the quote to be by month rather than annual.

The rewards weren't really a thing for me. I don't use Tesco so wasn't interested in those, but it took me ages to realise it was either money off your bill or rewards with Tesco, not both. When looking at the plans there was an annual reward off my bill and then a bigger amount as a discount. What's that about?

I didn't find it easy to work out what was the difference between the plans. We like to buy green energy and that doesn't seem to be an option. Would have liked to have the plans lined up side by side.

As someone else said above, I wouldn't use a company's tool, I'd always use a comparison site.

SandWitch Sun 28-Oct-12 00:06:45

The tool was easy to use, and if I was going to go through all of the individual energy providers to find the best deal, then this would have been one of the more simple ones.

However, I just don't understand why people would not use a mass comparison site like USwitch to compare the various companies.

I'm not all that impressed with rewards generally, but if quotes from several energy suppliers were a similar amount, I might then look at any 'extras' on offer - Tesco Club Card points are better than most because the points can be used for a variety of things.

I don't agree with the Govt about much, but I do like the idea of energy companies being honest with their customers about if they are on the best deal.

PepeLePew Sun 28-Oct-12 09:18:33

I am a big supporter of fewer and clearer energy tariffs. My current provider has dozens and they are all named in a cryptic and ridiculous fashion. This is a useful way of presenting the information about E.ON's tariff and I liked the tool for what it was, but given it is just as easy to change between providers as it is to change between tariffs, in my experience, I would stick with an online comparison site in the future.

NormaStanleyFletcher Sun 28-Oct-12 11:00:09

I like the fact there are only 5 tariffs. It was clear and easy to use. I think that all of their quotes are more than we are paying now. I thought for a while I wouldn't be able to see the cost per unit, but you can access it right at the end.

I would probably go to a site such as USwitch though, so that I could see all of the different tariffs from all the providers.

Biggem Sun 28-Oct-12 11:00:35

After announcing 10.8% increases, the highest so far?! No thanks!

Jcee Sun 28-Oct-12 14:26:05

I thought it was easy to use and I liked I didn't have to dig around for reams of info to answer the questions although I did guess at whether we are low/medium/high energy users as I have no idea, which I'm sure would have an impact on what I would end up paying overall.

I don't really care about rewards or gifts, I'd much prefer true and honest pricing which is transparent and easy to understand rather than some loyalty scheme subsidising the overall price as a sweetener.

Would I use it? I doubt it as if i was looking for a new energy comany (im not as we've just moved house and changed supplier) then I'd prefer to compare different energy companies using something like uswitch or money supermarket rather than looking at a single company offer.

Tyranasaurus Sun 28-Oct-12 15:41:50

Easy to use. didn't feel comfortable entering my address and am concerned it may lead to salesmen/post. would need more details on how it's calculated

Gigaflops Sun 28-Oct-12 17:41:26

Well - that was interesting! Tried it, loved it, so easy to use and I've now switched to their fixed tariff... Thanks for the hint!

FYI, I've used uswitch and they weren't great , so it's lovely that an energy supplier is trying to clarify all those tariffs out there!

FreckledLeopard Sun 28-Oct-12 23:24:42

I like the fact that there are 5 clear options and I especially like the link with Tesco Clubcard (I use Clubcard lots and try to maximise point collecting when I can).

I suppose, though, that I don't feel that there's much difference in price between any of the main suppliers and so tend to stick with the one I'm used to. There seems to be a distinct lack of competition in the energy markets and they all seem as expensive as each other sad

aJumpedUpPantryGhoul Mon 29-Oct-12 14:12:31

I'm using Firefox on a very slow connection and it accepts my details, confirms my address but them just brings up a blank page which doesn't load

iwantavuvezela Mon 29-Oct-12 14:13:56

how you found the comparison tool to use

I found it very easy to use. Luckily I had just received my payment details from the supplier I use, so was able to use that information, as well as the notification of increase. This helped me make sense of the offers, comparatively to what I am currently paying / and what I will be paying. In fairness there was only about £100 difference between the plans - however I could think about switching, and might look at the tool a bit more. I liked how easy it was to input; the plans that came up side by side.

what the deals on offer were like e.g. how much you would paying and what rewards you could get

I was not that worried about deals/offers - i looked at the bottom line on the yearly quoted price, and was more itnerested to see the length of time it lasted for; if it was fixed etc. I am not really into "rewards" as such, but more understanding my monthly and projected yearly costs.

I have often thought that I should compare what we are paying, so I enjoyed doing this. I will think about chancing, but will read up a bit more first before doing that.

TheRealMBJ Mon 29-Oct-12 14:24:25

I found the tool simple and easy to use. Certainly simpler than the other comparison sites I used 2 weeks ago in order to switch energy supply.

I have no interest in rewards either as offering them to any customers bumps up every one else's tariffs.

Prices are comparable with other suppliers BUT I do think that the practice of energy suppliers offering various different tariffs is just a way to ensure that the majority of customers are on the most expensive tariff they can possibly manage. One tariff per company would be much more transparent.

I found it very easy to use, and i didn't have to hunt out data

The tariffs were all much more than i pay now, which was gratifying but suggests we just use less energy than estimated. and i'm not really convinced that switching between companies makes much difference as they all put up prices one after the other anyway

milkymonkey Mon 29-Oct-12 21:40:27

Simple enough to go through and very quick which I liked. But the sticking point for me is getting my actual usage from my current supplier and imputting it for an accurate estimate. Looks a pretty good rate for average use, I like the idea of earning Clubcard points and found the customer service very good when previously with Eon. Would also really need to look at their best fixed deal as I doubt energy prices are going anywhere other than up and what looks like the cheapest offering now could be a lot less attractive in future months!

Tincletoes Mon 29-Oct-12 22:17:35

I found the tool v easy to use. I have no loyalty to my current supplier and often check to see if I could be on a better deal. I agree with earlier posts though that I'd tend to use uswitch first rather than go direct through eon!

I like the club card point and all things being equal, this would be a clincher. But it would only be in that situation , all other things being equal.

egdeh Tue 30-Oct-12 14:20:16

It is very easy to use, but I don't find the online comparison sites particularly difficult either, so not sure why I'd use an Eon only one. We've just moved away from Eon as they wanted to increase our direct debit to something around £40 more than we have found with another supplier, plus our prices are fixed for a year. The tool is helpful, but it wouldn't bring me back to Eon unless the deal was the best one. I also find throwing in tesco rewards, cashback etc is just window dressing, just bring prices down a bit and make it simple.

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 30-Oct-12 16:05:30

Thanks all for posting your comments on here - we've passed them all on to E.ON, who are very grateful for the feedback.

I'm pleased to announce that the winner of the prize draw is...


Congratulations - a £500 John Lewis voucher is yours! I'll PM you to get your details.


Oh my god, that is amazing!!! Christmas sorted!


ProjectSurveyNUBS Thu 15-Aug-13 19:52:06

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