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NOW CLOSED: Nominate a MNer to receive flowers - and talk about flowers with The Flower Council

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 01-Oct-12 09:51:03

We've been asked by the team at The Flower Council to get your nominations for which Mumsnetter you'd like them to send a bouquet of flowers to and why.

The company are keen to get folks thinking of flowers as a gift to cheer someone up, to say hello or just because you want to - rather than being for special occasions.

They also want to get folks thinking about what their friends favourite flower may be - they say "The aim of the Favourite Flower campaign is to show that a flower is not just a present (and not just a bouquet of flowers), but a special present, because when you know or try to think about what flower is your friends favourite then it makes the present very personal and special".

So please on this thread add your nomination for a MNer who you think would appreciate a bunch of flowers - it could be anyone (not yourself though!) - and what flower you think they would like. We will decide on the final winners and contact 3 MNers for their address and then The Flower Council will send them the flowers! (worth c£30 each)

We'd also like you to post your thoughts below on flowers - for example.......
~ How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them.
~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?
~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.
~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?

Share your thoughts on this thread and don't forget your nomination.

thanks MNHQ

PS They have also developed a very lighthearted game - check it out here and let us know what you think - it's designed to identify your Favourite Flower and if you can guess your friends you could both win a FREE bouquet.

UnChartered Mon 01-Oct-12 10:09:22

Nagoo and i'd like to send her some stargazer lillies

for the MOOG threads


LadySybildeChocolate Mon 01-Oct-12 10:13:53

Weggiemum would love some roses. She's been very unwell, and needs cheering up.


dinkystinky Mon 01-Oct-12 10:32:46

Aitch - she's a lovely voice of reason and deserves some bright and cheering gerberas

We buy flowers for our house once or twice a month, flowers for family and friends for special occasions.

WowOoo Mon 01-Oct-12 10:48:15

I get given them on my birthday or special occasions.
It was so nice after the children were born adn the house was full of them.

I send them to relatives for special occasions - wedding anniversary or birthdays.

I choose whatever looks nice and with the advice from the florist. For one friend i choose colours that will coordinate with her kitchen.

I know one friend loves lilies for the smell. Another one loves gerberas for the colours. My mum used to love roses.

I nominate mrz for all the education advice she has given over the years on mumsnet. Above and beyond the call of duty.

BigStickBIWI Mon 01-Oct-12 10:51:32

I'm very lucky, in that my DH buys me flowers regularly. He likes them around the house as much as I do, and they add lovely colour and (sometimes) fragrance.

I send flowers for birthdays and special occasion,s and try to match colour and style (e.g. modern/old fashioned) to the person I'm sending them to. The actual flowers I'm less bothered about, although I avoid carnations and chrysanthemums, because those are two that I'm less keen on.

I'd like to nominate two MNetters - sorry Ann! - RatherBeOnThePiste and KnottyLocks for all the work they do coordinating the knitting and crochet projects for the MN blankets. I'd like to send them both something classic and classy like creamy white roses.

LadySybildeChocolate Mon 01-Oct-12 10:57:35

Darn, I forgot about that part.

No one ever buys me flowers. If I want them, I have to buy them myself. I love Sweet Peas; they smell great and the petals are beautiful. I send flowers to my mother, she's so far away it's difficult to send her anything else. I don't like daffodils as they smell of wee.

gazzalw Mon 01-Oct-12 11:19:01

I nominate Couthymow (or whatever her derivative moniker is at the moment!) as she seems to have to lead quite a frugal life with little spare money so she could probably do with a flower pick-me-up.

I am not good at giving DW flowers though and I think she would really appreciate some - she's a yellow rose lover - so this will spur me into going and getting her some nice ones from M&S.

She does always say that if she were to come into money it's the luxury that she would be most keen in indulging!

5inthebed Mon 01-Oct-12 11:19:08

I would like Peachy to get some bright and cheerful flowers as she is always so bright and cheerful and calm on threads and in real life. She is such an amazing woman, so patient. She has 4 DC, 3 with SN and always makes time for her friends and their problems.

Me on the other hand, I never get flowers unless I buy them myself. My favourite flower is a fuchsia pink gerbera, so pretty. I also like brightly coloured tulips.

I usually buy flowers to cheer people up or to say thank you. When my DFIL died I bought MIL flowers every week for about three months. Always bright coloured flowers as I think they brighten up anything.

gazzalw Mon 01-Oct-12 11:20:45

Oh forgot the bit about what type of flowers Couthymow would like - a vibrant, fragranced, colourful mixed bouquet.

I'd like to nominate both of these RatherBeOnThePiste and KnottyLocks too please for organising all the WoollyHugs stuff.

How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them.
I very rarely get flowers, mainly because I have hayfever and they make it worse. We used to buy a bunch every couple of weeks pre-kids to brighten the house. Now I tend to go for plants and have to buy them myself hmm.

Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?
No, I always feel I can get something more personal for the same price or less.

Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.
I tend to go for plants rather than flowers as I think they last longer. I tend to choose something that's a nice colour. Around Xmas I'd tend to pick something associated with Xmas.

Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?
No idea confused

Spirael Mon 01-Oct-12 11:57:03

Completely different situation here... As well known television personalities advise, I have been utilising flowers recently to try and persuade reluctant buyers to choose my house over the one up the road. It doesn't seem to be helping.

I'd like to nominate CuddyMum, who is also trying to sell her house, to save her one bunch of expense and hopefully help her woo a good offer! Even if that doesn't work, at least having nice flowers to look at will hopefully ease some of the house selling stress.

Since her DC are older so pollen shouldn't be a problem, and having seen the advertisement for her house, I'd suggest something elegant like white lilies.

As for the questions... I buy flowers whenever I have house viewings booked. wink Rarely otherwise. DH occasionally buys me flowers, but it's always random and unexpected rather than for a specific occasion, which I love!

I rarely send flowers as a gift, but I often take them with me as a gift when I'm visiting family. I tend to consider safety primarily. i.e. Lillies would be a bad idea for houses with small children/certain pets, and sometimes people have allergies or hay fever to certain flowers.

Wigeon Mon 01-Oct-12 12:09:04

I nominate tiktok or phr47bridge for the hours they spend, out of the goodness of their hearts, on the breast/bottlefeeding and education threads respectively, giving advice based on their expert knowledge. They don't have to do it, but they do, and probably thousands of people have benefited from it.

For type of flowers, maybe tiktok could have a selection of baby pink and baby blue colours, and phr47bridge seems very matter of fact, so some sort of arrangement which was nice and straightforward and not at all fancy!

The questions:

~ How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them.

I love buying or getting flowers - they cheer up a house, they remind you of the person who gave them to you. The only ones I don't like totally are lilies, because I inevitably get some indelible pollen on my clothes. But I like the way they look and smell, so I buy them anyway!

~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?

I do, as a happy birthday or thank you gift usually.

~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.

I do base the type of bouquet on the person I'm sending it to - usually whether I think they'd prefer a traditional arrangement / flower selection/ colours, or a more modern one.

~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?

I don't actually know! I know my mum doesn't like lilies for the staining pollen reason, and I think she thinks they are symbolic of death.

Flimflammery Mon 01-Oct-12 12:10:35

I nominate UnlikelyAmazonian and her DS. They have a tough time ahead of them and flowers might give them a lift.

SamsGoldilocks Mon 01-Oct-12 12:12:51

I would like to nominate the woolly hugs team too -the amount of work and effort that goes into each blanket is quite inspiring.
They deserve an exotic bunch of flame lilies and ginger in wild exotic colours.

I'd also nominate AnyFucker for her unstinting support to those in need and her dry sense of humour. She's one of the first mner's I noticed and she helps to make the talk boards alive for me.She would surely benefit from something a little bit fifteenth maybe some proteas. Nothing too soft.

I rarely buy flowers - too much month at the end of my money but I love to get them. I rather like a blowsy gladioli or lovely wild flowers.

SamsGoldilocks Mon 01-Oct-12 12:13:34

Different not fifteenth.

annh Mon 01-Oct-12 12:24:25

I think flowery should get some flowers (unintentional similarity there!) because she gives such informed, expert, impartial advice on the employment threads and is the voice of reason (and legislation!) when all around her are re-writing employment law based on what they would like it to be or what they think they read in the Daily Mail or what their best friend\s mum once told them smile. I'm afraid I have no idea what kind of flower she would like - something long-lasting because she works from home sometimes so she could get maximum pleasure from looking at them.

For me, I am always buying flowers (of the supermarket variety, I'm afraid!) and usually have some in the house. I occasionally receive flowers and it's the loveliest treat when I do. My all-time favourites are Stargazer Lilies and I don't care if it is a bit obvious! Otherwise, I love gerbera, sunflowers, thistles and some roses. Not keen on chrysanthemums or carnations.

I love buying them for other people, luckily I work in an industry where there is quite a bit of flower-giving and although it's not my job to buy them, I usually can't resist interfering contributing to the process. I do think about what flowers to send to people but having lived in the Netherlands for some years, I know that people there are more quided by the florist and what is in season, so tend to take that into account now too. After all, they're the experts!

whistlestopcafe Mon 01-Oct-12 12:30:54

I agree with annh for the same reasons.

whattodoo Mon 01-Oct-12 12:32:01

Oh yes, the WoollyHugs team (ratherbeonthePiste & Knottylocks). I'm sure that they'd appreciate something highly scented and traditional. Some roses, or freesias or lilacs?
I generally get given flowers on valentine's day. I wish it were more often, and that my DP took some sort of notice of the flowers I like!
I try to buy some for myself about once a month. Generally something that's on special offer, I like small headed flowers rather than show-offy types.
My absolute favourite are daffodils - a sign of spring, fresh and colourful and remind my of my Welsh Grandfather.
I dislike lillies - they drop unattractively and I don't like the scent.
I generally give flowers or a plant arrangements for my mother's birthday and for her Christmas gift - she has everything else and I know she loves receiving flowers. I feel a bit bad about my lack of imagination though.
When sending flowers (births, illness, birthdays etc), I try to think about what sort of flowers I think the recipient likes, and what would co-ordinate with her home or suit the ocassion.
My best friend doesn't like cut flowers, she feels they should be left to live in the garden where everyone can appreciate them. the only exception she will allow is for her funeral!

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Mon 01-Oct-12 12:34:17

PurplePidjin, because she is expecting a LittlePidjin and (like so many other Mumsnetters) she is so helpful and generous with her time and advice on the Arts and Crafts board.
I think she'd like purple lissianthus or something scented like stock or lilies.

I love flowers and in the winter I buy them at least twice a month, in the summer I try and make sure I grow lots of flowers suitable for cutting.

I love being given flowers but it doesn't happen often, when I am given them I am always delighted

The only cut flower I'm not keen on is orange lilies, the type with brown splodges on it- oh and I don't like the dyed flowers you sometimes see (chrsyanths that have been dyed blue)

If I am sending flowers as a gift I always try and match it to their likes/dislikes. My mum loves orchids but can't have anything highly scented in the house so if I am ordering flowers I always specify no lilies.
My sister likes reds and oranges, one of my best friends likes old fashioned flowers like sweet peas and anemones. I also have a friend who hates receiving flowers, if anyone gives her some she takes them straight to her mum's grave as for some reason she can't bear to have them in the house.

yani Mon 01-Oct-12 12:36:39

I nominate ether PurplePidjin RatherBeOnThePiste and KnottyLocks

For their compassion, time, understanding and emotional support given to all the Woolly Hugs projects.

Without them, it would not happen. thanks

yani Mon 01-Oct-12 12:37:54

Ergocognito for her excellent and sage advice on the relationship boards.

yani Mon 01-Oct-12 12:45:37

CogitoErgoSometimes Oops.
As you were...

Pavlovthecat Mon 01-Oct-12 12:47:13

If I could give flowers to all the wonderful MNers who have given me support over the last few months, I would. BUt in the absence of being able to do that I would like to nominate thejoyfulpuddlejumper as she is going through similar to me at the moment and I am pretty sure she could do with some to help her along! What do I think she would like? Oh i don't know, let me think...probably a mixed bunch of big petalled flowers containing, red, orange, yellow oh sorry that is what i would like!

How often do you get flowers or buy them for yourself etc. - rarely for either. I am not hugely keen on cut flowers as they die. They look amazing and cheer a room up, but i prefer to have plants that can be kept for a long time, and remind you of a birthday, celebration, token of love, or just that it looked pretty. I do love flowers that are big and bright and bold though,lilies smell lovely and if they are not cream they are pretty too. Don't really like carnations.

Do you routinely send them as a gift? - I always send flowers to MIL as she has everything she wants but living in the desert cannot easily grow her own flowers, she really enjoys them. Used to always send them to my own mum too, she loved flowers.

Do you pick which flower to send to each friend - no. if I ever do give flowers to friends it is based on how cheap it is/what discounts they have!

Do you know what your best friend's favourite flower is - rose. Because she grows them in her front garden and back garden and always hassles her DH to buy them for her! family - not a clue!

PPPop Mon 01-Oct-12 12:50:19

Another vote here for ratherbeonthepiste and knottylocks

I send flowers now and then to my mum and sister. Mum had a difficult time recently nursing my nana through dementia and I sent her some flowers when nana went into a nursing home, as I know my mum was upset and it was in lieu of being able to give her a hug really, as I live so far away.

My husband gets me flowers sometimes, eg birthdays. It always feels like a treat. My MIL often sends me flowers on birthdays as well as they live abroad, which is very kind of her.

If I buy for myself I don't spend loads (especially with small children around). I like tulips, daffs and other spring flowers.

BigStickBIWI Mon 01-Oct-12 12:52:46

Oh yes - PurplePidjin - how could I forget her as well blush She definitely needs flowers as well. AnnMumsnet - if we break the rules to give them to two people, what the hell - make it three!

CotherMuckingFunt Mon 01-Oct-12 12:56:21

FrankWippery because she's fab and needs cheering up.
cupofteaplease because she is an amazing mu and I have a reliable source who informs me that she's lovely too.

I send flowers because I live abroad and it's the easiest thing to sort out blush

CotherMuckingFunt Mon 01-Oct-12 12:56:40

'mu' = 'mum' of course <nob>

BigStickBIWI Mon 01-Oct-12 13:07:00

She's a pretty amazing mu as well, Cother grin

RosaMosqueta Mon 01-Oct-12 13:08:46

Knottylocks PurplePidjin and RatherBeOnThePiste for their amazing WoollyHug work.

Aitch for being a gem.

MmeLindt for her tireless campaigning and for being a lovely lady.

Chaos for being Chaos.

An entire field of flowers.

CotherMuckingFunt Mon 01-Oct-12 13:26:17

grin BIWI

nickeldaisical Mon 01-Oct-12 13:29:40

I want to nominate KnottyLocks, PurplePidgeon and RatherBeonthepiste as well.
for their Woolly Hugs.
I think they would want a mixed bunch and the more colourful, the better!

your questions:
~ How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them.
I very rarely get given flowers, but this year I have had some twice - one sent from "Pombears" because I was being a misery and feeling down - it really cheered me up to know that people were thinking of me smile
and I got a bunch from DH on my wedding anniversary, even though he knows I think it's naughty to send flowers because they cost a lot.
I generally don't buy flowers because of the cost, but it's amazing how wonderful they make you feel! It seems that it's such a special gift - I can't explain why, maybe because they are there for such a short time, but maybe it's also because of me perceiving them as an expensive gift, so more precious because of that.

~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?
not routinely, but if they're deserved, and they always go well as a special thank you present.

~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.
I generally pick flowers based on the season - I like to buy local and British, so I want to send flowers that are grown here.

~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?
I don't know what my best friend's favourite flower is.
I don't know anyone's favourite flower. blush

All of them. Every single one. For being supportive, kind, reasonable, loving, tough,

All women should have flowers

They should be bloody cheaper

My favourite flower is a lily
And cream roses smile

My mums fave flowers are daffs because and i quote 'they're cheap' but i happen to know she likes orange roses better smile

My best friends' favourite flower is Sweet Pea smile

I've only ever been given flowers once

And last but not least i had a job delivering flowers and one valentines day i got 7 bunches handed back to me with instuctions ranging from 'take them back' to 'stick them up his.....' grin Fact... wink

BigStickBIWI Mon 01-Oct-12 14:06:06

I did a market research project on flowers for Next once. It was fabulous because once we'd finished talking about their various different bouquets, we got to keep them! It was like living in a florist's for a week.

Wolfcub Mon 01-Oct-12 14:16:23

I would also like to nominate Ratherbeonthepiste, Purplepidjin and Knottylocks for their woolly hugs work. I think they both deserve a beautiful bunch of flowers in woolly hug colours - white or cream roses, purple sea holly and greeny silver eucalyptus.

Wolfcub Mon 01-Oct-12 14:17:59

all not both! doh

Blatherskite Mon 01-Oct-12 14:25:18

Yet another vote for ratherbeonthepiste and knottylocks. The time, effort and care that goes into organising and putting together the MN Woolyhugs deserves so much more than flowers - but they'd make a good start smile

I tend to send flowers to my Mum every year on her birthday as she loves them. She's got about as much 'stuff' as she's ever going to need and I live a long way away so I can't always be there to give her anything personally. I love getting flowers but really have to bully DH into it which spoils it somewhat.

I chose Fresias for both my Mum and MIL as I know they are their favourites. MIL's are generally yellow as she likes them to match her decor and Mum's are whatever colour looks prettiest on the day.

Frontpaw Mon 01-Oct-12 14:31:56

I'd send them to poor old Sweetkitty and maybe she can give the to her neighbour, who she peed off with a misdirected text.

I don't send flowers much these days, but buy them regularly for myself and as gift if I am visiting someone. I try to either get something i know they'll like or buy something that is unusual (a odd variety of something in a container for practicality).

I love either a colourful display or a big bunch on one colour, and hate lillies as they are 'funeral' flowers and even the smell makes me sad. Not too keen on chrysanthemums as they remind me of clowns (no ideas why).

lisad123 Mon 01-Oct-12 14:54:06

All the mums on SN board

prettybird Mon 01-Oct-12 14:56:13

Add in some purple freesia Wolfcub and you've just described my wedding bouquet! smilethanks

I too would like to nominate the triumvirate of Ratherbeonthepiste , Purplepidjin and Knottylocks for their work on Woolly Hugs smilethanks

Something bright and quirky for Pidj like sunflowers, cheerful and bright like gerbera for Knotty and elegant and bright for Pistey like lisianthus.

~ How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them.

I often buy myself flowers over the winter but try to pick them from the garden during the summer months. Try to have at least one bunch of lowers in the house at all times )which reminds me..... wink) I love receiving flowers and also sending flowers, because I know the pleasure it gives. Not made keen on carnations (dh has learnt not to get them for me) but have learnt to appreciate crysanthemums more (not least the length of time they last, which to be fair on carnations, is also one of their benefits). I love daffodils - "indoor sunshine" - and tulips for providing colour at a time that there aren't many other flowers around.

~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?
Not routinely - but will take flowers when visiting a friend. Birthdays, Mother's Day (when Mum was still around sad) or babies are usually the trigger (although usually for babies I don't buy flowers but do buy a vase if I am visiting in person!)

~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.

Based on my own preferences usually - combination of time of year, what mood I'm in, what I think will be good value and what I like.

~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?

White roses - from her wedding bouquet. My mum used to love freesias because of the scent and gerberas because they were cheerful and also reminded her of South Africa.

Dh used to send me flowers regularly when we first got together but were living in different parts of the country. In fact, I sued to know he'd sent some more 'cos the receptionist at work wold ring up and say "I hate you" grin

He doesn't send them as often now but he does still surprise me every so often smile

ICutMyFootOnOccamsRazor Mon 01-Oct-12 15:01:14

I'd like to send flowers to GentleOtter.

I don't know her except from on here, but I think of her often, as she and her family have a long-term nightmare situation which affects their house and their livelihood (farm).

It must be so draining for all of them to have this dragging on and being constantly problematic with no end in sight.

I think they'd like something cheerful, colourful and optimistic, like sunflowers or gerberas, maybe.

I'd like to nominate BreastmilkDoesAFabLatte because shes having a tough time at the moment healthwise and I think she really deserves the cheering up.

Sossiges Mon 01-Oct-12 15:31:53

I'd like to nominate *Misunderstood48" because she sounds as if she's having a rough ride, could do with some support and also to tell her to keep her chin up.

racingheart Mon 01-Oct-12 15:38:59

I nominate Maryz who probably doesn't know who I am, but I have read her posts over the years, and she is always full of warm, wise reassurance. She comes over as an inspirational and rather lovely person all round. Just send her a massive, colourful bouquet that lasts a long time.

Last time I bought flowers was today, as DH is very down in the dumps, so I bought him a big bouquet of manly Cape flowers to cheer him up.

Definitely AnyFucker.

She should have some lovely and long-lasting flowers (sorry, I am not a flower expert!) as she is always there on the Relationships threads with brilliant advice and support and cheering-on for everyone who needs it, and it's time she had a big Thankyou.

Though if I could choose more than one I would second Tiktok (for the reasons already given above) and UnlikelyAmazonian too.

Oh and GentleOtter too. How on earth are you going to choose just 3?

While its very hard to pick one person, I'd like to nominate SuperB0F for not only being incredibly kind in an hour of need, but also because she has a lot of difficulties that she doesn't gripe about so no one really knows. For once I'd like it acknowledged that I think she is an awesome person and really deserves something random and lovely to happen to her.

ouryve Mon 01-Oct-12 16:06:57

coff33pot needs some bright cheerful Gerbera because there really hasn't been enough bright and cheerful in her life, lately. And while the flowers won't make the not bright and far from cheerful go away, they can be a reminder, even in the early wee hours, that people are thinking of her.

I tend not to give cut flowers as a gift, opting for living plants, instead. The thought lasts much longer, that way.

Allalonenow Mon 01-Oct-12 16:10:25

I'd like to send a bright cheerful bouquet full of hot clashing colours to UnlikelyAmazonian, as she has had a difficult time lately, but although she has got serious problems, she always seems to look on the bright side for herself and her little boy, and she often posts uplifting hopeful messages to others. I know her posts helped me.

I love having flowers in the house, and until recently used to have them every week, the only ones I don't like are stargazer lilies with their overpowering perfume. I especially like having a bunch of snowdrops or violets to herald springtime, and roses or orchids are lovely too.

I often used to send my mother flowers, yellow roses were her favourite. Over the years, I've often been sent or given flowers, but the ones I remember most were from a stranger whose life I had saved.

SheelaNeGig Mon 01-Oct-12 16:23:56

Good lord how can I pick just one?

I adore flowers. When DH and I met he used to buy me them weekly. Usually roses. Bless him.
Last flowers I got was a beautiful bunch from a friend, who I looked after in labour. I dropped them and cried.
My favourites are probably yellow roses. Scented ones.

Hang on. I'll ponder the MNer question.

SheelaNeGig Mon 01-Oct-12 16:27:49


My nomination is for PurplePidjin. Because she saved my sanity while I was on holiday this year and was very kind.

I forgot to answer the questions. blush

I tend to send flowers as a thank you or even just to cheer someone up. I either to choose the most vibrant colours I can find or pick something with fresias in as they have a beautiful smell.

I get flowers occasionally from my OH, normally on our anniversary, but in spring he'll randomly buy me bunches of daffodils as I love yellow and its like bringing a bit of spring into our house.

morethanpotatoprints Mon 01-Oct-12 17:09:21

I would like to nominate julienoshoes.

She has given hundreds yes hundreds if not a thousand people fantastic advice and shared her experience and knowledge of H.ed

She is not a professional in any organisation but works tirelessley to support many families needing help and advice.

I don't know how I would have managed without her wisdom, when I first set out on my journey back in April.

Please send her roses.

I buy flowers most weeks but dh surprises me every now and then. I usually ask what he has done, or what does he want, lol.

morethanpotatoprints Mon 01-Oct-12 17:09:22

I would like to nominate julienoshoes.

She has given hundreds yes hundreds if not a thousand people fantastic advice and shared her experience and knowledge of H.ed

She is not a professional in any organisation but works tirelessley to support many families needing help and advice.

I don't know how I would have managed without her wisdom, when I first set out on my journey back in April.

Please send her roses.

I buy flowers most weeks but dh surprises me every now and then. I usually ask what he has done, or what does he want, lol.

Tee2072 Mon 01-Oct-12 17:29:21

I would like to nominate Chaos. She's one of the sweetest human beings, IRL and on here. Even with the typos. Some sort of chaotic arrangement would be good. grin

~ How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them.
My husband used to bring them to me quite regularly but hasn't lately. Must drop a hint. I love roses and daisies. Nothing I dislike. I just think it means someone was thinking of me/I was thinking of someone.
~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?
I used to, when I lived in the US, send them for Mother's Day and birthdays to my mom. Not so much now.
~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.
What I think they'll like
~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?
No idea!

I could vote for the woolly hug trio too, but my vote is for tribpot who has done loads for the woolly hugs too. Setting up the help sheet and being very patient with novices like me and their silly questions. She is also very lovely in general.

I sometime buy myself a bunch from the supermarket, but its mostly dh who brings flowers home. I used to get flowers sent to me by dh, but ever since I gave him a row for spending £££££ on a delivery in valentines day he doesn't bother anymore. Shot myself in the foot there!

I love gerberas and germinis. I bunch of them all the same colour in a simple glass vase. Perfect! Oh and alstromeras too.

I'm not particularly keen on the "filler" type flowers. Chrysanthemums carnations, that babies breath stuff. And stinky lilies.

As we live away from our home town I regularly send flowers as gifts or thank yous because on the convience. Because everyone loves getting flowers delivered!

I tend to go for colour ways when sending flowers. Mil likes pink, DM loves bright yellos and oranges and SIL gets whatever is o special grin

By best friend is a florist and her favourite flower is a gladioli, but I never send her flowers, it's a bit like taking coals to Newcastle! She send them to me though smile

Iceflower Mon 01-Oct-12 18:26:25

I would like to nominate coffeepot who in spite of all that's happened, and is happening, manages to bounce back, be cheerful, AND be supportive to others.

I rarely get flowers, or give flowers. I tend to choose inoffensive/bland colour schemes blush. I like sending flowers as a gift to people who live some way away, and who are hard to buy for as they have everything/are fussy!

Vote for coffeepot grin

MrsKwazii Mon 01-Oct-12 18:31:11

Another vote here for Knottylocks, Ratherbeonthepiste and Purplepidjin for being absolutely lovely and for their amazing Woolly Hugs work. I like the selection wolfcub suggests, perhaps with some salix twigs too, to add some woolly hug texture.

I used to buy flowers every couple of weeks for the house but it seems a bit lavish when the prices of everything else are going up now. I do like to receive them though, and will often be given them for special occasions, or as a gift if we invite people over for dinner. You seem to need to spend a lot now to get a decent sized bouquet which puts me off sending them more frequently.

I buy flowers for other people to say thank you and for their occasions - I like to buy neutral colours with lovely foliage like eucalyptus, salix or berries - definitely no fern or baby's breath. I like roses, freesias, lisianthus and tulips - sometimes sunflowers - but never carnations, chrysanthemums or badly dyed flowerheads. I like lilies but not the overpoweringly scented ones, and I always snip out the pollen because of the cat.

Adversecamber Mon 01-Oct-12 18:42:13

I send flowers on Mothers day and also on our Mothers birthdays as they live miles away.I have also sent them to my dsis.

I receive flowers from DH sometimes, I prefer them randomly than on anything like valentines day ( which I personally hate).

They do seem very expensive.

I sent flowers to Australia a couple of years ago, the cost was shocking about 60 quid for some gerberas. It is online these days , why on earth did they become so expensive because sent internationally?

germyrabbit Mon 01-Oct-12 18:48:07

seriously is there a flipping flower council hmm who funds that i wonder

BonnyDay Mon 01-Oct-12 18:52:23

Agree. Flower council. Wtf.
I nominate thebigstickBIWI for making people lose weight.

StellaAndFries Mon 01-Oct-12 18:53:51

I rarely receive flowers as I have a joking motto of "if I can't wear it or eat it I don't want it" dp tends to buy me a book or piece of costume jewellery he knows I'll love and which will last longer.

I buy flowers for my nan, mum and mil, sometimes for occasions but sometimes just because I know they'll like them. Mil in particular loves roses so if I see a nice bunch I pick them up.

My recommendation for the mumsnet flowers would be MrsLettuce as she has really helped me and been very friendly on the S&B boards smile

MrsKwazii Mon 01-Oct-12 18:59:02

Germyrabbit it won't be paid for through your council tax grin It'll be a trade association for flower sellers or growers that the industry pays for (or summat along those lines anyway)

Firawla Mon 01-Oct-12 19:02:18

I would like to nominate hazeyjane for making the bumpy path support thread in sn section because its really helpful to have something like that to see others in the same boat and I know it can be tough at times so im sure it would be nice for her to get some flowers. I wanna nominate others from the thread too but i might miss someone so thats why ive just stuck to the op!

Also nailak she is a very nice person, she does a lot for her community and i see her on here always patiently explaining to others whenever there is a query about our religion (islam), never getting annoyed or arguing with people but just always happy to explain anything!

lastly ellenparsons she has just moved house so im sure some flowers would be nice to brighten it up, she is a great person

my thoughts on flowers, i dont tend to buy them for myself i just never get round to it but have had them as a gift a few times from friends (not often from dh only about once!), i like it when its not really routine but more random cos then it feels special.
I dont tend to buy flowers for others that much either but when i do i tend to go by the colour more than anything else, unless i know they really have a particular preference to a certain type of flower

BeaWheesht Mon 01-Oct-12 19:21:58

I'd like to nominate unlikelyamazonian and also winnybella

Pastabee Mon 01-Oct-12 19:40:08

pickles77 because she has just had a baby and is having a hard time of things with her ex. She is doing a fabulous job with her newborn DD all on her own.

I think she would like something bright and cheerful.

I rarely buy flowers for myself and rarely receive them. When I am given them it will be an expensive, hand tied bouquet because it will be a very special occasion. The last time I received flowers was when DD was born.

I buy flowers for others more often than I receive them. I buy for birthdays mainly and I choose on the basis of the colours I think the particular friend likes.

Blu Mon 01-Oct-12 19:43:55

I would nominate prh47bridge, Admission and PanelMember (or is it PanelChair now?) for services to the education boards, advising on appeals and all manner of complicated education matters. Always informative, patient, well informed and honest.

I would send them white tulips - white tulips are so classical and strong, unfussy and pure - like good advice.

I rarely send flowers - v expensive and recently i have had qualms about cut flowers. Though admittedly there is nothing like a fabulous bouquet, Things like a massive bunch of white tulips are my favourite. I would like the option to send bulbs or living plants to plant in the garden.

Yes, I fit flowers to friends / occasions. I once asked a florist to create a bouquet to mourn the death of a cat, and for another bouquet 'something reminiscent of Derek Jarmans garden'. Sudden impulse drives my sending or buying flowers.

Not sure I would know my friends favourite flowers, but I would avoid anything too naff or yellow (not keen on yellow flowers) or fake looking (no blue carnbations or dyed gerbas, or whatever they are called)

Littleplasticpeople Mon 01-Oct-12 19:48:05

I'd like to nominate lucindaE for maintaining the thread supporting people suffering with hyperemesis despite it being a few years since she suffered herself.

I don't buy flowers very often for myself but obviously love receiving them. I do buy flowers as gifts- usually as 'thankyou' or 'congratulations'.i don't know the favourite flowers of friends or family so would generally buy what I like!

greengoose Mon 01-Oct-12 19:48:25

Hi, another vote here for the Woolly hugs ladies. My little girl died in April, and they confirmed for me that there were many many people who cared that she had gone, and for our family. I will never ever forget their kindness and compassion. I would choose to send them some pastel coloured roses, and if it was possible (I know it's not), some bluebells from my little girl to say thank you for telling so many people about her.

bubby64 Mon 01-Oct-12 19:52:21

I'd like to nominate Triplets for some beautiful scented roseas she has had a really bad year, her DH's cancer has returned, her Dmother passed away after a short but traumatic illness, and now she is supporting a DBrother with heart problems and a DNeice who has had problems following the birth of her first child. She is doing this whilst looking after her teenage triplets!
She is so supportive of all of us on the multiple births thread, and always has a kind word to offer when you need it most.
A second person from the Multiple births thread is ShabbatheGreek, who, when she found out her son's wedding planner had gone off and left them without a venue, caterer or anything else for thheir upcoming wedding, helped arrange a new venue, which she bought all the table and chair decorations for, made the chair saches and, along with her freind 'Chelle, catered the reception as well, all this whilst minding her 4 yr old grandson for most of the week leading up to the wedding.

ggirl Mon 01-Oct-12 19:53:44

The Flower Council is run by the dutch flower industry.

kellestar Mon 01-Oct-12 20:08:48

I would nominate mama1980 she's having a bit of a rough time at the moment and could do with a bit of cheering up.

~ How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them. DH buys me flowers when I'm feeling a bit blue, just because and for occasions where he's done something I might not like [like buying another classic vehicle for restoration rustbucket]. My grandad grows his own sweet peas and often brings me a bunch, or if I'm out leaves them on my doorstep. They are my favourite, I had them at my wedding. I like classic flowers more than modern arrangements. I love getting flowers, it feels like they really care enough, or that they think of me when they see them.

~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this? Yes, I know the local florist really well, I also know the local florists near my relatives in Wimbledon too, I've built up a relationship with them over the years. With my older relatives I never know what to get as a gift and flowers always cheers them up. Birthday's, weddings, births, illness or crappy days. My rather lovely male cousin recently broke up with his long term girlfriend and I sent him a bunch of flowers to cheer him up and he called to say thank you and we had a good chat. His mum also called to say thank you and he'd been a bit tearful and was really pleased as they were his favourites.

~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like. In my address book/birthday book, I keep a note of what I've sent them, if they call to thank me, I take note of what flowers they particularly liked. I like to choose subtle fragrances and a nice range of flowers. I also check what is available with the florist, what is particularly nice, especially if I am feeling stumped on what to send.

~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like? I like to send mixed bunches, so will try to get there favourite[s] included, but will put in a few of mine in too [so they think of me]. I am better at remembering what they don't like. But like I say, I keep a note in my address/birthday book so I've got an idea of what they like. My mum prefers a simple bunch of lillies, but I recently sent her a mixed bunch including alstromenias and it was different from what she likes, she really liked them. Sometimes it's nice to receive something different.

I love receiving any flowers and always call to say thank you. It is a good ice breaker if you've not seen someone for a while, or if they're going through a particularly bad time and you don't know how to start a conversation.

internationalvulva Mon 01-Oct-12 20:30:15

AnyFucker for being the voice or level headed reason on the relationships board for so long. She gives a lot of her time for others and deserves a beautiful and stylish bouquet. So something like this Or this

never ever get flowers, mostly because I hate DH spending money on them when we need so many other things, but if we were well off enough I'd love them occasionally! When I was a new graduate in London I used to treat myself to a beautiful large bouquet just every once in a while. They had amazing bouquets of gorgeous countryside-style flowers that just made me smile every time I saw them and made me think of being in a meadow in the bright sunshine without a care in the world.

To me flowers mean someone has been thinning of you, but I also think it is SO individual. I actually really dislike gerberas, carnations etc or any pinky orange 'faked' colours...which I know a lot of people love so I'd prefer to buy them for myself (or DH to pick up my hint and buy me some gorgeous flowers that I have told him I love!)

I love White freesias, John Lewis used to sell them by the box, (40 stems, gorgeous!) but no longer do booo! this would rock my world DH, if you happen to be reading! !!

internationalvulva Mon 01-Oct-12 20:32:16

Oh, yes and I make a point of knowing which flowers my friends and relies love so I can send them something that will make them happy!

Tethers for being a style icon and Cote for being as bloomin' fussy about books as I am but always making me laugh when moaning about them.

How often do I give flowers? Four or five times a year I think.
Gift? Yes but usually only to my mum or sister.
Pick? Yes - mum loves fresias and lilacs for eg.
Get given them myself? Once a year if I'm lucky.
Do I know best friend's fave? Not a clue.

PorkyandBess Mon 01-Oct-12 20:49:30

I would nominate - I don't know. Several spring to mind. AnyFucker for her excellent advice on relationships threads. Expat for, just because I think of her often. Mia's mum for her beautiful, eloquent posts about her daughter. BIWI for her fab weightloss bootcamps. Cupofteaplease because she's another one I think of and admire.

How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them. - My H buys me flowers most weeks. He is a good judge and would never buy me anything naff like chrysanthemums or carnations. I like (according to season) ranunculus, hydrangeas, amaryllis, cala lilies, gerberas, tulips and anything funky but never pink or yellow.

*Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?*Yes, I love to receive flowers and I love to give them. If I visit a friend I always bring flowers.

Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like. Yes, my best friend loves sunflowers and purple tulips - so I tend to give her one or the other. I grow masses of sweet peas in the summer, so always have posies to give to friends, teachers, neighbours etc. I would never give chrysanthemums or carnations.

Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like? Best friend, as before. I do know what people like, but also tend to buy them things I love! I have sisters with similar tastes to me - they'd rather have a single amaryllis than a dodgy 'petrol station' mixed bunch.

joanofarchitrave Mon 01-Oct-12 20:56:19

I would like to nominate Borntoshopforcedtowork, because she has had to finish something, but her whole life is now ahead of her. I think something very strongly coloured would be good.

I get given them perhaps twice a year or so, usually from my mother in law. I do love getting flowers and am always touched. I dearly love freesias but rarely get given them.

I used to send flowers a lot when I was single and had more money! My sister doesn't like 'stuff' or food for presents but always loves white flowers - so I think of flowers as at least potentially a sophisticated gift that doesn't impose on people.

I choose flowers colour first, then seasonal, then Fairtrade.

I know that my best friend's favourite flowers are daffodils, I have always known it, can't put my finger on when I first knew, we have been friends for 34 years smile

SirBoobAlot Mon 01-Oct-12 20:59:40

I'd like to nominate Pickles77 because right now she's having a terribly tough time, and could do with being shown that there is some love in the world, when she feels like she has no friends.

Buying flowers for myself - hmm. There was a lovely local florist I used to buy from sometimes, but they unfortunately closed down a little while ago. If I have a little bit of spare money, then yes, sometimes I try to treat myself, because flowers brighten up any room.

For other people - ex MIL gets flowers from us sometimes, just because. Other than that, I sometimes buy flowers for people if I'm seeing them. Christmas and birthdays sometimes send them to people.

I know most of my friends favourite flowers, and if I didn't, could probably work out what they would like. I tend to do this on colours, and their personality, as opposed to time of the year or theme.

lisad123 Mon 01-Oct-12 21:18:49

Can't they just send some to every MNetter? It's too hard to choose imo

QOD Mon 01-Oct-12 21:24:33

chipmonkey expatinscotland and MrsDeVere

Because they just should get flowers for a good reason and they're bloody amazing

I give flowers for a small thank you or a birthday gift
I go by seasonal colours normally
No idea on faves!

SirBoobAlot Mon 01-Oct-12 21:31:30

Can I also nominate MNP please, because she's simply amazing, and has got me through some of the toughest times imaginable.

I'd second the nominations for Weegiemum, Gentleotter and Unlikelyamazonian, because they've all had a hard time recently.

I often buy flowers for myself - supermarket roses mostly - or send them to friends for birthdays, babies, illness etc etc. I usually use M&S delivery and choose the seasonal bouquet at around £25. I do this on average once a month.

I hate chrysanthemums and carnations. Would rather have nothing.

Valpollicella Mon 01-Oct-12 22:23:15

I would nominate LadySybildechocolate. And Chaos. And BitterandTwisterchoredodger

They have got me through some horrible times. I will never be able to thank them enough for their friendship, to a stranger online. They were the most kindest women through a very dark time and I feel privileged to know them.

I never but flowers for me, and never have them bought for me.

I love simple flowers, and lots of them grin

~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?
I love buying flowers for friends. Even the cheap £5 bouquets from Tesco or the market always seem to raise a smile

~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.
Nope. I choose what's in my budget. There are an amazing florists nearby that will do a mini posy for £1.50 at the end of the day, and they rock quite frankly

~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?
Most people I know just appreciate the gesture. To be honest, rejecting or being <catsbummouth> about a bouquet that wasn't to their taste would make me hmm at them.

mamapower Mon 01-Oct-12 22:27:15

I'd like to nominate my secret Santa from last Christmas. I have always wished I was able to return the kindness and generosity that was shown to me last year. I guess MNHQ would know the 'who' smile I have often thought of what a kind thoughtful and generous person this was to lift the spirits of a stranger and I would say Lilly's would be a lovely way to say 'thank you'.

I love receiving flowers and when dh is working o/s I get a nice surprise every now and then... Just because.
I give flowers to my mum just because, I don't need a special reason.
I buy flowers for others 1-2 times a month and occasionally treat myself to a bunch for the living room if I feel a bit self indulgent.
I generally spend £35-£45 when buying flowers as a gift.
If I know the recipients favourite I go for that, if not by season or by mood, for example if I'm trying to cheer someone up sunflowers or gerbs.

InvisibleHotPinkWeasel Mon 01-Oct-12 22:29:23

I'd like to nominate two please

SecretNutellaFix Who is secretly a little hero both on and off the boards, she is sweet caring and thoughtful, and has been a wonderful source of support to many Mnetters, simply by being there when needed to lend an ear and hold a hand. I'm doing this even though she will kill me, quite a lot.


DooinmyCleanin for every dog thread across the boards. Regardless of her own feelings she will quietly pm in the background to help, rally friends and so forth, without causing grief for HQ, and without rising to criticism. And she will post the best advice she can, on the doghouse too.

MmeLindor Mon 01-Oct-12 22:29:31

Oh, how do I select just one person.

The Woolly Hugs Team - for being selfless and supportive, for always being willing to give advice, and for being so bloody well organised. I am In Awe. They would like purply/silver/pink blooms, just like their blankets - perhaps Freesias?

GentleOtter cause she has been through hard times but still retains her wonderful sense of humour, and her kindness to others. She should receive sunflowers - sturdy yet beautiful, with hidden softness, they light up the room and bring a smile to the face of the dour-est of folk. Just like GO.

SuperBOF because she never complains, is always available for good advice and a swift kick up the bum when needed. For her, I would select Amarylis - bold, striking and full of colour.

How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them.

Once a week. Buy them myself. I like all flowers, but am not keen on carnations are they are 'funeral flowers' in Germany

Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?

^Send them to my MIL or Mum occasionally. On special days, or just to cheer them up

Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.

I pick based on the style - tulips for artist friend, casual flowers such as freesias for my mum, classic roses for my MIL

Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?

Best friend - star gazer lilies. My gran loved white roses (as do I)

InvisibleHotPinkWeasel Mon 01-Oct-12 22:31:35

~ How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them. Very rarely given or purchased
~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?
Sometimes, when distance is an issue or when a present isn't required but someone needs bucking up
~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.
What I know they like
~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?
I know my families, and Pil's

I'd like to nominate RatherBeOnThePiste,*KnottyLocks*, tribpot and Purplepidjin for their devoted kindness on organising the Woolly Hugs. Four very special people, who deserve a great big Thank You! No idea what they'd like, they strike me as the kind of people to love anything like that which comes their way.

I trained as a florist, so everyone started to assume I didn't want to get flowers. Just for the record, florists love to receive flowers. I send my Mum flowers every year, she lives overseas and we don't see each other very regularly. I always just say 'whatever flowers are in season'.

My favourites are Frangi Pani which you can't get in this country. I had them for my wedding bouquet, and also had a huge tree covered with them when I lived in South Africa. I am also particularly fond of South African flowers, like strelitzias and proteas.

I have no idea what my best friend's flower is, mind you she doesn't know mine either so we're even.

Jellykat Mon 01-Oct-12 23:00:41

I'd nominate Pickles77 because shes just had a littlePickle and is trying so hard to keep things together.. Also SoleSource because shes a sweetheart.

I tend to buy flowers for myself about once a month, but am lucky because i have lots in my garden to cut too. Love having the additional colours and lovely smell in the house.

I dislike Carnations, see them as typical old lady flowers and garage bought from those that forgot.
Love Stargazer lilies and big spearlike Glads.

I tend to buy the flowers i like for friends, we tend to have similar tastes.. Never buy flowers for my mum as she grows them for a living, loves really tricky flowers and is an expert, so typical shop brought types don't do much for her.

dysfunctionalme Mon 01-Oct-12 23:14:54

I would like to nominate springydaffs for consistently providing very kind, thoughtful and insightful posts, especially in Relationships. She is the best sort of MN'r who really does make a difference in others' lives, simply by being kind and helpful. She just sounds really nice and I'm all for acknowledging kindness.

Flowers? My children bring me flowers from the garden. I rarely send flowers as I don't have much money, but just last week did for the children's Brownie leader who is a very special person.

Tiggles Mon 01-Oct-12 23:44:38

There are lots of people on the Children with Special Needs board who I could nominate, however at this particular point in time coff33pot with an extra bunch for her poor DD, and *Amberleaf *spring to mind. I am thinking a big bunch of cheerful sunflowers.

I never buy flowers for myself as it seems too big a luxury, although I sometimes buy them as a thankyou present for friends or family.

Jinsei Mon 01-Oct-12 23:47:38

I would like to nominate MrsDeVere because I luff her. smile I have never met her, but she is full of wisdom, has an amazing spirit and inspires me in so many ways.

But I also think Hecate, AnyFucker and Flowery are each very deserving - Hecate because she has so much compassion and common sense, AF because of the honest and excellent advice on the Relationships board and Flowery because of the amazing amount of time and expertise that she shares so generously on the employment boards and because she has the right name.

I'm sure there are many other deserving posters too. Sorry that they can't all receive flowers.

ripsishere Tue 02-Oct-12 01:56:46

I'd like to nominate Fritzzy the wolf. She is having a properly hard time with various things, yet still remains optimistic.
Also, a second vote for FrankWippery. She opened her house to me and my DD earlier this year.
Frittz should get some lovely brightly colored flowers, gerbera and anemones, also something with some scent.
Frank should get either white or very pale cream roses - she is classy.
I seldom send flowers, I normally get a shrub or pot plant delivered. I never ever receive flowers. I don't even have a vase.

MadameOvary Tue 02-Oct-12 06:28:46

I'd nominate UnlikelyAmazonian who as others said is going through a tough time, Anyfucker because she rocks the relationships board, and I can't believe no ones mentioned OhYouBadBadKitten for her weather threads.

My views on flowers? I'd much rather see them growing as I object to harvesting something so beautiful just for the sake of aesthetics. So I'd rather buy a plant.

It doesn't mean however that I don't accept they are an established cultural norm and a universally recognised gesture of thanks/support.

I'd like to nominate sirboobsalot as she is going through a rough time and could do with cheering up.

Also MrsDeVere because she is luffly

And d0oinmycleaning because she is very helpful to posters in the doghouse, and very funny as well.

needanswers Tue 02-Oct-12 07:55:26

Another vote for the woolly hugs team, and also "thingsthatmakeyougohummm", who has opened her heart and past to try to help me.
I used to buy flowers every week before I got skint, I love big big lilies and cala lillies

I don't like filler flowers, chrysanthemums etc,

I rarely send flowers, more likely to send a plant/cupcakes these days

I try to pick flowers based on colours and mostly send lilies/sunflowers if I do send any

I dont know what my friends fav flowers are other than those who love lilies, and my mum, I always go to Asdas the day after any special day and they have huge bunches at 75% off, always, easter, mothers day, christmas, valentines day, it invariable so we have a large bunch each

I do often buy them if they have nice onces reduced when I am doing the shopping, so actually, I would say we have flowers up every couple of weeks in reality,

MadBusLady Tue 02-Oct-12 08:05:15

I also nominate SirBoobalot and I think she'd like restrained white/pale colours but a range of different, delicate flowers cos she will appreciate the detail. And with plenty of greenery too, restful on the eye.

Flowers for other people are very difficult though, I find. The person I buy flowers for most is my mum, and she has completely different taste to me - she likes much brighter colours, and more of a mix of colours, where I prefer single colour bouquets.

I would like to nominate Triplets on the D'ya ever threads. I have met her once in RL, many years ago, and she is lovely. She has been my shoulder to cry on, my support and my friend for over 20 years. Triplets is a strong, compassionate, amazing woman who deserves flowers even if 'just' for having teenage triplets <<bows down in respect for her friend>>.

This year has been a dreadful one for her, with the loss of her Mum being the worst part. I know she would really appreciate flowers......especially some that are bright and cheerful....maybe with a couple of sunflowers included.

Personally I love lillies, sunflowers and orange roses.

16muddypaws Tue 02-Oct-12 10:54:18

I think Trazzletoes should get the flowers as she is going through a real tough time at the moment with her 3 year old currently in hospital with tumours possibly cancerous - i think she needs to know we are all thinking about them

LadySybildeChocolate Tue 02-Oct-12 11:11:17

Oh, Val. It's a pleasure. smile

Teladi Tue 02-Oct-12 13:07:45

I also agree with the votes for the Woolly Hug ladies.

~ How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them.

My MIL often brings flowers around when she visits which is lovely, although I hope she doesn't feel like she has to. I think flowers bring a fresh feel to a room. I find them a special gesture which makes you feel valued.

~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?

I do, particularly as a short-notice gift, because I know they will be well received and it is easy to arrange purchase and delivery online.

~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.

I usually pick what I think is the prettiest at the price point I am buying at.

~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?

No I have no idea!

Hullygully Tue 02-Oct-12 16:05:51

I would like some for Hullygully because she really is a bit special in so many ways.

BellaVita Tue 02-Oct-12 16:10:57

I think FrankWippery should get some flowers.

She invited 3 of us to stay over the weekend of the MN Shindig despite her being in absolute agony with an abscess.

I also would like to nominate RatherBeOnThePiste and Knotty because they are bloody superstars with the MN Wooly Hugs and I think they are FABULOUS!!!! (p.s. they also have the best tartan pj's....)

Poledra Tue 02-Oct-12 16:17:33

I would like to nominate nickeldaisical, as she was so helpful to me when I was trying to track down a book for DD1. She found the nearest possible thing, sent it to me with a little necklace she had 'lying around' and all in just over a week. Given her nickname, it should be some lovely gerbera daisies smile

I love getting scented flowers but don't often get them. My MIL is the person who most often sends me flowers and I really appreciate it. I send flowers to both my mother and MIL, and tend to base my decision on scent - most flowers are beautiful, but I prefer to have fragrance as well.

Lizzylou Tue 02-Oct-12 16:19:03

I would like to nominate Superbof and Expatinscotland for flowers, both are intelligent and thoughtful posters who bear bad times with grace.

I love lilies, orchids and iris.

My Grandmother's favourite flowers were iris and my Mother's are yellow roses.

I never buy cut flowers but do like a lot of flowering plants in my garden.

Monty27 Tue 02-Oct-12 16:20:15

Anyfucker deffo, brilliant mner.

nickeldaisical Tue 02-Oct-12 16:20:19

aww, pol blush

HecateHarshPants Tue 02-Oct-12 16:27:02

Can we only nominate one? There's so many who really deserve a big bunch of flowers. I feel mean only nominating one.

Bellavita, she's so kind and thoughtful. sent me a lovely pressie when I was having an op

Chaos, so much fun and another one with a heart as big as a bucket.

anyfucker - straight talking, no crap taken and oh my, if you're a woman having man trouble, she's right there by your side giving you strength.

Parsleythelioness - so caring, I can't tell you how caring!

I could go on all day! There's just loads!!! I feel guilty for even trying to choose!

Kveta Tue 02-Oct-12 16:54:07

tiktok for services to novice breast feeders! seriously cannot thank her enough for the advice she has given, not only to me, but also advice to others which has then been very helpful to me, over the past 3 years!

Iggly for her helpful sleep advice.

McKayz for being an amazing mum (seriously, 3 kids, one a newborn, with DH out of the country for long periods of time - I couldn't do it!)

and obviously the woolly hugs ladies smile

BellaVita Tue 02-Oct-12 17:43:24

Hecate blush thanks

guineapiglet Tue 02-Oct-12 18:02:54

I would love to send some to*simbo*- for being such a wonderful support last year whilst we were moving house and my daughter was so unwell. When we moved she sent me lots of delicious coffee, so as we are now so far away, I would like to send her a wonderful, colourful bouquet to say thankyou - she loves bright colours and fragrant flowers, freesieas, gerberas, roses etc. I could not have managed the past year without her support.

I adore having fresh flowers but sadly pollen makes me sneeze, so I fill up with tulips in the spring, absolutely addicted to their amazing bendy shapes and colours, - love having them in the house. I usually buy an unusual plant for the summer, some lovely daisies or lilies to keep outside in pots.

Badvoc Tue 02-Oct-12 18:04:05

So many....for so many reasons....

izzy for total and uncompromising support for people in appalling relationships.
She needs something strong, proud and dignified.
Gladioli (smile)

In fact I would like to scatter flower liberally around MN.
It has made me happy, sad, proud, comforted, solved problems, made me laugh more than I could believe possible, introduced me to people I would never have met and is the first thing I read in the morning and the last thing at night.

Perhaps justineMN should have some flowers for providing us with this wonderful place to meet.

Ooh, so justineMN needs NASTURTIUMS, they are prolific, cheerful, don't mind where they grow, you can EAT Them, they come back year after year, they provide food for babies (caterpillars) and I can't be without them smile

I send flowers about 4-5 times a month, for birthdays, thank yours, get wells and congratulations. I love to receive flowers and. Know the joy they bring.

I send flowers according to what is appropriate for the person I send to. Eg: DDad is allergic to Lillies, so I never send them to DMUm. One friend HATES roses because they remind her of her BAD marriage etcetc.

My best friend is a gardener, so I have to send her something unusual and thoughtful a nd is tricky.
My Dsis is VERY minimalist, so she needs flowers of all one colour, or architectural plants. In spring she gets dozens of tulips, all the same colour.

I did try to play the game but a) I was a bit cross about half naked 'boys' they think I am STUPID and will buy more flowers if you show me bimboys?
b) the site kept kicking me off sad

There are so many I could nominate - some of whom have already been mentioned, such as AnyFucker and GentleOtter.

But also RustyBear, a lovely MNer who is just sensible, kind and nice.

I'm afraid I don't have much experience of flowers other than the plastic Playmobil variety, but my owner's Mum (SoMuchToBits) says she thinks carnations and gypsophila are nice. She never buys flowers for herself (she would think it a bit of an extravagance) and rarely receives any. She did have some from a lovely friend for her 50th birthday last year though.

She usually only sends them for occasions (birthdays, having a baby etc) rather than buying them for anybody else just because. But maybe she should, maybe it would brighten up someone's day.

I don't really know what her family like in the way of flowers - one of her sisters gets hay fever so isn't keen, the other one doesn't often have flowers, and her Mum was always a bit anti (waste of money, when you could grow them, but sadly SoMuch isn't much of a gardener and unintentionally kills most plants! sad)

I'd nominate sirboobalot A lovely, lovely lady, a fab Mum and just needs a little reminder that people care, a lot.

And also MrsDeVere Just because she is amazing, her posts are always funny, yet still interesting and her strength amazes me.

I think something lovely, bright and vibrant would be right for both of them. Possible Gerberas.

I very, very rarely, if ever, get given flowers sad I tend to buy them for myself from local supermarket when they're reduced and on their last legs!

I LOVE sending them, mostly just to cheer somebody up if I know they're having a tough time or they are ill. There aren't any flowers I particularly dislike although I prefer bright colours.

I know most of my families favourite flowers, well the women anyway. Favourites with them are Sunflowers, Gerberas, Freesias and Daffodils.

Juule Wed 03-Oct-12 08:50:41

Maryz for being tenacious in supporting parents struggling with the day to day reality of living with drug addicted children.

hollie25 Wed 03-Oct-12 12:08:05

I'd send larrygrylls a triffid.


GentleOtter Wed 03-Oct-12 12:11:01

MyNameIsInigoMontoya, ICutMyFootOnOccamsRazor and AgentProvocateur, thank you for thinking about me.

MmeLindor, I am moved to tears at the words you wrote. It was a huge boost to read that (and coincidentally, ds and I were making pictures of sunflowers). thanks

I wish I could send great armfuls of sweetly scented flowers to all of you.

Bladderama Wed 03-Oct-12 12:47:17

My nomination is for surewoman who is on the fallen fanjo thread to receive some scented pink lillies. She has offered constant advice and support to many of us on the threads as we struggle through our journeys and has been an absolute inspiration to us all.

I only tend to buy flowers for family and have them delivered to them. I also have flowers sent to me by family and love both giving and receiving them they are a personal and indulgent gift that brightens up any-ones day.
I really really dislike carnations.

I do choose flowers to suit who I am sending them to, the time of year and reason for sending them so that the gift remains personal and well thought out.

I do know my best friends favourite flower it is white lillies, they always remind me of her.

KnottyLocks or RatherbeonthePiste - for the huge amount of work that they have done and are doing for the Woolly Hugs and Mini hugs - they are absolute stars, and I would send them a bouquet of white stargazer lilies, roses and baby's breath - all white like the stars they are.

LemonBreeland Wed 03-Oct-12 13:52:27

I'd like to nominate ExpatinScotland because of the terrbile time she has been through recently. Maybe she would like to take them to her DD.

How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them.

I din't get them very often, so if DH buys me flowers it feels quite special. I never buy them for myself. I don't like carnations, or the lilies with loads of pollen as they smell too strongly.

I rarely send flowers as a gift, although should maybe do it more often for older members of the family who are hard to buy for and have everything.

I'm not sure which flowers my friends and family like, so would pick something for them which I feel is pretty.

cat Wed 03-Oct-12 14:17:58

I nom Knotty and Pistey for all their Wooly work

I spoke to them both at the meetup on Saturday and they get about 100 PMs a day re the project! 100 PMs a day!!

And they work and have families and still do the Wooly stuff for love.

They are very lovely.

And have inspired me to try and knit.


Iamcalledclaire Wed 03-Oct-12 14:22:04

I'd like to nominate Kewcumber, as for so many years she has been on here with her such wise kind sensible advice. I think she deserves to be recognised. whenever I see her posts I know it will finally be the voice of reason. I think she's wonderful.

Second nomination would be BoF. She is very funny, I love her posts which puncture the pomposity the pomposity of the rest of us so often. But more than that she has been so kind to me on more than one occasion and PMed me to say something reassuring. I've always been under different names, so a 'no one' to her, and I've appreciated those small kindnesses so much.

Id like to send them both bouquets of cream coloured hydrangeas with palest pink roses. And a card that says thank you.

PostBellumBugsy Wed 03-Oct-12 14:22:59

Expat - I think of her, her family & her daughter so often.

PostBellumBugsy Wed 03-Oct-12 14:28:08

Ooops, realised I should have added more.

So, Expat - as I think of her, her family & her daughter so often. I think she'd like really bright colours, and maybe a Scottish thistle thrown in for patriotism.

How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them. I get given flowers a couple of times a year. I love all flowers and it I love receiving them & giving them.

~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this? Can't afford to send flowers routinely, but I do from time to time, when I know they'll be appreciated.

~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like. I prefer to send seasonal flowers where possible.

~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like? I have no idea what are the favourite flowers of my friends or family.

I nominate DreamingOfPeace as she has had hardly any sleep for months. While pregnant with twins she had sleeping problems with her DD and now the twins are here they are not sleeping either. She has also been very unlucky with lots of sickness bugs and as her DH works long hours she can't get as much help from him as she would like. Despite all the difficulties she has faced, she always has time for others and I think she is just a lovely, lovely person.

We'd also like you to post your thoughts below on flowers - for example.......
~ How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them. Very rarely, I feel silly buying them for myself and nobody buys them for me. I don't like scented flowers or pink ones but like most others. Flowers are a lovely way to brighten the place up

~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?
Usually for my Gran as she doesn't want things for presents and loves flowers

~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like. I know very little about flowers so just pick something that looks nice and fits in my budget. Hopefully they like what I get

~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like? I have no idea what they like sad It isn't something we really talk about

ledkr Wed 03-Oct-12 15:27:58

Id like to nominate blizy She was on our ante natal thread and her little girl Zoe unfortunately died. She has remained on our post natal thread sharing her feelings with us all as well as being supportive when we have been struggling.
Brave and lovely lady.

rubycon Wed 03-Oct-12 16:13:55

deffo Knottylocks, PurplePidjin and RatherBeOnThePiste

they keep me occupied and away from the kitchen (sometimes!)

perfectstorm Wed 03-Oct-12 20:02:33

Anyfucker because she is indeed amazing on the Relationships board and has been for yonks.

Flowery for the employment law help.

I think all the mothers on the bereavement threads who have lost children are worthy candidates. I don't know how active that thread is (don't want to lurk, as it seems intrusive) but I would really support all getting some from MN in general, if possible.

I send flowers really often, because I think nothing lifts the spirits in the same way. I tend to send natural flowers that could grow in this country, but I do send exotics if I think a friend would love them more. I don't get them for myself often as it is such an indulgence, but I do spring bulbs - especially hyacinths, snowdrops, daffs etc - as it seems a way of remembering spring is coming!

I wish lily of the valley were less ruinous. They're so beautiful.

Jux Wed 03-Oct-12 21:03:25

VicarInaTutu. Does a really tough job and has been fielding some horribly difficult and emotional (and sometimes thoughtless) posts on a few threads recently. She's always thoughtful, kind and very patient. I know she feels it deeply though. In fact, she can have some flowers now thanksthanks but please send her some real ones. I have no idea what her favourite flower is, but I think she would enjoy something colourful and bright, with a good scent.

My favourite flowers are snowdrops, but I like lily of the valley and honeysuckle too.

I couldn't do the 'game'. It was just too vile and patronising.

The last flowers I received were for my brother's death, a few years ago. I received several very large bouquets which were lovely, and made me smile whenever I went past them. As people seemed to have coordinated over it, the arrivals were staggered so as one was drooping another would arrive, so there were massive bouquets on the landing for what seemed like months!

I was given a rose tree when my mum died; I gave a rose tree when one of my cousins married.

I send flowers when I think someone needs cheering up, or for a birthday particularly a landmark one, or for other special occasions particularly for elderly relatives, or for deaths, or for a thank you or for an 'I'm thinking of you'.

Our garden has something like 6 different roses in it, and a lot of honeysuckle. I do cut particularly beautiful roses and have them in a vase in the kitchen or sitting room. I particularly like them when they've dried out and gone that lovely sepia colour with just a hint of the original colour in the petals. I have vases of dead flowers (mainly roses) all over the place!

I don't know people's favourite flowers as a general rule, my dh likes roses; so does my dd but mainly because they're good to draw!

OrangeImperialGoldBlether Wed 03-Oct-12 21:51:56

I'd like to nominate three people.

izzyizin and Anyfucker on the Relationships threads for giving such fantastic advice. They're amazing.

The other is bonnielilsister - she's a foster carer who's also a single mum. She's just had to give up a baby she'd cared for from birth to adoption and is about to take another little one through the adoption process. She loves those children as her own and it must be the hardest job to send them out into the world.

KurriKurri Wed 03-Oct-12 21:55:00

I'd like to nominate MaryAnnSingleton for a bouquet, and I think she would like something colourful with a lovely scent, - roses perhaps.

MaryAnn was really the reason I joined mumsnet. She started the Tamoxifen thread for those of us who have been affected by breast cancer, - I was looking for support after my diagnosis, and found it with the group of fabulous women on that thread.

Since the start - where there were just a few of us posting regularly, the Tamoxifen thread has grown and helped huge numbers of women, some leave when their treatment is finished and they return to normal life, others stay on to support those at the beginning of their journey.

But MaryAnn is always there offering her kindness and love to those going through diagnosis and treatment. Over the past few years, she has become very dear to me, I count her as a true friend and an inspiration.

At present she is going through a very difficult time, and further cancer treatment, but despite this she remains her usual calm, funny, caring self.

She deserves as much support as she has always shown to others.

My thoughts on flowers

~ How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them.

I love getting flowers, they cheer me up enormously. My favourites are freesias, for their scent. I'd like to get flowers more often, (hint hint DH grin)

~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?

I often send them as a gift, especially to family members, either for birthdays, anniversaries or when someone has been ill. Or just when I haven't seen someone for a long time.

~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.

I usually try to pick what I know are their favourite flowers, and I usually choose for fragrance.

~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?

My best friend loves anything big and dramatic, because that's the type of person she is, - and her house is always full of flowers.

My mother likes anything which smells nice, but not lilies because they make her sneeze.

CelineMcBean Wed 03-Oct-12 22:00:57

Erm, lots of great posters mentioned who totally deserve some flowers but really do not deserve to be associated with that dodgy campaign with the semi-naked men. Bit insulting no?

funnyperson Thu 04-Oct-12 06:17:10

I nominate chocol8 because she needs cheering up because her son has serious special needs and she herself is very ill, too ill sometimes to even get help so she needs someone to tell her she can do it she will pull through and we are thinking of her and here are some flowers just for her because we know she is out there somewhere and wish her well even if she doesn't post because she cant face it.

philden Thu 04-Oct-12 08:18:59

I would like to nominate SARAH BROWN she does so much to help bring some sunshine into the lives of many kids across the globe I think she should receive some huge sunflowers

I totally agree celine. It is DREADFUL and patronising and made me cross and put me OFF buying flowers, as the message seemed to be 'if you buy flowers, bimboys will appear' or something.
And I LOVE flowers

CelineMcBean Thu 04-Oct-12 10:55:29

Oh thank goodness. I was beginning to think it was only me Norks. I can't believe MN would associate with such a campaign. It's insulting to women and men that a few scantily clad chaps might make us buy something. Ffs appeal to our intelligence or even our vanity, but not some tacky reverse sexism.

or just 'flowers make people happy, please buy more flowers'
that would be fine

CelineMcBean Thu 04-Oct-12 11:12:30


BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Thu 04-Oct-12 11:16:00

JazzAnonMouse I think she's called. She's had a bad year with her DH having a brain tumour.

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Thu 04-Oct-12 11:17:13

Can anyone confirm JazzAnn proper name please? Her user name I mean. I thnk she'd like some roses.

ICutMyFootOnOccamsRazor Thu 04-Oct-12 16:26:27

I also tried to play the flowers game but was first incredibly put off by the gratuitous half naked men (how demeaning!) and was then kicked off the webpage as it kept freezing.

A big fail all round.

Jux Thu 04-Oct-12 17:11:36

Yeah, I said in my post upthread how vile and patronising it was.
Moreover, the flowers are far too small to tell which ones you like best except by colour. The whole thing's a no-no.

MNHQ, why?

CelineMcBean Thu 04-Oct-12 17:14:44

I posted a thread in site stuff and Helen is apparently looking into it.

But really, you'd think someone at MNHQ might raise an eyebrow or two before allowing such sexist tripe <<boggles>>

Jux Thu 04-Oct-12 17:40:33

Quite. Well done, Celine.

moosemama Thu 04-Oct-12 18:08:36

I would like to nominate Coff33pot and StarlightMcKenzie from the SN boards.

Coff33 because she is the most amazing mother, who has been going through such a tough time recently and as ouryve said it would help to remind her that there are lots of people on here who care and think about her a lot. I think sunflowers for her, because they are the smiles of the flower world.

StarlightMcKenzie, because again, she is an amazing mother and also because she has always taken the time to offer the most amazing, down-to-earth advice to countless worried parents over on SNs, even when in the thick of her own issues and fights. (Not to mentions she has always been so patient with me when I have been having wobbles and panics, when if I was her I would want to give me a virtual slap to snap me out of it! grin) I think she would like a simple, yet elegant arrangement with no fuss.

Personally, I am going to go against the grain here and say I don't like receiving flowers. My family think I am very odd for it (and I probably am) but I much prefer to receive a living plant than flowers. I do however, appreciate how much pleasure they bring to other people and for that reason I still buy them for others.

As the OP said, I take the trouble to find out what the favourite flowers of my friends and family are and go out of my way to find those particular blooms when buying flowers for them.

Sunnywithachanceofshowers Thu 04-Oct-12 18:44:48

I'd like to nominate 2:

Anyfucker for her amazing advice on the Relationship boards;

Mouseface for supporting so many people on the Brave Babes Battle Bus thread, which she does with grace and humour despite facing her own challenges.

I'd send AF a bunch of something colourful, beautiful and strong flowers - perhaps a huge bunch of Birds of Paradise.

For Mouse, I would choose a massive bunch of yellow flowers that reflect her sunny personality.

I would like to nominate the ladies behind the Woolly Hugs project. Knottylocks, PurplePidjin, tribpot and RatherBeOnThePiste smile. they've done great work in getting us motivated to help.

IvanaNap Thu 04-Oct-12 22:46:20

I put this on 'watching' to get round to posting!

I would nominate AnyFucker - she gives sound advice, never fluffs about and ultimately always has the OP's best interests at heart. I also would hazard a guess that she has plenty on IRL (who doesn't) but doesn't let that influence / impede / alter her posts. Plus, I think she has a gentle side that would love some flowers, but don't tell her I said that wink

For some reason the really deep velvet colour roses came to mind - a strong colour for a strong woman, but a classic in terms of flower choice kiss ass - Like this

Then again, I'd love to be a fly on the wall if you sent her these (- wtf?! hmm grin )

I'll ponder the rest of the ''thoughts on flowers'' bit...

BoffinMum Fri 05-Oct-12 15:57:57

scottishmummy for being just about the most down to earth person I have ever encountered on a forum. She cuts right through any nonsense and waffle and invariably steers threads to the light.

CMOTDibbler Fri 05-Oct-12 20:22:56

I'd like to nominate Cupofteaplease after a year (so far and lets hope for many more) caring for the totally gorgeous Bea who has so many challenges. I think she'd like something very colourful with gerberas and daisies.
And trinityrhino who keeps battling on - I think she'd like roses.

BellaVita Fri 05-Oct-12 20:40:03

I met Cupoftea last week CMOT, she is absolutely gorgeous and delightful and very young looking envy

horsebiscuit Fri 05-Oct-12 22:45:42

I'd like to nominate Tiktok. It's because of her great advice that DD2 is ebf, after a rocky rocky time with DD1. If nothing else she has parbly saved me about £150 on formula so far. Something cheery please, as people are sometimes rude to her sad but she is always patient and kind back. Those expensive furry flowers would do the trick.

StepAwayFromTheORANGECakes Sun 07-Oct-12 14:05:04

trazzletoes should have something long lasting and cheery as she has just had a diagnosis of cancer on her 3 year old and is facing a long road of treatments.

How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, i buy myself freesias or lilies on the odd ocaision when I can afford it and feel like a treat
what you love about flowers,* the smells and colours and sheer beauty of the petals when you look really closely*
any variety you dislike,* those little daffodil type that stink.. stocks?*
what it means to you to get flowers or to send them. it always feels like someone is thinking of me or me them when I send them
Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?
I send them for Mother's Day and birthdays to my mum, and sometimes in between to cheer her up. (lost my dad in June sad
Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.
What I think they'll like usually or simply by the colours.
Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? my best friend loves roses,How do you know? she grows them and says how lovely they are.
What about your family - what do they like? my mum loves freesias best because of the smell, and large crysanths cos they remind her of my dad who used to grow / show them.

MrsjREwing Sun 07-Oct-12 14:09:17

couthymow, she posts looking for help for others, is supportive to others and has a lot of health problems for herself and her dc.

Beautiful smelling flowers like lillies are my suggestion.

Ok, have had time to think and my nominatins are, the knitting crew for obvious reasons what an amazing bunch of woman. MaryZ always gives fantastic advice on the teenage boards (she needs to write an advice book) and bupcakes, I love the fact that she stands her own when on a thread and backs down to no one, with a great sense of humour,

Bright colourful flowers (not the nasty artifice blue ones tho grin) ooh yes wild flowers like cornflowers and poppies.

BigBroomstickBIWI Sun 07-Oct-12 14:39:49

Why do people dye flowers that horrible blue colour? Flowers are so beautiful, they don't need to be treated like that.

TirednessKills Sun 07-Oct-12 16:05:03

Coff33pot could really do with some flowers right now...

We don't usually have flowers in the house thanks to dp and ds having hayfever, but I'll buy anemones if I see them because I love them and have never managed to grow them.

MaryAnnSingleton is the lovely MNer I would like to nominate for flowers. She is going through a tough time at the moment and is maintaining her good humour.
As for flowers - autumnal shades, yellows and oranges. Nothing artificial though...

I love flowers. Never buy any for myself due to the cost (dh does not buy them for me either, for the same reason)
I adore tulips and my favourite are the deep purple ones. Had a massive bunch of those as my bridal bouquet!

Springhasarrived Mon 08-Oct-12 08:16:57

I nominate Izzyin for her amazingly strong and supportive advice on the Relationships board. She is inspiring.

I buy flowers for myself when I can afford it, and also for friends birthdays (if I think they are flower people) as well as Mothers Day.

I love flowers that smell wonderful.

SamsGoldilocks Tue 09-Oct-12 20:21:50

So who were the three winners then?

nickeldaisical Wed 10-Oct-12 13:20:25

it's closed but MNHQ haven't even been back to say it's closed.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 10-Oct-12 13:53:00

Sorry - just selecting winners and will post names asap

MrsjREwing Thu 11-Oct-12 07:13:59


AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 16-Oct-12 14:36:18

Drum roll had to be Knottylocks PurplePidjin and RatherBeOnThePiste for the flowers. I am messaging them now! thanks


BigBroomstickBIWI Tue 16-Oct-12 14:41:36

Fantastic thanks

greengoose Tue 16-Oct-12 14:48:14

Great news!!!

MrsKwaHaHaHaAzii Tue 16-Oct-12 15:24:45

Very well deserved thanks too! grin

IvanaNap Tue 16-Oct-12 15:31:18

Ah well deserved.
Will they get these?


nickeldaisical Tue 16-Oct-12 16:57:41

yeay! grin

they will be very chuffedchuffedychuffed with them! grin

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 16-Oct-12 17:05:18

Awwwww... I have just seen this and I am so touched and rather choked up too!

Thank you so much. Honestly we do the bit we do, tis such a big team, wish we could share with all the amazing and inspiring Blanketeers. They are all stars, the lot of them.

Thank you for thinking of us X

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 16-Oct-12 17:07:22

And I'm definitely "chuffedchuffedychuffed" definitely that, thank you X grin

nickeldaisical Tue 16-Oct-12 17:08:25

and a loon, so it works rather well grin

you deserve them

BellaVita Tue 16-Oct-12 17:24:28


KnottyLocks Tue 16-Oct-12 17:41:46


I concur with Pistey smile

The blankets really wouldn't happen without our lovely bunch of blanketeers.

Bless you for nominating us thanks

Am very very touched x

I'd also Like to thank my hairdresser .

BellaVita Tue 16-Oct-12 17:48:22

grin Knotty! grin at hairdresser!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 16-Oct-12 19:24:07

KnottyLocks - don't forget to pm me with all details.....wink

KnottyLocks Tue 16-Oct-12 19:25:16

Ann, sorry but my hairdresser quite understandably wishes to remain anonymous .

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 16-Oct-12 23:20:31

knotty - you will still be anon on the boards...just send me your details and I can get the actual flowers sent out to you..! No one will know except me and the flower company

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 16-Oct-12 23:22:37

Ignore me...message rec'd

KnottyLocks Tue 16-Oct-12 23:25:14


KnottyLocks Tue 16-Oct-12 23:26:33

The hairdresser threw you, didn't she?

Tis her usual style... Obv.

yani Wed 17-Oct-12 10:29:35

Fantastic! I nominated you all grin
Congratulations and WELL DESERVED

Wolfcub Thu 18-Oct-12 06:48:00

really pleased to see that all three will get a bunch

RatherBeOnThePiste Sat 20-Oct-12 17:57:04

lovely Ann of Mumsnet, my flowers are here, they are truly beautiful <sniff>

Thank you once again X

BigBroomstickBIWI Sat 20-Oct-12 17:59:43

Hurrah! <sniffs>

Take a picture for us, Pistey!

goygoy Sun 21-Oct-12 08:24:31

Ahhh, just seen this smile So glad you all got flowers, thoroughly deserved! thanks

KnottyLocks Sun 21-Oct-12 15:47:13

I have my flowers too and a room that smells gorgeous <happy days> smile

Very, very lovely, thank you. thanks

BigBroomstickBIWI Sun 21-Oct-12 15:50:06


AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 21-Oct-12 19:43:36

smile hurrah!

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