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Let's talk football - what are your pre-season predictions? Who will the heroes and villains be?

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TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 01-Aug-12 17:41:48

It's hard to believe but the new football season is nearly upon us and we wanted to hear what you think about it! This thread will be live through the whole season and we're hoping that you'll use it as a place to share your thoughts and discuss the big stories. We're not doing this on behalf of any companies as such, but we may share some of your comments (anonymously of course) with some of the football clubs as we're looking to do some more work with them on their family offerings.

This one is for Mumsnetters and Dadsnetters who are football fans - we'd like as many of you as possible to get involved. Sadly there's no prize draw for taking part but we're hoping you'll enjoy there being an official home of football chat on MN/Dadsnet (we're stickying this on the Dadsnet talk topic too).

Feel free to discuss anything on the football theme here but here are a few starters for ten:
~ After such a dramatic end to last season how do you think this season is going to pan out? Who are going to be the heroes and villains, the winners and losers?
~ How are you going to enjoy the games? Are you planning to watch on TV or go to the matches? What makes match days special for you?
~ Is it important to you and your family to have the right kit/supporters gear or not? Do you think it takes more time/money/dedication to be a 'proper' fan these days or is it the same commitment as ever!?
~ How do your children feel about professional football and footballers? Do they feel inspired? What happens when footballers are not so well behaved (on or off the pitch) - does this rub off on your little ones? Any aspiring Beckhams in your family?

If you're a MNer or Dadsnetter who likes to share your opinion, then why not join our parents research panel, for more opportunities to take part in surveys, product tests, go to events and join sponsored discussions. Please click here to sign up. If you've already signed up then no need to do so again.

Thanks in advance and you'll never walk alone!

BedHog Wed 01-Aug-12 18:21:23

Well I'll be avoiding it as much as possible!!! grin

SweetGrapes Wed 01-Aug-12 18:25:35

Loved the women's football on the Other than that, I'll be keeping away too.

habbibu Wed 01-Aug-12 18:30:41

Who is this sponsored by? Feels a bit weird having topics set for discussion.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 01-Aug-12 18:46:53

habbibu - Helen has explained in the first paragraph - we're just picking your brains as we're hoping to work for some clubs soon.

Lilyloo Wed 01-Aug-12 18:56:09

Dp and d's have a season ticket for Man City, I would love one but couldn't afford for me and the girls to have one.
I would love the season to continue in the way it ended. smile
We usually buy d's the new season kit for Xmas as it's so expensive.
Yes d's plays for two football teams and there is a lot of copied behaviour on the pitches!

FasterHigherBeardierDaddyman Wed 01-Aug-12 18:58:58

Let's hope that Chelsea don't steal champions league places from teams that have worked hard to qualify for them this season.

Come on you spurs!

<weeps for the loss of Harry>

Tee2072 Wed 01-Aug-12 18:59:17

What is this football you speak of? I am also hearing tell of some large event known as the Olympics.

Are these sports things?


KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 01-Aug-12 19:03:40

Sunderland will do the treble . Fact.

FasterHigherBeardierDaddyman Wed 01-Aug-12 19:14:11

ken do you mean lose their first fa cup game, their first league cup game and get relegated?

03angels Wed 01-Aug-12 19:22:00

Ha ken keep dreaming grin

I reckon newcastles going to be in the top 3 this season grin

Dh and ds have already purchased their first ticket of the season today for Man City V QPR. They were there for the last game of the season and still riding high.

I used to be a regular city attendee at Maine Road but to be honest we just can't afford for us all to go. I went once last season and season tickets are a pipe dream. So I had the joy of attending games in places like Lincoln, Grimsby and Swindon and I am now watching the glory days from afar!

Ds is 6 and isn't yet affected by wanting the latest kit. To be honest dh is desperate to buy him the new kit but ds says it's horrible and he doesn't want it! He doesn't like the badge. He may be swayed though as he adores our bad boy Super Mario and wants a shirt with his name on.

Not sure what my hopes are for this season. Lots of none city fans have told me that they can see us dominating the game for years now united style and I don't think I'd want that. I want ds to appreciate and not expect. I'd hate for him to get that unpleasant entitled attitude we've been on the wrong end of for years.

GoTeamkozy Wed 01-Aug-12 19:51:32

Is this thread open to those of us who prefer their football spectating to be of a lower standard of football? The people around are usually nicer at non-league level, and at least when you're watching rubbish at The Dripping Pan you can have a lovely pint of Harveys while you do. smile

DH and DS1 have season tickets for Manchester City. We were going to have to let it go this season as we are broke, but my DM bough the tickets this season as a thank you for all the help DH has given her recently.

DH has been a fan for years, and I am by adoption. I have loads of memories of sitting in the Gene Kelly watching Andy Morrison. Shaun Goater and Jamie Pollok play.

We are the only Blues in a family of Reds!

They would like the kit, but it's too expensive this time, so DS might get the shirt as a Christmas present.

I hope City with the Premiership again, and have a European Cup run.

OatyBeatie Wed 01-Aug-12 20:18:15

Agree, habbibu. It has been very interesting over the last couple of years to see MN morph from a grassroots discussion board to something routinely massaged and harvested for various copy-hungry purposes. It seems weirdly poised between talk forum and woman's magazine these days.

slacklucy Wed 01-Aug-12 20:21:45

West Ham will do the treble!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 01-Aug-12 20:52:52

GoTeamkozy - oh yes all views welcome (from whoever you support)

Tigerbomb Wed 01-Aug-12 21:19:10

The Baggies will keep boinging grin

KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 01-Aug-12 21:26:06

Come and join the football thread on dadsnet people.....

I feel a bit nervous as I support Portsmouth who are teetering on the brink of oblivion, I have been supporting them for 30 odd years and thought I had seen everything. I don't go regularly any more (was a season ticket holder pre DCs but couldn't justify either the money or the time spent travelling/attending since then). I have been going with the same set of friends, parking in the same street, meeting in the same pub for the whole of that time, a lot of tradition there. I occasionally take DS (8) who is obsessed by football and I love that he is continuing the tradition, although he supports another team, I am hoping to take DD (6) soon as well, if they stay in business.

As for all the associated stuff, replica shirts etc are expensive, we buy them in the end of season sales, the DCs haven't twigged about wanting the latest versions yet. They only wear them for playing football or going to games. We buy scarves etc as Christmas presents.

We've skirted round most of the off the pitch bad behaviour so far, but will have to deal with that as the DCs get older.

I absolutely love football and have since I was a kid.
I am a man united supporter, my husband is a liverpool supporter, and our 8mo is apparently a Liverpool supporter but he will see sense when he grows up.

I love to go to games, though don't get to often, and love to watch the matched with dh on the telly. Can't beat a big of sky sports super Sunday.

My prediction is that united will win the league. No way will the allow city to do it again, can't happen.

I also think Brendan rogers will do a good job at Liverpool- top 5 finish.

I think the league will finish:


Can not wait for the league to start.

HellenicGamesMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 01-Aug-12 21:49:54


West Ham will do the treble!

In yer dreams, slacklucy <shows her Arsenal colours>

Excuse the spelling mistakes-silly phone

slacklucy Wed 01-Aug-12 22:00:08

Haha, but what have we got if we aint got dreams!
Arsenal.. are they that little club near Tottenham?

I'm for ever blowing bubbles.... pretty bubbles in the air....

FannyFifer Wed 01-Aug-12 23:09:28

Scottish season already underway.

zipzap Wed 01-Aug-12 23:19:23

hmmm. another one avoiding it as much as possible here. unfortunately ds1 likes playing it so I do end up taking him to the local footie team's summer football school some weeks in the summer which he enjoys. And to give them their due, they take the local educations side of things really seriously and it is very well run.

Luckily he doesn't really follow footie on the tv - mostly because if we have to endure sport on the tv then dh has the rugby on rather than footie - unless it is a really big game or the local team (which gets on occasionally but not too often).

winners - people selling new season kit for ridiculous prices and therefore making big profits
losers - chumps that spend crazy amounts on footie kits, all of which look horrid/stupid on. And that waste large chunks of their life shouting at the tv or following their team around the country.

life would be so much better if they just boarded up the goals and didn't bother. or if they had to do something they could come in and just do a penalty shoot out to decide the match without spending hours running around beforehand.

Not a big sport fan as you can probably tell...

Only4theOlympics Wed 01-Aug-12 23:35:11

I was gonna say something but I see Arsenal coulours have been shown at HQ. I am best off to keep my head down and wander off, trying not to draw attention to myself......Man U fan, cough, Man U fan, and I live in London, Cough

Metabilis3 Wed 01-Aug-12 23:39:49


Only4theolympics- you are not alone. I am also a united fan. And I live in London. (and im actually Scottish as well)

FasterHigherBeardierDaddyman Thu 02-Aug-12 07:57:14

Glory hunters wink

Arsenal will finish outside the bloody 'medals' again hmm

melliebobs Thu 02-Aug-12 08:58:17

After last seasons disastrous start hope itl be a bit better for arsenal. But with van persie on the way out I very much doubt it

But me n dd are ready for the start. Got her her first arsenal kit grin we are both excited

DevaDiva Thu 02-Aug-12 09:14:55

Looking forward to another great season. I'm a Man Utd supporter and up for beating the blues to it this year. Might take my DS (7) to his first premier league match this season since he enjoyed the Olympic football so much, slightly different crowd at league matches though hmm DH is a hammer so it will no doubt be a tense season or them!

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 02-Aug-12 10:44:29

Hi Oatybeatie - we do run a number of 'sponsored threads' which - in most cases are paid for by clients (this one isn't - it's just a brain pick/gauge to see level of interest in the topic). Sponsored threads are normally to gather tips on a topic from MNers. We know the community has great advice and tips and that for many folks, the main reason for visiting the site is to get advice and information on a wide range of topics. So whilst the companies who pay for these threads may well use these tips in other media channels, we hope they are also useful for members (for example the PelvicFloor Toner thread seemed to result in a number visiting their GP). Also we do make a massive effort to do three things: 1) clearly state what tips are going to be used for; 2) offer an incentive to as a means of saying thank you to a winner (or more than one); and 3) place the threads which are sponsored in a specific section of the site here so folks can easily see they are paid for and not just spam or snuck in somewhere.

HellenicGamesMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 02-Aug-12 11:07:13


Haha, but what have we got if we aint got dreams!
Arsenal.. are they that little club near Tottenham?

I'm for ever blowing bubbles.... pretty bubbles in the air....

<bans slacklucy>

Did enjoy the Bubbles at the Olympics Opening Ceremony though. Did you catch it?

slacklucy Thu 02-Aug-12 12:57:00

OK You win, I can live without westham not sure about MN though grin

BedHog Thu 02-Aug-12 13:13:51

'it's just a brain pick/gauge to see level of interest in the topic'

I think the fact that despite having top 'sticky' place for over 19 hours, the thread only has 35 posts, 6 of which are from MNHQ and at least 5 others from people who don't like football, answers your question. Mumsnetters are just too intelligent for not interested in an industry which openly treats it's female players as second class citizens, rips off supporters with overpriced tickets and replica kit, and encourages young men with dubious morals to be held up as idols.

If Mumsnet turns all footbally, I might have to head off to Nethuns grin

FasterHigherBeardierDaddyman Thu 02-Aug-12 13:23:53

BedHog your comment might be what they're looking for...

I personally would like to see more coverage of women's football on tv. It's a great sport and not nearly as commercial as the men's game. They play because they love the game, not for money and sponsorship deals, and there's less diving.

BedHog Thu 02-Aug-12 13:48:42

I'd be in favour of anything that supported womens football moving towards equality with the mens game.

I still don't want to watch it though. 22 people kicking around a bag of air is mind-numbingly boring to me, no matter what sex they are!!

Great idea MN, there are a quite a few football fans on here. I'm hoping there will be another fantasy football league this year!

I'm a Scottish football fan and I'm actually quite excited about the next season. I think the SPL will be much more competitive. And give us lesser clubs a glimmer of hope of getting some silverware!

I'm not a "let's all laugh at Rangers" girl, I feel sorry for their fans and back room Staff who have been caught up in the mess at the club, but I genuinely think it will do the SPL good. Sure Celtic will still be favourite to win the league, but all it needs is for one club to take points off them and it's anyone's!

GoTeamkozy Thu 02-Aug-12 15:55:15

Putting Rangers in the Third Division was the correct thing to do IMO, as the authorities did exactly that to Gretna a few years back when they went under after Fife Masterson* (I think) went into hospital prior to his death.

*I probably should check first, shouldn't I?

GoTeamkozy Thu 02-Aug-12 15:58:03

Yep. Definitely recommend researching stuff first. Brooks Mileson was the chap I misremembered. blush grin

If you're going to get it wrong etc...

You are right GoTeam. And they did the same to livingston when they went into liquidation. They are slowly working their way back up thought the leagues now.

TeamGlaikitBritain, I am hoping we do the Fantasy Football again too. grin

BenedictsCumberbitch Thu 02-Aug-12 19:04:22

Oooh Mr BC has almost persuaded me that a Newcastle season ticket is an essential buy this year. I think I'm gonna go for it.

I did do the Fantasy League last year, but to my shame lost interest in it after a few weeks. I find I get too involved and spend hours tweaking my team instead of doing useful stuff.

It was leningrad I think who organised it last year.

Elainey1609 Thu 02-Aug-12 21:01:50

Well the whole family watch when england is playing and have loves the gb football during the olympics...

Football gets quites hot in our house, we are all women and teams lol

We dont really watch the teams on tv to be honest, just keep up with the news.

I would love to go to some england football matches but just cant afford it, the chukdren would love to go.

Love the womens football, and the gb olympics seems to.have shown off the womens team, hopefully this will inspire young girls to.take up sport.

But I do hate that when season starts football seems to be on every channel on tv.

nellyjelly Thu 02-Aug-12 21:03:36

I am a Newcastle season ticket holder, though don't get to many games these days. I reckon the Toon have their work cut out to do as well as last year. Greater expectation after such a good season last year.

Hard to make predictions at the moment as all of the new transfers haven't happened yet. Lets see who buys what in the transfer window.

Mymumsdaughter Fri 03-Aug-12 00:25:52

Hoping Brandon Rodgers will build a strong Liverpool team Dc are content with last sessions kits cos they prefer them + they don't like that the 96 tribute has moved to the back of the shirt. Also they are unhappy with the Andy Carroll transfer rumours They thoink he will come good and like how he ans Stevie G played in Euro 2012.
I thonk
We would go to matches but it is hard to get tickets

Hoping season ends well

I think the history / traditions of clubs are eroded by foreigb ownership and corporate sponsorship As such watching ckubs outside the leagues is more exciting
I strongly believe big clubs should look at their academies and how they nurture young players and give them emotional support to cope better with the pressures
I have tried to educate my dc to know that players are human and whilst some may be talented how they conduct themselves off the field is wrong and their talent should not excuse the behaviour oin short being talented does not give you entitlement to do what you please.

Completely agree with my mums daughter regarding foreign ownership spoiling clubs, and the big teams needing to nurturing their academies and the young players coming through. Not just for club level but also to protect the national teams.

It's no coincidence that as the premier league gets more and more flooded with international players, the England (and scotland) team becomes worse and worse. England will never win another major trophy until this is sorted out. If you look at the Spanish/german/Italian/brazilian leagues- the vast majority of players are he grown, with the minority being overseas talent.

Indeed, when you look at the England team, how many of them have played abroad, none usually, then you look at other international teams and all their best players are from the Premiership.


Mymumsdaughter Fri 03-Aug-12 11:12:40

Absolutely laracroft the national team is less likely to thrive when there is limited homegrown talent

The homegrown talent thing is not just down to the major clubs though - it goes down to grass roots football and junior leagues.

It needs reviewed from the bottom up, and although there has been a recent review, I believe that some of the more radical proposals have been declined.

I'm quite excited about the developments at Eastlands, I've been following the planning stages as much as possible, and they do look to be trying to grow and develop young talent, although this will take a while to filter through.

Of course it's down to grass roots as well, but with foreign ownership - big clubs are starting to lose sight of their roots and their future. Rich owners want results now/ not interested in long term prospects.

Do you think there will ever be another Alex ferguson, who invested in youth and nurturing talent years ago and it paid off- will there ever be another Ryan giggs... Signed on as a boy, played his way up through the various teams until senior level- and will play there until he retires and then will probably be a coach there. Kenny d done it years ago at liverpool- this time round under American owners he wasn't given 5 minutes.
Is roman interested in nurturing talent and ensuring Chelsea's legacy for years to come- or interested In getting the big names in for short term glory.

It is sad as obviously money talks- but the FA really do need to look at the issue as like op said- the premier league, and more and more of the lower leagues, simply become training grounds for foreign players.

NicholasTeakozy Fri 03-Aug-12 15:05:54

Similar to Steve Bull Lara, he was sold by Ron Atkinson, then West Brom manager to Wolves, and that's where he stayed. I maintain that's why he hardly ever played for England.

The good thing about having so many overseas players in the Premier League is there some really good footballers playing lower and non-league football. Having said that, the best player I've ever seen play live is a chap called Steve Norris, he's a legend (overused, but accurate in his case) at The Shay, and at The Buck's Head. On his day he was unstoppable.

Mymumsdaughter Fri 03-Aug-12 22:37:36

I like the Crewe approach to nurturing it seems to have been sucessful in providing them with funds to develop as a club Grassroots football needs to take a more holistic view of younger players and equip them better to deal with the pressure and the adoration they may face, rather than seek maximum profit or reflected glory

CheeryCherry Sun 05-Aug-12 09:26:43

Big football fans in this house too, my dad played alongside Jack Charlton in the olden days so its been in the blood a long time! My brother, as a teen, turned down an offer by a top flight club. We can't afford a season ticket, nor the time to go every fortnight, though pre-DCs we had season tickets for years. Always buy DS new kit for his August birthday- he certainly gets the moneys worth over the year. DS has played since he was 5, proud he loves and knows the sport so well. Has great banter with team mates, and all driven to win fairly. See a lot of bad behaviour from opposing teams though! He and his mates tend to be impressed by skill and achievement more than idiotic professionals thankfully. Dream of promotion to premiership this year to make us back where we belong! Other than that, hoping City come top and their red rivals get relegated...mwahahaha grin

Evil eyes to cheery for the comment about wanting city to winangrywink

CheeryCherry Sun 05-Aug-12 13:38:21

wink disclaimer...don't support them, just prefer them!

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Sun 05-Aug-12 15:55:11

I can guarantee that the England team will carry on its dismal way, winning nothing, infighting between the members and generally being a huge embarrassment to the country.
I think the men's football performance in the Olympics was a disgrace. We are a laughing stock.
Thank god for proper athletes and sportspeople.
The likes of John Terry make me sick.

SunnyOutlook Sun 05-Aug-12 16:47:36

Rangers fan here (Glasgow)
I've had a season ticket for more than 25 years for the 'oldco'. Been horrified at some of the stuff that came out over the last few months but I think the club is the supporters (not the owners) so intend to continue going to see the new Rangers playing in the 3rd division. Quite looking forward to it actually - must need my head looked at!

Note to Portsmouth fans - good luck, hope you make it too.

Having gone to watch Man City since the tender age of 11 - I have had 44 years of bad times and worse!!! LOL. I still dont believe we won the Prem....was the most thrilling season for many, many years. My only hope is that we start this season the way we ended last season.

NicholasTeakozy Sun 05-Aug-12 19:04:12

Sunny, I know a chap who's an Aldershot fan, and when they went bust in the early 90s they had to re-start in the Combined Counties League and needed 7 promotions to return to the level they were at. Their crowds increased massively, almost from day 1.

Thanks Sunny, I've been shocked about Rangers too. I think Portsmouth are heading the same way, it does make me sad, but hopefully they will both come through.

Nicholas I live near Aldershot, it is good to see how they have managed to climb their way back up.

Shabba I've had a soft spot for Man C for many years, I always used to look forward to when Pompey played them in the old 1st division. I remember clearly the day when Pompey sent them down to Div 2, how times change. Was v. pleased when they won the title.

Myself and my DS4 (he's 15 and has been forced to be a Blue by me) sat in the living room with the radio on (not got skysports) We had our local channel on GMR. Got to extra time and we were both close to tears. 3 minutes later we were screaming, jumping up and down and hugging each other. No more the Noisy neighbours (hopefully).

I remember the going down to Division 2 hmm we live close to Bolton and my hubby is a Bolton fan - he was so upset on the last day of the season but delighted for me!!!

buggyRunner Sun 05-Aug-12 21:04:12

We are a big football house.

Dp is man u- and apparently so are our girls (season tickets etc)
Dd1(3) calls anything read "man united uniform" confused

We would have got dd1 a strip but she didn't want it as it was a boys kit angryhmm. She does love playing footba though

I enjoy watching and fant footy but don't feel a strong connection to a team (apart from man u as it rules my dp's immediate mood *shudders at last season)
I loved the way blackpool played in the premier ship- attacking and brave etc.

For me it's a case of "if you cant beat em join em" so I started playing fant footy and it actually made things interesting- I even won dp's league!!! grin

Mrs Robert duvall- couldn't agree more, ESP comments regarding John terry. Can't stand the arrogant fuck.

Buggyrunner- your dp has good taste

I agree too MrsRD - I have very little interest in the England team compared to club football, I just look at them and see a bunch of adulterous, lying, self entitled toerags.

I'm sure my team's players aren't totally innocent either, but not in the same headline grabbing way. Both of them.... sad

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Mon 06-Aug-12 10:00:17

Dh is a typical Southern Man U fan..,watches everything from the comfort of the sofa.
Ds supports Reading, for no apparent reason...we do not live there, have no connections. But when he was 7 he announced that was his team and he has stayed loyal..he's 13 now. Delighted they're back up there. We loved Steve Coppell...a quiet, dignified, intelligent manager and an excellent role model.

My DS picked a completely random team to support too, Aston Villa (we live in Hampshire). This isn't too popular with DH's Birmingham City supporting family! He is quite happy to don a Pompey shirt when he comes to Fratton Park with me though.

Dh has got tickets to take ds to the Charity Shield on sunday so ds is bouncing around again now in anticipation.

I know I said in a way I'd rather we didn't dominate as it's not good for the game but I've had so many Man Utd fans tell me they won't 'allow' us to win the league again I've changed my mind and I want 10 years now! Our destiny is in our hands, nowt to do with them!

Dh has got tickets to take ds to the Charity Shield on sunday so ds is bouncing around again now in anticipation.

I know I said in a way I'd rather we didn't dominate as it's not good for the game but I've had so many Man Utd fans tell me they won't 'allow' us to win the league again I've changed my mind and I want 10 years now! Our destiny is in our hands, nowt to do with them!

Oh and we are getting a puppy soon who ds wants to name Mario - can't wait to shout that at a hairy lttle terrier down the park!

ln1981 Mon 06-Aug-12 21:35:31

Scottish football fans in this house. All of us support Dunfermline Athletic. After a woeful season llast season, Im looking forward to seeing the rebuilding of our squad and how Jim Jefferies will bring these younger, fresher guys on. I definately dont think this will be all plain sailing though-looking for a mid table finish, and even that is optimistic!

Olympicnmix Mon 06-Aug-12 23:22:05

Used to be an ardent fan, in fact dragged my exH off to games forever cementing my relationship with FIL, but I think I've fallen out of love with the game. Terry, Rooney, Bowyer, Welsh player found guilty of rape, Qatar... it's all left a bad taste in my mouth; it's by no accident eldest has been encouraged to play rugby and they both want to do gymnastics. Thank goodness for the Olympics and seeing what true sporting endeavour looks like. I hope the Games does inspire a generation.

BelfastBloke Sun 12-Aug-12 13:28:34

The new rolling football thread for season 2012-13 is here.

NicholasTeakozy Sun 12-Aug-12 14:33:05

Do any of you fans of Scottish football read this spoof blog?

HipHopSkipJumpomous Wed 15-Aug-12 13:26:20

I predict DP will not go to the pub to watch football as often as I would like him to.

Sometimes I even offer to 'sponsor' a trip to the local sports bar smile but he prefers to watch it at home. I like it when he goes out! Seriously how many man need to be encouraged to go to the pub to watch footie?????

I do hope Liverpool sort themselves out though!

In1981.... My dad is a pars man!! Though I'm a raith girl. Used to have a season ticket until I moved down south. Ahhh the glory days of 1994... smile

WingDefence Wed 15-Aug-12 14:23:05

DH and I have a share of a Man Utd season ticket so we take it in turns to go to matches with his mates (and a curry afterwards!).

I'd be lying if I didn't say we were gutted last season - DH far more than me as he's been a lifelong Red whereas I'm an expat Londoner (expat to the NW) so have only adopted Utd in the last 5-6 years.

I have family allegiances to Charlton too - its not all about the Prem League grin

Come on Utd!

ln1981 Fri 31-Aug-12 23:56:55

laracroft2001- I bet derby days were a hoot in your house?! smile
I often wonder how that happens, you know like one half of a household supports one team and the other supports their deadly rivals haha!! No chance of that happening in this house. dp supports the pars too-goodness only knows how i managed to find him seeing as most people i know support either of the old firm.
Looking forward to our first meeting tomorrow, it was worth the drop just to get the derby games back. and doubly special as some of the kids from my dc's primary school are doing their football training as the HT entertainment-they are all so excited.

Sunnytimescoming Sat 01-Sep-12 00:14:11

Rangers fan here, always was . always will be, etc etc...

Love football, hate the snide politics/religious overtones (especially here in certain areas of Scotland)

Really looking forward to the next few years strangely enough, I am old enough able to remember only 10, 000 fans at Ibrox and was there for the Souness revolution and now nearly 50, 000 for every home game - even in our lowest ebb. Bring it on...

BelfastBloke Sat 01-Sep-12 08:34:02

Can you summarise the situation with Rangers now you've dropped so many divisions, Sunnytimes?

You're still playing at Ibrox, right? What's the capacity there?

Do you get many fewer fans in the away section? Is there any way for your opposing teams to capitalise on the many fans you're able to take away?

What's the slagging like from Celtic? Are they nervous about the future without you? Because TV deals will drop for them too, won't they?

1981- oh yes fun derby days. My dad once took me to a derby at dunfermline, made me sit in the pars stand, and i did stand up and cheer when raith scored. I was only about ten so I got away with it smile

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