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NOW CLOSED Add your views on last night's episode of "One Born Every Minute" (17 Jan, Ch 4, 9pm) and you could win a £50 Amazon voucher

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 17-Jan-11 14:30:51

Channel 4 have asked Mumsnet to find out what you think about their new series of One Born Every Minute. The second episode is tonight - Channel 4 at 9pm - it is a 12 part series.

We've recruited a special panel of volunteer viewers to add their comments to this thread. Channel 4 don't have specific questions for you - they are interested in your general comments and thoughts about all aspects of the programme and the debate this generates. The panel are a mix of Mumsnetters, all of whom are parents, some pregnant, some not, some have seen the programme before, others haven't.

They would also love any other Mumsnetters - ie folks NOT in the panel - to add their comments here. Anyone who contributes to this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one winner, drawn at random, will win a £50 Amazon voucher.

So, please post your thoughts and comments on the programme below. We'd welcome 'live' feedback during the broadcast as well as a comment at the end. If you can't post during the broadcast please add your thoughts by the end of Tues Jan 18th.

Additionally - if you haven't already - do have a look at the extra info about the series on the One Born Every Minute website - and let us know on this thread what you think about it.

If you are a panel member please identify yourself as one when you first post.

Many thanks and enjoy!

AtYourCervix Mon 17-Jan-11 19:29:00

Bracing myself.

KangarooCaught Mon 17-Jan-11 20:08:02

booking my place - find it compelling viewing!

Panel member. With sick DS who nearly forgot about this. But here now!

OK, am looking at the website now and blimey, have no idea where to start. First thing I saw was "Kate is in early labour" Well whoop de doo. Why would I want to click on that since I know nothing about Kate.

Then I saw the huge list of headlines down the page. Looks like a bad local newspaper site with no focus.

Ah, have just noticed tabs at top, they look more engaging, will go and have an explore.

Non panel member - checking in. Having to watch either online or on analogue tonight because of weather. So everyone will be having babies in snow round here hmm grin

Ok, the website is so cluttered I've walked away. It seems a bit random.

In the birth bit you connect to Babycentre, the NCT and Netmums for more info. Interesting selection, presumably for commercial reasons otherwise why would you not link to NHS and NICE information?

Some of the features under "Interact" look very childish, it looks like a website for teenagers. I really didn't want to click on them.

So what would I prefer?

A cleaner, more focused look probably, some interesting articles on the choices available. i.e. Why waterbirth, which could include stories from the series, a look at the hospitals facilities and could include opinions from the staff on the series (you could even include the person that has to empty them afterwards on that one).

A section on each birth featured with a bit more background, detail and follow up. Not huge but fleshing out what we saw on TV.

More info on the key staff we see, who they are, what that job entails, their experiences etc.

Fundamentally it looks to me like you had a meeting, shoved a load of ideas on a whiteboard and gave it to the IT intern.

Sorry, but destructive, but it really didn't engage me at all!

I'd really like to see an SPD birth - I had really awful SPD for my first child and was induced (which failed so I had an emergency caesarian). It'd be really good to get the message across that SPD does not necessarily mean you cannot birth your baby and would show the skills of the midwives too.

ilovesprouts Mon 17-Jan-11 20:47:58

im watching too

panel person signing in again

AtYourCervix Mon 17-Jan-11 20:55:28

I rather like the Midwife Heroines bit on the website but wonder what OBEM and Ch4 are going to do with it. Are the thanks passed on to the midwives nominated?

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 20:55:33

Hello smile
Panel member here.
Just nipping for a quick fag and a wine top-up and then I'm ready wink

DH is pretending not to watch and has stuck massive headphones on his laptop grin

the headphones are on his ears, obv blush

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:00:59

hehehe MrsShrek

AtYourCervix Mon 17-Jan-11 21:03:22

the DDs are watching grin i shall let you know what they think.

PANEL member signing in

Re the website - at first look it seems 'bitty' and disjointed but makes sense after a bit. I like the live comment bit. The video clips could have been organised a bit better, maybe into a 'folder' or on to some tabs or something?

Like Phil already, very polite yawn!

Pesha Mon 17-Jan-11 21:04:20

Am on the panel but may have to stop posting half way when dp returns from football training and watch and comment on the rest later.
DP hates programmes like this and would only talk and criticise all the way through if I tried to make him watch it!!

KangarooCaught Mon 17-Jan-11 21:04:24

dh always gets suckered in despite asking in tone that suggest I'm a closet masochist, "why do you watch?"

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:04:36

I haven't looked at website yet, will have a peek after the program

aww lydia ... i was 20 having my first. cute couple##he looks terrified!

This looks better, bit of process!

Tendayi (hope I've got the spelling ok) might be in for a long haul

Love Tendayi and bloke (missed name). Seem very chilled.

kingprawntikka Mon 17-Jan-11 21:07:45

Panel member, just logging in.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:07:54

Steady on mate, get this pregnancy over with first

yes, water birth, lovely!

I never got the gas and air, it looks complicated!

loler Mon 17-Jan-11 21:09:12

Non-panel person here - I just wanted to add that I always feel a desperate need to have a few more details after the birth - a minimum of the baby's name and and how big it was. With all the programmes I've watched don't always get the baby's name even.

It's like when DH announces a birth - oh, by the way XX had a baby sometime. What's it called? Don't know! How big? Didn't ask. Was it a ds or a dd? Not sure confused.

good clear explanation from that mw about the gas and air - but ohhhh noooooo here we go again with poor girl on her back in bed <sigh>

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:09:36

OMG, what is that noise!

KangarooCaught Mon 17-Jan-11 21:10:01

why do they all labour on their backs?

i remember listening to the heaartbeat being monitored, i was terrified the whole time, everytime something changed!!

KangarooCaught Mon 17-Jan-11 21:10:25

x post

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:10:46

I'm starting to think that maybe all delivery rooms need to be sound proofed

TrickyWoo Mon 17-Jan-11 21:10:57

I love this programme! Watched the first series before had DS, now 19 weeks with DC2. The younger woman is incredibly pretty, non?

AtYourCervix Mon 17-Jan-11 21:11:34

think the MW is examining her that's why she's on the bed - she wants water.

bloody Ad breaks - hate them.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:11:51

Tricky They are a lovely looking couple. Good genes

gingercat12 Mon 17-Jan-11 21:13:00

Our delivery room must have been sound proofed. I have not seen or heard anybody, and was there forwell over 12 hours.

Is it the first baby for both couple?

kingprawntikka Mon 17-Jan-11 21:13:40

Every one on their backs in this day and age is bizarre. I was encouraged to sit up and my last birth was 15 years ago. Maybe it depends on the hospital ethos.

This looks so much better this week. I feel more engaged with the couples already because we've seen more of the process they have to go through, like getting tagged. Makes it easier to relate to.

Like what we've seen of the staff too, for me they have more engagement factor because they can show you what's normal and what's unusual. You wouldn't do this job if you didn't love every birth so things that stand out for them must be truly amazing.

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:13:45

Panel member signing in.

I had a look at the website and feel it is quite patronising in parts, seems like they think the audience is a bit stupid. I have no interest in watching additional videos, if it's good footage, stick it in the episode.

I couldn't watch the videos on my iPad, would be good if they could use QuickTime too so people can watch on iPhone, iPad etc.

The interact section looks like gcse revision website or something, the content is good (the before and after stories in particular) and I would feel more inclined to click on it if the graphics weren't so busy. Too much visual stuff in your face like that makes me less likely to stay and look around. I get brain overload!

Birth radar is great but the tweet I clicked on was "welcome to the world of retail" but I guess if you have a bot scanning for words that is always likely to happen. Concept is good though.

agree with loler

would be nice to get babys weight and name!!

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:14:19

I think so ginger

gingercat12 Mon 17-Jan-11 21:14:32

Tricky I thought both women are far too pretty. I looked like a tent when I went into labour. I was just explaining to my toddler why I am so big on some of the photos in his photo album.

who was that moaning? a cleaner?


Shivs1974 Mon 17-Jan-11 21:15:20

Every time the women are on their backs-why not try to include a synopsis of their birthing plan?? Or maybe the midwives when interviewed could explain??
And I wish you'd include a birth with a doula as support.

ooooh, now here's a comment to amaze me. DH (who still Isn't Watching, obv) has just said "why are they all in bed? have they all had epidurals?" Now he's not as millitent informed as us ladies as regards moving around during labour, and it was even obvious to him shock that there isn't a lot of movement going on. Last time didn't they do a whole programme iirc on the 'active birth unit' - like it was a rare out of this world experience, hmm.

envy @ missus waterbirth - on all counts!!!

Guaparesaca Mon 17-Jan-11 21:15:40

Compulsive telly viewing for a Monday night,DH always scarpers upstairs the minute it starts (he was at the births of both our DCs though !)

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:15:53

Yes Totoros I don't like that, don't see the point in them airing that either tbh

i like that midwife grin

Ah water birth, are they going to mention the sieve???

kingprawntikka Mon 17-Jan-11 21:17:30

I wish I'd looked that good in labour!

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:17:56

Really like the young couple, probably because I was a year younger than her when I had my DD so can relate easily. How fab does Lydia look in that bikini?

So good to see a water birth too.

nice they are letting her sister in. such a lovely family

MrsPickles Mon 17-Jan-11 21:19:30

Wow Lydia looks like she's has a total fanjo wax from what I could see in the pool, impressed at her fanjo maintenance at full term

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:20:02

I'm not really feeling this episode as much as last weeks.
There's a bit too much negativity for me, what with the cleaner moaning and the family of the young couple talking about abortions and lack of contraception

shock mrs pickles - nooo wayyyy grin

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:20:32

Aww, I like hearing about the falling in love bit, sets the scene really nicely.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:21:16

This couple seem lovely

really nice little interview then with those 2, he really loves her

I know they need to show the 'waiting' and long process sort of thing, but this is a bit yawwnnnn atm

RailwayChild Mon 17-Jan-11 21:21:39

Why are the Dad's so useless?

What's with texting whilst she labours?

i think i'd be kicking that sister out!!!

kingprawntikka Mon 17-Jan-11 21:23:08

I am enjoying this weeks episode more. The couples both seem really nice.

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:23:13

I had a fanjo wax a week before my EDD blush it seemed ever so important at the time. I couldn't cope with the thought of all the blood n gunk getting in my lady hair.

I love seeing the midwives getting organised, worrying about notes, organising all the women on the whiteboard. Its the other side of the unique experience every couple is going through. I find the contrast really engaging.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:23:42

MrsShrek agree. Although it is nice to get a bit of background info, I am watching this because I am interested in labour and childbirth, not because I want to hear if the sister likes hospitals or not hmm

get the mac and wellies out - ARM time

Pesha Mon 17-Jan-11 21:23:45

I'd rather see more of the mum and dad than the bloody sister moaning about how hard it is for her, whats she got to do with anything?!

how far dialted is lydia, did they say?

Shivs1974 Mon 17-Jan-11 21:24:01

Why are they breaking her waters? Why has she come out of the pool?? I refused to cone out once in :-)

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:24:19

Sister would be out on her arse, how irritating.

kingprawntikka Mon 17-Jan-11 21:24:19

The sister looks like she'll need more support than the mum to be!

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:24:32

I'd kick her out now, after vomming everywhere

To be fair my DH was on text duty to keep the prospective GPs in the loop. He made a good buffer zone.

shes doing so well in the pool

nice to see a more natural birth

maybe they could do a 1 off episode about HOME BIRTH?

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:25:34

Lydia is so quiet - she is amazing!

TrickyWoo Mon 17-Jan-11 21:25:52

She seems to be coping well with contractions. Tendayi and her DP seem to have a lovely relationship, and wonderful voices.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:25:52

Home birth would be great!

AtYourCervix Mon 17-Jan-11 21:26:18

At what point during this series are they going to show a completely normal birth?

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:26:35

Someone tell the sister to get out if she's gonna keep pulling those faces

I'd have to send the sister packing as well. Maybe it's a target for the producers to include someone irritating in each prog grin

Couldn't agree more Silverymoon

Chocolate teapot time.

Pesha Mon 17-Jan-11 21:27:34

Not so quiet now!!

Would love to see a homebirth too.

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:27:47

This one is pretty normal isn't it?

Bit louder now!

agree silvery, would love to include a home birth

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:28:16


Wow wow wow, that baby reaching out.

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:29:00

Aw, this one has really made me cry and I NEVER cry at stuff like this.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:30:18

That was like my dp, snoring in the chair. Get it whilst you can mate! lolwink

HarryDan Mon 17-Jan-11 21:31:35

OMG that was beautiful, can't stop crying x

right so this is half past, so what on earth are they going to put in the other half of the programme? I would probably now be choosing to go and do the ironing / washing / make toast as this one's not quite giving me the 'interest' factor that they usually do. Not sure why, could be me being a grumpy bugger...

AtYourCervix Mon 17-Jan-11 21:31:35

And why the formula adverts during the break???????

kingprawntikka Mon 17-Jan-11 21:31:46

That was a calm reassuring birth for mums to be who are watching. Balances all the screaming last week.

it's lacking the little interviews and interjections with the midwives I think - that sort of stuff tends to keep me hooked as well as following the mums and families.

So is the rest on the other couple then. Wonder what's going to happen there? Is the rule one simple and one complicated?

Am I a cynic?

I think it would be better to have 3 couples and episode

theres too much 'filler' IMO.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:34:00

KPT That's a good point. But I am agreeing with MrsS, not sure why I'm not into this week, maybe it's because today is the most depressing day of the year or something, but I do feel that there has been too much focus on other people, instead of mum-to-be and I actually think if it wasn't for the vouchers, I'd be switching off now and going to bed

ilovesprouts Mon 17-Jan-11 21:34:19

loveing this this week ,esp the couple we the porn book and the bloody sister of lydia id off send her out side anyone would think she was about to give birth when she was breathing

*an episode

i did love how calm Lydia's birth was, tho

Where are the 2 midwives and their bits this week?

oh heres a 3rd! grin

AtYourCervix Mon 17-Jan-11 21:34:47

aha new lady

PrincessBoo Mon 17-Jan-11 21:34:56

That waterbirth was so lovely, wish she'd refused to get out and have her waters broken though. Everyone they show is so damn compliant!

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:35:37

I was just thinking 'where are those 2 lovely mw's from last week?'
I really liked the banter of them working and then doing the little 'interview' bit inbetween

Pesha Mon 17-Jan-11 21:35:37

Grr at 'Mumsnet offline'. Just lost a long post!

It was a lovely birth, very envy of a homebirth. Didd seem like there must have been so much they didnt show, I know labour can go on for hours but if they'd cut out the sister blathering on dor instance they coul have shown a lot more of the actual birth and labour which is surely what people are watching this programme for?!

So 3 births this week hmm

AtYourCervix Mon 17-Jan-11 21:35:48

and an upright one tooo shock

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:36:46

I'm happy to lose the midwives bit, felt very forced, would be good to have snippets of comment as they go through. That might not be feasible though I guess.

Imps7 Mon 17-Jan-11 21:36:47

I would really really love to know details about the baby - girl? Boy? Weight? Name?? I LOVE those sorts of details and considering we've just seen the most intimate situation a couple can ever find themselves in, it seems strange to keep those details under wraps.

I think I'd have prefered a really frantic buzzed-up tour with the community mws or something for today.
Ahh silvery, not just me then

It's odd, they all seem compliant but I remember being given lots of options and then them acting decisively on my choices. Is it because of the edit they seem so passive?

gingercat12 Mon 17-Jan-11 21:36:57

Is she going to eat? I was made to starve for days.

same as Imps says, perfectly put.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:38:55

I wasn't given anything to eat when I went in with ds1. I was there for nearly 2 days!

oh he let her have a baby, how nice of him hmm

DH is sat next to me calling him some choice names!

PrincessBoo Mon 17-Jan-11 21:40:24

There's the lovely midwife.

Ewww that shepherds pie looks minging!
I think I'd like to know what labouring ladies like best to eat..guess chocolate isn't good?

Community midwives would be excellent shrek. They could follow a different bit each show, ante-natal appointments, ante-natal classes, breastfeeding babes, ultrasounds, community midwives etc.

My husband got a lovely lesson in bathing a baby on the post natal ward from one of the senior midwives here, something like that would be great for just a snapshot of everything else.

horrible being monitored and stuck on the bed

kingprawntikka Mon 17-Jan-11 21:42:24

I don't remember getting any thing to eat either.

sorry but this is getting a bit all, well, samey, I don't normally feel like that with OBEM because they're usually showing so many dimensions of labour and birth and keeping the flow really well.
oh dear, I am a grumpy old bugger tonight

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:42:48

OOohh, I'd watch that. Would be great to see bits of the whole process.
As long as they didn't show too much of the stuff we're not interested in (like the mum's sister's view etc)

PrincessBoo Mon 17-Jan-11 21:42:51

On her back again. Why is so rare that they show them moving about? Do they only do it one way in this hospital?

ilovesprouts Mon 17-Jan-11 21:42:54

i remember it well

PrincessBoo Mon 17-Jan-11 21:43:46

Oh ok, on her knees over a ball. That's more like it!

Another lady strapped to the bed! Can't they make a wireless monitor?

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:45:04

Do we know why she has constant monitoring? Is she being induced?

yes skiinggardener, would love to see dads bathing baby and all that stuff - even the ones on the billi-beds for phototherapy, it would show all sides to the antenatal-labour ward- postnatal ward experience.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:45:33

Yes, she is 12 days overdue

mangoandlime Mon 17-Jan-11 21:45:49

First time viewer. I cried when Lydia's baby was born and it's rare a telly programme can make me cry!

taffetacat Mon 17-Jan-11 21:46:06

Great to see a smooth natural water birth. Great to see the Dad show lots of emotion too.

I want to see an intervention now. I want to see a ventouse as DS was ventouse and I didn't see what they did. I was busy trying not to scream.

ilovesprouts Mon 17-Jan-11 21:46:25

i remember having gas and air with my ds2 my older 2 was there and i said the gas was better than sexblushbut ended up having emcs

well sorry but that was just yawn

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:46:50

The staff all really discouraged me from having the epidural with both my ds's.....

Obviously people love seeing births otherwise this programme wouldn't be so popular, but for me it feels one dimensional. It's not just about onset of labour to delivery!

Obviously showing conception would be a step too far......

Dylthan Mon 17-Jan-11 21:49:06

Why is everyone going on about them being on their backs there's been 3 labours tonight and only 1 lady is on her back and even she was told to walk around at the start before her labour became established. Or have I missed something confused

Maybe they prefer being on their backs. I know I did at some stages when labouring with ds I would of had some very choice words for anyone who would of told me to get up. grin

supergreenuk Mon 17-Jan-11 21:49:22

Only one complaint. The birth featured in the advert for the program all week is not on this one. Rubbish. There is 10 minutes of the program left.

I feel the same about the lack of dimension, SG

What kind of adverts should be on during this?

PussinJimmyChoos Mon 17-Jan-11 21:50:53

Too much lying around - get moving ladies!! I hate seeing so many women flat out on the bed!

Love Maxwell asking if he can have a good nights kip and his wife giving him evils and 'you are going nowhere'

DH has again, refused to watch this...says he doesn't see the point and his words about this prog were

'You push a baby out then you bugger off home, what's so interesting about it?'

He's kind of got a point but still, I remain fascinated by it all

Would like to see the actual delivery as had emcs with DS and so am quite amazed by the whole vaginal thing

kingprawntikka Mon 17-Jan-11 21:51:14

I agree, it would be better if it followed the couples from mid pregnancy through to when the baby is a couple of weeks old.

good stuff, liking these mw's and positioning stuff. Loads better

PrincessBoo Mon 17-Jan-11 21:51:45

True Dythian but I'm considering last week and the last series too. But you are right.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:52:15

I tried doing it like that, but ds1's heart rate was dropping and I was told he was too distressed and was coping better when I was on my back.
He was back to back so was awful

ilovesprouts Mon 17-Jan-11 21:52:53

its a bit late for him to not look now grin

flamingtoaster Mon 17-Jan-11 21:53:25

Great water birth - must have been reassuring for watching Mums-to-be (if not for their sisters).

I agree it's all a bit "samey" tonight - apart from the water birth obviously.

PrincessBoo Mon 17-Jan-11 21:53:47

I'd like to see a bit of post birth breastfeeding too. But then I can see why the women don't want to be filmed doing that as it can be tricky at first and also it's about how much of those intimate moments you want to be exposed I suppose.

That face summed up the joy of birth.

Good job babies are so cute.

this one's so like two of mine that I've gone all tingly
would have been gutted if I'd gone to do thie ironing grin

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:55:10

I really miss the sound of that cry

ilovesprouts Mon 17-Jan-11 21:55:22


taffetacat Mon 17-Jan-11 21:56:41

PrincessBoo = totally agree, breastfeeding should be shown.

I jumped when that one slid out!

MrsPickles Mon 17-Jan-11 21:57:27

Wow that was amazing showing T's baby coming out. Gorgeous

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:57:28

that looked like a big baby didn't it?

flamingtoaster Mon 17-Jan-11 21:57:29

If only the staffing levels shown in this programme were available all the time across the NHS!

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:57:30

Oh I want one! So little and cute.

ilovesprouts Mon 17-Jan-11 21:57:50

im also a panel member

Shivs1974 Mon 17-Jan-11 21:57:56

I love seeing the emotion from pain to absolute joy when the baby has been born
Just amazing!!

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:58:02

yes ft if only

Breastfeeding post birth was a very stunned affair for me, tits everywhere. Could they show that?

tendayi seems to have gone from zero to birth in a very short time in the end

funny the way they do the shot down the corridor every time near the end of the prog to give you the feeling that it's always go go go

taffetacat Mon 17-Jan-11 21:59:41

lovely, lovely ending grin grin grin

Imps7 Mon 17-Jan-11 22:00:36

I really can't watch this show, I get too emotional. I need to watch something ridiculous and amusing to cheer myself up. Oooh, Comedy Dave on Dancing on Ice on ITV Player. Just the ticket.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 22:00:42

Loved seeing Maxwell kissing his baby like that. So much love, beautiful.

Next weeks looks like it might be a giggle!

kingprawntikka Mon 17-Jan-11 22:01:06

Well a birth in the car park will be less routine I suppose!

I watched because I was on the panel, but it was a bit too snapshot of birth for me and I won't be a regular viewer.

AtYourCervix Mon 17-Jan-11 22:01:08

and still no placents or breastfeeding.

ilovesprouts Mon 17-Jan-11 22:01:42

loved tonights show ,not much screaming/swearing looks like a good one nxt week

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 22:01:43

Wow, the car park one looks interesting.

I found this one way more engaging than last week, agree it would be good to get a bigger picture in terms of pre and post birth stuff. Do they ever do a CS? I can't remember seeing one last series but would love to.

TrickyWoo Mon 17-Jan-11 22:01:47

Lovely lovely lovely. Nice people all round, and good trail for next week !

That was great. Much better for me than last week but I missed the senior midwives talking.

My final comment, as have to go is to give us more narrative. Birth is dramatic and will always be good viewing, but of you want me to want to tune in each week then give me some ongoing characters, alternative viewpoint narrative and beginnings and ends to the stories.

I can see where they were coming from in wanting to give a very calm and 'normal' (to the point of almost boring and uneventful) births, and very reassuring for pg ladies and mums to be to know that it doesn't need to be dramatic and traumatic. This unfortunately made the programe weak and unexciting halfway through though imho.

really really want to be able to go now and find out more about the little ones who were born, and maybe an update from the weeks since they were born, all this would make a brilliant website content (but alas they don't appear to be doing that, though I'm going for another look)

reddaisy Mon 17-Jan-11 22:04:33

I enjoyed this week's episode much more than last week as I felt I connected more with the women giving birth. I welled up when Lydia's baby arrived and I'm a thickskinned mumsnetter.

But I would like to know what the babies are called and how much they weigh please - they are important details!!

And, Channel 4 you should do a follow up show in a few years to tell us how the families are getting on - which couples are still together etc, etc.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 22:05:10

You see, I'm not completely sure what I wanrt from a show like this.
On the one hand, yes it would be fab to 'get to know' the parents and have a view of their journey, but then they'd have to fit it all into 1 hour so may mean just focusing on one couple which means i might get bored or switch off if I don't feel connected enough.
I still think it'd be good to do the odd show on the aftermath for the new family though as we discussed last week.

not as good as last week imho.

sorry sg, we'll have to disagree grin

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 22:06:05

Right, off to bed, early start

Pesha Mon 17-Jan-11 22:06:41

I think the idea of the programme though is just about the labour and birth isn't it? There are other programmes that follow the families through pg and with a new baby but OBEM is just all about getting them out!
I think it would be nice though to have a brief sum up of the baby aterwards - sex, name, weight etc and maybe a couple of clips of them with the baby and talking about the baby in the same way we see a few clips of them before going into labour.

I felt 3 births was a bit much for one episode, I'd like to see more of each birth and more explanation given for why someone's being monitored or having their waters broken or whatever.

I don't understand a few things about this programme, much as I like it, I dont think it compares to the Discovery Health birth programmes. They show more of the whole story, more midwife interaction and more intervention too.

I'd like to know why is the full birth not shown - ie why are some parts of the mum's body greyed out? It's after 9pm, surely we know what to expect in a programme about birth?

I also think the voice at the end encouraging us to check the website could not have sounded more uninterested if they tried!

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 22:08:02

Pesha Yes maybe that would be good, a more educational, prep-like lay-out.
Hmmmm, might be a good idea actually

gingercat12 Mon 17-Jan-11 22:08:21

Ewe Last year there definitely was at least one emergency cesarean. We just saw all the lights flashing, all staff running, mother rushed to a theatre, husband looking petrified. Later we saw that everything was all right. I think when it is so touch-and-go nobody wants to be filmed.
I remember this because we learnt that epidural takes 20 mins, while general anaesthetics only 15 mins, so they had to put her under.

doricpatter Mon 17-Jan-11 22:09:46

I missed last week but this one was nice. I was in awe of how composed the Welsh woman was. I think I'd like to get to know the couples better - I'd happily watch an episode per couple and have their their experiences covered more comprehensively.

yes pesha some things - both this week and last - aren't really explained. we're all left with loads of questions as to why things went as they did. maybe that's another one for Ann's feedback wink
It wouldn't be necessary to include personal or medical information to a huge degree, just that this person't being monitored because of high BP or a brief summary of who had decided what - was it the mum's birth plan or the medics that decided this or that.

Guaparesaca Mon 17-Jan-11 22:10:18

The programme makers have got the balance just right- the wonder and sheer joy for the parents as their baby is born, the dedication of the staff and yet the sense that this is just another day at work for them- maybe the music does that or the shots of the receptionist, staff drinking their cups of tea, domestic staff and porters going about their business, it feels very real and reminds me a lot of my experience having my DS, think that's why I enjoy the prog so much, even if some couples appeal to me more. I will be glued every week !

flamingtoaster Mon 17-Jan-11 22:12:03

Great trailer for next week - I can't wait!

nowwearefour Mon 17-Jan-11 22:15:04

I didnt find out the sex of the couple from Zimbabwe. There was a baby boy balloon at the end but wasnt sure which couple that referred to. Other than that, was moved to tears esp for the young couple.

dietcokes Mon 17-Jan-11 22:16:21

Brilliant water birth Lydia

More calm labours like that please!

nevergoogledragonbutter Mon 17-Jan-11 22:17:35

i wish that boy would get off his mobile! what a twat.

Pesha Mon 17-Jan-11 22:18:12

Yes I don't want a full medical explanantion but I imagine the mws must explain to the woman why they're about to do something so surely we could just see this explanation being given or just a brief explanation from a mw in an interview.
I don't expect them programme to educate me but I would like to know the circumstances of the births they're showing us.

Agree with the idea of an occassional one off special showing more of the before and after bits that aren't covered in the weekly episodes.

CointreauVersial Mon 17-Jan-11 22:19:57

Oh that was a lovely episode. I really liked all three couples, related to them a lot more than last weeks, and thought they all coped amazingly well with labour.

LOL at the big sister going grey and throwing up!

Just like the Welsh girl (Kate?) I remember laughing when dd2 was delivered.

Just wish we got to see a bit more of the babes (names/weights etc).

I know I'll be addicted all series regardless... I just love this programme.

QODneystones Mon 17-Jan-11 22:29:28

I wish I could have another baby..... a little tiny curled up ball of fury.

I did want to punch the sister of the beautiful girl when she kept childishly laughing at "things stretching" etc

LilBB Mon 17-Jan-11 22:32:16

I'm watching on plus one. I think it's a bit calmer this week. Probably because there isn't a constant air raid siren scream. I really enjoy the show because there isn't a voice over telling us everything. Would be nice to know the names of the babies. The show at Xmas showed families from the previous series so that was a little bit of a catch up.

PrincessBoo Mon 17-Jan-11 22:33:16

I do understand why they don't tell us the names of the babies and I'm not overly bothered about the weights, but I do want to know what sex they are!

practicallyimperfect Mon 17-Jan-11 22:35:50

From my very limited experience it shows the realities, warts and all giving birth in a large maternity unit. I would like to see a forces delivery as that is what I had with ds and I would like to see what happens!

FlorenceAndTheMachine Mon 17-Jan-11 22:37:15

I loved watching it (preferred rhis week to last week). The look of amazement as the Welsh woman was handed her baby was brilliant

I always miss everyone's names. Am useless observer. Also found it reminded me why I don't want any more children grin.

solo Mon 17-Jan-11 22:47:28

I like that there are curtains outside the doors. When I has Ds and he got stuck, I was lying butt naked on the bed waiting to go to theatre and the door was open with someone elses family walking past having a good old look...was not impressed with that. Curtains are such a simple thing to add to your privacy.

turnipvontrapp Mon 17-Jan-11 22:51:00

Made me cry again! Very envious of the bikini mother's amazing body. Love it when the dads cry too.

solo Mon 17-Jan-11 22:56:57

God, I cry every time I see a birth whether it's a real one or not.

Unicornlover Mon 17-Jan-11 23:00:23

I'm enjoying this week more. Really interested in the water birth as the hospital I was at didn't offer water births at the time.
I wouldn't have had anna in the room tho. I would find her too distracting.
It's making me consider my options as I'm now TTC again.
Good to see the MW interacting well with Nick. My MW would barely acknowledge my ExP.
Wish Maxwell would do something to help rather than sat there reporting on the monitor. My ExP got one warning and then he got a slap round the head for doing it. Finally he does something to help her.
Total contrast to last week with the noise levels.
Nice to see MW offering to take photo as well.
Really looking forward to next week.

PussinJimmyChoos Mon 17-Jan-11 23:02:34

I was rather [green] at the bikini mum! All bump and no pg fat anywhere else!

<sobs into keyboard as looks at pregnant arms, thighs, fingers etc>


Kirisox Mon 17-Jan-11 23:38:58

I enjoyed this week far more than last week, at 36 weeks pregnant I really needed to see the positive outcomes tonight - last week was just too much. Water birth was amazing, as was the welsh lady. Both were so calm and together considering they were about 5cms when we first met them? Really good midwife portrayal tonight also, last weeks were poor IMO

Another great programme, loved knowing the back story of Lydia and how they chose to be parents even though it wasn't planned. Tendayi and her husband were hilarious at interacting. Sweet also to know how the husband of the welsh lady had decided he wanted to be a daddy and told her wedding day. I think it's a really good mix of stuff and you have to presume we saw the most interesting bits.

Confuzzeled Tue 18-Jan-11 06:49:38

Another "feel good" episode.

Midwives came across as professional and organised.

All the ladies were fab. Fell in love with Tendayi and Max, they were so sweet and funny. Lydia put me to shame, my birth was very similar but much noisier. Welsh lady (can't remember her name) was beautiful at the end, her face when Jake arrived, amazing stuff.

Well done Ch 4.

aristocat Tue 18-Jan-11 08:16:41

i love this show although i agree that a few details about the babys name and weight would be nice.

the midwives were excellent as usual.

looking forward to next week smile

Bucharest Tue 18-Jan-11 08:18:43

<wonders idly if there's a way the programme makers could do some kind of viewer demographic survey for this>

How many watchers are not members of parenting forums? (because the few I frequent talk of nothing else, the friends I have on FB who are also on forums talk of nothing else, people I know (who might also be parents) but not members here or elsewhere, have never heard of it.)

Thought so.

I don't get the interest. Sorry!

bucksmum Tue 18-Jan-11 09:15:22

This weeks much better than last weeks, loved the midwifes comment - did anyone check it was a boy!

The3Bears Tue 18-Jan-11 09:39:47

Love this programe, enjoyed last nights episode much more calmer than last week.

Just wish they'ed give a bit more info after the birth and show what happens after because I was so scared after I had ds knowing dh would have to leave soon and I had no idea where I was going to would be nice to show abit of this to see how there getting on

crikeybadger Tue 18-Jan-11 09:57:50

Much preferred this week's too - maybe because we saw more births - and less screaming and shouting.

As soon as I saw Lydia clinging on to the door frame and swaying I thought that she must have been reading up on Active Birth. So encouraging to see a woman that doesn't labour on her back. She looked really calm and in control (unlike her sister in the corner).

There did seem to be a lot of people around at all the births- surely they can't need this many. One thing I did notice is that despite the big sign on the room doors saying 'remember- skin to skin contact after birth', none of them got it immediately. OK, they were handed their babies directly, but no skin to skin. (maybe they didn't fancy taking their tops off on camera).

OBEM is the one show that I bookmark to watch every week - it's fascinating. smile

BarryShitpeas Tue 18-Jan-11 10:06:09

Hello, I'm a panel member.

Just watched this on 4od (couldn't watch last night as was sitting with 2 fluey dc).

I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, as last weeks episode made me feel angry and miserable.

The women last night seemed to receive much better treatment- higher staffing ratios, more helpful advice, ways of dealing with pain, and explanations of what their bodies were doing.

I found it interesting that the programme didn't include the two senior midwives doing their talking heads bit from last week. Was that a one off?

I agree it would be nice to see a homebirth.

I wouldn't watch the programme every week, but I would watch it from time to time.

I agree with what Sophable said last week- the programme makers have winning formula on their hands (it's the miracle of birth, fgs!)and it is occasionally enjoyable and moving, but there is enough wrong with the care of women shown on camera to make me wonder what happens when the cameras stop rolling.

sungirltan Tue 18-Jan-11 10:09:07

lydia having her water birth was just amazing it was a priviledge to see that :-)

trice Tue 18-Jan-11 10:14:07

I would like to see more homebirths. But then who would want a camera crew at their lovely calm home birth? Nice to see a more active birth. Why do they all lie on their backs? Don't they realise that makes it hurt?

I really don't know how they get people to agree to the filming. Does it pay really well?

I think what people need to remember is this is an ENTERTAINMENT preogramme, its not a documentry on the medical side of birth, its supposed to just be easy watching entertainment and i think it does that brilliantly.

omnomnomtom Tue 18-Jan-11 10:20:16

Agree with many of the other posters that this weeks was far more positive.
Loved the water birth- it had me in tears. Wanted to tell off the boyfriend for spending half the labour texting though!

stewmaker Tue 18-Jan-11 10:23:31

Really enjoyed last night's episode! I thought it was more representative of labours that go well and this is what expecting mums need to see smile. I don't think every episode should be like this, but last night's made a lovely change.

crikeybadger Tue 18-Jan-11 10:25:17

I think I would have agreed to have my homebirths filmed (as long as it was hidden cameras and not a whole film crew in my lounge). I think it would be an amazing thing to look back on.

4andnotout Tue 18-Jan-11 10:51:50

I watched it on +1 last night and really enjoyed it. Lydia's waterbirth was the highlight for me, I had a waterbrith with dd2 and it reminded me of how serene it all was. Her sister was fairly useless though!

There seemed to be more active positioning during the labours in this episode which was much more positive.

In all I really love this programme, it's really not helping my broodiness and failure to conceive at all!

ANTagony Tue 18-Jan-11 11:25:07

I made/ encouraged DH to sit through last nights. I've been booked in for a c-section on Thursday (20th) and he's very squeamish so will be more comfortable waiting in the wings. I will be more comfortable too because then I don't have to worry about him passing out.

I was really glad that this episode was shown with Lydia's sister finding it a bit uncomfortable, and reacting physically. There is so much prodding, probing, equipment, worrying/ waiting around time and mess involved in the whole in hospital birth experience. They don't come out clean with no blood/ vernix and a healed belly button. I think this can be a big shock to many first time mums (and dads).

It was so good for her discomfort to be handled so sensitively with minimal fuss but mainly because it shows others who are anxious about medical stuff they are not alone. My husband is not a wimp, he's great with my two boys from my first marriage the elder is ASD so quite a handful at times and it makes him no less of a man to want to be hands on after the birth and leave the actual birth to the professionals. I'm very grateful that it was shown that he is not alone in finding it difficult. I'm guessing that most men who are anxious are not the first to be volunteering to be filmed through the process.

Regarding other feedback, as others have mentioned, I'd really like some sort of quick summary at the end of each birth i.e. length of labour, birth weight, sex, if its not too intrusive to the parents babies name.

Grandhighpoohba Tue 18-Jan-11 11:35:46

Enjoyed this episode. I would like however to get a better sense of time scales, as the editing process makes it hard to see how long each labour lasts. Knowing how long things have been going helps in understanding why things are done - for example breaking Lydia's waters. I think it would be really inappropriate to give the name out on tv, makes them too identifiable, but weight would be great - again puts things into context. For example, if we knew that a labour had being going for 15 hours and produced a 10lb baby, it would make more sense of how well the women had coped.

Also, I understand from a dramatic point of view that the actual moment of birth is the climax, but it would be nice to get more of the third stage on screen.

Agree with whoever said that skin to skin contact is not very obvious.

Swaliswan Tue 18-Jan-11 11:48:00

I've just watched last night's episode and loved it. It reminds me why I want to be a midwife. What a privilege it was to share in all three births. It was great to even see the emotion on the midwive's faces and be able to see how much they loved being at the births. I felt that we really went on a journey with Lydia and Tendayi. The little clips of things like photos being taken and the balloon reminded me of special little moments from the births of our 3 DC.

I agree that it would be lovely to see some birth stats, baby's first feed and a short postnatal catch up.

I'll be back later to feedback on the website because DH has just put his foot through our dining room ceiling shock I'm sure that wasn't part of the plan for today hmm

mamadiva Tue 18-Jan-11 12:02:39

I watched the last series of this and loved it (as did DP not that he will admit it ), did'nt get a chance to see last weeks but watched last night.

I really like the fact that this time round it is less midwife based as last year it was more about the ward than the couples having children. I do think they should show some stuff with regards to how the ward is run, as they did last night, but not too much.

When I had my son I really wanted a water birth but had never seen one and was very unsure how it all went, ended up with an Em.c-section, but if I had another it would again be considered and it was really good to see some of what happened during one. Although I have to say that girl was far braver than I ever was

Also really liked Maxwell and his wife (can't remember her name) as they came across all calm and prepared during the pre-birth interviews but when it came down to it they were just like the rest of us... bloody clueless They really did put some humour into the show!

The Welsh lady was also incredibly brave and I had a gigggle about her apologising to her husband for shouting Not very often you see that!!!

SexyDomesticatedDab Tue 18-Jan-11 12:03:25

Was lovely - DW amazed that you can give birth with perfect make up on. Each time we talk about our births (4) and a bit sad there will be no more for us.

ouryve Tue 18-Jan-11 12:25:01

Found the website a bit duff. Hardly any text and lots of videos. I don't feel inspired to view the videos without more than the brief accompanying headline. I can read words of more than one syllable.

Just about done watching last night's episode, now.

had a little confusion at the start, wondering what a tend day conception could possibly be, before i realised it was someone's name.

Lydia's family were lovely. I felt sorry for her poor sister turning so green at one point. Lydia's beautiful and her birth was as perfect as it comes. I echo the envy

The other birts were lovely and calm, too. Such a contrast to last week's drama, giving the series so far a bit more balance.

Love the quote "I've just had a baby!"

Swaliswan Tue 18-Jan-11 12:53:15

I've been looking at the OBEM website and I have to agree that it feels a bit cluttered on the home page and isn't the easiest to navigate around until you've gotten used to it. Other than that, I like having all of the extra video clips as some of them fill in gaps that I think are missing on the actual episodes. I could happily do without the birth radar and the 'interact' scetion. I like being able to read other people's comments but I probably wouldn't bother leaving a comment myself.

I'm very disappointed that none of the OBAC births are on the website or any extra videos from that but I am very biased grin

Lastyearsmodel Tue 18-Jan-11 15:38:19

Had to record it again (teething baby) - watching it now.

I like the pre-labour interviews in this series (don't think they did that as much last series? could be wrong).

Lydia is sooo calm! And what a lovely family. Going to be a good-looking baby, I think smile.

Tendayi is more my style of pregnant waddling lady. Lovely couple - doesn't he just adore her?

Lastyearsmodel Tue 18-Jan-11 15:40:39

Lydia's sister pukes at other people's smear tests? She's gonna love this then...

They're breaking her waters - will they let her back in the pool?

OK, Anna's been sick - why are they letting her stay in the room and take nursing resources away from a labouring woman?

Lastyearsmodel Tue 18-Jan-11 15:46:36

Jeez, my midwives moaned it was hard to see what was going on me as I was on all fours - how can see anything in the pool?

Aw, wow what a great birth. I can't imagine I would cry any harder if I were in the room with them. It's a right sobathon here every week.

Message withdrawn

Lastyearsmodel Tue 18-Jan-11 19:03:19

Oops, forgot to say 'I'm a panel member' when I first posted.

Message withdrawn

Message withdrawn

Lastyearsmodel Tue 18-Jan-11 20:03:31

Panel member...

I agree with swallowed about not having too many women in one episode. Tendayi and Max's story felt rushed at the end - they'd done a lot of talking throughout the episode then she was asking for the epidural, being told to push and the baby was born (although that was the most graphic birth shot I can remember seeing so far; the camera angles otherwise have been very, um, dignified).

I am so surprised at how many women give birth on the bed.

Thoughts about after the babies are born - I haven't seen many (any?) shots of breastfeeding immediately afterwards, not much skin-to-skin and no talk of what the midwives might be doing just out of shot (ie sewing up tears, monitoring blood loss, etc). Which makes me wonder what the remit of the programme is - is it to shed light on the total experience of childbirth, warts and all? Is it to show a few women's differing experiences but to stop short of some of the harsher truths? I suppose my views will depend on how the series pans out.

Some of the logistics boggle my brain as well - just how many pregnant women's stories must they have had to follow to get enough material for a series? Just finding all those owmen in one area of the country willing to have their birth filmed (both consenting beforehand and still wanting to once they'd been through it).

I've noticed a big difference in attitude between the younger midwives who possibly haven't given birth and the older ones (some of whom also haven't given birth). The older ones seem to take a long view, treat everyone in a similar way and are less concerned with chatting and getting on with everyone - they just know how to do their job and concentrate on that. Some of the younger ones have made some comments that would have really annoyed me 'screaming isn't helping', etc.

Website: I like the chance to watch more detailed footage of some couples. Lydia's calm, natural waterbirth is particularly inspiring for younger mothers. Navigation is a bit confusing but overall I think it does the job. I wonder if there's a reason they don't link to info on becoming a midwife?

Message withdrawn

ohmeohmy Tue 18-Jan-11 20:57:49

better than last week but still don't think the midwives come off particularly well. That comment about the epidural not affecting the baby?!! surely incompetent. I think it is a shame that the midwives don't do more to get the birth partners more involved, tell them their job is to love and cherish this person while they are giving birth, to support them and advocate for them. Not gurn in the corner or spend their time texting. THe midwives just seem to reinforce their fears 'you won't be able to do anything right later on?' just not true.

twirlymum Tue 18-Jan-11 21:17:07

Really liked Maxwell and Tandeyi (sp?)
I found it interesting that she had wanted a natural birth without pain relief, just as women had in her home country (Zimbabwe? Can't remember). She seemed to think she owed it to them to try and do it without drugs.

moaningminniewhingesagain Tue 18-Jan-11 22:28:23

I loved it. Loved the last series too but the Christmas ones were very poor.

Lydia - too flaming calm and beautiful! Not fair! They seem like a very cute couple. But why was she having her waters broken, it all seemed to be going smoothly, seemed like unneccessary interference to me but there may be something I don't know.

I'm just going to break your waters now - not exactly my idea of asking consent - rather a statement that we are doing it, the end. She may have discussed it beforehand and agreed, I don't know, but it made me wish she had a doula or someone to say 'Why are you doing ARM?Why can't she just carry on, she was coping beautifully.'

Tandeyi - lovely birth, the baby looked a whopper and each time the babies are born I am itching to know the weights. None of my business I know, but I just need to know

The other couple - A lovely normal couple again and a fab birth.

Only had a quick look at the website but it doesn't look very appealing.

Message withdrawn

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 19-Jan-11 10:00:56

Many thanks to all panel members and non panel members for adding your comments - much appreciated!

Am pleased to say Dylthan was pulled out of the 'hat' as the winner of the £50 Amazon voucher...well done.

Has anyone been emailed their voucher yet? Theres somehting on a special at amazon and i'm itching to buy it!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 20-Jan-11 23:10:32

Totoros...we're hoping to do the emails tomorrow - if not then very early next week.

Message withdrawn

Yay, just got my voucher.

Thank you very much. Hope they got the sort of feedback they wanted.

me too!

the items gone though, lol.

Message withdrawn

Message withdrawn

kingprawntikka Sun 23-Jan-11 10:19:54

I got some books and CD's. Thank you Mumsnet.

thanks muchly for vouchers, much appreciated and buying some camping accessories grin

delilahbelle Thu 19-Jan-12 21:56:50

cluttered and untidy website - not the sort of thing i will be going back to.

duffedup Wed 10-Oct-12 20:56:20

website was not fun to be on, hard work to get where you wanted not sure how a lot of the info was relevant really. love the show though.

duffedup Wed 10-Oct-12 20:59:19

ha thought this was for current one website still isnt great .

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