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NOW CLOSED Beating babies' blocked-up noses: we need your tips, please

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 27-Sep-10 14:30:52

Does your baby ever get a stuffy or blocked nose? If so, you'll know that it can make sleeping and feeding difficult - for both of you.

The folks at Sterimar Baby natural nasal spray would like to hear your tips on beating baby snuffles.

Do you know a brilliant blocked-up-nose beater? Or maybe a clever way to help a snuffly baby feed more easily? Or perhaps a genius tip that'll help a baby full of cold sleep better at night?

If so, please post it here on this thread. Everyone who sends in an idea, tip or suggestion will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 of Mothercare vouchers.

Please note that your tips may be published on Mumsnet at a later date.

Poledra Mon 27-Sep-10 14:38:43

Squirt some breast milk into their nose - works a treat to clear it enough for feeding.

Not sure this is a marketable idea mind................ grin

misdee Mon 27-Sep-10 14:42:50

pick thir nose for them?

no seriously, baby vicks rubbed on their feet works wonders. no idea why. but it works.

Indith Mon 27-Sep-10 14:44:46

I've generally tended to squirt breast milk up there. If you get a good lot up then the next sneeze usually clears things out a bit or if desperate suck on their nose although that is a little vomit inducing. For sleep just prop the cot up and prepare to spend the night sitting up in bed with a baby on your chest. Once they get past 3 months though you can use snufflebabe.

Just let it settle with time

Poledra Mon 27-Sep-10 14:46:27

Ah, Indith, I seem to remember a thread where you and I talked Stealth into the breastmilk thing - she really did not believe us till she tried it!

CMOTdibbler Mon 27-Sep-10 14:46:27

I was going to suggest squirting bm up their nose <humph>

Failing that, a Karvol plug in diffuser (or, more cheaply, a couple of drops in an aromatherapy diffuser) works wonders here

curlywurlycremeegg Mon 27-Sep-10 14:48:13

Am afraid I collude with Indith and suck it out, to great squeels of "erughh" from DH and DS1 (15) grin

oopsandbabycoconuts Mon 27-Sep-10 14:48:18

We use saline nose drops in our house on the older ones - wonderfully named as 'snot drops' by DD1 and brest milk for DD2.

RunningOutOfIdeas Mon 27-Sep-10 14:49:19

Eucalyptus oil rubbed on the feet works for coughs and colds.

kveta Mon 27-Sep-10 14:50:01

I fed DS in the bathroom after I'd had a hot shower a few times - it was steamy and that helped his blocked nose. That was when he was a newborn with a cold though. I can't feed him in the bathroom anymore as he gets too distracted by everything. Now we use baby olbas oil on a tissue near the head of his cot - not sure how effective it is on him, but DH hasn't had a blocked nose since we started using it!!

going Mon 27-Sep-10 14:53:07

I used to tie a muslin with a couple of drops of Karvol on on to the cot.

Indith Mon 27-Sep-10 14:53:24

grin Poledra

greensnail Mon 27-Sep-10 14:55:09

We use a snot-sucker, the Baby Nose Clear one is best. Have tried the breast milk up the nose thing with both my babies but it has never worked for us, but saline drops have been helpful for DD2.

My latest snot busting gadget is called Cleebo, they are special tweezers for removing dried on bogeys. I'm finding them more useful for my toddler than the baby though.

I find taking the baby in the shower with you helps, as the humidity helps to clear things for them. And let them sleep in the bouncy chair overnight when its really bad.

PaulineCampbellJones Mon 27-Sep-10 14:55:52

Saline drops, an electric oil burner with eucalyptus and lavender. And vaseline under the nose to stop soreness.

ShatnersBassoon Mon 27-Sep-10 15:00:04

Prop the head end of the cot mattress with a blanket or two underneath.

Saline drops are brilliant if there's a major blockage.

StayFrosty Mon 27-Sep-10 15:01:20

I put some vicks in a bowl of boiling water and leave it in his room. I also put lansinoh or vaseline on his nostrils to stop them going sore and crusty in the night.

Try any / all of the following:
1. Raise the cot head (ranty/preachy baby routine books can find an actual use as leg props for the cot).
2. Steam inhalations. Either during the day hold baby on knee over / near a source of steam, or at night put a wet facecloth on the radiator (obviously this in winter when heating is on). Also hang wet washing next to a radiator in the baby's room.
3. I have found a warmer room helps enormously.
4. From 3 months the snuffle babe stuff is invaluable. We actually started using it earlier by putting it on a cloth near DS, i.e. not directly on his skin.
5. Any time you see a chance to physically grab a bogey and pull it out, do.

CompetitiveChutes Mon 27-Sep-10 15:14:01

My one year old had a snotty nose all of last week. I squirted saline spray up his nose and propped up his cot mattress with a towel underneath. Also used a tiny bit of Vaseline on his nostrils as they looked so sore.

Top tip if you do the mattress propping thing - tell your DP/DH. That way you don't go to check on the baby and discover he has been put to bed the wrong way so his feet are slightly raised instead of his head hmm

Also wear rubbish old clothes so you aren't that bothered when the baby uses you to wipe their nose on.

Cot propped up on some books.
Karvel plug in vapouriser thingy.
Suction thing to rid the nose of snot before feeding.
Childrens nurofen for the "faceaches"

DD has just gotten over a cold, wasnt so bad because of those 4 things.

frakkinnakkered Mon 27-Sep-10 15:16:28

Snot sucker

Vapouriser thingies - when I was little we had one with a candle, I'm sure there are safer ones now!

Don't let the air get too dry - keep a saucer of water by the radiator

Try feeding in a more upright position - baby face down on the boob apparently works very well as it prevents all the slime from making its way to the back of the nose/throat.

TheProvincialLady Mon 27-Sep-10 15:18:38

Snot suckers do work. I also rate Karvol plug ins.

FrameyMcFrame Mon 27-Sep-10 16:00:53

Boil kettle in the room with karvol in the water?
raise the head of the cot?
saline nose sprays/drops?

TheLimeFairy Mon 27-Sep-10 16:01:17

I always put some Vicks in a bowl of boiling water under the cot at night, prop the head end of the cot up and use saline drops.

Thandeka Mon 27-Sep-10 16:01:46

Nasosal drops (saline) plus snot sucker used in rotation (if particularly thick mucus the drops help soften for sucking) or sometimes after sucking the snot out as it seems to help keep it a bit clearer.

Humidifier (though bewarned get a warm air one- we didnt and got a cool air one and it makes the room baltic if you don't have heating on!)

Baby vapour rub on back and chest(loving the feet idea- will try that!)

Boiling water with olbas oil placed nearish humifier fan

Karvol on hanky near cot

a snot cot wedge under matress.

I also take a very well wrapped up dd out for long walks in the fresh air- gets her nose running a treat and she seems chirpier for it afterwards.

I also avoid yoghurt, cheese etc in her diet as they are mucus making- (not sure where breastmilk and formula is in that as I don't avoid them!)

pebblejones Mon 27-Sep-10 16:03:48

Saline drops or sit in the bathroom with DS for 5 minutes with the shower going. Followed by letting my DS roll around on my bed... I find tummytime helps bring bogeys out. But you do end up with a bed covered in bogeys .

Well I am in Hungary and the Hungarians swear by using an "Orsivo Porsivo". Here

You attach it to your vacuum cleaner!!!

if you are breastfeeding just squirt some BM up baby's nose

JiggeryPopery Mon 27-Sep-10 16:12:00

I have only read the thread title - I offer you this:

you must never beat your baby's nose, blocked up or not.

Back to the dark ages, Sterimar!

babber Mon 27-Sep-10 16:18:56

my poor littl DS had the worst blocked nose when he was only 2 weeks old... it wasn't snotty... just completely congested. It was almost impossible for him to feed properly. I used saline drops on advice of HV which helped a lot as did the steamy bathroom scenario...
was horrible sticking drops up his tiny nostrils but it did seem to help

greensnail Mon 27-Sep-10 16:30:15

ooh, a new product to add to my snotbusting repertoire Buda. Might not help with my DD's hoover phobia though.

readinginsteadnow Mon 27-Sep-10 17:05:57

iirc, we did nothing except propping the cot up on an angle. I have no idea whether I was a slack omther or whether we just didnt get too many bunged up babies blush

SparkyMalarky Mon 27-Sep-10 17:26:07

Poor DD got her for at cold at 3 weeks old - we still seem to get one every couple of months now

We always - prop the mattress up at one end, put karvol on a hanky near by and a damp tea towel on the radiator (keeps the air in the room moist or something) and a snot sucker (think it's a Nuk one - like a big bulb - it was too big for DDs very small nostrils at first!)

scrappydappydoo Mon 27-Sep-10 17:32:46

Childrens Olbas oil is great - liberally sprinkled on sheets and clothes. Also sit them in the bathroom with shower on - the steam helps..

ItsAllaBitNoisy Mon 27-Sep-10 17:44:28

I keep reading Beating Babies. shock

MinkyBorage Mon 27-Sep-10 18:02:26

only thing that ever worked for me was actually physically sucking the snot out for them. Gross, but effective!

Feed your baby curry (for the over six month olds - mine both loved a chicken korma from that age. Or you can feed them ginger biscuits which are also a decongestant.

Flighttattendant Mon 27-Sep-10 18:09:44

those sucking things are really, really painful. I tried it on myself once and it made me weep.

So I understand now why my children won't let me NEAR them with it.

FloraFinching Mon 27-Sep-10 18:15:51

the karvol vaporiser thing is really good
I half wanted it to be rubbish, so I wouldn't need to fork out for the refills
but it really does work

pebblejones Mon 27-Sep-10 19:00:25

Actually I have another one, my Dr told me to let my DS sleep in his carseat instead of his cot. Because he was upright and strapped in. I didn't, I propped ip the mattress like the other posters on this thread.

Cies Mon 27-Sep-10 19:09:38

Poor ds got his first cold at 3 weeks, despite being bf (much to dh's incredulity - think he thought bf was a magic wand which removed even the poosibility of getting ill).

Anyway, we found saline drops combined with a snot sucker to be the best thing.

I didn't know about bm up the nose - do you sqirt it from the boob or from a syringe. I think ds would latch on if he saw a boob so close to his mouth.

lal123 Mon 27-Sep-10 19:10:00

Put a couple of pillows under cot mattress to raise baby's head.

Turning on the shower full blast on hottest setting to make bathroom steamy and keeping baby in there for 20 mins

Saline drops were good

The sucky things just didn't work for us

Mumcentreplus Mon 27-Sep-10 19:19:34

My DH sucked the baby bogey out with his thats love! grin

I used olbas oil on a tissue above baby's head ..and/or used a cotton bud to remove mucus.

CakesAndMuffins Mon 27-Sep-10 19:32:32

Humidifier overnight, definitely the best thing ever!

I also second baby chest rub - works so well and I love the smell.

MmmNicePlace Mon 27-Sep-10 19:56:27

1] Breast milk or boiled cooled water up the nose.

2] Nose clear sucker after above

3] Keep nostrils moisturised

4] Prop mattress up 2"/5cm where head is

5] Room humidifer

6] always lay baby on same side as upper nostril stays clearer of snot

7] Lots of outdoor time helps dry up snot for a short while

MegBusset Mon 27-Sep-10 19:57:45

DS2 got loads of colds as a newborn, we got through a lot of saline drops although I reckon they annoyed him more than the snot itself. Children's Olbas too although I don't think you're supposed to use it under 3 months, I've no idea why.

asuwere Mon 27-Sep-10 20:00:27

readinginsteadnow I have been reading thread thinking same thing - am I bad mother or do I have healthy kids?

I have propped mattress up a bit and I do sometimes use karvol on a muslin tied to the cot.

Also, have a tissue handy when feeding to get rid of any snot left on boob before it gets dried to bra!

giraffesCantDanceInBrokenHeels Mon 27-Sep-10 20:01:08

<snort> at title

countrybump Mon 27-Sep-10 20:50:51

Children's Olbas oil is great - put some on a muslin or a flannel and leave it in the cot.

I prop the cot or mattress up a bit.

And lots of cuddles! Sit them upright for a bit.

MisSalLaneous Mon 27-Sep-10 21:34:08

My Lithuanian cleaner recommends massaging their feet with Vodka! shock She also made dh drink Vodka with black pepper when he had a cold. grin

<<Disclaimer - I never have, neither would I recommend, the child version mentioned above>>

DwayneDibbley Mon 27-Sep-10 21:36:20

Message withdrawn

missedith01 Mon 27-Sep-10 21:39:44

A drop or two of Olbas Oil in a bowl of boiling water under the cot.

SirBoobAlot Mon 27-Sep-10 21:43:56

Squirting some breast milk up their nose helps.

If you can get them to stay still long enough, massaging the bridge of their nose.

Keeping them as upright as possible when feeding / in the buggy, and propping the Moses basket / crib / cot up just a little at the head end.

Have also found that some Vicks on a hankie, tied to the cot bars but out of reach is helpful at night time.

And an air purifier. Certainly worth the money.

Puppycat Mon 27-Sep-10 21:47:02

My two DD are suffering at the minute with blocked noses.
While they were in the bath I put a couple of drops of olbas children in some hot water in the sink, not the bath hoping that the steam from the bath would unblock them a bit.
With the youngest I rubbed a bit of snufflebabe on her chest and raised the mattress of her cot with a rolled up towel.
Then stuck a bowl of water under the cot.
I did try nasosal with the youngest when she was too young to use anything else.

Vics in a bowl of hot on the raditor, and a little rubbed on feet.

also a few drops of vics on a tissue under the mattress

aristocat Mon 27-Sep-10 23:12:15

another here who propped the head of the cot with books and olbas on a muslin tied to the cot.

nickytwotimes Tue 28-Sep-10 06:57:53

Only thing helping ds2 atm is sleeping face down on my chest with me propped up in bed...

<slight contradiction of FSIDS guidelines...>

RedApple11 Tue 28-Sep-10 08:02:48

In truth, when I read this post topic, I couldn't help too much as my daughter didn't get a cold in her first six months.

I then saw this article this morning on BBC news:

My tip therefore is where possible, breatfeed for the first six months and stuffy noses might not be an issue. This won't be possible or work for everyone, but for us, it certainly was successful.

Spirael Tue 28-Sep-10 09:20:34

Not had any bad blocked noses here yet (DD is 12 weeks), despite both me and DH having colds in the last month!

However for everyday minor snuffles, I tend to gently massage DD's nose on each side up to the bridge to loosen everything up, then give her a nice long BF to clear it all.

Doesn't seem to have done her any harm thus far!

Message withdrawn

edam Tue 28-Sep-10 13:06:13

Red, ds was b/f but succumbed to some colds. Propping one end of the cot up and creating steam helped him - I couldn't quite bring myself to suck the snot out of his nose as someone suggested... am clearly a bad mother!

Bonsoir Tue 28-Sep-10 13:09:32

Lots of long, hot, steamy baths and cleaning nostrils with cotton wool wrung out in hot water.

Staying indoors in an even temperature the minute snuffles appear.

YunoYurbubson Tue 28-Sep-10 14:18:09

I keep seing "Beating Babies" in active conversations and feeling shocked.

I actually paid good money for some baby bed blocks (about £13) and put 2 under each of the legs at one side of the cot. That was actually the most effective thing to help.

Anenome Tue 28-Sep-10 14:21:40

I tickle my daughters nose! It makes her Gran told me that one! It's helpful to do it right before bedtime.

oopsandbabycoconuts Tue 28-Sep-10 22:18:10

Yuno - I was thinking the same thing!

emmaand3 Wed 29-Sep-10 11:23:24

Agree to propping up the cot. I raise the mattress by putting a pillow under the matress.

Honeydragon Wed 29-Sep-10 22:15:46

Happy to admit: The Nuk snot extracter is the best ever - it is brilliant, simple and comes with two nozzles (one to wash...) really works well.

Less happy to admit: Make your baby giggle when breast feeding (older babies) - if you get them really going they giggle lots and wind up snorting milk and a load of snot down their nose. blush this can then be simply wiped off your cleavage grin

<<disclaimer: I cannot believe I have outed this about myself>>

Honeydragon Wed 29-Sep-10 22:17:29

as a preventative measure when I make tomato pasta sauce I always use ginger, garlic and onions for preventing colds. They have it at least once a week in some guise.

BonzoDooDah Fri 01-Oct-10 16:31:33

I always find feeding them a good hot curry helps get the nose juices running grin

Seriously though I try a warm bath in a steamy room and then Karvol drops on the bedding.

charliechin Mon 11-Oct-10 08:21:50

With a baby that had reflux for 20 weeks my tips are:

Snot suckers - we used the NUK one and it got a lot of snot out.
Radiator humidifier - add a few drops of the baby nose clear
For when my daughter had a proper cold and not just sick going up her nose, then I used some rub on her chest or some drops on a cloth.

The best thing is a snot sucker, does not hurt her and gets instant results. If you start using it at a young age, your child will not be frightened of it either - my daughter, now at 8 months has a cold and she lets me use the snot sucker without any problem, she even smiles when I use it - think it may give her a lot of relief!

sugarlake Mon 11-Oct-10 08:28:38

If your baby has a snuffly cold in summer, take them outside and expose their face to the direct sun for a moment - they will automatically sneeze.

Phew96 Mon 11-Oct-10 13:19:22

DS and DD have both just had colds and I found the saline spray really useful. It was so much easier to use than the drops we've tried previously.

I also second the recommendation of Vaseline around the nostrils to stop them getting sore and raising the head of the cot

kludge Mon 11-Oct-10 16:30:38

Warm bath, baby nose clear snotsucker, walk in the fresh air, and Karvol on a muslin in cot.

maxybrown Wed 13-Oct-10 16:25:26

Baby nose clear snot sucker worked fab - as long as you can keep them still and get it in the right place! or very gently place rolled tissue, usually pulls it all out!

jessica789 Tue 19-Oct-10 20:25:00

My LO is currently suffering from a blocked up nose. Poor lamb. Having read good things about them, I went to my local chemists today in search of a 'snot sucker' but neither stocked them - pah! Had to make do with some vapour rub (the smell reminds me sooo much of my mum rubbing it my back when I was poorly) and some Calpol. Might have to try the nasal spray too.

When he was a very wee one, propping his cot up at the head end and putting a bowl of water by the bed worked a treat at easing his congestion.

MummyO3 Wed 20-Oct-10 11:11:16

i use the nose sucker things where you put it to there nose and squeeze the wee ball thing and it sucks it out

Belo Wed 20-Oct-10 11:25:47

A chest rub with Snuffle Baby (or the cheaper Boots version), and then sitting in the bathroom with me while I have a long soak in a bath which has a couple of drops of eucalyptus essential oil in it.

We used to raise one end of the cot with books. Cheap and cheerful grin

SuiGeneris Fri 22-Oct-10 14:24:28

Saline nose drops while reclined, followed by sitting baby on my knee and using the nose aspirator. Works v well and baby now seems to understand and, if bunged up, try to stick his nostrils onto the aspirator by himself.

Also, put on underfloor heating the bathroom, lay large towel on the bathroom floor and run a very hot shower while baby and I play on the warm towel. Sometimes I also add one or two drops of olbas oil to a sinkful of hot water- but baby stays on the warm towel nowhere near sink or shower.

melissab Fri 12-Nov-10 21:39:03

I tend to give a squirt of nasal saline spray (love the spray compared to the drops - much easier to de-bung the nostrils with)
I then wait a minute or so, and use a nasal suction bulb to remove the offending muck.

Leaving a damp flannel with a few drops of menthol on a radiator in the room seems to help delay re-blocking, too

BonzoDooDah Sat 13-Nov-10 12:08:14

Is there a closing date on this?

onadietcokebreak Sat 13-Nov-10 19:29:39

Saline nose drops worked a treat on my DS. Apart from that snuffle baby and bath.

Liquid ibuprofen (was recommended by pharmascist) as a lot of the snuffling is apparently caused by inflamation of the nasal passage as well as snot. It did the trick beautifully and also stopped snot irritating the back of the throat and calmed the coughing.

Not directly related, but Sudocreme or similar on the cheeks at bedtime can help stop skin irritation, which ds2 gets when he rubs his nose and smears snot across his face.

After reading about it on here I use baby Vicks on the feet. After 2 weeks of sleepless nights with a snotty baby it worked wonders.

Got a hmm look of dp when I put it on ds then a "well I suppose you being on that mumsnet isn't all bad then" the following morning grin

ScorpionQueen Mon 16-Jan-12 13:32:22

I had one of those face saunas when DD was a baby. I'd put some Olbas Oil in the water and have it running near the baby (but not actually put their faces in the steam). It was lovely and worked on us all.

theduchesse Mon 30-Apr-12 13:15:50

We always prop the cot up on some big fat useless parenting books. I did find that it was important to take them away again in between colds (if there is actually a break between colds) to get full effect from the propped cot - no idea why.

We also use saline nose spray. After 3 months or whenever they learn to breath through their mouth as well I found the nose spray worked best if I used it right before breastfeeding so that he would breath through his nose to clear it out properly.

zipzap Wed 02-May-12 22:32:04

Propping the end of the cot up on telephone directories/old magazines to get gravity to help keep the snot out of their sinuses

Nasal sprays never seemed to work for ds1 (other than to distress him and subsequently make him scream and cry which did then tend to make the snot come out - but probably not the way that was intended!) so I didn't even bother trying them for ds2

Olbas oil - couple of drips on their pj shoulders works wonders.

Particularly if the heating is on - putting a wet towel on the radiator in the room to help keep it humid (cheaper than a humidifier)

WhenDoISleep Wed 02-May-12 22:37:38

Saline drops or breast milk squirted in their nose.

Propping up the end of the cot, either using blocks or using a wedge type pillow (like the ones sold for reflux).

Vicks or snuffle babe rubbed into their feet (works best if they have their feets cover by a babygro or similar).

Karvol of Tyxilix vaporisers.

Sitting in the bathroom with the shower on boiling to generate steam, or using a special steam generator in the bedroom.

cakeismysaviour Tue 08-May-12 10:51:04

We have used a snot sucker. I was sceptical about them, but they work well.

When I was little, my mum used to put some vicks in a bowl of steaming hot water in my room which I am told worked well also. smile

HannahLI Tue 15-May-12 22:46:34

We have an electric nasal aspirator which is brilliant much better than the one you just draw air into this is a great starting point ( you can soften with saline drops first) to clear the nose then I use the electric vapuoriser. I personally use the boots one and it makes for a much better nights sleep.
If I am desperate I also use Vicks vapour rub on there chest and this is good during the day when you can't always have the vapuoriser on!

RickGhastley Tue 29-May-12 21:04:10

saline drops
nasal aspirator
few drops olbas oil on a tissue near baby's nose for a minute or two. I tuck the tissue into my bra strap when I'm BFing so baby can smell it.
keep baby propped up when feeding
raise baby's head when sleeping - eg use books to raise one end of cot
Keep heating off if not too cold, I find central heating makes baby more blocked up
When bathing baby I put some olbas oil in a sinkful of boiling water which results in a lovely steamy menthol atmosphere to unblock his nose while he's having a bath

MilkNoSugarAndAShotofWhisky Wed 30-May-12 10:58:02

Run the shower/taps on full (Only hot, no cold) and steam the bathroom up so much the paint peels off grin then either sit baby up or carry them upright so snot flows out...nice grin

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