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advice needed, 17 year old ds with possible AS (warning it's long)

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supersalstrawberry Sat 10-Mar-12 01:49:19

ds hasn't been diagnosed formally and I'm wondering whether it's worth going down that route

Most of his behaviour over the last 5 - 6 years we put down to teenage moodyness etc, but after a recent bout of depression and a conversation with a family friend who works with children and teens with AS, I'm starting to think (and ds has also told me that he thinks he has some AS traits) that he could have AS.

looking back I've tried to remember what he was like when he was small (how could I have missed this!)

When he was small he would play with the same lego day in day out, he would build the same figure over and over again, did have some obsessive behaviour over certain toys (but not that we were concerned at the time)

Prefered to play by himself, never made best friends, didn't enjoy sport of any kind

His speech is very particular, since he was very young, noticably so. He can't abbreviate words, I've noticed he forces himself to now sometimes when speaking to friends to try and fit in, but it just doesn't sound right iykwim, he dosent sound comfortable doing it.

He is a very talented artist, planning on going to university this year (computer game art course), very focused, very determined.

Struggles socially, makes no eye contact, no facial expression, appears unable to ready peoples body language or expressions eg - to put them at their ease, laugh at their jokes etc.

I struggle to judge his mood/feelings as he never shows them, even when he was very very depressed I couldn't tell until he actually told me. I ask him everyday how he feel to give him an opportunity to talk to me if he needs to.

He was badly bullied at secondary school, he chose to leave after his GCSE's and go to college to get away from the bullying

He rarely laughs, rarely smiles, shows very little emotion, I think in some ways the bullying made this worse

He was offered a referal to CAMHS by our GP when we went to see her about the depression, he declined the offer and saw a college counsellor a few times instead, he said that helped but it's hard to tell, although I do talk to him about how he feels and he does seem to open up to me to a certain extent.

I'm not sure where to go from here, he does have some friends now who he spends time with and he does have a part time job, he manages ok with 1 to 1 conversation, he has a very strong morals and isn't afraid to give his opinion. For a long period of time his main form of socialising was online gaming chatting to friends via xbox, he seemed very confident when doing this as he didn't have to make eye contact, or assess emotion visually, but I think this made it even harder for him in rl. He's stopped spending time on xbox now and actually goes out with friends fairly regularly now, so I'm hoping this will help his ability to interact with people, therefore I'm not sure a referal to CAMHs or similar is necessary but is there anything else I can do to help him?

tunaday Sat 10-Mar-12 10:35:31

Dont have any personal experience of AS but ds does sound to have some AS traits. Am sure there are MNers who can suggest helpful strategies and info?

supersalstrawberry Sun 11-Mar-12 00:22:49

thanks tunaday smile

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