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Education options for intelligent asd girl?

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Velvetdarkness Tue 13-Sep-16 22:45:26

My dd was recently diagnosed with asd. She's 7. She's very intelligent and does well academically. But the person who assessed her said she must find school very stressful (dd says she does) and suggested we look at other options.

What options are there? I'm near Berkshire/Bucks/oxon area.
I can only think:
Sn school
Home school
Private mainstream

Are there other options? How do you decide what's best?

Ohmuther Sat 17-Sep-16 13:46:42

Hello DD is currently being assessed for Aspergers and has found school incredibly stressful for last 3 years. We've just changed to a smaller school with good SENCO & pastoral care in the hope things would improve, although in the short term it is much harder for DD (she's 8).
I was told that there is an option for part time home school. I haven't yet pursued this option as I'm waiting to see what happens at the new school. Do you have an education advisory service where you are?

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