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Goose and Carrot - 4th October

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Bluebirdonmyshoulder Fri 04-Oct-13 15:44:57

Afternoon all, bluechick is having a nap so I thought I'd open up and enjoy a swift half!

The fire is lit, the jukebox is on, the sofa is plumped, help yourselves to crisps and peanuts and pork scratchings.

Here's to another week survived, anyone got any nice plans for the weekend?

wine Cheers

PolterGoose Fri 04-Oct-13 16:04:20

Cheers Bluebird wine

NoHaudinMaWheest Fri 04-Oct-13 16:07:18

I have some good news to share.

We won dd's transport appeal smile.

Ds managed the planned 3 days of his residential and seems to have enjoyed it.

Bluebirdonmyshoulder Fri 04-Oct-13 16:09:41

ooh well done mini-NoHaudins!

Think we can break out the Bolly for that!

ouryve Fri 04-Oct-13 16:17:21

Mmmm! Peanuts!


Sorry blush

DS1's finished the week at school much better than he started it, though he was unimpressed with a photo and thank you note they were all given at the end of school. Had to hide it in DS2's lunchbag!

RippingYarns Fri 04-Oct-13 16:39:13

<sneaks into corner for a cry>

sorry i've been Quite Shit at supporting folks here, there is so much going on for everyone sad

looks like we're looking for another school for DD - i don't know if i can take much more of this tbh.

since it's turned academy the caring attitude that drew us in has gone. DD has to change classrooms every day for some lessons, on one day 3 times shock

no wonder she's a mess (and so am i)

NoHaudinMaWheest Fri 04-Oct-13 16:44:03

Thanks glad the end of the week was better ouryve.

Oh ripping sorry it's so bad. Do you have any other schools in mind?

PolterGoose Fri 04-Oct-13 16:48:02

Oh Ripping <passes tissues> it's shit isn't it? I was talking to one of the few mums that speaks to me another mum at home time, her older child finished primary last year, she's noticed a huge change in the amount of pressure in ds's year this year to get better SATs results now they're an academy, her ds is really struggling (I suspect he has OCD from her talk about his rituals and maybe some SPD too) it's just so fucking hard.

RippingYarns Fri 04-Oct-13 16:49:18


no sad

infant places are like hens teeth here, had to HE waiting for this one

no wonder DD is so uptight

and it's taken me from the beginning of term to get them to admit they are shifting classes so frequently

autumnsmum Fri 04-Oct-13 16:53:48

Good week here dd2 said she loves her school bus so I'm very happy

RippingYarns Fri 04-Oct-13 16:59:29

<i might already have a small snifter in my hot drink btw>

if i get lary, tell me to lie down blush

SummerRain Fri 04-Oct-13 17:11:19

Hi all, just marking my spot for later. Kid's were home from school all day so my head's ready to crack and I've barely done a thing all day

FrussoNeedsGin Fri 04-Oct-13 17:11:26

Evening <helps self to pork scratchings, plonks large arse on sofa, pokes the fire> it's cozy in here. Can I have a bottle of gin please? grin
DLA renewal form is sent off. Yay. Only took 4weeks. And a phone call from galena flowers.

Yay! nohaudin that's great news!

((Hugs)) ripping and rippingdd I have no advice I'm afraid. [gin]

The weekend has definately hit.
Dd1 is stropping loudly in her room. Because I told her to wait for tea.
Dd2s temp PA handed over dds radio aid transmitter and said dd didn't want to wear it. I tried to keep a straight face as I explained she wouldn't as the adult wears the transmitter and she already has the receiver on.
Not the PAs fault, the school just handed it over and didn't explain what it was. <rolls eyes>
And do they not think that maybe dd doesn't want to listen to the PA (and that's why she's trying to position herself in the taxi so she can't hear her)?
But on the plus side meltdown over demanding to go in my car was avoided by phoning "gwam-marr" dm and after counting down days to half term.

Galena Fri 04-Oct-13 17:19:57

Ripping, that's crap. sad

NoHaudin, that's decidedly not crap! grin

All fine here. DD all recovered, still enjoying school. Has her pre-op on Monday - 4 appointments in one day! Should be interesting.

Bluebirdonmyshoulder Fri 04-Oct-13 17:49:34

Sorry to hear that Ripping. Why don't schools get it? Unbelievable. At least you can talk to us.

<flips bottle of gin to Frusso in Tom Cruise in Cocktail style>

Handywoman Fri 04-Oct-13 18:17:00

Oh Ripping that's shite <sigh>

Yey for miniNoHaudin!

Can I choose to anesthetise myself please with lemsip&gin please?

dd2 has had major breakthrough with SALT. Amazing!!!

I on the other hand have had a totally non stop week. Teaching in the evenings, sleeping terribly (incl up at 4am with chills and temp of 38degrees last night) liaising with mortgage people and solicitor re divorce, crazy run up to dd1 dance performance in London tomorrow (got to be up at 6:45 tomorrow!!!) and now slid into a state of exhaustion with throat infection and zero energy or time to go to GP. GAH!!!!! Actually hold the lemsip, gin will suffice.

moosemama Fri 04-Oct-13 18:42:48

Haven't read anything else yet, but wanted to say FANBLOODYTASTIC! to NoHaudin, I am so pleased for you and both your dcs. grin

Off to read the rest of the thread now ...

moosemama Fri 04-Oct-13 18:53:27

Ripping, poor dd, that's really crap. sad

Handywoman - I'm exhausted just reading about your week. wine

After a bit of good news yesterday when the school finally sorted the transport boy issue and dh came home happier, he's come home a mess today.

Had to take in heavy backpack, pe kit and cookery stuff today. Told him to put PE kit in the locker he finally got the key for this week, but he refused saying he'd reported that his locker had a horrible yellow gunky liquid in it and although they said they'd clean it, they did, but missed the gunk. I gave him a pack of antibacterial surface wipes and a bag to put the used ones in, told him to clean up the gunk, then put his pe kit in the locker. Of course he didn't and as a result managed to lose his entire PE kit. hmm Then he was really upset, as he and his TA spent half the PE lesson looking for it, then he had to stand and watch for the rest of the lesson because he didn't find it and it was dodgeball, which is just about the only type of PE he likes, other than cricket.

He also banged his head twice at school, then got hit in the head by the metal part of another boy's seatbelt just before he got home and judging by the worried look on today's escort's face (who actually did come to the door and hand him over - there's a first hmm) when she told me (poor woman was grey) I assume he must have had quite a spectacular reaction when it hit him.

Also, his form tutor asked him to point out that he has a bruised eye that looks quite nasty - he doesn't - he has big black circles under his eyes as a result of daily middle of the night meltdowns to do with school stress. hmm

Still, despite all that and being ill yet again, I'm in an OK mood and looking forward to the weekend.

youarewinning Fri 04-Oct-13 18:59:02

ripping that's ridiculous.

Ref DLA - Completed my claim in July and have just got award this week. Now on process of sorting out bits and bobs DS needs. Thinking of seeing a private sensory OT - anyone have any ideas of costs for this?

Anywhere that does hygiene lessons I can book him into? grin

AtYourCervix Fri 04-Oct-13 19:04:22

evening all from a very hot place.

I have no idea what's been going on but thought i'd join you for wine.

I miss wine. I haven't had any for an entire month.

god only knows what's been going on at home. I think it's best not to think about it.

anyway wine for everyone.

RippingYarns Fri 04-Oct-13 19:20:45

AYC you did it though grin

will join you for a wine in a bit, just wrestling with an eel going to brush DDs teeth

hazeyjane Fri 04-Oct-13 19:33:08

Gah, couldn't work out why ds was rolling on floor, fighting sleep despite being up in the night and starting the day at 5, and have just found a syringeful of melatonin hidden under a cushion.......

will go back and read thread!

Hello, all.

NoHaudin, fabulous to have some good news, and such good news!

Sorry for people's shit weeks. Mine has been ok.

Talked to the one other parent from DS2's year at school that I know to ask about the 'peer awareness' assembly they did last week. Her DD was dismissive, she already knows 'all about DS2' hmm from primary school and couldn't understand why they had an assembly for the whole year group (240 odd) due to the actions of a handful of boys. From my point of view, if other, kinder DC now understand more about DS2, hopefully the peer pressure to be more tolerant may have some effect.

Anyway, still tired from my job but coping.

It's DS2's 14th birthday on Sunday and his old only friend from primary school who moved away at the end of Y4 is coming for the day. smile

Hey, AYC, you whooping it up in Africa? Proud of you. X

MariaBoredOfLurking Fri 04-Oct-13 20:21:21

Evening all. moose, the locker sounds rancid. Frusso and ripping, <sigh> at general idiocy of school types. Handy- try a generous tot of Irish whiskey in a nice hot honey &lemon mixture (might be a bit dodgy in the lemsip itself grin) Glad that plenty of posters have good news. Have had a <meh> week with school/LA/various other officialdom bods, but am going to relax into the weekend safe in the knowledge they can't bother me till mon 9am at the earliest and my phone will be on silent grin

moosemama Fri 04-Oct-13 20:57:01

Honestly, I've just read the school newsletter and am steaming mad.

They have a big picture of a dog with cross through it and have written a piece telling people they are not allowed to bring their dogs down the close that the school is at the end of. How fucking dare they tell me where I can and can't take my dogs. I don't actually take my dogs down there, because I have no-one to leave them with while I go to pick up ds2 and dd, but if I did want to they have absolultely no right to tell me I can't. It's a public street and they don't bloody own it! angry

People with dogs walk on the opposite side of the road to the pupils, as it's just grass verge and doesn't lead anywhere except the bottom of the close. There is even a small piece of land just opposite the school entrance where anyone that brings a dog down to the school (and there's literally only a couple that do) waits with their dogs. The way it's positioned is that no-one passes it, as it's across the far side of the entrance, which has a road running through it. Pupils don't walk past it, so there's no danger of a child getting nipped and the dogs are far enough away that they don't bother any pupils that might be wary of dogs. Dogs have always been held there while parents wait for their dcs to come out and there has never been a problem.

I am so sick of that bloody school thinking it has the right to control our lives outside of school hours - who the bloody hell do they think they are. I've half a mind to get my pup's entire puppy class to go and wait there one afternoon now, just to see what the HT is going to do about it. angry

On top of that I've just received an email from them telling me how fantastic it is that ds2's year has been selected to be involved the launch of some national cricket thing and how great it's going to be for the pupils. Only it's not is it. If you read the rest of the letter it says that 'some selected pupils will be being coached and photographed for the press' - so that won't be my ds then, as having hypermobility he's not very likely to be picked to show off in front of national cricket coaches. hmm I just know they're going to hype it up to the kids and then he's going to end up hurt disappointed. angry

Bloody school. I thought I'd relax a bit and feel better about it once ds1 had moved on, but it seems to be the opposite. I am getting more and more angry on a daily basis at the crap they keep slinging our way, whilst simultaneously employing crap teachers, who are either off sick at least one day a week (dd's teacher - reception, a repeat performance of ds2's reception year but with a different teacher) or who are so incapable of controlling a class that they scream and yell so much at the pupils that my normally happy, nt, 9 year old has started scratching holes in his face from the stress of it. angry This class that is being continually shouted at, is the same class that had the calmest, softest spoken teacher in the school last year. She is absolutely lovely and never once raised her voice to them - so it's not the pupils that have the problem is it? <<head explodes>>

NoHaudinMaWheest Fri 04-Oct-13 20:58:09

Moose one thing after another. Hopefully it will eventually settle down.

Galena good luck for Monday.

AYC loud hello to Africa.

Ellen happy birthday to your Ds for Sunday.

I wasn't sure how the transport appeal went on Monday but on reflection the officer had dug himself into a hole by saying that if she moved to the designated school they would provide transport. His junior then said that there was minimal cost difference between providing transport to the two schools. We had ample medical evidence that moving schools would be detrimental to dd and fortunately the councillors decided to ignore the officer's patronising comment that such moves could be easily managed.

moosemama Fri 04-Oct-13 21:00:55

Cross posted NoHaudin. Yes it is just teething problems, but it all feels huge to ds and he's had enough. Can't wait for half term - he really needs a break.

I bet that officer was kicking himself afterwards - hoist by his own petard methinks. grin

Trigglesx Fri 04-Oct-13 21:27:34

I think I am still reeling a bit from last night's nonsense. Honestly do not understand how someone can be so vile to spout the things they did and others (not us, but OTHERS on the thread) just stand back and let them. Did ANYONE that is not part of the SNs board stand up against the troll and call them on it? Not that I can remember. Some days I feel really alone in this.

PolterGoose Fri 04-Oct-13 21:34:53

I can't keep up already

wine and cake for all who need it for fortification, celebration and medical purposes.

I'm still a bit shell shocked by all my drama, and utterly amazed at people reading my ridiculously long posts, you are all luffly flowers

Triggles it's shit isn't it, I did so enjoy typing 'fuck off' though, it was exactly what I needed grin and although I got deleted <whispers> I haven't had a telling off from MNHQ

NoHaud hurrah!!

Very well done. Must have been stressful appealing. wine

zzzzz Fri 04-Oct-13 21:42:41

NoHaud yay! Well done, that must be a relief.

Belsbels Fri 04-Oct-13 22:09:35

Hello, this is my first time in the pub! I am new-ish to the threads, but received some fab advice earlier in the year on dealing with the school after my DS (6) was diagnosed with ASD and was struggling.

Since last posting we have relocated 200 miles due to work, and started DS at a new school. Despite a detailed handover, it appears the support I fought for has not been replicated, and there have been a number of playground "incidents" already, with DS hurting other children, and the parental complaints have started <sigh>.

I know I have to pick myself up and start the fight all over again, but for now I might just sit quietly in the corner with a glass of wine, if that's ok.

PolterGoose Fri 04-Oct-13 22:12:30

Hello Bels welcome and wine

Sorry you're having school crap too sad

ouryve Fri 04-Oct-13 22:22:14

ripping and moose - wine (I think I have a drop left in the bottle that fell into my trolley, last night, when we had to go to Sainsburys in the pouring rain after realising, while I was making tea, that DS2 was scrounging for the very last crust of bread and my morning phone call had distracted me from my task of making some)

AYC - a drop for you, too!!!

youarewinning - about to find out about the private sensory OT. I've successfully made contact with one because I need an up to date sensory profile for tribunal for DS1. I know exactly what his needs are, through necessity, but obviously, mum's opinions don't count for much in these situations.

Belsbels - Welcome! if you want more than a mouth full, I hope you have your own bottle wink

Belsbels Fri 04-Oct-13 22:23:52

Thanks Polter. Sorry your week has been tough too.

Here's to a good weekend for all of us.

Belsbels Fri 04-Oct-13 22:25:31

Ha ha ouryve, I do and I do!

ouryve Fri 04-Oct-13 22:30:09

DS1 flipped at teatime, btw. He became really obsessive and refused to eat the corn on the cob he'd chosen by himself for his tea. Told me that sometimes food had to be wasted. Said, OK, but you pay for it, then and we don't buy it, again (we're still keeping a tab of food challenges, so considered it fair to have a negative entry - he likes corn on the cob, ffs!)

So he decided that, rather than reckon up at pocket money time, he was going to give us a pound coin and we had to give him change. Explained to him that we weren't going to reward him for wasting food (remember he's obsessed with coins). He ended up refusing a bath, which will be awful for him, as he did not wipe at all well, this evening and he'll end up sore and itchy.

DS2 was feeding off his mood and whacking me, constantly. Horribly crampy all evening and having to take some very deep breaths. Thankfully, he snuggled in for a good long hair brush, before bedtime (he has long hair - see profile!) which was very relaxing, ven though my arm ended up aching!

Handywoman Fri 04-Oct-13 22:43:34

Oh god I've just actually lost it with my very lovely but totally disorganised dyslexic dd1 who is dancing in London tomorrow morning. After this evenings rehearsal at dd1's request I went on a special mercy mission to buy all important hair clips from big supermarket in the next town. Then implored dd1 to pack ready for the next day while I sloped off to OOH GP to organize much needed antibiotics for my raging tonsillitis (am single parent, neighbour popped round to babysit). On my return dd1 was predictably faffing about despite assuring me by text she was packed. Then I am prompting her to get sorted and now with all the faffing the clips I bought not two hours before are LOST! I'm afraid I reached my limit and have let her know how bloody irritated I am. And now instead of a calm, early night there is angst and sobbing and illness. Please can someone poor gin into my pint glass? Not sure it works with the antibiotics but am past caring. How can it be this bloody hard?

youarewinning Fri 04-Oct-13 22:44:49

OK wise ones help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Double duvet and the new fat pillows overaking on DS bed seem to have helped with sleeping. However he's taking 2-3 hours to drop off at night.
Started trampolining tonight and seemed tired. When he went to bed the bulb in his was lamp had blown and he wanted his disco ball lights on. Notice an hour later he's soundo. grin

So........... trampolining?, the lights, tiredness?

It reminded me of when he was little and we lived abroad how he'd fall asleep better in his pushchair outside a noisy pub better than at home in bed hmm

Also things at school have seemed better so far........., however........ after school club have increasingly reported he's been a bit of a nightmare. They say shouty and loud on bus, refusing to sit places etc. Tonight apparently he was asked to move over for a girl to sit next to him and said "you could have found someone better for me to sit next to" ASC said they spoke to him, how would he feel etc, but I said it's hard because he only has sad and upset as an emotion and I'm not sure he really grasps them and what they actually feel like iyswim? I also said he knows what it feels like in a way because it's the sort of thing children say to him all the time.
I think he just copies and says it to children he knows he can affect because he can't stand up for himself with his peers.

Anyway I read him merry hell and he lost minecraft time - he knows this is a consequence of rudeness/ bad behaviour. He did however say he wasn't shouty or at least didn't realise he was - the first time ever he's actually indicated this. Do you think he really doesn't realise and just lets it all out without thinking?

I only know about the incident because I could tell he was wired when I collected him and commented to the ASC leader.

Everyday he's coming home from school saying X did this and that because............... he always thinks people do things deliberately and thinks he knows their motives.... anyone else get this?

MariaBoredOfLurking Fri 04-Oct-13 22:47:43

Read properly now. Hi Bels, <passes crisps>

NoHoudin, well done with the transport flowers and AYC, didn't realise you meant Africa when you said hot! Fab grin Moose, I think this poster explains the mechanism linking arsey schools with nastiness to dc with SEN.

Ouryve, and youhave, is it Northern or Southern OTs that are wanted?

youarewinning Fri 04-Oct-13 23:06:14

I'm south coast

zzzzz Sat 05-Oct-13 04:30:03

I enjoyed reading this little ramble

It reminds me of lots of our discussions on dx and profiling.

ouryve Sat 05-Oct-13 08:21:19

Northern, here, Maria. I'm having a chat with one, next week.

youarewinning Sat 05-Oct-13 09:04:04

Oh my!!!!!!!!!! I was convinced DS has some sort of sensory processing disorder as well as - or maybe this is the difficulties he has - the ASD or SCD he's being assessed for. I have found this website - it describes my DS to a T including many of the co incidences with children with SPD. The list of sensory modulation disorder is him and he does have 1 or 2 of the other symptoms from the other lists.

Going to print it out and take it to pead cons next week when we go - it's for his bowel problems but GP has also sent details of the difficulties he's experiencing too as it may be linked.

DontSweatTheSmallStuff Sat 05-Oct-13 09:39:01


<<hugs>> for Ripping and Handywoman moose Polter and anyone else who needs them.

NoHaudin thats's great

Welcome Bels. Ds1 struggles with the playground too. Too much noise and chaos.

Ds1 is still doing afternoons only with 1;1 but not in class and it's going well in terms of getting him happy/used to being in school but I found out yesterday that he has missed the school photos being done so we have one for ds2 at his school but non for ds1 sad, and also there's a school trip that i'm assuming ds1 won't be going on as we've had no info which is probably ok in terms of him having to handle going but it's just a reminder to me that he's missing out on lots of stuff.

SummerRain Sat 05-Oct-13 11:08:59

Youarewinning... Ds1 has SPD but it's un-dx because over here its not a recognised condition for obtaining resources so the OT felt there was no point in an official dx. He's a sensory seeker, needs huge amounts of sensory input, especially vestibular and oral.

brew and biscuits for all of you having a stressful start to the weekend. I'm afraid I've only skimmed the thread... I'm really not supposed to be on MN today, last chance to cram for the exam today

PolterGoose Sat 05-Oct-13 12:53:27

Good luck Summer flowers

MariaBoredOfLurking Sat 05-Oct-13 13:17:12

OT peeps, mainly south bumped and DIY resources

ouryve Sat 05-Oct-13 13:50:22

Thanks Maria. We've had DS1 profiled in the fairly distant past, but I need a report for tribunal.

And i finally got my letter from the LA this morning. Despite the lengthy report from their own, fairly senior EP, they've refused to amend his statement at all. I'm still seeing this as good (for a given value of good), because they have knowingly given me grounds to appeal. Given that I want to name an Indy school, a more adversarial LA could have shut me down with no right to appeal, at this point. The optimistic side of me is still believing that this is an exercise in red tape, accountability (I hardly expected them to say "here you are, lets send you son to a school that will cost us twice as much, without question") and stalling. SENCO has been trying to get in touch with EP.

youarewinning Sat 05-Oct-13 17:48:55

Thanks Maria.

Have just read something very interesting and given myself brainache grin

My DS is on waiting list for assessment of ASD or SCD. He fits many ASD criteria but there's always something that's been at the back of my mind that it isn't ASD. I've always considered AS (which obviously comes under an ASD!), except his language is not and never was advanced although he does have the "professor speak". I've always noted his spacial awareness and body awareness are poor and his general hand function isn't good but his use of his fingers is stronger.

I've been looking at SPD/SI for ideas of how to help him and found the website above I posted. Also found one that showed how to test the primitive reflexes and "played a game" with DS to test these. A few he doesn't seem to have retained but the 3 that were obviously still apparently retained on further investigation match the difficulties he has iyswim?

So I'm thinking he probably has a SPD with SCD.

So reading further I find an article on the new DSM V and how everything will come under ASD now and where that leaves people with AS and PDD NOS.

The article says they are looking to replace it with SCD - which is one of the things he's being assessed for!

So now I'm confused and feel like I'm going round in circles. I still feel as if they are trying to DX an umbrella term rather than look at each difficulty seperately and how to help him with each.

I just feel atm if they say ASD/SCD we won't be any further on. But if we know he has sensory processing problems, auditory or visual processing and how we can work on these it would be more helpful.

Sorry for the ramble - struggling with it all this week - and petrified about the fact I have to start thinking about secondary when no-body really knows why he has his difficulties difficulties and specialist support DS needs.

Thanks for reading my pity party. wine

Trigglesx Sat 05-Oct-13 17:50:39

God, the OP in that one thread. The conversation was finally veering off the SNs and simply discussing.... and she dragged it right back there to SNs again. I can't say I've reacted well.

But, like Star said, it has a slight satisfactory feel to it.

youarewinning I looked at that page. DS1 has every single thing listed on both sensory modulation order and sensory discrimination order.

ArthurPewty Sat 05-Oct-13 18:08:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 05-Oct-13 18:22:02

triggles same with dd2. School OT is on the ball though with that one.

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 05-Oct-13 18:23:21

triggles same with dd2. School OT is on the ball though with that one.

hazeyjane Sat 05-Oct-13 20:50:44

God I've been rubbish at catching up with the thread.

Dd1(7) is having her first ever sleepover tonight at her best friends, up until the end of last year she wouldn't even go on a play date on her own, so I was a bit stunned that she was so keen. Dh has been texting best friends dad every 5 minutes to see how she is, which is hilarious, because I am normally the crazed neurotic one, and he is mr calm waters! He said the very thought of staying anywhere but home made him feel sick, when he was young, so the thought of dd1 staying away the night makes him feel very anxious. I on the other hand had a bag packed at the ready for any opportunity to stay away from home when I was growing up!

Ds had some progress at preschool yesterday, he still screamed until I came back(despite iPad), but didn't fall asleep when I returned and once he had calmed down, we had a really nice session, and he even went out to get his coat with his 1-1 ( willingly without crying) whilst I got my bag.

youarewinning Sat 05-Oct-13 20:54:23

Its an interesting article isn't it triggles? He only has half the things from sensory discrimination - well to a very obvious extent! Also has the unexplained allergies, colicy baby, never crawled, preferred 1 position as a child, difficult birth, never had terrible twos as such. It was almost like reading his life history headed up without his name.

Now for an OT search!!!

ouryve Sat 05-Oct-13 21:06:42

Even though it's not helpful on its own, youarewinning the umbrella term is the one with teeth, that doesn't get argued with. My boys were both initially given the same diagnoses, even though they're like chalk and cheese. The services they have received have been very different all along, though.

And it's not the DSM-V but the ICD-10 that's usually used in this country.

youarewinning Sat 05-Oct-13 21:20:27

Oh yeah! It's the ICD-10 that DS is being assessed under. Thankyou ouryve That's useful to know. I'm just feeling very weighed under by it all atm. I'm scared for him as he's becoming more and more behind his peers. Guess I've hit that wanting the magic wand that's never gonna appear stage!

PolterGoose Sat 05-Oct-13 22:33:39

hazey hope dd has fun and DH survives the night grin glad to hear of progress with ds, it might seem small, but it really isn't, it sounds quite significant.

Sorry I can't keep up, am frazzled, did 'revision' until around 3 today and then did a hands and knees scrubbing of floors as a displacement activity. I cannot remember much at all but my floors are clean for the first time in many months.

Oh, and we've got a new bedtime thing that is working a treat to calm ds down, dp is reading him the Hitchhikers Guide books, every night at whatever bit ds laughs at most dp says "ooh, why don't you read that to Polter? She'll like that" so I get to hear him read out loud, which we had got out of the habit of doing, and ds is considerably less hectic when I do my/the final bit of our ridiculously elaborate bedtime routine.

SummerRain Sat 05-Oct-13 22:52:42

youarewinning... as I mentioned before ds1 has SPD undiagnosed (about half the sensory modulation list, and all of both the sensory discrimination and postural-ocular lists apart from fear of heights/swings). He was originally investigated for dypraxia but according to paeds and OT it's not that (a decision which seemed to be mostly based on his ability to walk heel to toe in a straight line..... pointing out that he can do things if he concentrates but frequently falls from standing position and can't ride a bike/use cutlery at 7 got me no-where on that one hmm).

Realistically the ADHD and ADD dxes are labels of convenience as they were the ones which would get him resources. However the resources he's getting include OT and supports for the sensory and musculature issues. It certainly hasn't been the case that the labels restricted access to any support, quite the opposite; the school needed a label recognised by the deciding body who allocate resources in order to put supports in place, over here that meant we were limited to SLI, care needs, dyslexia, ADD and ADHD effectively (I saw the form the school had to submit, there were 6 choices of disability to pick from, the sixth being 'other disability not otherwise specified' which the principal tried ticking before his dx and which got us nothing)

SummerRain Sat 05-Oct-13 22:55:03

Polter... my floors need washing but I'm screwed revision wise after wasting so much time on the PTA debacle so didn't dare do any displacement activities... unless a frazzled dash to the shops for food counts grin

Hope revision is going better for you smile

NoHaudinMaWheest Sat 05-Oct-13 23:35:29

grin Polter we used to have a ridiculously complicated bedtime routine. Well still do but for different reasons.

PolterGoose Sun 06-Oct-13 08:56:38

Summer I'm struggling to remember anything at all, it's 2 questions in 3 hours so really need to remember some detail confused how about you? You've got 2 exams haven't you? Are they both this week?

I also managed to 'fix' ds's laptop last night, ended up resetting the bloody thing, have no idea what he did to it, but have given strict instructions 'no messing around' this time hmm

SummerRain Sun 06-Oct-13 13:09:48

Yep, tomorrow and Friday. I'm confidant on two of the likely long questions for tomorrow but I have no back ups (got caught out last year when a definite topic didn't appear so I'm nervous), the first part is 10 short questions spanning the whole course, no choice and some very specific past paper questions so I'm not too confidant there. I'm not even thinking about Friday right now!

Dp is an IT tech so I leave laptop problems to him grin ds1 is pretty good but dd is ditzy and presses random buttons and then panics... You can imagine what her laptop is like!

ouryve Sun 06-Oct-13 13:14:48

Note to self: when writing to the County Council at County Hall, check carefully that all "o"s are present and correct blush

PolterGoose Sun 06-Oct-13 13:17:54

Very good luck Summer flowers I just can't believe how much harder it is remembering stuff compared to when I last studied, I can't remember how to remember if that makes sense confused

SummerRain Sun 06-Oct-13 13:18:26

Ouryve grin talk about an epic freudian slip

PolterGoose Sun 06-Oct-13 13:19:05

ouryve shock grin

SummerRain Sun 06-Oct-13 13:22:42

Polter, we have too much else buzzing around our heads... No space for memorising facts and figures. My brain is so full atm I can't even make the simplest routine decision, dp asked me if I wanted tea or coffee earlier and I could feel an hours worth of revision falling out of my head as I tried to work out which I wanted. I ended up wailing at him to decide for me blush. He's now avoiding me and throwing me bemused looks.

ouryve Sun 06-Oct-13 13:48:31

I spotted it before I printed grin The problem with addresses tends to be the mass of red squiggly lines!

DS1 has just come back from the shopping trip he's been pestering DH to make all day, annoyed and anxious because he couldn't spend any money. DH was quite clear that he was only going to argos, ffs.

And DS2 has been practicing his fine motor skills and can now open the big dog gate keeping him from creating merry chaos in the bathroom. Waaaagggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping it would at least last until after half term, before he worked it out!

FrussoNeedsGin Sun 06-Oct-13 13:52:56

You mean you can't send it to the cunty council? confused

ouryve Sun 06-Oct-13 13:54:14

We are still trying to be amicable grin

FrussoNeedsGin Sun 06-Oct-13 13:55:06

Also hmm at why ouryves computer didn't pick it up on spell check? wink

MariaBoredOfLurking Sun 06-Oct-13 14:59:10

Ouryve, that typo is going to cheer me up every time I write to the LA from now on.

It's nearly as good the the poster who accidentally posted off her working copy of her dc's paperwork to the LA... with "bag of shite, lies and complete bollocks" scrawled next to the EP's contribution grin

Still gives me a giggle whenever I'm sending stuff off at the post office

FrussoNeedsGin Sun 06-Oct-13 15:54:37

I remember that one maria grin

hazeyjane Sun 06-Oct-13 16:33:50

Cunty Hall is brilliant.

I think I'm going to have to ban myself from posting on any threads wrt sn, apart from on the sn boards. The thread about behaviour has depressed the fuck out of me. Then on another thread I said that I find jokes like the South Park stuff about 'window lickers' offensive, because it is basically mocking someone like my 3 year old with learning difficulties, the response was - well he is hardly their target audience - so that's ok then!

So please, if anyone sees me piping up on any other thread (unless it is trivia about tv or jam) feel free to slap me. I am neither eloquent nor thick skinned enough for trolls, goaders or idiots, and one day it will just make me want to leave mumsnet.

In other news. dd1 had the best time EVER at her sleepover, and is now at a 'glitter diva' party (dd1 insists on pronouncing this 'diver' so i am imagining her in a pair of flippers and a snorkel) and ds fell down some steps and has an enormous egg on his head, poor boy.

Galena Sun 06-Oct-13 18:09:13

Sorry I haven't kept up with the thread...

I've spent most of today ripping DVDs onto my tablet for when DD goes into hospital. So far I've got Lorax, Despicable Me, Nemo, Rio, 6 different Peppa Pigs and a Ben and Holly. I've still got a couple of Ben and Hollys to do (although DD is determined that she hates Ben and Holly she still asked for 3 different ones on the tablet!) I might put on some of the old shows too - Ivor the engine, Jamie and the magic torch, etc. She's also cycled nearly 1.5 miles which has reinforced that getting her new trike is the right things to do (Still her old trike at the moment. Not sure how long the new one takes to arrive...).

All day tomorrow at the hospital for 4 different pre-op appointments - pre-op assessment, gait analysis, orthotics and physiotherapy. We're then going to go to Ikea for dinner and to get a few bits before coming home. She's going to be SOOOOO grouchy!

Glad DD enjoyed her sleepover, hazey

youarewinning Sun 06-Oct-13 20:43:12

ouryve Sun 06-Oct-13 13:54:14

We are still trying to be amicable That has made my day grin

zzzzz Sun 06-Oct-13 20:47:17

"ouryve Sun 06-Oct-13 13:54:14

We are still trying to be amicable That has made my day "

Mine too. grin

youarewinning Sun 06-Oct-13 20:47:59

Good luck for appointments galena and minigalena. I LOVE Ikea, I was sooooooooooo glad when they built the one near me a few years ago. grin

SallyBear Sun 06-Oct-13 20:49:29

Galena, when is DD's surgery? The thing we also did is to load stuff on the iPlayer and also downloaded stuff from sky on our iPad. Have you checked what the sleeping arrangements are at the hospital, for you? GOSH didn't provide put up beds the last time we went, this year AFTER sourcing a camp bed, we found out that they did!

SallyBear Sun 06-Oct-13 20:50:42

We have an IKEA in my town. Great for wine glasses and napkins!

Galena Sun 06-Oct-13 21:10:03

We have pre-op tomorrow and the we're in on the 21st, op on the 22nd. There are chair-beds by each bed, and there is parent accommodation upstairs but I won't be using it unless DH is about too - I'm not the sort of parent who can leave their child alone overnight (although don't judge anyone who does). Apparently after around a week then children get discharged into the parent accommodation too as they no longer need nursing as such so at least then we're in a room together as opposed to the ward.

hazeyjane Sun 06-Oct-13 21:13:24

Also If mini galena likes anything on cbeebies, you can download stuff from the iplayer app and it stays on there for a certain number of days (can't remember how long). I did this the other day for ds when he had an appointment lasting a few hours, although it did mean me having to dance around the waiting room with him to the Gigglebiz theme!

Having some paracetamol and going to bed with a hot water bottle, I am tired all the time at the moment, and dh just found me curled up on the sofa in front of the antiques roadshow (I feel about 90). Is it normal for the bits in front of your ears to swell up if you feel a bit under the weather? I am all swollen up and they feel really sore.

Galena Sun 06-Oct-13 21:42:30

Can I download on Android? I just installed the app, but it seemed to play the programme, but didn't seem to be downloading it?

youarewinning Sun 06-Oct-13 21:45:57

What hospital are you going to? Do they have wifi there? You can get apps or watch live tv online with wifi. Not that helpfully I can remember what they're called!

Galena Sun 06-Oct-13 22:01:57

Frenchay. No Wifi. But we get unlimited data on our phones which we can tether our tablets to. I believe there are TVs by each bed for the children though...

youarewinning Sun 06-Oct-13 22:07:20

Yes hotspotting was my next snippet of info! Not really info when you knew it though grin
Hopefully TV's will be there - just check if there's a daily charge - some are extortionate and paying a premium to get extra data on a tablet is cheaper - although as you have unlimited that's not really a problem!

NoHaudinMaWheest Sun 06-Oct-13 22:36:06

Hazey yes I quite often get painful swelling there if I have a cold/sore throat coming on.
Yuck it is horrible feeling unwell but having to soldier on.

Ilisten2theradio Sun 06-Oct-13 22:57:10

I had just typed a ling post and my phone died and lost it all. [Cake] for all those who have had crap weeks and for anyone else who fancies it.
Ds new Senco is new and very enthusiastic and energetic. If she gets even some of what she want to do in the school done it will be great.
I have been looking at high schools for dd and she wants to go to the one nearest to us where all her friends are going. Personally I don't like it. The head is too self important for his own good but there reputation for dealing with dyslexia is good. Ahhh. What to do....

Ilisten2theradio Sun 06-Oct-13 22:59:04

And Summer. Good luck tomorrow.

SummerRain Mon 07-Oct-13 06:30:29

Thanks... Having a cuppa and a smoke waiting for my dad to collect me (he's giving me a lift to the exam)

The cats are all looking at me as if I've lost my mind.... I'm never up this early grin

PolterGoose Mon 07-Oct-13 06:32:01

Good luck Galena and Summer for today flowers

SummerRain Mon 07-Oct-13 06:35:42

Galena, hope today goes smoothly. Enjoy the Ikea dinner x flowers

Galena Mon 07-Oct-13 07:03:25

Thanks. Hope it goes well today summer x

hazeyjane Mon 07-Oct-13 07:06:12

Good luck Summer flowers

Hope it goes well today Galena flowers

Trigglesx Mon 07-Oct-13 07:17:45

Hope everyone is doing alright.

Summer good luck today.

Galena hope the preop goes well.

DS2 has a tummy bug so has been putting on some spectacular displays of projectile vomiting (let's just say the staircase lost the battle). He definitely won't be going to school today as he still can't hold down water. Sitting here fingers crossed hoping the calpol stays down.

hazeyjane Mon 07-Oct-13 09:06:36

poor ds2, and poor you, vomit is grim.

taking ds to hospital to see chest dr today, fingers crossed for a smooth bus journey and a clear chest!

DontSweatTheSmallStuff Mon 07-Oct-13 09:10:45

hazeyjane and Galena hope all goes well at the hospital for you all

Summer good luck

Ilisten2theradio Mon 07-Oct-13 09:38:48

Fingers crossed the hospital trips go well.

ouryve Mon 07-Oct-13 10:02:04

Hazey - hope oyu have a journey without a hitch.

Triggles - your poor DS (and poor staircase!). Hope he's better soon.

Just double checked with HT, in case I was being monumentally disorganised and had missed something. Yes, my most recent copy of DS1's final statement that is 3 years old is indeed the correct one. I also grabbed a copy of the EP report that I hadn't scribbled all over, while I was there!

ouryve Mon 07-Oct-13 10:04:27

DS2 was on top form, this morning, btw. He brought me his Tinga Tinga elephant to say hello to, so I said "hello, mr elephant!" DS2 replied "Hello dere!" in an accent! Then on the way to school, I said good morning to some neighbours and DS2 piped up "aye! aye!" (the local equivalent of Oi! Oi! or 'Ow Do!)

SummerRain Mon 07-Oct-13 13:29:46

That's brilliant ouryve. It's so much fun hearing their voices develop, I never appreciated it enough with my early talkers but I'm really enjoying listening to ds2 find his voice

SummerRain Mon 07-Oct-13 13:31:38

That's brilliant ouryve. It's so much fun hearing their voices develop, I never appreciated it enough with my early talkers but I'm really enjoying listening to ds2 find his voice

SummerRain Mon 07-Oct-13 13:32:12

Sorry, in the car and broadband is patchy!

hazeyjane Mon 07-Oct-13 13:35:46

That is lovely, Ouryve. I am starting to think that ds is going to communicate through the art of interpretive dance. He has taken to doing a wierd little rocking dance with one hand on his tummy and one over his eye, he does it everywhere. This morning I came into the kitchen to see him and dh doing the dance to Tenpole Tudor - swords of a 1000 men. I think ds is trying to be a pirate (hence had over eye)!

Back from hospital, ds is asleep, I am eating chocolate pie. His chest is sounding quite clear, which is good, his reflux meds have been twiddled with again, a course of erythromicin prescribed and a videofluoroscopy is being arranged.

ouryve Mon 07-Oct-13 14:16:36

DS2 head nods along to heavy rock with me grin

(DS1 Disapproves, of course)

His speech is less charming when he starts whacking me, then giggles "hitting!" "kicking!"or "naughty!" It's still a conversation, though. Just not nearly so much fun (he bloody hurts, sometimes).

Chocolate pie sounds good. Just got off the phone and I'm craving something sweet to take away the nasty taste of the instant coffee I've just guzzled.

capticorn1 Mon 07-Oct-13 16:14:26

Stops lurking just outside the door as usual, enters and parks bum .

Hello everyone, I'm relatively new here, I have 2 DC's, youngest has a DX of AS eldest is allegedly NT, DH is definitely undiagnosed AS.

Been a hard weekend for us, ds has had earache in both ears all weekend and took him to the doc's this morning only to be told that it is caused by mucus is not infected there for no treatment, paracetomol and ibuprofen for the pain and to go back if it gets worse, in which case it will probably have become infected. Hardly any sleep over the weekend so I'm now running on empty, Can I have an extremely large Southern Comfort please?

I hope everyone's week has started off better than mine.

PS. I wasn't about on Thursday and I've obviously missed something, can someone point me in the right direction to the thread?

ouryve Mon 07-Oct-13 16:26:29

Welcome, capticorn! Large Southern Comfort sounds good.

DS1 was totally wired, when I picked him up, this afternoon. Really out of control - almost pulled me over and was virtually throttling me with my bag, tugging on it. Ended up swiping at his hand because he was hurting me so much and wouldn't let go. He'd got hold of some black paint, this afternoon. And he was wearing one of the brand new polo shirts. Any idea how hard it was for me to find new blue polo shirts in size 11 in September? I have some new ones on order, from Next. In 2 weeks. (And of course, he's come home in a logoed top, which he'll no doubt see as a reward - I might have to sacrifice one of his scruffy ones as a spare, even though that would have him down to 3, again.)

PolterGoose Mon 07-Oct-13 16:43:29

ouryve a large wine full of whatever you desire

Welcome capticorn hope your ds gets better soon flowers

ouryve Mon 07-Oct-13 16:46:48

There's a solitary bottle of beer in the fridge. I may have to wrestle DH for it, tonight grin

Still haven't dared open the washer. I should, as I have a huge pile of other stuff, waiting to dry. The paint was soaked right through, so I suspect it's a write off.

FrussoNeedsGin Mon 07-Oct-13 17:01:15

ouryre have you tried this place for polos?

DontSweatTheSmallStuff Mon 07-Oct-13 17:08:15

Changeable afternoon here.

Ds1 didn't want to go to school and had to be dragged off me, yet came out all smiles talking about the great work he had done.

Ds2 otoh, (supposedly NT but dh and i won't be suprised if we get an adhd diagnosis for him eventually too) is about to make my head explode with the constant bouncing around and talking about anything and everything most some of it complete gibberish. argh

DontSweatTheSmallStuff Mon 07-Oct-13 17:10:21

Welcome Capticorn smile

capticorn1 Mon 07-Oct-13 18:25:51

Thank you all for the welcome.

PolterGoose Mon 07-Oct-13 18:46:30

Summer how was the exam?

youarewinning Mon 07-Oct-13 19:03:32

Evening all. I hope hospital and exams went well today.

Welcome Capticorn. grin

Not a bad day here.

ouryve Mon 07-Oct-13 19:03:36

That website doesn't want to play ball Frusso sad The ones he's got were from Amazon. I've found some in stock, in his size at John Lewis, but I'm waiting for a voucher from MN for doing the Warburtons thing. Hopefully, it won't take long, then I can put a couple of packs onto the order I intend to make with it, to save on delivery (actually, I should order several packs - that kind of investment is bound to hurry the LA on with a decision in my favour!)

It was a total write off, btw.
I gave it to DH to clean the windows with, before chucking it grin (I do re-use scruffy old t-shirts etc as cleaning rags, but we have to plentiful a supply to hang onto them all, for some reason)

ouryve Mon 07-Oct-13 19:03:48
hazeyjane Mon 07-Oct-13 19:11:28

Have just got off the phone after an hour long conversation with a feeding SALT, I have waited a year and a half to speak to her, so was a little shocked that she phoned (at scream o clock). Anyway she agreed that she probably needs to come round and watch ds eat to get a proper idea of his oro motor skills.........finally.

Hello Capticornsmile

SummerRain Mon 07-Oct-13 19:16:46

Polter, not too bad. Could have been a lot worse, I'm sure that means they'll be marked toughly though so we'll see confused It's weird being done and having that post exam rush but still another one looming!

Hello capticorn smile

Ds1 is wired, my dad collected him from school as I had pta craziness to deal with and then there were people in and out so he's losing control now.

ouryve Mon 07-Oct-13 19:30:58

Must be something in the air, Summer. DS1 isn't as bouncy as he was earlier, but he's prowling and rummaging and opining....

SallyBear Mon 07-Oct-13 19:35:11

Hazey!! Progress at last. smile

zzzzz Mon 07-Oct-13 19:50:23
PolterGoose Mon 07-Oct-13 19:58:30

It's awful zzzzz, bottom line is that most people really don't want our children with theirs sad

hazeyjane Mon 07-Oct-13 20:24:51

I know Sallybear!!

The stupid thing was she started to explain that as ds's limited diet and feeding things are probably sensory, then it should really be the ot that discusses it. So I explained that if he had seen a feeding SALT at the time when he was having nothing but purees, because he physically couldn't cope with anything else, then he may not have developed the aversions to certain textures in the first place!

I have asked that the videofluoroscopy be done at the JR, as when it was done in Swindon, they filmed it on video, so the paeds can only look at stills from it rather than the actual film.

SallyBear Mon 07-Oct-13 21:08:10

You go girl!!! Kick arse! gringringringrin

FrussoNeedsGin Tue 08-Oct-13 08:28:12

Hey guess what. Dd2s Taxi is late again! angry

Galena Tue 08-Oct-13 10:02:03

DD was a star yesterday. Even when the physio appointment was nearly an hour late. I've now got a sore throat, but I'm hoping it's because I'm tired and stressed. The head came over to me this morning to ask how yesterday had gone and to say there were lots of colds flying round at school, and whenever I wanted to take DD out to ensure she wasn't ill for the op was fine - it would be authorised.

SummerRain Tue 08-Oct-13 11:08:15

That's good galena, at least the school are understanding and you won't have to deal with unauthorised absences.

I haven't even looked at an evolution textbook yet, I've spent hours at the school in the last two days and for once it has nothing to do with my kids. I'm reeling at what we've found out in the last 24 hours about the pta debacle... How someone could do this is mind boggling sad

SallyBear Tue 08-Oct-13 11:32:38

Galena, is the surgery over half term? Can you take her out a few days earlier? My DD's last surgery was also a long one. So I wanted to make sure that chest wise she was fit. We did weekly Physio visits on top of her daily routine of chest Physio. It paid off.

Galena Tue 08-Oct-13 12:18:23

No Sally, the op is 22nd Oct. I had planned to take her to school this week and then not next week at all. However, they have arranged for someone from the local museum to come in and talk to the children about toys on Monday next week, so I don't want her to miss out on that. I can't decide whether to just take her in for the session or let her stay the whole day... That will give her a week before the surgery. But if she gets a cold, it takes her a good couple of weeks to shift... ARGH!

SallyBear Tue 08-Oct-13 12:30:48

Hard decision. I would keep an eye on the general health of the class, let her do the Monday and play it by ear. Tbh, she can catch a cold from standing behind someone in a queue at the supermarket.

ouryve Tue 08-Oct-13 14:10:02

Well, we took DS2's jammies off, this morning, to discover a great big bite mark on his arm from an altercation with DS1 before bed time, yesterday angry That's the second time he's bitten him, in a week (and then of course there was the stairs incident, recently). It's getting to the point where we have to stalk DS1 around the house to prevent him from hurting his brother or breaking things sad

And DS1 was going off on one at school, yesterday, because DS2's class were putting pictures of themselves up on a display. DS1 was insisting that DS2's photo should not be up there. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what prompted DS1's exploits with the paint, yesterday.

DH has the day off to take DS2 to the optologist, anyhow. So we took advantage and took a load of stuff to the charity shop and tried out a new-ish cafe for lunch. Delicious home made soup and sarnie for a fiver. Of course, the sun came out and I was sitting in the window seat, so I left with an almighty hot flush!!! It's been nice having a wee break from all the paper pushing (though I still have all my reading to do for not-work on Friday. I've downloaded most of that, so I can read it offline when our electric's off, on Thursday.

ouryve Tue 08-Oct-13 15:55:31

DH just phoned in a bit of a state.

He couldn't park anywhere near the hospital, again and ended up with a parking ticket. I've told him to park in the city centre and get a bus, but he was reluctant to do that (doesn't know the buses) so I suggested the park and ride, instead. He couldn't get to that, either. He parked in a street where there was no sign of permit parking only signs, too.

And he's had a lecture about DS2 having to keep his glasses on, or else his eyes will stop working properly (his words), which we were quite aware of. The longest we've managed is half an hour, then we spend another half hour trying to find where he's stashed them. So they've put long acting drops in which will last a week and will mean that he won't be able to see at all without his glasses. He's already broken a pair, since leaving.

In contrast, DS1 and I had a positively stress free walk home. For a change. DS1 had a lovely day at school, knowing that would mean he could choose the route home. Which was via the shops, to spend accumulated tuck shop change on sweets!

SummerRain Tue 08-Oct-13 15:57:39

Ouryve - Keep in mind your laptop battery will only last a couple of hours, download some to your phone too and print a few bits in case the power is out for longer than you expect.

Sympathy on the ds situation, we've been there with ds1... he's being relatively nice to ds2 atm but he goes through phases of actively seeking him out to hurt him.

ouryve Tue 08-Oct-13 16:13:07

I can't concentrate on the stuff for more than a couple of hours! I have plans to go get my hair cut and have lunch in town, anyhow. And I need to pop into specsavers with a broken pair of glasses!

Sodding nurse called DS2 a naughty boy angry. DH put her right. She originally said we have to make him keep his glasses on and come back in 8 weeks. DH pointed out that it would be 8 weeks of more of the same, which is why she did the drops, this time.

Such fun.

SummerRain Tue 08-Oct-13 16:25:24

grin i'm used to my own massive volumes of reading, I forget other people don't need to plough through quite as much!

shock at that nurse...

ouryve Tue 08-Oct-13 21:15:46

Yeah - I have a load of healthcare/medical research proposals to plough through before a 3 hour meeting on Friday afternoon. I love doing the whole thing but some of it's a bit dry (even so called lay summaries!) and it can be acronym hell.

SummerRain Thu 10-Oct-13 08:12:37

Good luck today polter flowers

PolterGoose Thu 10-Oct-13 08:22:29

Thanks Summer flowers

ouryve Thu 10-Oct-13 09:30:22

Good luck, Polter!

Power is still on - except for the tv/computer etc, which DS1 turned off at the wall because if it was going off, it should go off on time grin

And one of the boys DS1 regularly rives about with has nits. DS1's overdue a haircut. Thankfully DH put the clippers on for a long charge, the other day. Just hope he is clear - and I am. I'm getting my hair cut, this morning. Took the opportunity to sit in a warm bright salon, instead of a cold, dark house and get my mop tamed. I also hope he's calm enough for the topiary. He's had some bouncy evenings, this week.

PolterGoose Thu 10-Oct-13 09:44:33

Thanks ouryve flowers exam is at 2.30 so I should really be reading stuff. Good luck with the hair cuts.

zzzzz Thu 10-Oct-13 10:26:40

Good luck polt, go and do the last minute cram. In my experience it is ALWAYS worth it.

PolterGoose Thu 10-Oct-13 10:45:41

Thanks zzzzz flowers off to read about polygraphs now confused

zzzzz Thu 10-Oct-13 10:55:09

Poor polt. We will save cake

Galena Thu 10-Oct-13 11:15:14

Good luck Polt. You'll do fine!

SummerRain Thu 10-Oct-13 11:24:44

Totally agree with zzzzz, it's amazing how often the material you cram at the last minute turns up in the exam. Happened to me on Monday and if I hadn't read it an hour previously I wouldn't have had the vaguest idea what the question was on about.

Hope you get the questions you're hoping for. cake

I'm trying very hard to ignore the fact that I've got a nasty cold and do my own last minute cramming. I haven't done nearly enough thanks to pta bitch's drama. Was out til 11 last night at a meeting informing the parent body what's happened. One of the worst experiences of my life having to tell people the money they spent years fundraising is currently unaccounted for sad

PolterGoose Thu 10-Oct-13 11:32:56

Oh Summer how awful sad

Thanks for the good wishes, it's a 3 hour exam with 2 questions shock but I can only physically write for about 2 hours before I get hand pain and start to feel panicky, so I just need to answer the questions concisely and legibly and then it will be over, Summer I've got a lurgy too, as well as all the school crap last week and 2 horrid days at work this week, such crap timing, but I was much worse yesterday, and so really hope you feel better tomorrow flowers

SummerRain Thu 10-Oct-13 11:39:52

I get the hand pain too, bloody hypermobility! I find I just have to sacrifice decent handwriting and get it all down as quick as possible so I can take lots of breaks and stretch it. By about 2 hours it's blinding pain though even with the stretching.

I've had to do so much writing already this week I'm just going to take painkillers before going in and hope they keep it bearable for long enough. Tomorrow is a long one for me too, 7 short questions and 3 long, one of which is going to be hugely time consuming.

zzzzz Thu 10-Oct-13 11:42:23

polt take a snack and have a "tea break" in the middle. It is amazingly calming. I have a friend who got so panicky that half time for her included, taking down and re-plating her hair. shock. Hot water bottle on your lap helps rest sore hands too.

hazeyjane Thu 10-Oct-13 12:12:26

good luck for the exams and sorry to hear about the colds. flowers

the lymph node in front of my ear isn't a lymph node it is an infected cyst (ugh, grim) the dr said it may need an operation once the infection has gone, but that it would be making me feel ill and tired, so I have a week of penicillin.

PolterGoose Thu 10-Oct-13 12:24:49

Thank you and hope you get well soon hazey flowers

SummerRain Thu 10-Oct-13 13:22:09

ouch hazey sad Hope the abs kick in soon for you.

I just fell asleep on top of my laptop watching a video on horse evolution..... not quite the cramming session I had planned blush

zzzzz Thu 10-Oct-13 13:42:22

hazey how horrid. sad. You must be feeling rotten.

Not for polt because she needs to be calm for the exam but

Is a little grim.

zzzzz Thu 10-Oct-13 13:42:41
SallyBear Thu 10-Oct-13 14:02:54

I got part of the way through, and felt depressed.

ouryve Thu 10-Oct-13 14:08:18

Oh, summer, what a daunting thing to have to do. I hope there wasn't too much of the proverbial shooting of the messenger sad

ouryve Thu 10-Oct-13 14:12:29

Hand pain, here, too. I ended up with a tremor in my hand and could even hold a pen, way back when I was studying for my A-levels.

I was relieved that our OT sent me the bigass history form as a word document. I typed my answers in. That took me long enough! I type my long responses for DLA forms and glue them in, too.

ouryve Thu 10-Oct-13 14:15:17

When i did OU exams, in a previous life, the smoking ban wasn't in place yet. A half time smoke break worked wonders for my concentration!

SummerRain Thu 10-Oct-13 14:25:55

Oh lord what I'd give to have a fag halfway through. Another thing the smoking ban has robbed from me wink

Ouryve... relatively little messenger shooting thankfully. I had pushed to hold the meeting as soon as we had evidence to keep people informed and I think that helped as those there saw we had literally only had confirmation yesterday afternoon. I'm sure they aren't being as kind behind closed doors but there's not much I can do about that. With hindsight we probably should have seen warning signs, but you just don't expect something like this to happen and have to put your trust in fellow committee members in order for the committee to function sad

moosemama Thu 10-Oct-13 16:17:39

Anyone got any matchsticks or a perhaps a mug of expresso? Trying desperately to stay awake and function enough to look after the dcs, but I can barely keep my eyes open and my head is thick with a horrible tiredness headache.

I have had two consecutive nights with zero sleep, as a result of a seemingly co-ordinated attempt to break my sanity by one errant puppy, dd and ds1. Last night ds1 woke and shouted every hour on the hour - and given that it takes me well over an hour to fall asleep that meant no sleep from 1.30 am and I only went to bed at 11.30. hmm Dh was sleeping downstairs, because he's had so many nights of disturbed sleep himself that his boss had had a go at him for always being tired - so I've effectively been on my own with them and they seem to have developed some sort of pincer movement so they can deny me all, instead of just some of my sleep. hmm

<<yawns - head hits keyboard ... dribbles slightly>>

youarewinning Thu 10-Oct-13 16:43:52

Hey all grin

Hope all the exams have gone well. I'm meant to be reading material for my final OU module atm but it's only just started so I'm working my way in gently!

I had my tooth filled yesterday after 2 weeks of it being opened to drain the abbcess and AB's. The dentest thinks it's a cyst there and so may need it sorted at hospital. <sigh> I only had a cyst removed from behind my ear that kept abcessing a year ago.

Hazey you have my total sympathy.

We saw pead cons earlier who is fab and very understanding. Moving forwards well now with a slight adjustment in meds. DS spent the entire consult talking about how the bed moves up and down and wanting to test all the equipment - relying to her questions with questions about how things work (not actual answers!) Annoying but yet helpful that she could see the difficulties. grin

MariaBoredOfLurking Thu 10-Oct-13 17:03:23

<prepares double expressos>

Hope antibiotics kick in fast. And that exams go well

Youare, handy when they perform in the 'right' place grin. Saves the <head tilt> carrot nonsense.

ouryve Thu 10-Oct-13 17:07:13

moose brewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrew

hazeyjane Thu 10-Oct-13 17:29:27

Moose, have some espresso, with a slice of chocolate espresso cake served with a dollop of Lavazza espresso icecream.

Youarewinning, did the dr/dentist say anything about why you had the cyst? The dr I saw today asked said that I seemed tired and run down, which I assumed was the infection, but she said it was probably the reason I had it in the first place.

What is it with all these threads atm?

PolterGoose Thu 10-Oct-13 17:37:59

I'm home, it's done, I remembered lots but struggled to put together coherent and legible answers, and completely missed an important argument confused not helped by some loud coughing and someone's phone going off shock I was a tad stabby.

brew and cake for moose

flowers for youare

zzzzz Thu 10-Oct-13 17:45:09

Well done polt I am still dreaming of a world where you could have a fag half way through an exam. I miss smoking,..... and whiskey.

MariaBoredOfLurking Thu 10-Oct-13 17:48:19

Well done poltergoose

I'm still intrigued by the earlier horse evolution reference.

SummerRain Thu 10-Oct-13 17:51:01

I'm smoking right now but I do miss whiskey.

Glad it's over at least polter... Sounds like an irritating experience though with all that noise, exams are usually my only 3 hours of peace and quiet in the year... I'd be very miffed to have that ruined for me!

PolterGoose Thu 10-Oct-13 17:51:45

Thanks, mine wasn't as exciting as horse evolution (ds would love that)

SummerRain Thu 10-Oct-13 17:52:11

Maria, my exam tomorrow is on evolution. Equine evolution is one of the key topics smile

youarewinning Thu 10-Oct-13 18:05:12

hazey no idea! I've suffered toothe abcesses all my life - my first at 5yo. This one just seems to have decided to cyst as well for good measure. grin But tiredness may be the key - they've ruled out autoimmune causes!

MariaBoredOfLurking Thu 10-Oct-13 18:20:22

Ah, got my exams mixed up!
Dd is cantering around the living room. Maybe she managed to miss the ASD but a few equine genes got in instead grin

zzzzz Thu 10-Oct-13 19:50:45

I'm tired can I have cake ?

zzzzz Thu 10-Oct-13 19:58:15

Oh god I'm listening to Joni Mitchell ..... Possibly worst decision of all I'm mixed with that thread.

SummerRain Thu 10-Oct-13 20:32:09

Joni Mitchell? grin

Here, have a wine to go with that cake

PolterGoose Thu 10-Oct-13 20:46:57

Oh dear zzzzz more wine?

Good luck tomorrow Summer what time is it?

SummerRain Thu 10-Oct-13 21:30:00

Thanks flowers It's at 10 again so another early start as we need to leave early enough to beat the friday morning galway traffic [yay]

I'm still feeling pretty rough and am nowhere near ready... and to think, this was my good course all year, can't believe I'm struggling so much at the final hurdle.

At least this time tomorrow it'll be over with grin

PolterGoose Thu 10-Oct-13 21:40:17

It will indeed Summer, are you starting more modules? I've got one to go now so I'll be done by April and there's no exam for that one <phew>

I can't help but start thinking what to do next though grin

SummerRain Thu 10-Oct-13 22:29:51

I'm starting my practical module and project module in January. I'll be all done next October although I have been eyeing up MSc courses wink

SummerRain Thu 10-Oct-13 22:29:51

I'm starting my practical module and project module in January. I'll be all done next October although I have been eyeing up MSc courses wink

PolterGoose Thu 10-Oct-13 22:33:31

Good for you, I'm undecided whether to do another taught Masters or try to go for a PhD. I'll probably do nothing for another 20 years grin

SummerRain Thu 10-Oct-13 22:42:27

grin I know, I left school at 17, took a year off, tried uni and hated it, went to college and dropped out, had kids and will be 30 getting my degree, if I'm as arse backwards about the MSc I'll be in my 40s by the time I get it. Just in time to launch a career once my kids have grown up winkgrin

youarewinning Fri 11-Oct-13 06:47:28

Summer your young grin I left school, did 3 years at college, got into uni, went abroad to work in my 'gap year' but came home 7 years later with 2 yo DS grin

Since then I've done an AS level and my OU degree which I finish next April/May. I'm 33! Then a year off and teacher training.

Summer/Polter - what are you doing degrees/masters in?

PolterGoose Fri 11-Oct-13 07:28:25

Summer you are still young grin

I failed (was failed?) at school and went back to education at 22, graduating at 26, then started this Masters at 40, will be nearly 44 when I complete.

youare mine is forensic psychology and criminology

Very good luck today Summer flowers

hazeyjane Fri 11-Oct-13 09:33:49

Polter, forensic thing and criminology sounds very glamorous, I have an image of you as Kathy Reichs/Temperance Brennan now!

My mum did her degree at 50, she was at college at the same time as me (although the other side of the country).

Ds up all night throwing up frothy yellow gunk (sorry for tmi), and I have a feeling like I have burning wire wool in my chest, so we are both off to the drs in a minute.

Hope the new Goose and Carrot has a plague corner.

ouryve Fri 11-Oct-13 09:42:35

You're definitely still young, Summer! opefully, you're at the exam centre and getting settled in, by now. Good luck!

My birthday, today, is a palindromic one, and there's no 3s (or 2s) in it.

Of to Newcastle in a bit for my monthly playing at grown ups session. DS1 was much calmer, this morning, than yesterday evening (he blew up after school because the electric didn't go off (oh yes) and he was fed up of us stroking his hair, looking for visitors)

PolterGoose Fri 11-Oct-13 09:44:02

hazey grin at Tempe Brennan, I did do some profiling stuff which was interesting (and concluded its a load of bollocks!) but it's mostly very un-glamorous. Hope you and ds get well soon flowers

PolterGoose Fri 11-Oct-13 09:45:29

Happy birthday ouryve wine and cake glad ds was calmer, have a lovely grown up day flowers

SummerRain Fri 11-Oct-13 09:47:38

Just waiting to go in now. Dying sick so this isn't going to be my best effort.

My degree is environmental science.

Hazey flowers we can sit in the plague corner later and keep each other company

Thanks for all the good luck wishes, I need it!

hazeyjane Fri 11-Oct-13 09:52:38

Sending you a ton of luck Summer.

Happy Birthday, Ouryve - have a fab day.

Polter, don't ruin it - I now know you have a secret life getting into ridiculous scrapes with serial killers, solving crimes from one tiny bone fragment and smooching up to macho, bad boy cops. How do you fit it all in?

PolterGoose Fri 11-Oct-13 10:09:23

It is hard hazey grin

NoHaudinMaWheest Fri 11-Oct-13 10:55:06

A bit late but good luck summer.

Hope the docs can do something for you both Hazey.

hazeyjane Fri 11-Oct-13 11:41:29

Well ds's lungs are ok, but he has liquid in his upper airways. I have tracheitis, so the dr has switched the antibiotics to cover that and the cyst on my ear. i really am feeling delightful at the moment.[sarcasm emoticon]

SallyBear Fri 11-Oct-13 11:45:02

Ugh. Hazey. Get better soon both of you hmm

moosemama Fri 11-Oct-13 11:52:18

Hazey [flower] [chocolate] brew

Hope you and ds are better soon. Don't know about where you are, but here it's horrible out there today - perfect for a duvet day if you are able to do it.

My dcs didn't let up last night, dd, 1.30 and 2.30, ds1 3.15, 4.00 and 4.45 - then the puppy at 5.10. That's pretty much par for the course every day since last weekend. hmm

My head is soooo sore and being a tiredness headache, painkillers won't work on it. Tried to go back to sleep after everyone left this morning, but for some ridiculous reason I can't seem to sleep now the house is quiet. hmm To cap it all, dh is working all day tomorrow, so no lie in or respite for me then either.

SummerRain Fri 11-Oct-13 13:26:12

Happy birthday ouryve cake

Hazey, you poor thing... I hope the abs kick in quickly, take it easy and have a duvet day with ds flowers

Exam is done, not sure how well but I wrote for the full 3 hours so hopefully it wasn't all gibberish. On my way home to flop and feel sorry for myself now [cough][sneeze]

PolterGoose Fri 11-Oct-13 13:45:43

What a relief Summer hope you can have an easy weekend

moose brew and cake

moosemama Fri 11-Oct-13 13:50:47

Well done Summer - brew <--- Lemsip

Thanks Polter.

SummerRain Fri 11-Oct-13 14:12:17

Moose, hope you got some rest at least while the kids were gone. brew

capticorn1 Fri 11-Oct-13 17:13:51

I hope all your exams went well and you get the results you want.

Had to laugh at the Tempe Brennan thing. DD applied for the AS level criminology course at college but they have cancelled the course because she was the only one to apply for it.

DD has struggled at college for 2 yrs and and is retaking 2 of her courses, she has just been assessed re extra time for her exams, turns out she has scored low (30%) in information processing and has been awarded 25% extra time for exams, the rest of the assessments she scored between 50% and 95%.

I now feel vindicated.

DS is well and truly on the mend (earache clearing up on it's own) but refusing to go swimming tonight.

BTW, thanks for the links to the other threads.

PolterGoose Fri 11-Oct-13 17:19:51

Thanks cap flowers that's good that dd will get extra time, shame about the criminology AS level, but she can aalwasys pursue it at degree level if she wants to, it is fascinating, glad ds is getting better smile

moosemama Fri 11-Oct-13 17:35:50

I did criminology as a sub-sid when I was at college. It was fascinating. My best friend and I tried to do it again the following term, but the great big meanies caught us and made us pick a sport instead. hmm grin

Capticorn, it's good that dd will be allocated extra time. My ds also has slow processing and had extra time allocated for his ks2 sats. Unfortunately he's a stickler for 'rules' and refused to use it. If he did manage to finish before his time was up, he just sat there until the time was up, when he could have checked his work. He said it didn't feel right to get extra time. <<sigh>>

Galena Fri 11-Oct-13 17:44:37

Criminology sounds fascinating and I'd love to do it! Can't afford it at the moment though sad

New thread is here

youarewinning Fri 11-Oct-13 18:42:39

My AS level was psychology grin the only A I've ever got!

Criminology sounds fascinating.

I started my OU degree in psychology but that and dyslexia did not agree and spent most of my time trying to figure out what the definitions of words meant grin

I'm doing a B(Sc) open degree in maths and education. Current module is equality, inclusion and participation. Felt it important and very close to my heart too which is motivating! says she who's only read the introduction so far!

capticorn1 Fri 11-Oct-13 18:53:17

DD has completed A2 ancient history and is currently re sitting English Lit and Psychology and instead of the Criminology she is doing ancient civilisation.

She actually wants to be a primary school teacher, partly because of or own bad experience with the state education system, but mostly because she has wanted to be a teacher since she was 8.

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