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Goose and Carrot is open, 20/06/14

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Galena Fri 20-Jun-14 16:52:26

I've been terribly brave today so I'm fortifying myself with wine (Well, rum and coke really, but there's no emoticon for that!

I have been in to do my first ever governor visit. I was terrified! I remember how daunting it was as a teacher to have a governor walk in while you were teaching, and now I am one! It was lovely though, and I can be very positive in my report so that's all good.

The next couple of weeks are very busy and DH has to do lots of overtime. Ugh. That means I'll be doing the lion's share of childcare, and won't get to the gym again (when I'm doing most of the care, I tend to use the days to veg in front of the telly rather than go to the gym).

Ah well, come on in, sit down and tell me your troubles... <wipes down the bar and checks the lemon slices>

AtYourCervix Fri 20-Jun-14 17:13:46

wine and [rum].

Tonight is Prom night. See my thread for excited details. And pass the tissues I appear to be over emotional again.

ilovemonstersInc Fri 20-Jun-14 17:17:39

Troubles. .... I do try to tell them to fuck off.
Glad your first visit as a governor went well! wine
been trying to ring the paeds secretary to ask for copy of letter hes sending ahead to community paed. No one is picking up and theres no answer machine to take a message and has been like that for a few days

ilovemonstersInc Fri 20-Jun-14 17:18:16

Aww ayc prom wine

Galena Fri 20-Jun-14 17:21:13

Hope she has fun, AYC. Ilove, could you call the switchboard, ask them to put you through and if you don't get through, ask to be put through to someone who could take a message?

ilovemonstersInc Fri 20-Jun-14 17:32:46

I have tried that but the answer im getting is 'I cant help she must be on leave' even if she was on leave surely the answer machine would be left on!

PolterGoose Fri 20-Jun-14 18:06:43

Evening all smile

Good luck for prom, paed's and primary parenting.

Good day here, started with lovely bank experience, also sorted out more transition stuff and arranged meeting with new Senco next week. And it's my birthday tomorrow cake

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Fri 20-Jun-14 18:25:38

Can I just slump in the corner? I feel beyond crap atm. I have that horrible feeling that I am unable to share the positives in anyone else's life confused

Galena Fri 20-Jun-14 18:52:57

Keep, no judging here. Feel free to slump - can I get you wine brew or cake ?

PolterGoose Fri 20-Jun-14 18:58:45

For Keep

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Fri 20-Jun-14 19:07:21

Thanks. Just ignore me. I will be ok. I need to hear that things will be alright atm. This is the equivalent of eyes taped open forced to look at normal life for me. How ironic that small pleasures should mean so much. My instinct atm is to block and retreat and I need to find the strength not to do that.

Babieseverywhere Fri 20-Jun-14 19:11:03

I am waiting for DH to crack open the beer, whilst trying decide whether it is worth spending my time writing an email to the school OR should I should send that time drinking, I might achieve more !

Roll on summer.

marshmallowSqueeze Fri 20-Jun-14 19:17:03

Evening yay for dd ayc and ds Polt

Ilove I find explaining in great detail to the switchboard how frustrated you are about no voicemail etc normally means they do find someone to take a message

I am currently celebrating new job (start week mon) which means no more driving grin

Keep passes wine

ouryve Fri 20-Jun-14 19:17:20

Ugh, Hazey. Overtime sucks (until you get the paycheque). DH has been doing a fair bit, and, even though it's only an extra hour in the office, then more at home, the boys end up climbing the walls because their routine is all wrong and we end up having crap and chips for tea every night because I can't walk away from them for a minute to prepare something more interesting.

Hope she has a good evening, AYC wine

Keep winecake and hugs.

ilove that's bloody frustrating.

Polter I shall have to google bake you a delicious cake!

Well, we had DS1's provision review, today, and we are well pleased for him. We already had the lovely feedback from our OT but everyone says he just totally fits in. There's hardly any evidence of previous anxiety based behaviours and the difficulties he does have aren't a shock to them and aren't insurmountable. CT has already noticed his PDA side grin Little things he refuses point blank to do presented one way but is perfectly happy to do presented another or simply called something else! He'salso sussed out and is responding o the rewards built into the timetable eg, there is a slot right at the end of week for tying up loose ends with work - or art, once it's done. He finished off some work in that session, last week. He built with lego for the whole session, this week!

Lots of targets, too - and honesty about when there's not yet enough information to set targets.

DS2 came home with a Star of the week certificate, today - for his counting work grin

signandsingcarols Fri 20-Jun-14 19:17:56

honking for you keep on
AYC hope prom goes well..
galena I am governer too, but have just realised I actually don't want to do it, we are due ofstead and they are just hammering us with data and information for us to burp up for the inspectors, sad I kind of got co-opted on in Jan and have realised that doing this means I can't actually do what I am more valuable doing, which is parent/peer advocacy for parents with kids with SEN, I am not interested in toeing the line and being loyal to school, (althou I am very interesting in making the school the best it can be for the benefit of all, but primarly for the pupils) decided to resign after the meeting 2 days ago and feel so much lighter. smile

ouryve Fri 20-Jun-14 19:18:40

Oh, we also have photographic evidence of long term PE refusing boy playing hockey grin This place works bloody miracles!

signandsingcarols Fri 20-Jun-14 19:20:09

very slow typist... ouvrye that sounds fab grin

ouryve Fri 20-Jun-14 19:22:22

Congratulations on the new job, Marshmallow

Sign sounds like you made a sound decision, there.

Babies beer now, email in the morning, with a fresh head (or you could write what you really think, after a couple of beers, but there's a risk you might send it!)

Galena Fri 20-Jun-14 19:23:23

psssst, ouryve, it was me not hazey. wink

ouryve Fri 20-Jun-14 19:24:18

Sorry, Galena. It's been a long day! cake

zzzzz Fri 20-Jun-14 19:28:42

keep honk honk I have no idea what's going on but keepon eh?

I've been feeling a bit down so I'd like one of these please

PolterGoose Fri 20-Jun-14 19:32:56

sign sounds like a good decision

ouryve so pleased for your boys

zzzzz <passes lurid pink gloop>

zzzzz Fri 20-Jun-14 19:47:49

grin I don't even know what it is, but it looks very sweet and cold which is just what I need.

zzzzz Fri 20-Jun-14 19:55:29

sign that light feeling means it's right. Well done for changing what needed changing. <takes notes>

ouryve Dh has been working two jobs for months. ITS JUST EXHAUSTING FOR me EVERYONE.

Firsttimer7259 Fri 20-Jun-14 20:12:32

polter gorgeous dog
Best of luck to those of you w proms phonecalls and other bits
We are finally getting into a groove, sleep remains reasonably good and its the first Friday in months I'm feeling pleasedand tired rather than just tired tired.
hazey if you check in tonight I was so pleased to see you got additional funding!

We had preschool meeting this week - I was a bit disappointed that the other parents didn't seem like much in terms of finding someone to share thoughts with. I'm hoping its just early days. School still looks great andthe y want us to supply wellies for lots of outdoor time, dd loves that.grin

Bravo galena on first inspection thingy

[Wine] all round

Good week in the end and even arrival of DLA renewal form hasn't dented it too much - bleh

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