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The Sodding Goose and Carrot. 2nd May

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Galena Fri 02-May-14 19:17:36

I'm opening the sodding doors tonight.

As long as you aren't a wankbadger, you are very welcome to pull up a chair and join me.

We still seem to be feeding the local pests - kitchen full of ants and the sodding snails have munched all my carrot seedlings which had just sprouted. angry

Apart from that it has been a good week... joined a gym and will get fitter!

Galena Fri 02-May-14 19:19:34

Oh, and I take my first blood pressure tablet before bed tonight... I'm strangely worried about it.

zzzzz Fri 02-May-14 19:22:34

wine Galena. Death to all snails.
I will link.

SummerRain Fri 02-May-14 19:24:24

Evening. Just popping in to let you guys know I'm still alive, crazy week at work and things are still tough at home so haven't had much chance to check in. He's finally accepted that it's over, we're hoping to remain friends despite everything but it's obviously quite stressful as we haven't share a house for a while at least.

Hope everyone else is doing ok, I'll post properly when I get a chance x

SummerRain Fri 02-May-14 19:25:08

*have to

ouryve Fri 02-May-14 19:29:09

There's been sodding snails everywhere, this week. I hear pne poor parent of a child in Reception crying "no more snails please" to her DD on the way out of school. I saw her with one in each hand, yesterday grin

Got a splitting headache after 10 minutes of DS1 screaming at me and hurling things at me and around me. At least he's calmer and just whinging about a runny, nose, now.

ouryve Fri 02-May-14 19:30:55

Good to see you, Summer x

PolterGoose Fri 02-May-14 19:32:24

Cuntilitres of wine all round I think smile

hazeyjane Fri 02-May-14 19:46:18

Good to see you Summer.

Sodding fed up after a sod of a week, plus dh is working all sodding weekend (sodding public schools don't believe in sodding May Day). Then we have an arse of a week with a sodding appointment in Oxford (timed nicely for rush hour) and ds's teeth.

A sodding cuntilitre of wine over here please.

(Did I get enough sods in there)

ouryve Fri 02-May-14 19:51:34

I think you need a full sodding litre of wine, Hazey.

I'll help you sodding drink it. The eruption might be over, but he's still sodding simmering.

hazeyjane Fri 02-May-14 20:10:53

<slurp> I may have to pour you another, Ouryve. Hope the eruption settles soon.

Fav Fri 02-May-14 20:11:27

I'll help drink the wine too. Ds2 had a school trip which meant a bad night earlier this week.
My dm ended up in hospital last night, the dr thinks she had global amnesia, which should now be ok (fingers crossed)
Ds went into some sort of shutdown last night because everyone was worried and I went to visit her. But good god, we're paying for it now!
wine all round.

homework Fri 02-May-14 20:47:59

Hi everyone sorry not been around , hope everyone reasonably okay , well that's the mock exams over with , now to wait on the results , he's been rather stressed all week and still haven't done history / geography as not finish the syllabus .
So unsure when they do these and have one massive geography project on globalisation and china . History haven't even looked at what's for homework.
Also back in work tomorrow night for few shifts . Finally managed to find counsellor for son , recommended , but forty pounds for approx an hour . Worth it if it helps , so going to have to try and do few extra shifts , find extra money for this. Can only wait and see .

NoHaudinMaWheest Fri 02-May-14 21:36:02

Here's to better weeks all round. Though Summer and Hazey it sounds unlikely.

Off to London tomorrow to visit ds. He seems to have settled well. Told us not to come on the bank holiday because the unit had something exciting planned. It is very strange without him. Haven't seen him for over a week - the longest time ever.

Spoke to dd's physio today. The conversation went like this:
Me; dd had appointment with the psychiatrist yesterday.
Physio: Oh good. How did it go?
Me: I don't think I really can say what I thought of him.
Physio: Yes just say what you think.
Me; He told dd to think herself better and she would be much improved in 2 weeks. She just needs to wiggle her joints.
Physio: It didn't occur to him that the rest of us tried that a year ago? You don't need to tell me what you think. grin

I also discovered today that the psychiatrist had told dd that physio and hydrotherapy wouldn't help. Despite the fact that they are the only things which ease her pain and help her mobilise.

Anyway I am so fed up with all the messing around that I have decided to apply for DLA for her and physio has agreed to do the professional's bit.

nHMW Hooray! It makes such a difference to have someone on your side. Just one person is enough to be reassured you're still on this planet.

moosemama Fri 02-May-14 22:17:34

Too tired to read or post really, but marking my place anyway.

NoHaudin, good to hear you have someone on your side, but angry about the can't even think of a word bad enough psychiatrist.

Still ploughing on with my healthy eating and exercise plan. Beyond knackered, but in a good way - I think!

Ds1 suddenly said to dh, in a very shocked tone, this evening "Daddy you have a beard!". Dh has had a beard since Christmas ... and his photography teacher wonders why he's struggling with the part of the curriculum that deals with facial portraiture. hmm Homework was to find some interesting faces online and take the pictures into class. Ds1 Googled, then said "but none of them are interesting, they all look the same". Ended up using a smiling baby - he's very fond of babies, an old man, for contrast and a tribesman with facial scarring and tatoos (my suggestion) but it was a massive uphill struggle.

Mind you, we discovered in y4 that he identified his teachers by their shoes! Which worked fine, as long as they wore the same ones every day!

Handywoman Fri 02-May-14 22:24:57

Hooray for nHWMW that's great smile

Death to all snails in kitchens!

dd2 & me have been at home while dd2 recuperates from the operation. Normal service has been resumed: we've had lovely trips to the shops, a lovely dog walk when we stopped to watch a heron. She picked all the rhubarb in the garden (mum forgot to tell her not to pick it all) and dd2 made three rhubarb crumbles with me supervising (she even chopped the rhubarb). She also had two major major meltdowns, one in B&Q - nice big reverberant space, has been watching the same episodes of The Simpsons and one particular advert over and over, spending long spells on the Wii. We went to London today to see a good friends brand new baby, then dd2 had me up in the attic searching for her original baby blankets. She also dumped a pile of books on the floor by my bed in search of the blankets.

Just as I was clearing them up I was reflecting upon our week or ups and downs, and the intensity of it all..... when suddenly, out of dd2's mouth came the words:

'........ need a hand......???????'

shock shock shock shock

I literally froze with disbelief, thanked her, and we sorted the books together


That girl will NEVER cease to amaze me .

Oi, I'm here, pass the wine!

I've been comfort/absent minded eating again. BUT, I have been to the gym 3 times this week and will aim to do this every week from now on.

College course is going well, definitely want to work in childcare. The bubble tube in the sensory room where I volunteer has been fixed - I'm happy about this (I like to watch it change colours smile ) and the little ones love it too.

ouryve Fri 02-May-14 22:52:35

That physio sounds like a good egg, NHMW

Moose - love your DS's powers of observation grin

Handy - B&Q meltdowns are spectacular. Even louder than Tesco

stillstandingatthebusstop Sat 03-May-14 00:30:14

I really have been to the pub. Cheers to all at the sodding goose and arsing carrot.

Is there a pissed icon?????

signandsingcarols Sat 03-May-14 09:40:01

Hi all, am watching crappy dvds and painting the lving room today (in amongst the marking I have to do...) ds and dh went to nanny's yesterday aft, and I join them tomorrow morning.

the little girl ds wanted to come to play actually wants to come..grin she has been asking when can we set the date... grin am really thrilled.

am also loving wankbadger... it just feels deliciously naughty. grin

(sign dances round the half painted lounge shaking her arse and singing wankbadger to herself) grin

homework Sat 03-May-14 10:05:46

Nohaudling sorry to hear that psychologist is being so unhelpful, at least you got a descend physio. Sometimes wonder where they get these people from. Maybe cause he's been told to cut serves , that's his daft solution.

Well just sorting laundry , then get him down onto history first as looks shorter of pieces of work to do.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend .

PolterGoose Sat 03-May-14 10:35:23

NoHaudin hope today goes well, and really great that ds doesn't want you to come on Monday, that bodes well. Good on the physio.

Everyone else wine

Galena Sat 03-May-14 12:17:18

Glad to see you've all made yourselves comfy...

Lollipop, nice to see you, please have wine!

I felt a bit overwhelmed last night about my blood pressure tablet - not sure why, but it felt scary. Feel ok this morning though (I was warned I might feel dizzy) so I think that has helped a bit.

I did the supermarket shop with DD today, which is usually full of her whinging that she doesn't like shopping, me having to take her hand because she's so wobbly, and general stress. Today she was fab - getting all the things we needed off the shelf and putting them in the trolley - and didn't fall once!

Now DH has taken her to her weekly gymnastics class and I'm going to have a soak in the bath smile Bliss!

ouryve Sat 03-May-14 13:13:44

Galena flowers Glad the shopping was a pleasant experience and the first tablet is over and done with.

Both boys somewhat arsey today. As are my sodding guts. DH has gone out to Do Stuff and left me with the boys and the sodding lunch dishes. I have sodding laundry sodding drying in the back yard and another sodding half load washing, so if he starts doing anything messy out the back I shall probably be toasting and grinding his nuts to add to the hazelnuts for DS1's cake. The cake which I have to find the sodding energy to bake.

And, thank goodness, it looks like he's planning on making the mess at the front, instead. At least I'll not have the boys nagging me to play out. They can just watch him out of the sodding window.

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