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Article due in Sunday Times Glossy - Autism and ABA

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There will be an article on ABA and autism in the Sun Times glossy magazine this Sunday, featuring an old-timer regular mumsnetter.

Letters to the sun times letters page with your views on ABA, good or bad, might help us keep autism education debates in the mainstream media rather than hidden away from sight.

Newspapers are more likely to publish letters topical to SN when it has just been in the paper.


kippersmum Sat 12-Apr-14 23:05:40

Does it include AS kids or just Autism ?? My Dad reading about AS might help quite a bit. He is from the generation where AS didn't exist, & he has trouble with DD1. He won't listen to me, but he will listen to Sunday Times

I'm not sure, sorry. I haven't read it.

However, whilst ABA is effective for kids with AS, I think it is rarely used for them.

PolterGoose Sun 13-Apr-14 13:45:44

No, it doesn't include AS.

MrsRTea Sun 13-Apr-14 23:08:22

That article is really good, thanks for letting us know.

I know a young man with AS who had ABA and it was very very successful for him.

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