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Why do I read stuff that makes me upset.

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kyz1981 Fri 11-Apr-14 10:23:38

I am sat here in tears because I read something about a disabled girl getting asked to leave KFC as she was too loud.

My son is like that, I made the mistake of reading the comments below as I am just so sad people feel this way and I am so upset for my son.

Please reassure me that not all people are heartless - having a really tough Holidays, struggling with my DS this has just opened the floodgates.

hazeyjane Fri 11-Apr-14 10:35:07

That is awful. There are arseholes out there, but there are good people to.

The last holiday we went on, dh walked over to a table with a family who were tutting at ds making noise, and sitting on the floor. He asked them very politely to 'please stop staring at my family, you are very rude and you are upsetting my children'. I was very proud of him. They left, and i realised that despite there being a whole cafe full of people who couldn't have given a shiny shite what ds did, it was that one family that would stick in our minds.

I hope your holiday gets better. smile

kyz1981 Fri 11-Apr-14 11:24:12

Thanks - just really annoyed at reading the comments. I Really hope I grow the balls to confront people one day as I hate that sort of thing and just walk away and cry later.

It just hit a nerve as really struggling to even get my son out of the house at the moment and decided this holidays to try and do things together as a family and not just stay at home for my son as my daughter then suffers, its been bloody hard and not easy at all but I have done it and I am proud but very stressed and emotional- reading the comments just tipped me over the edge and opened the floodgates.

Sheneverdid Fri 11-Apr-14 11:36:53

Not everyone kyz1981 but there will always be the select few.

In general this type of thing makes me feel angry, then there are times when it seems to catch me off guard and I sit and sob my heart out for the Dc/families involved...but more so my Ds.

There is one particular time which upset me involving my was a lovely day and we were walking home from school, Ds was in a fabulous mood (very rare when he leaves school) he was on his toes as he was walking flapping away while telling me about his day...I was so happy to see him as he was...being himself....engaging with me rather than blocking me gorgeous boy. I heard whispers from behind me a lady and her son were blatantly staring at my Ds and her son was taking the piss out of him because of what he was doing, when she saw me looking she just let out a loud laugh and told her son to speed up before my Ds takes off sad. I felt angry and should of said something but at the same time my heart ached and reality kicked in. Of course my Ds was oblivious to what had happened but when we got home I had to stay in my room for a while because I couldn't stop crying.

On a more positive note there has also been many times that we have been somewhere and I have had a look and a gentle smile from a random stranger as though they understand.....which by far out weighs the acts of the complete knobs out there. smile

kyz1981 Fri 11-Apr-14 11:45:40

I know its just so hard sometimes, TBH the story I could deal with, but peoples comments underneath stating that the little girl should not be allowed out, should not be taken to places where she could cause a disturbance really upset me, I hope they are trolls and just saying these things to get a reaction - but I have had lovely reactions to me and my son, but by far the worst is from other Family's which I find so sad and heart breaking not only for my son but for my daughter who has to witness it all, I took him to Didcot Railway museum yesterday and for the first time I felt really accepted with him it was lovely and all the adults there were great with him so I know there are nice people around - Just could not believe the comments they were really hurtful.

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